Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prediction Came True JUNE 2010

POST here whenever you experience the predictions coming true. This is to increase the faith of the readers and instill hopes in them.


  1. Hi sir, how r u? today I attended HP. I got selected for it... Hope I will get offer letter soon. U predictions are completely true.. I get amazing results these days.. currently I have 3 open offers :)

    All friends I chant GANAPATHI ASTAKAM for 3 days sincerely with dedication. If possible plz pray for God.... I take advices from sir as well as free numerology community. It help me a lot.. believe in god .. as SAI said SHRADDA/ SABURI.....need for that. plz. be patient.. everything happens for a reason... Sir has giving astrological / counseling a lot almost from one year... I thank him a lot this regard..I hope see sir soon... bye n al d best friends.


  2. To ravi.
    -------Thank you for your encouraging words. May God bless you.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have been in stress so far.....but the soothing words and your prediction gave me strength. As you mentioned I got visa now and I am heading back!!!Hope this time everything will work good for me. thanks for your predictions and service.


  4. To hotcat
    ---------Thank you for posting. Whatever predictions of mine had come true, it is only through God's grace. I am only an instrument in the hands of God.So all praise to God.

  5. My friend and senior Mr. V Gopalan asked for his son through mail. The question is when his son aged 45 may go to a new job as he had to shift 2 jobs in a short time. He went to an African state on a good assignment;but had to come back resigning the job.
    I give below the mail and part of my reply:
    mail from gopalan:
    "Dear Mr.KMR, Please find herein my son Suresh's birth details. Kindly go through the same and inform me the position. Thanks and sorry for the troubles given, Yours,
    Suresh G. Date of Birth: 07-12-1965 Night 10-10 pm Karthigai Deepam
    Nakshathram: Karthigai (Tamil Visuvavasu year Karthigai Month 22nd Tuesday)
    Birth place: Pattukkottai. Rishaba Raasi, Kataka Lagnam."

    My reply:

    In those dasa bhukthi chevvai antharam upto 13th june 2010.Chevvai being 10th profession lord, good news about new job will come before 13th june 2010".

    The person whose horosope was analysed had joined a new job on 10th June 2010, before the
    predicted date.
    Thank God. "Ellam avan seyal."

  6. Yes, what Mr.KMR has said about his prediction and my son getting a new job in Hyderabad is true. I am astonished how such a perfect prediction can be made. As such I am a non believer in Josiyam, being an ardent follower of Mahakavi Bharathi, I believe "Jothidam thanai ikazh". But after Mr.KMR's prediction, I have to learn much about it and I am sure Mr.KMR will guide me to understand this art. Thanks again.

  7. One of our regular visitors, Mr.Venkateswaran
    informs over phone one of his friend's son got an appointment as predicted. Thank god

  8. Dear Sir,

    namaskaram. Sometime back I had asked about the job prospect for my friend. You had then predicted that he would get placed after May 2010. I am very happy to inform you that my friend has got the job and has joined on 14th June in Hyderabad.

    This is the 3rd occasion that your prediction has come true. My friend conveys his sincerest thanks and pranams to you.

    Best Regards


  9. To Venkateswaran
    ------------------Thank you for posting the happy news.Predictions coming true is in the hands of God.We, the astrologers are like loud speakers only.We just are instruments to convey
    the God's wish to you. To make the predictions to come true one has to be worshipful. Thank you.

  10. Dear Sir.
    As per your prediction,I have got a Job offer from an MNC.Thank you very much.


  11. To Rathinavel.C
    Thanks for reporting the prediction came true.
    It is all God's grace. Thank God.

  12. Hello sir, thank you so much sir , i requested to predict my mom health from my birth details in june part one . I have asked my mom will get cure or not. Sir u said she will get cure not full also atleast 50% as u predicted last week thursday we went checkup doctor said u completely alright but continue tablet few months. they took details of my mom medical case for seminar of medical students to explain them critical disease solved shortly its miracle nu. Sir thank u very much.

  13. "Lakshmi said...
    my mom suffering in a disease past one year really she cant able to walk or touch anything suddenly. She is now 48 years, we dont know her birth time .can u see and tell she will get cure soon by seeing my birth details because I am the first child in my home.sir i need to know my parents health
    Sunday, June 13, 2010 "

    My reply
    "kmr.krishnan said...
    To Lakshmi
    Mother's health: Your 4th bhava(mother,education, comforts)is kataka, being a mesha lagana subject. Kataka's house lord is chandra. Chandra is in 7th, thulam with kethu. This chandra is having the aspect of guru from kumba. Though mother house sthanathipathy and mathru karaka chandra getting affected by kethu, guru's aspect shows there will be some relief. Chandra has 4 out of 8 in suyavarga.And the 4th house has a strength of 31 against an average of 28 in ashta varga.So your mother can get a cure, if not full atleast 50%.

    The disease house is 6th bhava. For 4th mother's house, disease house is dhanusu guru's place. That 6th guru hiding in 8th to fourth might have given her wealth;but along with wealth had given unknown disease.

    In the 6th bhava to 4th chevvai is sitting
    So blood,muscle related disease to your mother.
    Visit Vaitheeswaran koil and worship Angaraka.
    Viratham on krithika star days.Shanmuga kavacham chanting daily.Kantha sashti kavacham chanting daily.
    Sunday, June 13, 2010 "

    Now Lkshmi reports on 27th june 2010 in this column that her mother had recovered and responded to treatment.

    Thanks to Lakshmi for reporting the prediction coming true.The above was predicted based on Lakshmi's horoscope,not her mother's horoscope.This is what is God's grace.It is not the prediction of mine cured her. It is her getting God's grace. I bow to the Almighty for the grace showered on Lakshmi's mother.

  14. Hello sir,

    I am very happy to say that I am going to become a mother soon.I am 34 weeks pregnant now.you can see my earlier post regarding my Santhana Bhagyam in May 2009 through this link http://parppu.blogspot.com/2009/09/astrology-q-sep09-3.html


  15. vinsar said...
    My DOB:24/01/1980
    TOB:05:45 pm
    POB: Sullurupet
    My husband's
    TOB:08:42 am

    We got married on 09/12/2004.But no good news yet.I lost my job also in march 2008. We are abroad now.
    Sir please tell me whether we have Santhana Bhagyam and when we will return to our country..


    Thursday, October 01, 2009

    kmr.krishnan said...
    To Vinsar
    ------------On 15-12-09 Guru is transiiting from Makara to Kumbha.Your native chart has Sukra and Kethu in Kumba. So when the transit Guru meets native sukra all chances of getting conceived.I pray you become a mother in 2010.As Kethu also in Kumba, worship Vinayaka and Durga devi.Best of luck.
    I think you may be back in india by 2011-2012.

    Thursday, October 01, 2009

    Now vinsar has reported the most happy news of conceiving. It appears she became pregnant imeediately after posting here on 1st oct 2009.Probably she had it in Nov 2009.

    I bow to my Ishta devata for informing the good omen to Vinsar on 1st october 2009.It is not my prediction alone that had worked. Predictions are only information passed on to the questioner through the medium of an astrologer by Almighty God Himself.ASTROLOGY IS 50% CALCULATIONAND 50% INTUTION.PROBABLY
    I had that positive intution that time.

    Happy Mrs.S.V Chand. Pray God for safe normal delivery. I also pray for you. On this happy occasion read my article on Annadanam and make a small,token contribution if you are willing.
    Good luck and Best wishes.

  16. Nalini said...
    Dear Sir,
    POB:Bangalore,DOB:Nov 28th 1985,tob:8:26 am.
    As you predicted I got my visa to go to US for higher studies, right now my health seems to be upsetting me, I am anaemic and fell sick. Will my health permit me to go to US next month, once there will my heatlth be good. I am worried. Please help me. Thanks Nalini
    Monday, June 28, 2010

    Happy Nalini got the visa as predicted. Thank God.

  17. I posted this in May but i think you didn't see this, so posting it again in June. Thanks. I have a question also which i will put in doubts section.

    Uma said...

    Dear mama, I asked u this question in Feb, 2010. ///This query is for my husband. DOB 2nd jun, 1968, 5.50 am, Kumbakonam. Now he changed his job. Will this change be good for him? There are some confusions, that's why I am asking. Also, please let me know about the present dasa and coming dasas, how good they will be? Thanks in advance.///

    and your answer was ///TO UMA
    ------ PRESENT DASA IS SURYA DASA UPTO 3-10 2011.Surya dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 27-May 2010.
    Surya is 4th lord. And bhuda is 2nd and 5th lord. 6,8,12 lords not involved.So good only.
    Surya dasa kethu bhukthi upto 2-10-2010.To be cautious.Surya dasa sukra bhukthi upto 3-10-2011.Good period.As surya is having 4 out of 8 in suya varga and next dasa chandra dasa
    will also be good as chandra is having 7 out of 8 in suya varga. Do not worry.He can manage and come out succeesful.The change is good only.Read "athithya hrudatyam" daily.Best of luck.///

    I am glad to tell you that your prediction was good. I asked you because he lost his job. Then his boss called him again himself to join back.

    I thank you very much. - Uma

  18. To Uma
    ------ Thanks for posting prediction coming true. May god bless you and family.