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Please post your questions for JULY 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.


  1. Dear Krishnan Sir, Namaskaram !!!!!

    My details are as below,

    DOB: 28/09/1977
    Time: 5.55 AM
    Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar

    Sir, Since last 3 months I am suffering from pain around chest, Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Fear, Fatigueness, Headache, etc. Pls do let me know by when I will come out from these things. I also like know in respect of my career, by when my good time start & by when I am I will have change in service

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sujeet Kumar

    Dear Krishnan Gi,
    Your reply on Sunday, July 18th, 2010 for my question, you have mentioned that I am presently going through Mars Dasa till 6th August 2013. Could you please tell me if I should wear a gem stone in a ring, for this, and what kind of stone it should be, and whether the stone must be cut to reflect or refract the rays. How many carrots do you recommend minimum for the stone to be very effective career and earning wise. And also I need to know what kind of metal the ring must be made gold or silver.

    Also please let me know what Dasa I would be facing after 6th August 2013 and for how long. And also I need to know the same information as above regarding the gem stone I should wear to make it more effective career and earning wise.

    My details are :-
    DOB :- 24th March 1967
    Time :- 2:04 a m
    Place :- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Gender :- Male.

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    ---------In your rasi chart chandra and kethu are in meenam.Present transit of guru is in meenam. Now guru is in retrogation till november 2010.According to nadi rules when the transit guru meets birth chart chandra and kethu ill health is reported.Similarly when the transit sani meets birth chart raghu, ill health is reported. Both these conditions are prevailing in your chart.2011 also will see you not in fit health. in 2011 slowly you will get have to pray Dakshinamurthi Shiva and Hanumanji daily. I also pray for you.
    Sukra dasa guru bhukthi upto 10th May 2011.
    Then sukra dasa sani bhukthi upto 9 July 2011.
    You may have a career change after May 2011.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    -------------------- I am not a gemmologist. I do not recommend stone wearing as a pariharam.
    For that matter I am not in favour of cotly parihara.

    The stone for mars is red coral.The metal for mars is copper.You may wear a coral in copper ring, if you are so particular. The size, refraction all that I do not have much knowledge.

    The next dasa is raghu dasa for 18 years.
    The stone for raghu is gomedha. The metal for raghu is black stone.As a ring can not be made of 'karungal', you may wear in silver.
    Only this much I know about this metal and stones. Please consult a gemmologist.
    Please read my article on Annadanam.

  5. Dear Sir

    My birth details are as follows:

    DOB: 09:09:80
    TOB:8:55 am

    My navamsa has got neecha sukra and astrologers site this as a reason for delay in wedding.Will this impact my marriage and life
    Awaiting for your advice.



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  7. Namaste sir!

    thank you for your reply. i will certainly do the pariharams as you told. i have collected details about soma sutra pradhakshanam. thanks a lot for your guidance. i need your blessings too.

  8. Sir,

    This is for my friend.

    Name : Pradeep
    DOB : 16 Aug 1978
    TOB : 2:23 AM
    POB : Trichy
    Gender : Male

    Sir, When my friend will get married ? (The alliance matter is not all crossing the initial stage itself).


  9. To Ananymous-Krithka
    --------------------It is true you have a neecha sukra in navamsa.
    There is another view that for females guru has to be treated as klathrakaraka and not sukra.By that logic you have a strong guru in
    simmah with suya varga strength of 6 out of 8.
    More over guru is aspecting 7th place mesham. Further chandra and guru are together.All these go to show you will have good family life.
    In another school of thought chevvai is treated as husband planet, that chevvai is your 7th lord and he is in lagna itself.
    Except sani all other planets have more than 50% strength in suya varga.Sukra has 67.5 % strength.Guru has 75% strength.Chevvai has 50% strength.So also chandra, bhuda, and surya all have 50% strength.
    The main reaon for delay in marriage is surya had combusted 4 planets.Chandra, bhuda, guru, sani.Another reason is except sukra all planets are arreested between raghu and kethu.
    Yet another reason is chevvai in lagna itself.

    If possible do navagraha pradakshinam daily in the nearest temple.Chant 'varana mayiram' Aandal pasuram daily.If your family has the habit of sumangali prarthana,do that once.
    Make 9 namaskarams to surya daily and sincerely pray.Chant all navagraha gayathri daily.
    From 1st sep 2010 to 31st Dec 2010 sukra will be in thulam where mars is located in native chart.That is good time for marriage.So make sincere attempts . You will get a nice groom.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  10. To Susil
    --------- I wanted you to specify the date of expected delivery. You have not given that.

    As manthi is in 5th(child) place there was miscarriage.Now that dosha is over. Also the 5th place has guru's aspect.So the next child birth will be normal
    As birth chart sukra and transit guru are meeting now a days, a birth of a female child is indicated. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  11. Dear Sir:

    Thank you for your clear, thoughtful, and informative blog. My mother and I have greatly enjoyed your posts.

    If you have a chance, please consider answering the following question:

    If I work as hard as possible, can I become a successful writer of children's books?

    My biodata is below.

    Date of Birth: November 24, 1980
    Time of Birth: 8:45 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
    Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    I'd be happy to send more information if needed. Thank you very much for your consideration!


  12. To Shailaja
    I pray for you. May god bless you. Please read my article on Annadanam and inform friends and relatives.

  13. Dear sir,

    I would like to introduce myself R.Lillyrani..
    I happened to go through your blog and astonished by the predictions you have been given and wondered the way of analysing the coordinations..I pray god for the continued flow of your profound knowledge and intuitive power over this subject..

    I solicit your esteemed consultation for my life problem..
    I am married and have no issues so for upto this 11th year..Once got naturally conceived in 2002 feb.and miscarried unfortunately @ 90 days...later we came to know that my both fallopian tubes are found blocked may be due to the laproscopy made for simple issue of PCOD.
    Life become panic and we have tried IVF too two times and found negative after one month after implantation of the fetus.(2010 Jan)
    I still having high hopes in god..but want to know the specific best possible period of the awaiting things to be materialised? Esp, can you please suggest me when can I make further attempt towards IVF(no other way-even if it is highly unaffordable)Is there any miraculous possibility of conceiving naturally by gods grace?
    My data:
    DOB:23-01-1976 TOB: 8.10PM POB: Thanjavur (Female)

    My husband data:
    DOB:20-12-1972 TOB: 5.55AM POB: Orathanad(Male)

    (your consistent efforts towards annadhanam is so great..being the native, I will contribute by any possible means)

    Anticipating your reply eagerly..

    With kind regards,


    ------------------THE SECOND HOUSE LORD((family)chandra and 7th house lord guru(spouse) are in parivarthana.That shows he will have good luck by wife.The 7th lord guru
    is in exaltation.That is also a plus point.

    Chandra is alone with out any planet on the sides or in opposite house. The same position continues in navamsa also. This is not a good placement. That makes all luck into illuck.That is the reason for the marriage proposals are not becoming friutful.
    Raghu dasa guru bhukthi upto 14 feb 2012.That is good period for marriage.I hope he will get
    married in 2011.
    For the lonely placement of chandra he has to visit Shiva temple on pradosham days(twice a month) in the evening and participate in Nandi abishekam and make darshan of Rihabarua Shiva- Parvathy.Also make Soma sutra pradakshanam.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  15. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    Hello ("PRANAAM")
    This is Lovely_Monu

    TOB-03:15 AM

    Sir, I am in trouble,my health is not good from last 4 Months, Every types of mental pressure i am facing.My uncle has expired this month, apart from all the tension i am facing this setback.I am still jobless.Some time i think that god has already written all the future, we just have to follow the path and do the work or responsibilities. Is there any planetary influence if yes then can you suggest me the "Parihaar". Waiting for your Response.

    Great Regards

  16. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    DOB: 19-11-1975
    Place: THana Maharashtra
    Time: 4:55AM

    When will I get married? We have done pariharas in Rahu, Kethu Temples in Kumbakonam. Do I have bhagyam of normal healthy children?

    In one boy's horoscope that we got, the sukran was said to be neechan, does it affect getting progeny? I am apprehensive about proceeding in that case.

    Please advise. about my marriage and in general what you are abl to deduce.

  17. Hello sir!
    My DOB: 10/10/1982
    POB: Pollachi
    TOB: 13.56 hrs
    Gender: MALE

    I completed ITI, Dip in petro chemical engineering and i have done my UG in history. right now my problem is that i got selected campus interview in my polytechnic and i joined that company. due to chemical allergy i left my job. from then onwards i didn't get a decent job with decent salary. please tell me whether i will get a good job with decent salary and settle down as i'm already 26 now. or can i go for business. if business what kind of business will suit me. if job what line i can go for. right now i am working in call centre and my earnings is below 5k. kindly guide me.


  18. To Rajalakshmi
    --------------THANK YOU FOR COMPLIMENTS.
    as per my software you are of thiruvathirai star(3 padam)-mithunarasi.mesha lagnam.raghu in kattaka. guru sani in kanya,bhudan sukran in thulam,surya in vrichika,chevvai in dhanusu,
    kethu in makaram,maanthi in meenam.

    In navamsa thulalagnam,manthi in vrichikam, sukran in dhanusu,raghu in makaram, chandran in kumbam,bhudan guru in mesham,sani in rishabam, chevvai in mithunam,kethu in katakam, suryan in kanya.
    Dasa balance is raghu dasa,7 years, 7 months,15 days,

    As your birth place is in USA, I want confirmation about correctness of the horoscope. please confirm the chart.if you find any change, mail your correct horoscope to

  19. To Lilly
    ------------ I do not want to give you false hope. You are running guru dasa raghu bhukthi upto 16th feb 2011. Then sani dasa for 19 years.In ashtavarga guru the signifactor child as also 5th(child) house lord hidden in 8th and having only 3 out of 8 in suyavarga.I do not see any positive to tell you to go for
    medical intervention.
    Better adopt a child. Or donate to orphanages as much as you can.
    Thank you for your interst in annadanam. Mail me to for bank details for Annadanam.

    -----------------5 planets are hidden in 6 th
    house. Not able to predict correctly. As one planet if favourable another render that favourable planet useless.May God bless you. Chant hanuman chaisa daily.I PRAY FOR YOU.

  21. Dear Sir,

    Kindly clarify my query:

    DOB: 15 July 1978
    POB: Chennai
    TOB: 17:30

    Since April i am suffering from some or the other health issues and this month it is worse: anxiety, panic attacks, fast heart rate, foot pain, back pain etc...if some problem is resolved something new crops up.. i am worried and sad all the time. I live in USA and i am a housewife. I have a 5 year old daughter. I tell hanuman chalisa everyday . When will these problems end?. I am travelling to east coast in august to see my parents. But i am worried if my health will get worse..

    Kindly tell me when i will be free from these health issues.
    Thank You
    Best Regards
    Gayathri R

  22. Many Many THanks for you response Sir.

  23. Namaste Krishnan sir.
    Hope you are doing good.

    Sir,My details are

    DOB: 27th April 1978
    ToB: 17.30(5.30pm)
    POB:Giddalur,Andhra Pradesh

    Sir,I have invested my money in different areas like shares,Lands and Gold Trading and also given to our relative.
    There is nothing improvement in all the areas for the past 4 years....Nothing is in +ve side.Do n't know if I can get my money back from our relative or not.
    Please let me know if there will be any improvement on this.
    And also Please let me know if there is any indication of Business in my life.If so which field will be best suitable for me

    Thank you very much inadvance.

  24. Dear Sir,


    My Details:
    DOB : April 27 1972
    POB: Gobichettipalayam(Erode Dist)
    TOB: 5:07 AM

    My Query:
    All my business ventures are not currently successfull. Neither progress nor improvement. Will i succeed in doing business abroad running my own company? My Sani Dasa /Sani bukthi is starting in 2011 combined with 71/2 shani. Shani dasa is my 4th dasa. Will it do harm to me in anyway (Health/Job/Family/Money)?
    Kindly let me know
    Thank You

  25. Dear Sir

    No astrologer has given such indepth analysis.Thanks for your consultation and advice.


  26. Dear sir,

    Thanks for the consultation you have offered..Eventhough the truth is bitter..we have to accept it..based on the astro-grounds the position is found as expected, I have high hopes still to challenge this issueless issue..
    I hope guru has to answer me by its placement Sarva Asta varka point is 31 @ the place of meenam {guru is now on the same place aspecting the 2nd place(-family-only the root cause is childbirth-through development) and atleast upto its completion period of dasa}
    And my sincere request is what is the way of analyzing things when such issueless issue intaken into consideration,about the partner, esp,in my case, my husband chart is found strongly favored guru both by chart and transit and dasa..why you dont consider these aspects and deciding just based on suya astavarkkam of guru and by its placement @ eigth house..Though is is delicate,being a victimased subject, I need your expericed explanation..
    Thanks for your attention and time to consult me so for..(I have more doubts to be clarified in this issue and I will post further to general doubts column regarding this topic to make it generalize..)
    Thanks and regards,

  27. To Anagha
    --------- As you have posted in mail also, I shall answer in the mail.Mail gets attention only when there is no question in the blog. mail gets second priority.As for neech sukra, I myself have neech sukra. I am blessed with 3 daughters.

  28. to rajesh
    ----------as the 3rd lord guru is in 10th(profession) house you will shine in in your own business. as the lagna lord sani is also in 10th. you may shine in your family business.
    as your 10th place is thulam and the thulam lord is sukra you may choose any one ofthe follwing business:"SUKRA: Beauty Parlor, Saloon, Cloth Merchant, Luxury Goods, Scented materials, Handicrafts, Five-star hotels, gold ornaments, musician, dancer, drama, story writing, poetry, acting, furniture shop, musical instruments, tourism department, Bar and restaurants, vehicle factory, wine shop, painting, sculpture, makeup job, beauty context, fruit selling, fruit juice parlor, money lending, financial organizations, bank commission agent, LIC department, Finance Minister, Accountant, Auditor, selling gift articles, showcase items, flower merchants, marriage hall, cinema theatre".
    as guru is in 10th you may choose:"GURU: Judge, Priest, Lawyer, Education Minister, Bank Manager. Teacher, Finance Department, Temple worker, Yogasana Teacher, Religious teacher, LIC department"
    as sani is also in 10th you may do:"
    SANI: Watchman, cleaners, peon, sweeper, cobbler, miner, brick layers
    You may have good time in profession from 1st sep 2010.

  29. Respected sir,
    I am Pradeepthi. 22years old, born on 17th of november in the year 1987, at 1.35 pm in Eluru (Andhra pradesh).
    I finished my M.Sc Biotechnology this year. I would like to know whether are there any possibilities of me going abroad for further studies? I started applying for my PhD. I am very much confused with my career now. I want to do my PhD, if not atleast MS in abroad. Is there any possibility of me getting a seat in foreign universities?

    Please do reply,
    Thanking you,

  30. Hello Krishnan Sir

    How are you ?
    DOB : 09/03/1983
    POB :chennai
    TOB : 2:55 pm
    I want to know when I would get married.
    My parents have started looking for alliance nothing has been finalised yet.
    How will be my married life in general ?

    Thanks a lot Sir

    -----------You are now under the grip of saadesaathi-7.5 naattu sani.Still 7 years have to go. Intermittant problems on all fronts will be there, when ever guru is not aspecting sani.When sani is under guru's aspect, problems will be lesser.Now guru is in meenam(in rerogation) and aspects sani. From the end of Nov 2010, guru will be in meenam with out rettrogation. So in 2011 you will enjoy good health.
    Bhuda dasa Kethu bhukthi upto 21 Mar 2011.
    After that date you will become quite normal.
    chanting hanuman chalisa is very good. That surely will give relief.
    Google search "infinity walk" and practice it.
    You will have great relief in foot pain back pain etc.,Drink a minimum of 3 litres of mineral water daily.
    Lessen oily junk food. Take more raw vegetable salads than fried foods.Best of luck.

  32. To Srini
    --------- Chandra dasa sani bhukthi upto 23rd Jan 2011. You have to wait till that date to get positive response from relatives and other investments.
    As your 3rd lord is in 11th you are likely to do business.But that 3,8th lord Mars is in debilitation in katakam. So you have to be vigilant to avoid loss.
    As the 11th lord Chandra is in 4th, you can be successful in realestate, builder and agriculture.
    As your 10th lord is bhuda you can do" News paper vendor, teacher, novelist, writer, author, painter, landlord, compositer, postman, broker, draftsman, inspector, examiner, publisher, printer, editor, book binder, book sellers, merchant, journalist, clerk, accountant, mathematicians, public speaker, ambassador, imports and exports, air and land transports"
    As guru is in 10th you can be
    "Priest, Manager, Ministers, lawyer, judges, bankers, temple workers"
    BEST WISHES. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ---------------- Your 10th lord guru in 7th
    and the 9th lord(sani) in 12th shows you have
    foreign travel and stay for business purpose.
    As the lagna lord is in 10th(profession) and the 3rd lord in 11th in exalted condition you will be succeessful business man.Raghu in 8th shows you have to make much travel.As bhuda got cancellation of debilitation in tenth you have yoga for business.You have gajakesari yogam which will give you all prosperity.
    sani dasa bhuda bhukthi from 5 April 2013 to 14
    Dec 2015 will be golden period.Now you prepare the ground.Can reap fruits in 2013.
    As kethu is in 2nd, control toungue.
    As sani is both 8,9th lord and hidden in 12th
    you have to control all types of unnecessry expenses.Control spending on your passions.
    Rread my article on Annadanam Best wishes.

    -------------Astrology is 40% calculati0n 60% intution.So my intution had made me blurt out somehing.That can not be justified or denied by
    mere calculations.Leave the anxiety and be cool.

  35. dear sir,
    im kishore here are the details of my daughter looking for alliances for my daughter..can u tel me when marriage is on her cards

    TIME:10.00 AM

  36. Hello sir, we r searching groom for our daughter past 2 years but nothing happening. 1) We want to know groom will be known or unknown? 2)What kind of character the groom and will he be good supportive to my daughter? Now she doing pg first year when her marriage take place? Pob- 22.5.1986. Tob- 5.30 a.m. Pob- madurai.

  37. Hello uncle, i am selvarani from chennai. I am married and having 2 years of girl child by god grace. My birth details dob-13.10.1986 tob- 3.45p.m. Pob- mellur, madurai district. 1)I need to know what will be my next baby and when? 2) i have any dosham in my birth chart and its remedies please .

  38. Hello Krishnan Sir,

    Sorry about posting in your mail also, I thought that would be faster.

    If mail is secondary then could you please post your comments on the blog regarding my query?

    Thanks much


  39. To Anonymous-Pradeepthi
    -----------------------As your 5th lord bhuda is in 9th alongwith 3rd and 10th lord mangal
    and sukra & sani combined in 10th, your researcher attitude is confirmed.
    As the 9th lord sukra is affected by malefics, you may have to put extra efforts to go to foreign.How ever guru is aspecting the 9th lord.So with some additional pressure you may be able to get your aspiration fulfilled.
    As of now saade sathi is going on. Worship Anjaneeyaa daily. Chant Hanuman chalisa daily.
    If you do that obstacles will turn into favourables. Good luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

    --------------------------- I PRESUME YOU MAY BE A FEMALE. Your marriage will take place in April-May 2011. As your 7th lord sani is very strong and the 4,11th lord sukra in exaltation and having guru's aspect show your marriage life will be very good.BEST OF LUCK.Read my article on annadanam

  41. Respected sir,
    I am Pradeepthi. I already sent my details on 28th july. Is it confirmed that i will go abroad? Why didn't you say that i will be going abroad for sure, is it not confirmed? I am very tensed about it. Please help me.
    Apart from that, i do have a very important thing to ask. i cant disclose it here. Is there any other way to consult you? I mean, can i mail you? I have got few questions to ask. Those questions are personal. Please let me know where and when should i mail you.
    Thanking you,

  42. dear sir,
    one doubt sir, some astrologers are suggesting to activate a particular planet, (a week planet) by wearing cncerned ring or yantram. also they say to de activate ragu & kethu by wearing thier respective ring in the left hand.
    my question is will it be aactivated and deactivated by this means. if so every body can rectify their week planets. due to our karma only all planets are confugered. by this can we change our karma palan.

  43. Hello Krishnan Sir,

    Im Padma From Chennai
    below are my details.
    DOB : 11th Sep 1985
    Time Of Birth : 10:03 am
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    Gender : Female.

    My Question is :
    When will i get married and settled in life?

  44. Hello Krishnan Sir,

    Please advise on marriage delay and about spouse. Also if bhagyam of normal healthy children.

    DOB: 19-11-75
    POB: Thana, Maharashtra
    TOB: 4:55AM

    Have done pariharam in navagraha temples, still no progress. Facing lots of mental obstacles. Also, anything you could deduce about where I will settle, India or abroad?

    Please advise, Sir.



  45. To Anonymous-Kishore-Sambhavi
    ------------------------------Probably you might have already been informed that your daughter's horoscope is a kalasarpadosha jataka.That means all the planetas are locked between raghu and kethu.More over Revathi star, meena rasi people get married little bit late than others. It is the practice to suggest the marriage for sarpadosha people after age 28.
    Sukra in her horoscope got combusted by surya. Sukkra is her 5th lord and 10th lord, weakening also is causing late
    marriage. For females marriage lord is taken as guru who is in debilitation in lagna makaram itself.All these suggest that marriage may be delayed.
    In her ashtavarga all the houses have sufficient strength. Particularly the 7th place has 29 points which is above the average of 28.That shows she will have a very good,nice husband.All planets except sani have good strength in their suya varga.So do not worry.She will be very prosperous.

    Need not stop searching for alliance.Let it go on in a balanced speed. Horoscope matching and
    thouruogh enquiry about the groom has to be done.
    Sarpa dosha pariharam at Kalahasthi, temple visit on Fridays to worship Durga maa, and Shiva.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

    1. THE groom will be unknown only.However, the girl may have her own opinion about marriage. Her choosy attitude may delay the marriage.Her opinion will rule the day.2 As raghu and maanthi in her mesha lagna and chandra in 7th, she may be of rough and rude in her attitude, and possessive in character. Groom should be a patient and sober person. As her 8th place affected by sani, similar dosha jatakam to be matched. 7th place has guru's aspect.That solves many problems.Guru dasa chandra bhukthi upto 4th Sep 2011.Before that marriage may get settled.In the tamil month Masi settlement of marriage; marriage in Vaikaasi. Best of luck. Please read my article on Annadanam.

    -----------------------Most difficult part of prediction is the foretelling of birth and death. What ever may be the gender of the child you have to accept it as God's gift. From your post I find that you expect a male child.As per nadi rules surya is the indicator of male child. If surya is aspected by raghu, there will not be any male child. In your chart surya and raghu aspect each other.So chances of a male child is only 30%. You may have a delivery by Feb-March2012, probably a female child.I pray for a male child.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

    ------------- THE ONLINE prediction is not suitable for people of your nature. As I do not have means to know your moods and temparements, I am hesitant to hear you. Please leave astrology to elders and simply follow their instructions.Tense people can not take proper decisions.

    -------------I AM NOT in favour of any costly pariharas.Stone wearing is the innovation of jwellers.Some professional astrologers in connivence with jwellers suggest it.I simply ask people to sincerely pray and make temple visits.In Geetha the Lord says'I am satisfied with a small leaf, a spoonful of water, and a small fruit offered to me with devotion...'
    So stone wearing is for those who desire that.
    I do not subscribe to that view.

    -------------------ALL CHANCES OF marriage getting settled in Feb-mar 2011 and actual marriage in May 2011. Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

  51. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for asking for clarification on my horoscope. My birth star is thiruvathirai and my rasi is mithuna, as your software indicated, but the placement of the planets is different. I sent you my chart by e-mail. If it didn't arrive or you'd like additional information, just let me know.

    Thanks again!


  52. TO ANONMOUS-A- DOB 19 NOV 1975
    AS PER NADI RULES if RAGHU ASPECTS mangal either marriage is denied or delayed.Mangal is having very poor ashtavarga strength.I wish, it is only delayed.
    AS BHUDA KETHU aspect each other chances of falling in love is there.Sukra in 12th make
    you to get many boy friends.
    Raghu in lagna with bhuda may be delaying child birth too.If married husband will be
    like a mendicant.He may not be suitable for your passinate nature.

    If married, husband may be a philosophical person.Prayers can make my opinions redundant. Regularly pray and appeal to Durga maa and Ganeshji. Read my article on Annadanam.
    I am not answering your mail as I have answered here.

  53. Thank you Krishnan Sir,

    I have few more Qs which I will ask in the mail.

    I would request you to please throw some light on those too.

    Appreciate your help and will pray to Ganapati and Durga Devi

    thank you and regards


  54. Dear Krishnan Gi,

    You have said Monday July 26th I am begening Raghu Dasa from 6th August 2013. In Sri Lanka there is a belief that Raghu makes you walk (travel) or rustify. Please tell me if this is true and and what I would be doing under Raghu Dasa.

    My details are :-
    DOB :- 24th March 1967
    Time :- 2:04 a m
    Place :- Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    Gender :- Male.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Hello Krishnan Sir,

    Im from chennai.
    i have a kid who is 1.5 yrs old. There was some misunderstanding between my parent's family and my husband's family, hence there is a big misunderstanding between me and my husband.he is staying with his mother and i stay with my kid in a separate house. My parents are taking care of my kid as of now.

    When will my problem get resolved ?

    My details.
    DOB : 30th sep 1981
    TOB : 10:20 am
    POB :Chennai
    Gender : Female

    My husband Details
    DOB : 11th june 1977
    TOB : 8:45 pm
    POB :Sholinghur
    Gender :Male


  57. Hello Krishnan Sir,

    Im from Vellore.
    I lost my job last year due to the recession period. When will i get job again?
    Im in love with a person. Opposition is there from my parents side.Will my love succeed? When ll i get married?

    DOB : May 7th 1986
    TOB : 8:25 am
    POB : Vellore
    Gender : Female

    Thanku sir. Please reply.

  58. Namaskaram krishnan sir

    Thanks in advance for the support u r giving to people.I am writing this because i am in a big dilemma about certain factors in my life.I am planning to go abroad in the feb 2011 and also wish to marry soon.But during these days i faced lot of problems regarding the same.So i would like to know what is the major reasons for all these troubles.My birth date 26-Dec-1982.Time-2.00 PM plce kerala. gender female

    Eagerly waiting for your reply..Thank You

  59. To Mihindu Pulukkody
    -----------------------Need not fear raghu dasa.In your chart raghu is in mesha,mars'house, 4th house with sukra. Sukra is the yogakaraka for your chart. Raghu will do the benefits of both mars and sukra as raghu gets the powers of the house lord and the lord with whom he is associated.Mars being 4th and 11th lord,you will be benefitted by dealings in realestate. Raghu with sukra's strength will give you property and if in realestate business you will shine.In raghu dasa different sub perods will help.Do not unnecessarily worry.As raghu is like sani, you should not give room for laziness.Raghu dasa may bring foreign chances. You may travel abroad.Good luck.

  60. Hello sir,
    Hope you are fine and well sir.

    We are seeing a lot of boy horoscopes relating to my sisters alliance.

    I got two boy horoscopes and would wish to know from you sir, relating the happy married life.So please tell are any of them compatible.

    Girl's details:
    TOB:18:05 PM (Kataka Lagnam)

    Boy 1's details:
    TOB:II:49 AM (Kataka Lagnam)

    Boy2's Details:
    TOB:22:43 PM (Kumbha Lagna)

    Thank you sir!

  61. Dear Sir
    Could you please tell me how will sani dasa ketu bhukthi which begins from 24/3/2013 affect my job/career. Will it be better or worse than current sani dasa budha bukthi?
    Thank you very much

    My details
    DOB - 5th February 1972
    Time – 11.33pm
    Place – Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Gender – Female

  62. Respected sir,
    This is Pradeepthi again. I am extremely sorry. I didn't mean in any wrong way.I was infact worried about my studies only. My ambition is to pursue further studies in abroad. Sorry again if you felt my attitude childish. As suggested by you, i am reading hanuman chalisa daily. Thanks a lot for your valuable advice. thanks again sir.

  63. To Anonymous- dob 30-sep 2081-female
    1.You are a vrichika lagna subject. In navamsa also you are vrichika lagna.All vrichika lagna people show a tendecy of commandents.They impose mllitary discipline in family life.
    That brings friction between husband and wife.
    2. In your rasi chart maanthi in 2nd house.-family. That has given problems in family.
    3 Your family life gets 11th rank in bhavathi balam out of 12 ranks.
    4.Both are sarpadosha jatakas. That has also some role to play in the discord.
    5 Your husband is running chandra dasa raghu bhukthi upto 2 May 2011.At that time he would have completed 33 years. She sarpadosham will be over.

    I expect things will normalise between March 2011 to July 2011.
    Make navagraha pradakshinam daily.Visit shiva temple on pradosham days(twice a month) in the eveening and participate in nandi abishekam and make darshanam of rishabaruda shiva parvathi.Daily make 9 namaskarams to surya in the dawn.Chant aathithya hrudayam.
    READ my article on annadanam

  64. To Abitha
    ----------Your lagna has the aspect of guru, 7th and 10th(profession) lord. More over you have your 10th lord guru in 9th.In suya varga guru has a strngth of 6 out of 8 and sani has 4 out of 8.So your profession portfolio is not at all weak. You will shine well in job. Sukra dasa bhudabhukthi upto 20th sep 2010.I expect you may get a posting around that date.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  65. TO NEVAH
    --------Place of birth given as Kerala is not sufficient. You have to give the exact location in again with full details after 2 days when I open the new thread for August 2010 tomorrow.

  66. Nevah-Kottayam kerala

    Thank you sir

  67. Sir we are christians.We are not aware of any customs and pariharas of hindus.Will any social services and our prayers can be consider as pariharas?


  68. TO rajeshopenhou
    BOTH THE HOROSCOPS DO MATCH. I have done only preliminary studies.More than horoscope you have to make personal enquiries about the boy. That is most important.
    The one with kataka lagna, both boy nad girl kataka lagna and kataka rasi.Attiutdes will be same.Same time 7.5 nattusani will run.Better that horoscope can have second priority.
    Horoscope matching can be done at your place itself. Professional astrologers earn their livelihood by matching horoscopes.So pay their dues.When you want ot finalise a boy take a final opinin from the renowned professinal astrologer.GOOD LUCK.Read my article on annadanam.

  69. to racheldesilva72
    -------------------I think you are stretching horoscope & astrology too much.Your attitude has to be 'let us cross the bridge when we reach it'.2013 is still 3 years yonder.

    Sani is yogakaraka for you. Kethu is a friendly planet to your lagna and rasi. I do not see any deterioration in kethu bhukthi.
    There can be some hiccups. That is all.
    Good luck.

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