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Please post your questions for JUNE 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.


  1. TO SUN
    ------- STATE YOUR PRESENT MOST IMPORTANT PROBLEM AND ASK A SPECIFIC,( only one) QUESTION.IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GIVE ANY GENERAL OPINION.What you want is entire study of horoscope which is futile attempt.Pl. read the header. For giving"detailed" answer I have to sit hours together. Not possible.Sorry.

  2. sir tell abt my job when ill get when ill get married , when , th at sign amd rtasi match for me D.OB;17.12.1985
    T.O,B:5;25 a.m
    p.o.b: singavarm , villupuram (district)

  3. Sir, may i know kalathra dosha means wat? Wat it will affect in my marriage life? Any remedies there to overcome this dosha . My birth details dob- 22/5/1986. Tob- 5.30 a.m. Pob- madurai. Gender- female. One personal will i get job in abroad

  4. Hi Sir,

    I am Sushma from bangalore, i wanted to check on my husband on his Job. As from 2 yrs he is not able to settle in a right job and debts are increased . please guide me what can be done to .

    WE GOT MARRIED ON 08-12-2009
    4.30 PM

    My details are
    12.30 AM

  5. To sun
    ------- You are wasting time and space. I just answer one question for you. That is about job.
    What is your qualification. Have you not joined even a small job till you are 25. Are you now working? Do you want to change job for betterment? You seem to be some what nervous. Do not deal yourself directly. I am afraid you may not take it easy if some negatives are pointed out.

  6. Hi Krishnan,

    I wanted to check on my husband's details. i have no problems with my job i am settled in Marketing feild.

    i wanted to know about my husband
    4.30 PM

    ---------- When you ask a question second time, you have to make breif refernce to your earlier question.In Q&A ONE-1 I HAVE ANSWERED YOU.This is why astrology should be left to elders. If youngsters take up directly, you get cofused as also panicky misuderstanding terms.
    Kalathra means conjugal bliss. (kama suka)
    It is represented by 7th place from lagna. In your horoscope raghu and maanthi in lagna itself and kethu in 7th kalathra sthana. Luckily you have guru's aspectto 7th. So ill effects are reduced.For ladies 8th place is mangalaya sthana. In that sani is sitting in your chart. This dosha's effect is upto 28 years only. So late marruiage is suggested.
    I have mentioned parihara. Matching similar dosha groom is a must. Minus multiplied by minus makes a plus.
    For raghu durga worship, for kethu pillayar worship, for sani najaneya worship already suggested. Better you leave astrology to your elders. Do not panic.

  8. Thank you sir for guiding me ya i got worried but now i am ok sir, after discussing all u said about me with my mom . Thanks sir.

    He is now running sukradasa sani bhukthi. Sukra being 6th and 11th lord his dasa had not done much help it appears. Sukra in 7th house with 6 out of 8 in suya varga, and the 10th place has moderate ashta varga strength, his joblessness wlll be over shortly.
    Sukra , Bhuda, and Surya are transitting Katakam Simmam and Kanni during July to Sep 2010. Now the karma karaka(profession signifactor) sani is in 10th to lagna and 11th to rasi. That is a good position. Upto 15th July guru is aspecting the 10th place and sani. After that guru is in retrogation ,when he is treated as if in kumbam and he aspects 10th to rasi simmah. So the time has arrived for your husband to get job. It is in July- August- Sep months.
    Worship Anjaneya as Sani in 10th and sani bhukthi is going on. Best of luck.

  10. Sir, This is regarding my relative girl. DOB: 18/6/1982 POB: Srirangam TOB: 5.42 am.
    We belong to a very orthodox Brahmin family wherein we dread to think about divorce. The said girl is a very pious, good natured girl who got married in 2008. She underwent a lot of hardships which cannot be discussed in public. The marriage broke within three months and her parents have proceeded legally. Shortly she is going to get her separation orders. On behalf of her mother I request you to kindly advise us as how to proceed. Will she be getting a second marriage? Will that marriage be prosperous to her? When can we seek the new alliance? What are all the aspects to be seen in the groom’s horoscope? Kindly tell us some pariharams.

  11. Vanakkam aiyya, my 3 rd daughter shanmuga priya birth details . DOB- 16.05.1989 TOB- 9 p.m. POB- CHENGALPET GENDER- FEMALE i need to know whether she have any dosha , she going finish her studies so when she will get job and get marriage.

  12. To AP
    ------Sorry to hear what you say. Now-a-days divorce cses had incresed. The govt., is bringing legislation soon to make divorce easy.
    Okay. No point in discussing all that.

    She is having positive planetary positions for begetting children.The lagna being rishaba,the 2nd (family,) and 5th(child) lord bhuda is in the lagna itself. Bhuda is strong with 8 parals
    (100%) in suya varga, lagna has 28 parals,the average, and 5th place has 31 parals, more than the average in ashtavarga. So her forming a family and begetting children are very much pronounced in the chart.

    While seleting a groom, the dosha saamya has to be analysed.As her second place is affected by raghu and the 8th by kethu,similar dosha jatakam has to be matched.However her dosham of 2,8th houses had been over as she had completed 28yrs. Those doshams affect only upto age 28 yrs. Further by annuling the first marriage, the dosham has vanished. So she is now ready for remarriage with out any dosham.
    I give below the Nadi gochara(present transit)
    rules for marriage time. You can judge your self.
    VENUS’s(SUKRA) transit over the following natal
    (BIRTH CHART) planets:
    Natal MarS(CHEVVAI) : Gain to brother , residence to native ,marriage if the native is a female, she will get cooperation from husband,financial gain to husband.

    Natal Jup(GURU) : Financial gain, acquiring luxurious goods,happiness and celebrations at home
    Natal Sat(SANI) : Celebration at home, financial gain

    In the rasi chart,chevvai and sani are in kanni. Sukra transits kanni from 2 august to 30 august 2010.So during that period marriage alliance talk will be strong and betrothal may take place.
    Sukra will be in thulam, his own place from 31st August to 31st December.In the chart guru is in thulam. So transit sukra is meeting native guru. The resullt is given above. So in the month of (tamil month) "thai"-- Jan -Feb 2011 she may get remarried. Best of luck.

  13. TO AP

  14. TO PRIYA
    5 AUGUST 2009 TO 22 DEC 2012.
    IF PROPER STEPS ARE TAKEN SHE may have betrothel in the period 30th Jan 2011 to 25th Feb 2011. The marriage wll be in the period
    23rd March 2011 to 20th April 2011.

    She will get employment immediately the results are out in the final year. Most probably in the month of Sep 2010 she will be well employed.

    Lagna is affeted by sani and 7th kalthra place by chevvai.SIMILAR DOSHA JATAKAM HS TO MATCHED.As sani chevvai aspect each other she will have a tendency to quarrel. She has to change that habit.

    she will have separate secret opinion about marriage and may marry only a known person. So she has to be consulted before finalyzing the marriage.

  15. TO PRIYA

  16. Vanakkam aiyya, my daughter raja priya undergone operation in brain for tumor 2000 still she taking treatment. I need to know for her marriage life is god given or not? If given means wen it will happen? Wen her health will get cure and i need to know her longivity ? Important note: my first child have kalathra dosha after 28 years so we plan to do late marriage so to my 2nd child raja priya in wat ages we can do marriage in wat ages. Wat kind of bride come for her .details : DOB-29.06.1987. TOB-3 P.M. POB- CHENGALPET. GENDER- FEMALE.

  17. To priya
    --------- Longivity is not a subject to be discussed. That too in a public forum like this, we should not talk about longivity.

    As per nadi rules when gochara guru transits over birth chart raghu operation is indicated. Also serious health problems are predicted. Now guru is in meenam and in the native chart raghu is in meenam. So the native chart raghu and transit guru are meeting in 6th(disease) place to lagna. Now the transit raghu is in dhanusu which is 6th to raasi. Again the dhanusu rasi is guru's house which is 3rd to lagna. So, for atleast one year from now health condition of Rajapriya will have further set backs, again hospitalisation, operation may be necessary.In navamsa also raghu in 6th. Raghu represents head in the body.So his presence in 6th gives problem in head. Do not panic.Post pone thoughts of marriage employment education for the next one year and attend to health. let us review after completion of 1 year.
    Worship Thirupathi Venkatachalapathy.

  18. Hi sir, my son doing pg final year i wish to know his health , wen he will get job and marriage. Is there any possibility getting overseas job.whether he have any dosha means please say the remedies thank u . Dob: 17. 12.1985 tob: 5.30 a.m. Pob: chennai gender: male.

  19. Hi Sir,

    Thank you, i am happy to hear some positive notes from you. we will sure do Anjaneya pooja. Anything specific pooja to be done please let me know.

    Thank you

    --------------GURUdasa kethubhukthi upto 28 May 2011. IN THAT from 11 july 2010 to 10 nov 2010 favourable antharams are coming. so your son will get his job during that period. even foreign assignment is not ruled out.

    regarding marriage, he has a personal opinion aboout it. he may marry a known girl.marriage arrangements as to be made only after getting his assurance.
    marriage PROPOSAL may be taken up after kethubhukthi is ovEr on 28th May 2011

    HE may look weak and sickly. he may have some skin problem or eye problem.but he has good longevity

  21. To Sushma
    ----------I do not recoomend cosly pariharams. anjaneya worship is enough. Read my article on Annadhanm.


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  24. TO ANI
    ------NOW GURU IS TRANSITTING IN meenam. On 15th July guru will be retrogating. That way he will be consiered as if in kumbam. In your husband's rasi chart surya and bhuda in kumbam and sukhra and sani in meenam. So, when guru transits over these chart planets the gochara(PRESENT TRANSIT) benefits according nadi rules:
    JUPITER’s transit over the following natal
    Natal Sun : Promotion, cooperation
    Natal Mer : Houses, gain of land, new knowledge
    Natal Venus : Marriage, wealth, birth of daughter
    Natal Sat : Gets job, promotion , smooth going period in carrier

    Now sani dasa sukra bhukthi upto 1st april 2012.This is lagnathipathi dasa and yogakaraka's bhukthi. So good things happen now.He may change company on hiher position with higher pay.
    Read my new article oon "A new project-sharing of thoughts".

  25. hi krishnan ji

    hope ur health is good. few months back u had told me that i would meet my husband end of may or first week of june. sir nothing has happened so far. i am in india for 2 months now.nothing seems to be happening. please tell me when will i meet my husband

    DOB:1st feb 1982

    my janma lagna is libra with jupiter and pluto in it.
    my moon sign is aries.

    my navamsa lagna is saggitarius with ketu in it.


  26. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I am so far not settled in my professional career. Despite having an excellent academic record, I have not been able to establish any vocation for long time.

    Kindly analyse my 10th House prospects and in particular the effect of 10th lord Jupiter conjunct Sun in 6th House and express your valuable comments.

    My Birth Details are as follows:
    Date Of Birth: 14/12/1983
    Place of Birth: Raniganj, West Bengal
    Time of Birth: 18:30 Hrs

    Thanking you and waiting for your reply

    With Regards,
    Chandra Prakash Baid

  27. Sheetal
    -----------Yes you have come to this blog earlier.Please tell me the date of your earlier postings. I don't catch what you mean by 'meeting husband'. That is, you are already married or would like to meet your 'would be' husband? Simply ask, "When I would get married?" The question should be unambiguous.
    Astrology is a tool only to say the good and bad timings.If you are not "meeting" your husband as predicted by me, it is God's wish.
    I can't do any thing. You have to pray God.
    At best I can say the next best time.

    Send your question, unambiguously with previous reference.

  28. Dear Sir , I'm currently going thru alot financial issues and my buisness which I was running since 2003 has gone very bad. My financial liabilities has increased and I really dunno what to do . Currently I planned to start a business in my wife's name . I would really appreciate your kindly help to find whether this possible and will we come out of the current financial crisis my details as follows :
    NAME : RAM
    DOB : 01/09/1971
    DOB : 23/07/1971

  29. To Chander
    Yes the 10th lord guru(jupiter) got into 6th where he is with surya(sun)and kethu and maanthi(kulik).Surya has combusted(asthangatha) guru and that has made your job hunt futile.The 6th house where guru is located has only 24 points against the average of 28.The best for the 6th is 34. But with 24 for 6th, the second place for employment anlysis very weak. Luckily the 6th lord mangal(kuja-mars)has 4 out of 8 in his
    suya varga.Neither strong nor weak.

    The 10th place has 26 points against the average of 28.The best is 36.But with only below average points 10th place has also become weak. Luckily the 10th lord guru has 5 out of 8 in his suya varga.This may help to some extent.But guru in cumbustion-how for he will help?

    Chandra in 10th is alone with out even a malefic in adjascent rasis. That is amounting to kemadruma(ava) yoga.Luckily chandra & 10th place is getting a weak 10th lord guru's
    aspect. Also the 7th place has mars. That has narrowly helped to come out kemadruma. But still moon's aloofness has spoiled the 10th place.

    The karma karaka sani ,though is in 5th in an exalted state, has only 2 out 8 in his suya varga.So that also makes you unsettled.

    As your lagna has 31 points, lagna is strong.
    Lagnathipathi bhuda has 4 out of 8 in suya varga. So upto your age 31 you will have such problems. After that you will steadily grow. You will have income from several sources as the 2nd lord is in 10th.

    Sukra dasa raghu bhukthi upto 24 April 2013.
    Some what good period only as raghu in 12th hidden place.

    Thursday worship Dakshinamurthi Shiva.
    Daily worship surya in the dawn.'Aathithya Hrudaya Sthothra' to be chanted atleast 3 times a day.Chant surya gayathri 108 times
    Saturdays worship Hanumnji. Sundara kanda parayana with sankalpa.
    Read my article on annadanam. Best of luck.

    --------------- SORRY TO HEAR WHAT YOU SAY.
    The 3rd and business signifactor lord bhuda and sukra, the profit place lord are asthangatha (burnt)by surya in your rasi chart.
    The viraya sthana 12th house has very high parals(points) so viraya -squandering of proit has happened and thrown in to loss.Raghu dasa raghu bhukthi from 25th feb 2009 to 8th nov 2011.That has also contributed for loss.

    Your wife has sukra dasa raghubhukthi from 4 nov 2008 to 5 nov 2011. As both have raghubhukthi upto nov 2011 better to wait upo that period.As your Mrs. has also 31 points in ashtavarga,for 12th house. So again viraya is indicated. If you can postpone, it is better.
    Best wishes.

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  32. TO ANI
    -------Considering my age and health you have to be careful in giving the data.I can't work out for the same question again and again. Further the intuition part of the predictions wlll have a setback when I look at the same horoscope for the same problem.
    luckily answer given earlier holds good.

    sani dasa sukra bhukthi ends on 19th April 2012 and not as told earlier.
    Best of luck.

  33. hi krishna ji

    u had asked me to post the previous reply which i have pasted it here.

    kmr.krishnan said...
    To Shtl
    --------My software generated planetary poitions are matching with the positions you povide. Only the ascendent has changed.

    Okay. On 2 May 2010 guru transits to meenam-pisces. From there he aspects 4th 6th and 8th to raasi aries.8th to raasi means 2nd to ascendant libra.2nd is family house. So you will form a family. Surya dasa sukra bhukthi upto 1st Nov 2010. So marrige proposals will start coming in may 2010.From 16th may 2010 to 10 th june 2010 hectic activity about marriage will be there.On Fridays pray Goddess Durga.

    "few months back u had told me that i would meet my husband end of may or first week of june. sir nothing has happened so far. i am in india for 2 months now.nothing seems to be happening. please tell me when will i meet my husband

    DOB:1st feb 1982

    my janma lagna is libra with jupiter and pluto in it.
    my moon sign is aries.

    my navamsa lagna is saggitarius with ketu in it."


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  35. Hello sir, my daughter birth details below. DOB- 17.05.1989. TOB- 9 a.m. POB- CHENGALPET. GENDER- MALE. My daughter doing under graduation final year i need to know she can do job or higher studies further nu and she has chevvai dosha can u say any temple visits or remedies to her out of this dosha.

  36. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for reply , Just for clarification ,
    I would like to know whether the entire Rahgu dasa for 18 years will be the same for me or will there be improvement.
    How bad the present situation may become?
    Are there any remedy prayers that we can do for both my wife and me to cool down the situation?
    Are you also telling that my wife will not also have better future during the Sukra dasa

  37. To shtl
    ------- I am unable to proceed as my software does not give the time conversion for foreign born. Further the exact time of birth being 00 00 hrs.,which day has to be taken as DOB?
    SO I suggest you may please consult a professional astrologer as you r in India now.
    I am very sorry that I am not able to help you in this. Once I remember you sent a lenghthy mail with planetary position. not repeat it again, as I am not inclined to predict. Best wishes.

  38. To Sunny
    --------SORRY to hear what you say about your family life.Just one clue(mentioning about dasa)tells, you may be of Indian origin and may know some astrology yourself.From google search I made it for Louisville 85.46'w ;38.15n
    I do not know how for my software has given your chart correctly. However many things
    you narrate tally with the chart. So I presume it as correct and tell you something.I do not know how for you may follow Tamil terminology.

    Your lagna(ascendant) is meenam(pisces) as also chandra(moon) rasi is meenam(pisces).So moon is in asc. itself. Moon is 5th house lord in asc. That makes you look beutiful,with powerful attractive eyes. With insightful, understanding others fron face reading.This quality you use to attrct girls.
    Again the 7th house(spouse, conjugal bliss, kalathra)is kanya-virgo whose lord is bhuda- mercury.This 7th mercury is in his own place in exaltation(uchcham and in his traianagle(moolaththirukonam).The 3rd and 8th house lord sukra(venus) is also in 7th in a debilitated state.Moon, mercury, venus ,if they have conjunction and aspect, the result is the subjects priority will be love life.That too your venus is in debilitation . So you will have indulgence in all sensual pleasures.That brings problems from lower type of women.If you have formed any habit of drugs, wine and women , you have to struggle to get out of that habit.
    Luckily guru(jupiter) the lagna (asc) lord is in 7th.So you will have your resurrection. You can succeessfully come out. In your later life ,having leant the futility of sensual pleasures by personal experience, you will lead a life like a sanyaasi(mendicant).

    Coming to ashtavarga study, your asc- lagna house has just 20 parals(points) against the avaerage of28. Again your spouse house 7th has just 21.So your life had and will have only bumps and ups and downs. That can not be changed. Only deep worship and practice of meditation can bring some solace to the burdened mind.The reason is the 6th house lord(debts, disease) house lord surya-sun-is in 8th house. So you will have quarrels with many, and litigation on debt matters.The ashtavarga points is only 22 for 8th house. That shows you will have defame, debilitating hidden diseases etc.,The 7th house is hemmed between sun and kethu, two natural malefics. So your quarrels with spouse can not be solved.

    Your only solace is your kids. As the 5th lord in lagna(asc) kids may shine well in life.So
    concentrate on their welfare. Lead a life of contentment, consolidating whatever good habits are with you and leaving the bad ones.As your 9th lord is in 10th ,one day you will start preaching God to others.
    Venus dasa venus bhukthi(sub period)upto 16 Dec 2012.Venus dasa upto 17 August 2029.
    If you do not control, you will end up as a wreck falling prey wine , women, and gambling.
    Take care.
    Read my article on anndanam and sharing of thoughts on a new project.
    If you are a believer, worship God in your chosen way.Good luck.

  39. TO PRIYA
    --------On 14th june you have posted a question for the same girl giving the date of birth as 16th May 1989 and time of birth as 9 pm. Now on 17th June 2010 you have given the DOB AS 17TH MAY 1989 and time of birth as 9 AM.

    Further you say ''daughter" but mention the gender as MALE.

    I think you are bit confused and nervous.Let us not talk about astrology now. Time is not

    ------------THE GOOD AND BAD TIME come in cycle.It is like ups and downs in a road. In raghudasa also you will get favourable bhukthi-antharam and you may be successful. But generally both your charts show high ASHTAVARGA points in 12th place which is viraya place. So you may be squndering money than making profits.

    Better some time you work under some one.Or do business with smaller investment plugging all draining points.

    Raghu dasa bhukthi is pronounced now for both. So worship NORTH FACING DURGA ON SUNDAYS BETWEEN 4-30 TO 6PM.


  41. I am sorry sir while typing i did tat mistake changed gender without knowingly . And now tob is 9 a.m. Only tat day i only gave mistakely sorry sir for confusing u with my mistake . Correct details is Dob- 16.05.1986. Tob- 9 a.m pob- chengalpet gender - female i need to know she can proceed higher studies or job and wat temple visit we can do for her chevvai dosha and remedies u said same dosha guy nu other than tat any other remedies is their means please inform . Again sorry for wasted ur time and made u confused by my mistake sorry sir

  42. To Priya
    --------Again you have changed the year to 1986. Earlier it was 1989.That is why I say you are not your normal self. Leave astrology now. Timing is not good for looking into the chart. That is why so mny obstacles. Do not post anything again now.

  43. Dear Kumaran garu,
    My dob is21-10-1964 born at 12:30 pm in Vijayawada.My husband DOB is 07-09-1964 time not known (before noon) in Guntur .
    Things are not going well.Jobs,health,peace and decision making is all in confusion.This started from 3 yrs and we are unable to take it anymore.
    Please let us know if there is hope for light into our lives or not.Any remedial measures,we are willing to do.Please advice.

  44. Dear Sir,

    I am
    Prabhu ganesan
    DOB: 12 Nov 1984
    TOB: 08.05 AM
    POB: Mumbai.

    Dear Sir,
    My Question is that In my work place there a lot of problems and i am feeling insecure of my Job. They might even take me out of job. I want to know when will this phase go for me. Or when will I get a new Job

  45. Namashkaram Anna,

    My sister in laws son date of birth is 1991-02-09 13:00:00 at Chennai, India.His name is Yashwanth

    He has been diagnosed as having blood cancer yesterday at CMC vellore.

    Please tell me any pariharams possible to save his life.

    Thanks in Advance


  46. To Samyuktha
    -------------With out correct time of birth for your husband nothing can be done. I can't cast the horoscope with out time of birth.Even 1 minute difference wiill make big changes in the chart.
    Are you also employed? The problems mentioned
    are for both of you or only for husband?
    Any problem will have a solution. What ever has strted ,has to stop at one stage.
    You are running kuja dasa sukra bhukthi from
    5th Sep 2010 to 5th Nov 2010.As kuja is 4th, and 11th house lord and sukra is yogakaraka for you,this dasa bhukthi is not bad for you.
    Dhana house lord sani in dhana sthana itself, raghu in 6th and sukra in 8th make you some what above wants only.Guru is aspecting 9th bagyasthana, profit sthana, and lagna. However the lagnathipathi sani& guru are in vakram(retrogation).Surya 8th lord in 10th in neecham position makes job jittery;changing very often.Though raghu in 6th gives money, for disease it may not be good.As the 6th lord bhuda is asthangatha by surya,health set backs can not be ruled out.
    Okay. All setbacks can be overcome by worship.
    If posible make pradakkshina of navagrahams daily. As kuja dasa is going on worship Karthikeya on Tuesdays. Best of luck.

  47. To Prabhuganesan
    ----------------Leave the worries about your job. I assure you that you will not suffer for want of job.In the ashtavarga your 10th(profession) house has 39 parals.the 10th lord is surya.he is hiden in 12th to lagna. though it appears as a negative placement, in suya varga surya has 6 out of 8 -he is 75% strong.
    As surya appears in neecaham(debilitation) state ,the neechabanga has happenned. So his weakness turned into strength.
    Similarly sani who is 3,4th lord is in 12th place. Sani is also the profession signifactor.
    -karma karaka.He is in uchcham exaltation state;but hidden in 12th.Also surya has combusted him-asthangatha.That way sani looses his strength,still he is having 5 0ut of 8 in suya varga-that is 67.5% strength.Surya-sani in same thulam ,the 12 th house is not good. But they are not in war.
    Gurudasa bhuda bhukthi upto 12th Oct 2010.As bhuda is your 8th and 11th lord,the bhukthi is doing some truoble now.Next is kethu bhukthi which may send you to far off land. Next is sukra bhukthi, which will make you to quarrel in work place.As guru is in 10th place to mithuna rasi, chaanges in job is indicated. If you can retain your job till 15th July, then there will not be any trouble upto Nov 2010.

    Worship Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays and Sani on Saturdays. Make pradakshina of navagrahas daily;chant navagraha gayathris atleast 3 times a day.Both Ganeshji and Hanumanji to be worshipped.

  48. TO SHREE

  49. Namaskaram Anna
    Sorry I was little tensed. His details I am giving below
    His name: Yashwant
    His DOB: 9th February 1991 at 13:00:00 at Chennai
    Thanks in advance

  50. hi sir,

    would like to know two questions answered by you please.

    1. my career and the struggle i am undergoing in my current job and when will they end. i am also looking out in parallel for other companies and that too is not working out. pls advice how my horoscope looks in this front. currently i am working in chennai.

    2. i got married 2 years back and still we do not have children. request you to look into this too pls.

    my details:
    DOB: 17th Sep 1973
    time: 19:22


  51. To Shree
    --------Yashwant has 6th (disease)place 30 parals. More than sufficient.So there is nothing to fear . He will respond to treatment.Do not worry. Keep him in good cheer.

    As per nadi rules mars-kuja,is aspected by sani and raghu,that is,the three are in 1-5-9 cycle. That indicates blood related disease.

    Main deity to be worshipped for chevvai related disease is karthikeya.On Tuesdays visit Muruga, Subramania temple, Karthikeya temple and spend some 30 mins praying. Chant kantha sashti kavacham.
    Visit once to Vaitheeswaran koil and worship mars and Selva Muthukumaraswamy.
    I shall pray for his welfare and quick recovery.Read my article on Annadanam.

  52. To Subu
    ---------Your problems in work place will continue till 6th sep 2010. After that you will get change of job.

    You will have child by July 2011.
    Best of luck.

  53. Name - Bikash Agarwal
    D.O.B - 10 Nov 1982
    T.O.B - 11.40 pm
    P.O.B - Tinsukia (Assam)
    Gender - Male

    Question -

    1)I want to construct my own home to settle down with my family. So please can you guide me for the same.

    2) My age is 27 but nothing is working out with regard to my marriage. So please guide me when will I get married.

    3) Which line of business will suit me.

    Will be waiting for your reply.

  54. Thanks a lot for your quick Turnaround Sir.

  55. dear Sir,

    Thank u very much for prompt reply.

    So you are advising us not to start any business for the time being it's better to work under someone.

    Lately i'm actually workig for a real estate firm as a broker for sales and rental of houses. Sometimes go around the island the whole day but unable to achieve anything. I don't why ? I do alot of prayers but things remains the same. When will be a better time for me for this year.

    2)Currently I can't close my present company I have. Let me know when will be the best time for me to start at least a small business

    3) please provide the account no. details send to some funds for the Ananadaham

  56. To Pratik garwal-Bikash Agarwal
    Your horscope is a peculiar one as also tough one to predict. Except mangal(mars) all other planets incuding lagana are arrested between raghu and kethu.Anothre fact is surya,bhuda guru,sukra, sani are in thulam along with maanthi(GULIK). Of course none is under war with the other planets. Surya had combusted(burnt-asthangatha)bhuda, sukra and guru.Bhuda is 11th(profit) and 2nd(money) house lord. Sukra is 3rd(succeess, brother)and 10th(professon),house lord.Guru is 5th(last birth punya, children,insight)and 8th(ayur,fame)house lord.As the lagana and rasi lord surya is in thulam in a debilitated state(neech) and combusted the 3 planets, you will have to struggle for every thing.No smooth sailing.And every thing will happen in a delayed slow
    manner.No succeess at first attempt.

    As for your house construction plan, the 4th lord(bhoomi, real estate) mangal is in guru's place 5th along with kethu. The 4th place has only 19 points against the average of 28.The 4th lord mangal has only 3 out of 8 in suya varga.So, if you attempt to get a plot for building or leave the construction to a contractor, you have to be doubly cautious to avoid loss,as your viraya 12 th place has 27 points out of 28 which indicates squandering of resources.Your education, love of mother,
    real estate have set backs. Now raghu dasa guru bhukthi upto 28 Dec 2011.So you may try for the house building; But have to be calculative and extra cautious.Worship Kali maa at every stage of construction. Visit on Sundays durga temple betwen 4-30 to 6 pm.and worship praying to remove obstacles in building the house.

    Guru is aspecting 2nd(family) place both to rasi and lagna. Raghu dasa guru bhukthi upto Dec 2011. If search of the girl is taken up sincerely from now, you will get married in new year 2011;by Jan -Feb 2011.Again the 7th lord sani in 3rd along with surya and maanthi, and sukra is burnt by sun, you have to be extra cautious in matching of horoscope and enquiring about the girl and her family.

    You can do sales of air conditioners,TV,Radio jwels,cosmetics,music instruments,readymade garments,cell phone,computer, loud speaker set,
    news papers and magzines, etc., anything connected arts and luxury and communication

    Your lagna has 44 parals.Your profit place has 36 parals. You may shine as a big business man. But the viraya loss, squandering, place has 27 parals, so you have to be extra cautious. As the 10th profession lord is burnt by surya,you have to exercise caution before investing heavily.
    As Surya has influenced 5 planets, daily worship surya and pray. Chant aathithya hrudaya sthothra(google search)daily. Regular Dakshina murthy worship on Thursdays, Hanumanji worship, Ganeshji worship,Durgaji worship periodically has to be made.
    Have you asked the same questtions here earlier? I remember your place Tinsukia.
    Read my article on Annadanam and act on that.

    -------------WHEN EVER YOU POST you have to give the birth details.Okay?.
    You may have to wait upto Tamil month Aavani-
    17th August to 16th Sep 2010.IN gochara surya
    will cross simmah where your birth chart surya is housed.The result is succeess and vitality. So from the change of course of surya, let us expect a change in your life too.

    Mail me to for details regarding annadanam.

  58. Hi Sir,

    My DOB is 10th April 1978 , 11:35 PM,Trivandrum .Husband's DOB is 23rd Apr 1975 ,7:30 PM ,Gwalior.

    I have a gynaec problem due to which m having difficulty conceiving. Is there any pariharam I can do .

    Pl. suggest. We are married for 6.5 yrs. Thanks in adv for your time.

  59. Hi Sir,

    We are planing to Purchase a vehicle can you please recommend which colour will suite fr him, as earlier he had Black two wheeler bt sold due to financial problems. is it recommend to take on his name or my name

    Sushma B
    12.30 AM

    4.30 PM

  60. hi sir,
    name: abhishek singh
    date of birth: 02/02/82
    place of birth: ajmer
    time of birth: 07:16 AM
    sex: male

    in may my result of civil exam came i was failed. last year i got job but still waiting for appointment due to case is pending in court so presently i have no job. i have also almost lost the girl whom i wanted to marry.
    last year u said that hopefully i will get suceess.
    i dont know what is problem which is making me to suffer. plzz predict that when my court case will end and about my chances in civils exam. and also about marriage with that girl.
    plzz sir i m suffering. any thing which i need to do thn plzz suggest.


    DOB 25TH APRIL 1992





  62. Greetings Sir,

    Would request you to look into the horo for my sis in law whose marriage is getting delayed for a long time.

    Her details are given below:
    Name: Bama
    Dob: 16 Dec 1981,
    Time: 09:10 AM,
    Place of birth: Nagercoil


  63. To Sandhya
    -----------Sorry to hear you are having gyenec
    problem and unable to conceive.In both of your horoscopes the 5th(child birth) house lord is hidden in 8th.In your rasi chart 5th place is occupied by sukra replacing mars(kuja-mangal)
    and pushing mars to kataka where the 5th lord got debilitated(neech) and lost power.In your husband's chart 5th place itself is rishaba whose lord is sukra ,and sukra occupied 8th place simmah,, sukra giving his house eto kethu.Sukra represents the abdominal parts and the body parts which aid child birth.So in both the charts sukra occupying enemies places.

    Having found the negative & obstacles, we shall now see the positive points. In your chart though chevvai(MARS) is neecham(debilitated) the lord of kataka ,where chevvai got stuck up in neecham position, moon occupied rishaba in
    exaltation-uccham.That way though the 5th(child) lord is in 8th, still his power ha not diminished.

    In ashtavarga you have 26 points and husband has 29 points for 5th(child). In practice we find people with 25 points had conceived. So you will also conceive.Ssimilarly in suyavarga
    your 5th lord mangal, chevvai has 4 out of 8 and husband's 5th lord sukra has 6 out of 8.

    The child signifactor guru has 5 out of 8 in your chart and 6 out of 8 in husband's chart.In husband's chart guru aspects sukra the 5th lord.
    All these positives will definitely make you conceive.But when? You are running raghu dasa
    sukra bhukthi upto 3 sep 2012. Husband is running guru dasa gurubhukthi upto 17th mar 2012.For you next antharams are favourable,
    mangal-chevvai,raaghu and guru anthara. All these planets will help you to get the benefit of marriage that Is' child birth before 2012.

    Worship Karthikeya,Muruga on sashti days
    observing viratham.Offer milk payasam to Muruga and give it to poor children. Make trip to Rameswaram and make a bath at the holy wells.Sincerely continue the treatment.
    Read my article on annadanam and act.

  64. To Sushma
    ----------Of the two you have vahana yoga better than Mr.Yuvkumara.Your 4th lord is chandra ;chandra has occupied 11th to raasi,kumbha..There chandra got his suya varga points ,8out of 8 --100%. Chandra's colour is white. As he is in sani's place whose colour is black or dark blue.I combine both and suggest light blue or light grey for the vehicle. It can be in your name. As the bagya lord to lagna guru or profit lord to rasi is in 12th to lagna and 2nd to rasi,income and subha viraya is indicated. So buy the vehicle before 15th july, before guru starts his retrogation on 15th july 2010. Best of luck. Read my articl eon annadanam..

  65. To csm-Abhishek singh
    ------------------------The ethics of astrology is not to discourage a good act. Education is one such area where we do not discourge people even before exam. We give hopes that you will pass even if 50% chances are only there. If I say What i am telling you now before the exam, will you not loose your morale and courage? As your lagna is occupied by surya along with your 10th house lord SUKRA(profession)and bhuda 6th(litigation)house and 9th(fortune) house lord bhuda, I thoght you will be getting the govt post and pass the exam.But you have failed because, the education signifactor bhuda has been burnt by surya, and bhuda is also in retrogation.Your 10th lord as also 5th lord and love life indicator sukra is in retrogation -vakram, Problem in employment and love life. Your lagna lord sani is also is in retrogation, vakram. All these had made your life not so successful.In your chart guru is in 10th place with 7 out of 8 suya varga points. Mangal the 4th lord(Education) and sani he lagna lord sani is in 9th. whereever these two join there will be some problem.
    raghu dasa guru bhukthi upto 2 dec 2012. As raghu is getting the aspect of guru, and raghu is in litigation place in this dasa bhukthi litigation problems are to be over.I hope some good news on litigation front may come before
    23 sep 2010; or between 13 nov 2010 to 8th april 2011.
    Visit Tirupathi Balaji and sincerely pray for all your troubles.Be prayerful to your family deity as also your Ishta devata.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. To domaintrixforall
    ----------------------18 years is too early to
    take to astrology. Astrology has to be taken up only when you face any problem in life.Now what you have to do is study well and improve your skill set.Even if I find any negatives in your horoscope, I should not tell that to create a panic and anxiety in you.Have you not seen my header. "future" is of 60 years duration. If I take time out and tell all your future which will have good and bad periods, ups and downs, happiness and sorrow! No use in probing in to future.

    On a cursory glance of your horoscope I find in 4 charts bhuda is in neecham, that is weak. Bhuda is the signifactor of education and knowledge. So you have to put extra efforts to study your lessons.

    Your job will be something connected with government and politicians. Probably you will be an engineering or civil contractor doing multi crore project for the government like L&T. You will be a cheif executive officer in a multinational corporation.You may be a realter(dealing with real estate.)You may be owning or taken the mine on lease basis.You may be dealing with all raw materials.You may be a big publisher and may own big press like the news paper 'Hindu'

    ll these, if you simply sit and dream, will not come.You have to work hard and equip yourself. Best of luck.

  68. To Subu
    --------Except sukra all planets are arrested between kethu and raghu.That is the reason for the delay in marriage. Lagna kethu and 7th place raghu has also contributed for this. The seventh(marriage) place chandra is hidden in 8th.Chndra the 7th house lord has only 2 out of 8 in suyavarga.So the husband sthana has become very weak.
    Worship of Durga and Ganeshji is recommended.
    According to nadi rules
    When venus transit now over the planets as found in the birth chart follwing results are obtained:

    VENUS’s transit over the following natal
    Natal Mar : Gain to brother , residence to native , wife may become pregnant,
    marriage if the native is a female she will get cooperation from husband,
    financial gain to husband, hindrance to the native’s financial propsects
    Natal Jup : Financial gain, misunderstanding in the family, acquiring luxurious goods,
    happiness and celebrations at home
    Natal Sat : Celebration at home, financial gain
    Natal Rah : Marriage,
    this condition prevails till 31 Dec 2010.
    So try , she may get married before the close of of luck.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  69. Thank you sir. Pls provide your bank account number and I will send the contribution for the noble service you have undertaken and allow me to be part of it.

    I have sent an email to your email id requesting your bank account#.


  70. Sir,

    I am having a very difficult time with my in-laws and getting very much stressed because of it. My husband is also not very supportive. Please analyse my chart and let me know if there will be some peace.

    DOB: Sept 4 1979
    POB: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    TOB: 12.20 PM


  71. Vanakam sir,
    How are you sir? This is Thanuja again as you predicted I got called for an interview but it was by phone only and I am waiting for the second interview, it's only if I get selected from reviewing my phone interview, I will get a call back, I have done watever i could, but is it possible for you to tell sir whether I will get this job? (I have reposted ur previous answer to make it easier for you)

    Birth details: January 7,1985 @12:04pm
    Jaffna, SriLanka
    Thanks a lot sir,

    To Thanuja
    -----------Your 10th house, 10th house lord
    and the lagna are having sufficient strength. Your lagna and 10th(profession) lord guru has 7 0ut of 8 in suya varga.So you will not suffer for want of job.

    You have hamsa yogam, gajakesari yogam and amala yogam. In any difficulty, because of gaja kesari you will come out succeessful.

    Sani dasa raghu bhukthi upto 17 Nov 2010. As raghu is in 3rd to lagna he is not harmful, In sani dasa ragu bhukthi chandra antharam from
    22 June 2010 to 17 Sep 2010. Chandra is your 5th lord and has a suya varga strngth of 6 out of 8. And from 17th Sep 2010 to 17th Nov 2010 chevvai antharam mars -chevvai being your 2nd and 9th lord his antharam can also give a job. So you will receive interview from 22 June 2010,
    As the lagna lord and 10th lord both to raasi and lagna , guru, jupiter is asthangatha, burnt by surya do Dakshinamurthy worship.
    Do not forget to visit Shiva temple every Thursday and do pradakshinam to navagrahas and do pooja to Dakshinamurthy.
    Best of luck.

  72. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for your services.

    dob: 25-October-1984
    time: 12.20 PM
    place: Coimbatore

    I would like to know about the following
    a.) When will my marriage happen, am already looking out for alliances

    b.) Am trying to go abroad, is there a chance for it

    c.) How is my overall career prospects.

  73. Dear Sir,

    I wrongly posted the message in my previous post. I am reposting.
    15 dec 1972.

    I been searching for a job in IT co,can you pl advice if I can take up a research paper.
    Is it a good time for it.

  74. Dear Sir,

    I am really confused about where my career is going. It seem to be going anywhere. Moreover, I had a slightly bitter period in the first quarter of this year at work and took a decision which is irreversible I am repenting now. Now, I am part of a team where the work is not that great. I am planning to change jobs, i would like to find out: 1. whether moving jobs is good? 2. and how is the rest of the year looks like? My details: I am born in Chennai. My Date Of Birth: 24-10-1978 at 8:20 am. Please help


  75. Tto Lekshmi
    ------------In your husband's rasi chart maanthi is in his dhanusu lagna itself.That itself shows some problem with healh. As mars-chevvai is affected by raghu, he may be having any problm involving blood circulation, may be heart problem or blood preesure. As sani is also affected by raghu, he may have liver problem, arthritis etc.,as his dasa bhukthi is good upto 4th nov 2012, he will respond to treatment and get cured quikly. Once visit vaitheeswaran kovil.

    In your chart the 5th(child birth) place has only 18 against an average of 28. In husband's chart the 5th lord is with raghu,so child birth is delayed. as dasa bhukthi is good , I pray you may conceive and delver child in 2011.Chant Balamukunthaashtagam daily.offer milk to Balakrishna and give to a poor child.
    Sashti viratham,chanting of Kanthasashti kavacham will take care of husband's health issues also.
    As your 10th profession place has 30 parals in ashtavarga,you will definitely get a kethu in 10th you may have to put up extra efforts to get the job.Cosmetc indusrry,entertainment, luxury hotels,any thing connected with art may be your domain.

    As chandra the 7th lord is in 5th in uchcham exaltation motherinlaw and others connected with her will be dominating.This is an universal problem. Ignore and proceed.

    Read my article on annadanam. Best wishes.

    -----------Upto Sep 2010 surya is transiting well. So you will get good news on job front
    from now on. best of luck.

  77. To Shobana
    -----------You are running guru dasa guru bhukthi upto 5 Sep 2011. Though suya bhukthi(both dasa bhukthi are of the same planet)does not give much benefit,in your case guru is 2nd and 5th lord. that is family and poorvapunya
    houses lord is guru. So his dasa bhukthi will solve all problems.Do not worry.
    Your lagnathi pathi chevvai is strong though he is in 8th house.So you will not be in trouble.

    The problem is due to the bagyasthanathi pathi chandra is between two malefics. Moon being considred for mother in law too like mother
    his affliction by kethu and maanthi on either side had made your relationship with inlaws strained.
    Navagrah pradakshina on Saturdays. Pradosha viratham and food after evening darsan of Nandi deva and Shiva on pradosham days.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  78. To Arvi
    --------Lagnathipathisani, 7th house(MARRIAGE) lord chandra, bagyasthanathipathi(FORTUNE) bhuda got combusted by surya;that is burnt by surya; All the 3 became weak. So delay and obstacles can not be avoided.Sani dasa sukra bhukthi upto 20th oct 2011.Sani is your lagna lord and in exaltation. Sukra is your 5th and 10th lord, yogakaraka. So these dasa bhukthi will give you the marriage.
    As the 9th lord bhuda got burnt by surya and the 9th place has very low ashtavarga paral chances to go foreign is poor.As your lagna is a sara rasi , that may remotely help. But you have to move heaven and earth to go foreign. Not a cake walk for you.

    As your 10th(profession) place has 34 parals in ashtavarga, and sukra has 4 out of 8in suya varga, your career is safe. As sukra(PROFESSION HOUSE LORD) is with kethu small obstacles in progress can not be ruled out.

    Make pradakshinam of navagrahas on all saturdays. Worship Surya every day early morning. Chany aathithya hrudaya sthothra daily.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  79. TO KIRAN
    ---------SUKRA IS your 4th(education)lord. Also yogakaraka for your lagna kumbam. He is also 9th lord(fortune) for you. Bhuda is 5th and 8th lord for you. As 5th lord he has to help you. Lagnathipathi is in 4th education place and directly aspect sukra, bhuda, and surya.This combination will be favourable to research. Now sukra dasa sani bhukthi upto
    30 oct 2010.Progress will be slow. From 1st Nov 2010 to 30th August 2013 sukra dasa bhuda bhukthi. That period is good for any thing in your life.
    Worship Tirupathi Balaji and start the research. Best of luck.

  80. TO VATSA
    -------- You may have progress in job front
    from 18th Oct 2010 to 16th Nov 2010.As kethu dasa is in progress upto 15 June 2015 you have to be controlled in your speech.Kethu dasa chandra bhukthi is fair for you upto 17th Dec 2010.So rest of the year may be some what peaceful only.

  81. Sir,

    My sister's
    DOB : 15/11/1988
    POB : Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    TOB : 06.30 AM

    When should we start looking for alliance and when will she get married.


  82. regarding my marital life? can we both live happily?

    my dob 2nd march 1983 3:37 pm Pob:Ponnur

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for your advice.

    Sir my sisters details are below

    TOB:03:50 pm
    DOB:23rd March 1976

    why is a delay in getting a job,its been 6 months since she is with out a job in a foreign country.

    Sir please see if we need to perform any pooja.She visits Balaji temple evry saturday where ever she is.


  85. To Shobana'ssister
    --------------------Now raghu dasa raghu bhukthi upto 22 Aug 2010. So after that raghu dasa guru bhukthi strts and continue upto 14th Jan 2013.So start the search from now on. Intensify after August 2010. the betrothal may take place between 30 Jan 2011 to 25th Feb 2011
    Marriage may take place between 23 Mar 2011 to 20th April 2011.
    As raghu dasa raghu bhukthi is gong on, Durga worship on Sundays raghu kalam 4-30 to 6 pm suggested.Read my article on Annadanam.

  86. To chinni
    ----------You have posted in mail too. What is the gender? Give the details for your spouse also.I have replied the mail with the same queiry.

    AS bhuda is 9th lord to lagna,marriage may take
    place during this period.sukra the lagnathi pathi is transitting thula lagnam from 31 august 2010 to i st jan 2011.that is also a good period.

  88. To Kiran_
    ------------PAsted in mail too. answerd in mail.

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. Respected Sir,

    My sincere thanks for your service to others and sorry to disturbing you as well.

    My Name is A.Ramakrishnan, Male born on:24.06.1965 birth place: Chennai(Triplicane), birth time:16.14 (4.14PM).

    I am having a very bad patch from April-May on wards and my job comes to an end by 30-June-2010. I haven't done any thing wrong but every thing went wrong & against me and I have no other choice then leaving the job.

    Requesting you to analyse my horoscope and please let me know about my next job (Will I able to get shortly or will it be a trouble etc.,)

    Once again I am very sorry to trouble you and this is my humble request.

    Eagerly awaiting your reply

    Kind Regards

  91. Sir,
    Good evening sir. I have sent to you an email with the questions abt my daughter's (Name: Anupriya) future to your email id. Please reply to our mail.

    Thanks and Regards

  92. to chinni
    ---------- answered in mail.

  93. Hello sir, my dob-22.5.1986 tob-5.25 a.m. Pob- madurai. Gender- female. I had good mark in my diploma class first but in undergraduate degree i got lot of arrears and complete tat degree after two years of passed out from college. Now I have joined my post graduation this year i need to know how is my time now will i get pass this degree with good marks without arrear and after finishing course wen i get job. Can i do own business or have to work under some one.

  94. To Ramki
    -----------You had chevvai dasa kethu bhukthi upto 8th may 2010. Kethu had given some problem during his period.Now from 8th may 2010 to 8th july 2011 chevvai dasa sukra bhukthi.As both chevvai and sukra has 4 out of 8 in suya varga, and sukra being 7th lord, chevvai being lagna and rasi lord, you will get some positive result during this dasa bhukthi.
    As your 10th lord(profession) surya is hidden in 8th and has a suya varga paral of only 3 out of 8, shifting of job , temporary placements might have been there in your career.

    In nadi gochara when transit guru glideS over native chart sani the result is as follows:
    " Gets job, promotion , smooth going period in carreer"

    Guru from 15th july will be in retrogation in meenam. The effect is, we have to take as if he is in kumbam.In kumbam sani is there in your native chart.So from 15th july you will get new offers. As chevvai dasa is going on visit Murugan temple on tues days. Read my article Anannadanam.

  95. To Anupriya
    -------------Answered in the mail. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ----------PL. do not pack so mny questions in one post.Post only for immediate problem.

    Guru dasa chandra bhukthi from 31 May 2010 to
    30th Sep 2011. As chandra being your 4th (education) lord, his bhkthi will help you to pass out creditaly in post graduation.

    As bhuda the knowledge signifactor is burnt by surya, you have to put extra effort in studies.Best of luck

  97. Respected Sir,

    Thank you for your time and promising words. I am sending separate mail to your gmail for the bank details for annadanam and please provide the same.

    Once again thanks for your service.


  98. My details
    Neha Pradhan
    29 oct 1984
    9:45 PM
    When i will get married??How will it be??
    Thanks and Regards

  99. to ramki
    -------- replied in mail.

  100. To Neha
    -------- I think I have answered you earlier the same qustion. Please repost if I had not answered the same question earlier with the 3 basic data and the GENDER.

  101. No Sir u have not answered this query earlier

    My details
    Neha Pradhan
    29 oct 1984
    9:45 PM
    When i will get married??How will it be??
    Thanks and Regards

  102. To neha.
    ------------ As mars dasa raghu bhukthi is going on upto 24 Dec 2010, slow progress in marriage front. From 25th Dec 2010 to 30th nov 2011, mars dasa guru bhukthi.That period will be suitable for marriage.
    Worship Karthikeya, and Durga Maa on Tuesdays and Sundays respectively.Best of luck.

  103. Hello Sir,

    My son is seven and half years old.
    He is struggling in studies. I want to know when he will start to improve.

    Also could you clarify my doubt in his birthchart. In his birthchart his asendant lord venus, which is also his 8th house lord is placed in the debilitated house. Will this
    affect his health?

    Thanks in advance.

    His details are:
    DOB - 20-08-2002
    POB - San Francisco
    TOB - 1:14 PM
    GENDER - Male

    ---------------MY ASTROVISION SOFT WARE GIVES THE ASCENDANT AS VRICIKA; JAGANNATHA HORA GIVES AS KANYA, FROM WHAT YOU WRITE HIS LAGNA IS THULAM. Due to this confusion I am reserving my commentS. Pl. give the chart as you have, as also dasa bhukthi and ashtavarga/suya varga parals.

  105. Hello sir, I am new to this blog. my daughter birth details below. dob- 21.6.1987 tob- 6.45 p.m. Pob- chidambaram. 1. Can you tell me whether my daughter have any dosha and what is her rasi, nachathiram and lagna. 2. Right now she undergoing many health problems and she very depressed. Can u say wen she will get cure and get peace of mind. 3. When she will get a job and marriage. Sorry sir for placing too many questions but please reply me sir i am waiting for ur reply. Thank u sir.

  106. My name is Anitha and following are my details
    DOB:24th Nov 1977
    Time of birth:4:PM
    Birth Place:Bangalore

    I am BE, MBA Working in recruitment industry, I am not stable in my career, i mean some how I am not able to stick to one company for a long time, with one or the other reason I have to change my job.Atleast in the current organisation i am looking for a long term, Please let me know when i will be stable in a company? Now things are not going great at work front I am into target driven and not able to complete my target from 2 months, next month also looks zero.please suggest me for betterment.Job is very important at this point of time as we are in the process of purchasing a house only registration is pending we have paid advance also.
    So please let me know more about my career progress.

  107. to padma
    ----------according to astrovision software,
    trikanitha computer cast horoscope, your daughter is :
    star: aswini (4th pada)
    in her horoscope chevvai is in 7th house from lagna; but he is with surya.there is one opinion when chevvai is with surya,guru or sani, thereis no chevvai dosham; we may say she does not have chevvai dosham even though chevvai is in 7th house.

    she is now running surya dasa sani bhukthi upto
    1st may 2011. during this period health problem cannot be bhukthi bhuda may see her healthy.she may be suffering from urinary, uterus problems. immediately she will get some improvements form 15th july 2010.good period for marriage starts also from 15th july.job hunt will also be friutful from now onwaeds. apply to many companies.

  108. Respected Sir

    Sent a mail to your gmail.


  109. TO RAMKI

  110. Thanks sir for the effort. I am looking to change the job, I would like to find out whether this is a suitable time to do it or should I postpone it to next year?


    My Details:

    DOB : 24/10/1978. Place : Chennai, Time of birth : 8:20 AM. Nakshatra : Pushya, Rasi:Kataga

  111. Hello sir, thanks for ur prediction for my daughter. Sir extremely sorry i made mistake in tob of my daughter please can u predict me with details . Dob-21.6.1987 tob-7.55 p.m. Pob- chidambaram. Gender - female. Sir i want to know 1.she having dosha or not if yes means remedies please. 2. She undergoing health problems now wen it will cure . 3. Wen she will get job and marriage .

  112. To Hamsaveni
    --------------Your lagna and rasi are both mesham;the tenth house is makaram,sani being that house lord.That sani is occpying 5th house,an enemies place.In ashtavarga the tenth place makaram has 31 parals against the average of 28.That is very good. But sani the tenth house lord and profession signifactor is having only 3 out of 8 in suya varga. So sani's weakness is showing up now.
    In dasa bhukthi now raghu dasa sani bhukthi upto 8th june 2012. As raaghu is in 6th to rasi and lagna, raghu's dasa is not very harmful.Sani being weak, bhukthi is not helping.In that dasa bhukthi,kethu antharam
    is from 10th June 2010 to 10th August 2010. Then sukra antharam. So I expect your carreer
    problem will be solved by August 2010.
    Worship Anjaneya sincerely. Read my article on Annadanam and act.

  113. To Vatsa
    --------Upto 15th July guru is aspecing your
    rasi and lagna. Form 15th july guru will be in
    vakram, retrogation. Then he is considered to be in kumbam. During that period also guru aspects 10th to lagna.So if you try you can get a chance to change even before 15th July
    2010. Kethu dasa chandra bhukthi from 18th May 2010 to 17th Dec 2010.Chandra being rasi lord his bhukthi may help. Best wishes

  114. To Padma
    -------------In her horoscope chevvai is in 7th house from lagna; but he is with surya.There is one opinion when chevvai is with surya,guru or sani, there is no chevvai dosham; we may say she does not have chevvai dosham even though chevvai is in 7th house.
    Guru when transit over natal chart raghu the effect will be(according to nadi rules)
    "Natal Rah : Operation, discontinuation of studies, abortion".After 15th July some relief upto nov 2010.Then again the health problem may raise its head for 1 year.
    Suriya dasa bhuda bhukthi from 12 july 2010 to
    18 may 2011.7th(marriage) house lord and 10TH
    (PROFESSION) house lord is bhuda. His bhukthi will give both job and marriage.
    For health visit Vaitheeswaran koil once and worship.
    Now changed star is bharani 1st pada,mesha rasi, dhanusu lagnam
    Read my article on annadanam.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. vanakam aya pob;singavaram,dob;17dec1985,tob;5;25A.M ,m undergoing lot of health problems will it cure or not its make me depressed sir kindly help me sir ,, and make me to get reliive from this worries

  117. Hello sir,

    I am very happy to say that I am going to become a mother soon.I am 34 weeks pregnant can see my earlier post regarding my Santhana Bhagyam in May 2009 through this link the expecting delivery date is on 14th Aug,we are planning to induce earlier (As my doctor is going on vacation).She is leaving on 5th Aug..Will there be any good days to induce from 31st July to Aug 4th.Could you please tell me the date and time? we are delivering the baby in Singapore.Our details

    My DOB:24/01/1980
    TOB:05:45 pm
    POB: Sullurupet
    My husband's
    TOB:08:42 am


  118. To Nalini
    ---------Thanks for reporting prediction came true. If it is not inconvenient for you, please write this in the prediction came true column. Or inform me the date of your asking about visa and my reply.

    Your 8th house lord chandra is occupying 6th place and becoming exalted(uchcha). The sixthh place has become good with exalted moon and aspected by guru the lagnna lord. The sixth
    and 11th lord sukra is in 11th itself with kethu.So the 6th lord is having only 4 out of 8in suya varga. Sixth place has 26 out of an average of 28.

    The feeling of sickness will be there with you always. But need not worry at all. Nothing can make you sick. If for the minor ailments medicine is taken, you will respond to treatment well.Do not worry about health.

    Raghudsa sukra bhukthi is now going on. Next will be raghudasa suryabhukthi upto 24 Nov 2011. Upto that date you will be having sick feeling. Then this sickness attitude will go.
    Guru dasa from 12th June 2014 will be good.

    Take treatment for sickness and proceed to foreign land.Nothing seriou will affect you.
    Good luck. Read my article on annadanam.

  119. Dear Mama,

    Hope you are doing fine. I seek a few clarifications from you.

    You had predicted that my career would improve after May this year (based on the transition of Guru), and you had also said, that regarding my parallel music career that I've been pursuing, a big break will come in September this year.

    I wish to know, whether I will be continuing both my regular job, as well as a parallel career in music throughout, or will I shift into any one, permanently, and if so, when shall it be.

    Also you had predicted an early marriage, and said that after May this year some development will take place. Though nothing concrete has happened till now, I do trust you on your predictions very much, and probably something may turn up soon.

    I would appreciate if you can provide some details on the would-be wife's background. Will it be with some known person, or through any known source? Any details on life ahead, welcome!

    My Details:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 am
    Place of Birth: Bombay
    Gender: Male

  120. TO SUN
    -------The place of birth Singavaram; Please give the name of the nearest Taluk and District head quarters. You seem to be some what nervous. I would like to have your full identity before I say anthing on your chart.
    Send a detailed information to my mail ID

    Your name and address, parents', brother's name and address, their mail address, what actually is your problem; all matters have to be given.
    It is better if some one else write to me.

  121. To Vinsar
    ---------Very happy to know the most happy news. God is all merciful.May God bless you with a nice , beautiful baby.I pray for you.

    I do not normally suggest days for inducement as we have to allow the natural process. How ever in view of your peculiar situation, I suugest the following. You may also consult a professional.

    Date for delivery: 2nd August 2010.Monday.Aswini star. Siththa yoga. Sapthami.Morning 6-15 am to 8am.(IST)

    The rasi will be mesham and lagna will be katakam.Lagna will be occupied by urya.Lagna will be having Guru's aspect.

    Please read my article on Annadanam and contribute your might.
    Mail to me at

    for bank details.Thank you.

  122. TO MM
    ------YOUR CHART IS A nice one .Surya, sani, sukra are in uchcham. Guru, and chevvai in their own houses. Sukra being the tenth lord(Profession) his exalted nature shows you have artistic talents.And you can have art as a life time work. The seventh lord chandra in 10th with the lagna lord sani in 10th, shows you have a nice career.
    To your question whether you can take up music as a full time avocation, I do not want to commit myself. Worldly wisdom says, it is better to continue both, till you are well establish in music profession.This is not astrology. Only common sense. In asht varga the yogakkaraka sukra the 10th(profession) lord has only 4 out of 8 in suya varga. So better to have both job and music as double career.

    Regarding marriage now lagnathipathi sani's dasa and yogakaraka sukra's bhukthi from 24 Dec 2009 to 23 Feb 2013.So I thought marriage may take place early. In prsent transit guru in meenam and aspecting 7th place kataka. From 15th July guru is in retrogation. That time he is considered as if in kumbam then guru's aspect will be on rasi. So if you try marriage can take place here and now.chandran antharam from 1 Sep 2010 to 6 Dec 2010. If steps are taken marriage can take place during that period.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  123. Dear Mama,

    Thanks for that quick reply. I did mail you today regarding Annadaanam, and thanks for your reply mail as well. I will arrange to send something soon.

    I have been pursuing both music and regular job parallely since more than a year. But things have been getting hectic and tough at times, to juggle between both careers, and the heart lies in music, which is why I asked if there was any sign of pursuing it full-time.

    Well, no such 'steps' have been taken to try for marriage yet, hence I was unsure about it. And since I was not settled well enough into a stable career with decent earnings, there had been no thought of marriage yet. But quite a few people had been telling me that it may happen early, hence I wanted your confirmation.

    Any details regarding would-be wife and her background? Would it be a known person or from some known source? Life ahead would be smooth?

    Any details welcome...

    My Details again:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 am
    Place of Birth: Bombay
    Gender: Male

  124. To MM
    -------To analyse the Nature of Wife according to Nadi Jothitam

    Find out from Horoscope where Sukra is located. Look in the following places from Sukra whether any planet is located.

    I.e. 1, 5, 9 (same direction), 3, 7, 11 (opposite direction), 2 & 12 (front & rear sign).

    If Surya is aspecting Sukra then, the wife will an able administrator, she will be coming from the respectable or royal family, she is popular, philanthropic, kind hearted, social worker etc. Surya in 2nd house to sukra in your chart. this holds good for you.

    If Kuja is aspecting Sukra, then the wife will be short tempered, stubborn, dominating, selfish etc.yes kuja is aspecting sukra from vrichika as 5th parvai,(in nadi 1,5,9 are aspecting)so that applies to you.

    If Budha is aspecting Sukra, then the wife will be intelligent, soft spoken, fun seeking etc.Bhuda is in 2nd house to sukra. this applies to you.

    If Rahu is aspecting Sukra, then the wife will be lazy, secretive, liar etc.Yes sukra is in in 11th to raghu. This applies to you.

    If Ketu is aspecting Sukra, then the wife will be religious minded.Yes kethu is in vrichika and aspects as a 5th aspect. This applies to you.
    If more than one planet is aspecting Sukra, the wife will have the mixed qualities of aspecting planets.Chevvai, ketthu, surya bhuda and raghu aspect sukra.So mixed quality wife will come.

    The Time of Marriage
    When the transit Guru or transit Sani is aspected by natal Sukra, the person will get married. Transit Sani is in kanni and aspects birth chart sukra who is in meenam.Also guru is in meenam from 2nd may 2010.Guru will be in retrogation from 15th July 2010.Then he has to be treated as if in kumbam. Still he is aspecting native sukra. So now is marriage time.
    When the transit Guru is aspected by natal Kuja, the person will get married.The natal kuja is also in vrichika.Transit Guru is in meenam 5th to vrichika. So natal chart chevvai is aspecting transit guru. This way also you will get married now.

    As the 7th lord chandra in 10th;that means wife will be employed.She may be a teacher,probably maths teacher, or a manager admnistrator, may be a govern ment employee.
    Best of luck

  125. Sir

    Please tell us whether the horoscopes are matching. And also tell us the details of the boy.(I have sent the details thro mail)


  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Dear Sir ,

    My date of Birth is 23/07/1971 Birth time 06:19am birth place : singapore

    Currently I understand I'm running sukra Dasa, however my husband and I are into very huge financial difficulties. My husband date of birth : 01/09/1971 time : 04:55am Birth place: Singapore.We have been suffering all this problem since 2008. Please let us know when all this problems will be over and when we can see a brighter time. Please help

  128. Hello sir,
    Thanks for your kind reply.Actually we are not planning for cesarean section but just to induce to get the natural delivery.So most probably we can not tell the time.But if there is any difficulty in delivery then only C-section will be done.That is why I am asking for time too..Is 31st July ok?If Ok, is there any good time on July 31st(Prefer Saturday as my Ishta daivam is Lord Balaji)? We are planning to deliver my child (It's a boy) in Singapore..Actually you suggested on 2nd Aug .But my birth star is also Ashwini.Could both mother and son have the same star?
    My DOB:24/01/1980
    TOB:05:45 pm
    POB: Sullurupet
    My husband's
    TOB:08:42 am


  130. TO LEKHMI


  132. TO VINSAR

  133. Hi Sir,

    My friend Archana, DOB : 9-05-1984
    POB : Harihar , Time : 2.30 AM

    wanted to check when would she get married.

  134. Dear Mama,

    Thanks for the comments. I've sent you a detailed reply to your yesterday's mail. Would really be glad, if you could read it and mail me back your replies & advices. Thanks, in advance!

  135. TO SUSHMA
    ----------IN your friend's horoscope chandra is alone in kataka without any planet on either side and in straight opposite house 7th;does not have guru's aspect too. This is called kemadruma yoga which is an unwanted yoga. Luckily the effect of this avayoga is reduced very much due to chandra is occupying his own lone house. That way he is strong.This type of charts get obstacles and delay in getting benefits in good dasa bhukthi.More over she has vasumathi yogam. So need not worry about kemadruma yogam at all. Vasumathi yogam will take care of all bad times.

    Now sukra dasa kethu bhukthi upto 2 August 2011.Then surya dasa starts. Surya being 7th lord his dasa bhukthi may bring marriage.2011 may be marriage year.

    Shiva worship on pradosham days. Navagrahapradakshina on saturdays.
    Chanting of navagraha gayathris daily 3 times.

    Best of luck.

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