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Please post your questions for JULY 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.


  1. Subramaniambalu said...
    Dear Krishnan Sir
    can you please recollect what you discussed in Jan 2010. My name is S Balu /DOB 15 10 1957 /Time 12 30 pm /Punar poosam and Mithuna rasi /
    At present I have a major set back in that I lost my job for the time being .
    The next level is another big stressful enquiry by another body -If they dont help me but reinforce the same punishment which is highly disproportionate -Iam completely finished for my career wise.
    Iam desperate I want to stay strong
    I am reciting the Shiva stotra and others as you have advised Iam visiting Balalji temple 3 times a week /
    /still so much money is wasted on these matter like any thing and Iam running short of that.
    .If the final decison goes against me I dont know what to do// Do you still think there is good chance for me to get a good result -do you think i will recover form this and get a good job ( same profession ) - Iam very worried about the effect of Kema dhruma yoga /do you think this will get better or get worse /what is your prediction for the next few years to come
    Iam so stressed because of this. All in my life i helped all the peolple to the best of the ability only -Why should i suffer like this.

    Thursday, July 01, 2010

  2. To Subramaniam Balu
    ---------------------I get so many mails and also in blog.i purposely forget the planetary poitions and the prediction i give immediately after i pass on to the next question. if I carry the problems posed by people into my heart and brain, I can't attend the next person. It is like a surgeons work. He can not think of the pain he may inflict to the patient by cutting open the body.

    Okay. I cautioned you about the kemadruma yoga it appears. Actually as guru is in 4th(kendra) to moon, that will give you gajakesari yogawhich contains kemadruma. But guru is asthangatha(burnt) by sun; that has made gajakesari and guru weak.
    1,4,5,7,10(profession),12th lords guru, chevvai, and bhudan are asthangatha(burnt) by surya.Second house is occupied by maanthi which hinders inflow of money.2(dhana),3(success) lord sani and 6th and 11th(profit) lord suukra are hidden in 12th. All these had made your life miserable. As bhuda is in a very weak position,his dasa has not come to your help.
    There is silver lining in the dark cloud. Whenever the traditional method does not help I turn to Nadi gochara(present transit). That method says when a transit planet meets the chart planet,certain results are obtained.

    Surya will meet your 4 planets positined in kanni from 7th Sep 2010 to 17th Oct 2010;

    SUN’s Transit over the following Natal planets
    Natal Sun : Success, vitality
    Natal Mar : Blood defect for the native, Hindrance to the brothers
    Natal Mer : Father’s gain in lands, Success in commercial field , meetings with Intimates.
    Natal Jup : Status, contact with noble person, cooperation from cultured persons to native
    Sukra will transit kanni from 2nd August 2010 to 31st August 2010:
    VENUS’s transit over the following natal
    Natal Sun : Financial gain to father
    Natal Mar : Gain to brother , residence to native , hindrance to the native’s financial propsects
    Natal Mer : Treasure, gain of landed property
    Natal Jup : Financial gain, misunderstanding in the family, acquiring luxurious goods,
    happiness and celebrations at home
    Sani transit in kanni from Sep 2009 to March 2012.
    SATURN’s transit over to the following natal
    Natal Sun : Ill health to father, dispute between father and son, trouble by Govt.
    Natal Mars : Trouble by enemies, unrest, gain of landed property
    Natal Mer : Gain of land, good time for education,
    Natal Jup : Change of profession, gets job or promotion, gastric trouble

    Bhuda dasa chandra bhukthi guru antharam from
    7th Sep 2010 to 15th Nov 2010. During that period you will be getting good and positive results.

    "why this is for me?" is the common question every suffeerer asks. the only stalk answer is "poorva janma sukirtham".

    Mail me your postal address to kmrk1949@gmail .com

    I shall send you Bangaru Kamakshi Amman Kumkum
    prasadam with japa and prayer. You will regain all that were lost.Be hopeful. The dark clouds will pass. This too will pass. GOOD LUCK.

  3. Dear KMR Krishnan Sir
    Thanks for you kind advise
    I will E mail my home address to you
    Once again I thank you for the help and advise so far

  4. Thank u sir for ur reply mail for my mail i will wait sir as u said. Thank u sir again.

  5. Gender : Female.
    DOB : 08.01.1982
    POB : Calicut
    I am a mechanical engineer by profession. but am not able to stick to one job. Can you please tell me whether there is any chanc of me getting a good job in the near future where I will stay?
    My second problem is that I belong to a family of only daughters. My parents desitre for a baby boy in the family. but till now nothing happened. I too had a daughter last year. I am so happy with that. but I am sad that i was not able to fulfil their desire. If I have a second child, will it be a boy? MY husband DOB 04.10.1981, POB Calicut TOB(Not sure, star is thrikketta and its around midnight he was born) , My daughter 15.01.2009,2.06PM, POB Bangalore.
    Please try to answer my questions

  6. To ttt
    ---------Your good period in job is from 5th August 2010 to 10th Nov 2012.
    It is diffcult to predict the gender of a future child. I pray you get a malle child. You may conult a professional astrologer over this matter.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I need an advise from you..currently one problem or other problem is coming up on career front.. if one thing gets solved other is coming up. I am having lot of stress and strain these days..its either with superior or its sub-ordinates relations are getting strained...they are creating all obstacles.

    So far I havent had any intensions to leave the job and look for other opportunity..Do you foresee any risk to the job? Any specific periods I need to be careful? Shall I start looking for a change only to be based out again at hyderabad....When I can feel some relief...

    TOB: 12:20 PM
    POB: Khammam

    Please advice me sir along with remedies..


  8. To Shargi
    ---------- Your lagna is dhanus and your rasi is also the same. The 8th house lord to lagna is chandra who had occupied the lagna .The lagna lord guru got hidden in 12th house. These positions make your life miserable. This is a genral condition which can not be changed. Your lagna has only 22 points in ashtavarga against an average of 28. So your name and fame , prestige , status would have severe jolts now and then. you will be suddenly thrown into not panic. I tell these things to make you alert and think many a times before doing any heavy financial transactions.Lending, or taking loans.Standing surety.Investing in speculations etc.,

    Now chandra dasa sukra bhukthi upto 30 August 2011.This period may lead you to spend money in sensuous affairs, bad women, etc., This may bring bad name and many enemies.As the 8th lord's dasa is going on you may have to put up with all kinds of unpopularity. As sukra the 6th(enemy)lord is in 10th, your subordinates in subordination and higher ups
    non cooperation will prevail till August 2011.No other go, except tolerate this. Even if you change job this will continue.So adust; give and take respect.
    Worship Shivji on Mondays and visit Durga maa on Fridays. Do not pray to punish your enemies. Pray for their change of heart.
    Good luck.

  9. Hello Sir!
    Hope you are fine and well sir!
    Sir, We are seeing alliance for my sister.
    Girl Horoscope details:
    TOB:18:05 PM(Kataka Lagna)
    Recently we got a horoscope of a boy.It was too complex for me to analyse and understand.Because it had 2 Parivarthana yogas (including the lagna lord and other conjunctions).
    So would you please predict the compatibility and matching of the boy and girl horoscopes,sir.
    Boy Horoscope details:
    TOB:12:55 PM(Rishaba Lagna)

  10. to rajeshopenhou
    horoscopes do match.hhowever the girl has all possibilities of maarrying already known enquire her about this.

    the boy has raghu kethu vargothamam.they are in the same house both in rasi and navansam
    he may be having speech problem,in navamsa raaghu in navamsa lagna itself. in dasa vitha poruththam mahenthiram, yoni vasiyam poruththam are absent. so the question of child birth may be delayed.
    better to wait for the next boy's horoscope

  11. dear sir!

    DOB 27/08/1976
    TOB 10.05 AM

  12. Thank you for ur predictions and advice Sir!We shall wait for other boy horoscopes sir.

  13. To Parthiban
    The reasons for the troubles are
    1.7 1/2 naattu janma sani(middle 2.5 yrs) upto March 2012.Then janma sani will change to pokku sani upto Sep 2014. 2011, 2012 two years would give them some relief due to guru's aspect from meenam and mesham.
    2. All the planets are between raghu and kethu. Lagna alone is 1 padam outside amounting to kala sarpa dosha.The effect of this is over when you crossed 30 yers of age. Still it is some what rearing its head.3.Now raghu dasa upto 18th May 2014.
    Raghudasa sukra bhukthi upto 5th Dec 2010.
    May loose friendship due to arguments and angry alltercation.Raghudasa surya bhukthi from 5 Dec 2010 to 29 Oct 2011.Disease, blame, watchful higher ups to find fault etc.,troubles from govt., dept.Next chandra bhukthi and chevvai bhukthi also not so good for human relation ship.
    4. Your 3rd and 6th lord guru is in 8th in an enemies place. This has also made life miserable by giving near poverty condition.Enemies were created, debts swollen,
    and ill health.
    5.2nd house(dhanam, family, vaakku)lord and 7th(spouse)house lord chevvai got only 1 out of 8 in suya varga.That has made income deplete.

    Are there not any positive points? Yes there are. The karma karaka ,yogakaraka for the lagna, sani is in 10th (profession) house and occupying his own star poosam. That has given him 5 out of 8 in suya varga. So you will not be in want of a job. You will continue in job with difficulties because of other planetary positions.Guru though in 8th is aspecting 10th 2,7th 9th 12th house lords.
    So wait for 2011 and 2012 to get some relief.
    If possible go to a temple daily where navagrahams are installed. Make pradakshinam 9 times. Chant all the navagraha gayathri 3 times daily. Read sundarakandan atleast one chapter a day. On Sundays participate in the worhip of durga in shiva temple between 4-30 to 6pm.
    You will get relief by God's grace. I pray for you. May God bless you.

  14. Dear Sir,

    I hope that you must be keeping well and retired life would have been a busy one.

    I have a small question regarding my career.well we all are planning to open a restaurant in singapore, i have been working in hospitality industry since 2000. how you see the success rate, as its going to be first venture and everyone is concerned about as its our hard earned money.


    My DOB 04/05/1978
    TOB 11:32 PM

    MY FRIEND Bhaskararajhan
    dOB 27/10/1980
    TOB 17:35 PM
    Place USILAMPATTI, madras


  15. dear sir

    DOB 01/01/1981
    TOB 01:43 AM
    when will my financial trouble will over? past 3 years iam in great trouble,iam earn more money but icould not able to save money

  16. dear sir.

    thankyou for your kind words.i am not in india. i live in us. i cannot go to temple very often. i'll try pray at home everday.


  17. Dear sir,
    We are searching groom for our daughter past one year but nothing happening.Her birth details following:

    DOB - 17/8/1989.
    TOB - 12.30 a.m.
    POB - villupuram district.
    Gender - Female.

    1. why her marriage getting delay and when it will happen? the groom will be relation side or unknown side.

    2. she under going some health problem too past 2 years so become too thin when she will get cure.

    3.can u day did she have any dosha in her birth chart and remedies.

    4.I want to know her raasi,nakchathiram,lagna.

    thank you,

  18. Hello Guruji,

    How are you? Hope everything is fine at your end.
    Sir, I'm Seema, I have question to you regarding my married life.

    My details;
    Name : Seema.
    DOB: 27th April 1982,
    Birth Time : 5.50pm
    Place : Dharwad,
    Gender : Female.

    Guy's details:
    Name : Ramesh.
    DOB: 1st Nov 1981,
    Birth Time : 6.20am (birth time is not confirmed, as his parents told us that he was born at time of sunrise, early morning)
    Place : Indi (Bijapur district, karnataka),
    Gender : Male.

    I would like to know about my future married life, longivity of life, health and wealth in life, childrens (progeny) and also work career.

    Thanks in advance,


  19. Dear KMRK Sir
    Thanks for your detailed reply on 1 7 2010 -still iam not clear.
    To sum up your predictions -do you say that that the things will grdually get better or remain stressful/What will happen to my job -what will happen because of gaja keasai yoga can you please explain in a simpler way

  20. To Alok
    ---------Of the two Bhaskararajan's horoscope is well suited for the business. For both the 12th house,viraya sthana,wasteful squandering of money is indicated with higher points for 12th house.So start in a small way and slowly develop.Plug all points of seepage. Be creful budget and plan. Have small,short goals and aims.You may expand after 2 years. Play safe now. Good luck. Read my artcle on Annadanam.

    --------------Please post again with place of birth and gender. Give all the 4 data once again.

  22. The blooger has some porblem. The comeents are not getting published.I request bloggers to be patient. I have sent a mail to

  23. The blogger has some problem. The comments are getting removed. I don't know why. Same problem to
    I am sending a mail to I request the visitors to bear with the inconvenience.

  24. TO ALOK
    ---------Of the two Bhaskarrajan has more points as a businessman. As for Alok , his 10th lord in 5th shows , he can be a franchisee or a commission agent, broker.
    Profit houses for both are good.So you may do business. Also hotelier aspect also in the chart.But the 12th viraya house also strong. So you have to plug all pilferage points and seepage carefully. Start the business on a small scale first. As you gain experience you can expand. Go ahead with measured planned calculated steps.Good luck. Read my article on Annadanam

  25. Dear Sir
    I have given below the details of my daughter.

    DOB :09 AUG 1987
    TOB: 04.31 PM

    i would like to know


  26. Hi Mr.Krishnan,

    My name is RK DOB 20th March 1974, Birth time 4.30am Wednesday, Place Secunderabad.

    I am currently working in Bangalore and recently finalised a property in Bangalore. Even though it was costing little higher to our expected budget, we have finalised as it meets to all our expectations.

    Since past two months I am facing some problems in my work place due to heavy work preassure and politics. I am not able to concentrate on anything. But the company is very good, i dont want to leave it at this moment due to house commitment.

    Please advice, what shoud I do and for how long will this situation will be like this.

  27. Dear Sir,

    My details are as follows :

    DOB :09:09:1980
    TOB: 8:55 am
    POB: Chennai
    Star: Pooram , Simmam

    Sir they have been seeking alliances for me for past 8 years.We have checked with many astrologers and did many parigarams.Still the allaince serach is happening and Im going clueless.

    I came across your blog and have got some hope your predictions will come true.

    Please have a look at my horoscope and let me know when possibly I will have my marriage fixed.Im currently running sevva dasa buda buddhi.

    Thanks in Advance for your service!


  28. To Jeyakanthan
    ---------------Please repost with the place of birth.

  29. Dear sir,
    A dout is there in my sons horoscope.
    His birth time is given as 6.05 pm by one midwife

    and another midwife said it was 5.50 pm. so the

    lagna varies from thulam or kanya.
    Here are his deatils . i request you to please

    enlighten me to take which one.
    Date of birth 19 april 1987
    place Mannargudi Tanjore Dt
    time of birth (1) 6.05 pm
    (2) 5.45 pm

    He is 5' 8''
    vert fair slim long face
    B.E., Electonic and communications 2008 april
    was selected in compus by 2 software companies in

    2007 itself , but due to recession no postlngs till
    2009. he joined a small company in april 2009.
    he was called to join in one of the old company in

    2010. he has joined it on 24 feb 2010 and now

    working at bombay.
    i am his father aged about 69 years . i am a

    disabled . i was in business, and we are middle wife is a house wife
    i have two daughters both married and the boy is

    third. now i am at madras. a native of mannargudi

    sorry to troble you. pl guide me. k v srinivasan

  30. Dear Sir
    The predictions given are very true in our case and no other astrologer had ever told me the fact. Thank You for the advise. In appreciation of your noble service to the society I shall send Rs.600 towards ANNADHANAM so as to get PUNNIYAM thro you.

  31. My details
    DOB-3rd June 1985
    sir plz can u tell m the exact date when i will get parents are facing a lot of problems in finding a match plz help us sir..........

  32. Hello Sir,

    Hope you are doing good!!

    I am in a very depressed phase, not able to concentrate what to do. I am not getting good results in my professional and personal life. I got a job after so much of struggle, still I feel that this job is not up to my mark, i m wasting time here as i m not getting whatever I want. Can you please assist me if there is any chance of my job change and why are there so many ups and downs in life. I am providing you my details:

    Name: Payal Mahajan
    Sex: female
    POB: Amb (Distt Una) Himachal Pradesh
    DOB: 27/11/1984

    Thanks in advance

  33. Sorry Sir,

    forgot to give TOB. Kindly find the full details below :

    Name: Payal Mahajan
    Sex: female
    POB: Amb (Distt Una) Himachal Pradesh
    DOB: 27/11/1984
    TOB : 04:28pm


    ------------1. The marriage is getting delayed as the 7th (spouse)house lord chevvai is burnt(asthangatha)by surya.The groom will be an outsider;not a relation.
    2.Janma guru for one year in 2009 and the the transit guru over native chart raghu til 2 May 2010 and transit raghu over native chart sani, transit kethu over native chart guru ,all these had made her to suffer due to cold related, nerve related problems. Check up for TB. The relief will be in next raghu kethu transit in April 2011.
    3. The ashtama sani, mangalya sthana, has sani. The 7th lord is affected by malefics.
    These are the doshas.
    Navagraha pradakshinam daily
    aathithyahrudaya sthothram chanting daily.
    sashti viratham
    pradosham days Shiva darshanam.are the pariharas.
    4.She is avittam 1 padam-makararaasi
    rishabalagnam asper astrovision, computer cast trikanitha panchanga horoscope.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  35. TO SEEMA
    --------- YOUR QUESTION IS NOT CLEAR. Are you unmarried?or married? Do you want match making of horoscopes? In that case with out the correct time of birth not possible to cast the horoscope if the"guy".You had put so many question in one post. It takes time and lot of mental calculations and then typing. Read my header. I have many questions to be answerwd. So I request you to limit to only the most important problem on hand.

    ------------------- YES.THINGS will slowly get solved. Gajakesari is the yogam which contains all other avayogams like kemadruma.In your case a weak chandra and weak guru, how for it will help is a question to be waited and watched.I am not able to say what exactly will happen to your present job.But you will have positive results in the month of Aavani(August-Sep 2010)so. Wait prayerfully. Best wishes.

    ----------------------I THINK YOU ARE THE one who came to my mail. Answered in the mail. Thank you for your good words. And thanks for evincing interest in Annadanam sheme. Tell about this Annadanam to family and friends. May God bless you.

  38. TO RAMA
    --------YOU ARE running gurudasa sukrabhukthi from 24 Feb 2009 to 26 Oct 2011. This period will give a trade union tendency to demand your rights and quarrel in the work spot.

    In your raasi chart sani and kethu are in mithuna raasi. now the transit kethu is in same mithuna. the result is "litigation, dispute,aimlessness and quitting the job, misunderstnding in the family" This is from nadi gochara rules.
    Having known this fact astrologically, you have the same problem as reported by you, you have to lie low.Contain your ego.Control your toungue. Be pryerful.For atleast upto april 2011, if you control your emotions, you can tide over the problem.As you do not want to quit this company, be submissive, accommodate others views,adjust. No other solution. Worship Vinayaka for kethu , worship Durga Maa for raghu and sukra, Worship Dakshinamurthy for guru.Chant sthothrams of these deities.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

    ---------- EXCEPT SUKRA all other planets are arrested between raghu and kethu. Almost like sarpadosha. That is the reason for delay in marriage. As kuja/mars the 7th lord in lagna itself, people may take it as kuja dosha too.
    Now kuja dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 20 Mar 2011. As that is 7th(marriage0 lord dasa and 9th lord bhukthi marriage may take place before March 2011.If I am more specific your marriage may take place before October 2011.Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.Worship Vinayaka,Karthukeya,Radhakrishna, and Durga Devi.

  40. sir .
    I want to know whether i will get a govt job, because i got a job in a software company. But the problem is am a dwarfist. I cant work for 12 hrs a day.. so am indeed preparing UPSC. Beyond hardwork there is something known as FATE. If u guide me abt my career as per my birthchart . It will be far better for me..
    DOB: 21-SEP-1987
    TOB:: 7:30 P.M

    have one more question... In my family all of them are tall, healthy & beautiful but myself being let down by god in all circumstances. health problems, short in stature, denied by my surrounding.So i feel i am not fit to live with my family and relations and with my colligues. Many people are teasing me i am not able to bare it.. i dono wat to do.. so may i know the reason Y my life is like this. and Y i am short

  41. Thank you so much Sir for your immediate response. I will surely follow your suggestions.

    As I said that we have finalised a property here in Bangalore, was it a good decision. Will there be any issues related to it financially or in any other ways. Please advice.

    Thanks again for your help!

  42. Dear KMRK sir
    Thank for you very mich for your kind reply/
    I will keep you informed in due course about what is happening/
    Can you please send me the prasadam to the address I have sent you by Google mail

  43. Am Rajakumar From Pondicherry I have Some doubt in the my Astro Chart.

    DOB :23-12-1984
    Time:12:50 AM
    Gender: MALE
    ayanasam: Chandrahari

    * Important: Saturn Position is Differnt in most of the astrology Software. In 1985 My chart was written by one Astrologer, in that book saturn is in Libra well as as i used tamil astro vision software it gives the same result //// but some of the result showing its in scorpio. I dono which one i have to follow sir?

    Sir , in my chart i have 3 Important yogas. just am in learning i dont know much about astrology.

    1.Hamsa yoga
    2. Gajakesari yoga
    3. DhuruDhuru yoga

    i want to know the how strong this yoga forms in this chart?....

    sir... Rahu in taurus and ketu in scorpio are exalted? if so are they giving benefic result in that position?

    Sir, i have saturn in Libra?.. is it exalted position..and its in my 2nd place. is it give benefic result?

    sir, lord of 2nd and 5th are exchanged? parivarthanai?.... is it good parivarthanai yoga?

    sir, lord of 3rd and 8th house(mars) is place in 6th house... is iit give benefic result?.. heard kettavan ketta veetil irunthal..its good...

    Pl.. analyse the astro chart...and give ur valuable answer for me.....hope you will reply for me....

  44. to sri k.v.srinivasan
    -----------------------Take kanya lagnan,time of birth being 5.45 pm as correct. For kanya the 10th(profession) lord is mithuna. Mithuna people are communication, information, news writers. As your son has studied electronics and communication and got the job in a good IT company,his lagnam is to be taken as kanya.

  45. Dear Sir

    Thanks a lot for your advice.Will keep you updated on any progress

    Thanks a lot once again

  46. Hello sir,
    I am married and having a girl baby now.

    My birth details:
    DOB - 25.2.1980
    TOB - 3 p.m.
    POB - madurai.
    Gender - male.

    My wife birth details:

    DOB -13.10.1986
    TOB -3.45 p.m
    POB -madurai.
    Gender -female

    My child birth details :

    DOB - 14.1.2009.
    TOB - 2.59 p.m
    POB - madurai.
    Gender - female.

    1)I want to know we three have any dosham and its remedies?
    2)how will be my married life?
    3)I want to know my raasi,nakshtra,lagna?
    4)how will be my health?

    thank u sir

  47. Hello uncle,

    My son birth details:

    DOB - 25.1.1993.
    TOB - 12.35 p.m
    Place - villupuram.
    Gender - male.

    1)I need to know his studies,job,health.

    2)he has any dosha and remedies.

    3)i want to know his raasi , nakshatra , lagna

    thank you.

  48. To Shivanii
    ------------ I predict that your marriage betrothal may take place before Oct 2010 or Jjan 2011 and the marriage function in May 2011.

    As surya ia in 7th and the lagna lord mangal in 8th, marriage is getting delayed. Chant aathithya hrudaya sthothra daily. Worship Karthikeya for mangal in 8th on Tuesdays.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  49. To palu
    -------All your planets except raghu are clustered between thula raasi to makararaasi.
    From 18th oct 2010, surya, sukra and bhuda are transitting thease 4 raasis. At that time before Feb 2011 you will see many positive changes both in your attitude and work place.
    Aim high is okay. Wanting a challenging job is also okay. But we have to be contended with what ever we get.The tendency that you are not getting a challenging job ; so quit often and try other job is to be contained. You will have your nice time from oct 2011. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  50. dear sir

    DOB 01/01/1981
    TOB 01:43 AM
    pob kandy srilanka
    when will my financial trouble will over? past 3 years iam in great trouble,iam earn more money but icould not able to save money

    --------------YOUR 4THLORD(EDUCATION) IS BHUDA. HE IS ALSO THE BHUdHTHIKARAKA.This lord bhuda is in 7th in exalted and moolatrikona place kanya.So your education will be superb . As bhuda is with surya your getting govt job and passing UPSC is more than 90%sure.So study ,prpare well.May God bless you.

    Don't call yourself a dwarf. Call yourself a restricted growth disabled.That way establish your legal right to get the reservation quota in govt job.
    Do not mind the people making fun of your disability. Think positively how you are giving them fun.Let them laugh. Join in their
    mirth. Make friends of them. Then you will see a change in them.
    Lord Mahavishnu took the form of a dwarf. Yes it was Vamana Avatar.Mahabali, a great benevolent rakshasa ruler was subdued by the dwarf Vamana. So you can also bring all the worlds below your feet if only you develop self confidence.Read self confidence giving books. Start a forum for people like you. Fight for your cause and rights as blind and other handicapped people do.Give a lead. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    --------THE BHOOMIKARAKA(significator of real estate) mars in 4th. The 4th lord sukra has an suyavarga strength of 5 out of 8.The 4th place has the minimum required strength. So your property deal is okay.
    Read my article on annadanam.


    "I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
    Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life".


    "I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
    Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life".

  55. Namaste sir
    First of all thanku for ur prediction and i hope it gets true soon....
    sir one last question actually somebody told my mother that i have some problems in my married life and because of that i can have two marriages sir is this true plz predict ........thanku sir....
    My details
    DOB-3rd June 1985

  56. sorry sir really i undergoing health problem and always my wife fighting with me unnecessary reason thats y asked about my married life and health due to dosha only its all happening to me. Please predict us sir i posted my birth details in this page itself.

  57. Sir, my daughter marriage getting delay ,past 4 years we searching for groom some alliance came like fixing but at last not happening so now my daughter completely depressed and not accepting for marriage. Why my daughter marriage getting delay . When will her marriage get fixed . She has any dosha means please say the remedies. My daughter birth details. DOB - 21.10.1982. TOB- 4.29 P.M. POB - TIRUVALLUR DISTRICT . Gender - female

  58. Hello Sir,

    I appologise for asking too many questions. Well I wanted to know about my complete life after my marriage. My wedding would be in month of Oct - Nov 2010.

    My details:
    Name : Seema,
    Gender: Female,
    DOB: 27th Apr 1982,
    TOB: 5:50pm
    POB: Dharwar (Karnataka state)

    My Fiancy's details:
    Name : Ramesh,
    Gender: Male,
    DOB: 1st Nov 1981,
    TOB: 6.20am
    POB: Indi (Bijapur district, Karnataka state).

    Thank you sir.

  59. Dear Sir,

    Sorry for disturbing you? Actualy i dont ask u about my Future sir?.. Have some doubts in my chart.? so i asked... anyways Thanks for ur kind reply. Am realy sorry sir...

    Take care

    Thanks & Regards

  60. To ravi
    ---------Astrology is to be taken up only if there is some your case, if your son is not studying well or he has some health problem you have to mention that and find out
    the duration of that problem's influence in life.your question is for life time study of horoscope.which is difficult and not necessary too.

    the 4th(education)house lord chandra is in 11th(profit) with 2nd(dhanam,vakku, eyes) house lord sukra.this shows he will earn money through his own efforts and self employment.
    His education may not be very much satisfactory as the bhuththi karaka bhuda is asthangatha by sun.Kethu in second house and chandra ib 8th place to his kataka raasi. So educaton may find many difficulties and obstacles.But 10th(profession) lord sani is in
    10th itself shows he will be succeessful business person. He may be a manager in a bank or run his own pawn shop,guru is aspecting 10th place and surya , bhuda and sani.The fact both sani and bhuda are weak due to surya
    is very close to them. So he may not get the course of his choice,not siutable employment.
    5th lord in 10th gives him rajayoga so he will shine in his own business.
    He may be having ear problem. Some hearing impairment.Needs attension. In future he may have arthritis problem
    Raghu in 8th is a dosha. worship durga devi on ashtami days.
    His star is sathayam 1 padam;kumbarasi; mesha lagnam
    Read my article on annadanam.

  61. To Jeyakanthan
    -------------- All your planets are arrested between raaghu and kethu.The sade saathi 7 1/2 nattu sani from Sep 2009.Sani dasa surya bhkthi from 10 July 2010 to 22 June 2011.This period will be some what good only as surya is 9th house lord. But sani and surya inimical to each other. So result will be lesser benefits.
    I hope 2011 will be comparitively good period.
    As the 5th lord Mars is very weak in ashtavarga and with kethu, worship Muruga daily.Read my article on Annadanam.

  62. To Shivani
    ---------- This "somebody" or 'someone' gives me extra work.Either you have to believe "some body" or believe yourself. Think positively that no negative will come to me.Nothing will happen to sadden you. The 'somebody' has observed 2 things in your chart. One is 7th place is occupied by surya. Surya is your 10th lord. So he won't do any harm to you.The seventh lord in 6th with raghu.You being a vrichika lagna, vrichika rasi subject raghu is in exaltation in your lagna, and raghu in 6th is good only;and raghu and sukra are friends. no harm by 7th lord sukra in 6th.The 8th place has mangal. 8th for ladies is mangaya place. So mangal in 8th is harmful, is 'somebody's opinion. But your lagna and rasi lord is mangal. So his placement in 8th is not going to affect you.The lagna lord whereever he is placed will not harm his own subject.
    Finally your 7th(marriage) place has guru's aspect.So nothing ofthe sort of 'somebody's prediction will come true.

    as you are a jeshta star subject, the groom should be only son or first can not have a elder brother-in choice is restricted. bbest of luck. read my article on annadanam.

  63. To Prabhu
    ----------You are now in sani dasa sani bhukthi from 28 Jan 2008 to 31 Jan 2011. This period your quarrelsome attitude is unavoidable. Next is sani dasa bhuda bhukthi from 1 Feb 2011 to 10th Oct 2013. All quarrels will stop and happiness will return.You will have more responsibility in work spot and more income. So wait till Jan 2011.Things will improve.As your sukra is in exaltation in a kendra, you will have adventurous love life outside marriage. Also good income and properties.But your attraction to other women will bring problem in family life. So please control your sense pleasures and be a loyal husband to your wife. Then no quarel.
    Your 6th lord chevvai-mangal- is in 3rd with raghu and guru. You may be an angry person with BP and nervous problem. Not having good relationship with relatives and friends. Control your anger and socialise.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Aannadanam.

  64. Name:M.Shanmugam

    Wife name:mahalakshmi
    birth in chennai time 04.15am

    Marriage date:11.06.2009

    sir gud evening,
    i am shanmugam. i was married in 1 wife was pregnancy in 7months. after my marriage my business is very dull and also my health is not good.iam doing in automobiles business when my problem solved in my life career.when i build my own house.

  65. hello sir im devi my 06.07.1986 time 09.10am birth place chennai sir i was past 6 months i have no work. when i will get work. when i will get my marriage. my mother health not good when will she cure.

  66. To Anu
    ------- Your daughter has sasi mangala yogam, mahalakshmi yogam, srinathayogam. All these three yogams make her a wealthy prosperous dharmic woman. She has the bagya to get married and do dharma with the help of her husband. No wants where ever she lives.

    The delay in marriage is due to all the planets are arrested between raghu and kethu. 7th place kethu has postponed the marriage. Kala sarpa dosham. This dosham will turn into yogam when she completes 29 years of age.
    I predict her marriage may take place between
    14th Jan to 31st Jan 2011.

    For raghu dosha visit Shiva temple and participate in the durga worship in raghukalam 4-30pm to 6pm on Sundays. For kethu do pradakshinam of pillayar daily in the nearest pillayar temple.
    Chant Vaaranamayiram AaNdaal paasuram daily of luck.
    read my article on annadanam.
    best of l

  67. To Seema
    ---------Yours is a very lucky horoscope. You have guru in lagna . Lagna lord sukra is in 5th getting guru's aspect. 11th(profit)lord surya and 9th and 12th lord bhuda in 7th getting guru's aspect.Then 10th lord in chandra in 9th getting guru's aspect. So your life after marriage and ever thereafter will be extremely prosperous, very nice, smooth going.
    As you have already fixed the marriage, there is no point in match making. So I have not gone through fiancee's horoscope.
    Read my article on Annadanam. I wish the marriage function all success.Happy long prosperous married life.

  68. To Shanmugam.
    ------------- ou have been running sani dasa sani bhukthi upto 20 June 2010. Now sani dasa buda bhukthi from 21 June 2010 to 27 Feb 2013. So all your business problems will be solved gradually from now onwards.Do not worry.By June 2011 you will have some property deal.Either you will get a plot or flat.
    your health will be alright by Sep 2010.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  69. TO DD
    If so give details of your prevous entry.

  70. Dear Sir

    We were seeking alliance for my sister.Many astrologers had consistently given few not so happy prediction and the marriage kept getting postponed.She is 35 years now.Please tell will she ever get married

    DOB: 24:11:1975
    POB: Chidambaram

    Thanks !


  71. k v srinivasanFriday, July 09, 2010

    Dear sir ,Thank you very much for the answer to my request. i will use the kanyalagnam for
    my son hereafter.
    if you have time please predict his marriage age and married life. i am worried as there are four grahas in the 7th.
    here i give the birth details for your ref
    DOB: 19 APRIL 1987

    I pray lord Rajagopalan to bless you with health. k v srinivasan

    -----------------7TH PLACE is occupied by raghu, guru, sukra and bhuda. For sukra it is
    uchcham(exaltation) position. For guru it is his own house. For bhuda it is neecham(debilitation). But budha's neecham became bhanga(cancelled) because rasi lord guru got placement in his own house. The only problem is raghu in 7th. More than marriage now, what the jatagar is to be careful is his character; as sukra bhuda combination will make him seek low pleasures. He will look very attrctive as guru and sukra are combined. Raghu will make him spoil the name of the family. So extra caution to be taken while moving with men and women. Bad company should be avoided. Chandra dasa raghu bhukthi upto 10th August 2011.Be extra cautious in matters related to all sensuous pleasures.
    According to nadi rules if you take steps now he can get married in the month of panguni that is between 15th March o 14th April.He will select a girl by looking at the external beauty alone. As a father you have to guide him other aspects of married life.
    He is a pleasure seeker. If he does not mend after marriage straines can not be avoided.
    Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

  73. To Swetha
    ----------As per nadi rules when chevvai is in 1,5,9 houses to raghu, marriage is delayed or denied. Raghu is in thulam and to its 9th place mithuna chevvai is located.This may be the cause of delay in marriage.Further kethu in lagna and raghu in 7th also caused the delay.

    From 1st Sep to 31st Dec 2010 sukra will be in Thulam,his own place.As raghu in the birth chart is in thulam,when the transit sukra meets birth chart raghu, marriage has to take place.So try now.
    Navagraha pradakshinam daily, Chanting vaaranamayiram pasuram of aaNdaaL.Sumangali prarthana once.Kulatheiva vazipadu.Muruga darsanam on sashtidays. Durga darsanam on Sundays raghu kalam. Daily prayer to Vinayaka.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  74. Dear Sir

    Thanks a lot for prediction.

    We almost had lost hope.We will put maximum effort to make the marriage happen .Rest God will take care


  75. Hello Guruji,

    Thanks for you kind reply.

    Sir, its my humble request for you to please analyse mine and my finacy's horoscope and let us know about our future married life.
    Let me know if any dhosa's or hurdles there in mine or my finacy's horoscpoe. Would like to solve them before we step in to new life.

    My details :
    Name : Seema, DOB : 27th Apr 1982, TOB: 5:50pm, POB: Dharwad (Karnataka state), Gender: female.

    My finacy's detials
    Name : Ramesh, DOB : 1st Nov 1981, TOB : 6.20am, POB : Indi (Bijapur district, Karnataka state), Gender : male.

    Thanks you whole heartedly sir for your humble work. Will donate for your noble work.

    Thank you once again sir.

  76. To Seema
    --------- Sorry you have mistaken that I am doing this for some monetary benefits. If I answer you now people would think I can be bribed by offering to pay.
    You do not catch my point. Having come to a decision and fixed up a date for marriage, we should not see further negatives in the horoscope.That too you being the bride, you should not directly involve in this horoscope problems.You should leave such things to elders.
    Suppose I say some doshas now in writing, then sighting that some obstacles come to marriage, will not people blame me for spoiling the arrangements? So I do not want to say anything at this stage.
    Please go to a professional if you are so particular.
    Best of luck.

  77. Hai sir, how r u? My job life is going on cool sir... this end of month I will get sal.. Once I get it .. I will help to Annadanam sir... thaq bye sir

  78. Hello Guruji,

    I'm sorry if something is misconveyed by my message. Please forgice me.
    Neither me nor anybody will think / assume that you are doing this noble job for sake of money. I just told you that I'll contribute some amount for annadanam after getting proper prediciton. If not also I'll contribute.

    I asked you for your prediction on mine and my fiancy's horoscope because my parents nor his parents hav consulted any astrologer for horoscope matching. I just want my future to be safe and happy. so only asked you for your prediction. If there are any hurdles then pls let me know so that I can over come those hurdles in life by some pooja's or by taking proper steps.
    I got your details from one of my friend and have come to know from many people's responses that most for your predictions have 100% come true.
    Please giude me sir.
    You can directly reply to my personal mail id too. Its

  79. Sir, I,m Ayyappan,Living in usa .
    DOB-Sep8th 1973.
    Birth time-10:00
    Place-Theni India.
    i made wrong investments 4.5 yrs back, when i can overcome from that?
    Will be any problems in my green card process?
    Also doing restaurant with my friends ,now days business is getting slower than last year .when these problem will be ok and what i need to do?.
    I,m always getting angry for things happening around me .
    Please guide me to overcome from these problems.

  80. To Seema
    --------To tell you a fact, my wife and myself do not have horoscope match. We have lived together for over 35 years now. There should be some reason for your parents to set aside horoscopes. Do not create any problem now for them. Be happy; it appears therE is God's hand in your marriage. Best of luck.


  82. Name -Ayyappan
    Time-10:00 Am
    Place-Theni ,India.
    Dear sir,I,m confusing myself when making decisions ,And restless.When everything will be
    good.Really sorry for asking too many question in once.
    take care&regards,

  83. Dear Sir,

    This query is regarding my close friend. He is nearing 35 years old, and still unmarried, inspite of his mother, and other friends too searching for an alliance for him since a long time.

    We wish to know when will his marriage be taking place, and also any possible details regarding his spouse, her background etc.. Thanks, in advance.

    Following are his details:

    Date of Birth: 25th August 1975
    Time of Birth: 09:54 PM (9.54, in the night)
    Place of Birth: Bombay
    Gender: Male

    IN YOUR RASI CHART THE SIXTH LORD BHUDA IS IN 8H PLACE WITH 8TH LORD SURYA.Bhudha has been burnt by surya. The result is you will have many adversaries around you. You will pickup unnecessary quarrel with every one. Your 12th lord guru in lagna. That also makes you nervous in taking decisions.Now raghu dasa chandra bhukthi upto 6th Sep 2010;then chevvai bhukthi upto 25th Sep 2011.During raghu dasa chevvai bhukthi your fight with enemies may go up. But kethu in 6th will off set that and you will not have any harm.
    On Sundays evening 4-30 to 6pm worship Durga Devi and on Tuesdays worship Karthikeya.
    Read my article on Annadanam. Best of luck.

  85. TO GK
    and skra is in vakram(retrogation )too.

    The 7th place has guru's aspect. So his marriage is not at all denied.
    Sukra dasa Bhuda bhukthi from 25 Oct 2010 to
    25th Aug 2013.
    Worship Kamakshi Amman on Fridays and Lakshmi Narayana on Wednesdays.
    Read my article on of luck.

  86. Dear sir,Thank you for your king guidence.I,m in restaurant business sir(in usa) ,how it w,ll go in this economic situations?.I,m getting worries about this.

  87. Dear Sir,

    You have said that Sukra Dasa Budha Bhukti from Oct 2010 to Aug 2013.. what does that exactly mean? Does it mean, that he will get married during that period? I did not understand that... it would be kind of you to explain.

    The problem is, that he is getting older. And since he is into Catering Business, he is all the more finding it difficult to get marriage proposals. His mother too is worried due to this.

    If you could explain whether his marriage is definitely happening, and when it is scheduled for, and how his married life ahead would be, we will be really grateful to you! Thanks, in advance.

    His details again for you:

    Date of Birth: 25th August 1975
    Time of Birth: 09:54 PM (9.54, in the night)
    Place of Birth: Bombay
    Gender: Male

  88. to gk
    ----- yes that dasa bhukthi will bring him marriage. as guru is in lagna itself, he will have nice wife and good family.

  89. Namaste sir.....
    I wanted to ask a question for my friend sir when will she get married and how will be her married life......
    her details
    DOB-2nd sept 1984
    Thanku sir........

  90. To Ananymous
    -------------Why you are askng for friend? She could have asked for herself.
    At the first look of the horoscope it would appear as if the horoscope has no marriage at all. But at a closer look all negatives have changed into positives.

    Her 4th lord chandra in 8th in neech position
    (debilitation and weak) position turned into neech banga(cancellation of debilitation). So also the 7th house(marriage) lord in neech
    recived neech banga.So both have become lucky.

    Guru is aspecting lagna 3rd and 5th places. That makes her more lucky.

    The 7th(marriage-spouse) lord in 6th shows she has prior knowledge of her would be. But she won't reveal it. She will be in great dilemma to broach the subject to elders.

    The 7th place sani is the hurdle and creating delay in marriage.So chant Hanuman chalisa daily. Visit Hanuman temple on Saturdays and sincerely pray.

    Sukra dasa(marriage house lord dasa) chandra bhukthi upto 20 Nov 2010.Guru has aspect to rasi in present transit.I hope and pray she may get married between 11 July 2010 to 20th Oct 2010.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  91. Sir thanku for ur prediction for my friend glad to tell u that ur prediction came true today only my friend got engaged and is getting married in december.......
    Sir one more question about her only she has given her CA exams will she be able to clear it this time this her third attempt..
    Sorry that she is not asking this herself.....
    her details
    DOB-2nd sept 1984
    sir u had predict for me also am hoping that ur prediction soon get true for me also.....
    Thanku sir.....

  92. Namaskar,
    My question is when I will back to India from USA permanently. At what age and which year.

    DOB : 27/06/1953
    Time : 07.15.05 PM
    Place : MADRAS

  93. To Shivani
    ----------She has all chances of clearing the exam if the result is before Nov 2010.

    I am happy her marriage got settled.I wish the marriage function all succeess. I am posting this in prediction came true column.
    Please ask her to contribute atleast a token amount for Annadanam.

  94. Name - Pratik Agarwal
    D.O.B - 04 Feb 1987
    T.O.B - 7.35 am
    P.O.B - Tinsukia

    Query -

    Sir I recently lost my job & currently unemployed, can you please say if I will get any job in near term?

    Also I invest in share market but continuously face loss in that. So is share market not suitable for me? Do I have any future in that?

    In study front I was doing a correspondence course in Finance. But to my dis part the course has lost its value & is not recognized by market. Shall I continue to do that course even though it is not recognized in job market?

    Your reply will be greatly helpful.

    I have earlier asked few questions from you & have referred many people in Tinsukia (friends & relatives) about you. They are also very happy seeing the work you are doing for common people.

  95. to csekar2930
    ---------------Guru dasa Surya Bhukthi in 2018 may bring you back to India. Or Guru dasa Raghu bhukthi from April 2021 may bring you back to India.BEST OF LUCK.Read my article on annadanam.

  96. Dear Sir.

    I'm Ram
    MY particulars as follows :
    D.O.B 01/09/1971
    TIME : 04:55AM

    I wrote to you last month regarding my business and my current financial situation.As I have heard from you earlier , you did explain to me that my time is bad. My question can I do not make it worse for myself. I am struggling with my financial burden and anything I go is not successful. what would you suggest I should for this current situation.I feeling very helpless and I've lost my way , I'm totally lost. What can i do to improve this situation my whole family is suffering because of me. I'm not able to take care of them

  97. To Prathik Agarwal
    ------------------Your good time starts from 1st Sep 2010. By November 2010 you will get well settled in a new job.
    As Bhuda in lagna itself you are fit for any business. So share market is also in your agenda. Sukradasa Bhuda bhukthi upto July 2011. So try in a modest way from Sep 2011. succeess will come slowly but steadily. Do not invest heavily.
    Regarding education as maanthi is in 4th place you will face obstacles in education. Better to leave the course if it does not have any value. This is not astrology. This is only common sense.
    Best of luck.

    ----------- Do not get upset over problems faced temporaril.the muddy water will one day will become clear water.This is the time you have to be bold.Astrology is only a tool to tell good and bad times.Astrology itself can not solve problems.Simple prayers to God and reading confidence building books will help you.Raghu dasa raghu bhukthi has to be over.
    Take courage. Be bold.I pray for you.

  99. name a.prashanth

    dob 25/04/1992

    time 615am

    place chennai

    raasi magaram

    1. do i have the sani dosham on my astrology

    how is future and i have many enemies attack everywhere


  100. This is regarding my close friend. He has been looking for a life partner since a couple of years now, but nothing has clicked yet. He is also desperately looking for better job opportunities, as the situation in his current organisation isn't all that great, and there's no scope for his growth. But nothing much has clicked on the job front as well for him.

    Please check his horoscope & advise us on his marriage, when shall it take place, wife's background, and also regarding his job & career. Thank You Sir!

    Friend's Details:

    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 14th December 1979
    Time of Birth: 19.52 (7.52 PM)
    Place: Bombay

  101. I am Vandana Anand,

    I got married last year and now i am married blessed with baby boy. Before marriage i use to work in insurance sector and by the grace of god, i was performing good. After marriage i left job and again planning to start in next year.

    My marriage life is good but i am very possessive about my husband. he stays in singapore and i am in India, as i keep on going there but i am always depressed and not able to concentrate on any thing.

    I am planning to do my own business as Insurance house, so that i can work from Singapore also.

    birth place deoghar, Bihar
    time 3morning
    Year 2-04-1979.

  102. To All
    ---------I am having more important assignments. So I take my own time to reply.
    The bloggers may please wait.

  103. DEAR SIR,


    DATE OF BIRTH : 06/01/2005
    TIME : 2.45AM


    ------------------You are too young to take to astrology.No sani dosham. Your future is good.
    The 6th place lord in 12th.That shows some small problems from opponent. DO NOT WOORRY.
    Best wishes.

  105. DEAR SIR,
    Im sahas,going for US student visa for first time on dis 21st july...can u plz tel me will i get visa or not

    DATE OF BIRTH : 17/02/1988
    TIME : 4.27AM
    PLACE : Hyderabad

  106. To god is great
    Both marriage and job will have positive results before 1st Nov 2010.

  107. To Alok-Vandana Anand
    ---------------------- What is your question?

    -----------------HIS 6TH PLACE HAS the transit guru is gliding over meenam 6th to lagna where raghu in rasi chart. the result is
    according nadi rules,
    JUPITER’s transit over the following natal planets:

    Natal Rahu: Operation, discontinuation of studies
    as guru is in retrogation, the problem has to get before nov 2010. sani the yogakaraka for
    thulam is aspecting 6th place from kanni. so no
    problem with longivity. he will get cured soon. best of luck. read my article on annadanam.

  109. To Trying to be reborn
    -------------------------- You are sure of gettng the visa.Be confident. Worship BALAJI.

  110. G.PitchairamanFriday, July 16, 2010

    Hello Mr.Krishnan Sir,

    I am Mr.Pitchairaman and I want to know if my son and Daughter-in-law has any good signs to get a own house. Also my daughter-in-law is on her family way now for the past 8 months. By any means can I know what gender of their kid would be. Below are the details of my son and daughter-in-law.

    DOB : 19-06-1980
    TOB : 10.20.PM

    DOB : 17-05-1984
    TOB : 11.00 AM

    Looking forward for your detailed response.


  111. To G.pitchairaman
    FOR DAUGHTER IN LAW SUKRA DASA BHUDABHUKTHI upto 7 june 2011.sukra being the 4th lord for her and in 10th and aspecting the 4th place, she is sure of getting her own house. after the child birth the construction may begin.
    it is difficult to say the gender of a baby whois in womb. even the medical profession refuses to say the gender after a scan.
    whatever may be the gender love the child.
    she is likely to get a female child.

    son has raghu dasa sanibhukthi upto 23rd june this is lagnahpathi dasa raghu in 6th makes him this dasa bhukthi is good for your son.he can do construction after child bieth.his horoscope also indicate a female child.
    read my article on annadanam. best of luck.

  112. Dear Krishnan Gi Sir,

    I was born on 24th March 1967 at 2:04 a m (four minutes past two in the morning) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. You must be already having my calculations for a question I had asked earlier.

    Can you please tell me what dasa I am currently experiencing and the bhukthi. Is it bhuda dasa guru bhukthi, or sani dasa sani bhukthi

    If it is not too much trouble for you, I hope you would be good enough to tell me the period of each bhukthi? It would help me a lot if I know when the bhukthis change.

    sani dasa guru bhukthi from ……. to ………
    sani dasa budha bhukthi from ……… to ……….

    and also bhuda dasa guru bhukthi from..... to.....
    bhuda dasa sani bhukthi from.... to ......

    And in Sri Lanka people believe that when sani leaves your chart he gives abundantly or in some cases he would even break a limb of the person concerned. Could I know when sani leaves my chart and whether if it is for the second time sani has entered my chart?

    Thank you very much for your kind help

  113. To Mihindu Pulukkody

  114. Dear Sir
    One of your predictions came true as mentioned to you.
    Though I finally got a job (I took the first one that was offered out of desperation), it is not the kind of company that I want to work in and the salary is small. I thought I would take what is given and then look for a better job. Could you please tell me if there are any indications that I would get a better job in the future – company and salary wise? If so, when will this be and will it be a permanent job?(present job is on contract)
    My details are:
    DOB - 5th February 1972
    Time – 11.33pm
    Place – Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Gender – Female

    I have copied some details of what you have told me below, in case it makes things easier for you.

    “In your case you are both thula lagna and thula raasi subject. For thulam, sani is 4,5th lord . As he is the lord of both a trikona and a kendra, he becomes an yogakaraka.So he has to do good only to thulam whereever he is.
    In your chart he is in 8th rihaba which is again the house of sukra as thulam is.A natural malefic going into 8th is good. But in your case he is a yogakaraka hiding in 8th , how for it is good? So I think he has been weakened.
    As this is 2nd round of 7.5 sani you are likely to have good results only.The raasi where he is now housed in tansit kanya is a friendly place to him. Thulam is where he is in exaltation.So being thula raasi/lagna subject,you have to reap the good benefit from yogakaraka.
    Your 10th place is kataka whose lord is in lagana itself with 5 out of 8 in suyavarga which is good.The 10th place kataka is having 30 points , well above the average of 28 in ashtavarga.So employment house and lord is not at all affectded. But sani is the profession signifactor.He is having only 1 out of 8in astavrga. So he has become very weak. As profession signaifactor his hiding in 8th has not helped you. So his dasa is also not helping you. His bhukthi upto 14 july 2010. Only after that some results will be known. Now in meenam guru has transitted and aspect kataka 10th place to raasi and also sani the yogakaraka and profession signifactor.So after july 2010, you will get interviews.”

  115. Hello sir gud evening i am shanmugam thanxs for ur reply now i want to ask my relatiom name:k.yuvaraj dob:13.2.1986 time:10.10am place:chennai. He is working in sales job but he is nt satisfied the job bcs he was stded in mca. He s not get a good job and also he is nt well. When he will cure the problems.

  116. Mr.Krishnan Sir,

    I am Dharmambal and I want to know if this is the right time to seek allaince for my 2nd daughter. Her details are as below :

    DOB : 09-021986
    TOB : 06.05 PM

    She had some mental depression before a year which made her to fear for all the things she does. Now she is alright and became normal after a small consultation.

    Looking forward for your detailed response.



  117. To racheldesilva72
    ----------------------Sani dasa bhuda bhukthi
    from 14thjuly 2010 to 24th March 2013.Bhuda is your 9th bagya lord. He is having ashtavarga -suya varga balam of 6 ot of 8.So his bhuda bhukthi will definitely give your desired employment shortly. As sani in present transit will be in bhuda's house and this is second round pongu sani of 7.5 year sani you are sure of getting yor dream job.
    As the 10th house lord chandra in lagna itself,
    you are likely to shine in your own business.
    Best of luck

  118. Name : MP
    DOB :17/02/1977
    TOB : 5.45am
    POB : Theni,tamilnadu.

    Name : Raji
    DOB : 19/06/1983
    TOB : 11pm
    POB : Theni,Tamilnadu.

    dear sir,
    We both got married a year back. we have no baby yet when should we get and how soon.
    Why because some astrologiest says differnt thinks.
    Thanks in advance.

  119. Sir,
    My humble pranams..
    plese ref. Paarppu: General. As you have directed I herewith furnish the details of my son
    Name: G.K.A
    DOB : 09.10.1988
    TOB: 2.40 pm
    POB: Chennai, Tamilnadu

    He left to Aussie during Aug.2007 for his bachelors degree. But he could not complete his studies. He again changed his course during Feb. 2010. Still he feels difficult to complete his course. It seems he could not complete his course.
    My queries:
    1. He wants to stay there. But if he does not finish his degree, he will be deported to India. Will he complete his degree there? or come here and study? or wont get a degree anywhere at all?
    2. We are committed a huge loan by spending for his education. We are perplexed whether he will get a degree/job and pay the loan or not. If he cannot pay the loan, we will be on the street. Time is running out and he has utilised all his options. We are confused at this juncture. Please help us.
    3. please brief about his future.

    My humble pranams again,
    God bless you with long life and lakshmi kadaksham.
    Thankin you,

  120. namaste sir!
    Name: J.Shailajaa
    D.O.B: 29/08/1979
    T.O.B: 8:11 pm
    P.O.B: Hydrabad
    gender: Female

    my husband's details
    Name: S.Jayakumar
    D.O.B: 24.01.1979
    T.O.B: 8.45 pm
    P.O.B: POllachi
    Gender: Male

    My son's details

    Name: J.pranav hari
    D.O.B: 24.10.2008
    T.O.B: 1.47 pm afternoon
    p.O.B: Coimbatore
    gender: Male
    i was married in sep 9th 2005. mine was love marriage. everyone accepted. God blessed me with a baby boy who is 1 1/2 yrs now. please tell me about my mangalya sthanam. some says that it is weak. and i would like to know about my poorva punya sthanam also. before marriage i was working. i'm home maker now. i would like to start my career. i would like to know whether going for a job will be better or doing business is good. if business what kind of business will fetch me fame and success. right now my husband is looking after my father-in-law's business. we would like to start a new business by our own. how will it be. tell me about my son's life also. kindly help me to overcome my confusion. thank you sir

  121. thank u so much sir...need your blessings also....

  122. DEAR SIR,
    Im mahasvi,going for US student visa for first time on dis 29th july...can u plz tel me will i get visa or not

    DATE OF BIRTH : 21/02/1988
    TIME : 8.00AM
    PLACE : Hyderabad

  123. Dear Sir

    I am blessed with 2 kids one daughter and one son. My son seems to be having developmental delay. Pls tell us any pariharams to do

    Son name Karthik
    DOB 26-02-2007
    Time 9:16 AM
    Place of Birth Singapore

    I would like to know the pariharams i can do for my only son.

    Worried Mother

  124. Dear Sir,
    I have a question, As you have told before in your blog that future is hidden and i respect that but wanted to know about my past life.
    I had a very tough Exam last month, iam so desperate to clear it, infact my life revolves around that, if its does not get well enough , i have nothing left in my life, please let me know about this, i shall remain thankfull to you.
    Name Ateeq Muhammed Khaliq
    DOB: 31st March 1983
    TOB: 10.04 AM
    POB: Channapatna Bangalore Karnataka

    Thanks in advance,

    Worried for future in my present!

  125. Name-vindhya.A,DOB-07/07/1983,TOB-2.20pm,POB-Nellore,AP....Unexpectedly my marriage is fixed and going to get married next month with our relatives person only....1-now we are trying for some we get that money or not?2-wil i get married happily without any problems?3- my fiance wants me to work as a lecturer but iam not at all interested in tht field..when wil i able to get a job?what type of job wil i able to get

  126. To raji
    --------As per nadi rules both of you are having the santhana bagaya in the year 2011. It may be a female child.Worship Dakshinamurthi
    on Thursdays.Offer milk payasam to Balakrishna and distribute to poor children.Observe viratham on Sashti days and eat after Muruga darsanam.Chant Balamukunthashtagam 3 times daily.I pray for you. Read my article on Annadanam and do your might.

  127. TO WINNE
    --------75% CHANCES OF GETTING THE VISA.Be confident. Wear red coral ring and dress with red tinge shirt on the visa day. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    -------------HE IS LIKELY TO GET a break in the month of Masi 13th Feb to 14th Mar 2011. His health also will improve in the same period.Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

    --------------DO not panic by reading my answer. Except lagna all other planets are arrested between raghu and kethu. So this may be included in the kalasarpa dosha horoscope.
    For such people marriage gets delayed usually.
    It is better to get married after 28 years completed.However there is nothing wrong in searching for the groom with out any haste.
    If God's grace is there marriage can take place
    in the month of Jan-Feb 2011(thai month).She has to participate in the worship of Durga Devi on undays between 4-30 pm to 6 pm(raghu kalam). Daily make dharshan of pillayar in the nearest temple. Pray sinccerely.

    Her manokaraka and lagna lord chandra got hidden in 8th.The 5th house occupied both mars and sani. That is the reason for her sudden depression.But now she is alright is a happy news.
    I pray for her. Read my article on Annadanam.

  130. To ananymous -GKA
    -------------------Sorry I am not able to give you a positive reply. Do not panic. His bhudhikaraka bhudan who is also the 9th(foreign) lord got combusted by surya and in vakram too.Mars the 4th lord (education) also in retrogation vakram.Another planet who assists knowledge guru is also in vakram.
    God has to help him to pass the exam and get a placement in foreign. Worship all navagrahas.
    Attend pradosha abishekam in Shiva temple.
    Read my article on Annadanam. I pray for your son. Prayers can change the ill effects planetary positions.

    First ask the most important question. Then after a gap of 1 week ask the next important question in the priority order. For study of your entire family's horoscope My health does not permit.See the header.

  132. sir dis is sahas i asked for a query dat will i get visa(1st attempt) or not on friday,JULY 16th 2010....and u predicted that i will surely get the i attended the visa interview and i failed to get the visa.....i want to know whether i will be successful in second attempt ??

  133. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Sorry to have missed Place of Birth in my earlier post.

    My Sons DOB:5-5-1982 TOB: 4.17 PM. POB:Kumbakonam I have been looking for a girl for my son for the past 1 year and I am not able to find the girl for him till now. Could you please let me know, when he will be getting married and what is the likely direction he will get a girl from?

  134. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Sorry to have missed Place of Birth in my earlier Post.

    My Daughters DOB: 23-1-1984 TOB: 5.35 AM POB: Kumbakonam, she has already got a Baby Boy three years ago. She is carrying now for the second time. Could you please let me know, what baby she will get this time around?

    Thanks in advance

  135. To ananymous-tks
    -----------------Many negatives in the horoscope of your son.The 8th lord sukra in lagna bhava itself in exalted position.The 4th(education) house lord bhuda who is also bhudhi karaka significator of knowledge is hidden in 12th house and burnt by surya. So his knowledgement will be slow only. The manokaraka and 5th house lord moon in 4th with maanthi. If the education place is affected by maanthi,obstacles in education.Raghu in 12th affecting both surya and bhuda.
    There are some positive points too. The lagna lord guru is in 9th place and aspecting lagna and 3,8th lord.Guru has an ashtavarga-suya varga strength of 7 out of 8.The 2nd(dhanam) and 9th(bagyam) house lord chevvai is in 11th(profit) place in exaltation.Sukra is in exaltation. Guru in friendly house.Guru aspecting the lagna, 3rd, and 5th place solves many problems. His future is very good. He will own his own house and good income. Very good family life.

    As sani is in 5th place(insight) his understanding of the life, world and knowledge acquiring speed will be in slow progress only.
    Raghu dasa from 22nd Mar 2008 to 22nd Mar 2026.
    Later life will be good. Teach him some handicrafts along with normal education.Do not expect or force him to do things beyond his capacity.Daily prayer to Saraswathi. One visit to Koothanur and worship Saraswathi Devi.Read my article on Annadanam.

  136. TO Ateeq Khaliq
    ---------------- THERE IS NO use in knowing the past life as there is no means of verifying the predictions.Your 5th place(poorva punya-past life luck/sin carried forward)is bhuda's place. This bhuda got debilitated and also got burnt by surya.This shows you must have been a teacher in the previous birth who shirked responsibilty of teaching properl to your pupils.that is why you are having anxiety over passing the examination now.You experience obstacles in the progress of education.
    Now sanidasa sukra bhukthi upto 26 may 2013. This is a good period for you. So you will get a creditable pass in your exam. Best of luck.

  137. Dear Respected Sir,
    The below chart is of my father, he has been suffering from diabetics and in recent his health is been affected a lot. He met with an accident in recent, but by god grace nothing happened. Now a days he has been in more tension from work and this shoots his blood pressure and his blood sugar. How you all look his health as we are more woorried about his health. Any remedy or puja should be done on regular basis. Now a days he has become more arrogant and anger is allways.
    Name Mr. Durga Shanker Mishra
    DOB 4/10/1951
    TOB 9:00 AM

    Thanks Sir

  138. Dear Sir, How are you? My Details are below:

    Name: Senthil Nathan.
    DOB : 29/06/1975.
    TOB : 04:07 AM.
    POB : Karur, Tamil Nadu.

    Sir my question is as per my brith chart,
    I have GRAHA MALIKA YOGAM or not because from Chandran to Sukran, Planets present consecutively in boxes.
    And Please tell me more about GRAHA MALIKA YOGAM.

  139. Hi Sir,

    Name: Yoganandam
    Sex: Male
    POB: Vellore, TN, India
    Questions: 1. When will I get married?
    2. When will my younger brother will get settle(if possible to predict based on my horoscope)

  140. Namaste sir
    please tell me about my mangalya sthanam and poorva punya sthanam. my details
    DOB: 29/08/1979
    POB: hydrabad
    TOB: 20:11 hrs
    gender: FEMALE
    thank you sir! and sorry....

  141. DOB : 31.Mar.1984
    Birth of place : Mumbai
    Time : 8:36 AM

    How would be my career and life ?

  142. To Vindhya:
    Congrats for your marriage next month. Wish the function all success.
    1. On ist sep bhuda 2nd house(dhanam) from rasi is entering fourth. According to nadi rules when transit bhuda meets birth chart sukra you will get tresures. As sukra is in simmah, and transit bhuda comes to simmah on 1st Sep, you will get back money.
    2.Your 7th(marriage) house lord chevvai is in 9th . Chevvai in nvamsam gained uchcham state;
    So family life will be good. In ashtavarga thhe 7th house has 34 points which is well above the average of 28. By all means you will have nice future in marriage front.
    3.As your 10th lord chandra is in 8th,, you will have chequred career in job front. You will see many temporary jobs.Presently you may get a job by june of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.Have you visited thiis blog earlier? Have I predicted your marriage earlier?

    -------------------If I had told you negatives even before visa interview, will you not get dejected? It is not in astrological ethics to discourage people who are already in action.
    Okay if your visa interview is after 1st Sep 2010, you may get the visa. As your 9th place is occupied by maanthi, your visa will be got after many obstacles only. No easy walk over.

    YOUR son will be getting married before 14th April 2011. From 1 Sep 2011 to 31st Dec 2011
    transit sukra will be in thulam where sukra meets birth chart guru. During that period betrothal ceremony. Then when transit surya meets birth chart sukra from 15th Mar 2011 to
    14th April 2011 marriage function.Bride may come from west Best of luck.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  145. To Balasubramaniam-daughter's
    No point in knowing the gender. No one can change the gender of the baby in the womb. Astrology can not definitely do that.I think by natural selection she will have a girl child this time. As guru and sukra are in combination in the chart,she has the luck of
    female child also.Love the child irrespective
    of the gender. Best of luck. Read my article
    on Annadanam.

  146. TO ALOK
    So when at the old age sukra dasa comes, the body wants sense pleasures. But social norms can not permit.So frustration.Treat him with understanding. Talk to him in a friendly,loving manner.Permit him to meet youngsters for interaction.His anger would vanish.Best of luck.Read my articl on annadanam

    ----------------Grahamalika yogas

    1. If all planets occupy the first five houses from the lagna, panchagrahamalika yoga is caused
    2. If all planets occupy the first six houses from the lagna, shashtagrahamalika yoga is caused
    3. If all planets occupy the first seven houses from the lagna, sapthagrahamalika yoga is caused
    4. If all planets occupy the first eight houses from the lagna, ashtagrahamalika yoga is caused
    5. If all planets occupy the first nine houses from the lagna, navagrahamalika yoga is caused
    6. Some say the grahamalika yoga commences from the Sun, while others are of the view that the lagna is the yoga’s starting point
    7. A native having grahamalika yoga caused by the presence of planets in 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 houses from the lagna will be fortunate
    8. Planets occupying even signs produce results pertaining to their trinal ownership in the beginning; the results due to the other ownership will be conferred later
    9. Planets occupying odd signs produce results pertaining to ownership of rasi, etc. in the beginning; the results due to trinal lordship will be conferred later
    10. A planet in the 2nd from the Sun has swift motion; the one in 3rd even motion
    11. Planets in the 4th from the Sun possess slow motion; those in the 5th and 6th have somewhat retrograde motion
    12. Planets in the 11th and 12th from the Sun possess very swift motion. Such swift motion renders benefics devoid of strength
    13. Malefics cause good by having retrograde motion. In this way should be ascertained planetary movements, by the learned


    -------------BETTER you get married after age 30 as kethu in lagna and raghu in 7th(spouse)
    Kalathra dosha will be ineffective after age 30. Also chandra dasa is your 8th lord's dasa. That is why I caution you. Chandra dasa guru bhukthi from 1 April 2012 to 1 Aug 2013. That is a good period . You may wait upto that. Worship Durga Devi on Sundays raghu kalam.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

    ------------IF YOU HAVE any problem you have to state that. I am not in favour of giving general opinion. You seem to have some knowledge of astrology. If you want to test my knowlege I accept defeat even before commencement of the contest.

  150. To Ananymous-dob 31 Mar 1984
    As your 10 th(profession) lord in 7th in an exalted state your career will be very very good.You will become a CEO of a big concern or run an independent business with the backing of your wife. Best of luck.Read my article on annadanam.

  151. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

    Senthil Nathan.

  152. DOB=23/07/1973 ; POB=CHENNAI ; TOB=3:10AM
    1. My hubi planing to take Professional based exam in-spite of sincere efforts with all his tough working schedule last time, he couldn't pass through failed twice(Oct 2009,Dec 2009). Though this is tough exams as not easy to crack through also spending huge amt in USD,at the same time,he does'nt give up looks like again he wants to try- he is very had worker, would like to know whether which dates may be very ideal to re-take exam /fix (July 30 or October/Nov/dec 2010 available dates).
    2. Which are planets according to his jathakam are beneficiaries and malefics
    3. Is there chance for him to progress in business(managing many employees) or will i be Employee always, Does he has chance to be Top Level in company ?

  153. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    My Uncle's DOB: 11-7-1964, TOB:5.30 A.M, POB:Chidambaram. He is having some issues with his current employer and searching for a new job. In general I want to know how secured his future will be employment wise? Could you please help me with your prediction on his current and future employments.


  154. I am not happy in my career, I am getting a lot of hot conversations with my boss

    My details are as follows

    Name: - Prabhu ganesan
    DOB: - 12 nov 1984
    Time:- 08:05 AM
    Place: - Mulund (Mumbai)

    I am now working in an MNC but still not happy with the current job. I am now looking for a job in Abroad. PLEASE SUGGEST WETHER TO TRY THE NEW JOB IN INDIA OR OVERSEAS.

    and when will be my marriage?

    Please suggest.

    eagerly waiting for your responce.

  155. Sir! please don't think that i am testing you. i'm interested in astrology and i used to collect details. that's it. please try to understand and reply me sir. everyday i'm eagerly waiting for your reply and i'm not getting it. as mine is love marriage. my mother-in-law analysed our horoscope with some astrologers and maximum astrologers told that my mangalya sthanam is weak. and my poorva punya sthanam is also not supportive... i just wanted to know is it true . in case if it is true what are all the pariharams that i can do to rectify it. this is my last mail to you sir. if you are not interested to help me let it be. thanks. i pray to god to shower all his blessings on you.
    get well soon.

  156. Hello Sir,

    DOB : 26 Oct 1975
    Time : 1:05 PM
    Place : Trichy

    Having problems in work. Changing jobs every 6-12 months once, When this work issue will change ?


  157. Namaskar sir,
    Sir I wanted to ask you about my daughter...sir when will she get married as we have been searching for a good match for her from a long time but not getting results sir plz help...and sir some astrologer told as that she might face situations like divorce because her JUPITER, MERCURY, SATURN ARE VERY WEAK.sir plz help as we are very worried...
    DOB-3rd June 1985
    Thanku sir and plz tell us the truth and any kind of remidies.....

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. to அகம்பிரம்மாஸ்மி
    1.Chandra dasa bhuda bhukthi from 13th Oct 2010 to 14th Mar 2012.Exams during this period will be succeessful
    2.Best is saturn as he is the 9,10th lord;yogakaraka.Bhuda,suryan,and mars also
    benefics.Guru, sukran and moon are malefics as they are 8,11th,6,3rd lords.Sukran may be declared as neutral as he is also the lagna lord.
    3.Bhuda the indicator of business is asthangatha and in vakram. So business is of no avail.The 3rd lord in 12th hidden.He can be easily provoked for a fight. His emotions and quarel someness will not see him as a top
    mnanger.Also sani in vaakku sthanam will make him blurt out easily which is not suitable for
    top management.As mars in 11th(7,12thLord) with maanthi chevvai dasa from 13 Dec 2014 may see him to touch higher posts.
    Good luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  160. Dear Sir,

    Im working for an outsourced company for last 7 months. Im putting lots of effort and hardworking on the job given to me.but i feel that im working 200% for the salary what im paid. This makes me think of looking for another job. as of now i dont have any threats in this job. Please let me know is there any growth for me in this company or should i look up searching other companies?

    Name: Sadeesh Kumar M
    DOB : 7.10.78
    POB: Chennai
    Time: 9.10am

  161. To balasubramaniam-uncle
    ------------------------suriya dasa raghu bhukthi upto 26th Nov 2010.Transit athisara guru is in vakram from 15th July 2010. Guru being the 10th lord for lagna his retrogation in 10th place(profession) is showing up some small skrmishes in workspot. The athisara guru's retrogation has to be treated as if he is transitting in the poorvarasi, that is the rasi from which he transitted in athisaram.that means he should be treated as if in kumbam. That is 8th to rasi kataka. That shows infame.

    Considering the raghu bhukthi and the guru's retrogation,it is better he wait for a change in the new year 2011.

    I think you are placing questions very often. Please read my article on annadanam and act.

    ----------------- AS YOUR 10TH LORD(PROFESSION)SURYA IS IN 12TH HOUSE YOU ARE bound to go to foreign lands. But you may face problems from
    the foreign government .So make pucca arrangements of visa etc.,No dubious work in that.
    Guru is now in retrogation in your 10th place to rasi. So you are bound to shift job. Resigning and switching over and idle state for some time can not be avoided.

    Guru dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 12 th Oct 2010. Then gurudasa kethu bhukthi from 12th Oct 2010 to 18th Sep 2011.During that period you will go foreign.

    Be extra cautious about the visa and other ppaper work.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ------------YOUR MANGALYA STHANA STAR SUKRA is in 6th.8th lord in 6th means raja yogam.You will get all comforts in life.Ssukra is combusted-burnt-asthangatha by surya.In navamsa also he is like that. So the 8th mangalya sthana lord is some what weak only.But guru the lagna lord is in 6th too. Guru is stroger with suya varga strength of 5 out of 8. So the mangalaysthana's weakness had been some what balanced. Sani the ayulkaraka is also with sukra. Sukra and sani are friends. So sani will also help the mangalyam.So do not worry.

    About poorvapunya sthana the 5th lord chandra has stationed at 8th.But chandra has a strength of 6 out of 8 in suya varga.More over chandra is alone with out any planet on either side or in opposite side.This is no good.
    So do pradosham worship at shiva temple twice a month in the evening hours.Do soma suthra pradakshinam.

  164. Dear sir,
    Thanks for the Reply

    Sorry for interepting. You said in the last blog that I will be safe in my job if I stay back till July 15, I will be safe till November. But now u said that I may be in state of Resignation or sit idle (Jobless).

  165. TO SANJAY
    --------- YOUR 10TH HOUSE(profession) LORD sukra is in 8th.The people who have position like this always change job.Unless you decide,to stick on to one job, planets will not allow you to gather mass.How ever the 10th lord sukra has 5 out of 8 in suya varga.So you will not be stranded with out job.Only
    prayer can change this rolling stone attitude.
    Chant Aathithya hrudayam daily.Attend Durga pooja in Shiva temple on Sundays evening 4.30 pm to 6 pm.Worship Kamakshi amman on Fridays or Balaji worship.Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam and act.

  166. I have no words Sir, What ever told matches 100%, thank you sir, Thanks for your tips sir.

    " Read my article on Annadanam" Where can i fidn it- can please give us link ? i will certainly do it.

    These 'some astrologers' are unnecessarily giving me head ache.
    our daughter's 7th lord(marriage-spouse) is in 6th house. That means she has a private opinion about marriage. You have to ask whether she has some one in her mind.She will not easily reveal.Before finalising a marriage she has to whole heartedly approve of that.
    Yes Jupiter is weak in rasi chart-neech-debilitated. But in navamsa chart jupiter is in exaltation. Again mercury is in 7th rishaba in rasi chart. In navamsa chart mercury is in the same rishaba. That way mercury in vargothamam had gained strength. Saturn has sukras aspect So sani's hidden state will not weaken him. More over sani being a natural malefic getting hidden in 12th is good only.

    As she is of jeshta star, only the first son to be married.or only son to be married. As she is having mars in 8th, she has mangal dosha. So match only a boy with similar mangal dosha.As guru is aspecting 7th place, I do not
    think she will divorce the first grrom. The marriage may lost longer.
    Read my article on Annadanam,and act.

  168. To Susil kumar
    ---------------As kethu is in 9th place your green card processing is getting delayed.As per nadi rules when transit sani meets birth chart guru you will have change of profession.
    But when transit sani meets birth chart sani
    troubles are indicated.Both conditions are present in your chart. So delay in job change
    can be anticipated. When the transit guru who is in retrogation in meenam finishes his retrogation and back in meenam in normal movements, we may expect results in job change and green card processing. That will be in Dec 2010 and thereafter.Your financial commitments, will be solved before the close ofthe year 2010, I expect.Worship Vinayaka, Anjaneya and Dakshinamurthy on a regular basis.

    Post again with the dob,pob, tob of wife.
    Best of luck. Read my article on annadanam.

  169. To sadeesh
    -----------Yours is very lucky horoscope.Your 2,5 th lord guru is in exaltation in kataka 9th house and the kataka lord chandra is in lagna itself. A very powerful(100%) guru aspecting the lagna, 3rd place and 5th place shows you have the blessings of your ancestors and you have done many dharmic work in your previous birth.Guru with ashtavarga strength of 8 out of 8 aspects your rasi and lagna. This will lift you to heights.You will have many serving under you..
    Your 10th lord surya is in 11th house with 8th and 11th lord bhuda and raghu. Raghu in 11th is good. Surya has a suya varga strength of 5 out of 8.Bhuda is having 50% strength ,4 out of 8.So you will have profit in your endeavours.
    Now sukra dasa sani bhukthi from 24 July 2010 to 23 Sep 2013. As this is 7,12 th lords dasa and 3, and 4th lords bhukthi, any change for the better can be made if you like it.Sani stationed in 11th to both rasi and lagna and he is going to get guru's aspect for one full year in 2011, you can decide in the new year boldly. You will shine in both ways, by remaining in the same company,or some other company too. You can also do individual efforts
    best of luck. Read my article on annadanam.

    --------------------ONE reason why astrology predictions are not coming true is the questioner trying to test the astrolloger.
    Aastrology is 40% calculations and 60% intution.
    If you test the astrologer and again ask the same question over and again, the intution part
    will fail. If you had asked earlier, that reference you must give . After extracting an answer from me , if you complain like this,it is not fair. No one compels you to consult me or any other astrologer. It is your own choice. Even in a contest, people give a level playing field. What you try to do is to take advantage.I think after this you may have to treat both my answers as cancelld. Please consult a professional astrooger paying fees through nose. Thank you.

  171. TO அகம்பிரம்மாஸ்மி
    -------------------I think you have not rolled down the blog and read other entries. After astrology Q and A july 2010-1-one, my article annadanam is published.Every month I publish that.If my predictions come true, post that in "prdiction came true column in my blog. Thank you

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  173. Dear Krishnan Gi,
    Your reply on Sunday, July 18th, 2010 for my question, you have mentioned that I am presently going through Mars Dasa till 6th August 2013. Could you please tell me if I should wear a gem stone in a ring, for this, and what kind of stone it should be, and whether the stone must be cut to reflect or refract the rays. How many carrots do you recommend minimum for the stone to be very effective career and earning wise. And also I need to know what kind of metal the ring must be made gold or silver.

    Also please let me know what Dasa I would be facing after 6th August 2013 and for how long. And also I need to know the same information as above regarding the gem stone I should wear to make it more effective career and earning wise.

    My details are :-
    DOB :- 24th March 1967
    Time :- 2:04 a m
    Place :- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Gender :- Male.

  174. to Mihindu Pulukkody
    Have you not seen my anouncement closing this link? Please see astrology Q&A July 2 for answer.

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    Q AND A FOR JULY 2010 -2


    Sunday, July 25, 2010