Monday, November 30, 2009

ASTROLOGY---Q & A----DEC''09--1

Please post your questions for Dec'09 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&Gender;even for second and subsequent questions.

The Q&A -NOV'09 IS MISSING! This morning I read some 10 questions yet to be answered.
So thhose who did not get the answers may repost here.Sorry for the inconvenience. The page error I could not fix.Those who know the technicalities may come to my help.

Predictions Came True!-DECEMBER'''09

POST here whenever the predictions given in this blog coming true.Bloggers may view in previous months how many had posted happily the predictions which came true


As in oct'09 and Nov'o9, post your questions on general doubts in astrology.The question should not pertain to any particular horoscpoe.

Philosophical,Religious, Traditional Discussions Dec'09

Here share the informations you know,read, and heard.Topics should be of high standard.Any topic not commensurate with the decorum of this blog will be removed by the adminitrator.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Other than the three top cops of Mumbai police, Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar who were killed in the attack on Mumbai by terrorists, people have forgotten a real hero. Tukaram Omble, 48, Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), the only cop who with his daredevil courage helped in the nabbing of a terrorist on 26/11 alive.
Omble was asked by his senior officer to take up a position on Marine drive on Wednesday night, as soon as the news of firings at Leopold Café, Oberoi and Taj Hotels came in.
Subsequently, at 12.45 am, Omble got an alert on his walkie-talkie that two terrorists had hijacked a Skoda car and were heading towards Girgaum Chowpatty. Minutes later Omble saw the Skoda drtiving past him. He jumped onto his two- wheeler and chased the terrorist's car.
A team from the DB Marg police station was busy setting up a naka bandi at the Chowpatty signal. As soon as the car approached the signal the terrorists fired at the police team but had to reduce the speed of the car, thanks to the barricades laid by the police team for naka bandi.
Omble overtook the Skoda and stopped in front of it, forcing the driver of the car to change the direction towards right and hit the divider.
With one terrorist busy controlling the car, Omble sprang on other terrorist, Amir Kasab and caught hold of the barrel of the AK-47 rifle with both hands. In retaliation Kasab pulled the trigger of the gun, whose barrel was pointed towards Omble.
A spray of bullets entered Omble's stomach and intestines. But the latter held on to the gun until his last breath, stopping Kasab from shooting anyone else.
In next to no time other cops arrived and killed another terrorist, Ismail, pounced on Kasab and captured him.Investigating agencies were successful in gathering lot of information from the sole terrorist who has been arrested. But this was only possible because of Omble's daredevil move.
Omble is survived by his wife and four daughters. He is a real hero, who has been forgotten by people as well as the politicians who are busy in resigning and giving up their responsibilities rather than to fight against such terrorism.

Monday, November 9, 2009

ASTROLOGY---Q & A----NOV''09--2

Continue to ask here your new questions for Nov 2009.
Before posing a question here, think several times. Only if you have a problem ask a question. If you do not have any problem, do not worry about"future"
Read other information inthe prvious thread Nov-1. Always give DOB,TOB,POB Gender---etc every time you ask a question; even for 2nd and susequent questions.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

ASTROLOGY---Q & A----NOV''09--1

Please post here your new questions for prediction.

I earnestly request the fellow bloggers to post here only when there is a real problem which escape their attempted solutions. Post when you are at the cross roads. When you are in a dilemma as to which course of action you have to take.

General question of "How is my future?" may please be avoided. No problem---no need to study horoscope. If in trouble,mention that. Astrology can predict how long that problem may continue, when the lucky period will start and the Deities to be worshipped for quick mitigation of the problem.

There is no need for astrological matching for love marriages.What you can not find by personal contact, the chart can not find. Love marriages are called "Gandhrava Vivaaha" and permitted in the Sastras. After dating for months and years, please do not take up horoscope when you decide to marry. If the charts do not match, will you drop your love affair?

Predictions Came True!-NOVEMBER'''09

Post here the details of the questions you asked with date and the details of prediction with date, and how it came true! This is to prove to the nonbeliver that astrology is a scientific calculation.That will infuse more confidence in the minds of believers.


Here post any general doubts in astrology. This is a discussionn forum. The students of astrology can post here. No particular horoscope should be mentioned.You should not tell in whose horoscope such position exists. I shall wait for others to answer and finally I shall give my consolidated opinion.

Philosophical,Religious, Traditional Discussions


Coontinue the discussion here for novmber 2009.

Did any one read my posting last month on the topic"Is Mahabharatha war Jihaad?"