Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Post here your general doubts in astrology.No particular horoscope to be taken for discussion.This column is meant for those who know some basics and want to study more. My predictions in the Q&A itself are like a lesson only.


  1. Dear Krishnan Sir
    can you please recollect what you discussed in Jan 2010. My name is S Balu /DOB 15 10 1957 /Time 12 30 pm /Punar poosam and Mithuna rasi /
    At present I have a major set back in that I lost my job for the time being .
    The next level is another big stressful enquiry by another body -If they dont help me but reinforce the same punishment which is highly disproportionate -Iam completely finished for my career wise.
    Iam desperate I want to stay strong
    I am reciting the Shiva stotra and others as you have advised Iam visiting Balalji temple 3 times a week /
    /still so much money is wasted on these matter like any thing and Iam running short of that.
    .If the final decison goes against me I dont know what to do// Do you still think there is good chance for me to get a good result -do you think i will recover form this and get a good job ( same profession ) - Iam very worried about the effect of Kema dhruma yoga /do you think this will get better or get worse /what is your prediction for the next few years to come
    Iam so stressed because of this. All in my life i helped all the peolple to the best of the ability only -Why should i suffer like this.

  2. To Subramaniambalu
    I have shifted your question to Astrology Q&A-
    JULY 2010 -ONE -1. Read there.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Am Rajakumar, Already i posted some question in Astrology(A&Q Post july) based Astrology chart. You Said you dont have enough time To reviews. Sorry to disturbing you sir. I know basic of astrology.I Want to learn more.
    Please consider My question and kindly answer me. hope you will give advice me regarding that chart.

  4. To Rajkumar
    -------------Please visit classroom2007 for astrology lessons.

  5. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your reply.. already am following the site classroom2007 sir. i just want to get different views from Guru's like you. so I asked sir. If you have time, please write your views.

    Thank you sir,


  6. Hello Sir,

    What is the effect of Parivarthana when one of the planets is Neecham?
    For eg: Parivarthana between Sun in Thulam, and Sukra in Leo.
    Could you also explain how the parivarthana works, especially when these 2 planets are not friendly to each other.

    Srinath G

  7. Sir,
    This question is about my son. His lagna is makara, rahu is in kumbha (2nd house), mars is in meena (3rd house), jupitar in Vrishabha (5th house) Venus and ketu are in simha (8th house), mercury, moon and sun are in kanya and lagnathibathi saturn is in Dhanu (12th house). My doubt is it seems he has bhathra yoga, budhaathithya yoga, amavasya yoga (persons with this yoga will shine in litereray field) and Gaja kesari yoga. And also I have heard that kumbha rahu is a special one and it will do good for the people. another thing is ketu in 8th house, ragu in 2nd house and thanathipathi as well as lagnathipathi in 12th house and strong 9th house with exalted mercury will enable the person to get settled in foreign land..But my son who is now in australia doing his studies has failed to get the degree (bachelors degree..he went there after finishing his 12th during the 71/2 saturn period..)and is struggling there. Will he finish his stuties? will he settle there? It seems odd to me but the yogas he has reinforces my hope. Please give your valueable predictions. Now from April 2010, guru puthi in rahu maha dasa is running for him. Please help me to understand his horoscope sir.

  8. To Srinath
    Parivarthana can not be analysed in isolation of other placements.Any way sun in thulam is neecham. By parivarthana this neecham position will some what gain strength. If aspected by guru , we can say the neecham is almost wiped out. For sukra we can not say the same as he is in simmah in unfriendly house, he looses strength.It also depends upon which lagna, whether he is friend or foe to the lagna lord and so many other factors. In addition to this we have to see the navamsa for the strength of sukra here.
    Unlike allopathy medicine which treats every part of the body as a separate unit, astrology can not be analysed in isolation.
    Generally unfriendly parivarthana does not give yoga. That is my experience. Others are free to differ.

    -------------THIS is to discuss only general doubts.Not for individual horoscope.Post your question in astrology Q&a for July 2010-1-one.No need to give planetary poitions.Give dob, tob, pob and gender and the question.

  10. Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your answer to parivarthana. I have read that during parivarthana, parivarthana lords act as if they were in their own house. In this case, after parivarthana, Will Surya act as if in Simmam and Sukra in Thulam? What if the Lagna is Katagam, where the 2nd lord is surya and 4,11th lord being Sukra. Does the exchange of positions by parivarthana between 2nd and 4th signify?

  11. GKA...

    Thank you for your response for my query in Q&A column. Now I have a doubt. As you said the proximity of the sun could combust the planets but is not the mercury an exceptional one? The combination of Sun and Mercury gives rise to Budhaadithya yoga., I have heard..Please could you give your opinion?

    Thank you for your response..

    ---------As already said, unfriendly parivarthana is of no big use. That is my experience.

  13. TO GKA
    ------- IT IS THE GENERAL 0pinion bhuda has no asthangatha by surya. But I have seen hundreds of horoscopes where the asthangarha of bhuda has rendered the subject a drop out in education,business loss,impotency etc., The astrologers experience also to be counted. Astrology is 40% book knowledge;60% intution

  14. Dear Krishnan Guruji, my thoughts and best wishes are with you during this Guru Poornima time!
    Sir if for example, Moon is in 4th and Mars in 7th: then will the chandramangala yoga give effects to 4th house or to the 7th house?
    In general, is a yoga which occurs due to planets aspecting each other as effective, as a yoga by conjunction?
    Regards -- Raj

  15. Sorry sir, I meant Moon in 4th and Mars in 10th!
    Regards -- Raj

  16. Dear Sir,

    Already i sent mail to u regarding my doubts in my astro chat. You Said You dont have enough time to review it. I dont want to ask you more question.

    I have only one Doubt. hope you Reply For me.

    My DOB : 23 - 12 - 1984
    Time : 0:50:0 AM PLACE : Pondicherry

    My Astro Chart is defined by one astrologer and its in Writtern format.

    only one question sir?.. I have Saturn in Libra in my astro chart. but many of the astrology software shows that saturn in scorpio.

    I dont know which one is correct?... Please suggest me with your Panchangam?

    Tamil astro vision software shows its in libra some time...and it changed to scorpio sometime.

    PLease sir.... Help me?... hope u will reply me..waiting for you sir..

  17. If Rahu is in Dhanus Lagna and if lagnadhipathi Guru is placed in Meena, what will Rahu's effects be? Will Rahu's malefic nature be weakened or modified?

  18. Sir ,
    In my friends son astrology, the are saying lagnaathipathi is neecham. Is it too bad for his life and future.What will be the usual effects in life if in this case.Is there any parikaram for this.Thanks for your service sir.