Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am a socially conscious person.I was doing some social activities from my boyhood. As an adult I was given the opportunity to cooperate with like minded elders in building a higher secondary school in my residential area for the poor and lower middle class pupils.The school is going to celebrate silver jubilee in June 2010.I was also instrumental in running a dispensary
for the village poor for over 8 years.Though I named the hospital as" Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Vaidyasala" , the poor village folk preferred to call it 'one rupee hospital'! Those were the days when I was imbued with the noble thoughts of service as a path to spirituality.As God wished, I could not continue the dipensary;as the school has been well founded, my services there is no more reqired. My other services also were discontinued due to many reasons.

Annadanam is my favourrite service which I have been doing regularly.And with a devotion.Now for the past 3 years I am providing one square meal to mentally deranged persons who are loitering our town numbering 20. It costs 600/- per day.Rs.18000/- Per month Those who are interested may post here their opinion

When you help someone, the help is returned in Two folds!!
send a mail to for details.


  1. This is a very noble work for service to the needy.Your dedication is well appreciated.I am trying to contribute as and when I can.But I am surprised to see that hardly anyone posts a comment on this whereas thousands of people visit ur blog.It seems they are interested only in their own present and future.Forgive me if my language is too harsh.

  2. To Subhash
    ----------Nothing to feel despondent.God chooses only a few to get the punyam and His
    grace.Thank you for your concern.

  3. Hello Sir,

    Can you please post your address so that I can send the DD to you.


  4. To Sanjay
    ----------Thank you for evincing interest in Annadanam.Please come to my mail box to get address.

  5. As i am an unemployed person i am not in a condition to offer a big amount.Is it possible to send small amount for the above purpose from what i have