Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prediction Came True JULY 2010

POST here whenever you experience the predictions coming true. This is to increase the faith of the readers and instill hopes in them.


  1. venkateswaran said...
    Dear Sir,
    One more about my horoscope.
    I have a very tough and comprehensive exam this may 2010. Will it be successful
    Time of birth-4.55AM
    Place of birth-Coimbatore
    Date of birth--14/05/1960
    Sunday, January 03, 2010

    -------------------------YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE EXAM.GURU TRANSITS TO 4TH TO RAASI AND ASPETS 4TH to lagna from bhukthi is going on.bhuda the education karaka will be in 4,5th place during april ,may 2010. so success is certain.

    Sunday, January 03, 2010

    This afternoon mr. venkateswaran phoned up to inform that he has passed the tough american exam as predicted.
    It is all God's grace!

  2. bala said...
    Dear Sir
    The predictions given are very true in our case and no other astrologer had ever told me the fact. Thank You for the advise. In appreciation of your noble service to the society I shall send Rs.600 towards ANNADHANAM so as to get PUNNIYAM thro you.

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Thank you for reporting prediction came true. Thanks for evincing interest in Annadanam.
    May God bless you

  3. Anonymous said...
    Namaste sir.....
    I wanted to ask a question for my friend sir when will she get married and how will be her married life......
    her details
    DOB-2nd sept 1984
    Thanku sir........

    Monday, July 12, 2010
    kmr.krishnan said...
    To Ananymous
    -------------Why you are askng for friend? She could have asked for herself.
    At the first look of the horoscope it would appear as if the horoscope has no marriage at all. But at a closer look all negatives have changed into positives.

    Her 4th lord chandra in 8th in neech position
    (debilitation and weak) position turned into neech banga(cancellation of debilitation). So also the 7th house(marriage) lord in neech
    recived neech banga.So both have become lucky.

    Guru is aspecting lagna 3rd and 5th places. That makes her more lucky.

    The 7th(marriage-spouse) lord in 6th shows she has prior knowledge of her would be. But she won't reveal it. She will be in great dilemma to broach the subject to elders.

    The 7th place sani is the hurdle and creating delay in marriage.So chant Hanuman chalisa daily. Visit Hanuman temple on Saturdays and sincerely pray.

    Sukra dasa(marriage house lord dasa) chandra bhukthi upto 20 Nov 2010.Guru has aspect to rasi in present transit.I hope and pray she may get married between 11 July 2010 to 20th Oct 2010.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    Monday, July 12, 2010
    shivanii said...
    Sir thanku for ur prediction for my friend glad to tell u that ur prediction came true today only my friend got engaged and is getting married in december.......
    Sir one more question about her only she has given her CA exams will she be able to clear it this time this her third attempt..
    Sorry that she is not asking this herself.....
    her details
    DOB-2nd sept 1984
    sir u had predict for me also am hoping that ur prediction soon get true for me also.....
    Thanku sir.....

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    It is God's grace she got the marriage settled.
    I said good time starts from 11th July 2010. She got her betrothal on 13th July 2010.
    Thank God for making the prediction come true.

  4. Dear Sir
    You said that after 14th of July i would experience a better period. After 4 months of unemployment today I got a job offer. I start work next week!
    Thank you

  5. To racheldesilva72
    -------------------CONGRATULATIONS for getting the job offer.That too on the same date as predicted.This is all God's grace. No talent of mine. God made me to act as a loud speaker to send His message to you.So all praise to God.After you receive your first salary in the new job, send a token donation for Annadanam. Best wishes.