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Please post your questions to my mail Id time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 62 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to my mail box only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?

There is no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Do not mention the opinion of other astrologers.Every one has a set approach to astrology.Sometimes contradictory views confuse people.

The professiinal astrologers get their livelihood by matching horoscope for marriage and fixing muhurthams. Better you consult a professional for such services.

Do not pack many questions in the same post. Ask only one priority question. You may repost the next question after a week or ten days.

I have stopped answering in the open blog.



  1. hello sir!
    namaskaram, sorry for troubling again.
    I am manimegalai, I hope u are good.
    POB: Thanjavur,
    DOB: 6/9/83
    TOB: 6.28 pm
    subject: Job
    With ur words only, I started to search in australia for a job. I came to u via this site 2 months back.u just modified ur site ,its looking nice.
    After 5 yrs break,very hard to search a job.
    I am B.E graduate and also recently atteneded a interview here in Computer field.I failed, but ur words made me ignited to looking for a career. i actually trying for 4 yrs the result i am getting is fail.
    I want to know that,
    which field suits me?
    is it able to settle here(australia)?
    and really,is possibility in getting a job?
    Pls sir i want to know planetary positions will allow me to do?
    i am in last phase(2.5) of sadesani and also kalasarph does anything? which are the steps to
    resolve my problem. I need to shine in my career life sir. pls analyse and tell me, sorry for troubling u again.

  2. namaste sir please tell about my jatakam .iam giving my details.1969,march28,2.45am,makara lagnam and my wife details-1978,may20,7.50pm,vrischika lagnam.please tell when do we construct house and about our family.

  3. my birth place-mandapeta,andhra pradesh and my wife birth place-rajahmundry,andhra pradesh.

  4. hello sir
    my name is sunil derick
    place of birth is somwarpet, mysore
    date of birth is 27/11/1984 11:50am
    i am suffering in financial problem . from many years , and also not getting a goood job,, i am totally frustrated by this ,, so whn wil i get settled in life ,,

  5. Hello sir,Namaskaaram..
    My subject is job & marriage
    Sir am from India.But now me & my parents are in UAE.8 months ago i came here.I got many jobs.But every time any problems will affect & we rejected that all.very hard to get a job.Yesterday also i attend an interview.Sir Please tell me;when will i get a job?And i have 24 years old.I want to know also about my marriage.Please tell me when will my marriage.

  6. Namaskaram sir,
    My name is Radhika, I am from Andhra Prdesh, My birth place is chirala, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh.Date of borth is 22-jan-1984.Time is 08:40. I want to know my RAASI , Nakshatra and about my marraige. Talks are going on a match will that be get ok. When the marraige will be.
    Thank you sir

  7. Hello Sir,
    Good Morning.
    My question is that I am looking for a change in Job but not able to get any job offers. when will I get the change in Job?
    DOB : 12th Nov 1984
    POB : Mumbai
    TOB : 08.05 AM
    GENDER : Male

    Thanks and Regards,
    Prabhu Ganesan.

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  9. hello Sir,

    My son was born on 4th of February 2001 at waukesha, Wisconsin U.S.A at 0.30 am hrs (midnight). We are planning to apply for certain set of schools for high ability children in a different location in the U.S from the place we are living. It is really an achievement getting selected on those. Just wondering his chances of getting in there? Do you see any relocation in cards for him in this regard? In general what is your prediction about his future, his quality studies, his area of career path and success in his pursuits.

  10. Dear Krishnan Sir,My daughter s dob 24051988,pob Mumbai,tob 4.13 pm.
    Sir is she still running a Shani dasha,if so when it will be over,when will she be getting married.
    Secondly she is been chosen for a debate on university level.Does she stand a chance to win the debate and go abroad for further studies.
    Thanking you

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  12. Hello Sir,

    Really thank you for your services.
    I have only one question for you from my side.
    As parents are searching girl for my marriage.
    Talks and matching are going from relatives side.
    Not sure when will happen and who will be my wife. I
    'm working in US and also not sure how long will be here.
    Could you please analyse my chart and let me know when will marriage happen and
    moreoever I started liking a girl from my relative side and even she too.
    Can you analyse both details and let me know whether marriage can happen for us or is there any problem in charts?
    Parents are saying that we got same rasi and luck favours are very less between us. Still some confusion is going on
    in family side. Please advise.

    DOB: 20-01-1984
    TOB: 11.56 PM
    PLACE: Karur, TN

    DOB: 31-08-1989
    TOB: 11.20 PM
    PLACE: Madurai, TN

    Friday, March 04, 2011

  13. hello sir!

    I am Rajeer, I hope u are good.
    POB: Kannur,
    DOB: 19/12/1979
    TOB: 4.15 am
    subject: marriage
    Sir, my age is 31 right now, when will i get married.
    Waiting for answer

  14. hello sir!

    I am Rajeer,[ Male ] I hope u are good.
    POB: Kannur,
    DOB: 19/12/1979
    TOB: 4.15 am
    subject: marriage
    Sir, my age is 31 right now, when will i get married? and what about my girls character? Waiting for your answer Sir.

  15. Hello sir,

    thank you for the reply(my question dated 28/01/2011). Since i have not included my time of birth - once again I am giving my particulars.
    D.O.B 15/10/1975
    T.OB 1.10pm
    Place madurai
    Star Avittam 3 paadam
    Rasi Kumbam

    sir, I am having a lot of problems in my married life. I cannot withstand my husbands behaviour of staying away and not talking to me for many days some times for more than a month and ignoring me - he is doing this for every small arguments, difference in opinion. We were married in 1996. Till this date to say, he would have been talked to me only half of the days and the other half is like staying seperate in the same house. We have two children, they are also facing lot of difficulties due to this problem. Everytime he stays away or asks me to vacate the room and change to another room - this goes like for many days and slowly he will come and unite with me or he would talk about seperation of I have to quit the house or he has to quit the house - every time I was crying or bothered or even accepted for the seperation - and after few days he will come to the normal terms. I am very much confused, sometime feels like going mad. My children will be the mediators since there is no communication between us. I have requested him many times not to be like this - but he strongly disagree. To put in simple words, he doesn't honor me and respect the relationship. He will insist me to cook food and keep on the table as per timetable but he had never gone to office in time nor come back home in time. Now a days I am very much frustrated and thinking of how to live with him for the rest of the life. Whenever he does a mistake he will defend himself by blaming me before I question him about the mistake he did.
    Is it all because of my current dhasa? Because this is the only problem I am facing in my life. Now I am bothered since my next dhasa is going to be Sani Dhasa. Will there be a seperation in our married life? will the sani dhasa effect me mentally as well as physically.
    If I stay away ( means live with my parents ) for atleast a year, will there be a change in him. Is it advisable at these days for me to try this. Will there be a change in my life atleast in the sani dhasa. I am very much worried sir, please advise.
    My husbands particulars:
    D. o. B ;14/03/1966
    T.O.B : 10.40 p.m
    Place: Pallathur near Karaikudi
    Star: Moolam 2 Paadam
    Rasi: Dhanusu
    He also complains that he wants to become rich by doing buisness but he beats around the bush without knowing how to start business and depends on third parties and spend a lot of time with them. He has blamed me many times that I did not bring good luck even though I am avittam star. If I insist upon what we have achieved all these years, he was saying that I do not need to bring any good luck for him. Currently he resigned his job last november and looking for a new job. He is a software engineer. I was doing vaibalakshmi pooja - for my husband to get a new job with better aspects. Since he did not get any job until now, he says I am praying for bad things to happen to him ( he means I have done some evil to him) I have helped him in all the freelance job he used to take. What can I do.
    Will he get a new job? Will he be good to me in future? How is my future going to be? Please advice.

    Thank you

  16. Dear Sir,

    I am Pallavi Venkatesh my Date of birth is 03/01/1986, place of birth is Bangalore and time of birth is 11.35am, star is Hastha Nakshatra, Kanya rashi and my husband’s D.O.B is 3/7/1978 Rohini nakshatra, vrishabha rashi. sir I am working in a private firm as a contract. Kindly let me know if I get permanent in the same company and also please let me know if we will be able to construct our own house and when will we construct our own house and also we have a daughter her D.O.B is 16/6/2009 time of birth is 10.35am, Uttarabadhra nakshatra and meena rashi also please let me know how her future is and health. Also sir please let me know my husband’s job is not so good now can he get a good position in a nice company please advise.

    Waiting for your reply thank you very much for your kind advise in advance.

  17. hi sir,

    im shanmugapriya E. im doing my final year BE till now i didt selected in campus whether ill be selected or not because my parents telling to do higher studies please tell me whether ill get job r not or tell me whether i can do higher studies..
    my parents has fear on my future life because many astrologies told for me love marriage so they have lot fear.. tell me whether it is real r not..
    how wound be my future life will.. what parigaram i have do..
    please guide me sir..

    thank you

  18. Hai Sir,

    how are you ? ... are you living at the same city i.e. Thanjavur or any other one ? anyway welcome back to us sir .... :)

    T & R
    Ravi Prakash.

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  20. Hello Sir,
    Sir currently i working in a small IT co. I want change in my life , want to work in a big organization with good position, sir please tell me when this will happen.I am too much stressed about thinking of my career.following are my details.

    Name: Rajvir Singh Tomar
    DOB: 02/11/1984
    POB: Dibiyapur(Auraiya),UP
    TOB: 1:45 AM
    Gender: Male

  21. Dear sir,
    My name is Varun working in bank.I am a BE graduate.I want to start my career in Bussiness.And planning for marrage.Can u say the possible matching Rasi for me.Can u explain Bussiness is suitable for my Horescope.

    POB:Kumbakonam(Thanjavur District)
    TOB:6:48 AM
    mY maIL

  22. Respected Sir,

    Im Looking to change my job from last october 2010. Still im not getting a new job. the reason behind my job search is, im struck in financial crisis, commitment had increased not able to breath.

    Now i got a new confusion on my profession itself. im a process trainer in a pvt company. but the openings are limited. so i dont know how i would survive in this profession.

    2 things plz let me know.
    no 1: should i change my profession to any other profession?
    No 2: When do i get a new job, which would give some relief from existing financial problem?

    Name: Sadeesh Kumar
    Gender: Male
    DOB: 7.10.78
    Time: 9.10 am
    POB: Chennai

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  24. Dear sir,
    this is regarding my daughter's marriage..we are searching for alliances from past 3 years but no suitable match was found..when will she get married ..her details are:
    TOB:4:30 PM


  25. Dear sir,
    I'm shreya, an engineer..I'm facing a lot of problems both personal life & in career.Fighting for divorce which keeps on dragging..lot of mental stress & am so depressed.Pls tel me when will I come out of this case & will it be favourable to me? Pls advice some parigaarams/remedies
    My details are:
    DOB:12th Aug 1986
    TOB:3:55 PM


  26. Dear Sir ,
    kindly let me know when will i get married.
    My details are:
    POb:New delhi

    Thanbks& Regards

  27. Dear Sir,

    My dob/pob/tob is 24.11.1956/madras/5.00 hrs (morning)/ashlesha 3/thula lagna.

    I have faced many ups and downs in life. Each time the Goddess has saved me.But this time she seems to be giving assurances but nothing has materlialized so far...

    Can I get rid of my debts and have gains in business again?

    My company does marketing for emerging technologies and is facing financial crunch since 2010.(Earlier bad period was from mid 2005 to begining of 2008).

    Personal wealth is also invested for the company, hence, I cannot wind up. I need to recover my investements before I think of retiring.

    thanks & regards

  28. Dear sir,
    I'm facing some problem with current job,I'm looking for job change.

    Sir Please tell me can I get good job and It is suitable time for me job search.


  29. Name:vindhya.A

    MY Husband details
    Name:Hanuma Reddy.A
    POB:Some village in Nellore District,AP

    My marriage date:
    Aug 11th 2010
    Time:between 7.20am to 7.25am(pushkarakalam)

    hi sir,
    there is no proper understand between us...
    he dont treat me as his own,he always shows the difference that its urs and its me.
    he always thinks about his parents and his sister,dnt consider me among them.
    dnt show love and affection towards me
    finally it came into notice of my parents and relatives also.
    once he left me and went off (in Dec)
    again he came back in Jan
    1 month he was good
    again he started that iam staying in house and eating his food
    so i got fed up and recently joined in job.

    so,nw i lost interest in my future life.
    what is the reason for happening like this?
    i hav many dreams on my married life but nw every had gone
    dnt know wht happens in future

  30. Namaste Sir,

    I am Manish and back here to request you to help me some more. After your last suggestion i tried to pray and chanting.
    My details are- 12th December 1976, 4.35 pm, Delhi. And those of my wife are-2nd Sept 1978, 6.30 am, Delhi.
    I have following queries, if you can pls oblige.

    1- Regarding my state of mind- still not at peace for almost 15 months since Rahu(AntarDasha)began in Dec 2009. Still struggling and trying to keep myself floating
    2- regarding any good aspects related to my job, as its not going good and smoothly. Do you see any positivity in near future or any job / location change.
    3- regarding job for my wife- would she work and if so, then which field and location.

    I am thankful for your time and patience Sir.


  31. Dear Sir,

    this is in regard to one of my friend.
    her family is looking for her marriage alliance, pl help to know by when the marriage can be possible.
    Name- Sarita, Date- 10th October 1983, 6.45 pm, New Delhi, Female

  32. Vanakkam sir,

    I would like to know your prediction for my horoscope for the coming raghu kethu peyarchi /guru peyarchi & sani peyarchi . I have been suffering financially very badly for the past 2 years . I would really appreciate your help by looking into my horoscope and letting me know whether there will any change for the better.
    DATE OF BIRTH : 01/09/2011
    TIME : 04:55 AM

  33. Dear sir,
    my DOB- 29-08-1983 TOB-6.28 PM, POB -CHENNAI


  34. Dear Sir,

    My details:
    DOB - 20Oct1977; TOB - 1:20PM; POB - Hyderabad; GENDER - Male;
    I got married before 3years and my marital life has ruined my life and also my family members are suffering a lot because of my alliance. I am struggling with court cases like 498/divorce/maintenance from my alliance, these cases are all on false grounds to grab money out of it. Sir, I would like to know when will I win the court cases and start a new life?

  35. Dear si,

    This is K Sudasanan, My details :
    TOB : 07:45 PM
    DOB : 08.11.1982
    POB : Erode

    I would like to know about my family life and also my career. Recently i got married (nov 24th. I am suffering and hurting from a big problems in my office as well as in my family life. Please let me know the details.

    Thanks & regards
    K Sudarsanan

  36. Dear Sir,

    Why are you not restarting the thread even after the promised March 15.We get dissapointed coming back each time & seeing the same status.Kindly inform us whether you intend to continue with this service or not.

  37. Respected Sir,

    Thank you for your continous support & guidence.

    I am Manohar from Karnataka.
    I am working in a mnc company, but my worklife has become too much hectic and not related to my field of expertise.
    So I Have requested my boss to change my department to a department which is specific to my experience and expertise.
    Please predict my future and will my boss let me to the department that I have asked to be transferred.
    If I have failure in this regard I have applied to 2 universities in Germany & France for Higher studies which starts during August or September 2011.
    Will I get admission to these universities and will I go for higher studies?
    My details are:
    DOB 30 March 1985,
    POB: Madikeri , Karnataka State, India.,
    Looking forward to your positive reply.
    Thank You

  38. hello sir ,my name is don raj singh ,i have done mca and i am looking for govt job so when i will get govt job and i love someone can i get marrige with her.
    POB - pratapgarh,allahabad,UP.
    TOB- 05:25 pm.
    DOB- 06-sep-1982

    DOB 13-11-1982 10.30AM

  40. Namaskara, My parents are looking forwrad for my marriage from last 4 years, but not succesful yet. However last year I got engaged, but the marriage was broken by girl. Please advise will I get married or not. Also even with 100% efforts I am not able to move up in my career. Please advise me as whats going wrong.. MY DOB: 25-Dec-1980 TOB:09:28PM POB:Bangalore

  41. How about Simha Rassi boy with Mithuna lagna marrying Kumbha raasi Girl with makara lagna
    is it good for marraige ? does it is has Samasaptha ?

    with reference
    -------------The general rule is samasapthama horoscopes( moon 7x7) can be matched.But in this case there is an exception. Sani and Surya are so inimical, that the raasiathipathi poruththam is not present.For Simmah rassi girl
    makam, pooram and uthram 1 pada stars are involved.For the KUMBA boy avittam 3,4 sathayam ,poorattathi 1,2,3 are involved.If among these stars atleast 7 poruththams out of 11 including thina, rajju, mahendra and rasi are present, we may consider taking into account other factors involving lagna.It is very difficult to get 7 poruthams in this combination.
    Better to avoid this simmah girl, kumba boy combination.

  42. sir i am having huge debts piling day by day and unable to get any solution why debts increasing can you suggest me some remedy or advice so as to get out of the debt, if you allow i can call you and have word regarding the same tell me when can i speak with you.

    Tell me when will my happy days come in my life i am totally in debt and bankrupt you will come to know the truth once you study my horoscope

    All valuables , fixed deposits are finished and now borrowers are coming at door and shouting to my wife for repayments will i be able to clear the debts in my life.

    Name : sanjay Sharma
    Date of Birth 26 september 1969
    Place of birth : Pune, Maharashtra INDIA
    Time of Birth : 03.15 AM

  43. respected sir,

    i am dharmaraja from tiruppur.

    please look at the match of us both and say..

    DOB :27.01.1979
    time:4.00 AM
    Place: pollachi

    My wouldbe's details

    DOB :08.12.1987
    Time :12.17 Pm
    Place : Tiruppur

    is the match between us is good?

    Please say any pariharam is there if there is problems in our match.

    We need your kind help.

    Thanks a lot


  44. Hi Sir,
    I am Ambiga.How r u? My DOB is 5-5-83, time- 5pm, place-hosur. Rasi-makara, star- Dhanista. We saw many alliances but still my marriage is getting delayed.. So pls let me know when will I get married? whether it will happen within few days or few months or years?

  45. Good Morning Sir

    My DOB is 28-Sep-1960
    Time : 05.55 AM
    Place : Tiruppur
    Star Moolam ; Kanni Lagnam


    Please let me know the following:

    1. For the past 19 months I am in a business which i don't have experience, and was supported by a relative. Nowadays, the support becomes low, and I haven't earned any money, and after this financial year closing the balance is negative. What to do...??

    2. I owe a an amount to Bank on CC. I have paid
    about 25% this March. When I can finish the loan ??

    3. I have temporarily stopped my previous business and shall I continue my old business,

    I am in a great confusion... Pls advise me a good solution to come out of this financial crisis.

    Thank you in advance

    Best regards.

  46. Dear Sir,
    My details are as follows:
    DOB - 9 Feb 1977
    POB - Chennai, India
    TOB - 03:45 AM
    GENDER - Male

    I am working in a software company and I am eager to do business.Please check whether I am lucky enough to start a new business/venture and whether I will be able to be a successful business man.Please also advice, what business would be better for my rasi. Also I am facing health problems for last 1 year, hope it will subside slowly

    God is Great

  47. sir,
    i am ram
    my daughter!s dob 23/07/1987 place of birth
    tirupattur (vellore dt) time of birth 05.50am
    horoscope recived for her marriage
    boy!s dob 18/06/1986 place of birth chennai
    time of birth 19.45 please suggest whether these horoscopes tally and whether marriage can be performed
    thnak you and i am expecting your suggestion

  48. hi sir my m krishnaraj dob17.12,1985 time 5,20a.m place villupuram, m nwow wrking in pharma company mean while m doing my p,g. now m going to finish my studies whether ill get job in abroad how my futuire ill be say sir

  49. Dear Sir,

    My name is RK DOB 20th March 1974, Birth time 4.30am Wednesday, Place Secunderabad.

    From past 2-3 months i am not feeling comfortable in my place of work, because of lot of work pressure and internal politics. For how long will i be facing the same kind of situation here. I would like to know if this is the time for me to look out for a change if so what will be result, will i be getting a better opportunity?

    Please advice, what should i do?

  50. Dear Sir,
    My name is Juby and my DOB is 23-July-1981.Birth Time 10:30, at Kottayam, Kerala.
    I was a s/w consultant in US. My visa got expired and due to the recession in US I came back. I am trying for new work visa and things are mving slowly. Is it a good time to try for it. I don't have a goof financial back ground, so I am trying to buy a house and get married.Well I would like to know if this is the right time.
    Please help me. Thanks.

  51. Dear Sir,

    My name is Shakthi. I am female and a mother of one son who is one year old.

    DOB : 11 - Dec - 1981
    Time : 10:28 AM
    Place : Aruppukottai, Tamil Nadu.

    I would like to give you the details of the planetery positions in my birth chart as well.

    Capricorn : Lagna and Venus
    Taurus : Moon
    Gemini : Rahu
    Virgo : Saturn and Mars
    Libra : Guru
    Scorpio : Sun
    Sagitarrius : Kethu(Moola -1) and Budha(Moola-1)

    I remember only the nakshatras of only which Kethu and Budha are occupying. So many softwares show different planetery positions. That is the reason I wanted to give you the above details.

    Sir, Please guide me. This is my genuine query.
    I am waiting eagerly for god to show me one guru who is truly genuine and god realised. Though I am leading a family life now, I would like to know whether there is any god's graceshown in my horoscope to go on his path towards gyanam. My health has been very bad for past 2 years. I have become very depressed thinking about my spiritual sadhanas which are being stopped by so many obstacles. I am not doing any sadhanas as of now.
    I have become ill thinking about this. Lot of confusions and obstacles in my spiritual life. I am like a blind horse running in search of god.

    Please tell me sir. Is there any indications of guru (physical or non- physical) and spiritual sadhanas in my chart. If so, will it happen this year.

    Thanks in Advance,

  52. Dear Sir,
    My name is Juby and my DOB is 23-July-1981.Birth Time 10:30, at Kottayam, Kerala.
    I was a s/w consultant in US. My visa got expired and due to the recession in US I came back. I am trying for new work visa and things are mving slowly. Is it a good time to try for it. I don't have a good financial back ground, but I am trying to buy a house and get married.Well I would like to know if this is the right time.
    Please help me. Thanks.

  53. Dear Sir,
    Namaskarams. Unfortunately I lost my bank job in 1983 due to misconception by the superior authorities. I have been struggling till now for justice in court and for my settlements from the bank. Kindly advise me whether I will be able to get any settlement now and also why this misfortune happened to me at the prime time of my life.Thanks.
    Name :Viswa Ganapathy
    TOB:03.20 A.M

  54. I saw 54 questions but not a single answer, then why all you people keep on asking questions when somebody not able to answer.

  55. when 71/2 saturn finish for simha rasi

  56. namaskaram sir,
    my name is ramyavenkat
    d.o.b :10.05.1982
    t.o.b :7.15 am
    p.o.b :dharmapuri,tamilnadu,india
    actually i am bachelor of engineering graduate.after complition (2004 may )degree i got lecturer job.after may 2009 my husband got job in both will settled in singapore.after that i wo not get a job.when i will get a good job.pls advise me.

  57. my dob:17 feb 1988 , 00:30 AM...........predict my future and regarding job

  58. hello sir!

    I am Kanav Kumar Mahajan
    POB: Kangra
    DOB: 17/02/1988
    TOB: 00:30 am
    Subject : Job Seeker

    sir i want to know why not getting job and when & where i will get it and please tell me about my future.....

  59. Dear Sir - i ve so much faith in yr astrology after seeing so many predcitions.

    Sir - i am having severe problems in my married life .. my husband have been living together only for last one yr even though we were married for 3 yrs almost.

    Now he wants to leave me but not telling any definite reason . he wants to go for divorce. he says he has lost interest , cannot put effort , you are talking too many things at the same time.. , you are emotional … I cannot spend time for you … we wont be happy together etc .

    I wnat things to get better for us and us to stay together...

    please suggest some remedy / pariharam for us to stay together and live happily

    My name : Anu Ramya R
    Star : Anusham
    DOB : 26 august 1982
    Birth place : mayiladuthurai , tamil nadu

    His name : Madhu Chander S
    Star : Thriuvadhirai
    DOB : 13 june 1980
    Birth place : chennai , tamil nadu

    PLease help me

  60. Dear Sir:

    I am currently facing some tough time in my marital situation and will like to get your guidance and your expert opinion. My husband has just sent me divorce papers without my prior knowledge or understanding. This came to me as a surprise. We were facing some issues but I had no idea that he was planning to end this marriage. We are currently living separately and he is refusing to talk or meet or see me.

    Please could you suggest me a way based on our current astrological positions that could help us to re-unite again. I really love him a lot.

    My birth details are: Dec 29, 1979 at 11:30pm in Mumbai, India.

    My husband's birth details are: Mar 13, 1978 at 17:30pm in Campina Grande, Brazil.

  61. Hello sir,

    This is Valliammai.
    My D.O.B : 13.10.88
    Star : swathi(nangam pagam)
    Birth PLace: palani,Tamilnadu

    I am undergoing tough time in my life for the past few months. I have a doubt whether i'm undergoing 7.5 nattu sani, I just want to know when this 7.5 nattu sani gets over and some overall details about my future.

    Hope you will reply me.

  62. Namaskaram Sir,
    My DOB:10/09/1988
    Andhra Pradesh
    Time: 10.28pm

    Hi dis z Bhavani.I am working in software company.Is there any foreign chance for me?how z my future? Please clarify my doubts

    Thanking you

  63. Namaskar Guruji,

    My details:
    DOB: 27/Apr/82
    POB: Dharwad, Karnataka
    TOB: 5.50pm

    My Husband's details
    DOB: 1/Nov/81
    POB: Bijapur, Karnataka
    TOB: 6.20am

    I got married on 22nd Nov 2011, now I'm pregnant with 6 months. From past few days there was lots of fights between me and my husband due to misunderstanding.
    Now he has put me out of house, i'm with my parents now. He is telling me that he want to get separated.
    But I want my husband. I need father to my kid.
    Is there any chance of getting separated or divorced in both our horoscope?
    Can you please suggest me how to save my relationship? Sir, I dont want to get separated or divorced.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

  64. Sir,

    I Singanallur Narayanan, Male, DOB 23rd May 1960 6:42AM born in Singanallur, India. Currently looking for job and few months ago you had mentioned that could get better after rahu/ketu peyarchi. You had also said 10th house lord Saturn is in 8th and will be checkered career. Please let me know if things will change for better after August 20.

  65. I Sakthiyalakshmi , female , 20th Oct 1979, 8.22 pm, born in mumbai , india. will i get married , when , where would the boy be from, etc. Sir, could u highlight some future about my marriage & marital life??

  66. sir,
    i komala M K
    DOB: 15-4-1978
    time:- 2:30am
    Place:- Bangalore
    my husband is
    DOB:- 18-8-1976
    Place:- Bangalore
    we both married on 17th Feburary 2008 & it was a arranged marriage. But after marriage we came to know that horoscope is not matching. my husband says because of me entering into his life he is facing lot of finicially problem as he is an industrialist. we do not have proper understanding b/w us. As well as his mother play a very important role in divinding us what to do.
    i am working for GOvt sector on contract basis for more than 10 yrs but still iam not getting permanent? what is the solution for my problem. and we do not any kids also
    please suggest the solution to my problem
    thanking you,

  67. Hi

    Date of birth : 4 Sept 1974
    Time of birth 12.20 am
    Place Trichur Kerala

    I am having problem in my current job, also not getting a new job. Will I loose my current job?


  68. Hi sir

    I'm lakshmi my dob is april 8 1988 11.50 pm moola 4 padam. my problem is my parents are seeking mathes for me.but none of them are cuming since i was born on pls kindly tel me when i wil get married and giv a solution to it

  69. SIR

    MY DOB IS 22/09/1988 2.15PM BOP-VELLORE.

    SIR I facing a very tough period now. and work pressure is very high so that i not able to concentrate on my studies too. my parents are compelling me to marry next year. i am not interested because i want to finish higher studies and also come to good position in job. sir is it advisable to marry in 2012 or 2013 as per my parents wish or shall i postpone? is there any pariharams to over come my bad time i facing. please help me sir. thank you

  70. SIR

    MY DOB IS 22/09/1988 2.15PM BOP-VELLORE.

    SIR I facing a very tough period now. and work pressure is very high so that i not able to concentrate on my studies too. my parents are compelling me to marry next year. i am not interested because i want to finish higher studies and also come to good position in job. sir is it advisable to marry in 2012 or 2013 as per my parents wish or shall i postpone? is there any pariharams to over come my bad time i facing. please help me sir. thank you


  71. Hello sir, i m, my janamkundli jupiter is in vrischik lagna and i born in poorvabhadrapada naxatra chaturth charan.i have many problem related to relation in friends try to ruin my carrier.and they succeded.i m alone and always weep.

  72. hello sir,
    I want to have second child but scared to try for one. i have one son and before that have had two miscarriages.
    my DOB 14 feb 1976
    POB Ludhiana, Punjab, India
    TOB 5.45 a.m

    my husband's DOB 22 aug 1971
    POB Delhi , India
    TOB 3.00 p.m

    when should i try for second baby and do i have a second baby in my fate.
    thank u so much...

  73. Dear Sir,
    I have sent you a question yesterday also, i dont know whther you open your blog daily, i read about your health conditions.i dont know when will u see my question, whenever it is please reply me....
    i will furnsh my details sir..
    i was not born in a hospital, but in my grand mother's house in malapppuram
    MY Horoscope chart has medom(aries) as my lagna or ascendant.reccently one astroleger told me, its wrong and its meenam(pisces)as my lagna.he told so many other things... also... according to him kuja and sukra stands in my 1st house ie, lagna and this is harmful for my married life.he says i cant lead a married life, and i dont have the yoga of looking after my wife, either me or wife will die..i am really scared.. he prepared a horoscope chart entirely different from that of my horoscope....
    I consulted another astrologr, and he says whtz given in my original horoscope chart is true, and not the one told by the 1st astrologer. In my oroginal chart,.. lagna is medam and have sarpa or rahu.. also standing in 1st house.when viewing from this angle i have kuja and sukra in 12th house.. also in 8th sani and 7th ketu. whether this position of planets harm my married life.? please advice me sir which one i shoud trust.. can you please help me with correctly positioning my lagna? and the effects due to kuja and sukra standing together.. ?please helpp me..

  74. Dear Sir, I am Arunkumar my DOB is 25/06/1984 now for me kandasani is going on Is that good or bad i plan to build a home , how is my carrer present work

  75. Dear kmr. Krishnan Gi, could you please tell me what dasa I am going through now and when my Rahu maha dasa is starting. I am presently planning to start a self employment job like those internet money making jobs like Forex trading and all that. Would I ever make any money? On a reply (on Monday, April 19,2010) to a question I put you had said I am luckless but to work hard and I would succeed. So would I succeed in my internet job. And when is it best to start the job? Thank you.

    My details are :-
    DOB :- 24th March 1967
    Time :- 2:04 a m
    Place :- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Gender :- Male.

  76. Dear kmr. Krishnan Gi, there was another question I forgot to put to you. For the past 20 years and more I have been taking psychiatric treatment for a mental derangement. My horoscope will show. I have tried all kinds of spiritual methods like vipassana meditation to cure myself, but have constantly always failed. Now I am planning to undergo clinical hypnotherapy. Would there be any cure for me. Thank you.

    My details are :-
    DOB :- 24th March 1967
    Time :- 2:04 a m
    Place :- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Gender :- Male.

  77. Respected Krishnaji,

    I am Ramadevi. My details are
    dob 7-101962
    tob 2.07 afternoon(pm)
    pob guntur andhra pradesh.
    Do I have matru dosha or pitru dosha? Does our financial status ever improve or at least come out of debts?

    My sons details are
    8.05 am

    When will he get job? What is the effect of moon, mars, venus being together in saturn (kumbh) house? Also Saturn is with Rahu in 9th place. Does it effect his progeny? Will he get sons?Does he need any remedy for marriage and children?

  78. sir,

    My dob is dec 5 1977 time 2.35 p.m. i hv one son, who is diagonised with Attention defecit disease. tell me whether i hv any putradosha/matru dosa in my horoscope? will my son get better and come back to normal life or not? is there any remedy for it? i am deeply depressed. one son and he is also not o.k. what is the purpose of living?

  79. what are the planetary positions for one to attain gnanam.

  80. Please mail me to