Monday, November 30, 2009

ASTROLOGY---Q & A----DEC''09--1

Please post your questions for Dec'09 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&Gender;even for second and subsequent questions.

The Q&A -NOV'09 IS MISSING! This morning I read some 10 questions yet to be answered.
So thhose who did not get the answers may repost here.Sorry for the inconvenience. The page error I could not fix.Those who know the technicalities may come to my help.


  1. it ia unfortunate that the previous pages got hidden elsewhere.probably it might have got deleted. some bloggers has the passtime of medling with other sites. so such actions might have brought about the error on the page.

  2. Hello Sir,
    Name - S M
    DOB- 03-03-1983
    POB- Bangalore
    TOB- 3:30pm
    Gender - Male
    I wanted to inquire about my higher studies, i want to do an MBA from a premier management institute. I gave a competitive exam last year but could not clear it, again i am giving it this Saturday @ 330pm(Dec 5th). Please let me know if i can successfully pass competitive exam and complete my higher studies and also please let me know the outlook for my career. I want to play a higher management role and have about 5 yrs of work experience in an MNC. I am not satisfied with my career and feel i am stuck and want to grow higher and perform better roles. I want to study MBA - please let me know if i have the yoga for higher studies.When can i complete my higher studies and get settled in life?Also does Shasha Yoga gets cancelled if conjunct with moon, else how and when can i experience it? I believe in God and pray daily. eLLU bathi is offered to Shani deva at home daily and i recite Hanuman Chalisa. I do milk abhisheka for Snake God on sundays. I have visited many holy places like Tirupati, Mantralaya, Shirdi, Udupi, Sodhae, KukkeSri, Vaishno Devi yatra among others. I am a Bramhin and hence a vegetarian. Its an aspiration to do higher studies and hence i have been as disciplined as possible to prepare for exams and in the best of my capabilities. Please advise.

  3. Dear Krishnan Mama,
    My father was born on 27th March 1942 in Trichy- Pushya nakshatram, Kataka rashi. I do not know what exact time he was born- i do know that he was born during the Raahu Kalam on that day and has a Kanya lagnam jatakam. I myself was born on 27th June 1979 at Bombay, 11 am. My father is facing many health problems at this time. We are all very anxious about his health. We thought that things will be better, now that the 7.5 year Shani period is over, but things seem to be much worse now. Please help me by saying how long this difficult period is going to continue and when he will recover. I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

  4. Hello Sir,
    I am reposting the question i asked you in Nov Q and A. I request you to analyse my amma's horoscope.

    I am really concerned about my amma's health.
    She is having one or the other health problem for the past 7 years. Inspite of medications, her health does not seem to improve.
    Could you please analyse her chart and tell when her health condition will improve.

    Her details are:
    DOB: 23.05.1962
    Time: 14 hrs
    Place: Pondicherry

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sai Ram

  5. Sir,

    Hope u are doing good and safe. Thanks for everything.

    Safe and Thanks. still waiting....will be beneficial and effective to go usa after all these happened? Hoping that it should go fast!!

    11 sep 1977, pob: chennai, dob: 5-30AM.

    Thanks for everything...will write to u on email.

  6. Namaska Sir!

    Hope you are doing fine Sir! I have a query for you.

    1) How would be my Financial and Social status ?

    Though I have been brought up well my dear parents but I know how much life can be difficult without strong financial postion inlife.

    D.O.B : 4 th July 1983
    T.O.B : 7:35 PM (approximately)
    P.O.B : Kutra ( Nearest city Rourkela), Orissa


  7. நமஸ்காரம் மாமா, என் பையனுக்கு 7 1/2 சனி நடக்கிறது. பிறப்பு விவரம், 23 மே 1999, டெல்லி, சிம்ம ராசி, பூரம், இப்போது பூணூல் போடலாமா? பிறந்த நேரம், மதியம் 3.51.

  8. Greetings Sir,

    I lost my job 4 months back,i dint get job till now.Also i accidentaly switched my profession as TRAINER ( training and development ) last 1 year.I dont know whether this would be the best profession for my life or should i choose any other. Please let me know when i will get a job and whether this profession should be changed.

    Also now a days life goes thinking more of spiritual things. is that anything connectd with my Jathagam?

    Name: Sadeesh kumar.M
    Gender: Male
    DOB : 07/10/1978
    Time: 9.10 am
    Place: Chennai

  9. To bsmur
    ---------Happy to read your short profile. The best part of your horoscope is the 4th lord is in 9th.This gives you many baagyas. Your lagna lord Chandra, in 4th and the 4th(education place) lord Sukra went to Meena and attained exaltation.So,your educatinal aspirations will get fulfilled.

    Sasa maha yoga will not get cancelled due to Chandra.For Katakalagna Sani becomes neutral only. The education signifactor Bhuda is the
    3rd,and 12th lord.A dark place lord getting into another dark place gives only Rajayoga.
    So you are sure to win.

    For your Chandra lagna, Sani is the 4th lord. His getting into Raasi and in exaltation is very nice.Your religious mentality is reflected in the horoscope as the 9th lord getting into 5th.Your 9th lord Guru and 5th and 10th lord Mars are in parivardhana.Very very nice.

    Sani dasa Sani sub period and sani sub sub period are running now.Sade sathi is there. 3rd and 6th lord to raasi Guru in 4th in debilitation. On 5-12-09 Chandra comes to 10th to raasi and to the lagna his own place.At the time of the test Chandra will be in Pushya star which is the star of sani again.So pray to Hanumanji and do the test . I wish you good luck.

    --------------SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR BELOVED FATHER'S HELTH.NOW Surya Dasa Sani bhukthi upto
    29-07-2010.Surya is 2nd to Raasi. Sani is 2nd to lagna.Both are marakas.Lagna lord in 6th(disease) place. 5th lord(poorvapunya) in 6th.
    2,3 rd lord in 6th.In suya varga Sani ayulkaraka sani has only 2 points which is only 25%.The ashta varga bindus are not upto the expectation.Now Kethu is in 12th to Raasi.Not favourable. 5th (poorva punya)and 10th(karma sthaana) lord to Raasi though yogakaraka sitting in Raasi and got debilitated.He is also aspecting 8th(ayul bhava) to raasi.Guru is moving to 8th place to raasi on 16-12-09.

    Chant Surya Gayathri and worship Hanauanji.
    Worship Dhanvanthri.i pray for your father's good health.

  11. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    MY Details are given below

    D.O.B-31/12/1985 (30th midnight)

    I am currently in govt. job for two years ,I am not very much happy with my job profile .My current job profile may lead to Higher studies (which i am not very much sure of now ).Right now I am preparing for Indian Engineering Services (IES)2010 and planning to prepare for IAS in the coming years .

    I Wold like to know -
    a)What are my chances of cracking IES-2010 & IAS
    b)What are my chances of Higher studies (MS & Phd)
    at foreign land

    Plz resolve my dilemma whether to remain in scientific field or to switch over to administrative field.

    Waiting for your kind response
    With best regards ,


  12. Hello Sir,

    Below are the details of my sister, she has been married since 4 years and still does not have a baby, can you please explore her horoscope and let me know if she will have a baby? or if she has to do any pooja?.

    DOB: 24-11-1976
    POB: Kharaghpur, West Bengal
    TOB: 3.45 AM

  13. to Venus and Mars
    ------------------Sorry to hear your mother's plight.She may be sufferring from one of the two diseases;as Sukra and Chandra are directly aspecting she may be having urinary,uterus,intestinal,any abdominal problem.As Sani is affected by Kethu and aspected by Raghu she may be suffeering from rheumatic pain and mighthave become immobile.
    Now Sani bhukthi in Gurudasa upto 15-10-2011.
    As Sani is the 6th lord and Guru 4,7th lord sitting in 6th in the natal chart,their dasa Bhukthi has to go.Next Gurudasa Bhudabhukthi will do some improvement.In the Bhava strength,6th gets 11th rank out of 12. So this illhealth for long.As the ayulsthana gets 3rd rank,no problem about longivity.Danvanthri manthra chantng, Surya namaskar, Suryagayathri chanting, Hanuman worship,and Dakshinamurthy worship on Thursadays are suggested.

  14. TO HOT CAT
    ----------DO NOT WORRY. YOUR set backs seem to be temporary.Kethu in 12th to Raasi indicates foreign travel but your coming back had happenned .Same kethu is obstructing going back.On 16-12-09 Guru transits to Kumba and aspecting Mithuna where Kethu is sitting. From then onwards you will have some relief.Ofcourse 8th Guru will give some infame. But you have experienced it already as Guru will show his effect 2 months before his transit. Pray Vinayaka to remove the obstacles.Worship Dakshinamurthy.As this is Sukra dasa Kethu bhukthi upto 10-09-10 you will have hiccups in job front.One visit to Srirngam and worship Renganaaha or to Tirupathy may help.6th raghu has to give you money. But enemies are to be contained. For that worship will help.3rd Sani will also help. Jan 2010 will meet you with many good changes. Try in India also. First come first basis you can accept the job.Do not loose hopes.

  15. Dear Krishnan Mama,
    Thanks for looking at my father's horoscope. However, i am unable to interpret the technical aspects that you have mentioned. When will he start getting better? Is there any danger to his life? Will he be able to get treatment for his illness?
    I am terribly anxious about him.

  16. Respected Sir,
    I a Harsha P M, BE automobile, Seeking your advice on my sucess in a interview on 01 Dec 2009. What are my chances of a job being offered to me.
    My Details Are:
    DOB: 30/03/1985
    POB: Madikeri, Karnataka, India.
    Thanks & Regards
    Harsha P M

  17. Thanks a lot sir. Your reply has given me and my family peace of mind.
    I am really amazed by this science - astrology.

  18. to aloke kumar jaipuria
    -------------------------your 1,2 lord sani in thula 10place. that gives sasa maha yoogam. that takes care of all your comforts in lfe.
    the 8th lord getting into 6th gives rajayoga.
    7th lord chandra in 4th also mkes you may buy your own house early in of luck.

  19. to uma
    --------it is better this question is addressed to a sastrigaL who is well versed in samskaara rules. i am not very much aquainted
    with dharma the way your son's horosope is lucky's aspect to 6th,8th and 10th gives him good health,longivity and good job.though lagna lord is neecham in 3rd, neecham gets banga-cancelled. good luck.

  20. Sir
    My DoB is 2nd Feb 1969
    Time : 6.45 AM
    Place : bangalore

    Earlier u had predicted that job change is likely on or before 15th Dec'09. For some reason, i have not been lucky on this.

    I am unhappy in the current work place right from mar'09.Can i continue to try another job...Can u pl suggest some remedies to negate the tension at work


  21. Dear Sir,

    I have already mentioned that i dint get any job for last 4 months. As every one has a wish to get settled in life wealthy with own house and car i too have.Please let me know about the financial side of my future and let me know is there any opportunity of getting own house and comfort life for me. Your valuable suggestion required.

    Name: Sadeesh Kumar
    Gender: Male
    DOB: 7.10.1978 Time: 9.10 am
    POB: Chennai

  22. To Sadeesh
    --------------The best part of your chart is 2,5th lord Guru a friend to both lagna and raasi is in 9th in exaltation. And the 9th lord Chandra is in 1st lagna bhava.This will solve many of your problems.As guru in exaltation and aspect lagna and raasi, as also
    Bhuda in his strong place with both Bhuda and Guru has suffiient suya varga strength,and the 4th(education) lord Sani is in 10th(profession) shows you have chosen the correct path of trainer.However you will be more succeessful as a manager.You can deal with politicians very well.
    0n 16-12 -09 Guru transits to kumba your 4th place-(education,real estate, vehicle, mother)
    from their guru aspcts 8th, 10th(profession)
    and 12th places. So your job hunt will be fruitful from then on.
    As the lagna lord Mars has lesser Suya varga strength, and lagna irself is having suffient Ashta varga strength your efforts will see some hurdles;but ultimately you win with your dogged determination.So also as Mars is the lagna and raasi lord, as also bhumi karaka his lesser bindus may cause some difficulties in acquiring property.But evrery thing will be solved as Guru aspects lagna and raasi from 9th place. As your 1,6th lord Mars, and 7th and 12 lord sukra are in 12th, you have to be careful in spending.Now Sukra dasa Guru bhukthi
    as bhukthi is good and guru coming to 4th all your aspirations will be fulfilled in 2010.
    Good luck.AS YOUR CHART SHOWS IN 5TH PLACE KETHU with Guru's aspect which makes you a spiritual oriented person.

  23. to saket krishna
    -----------------as your 10th(profession) lord is sani,your studyof management/administration will your 9,12th lord in 10th and aspects 4th(education) place kataka.that 4th lord in 5th surya's place. surya indicates government matters.4th place indicates education whose lord is chandra whose one subject is human psychology.for an administrator, psychology is the essential subject.

    with a debilitated bagyasthanathipathi guru,the intelligence significator bhuda and the profession signifactor sani hidden in eighth, you need to put hard work to pass out
    the guru transits to kummba on 16-12-09 and aspects raasi. the 5th lord to raasi moving to 7th aspecting the first is efforts in IES in 2010 will be
    fruitful.As the 9th&12 lord to lagna in 10th
    indicates you can go foreign.that too 9th lord aspecting 4th education place indicates you can go foreign for education. but 9th lord's debilitation shows you have to cross many of luck

  24. கிருஷ்ணன் ஐயா,

    கீழே உள்ளது என் கேள்வியும் தங்களின் பதிலும்

    Sivakumar said...
    DOB : 25/09/1978
    TIME: 6:30 AM
    Place: Madurai
    Gender: Male

    என் ஜாதகத்தில் ஏதேனும் கிரக தோசங்கள் இருக்கின்றனவா?

    எனக்கு திருமணமாகி 2 வருடங்கள் ஆகின்றது. எப்போது
    குழந்தை பிறக்கும்?
    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    kmr.krishnan said...
    தங்களுடைய ஜாதகத்தில் லக்னத்திலேயே ராகு நின்றதும், லக்னாதிபதி புதன் சூர்யனுக்கு மிக அருகில் நின்றதும்,5ல்மாந்தி நின்றதும்,5ம் அதிபதி சனி 12ல் பகைகொண்டு மறைந்ததும், குழந்தைப் பேரை ஒத்திவைத்துள்ளது.5ம் இடத்துக்கு உச்ச குருவின் பார்வை இருப்பதாலும்,குருவுக்கு சுய வர்கத்தில்
    8பரல்கள் இருப்பதாலும் சுக்கிரன் ஆட்சியில் இருப்பதாலும் குழந்தை பாக்கியம்
    உண்டு.நவாம்சத்திலும் பல ப்ளஸ் பாய்ண்ட்ஸ் உண்டு.கடவுள் அருள் இருந்தால் 4 11 09 முதல்28 11 09 வரை தங்கள் மனைவியார் கருத்தரிக்க
    வாய்ப்பு உள்ளது.வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    மேலே கூறிய நாள் தவறி விட்டது. மறுபடியும் கருத்தரிக்க எப்போது வாய்ப்பு உள்ளது?
    கடவுள் அருள் எப்போது கிடைக்கும்?

    I am posting this query for 2nd time, as I posted my previous query might be hidden somewhere

  25. Hello,

    I had previously written to you as nottherenotthere's friend. As you predicted I did meet 2 guys, but things did not go well which triggered my depression again. Please tell me when this period of uncertainty will end and my mental peace restored. I am tired trying to sort both personal and professional sides of my life with neither showing improvement.

    Date : 22nd December 1979
    Time : 18:36
    Place: Bhopal

  26. to shobana
    ----------the lagna raghu,guru the signifacor of child in 8th,guru in retrogation,the 9th 9bagya lord bhuda got combusted and 2,7th lord mars also got combusted and in navansa the 5th lord guru in 3rd in debilitation are causing the delay in child raasi chart sani is the 4,5th lord and becomes a yogakaraka for
    thula algna. so his placement in 10th is the only ashtavarga strength for lagna and 5th are good.the kalathra dosha is over by we may expect good results here after.chandra dasa sani bhukthi upto 16-05-2010. this is the 10th lord dasa and fifth lord
    (child)bhukthi. so now worship all navagrahas and particularly raghu kethu of luck.

  27. Many thanks for your kind words and wishes sir.

  28. Thank you very much for your opinion about my sister's horoscope.

  29. You are in sanidasa guru bhukthi upto 16-12-2010.On the interview date Chandra was in 11th to raasi and 7th lagna. Guru aspecting Kataka the 10th(rofession) place to lagna. 60% chances of getting he job.

  30. Dear krishnan sir ,

    Thanks alot for your kind response,
    but sir my dilemma still exists .

    I have done B.Tech(mechanical)in 2007, then I joined a Govt. R&D firm and still working as scientist there.From the beginning of the year 2009 I found out i am stuck in a kind of routine job and not able to utilize my potential , i feel like i am wasting my precious time by doing a donkey's job.

    so now i have decided to create some options in my life, I came up with two options . First option leads me too administrative services and 2nd one leads me to higher studies(like MS &Phd) and later on to become a real scientist.

    so right now i am at a crossroad where i have to decide only one of the above.

    Plz resolve my dilemma ...


    D.O.B-31/12/1985 (30th midnight)
    T.O.B-00:13:00 AM

    With best regards ,


  31. TO SATYA
    -------- YOU ARE RUNNING Sukra dasa sani bhukthi upto 30-09-2012.sukra is your 10th(profession) lord.sani is your lagna lord. sukra is your yogakaraka some good thing has to happen during this period. lagna has sufficient ashtavarga strength.sukra has 5 in suya varga out of 8.sani has only 2 out of 8.that may be the problem to some extent.

    in navamsa also the 10th lord and lagna lord are in dasamsa the lagana lord(also)10th-profession-lord guru and the 4,7th lord bhuda are in parivardhana-exchange of houses. all this prove you will have nice time in job.
    the tendency to hate the work atmosphere is temporary.

    worship anjaneeya as he is the lord signifactor of profession also.

  32. To Sivakumar
    You are running Sanidasa Chandra bhukthi.Sani happens to be your 5th place lord.That is child place.Chandra is your 11th(profit)place lord.Guru is your 4th(comforts)and 7th(marriage, wife,sex,kalathra)lord. On 16-12-09 morning guru transits to Kumba and aspects Raasi, Mithuna.Also Sanidasa Chhandra subperiod
    and Guru subsub period(antharam)is from 4-1-2010 to 22-03-2010. Your child birth place lord Sani, your rasi lord Chandra, and child signifactor -karaka-Guru act together in Jan,Feb,Mar 2010.Without depending only on astrology, consult doctor if you have any conjugal problems.Leave the anxiety and approach the issue tension free.Good luck.
    WORSHIP all Navagrahas.Worship Dakshinamoorthy(GURU).Vinayaga(KETHU) and Anjaneya(SANI), Pradosha viratham for Siva(CHANDRA).wife may do sashti viratham(CHEVVAI).RAGHUKALA KAALI OR north facing DURGA MAY BE WORSHIPPED ON SUNDAYS4-30-6 pm.

  33. To Rasmi
    ---------I purposely forget what ever I said earlier.So many are asking questions. If I remember any one's horoscope and recollect the old prdictions I shall have heavy load in brain and will get depression myself.On 16-12-09 Guru moves to Kumba and aspects(your 6thplace)-foes place;8thplace(infame) and 10th place(profession) So if you have any foes they will be contained, if you have become infamous you will become famous again,you will have good period in profession.So wait for 16-12-09 and be cheerful when you know you are depressed, the key is with you; the really depressed people will not agree that they are depressed.So if you forget the bad happenings
    by engaging yourself in positive thinking your depression will vanish in a jiffy.Temple visit will really give you peace of mind and hopes.
    good luck.
    PS:"meeting guys,pesonal, professional"- I do not make out anything.

    you may have to put extra efforts to pass the exams.

  35. DOB = 26/08/2004; POB=Chennai;TOB=2:14PM;
    Would like to know about above jathakar
    Whether she can shine in Dance.She performed 10 solo stage performances as of now(Includign TV & OTHERS),Does her Jathakam reveal dance as permananent aspect?

  36. Dear Sir,

    I have a few queries for you.

    I have an MBA, BCom & have a gap of 6 -7 yrs from work. I am back to studying & would like to go back to work. Will I get a good job soon?
    I have had bad relations with my in-laws until now, will it improve?
    My relations with my husband is a bit better now. Will I have a happy married life?
    We are a planning for a next baby , will I conceive soon?
    My husband lost lot of money , while making investment for movies ( for his brothers). Will he recover the money back?
    My details are
    DOB: 16 Aug 1974
    TOB: 1:30am
    POB: Tirunelveli, Tamilnad

    My husbands details
    DOB: 12 Nov 1968
    TOB: 12: 30 pm
    POB: Tirunelveli, Tamilnad

    Waiting for the replies,
    Thanks in advance

  37. Thanks. I read my own post and realized how vague I sounded and you are right , a visit to the temple is long due.

    PS: Previously you had suggested me to meet people and decide on a life partner. I am pursuing Ph.D and was facing problems there as well.

  38. to maan
    ------- the jathagi is a pooraadam star subject. bharani ,pooram pooradam are the stars of sukra. as sukra is the planet for
    arts these people will have a taste for some fine raasi chart 6,11 are sukra's the 6th lord he is not favourable to both raasi and lagna.but as 11th lord he will be doing good.the rule is people who have sukra in mithuna are experts in fine arts. mithuna is the place of bhuda, the knowlege lord.sukra is the finearts lord.when sukra sits in bhuda's place the knowledge of fine arts will be in peak.
    in navamsa rishaba is the lagna whose lord is sukra. in lagna itself both sukra and budha sit jointly. bhuda the second place lord in navamsa, signifying money,the jathagi will get income from fine arts.

    in dasamsa also in kumbalagna, sukra is in lagna itself. sukra has 5 points in its suya varga.5th lord in9, 7th lord in 9, 10th lord in 9, 9th lord in 9 itself makes the jataki a most fortunata personality.she will shine like a jwell.

    the only weak point is 8th lord(fame,longivity) in lagna itself. he is a valarpirai moon and sufficient ashta varga strength.he has guru's aspect, all this will mitigate the ill effects.

    regular pradosha vazipaadu at shiva temple or mondays will reduce the 8th lord's effect on thelagna. best of luck.

  39. to laxmi
    --------mars is your yogakaraka. in ashta varga-suyavarga point is very less for mars.he is also now in katakam in neecahm position.unusually he is stuckup at katakam for over 7months. till he moves to simmah your efforts will be somewhat in jeopardy. after the dawn of bhuda dasa sanibhukthi on 24/06/10
    your efforts will bear fruit. you will again go to job.( rest will be cotinued. power shut down here.)

  40. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I am a Sr. Manager in IT Industry. Due to the current economic situation, i had to switch over to a job where i am working as a Manager, that is one step below. I am not happy with the current role and seeking much more senior role in the Industry and hence looking for a job change. I believe Guru payarchi and consequent 10th house aspect would yield some result. So far i dont see any good responses coming up and hence worried also. Also i would like to know when i will settle and how will be my guru and Sani mahadasa will be for me.
    Also if you have any other specific observations, do let me know

    Eager to know your analysis.

    DOB: 11-06-1971
    POB: Secunderabad, AP, India
    TOB : 9:40 PM (21:40)
    Gender : Male


  41. to laxmi (continued)
    --------------------the relatinship with in-laws will continue to be strained as he s combusted by sun.bhudasa though 5th lords dasa is of no big gain bhuda dasa ends in march 2013.
    then kethu dasa.kethu in lagna itself.may be an obstacle in improving the relationship with
    any reltionship.
    your married life will be quite normal only after you complte the age of 41.entire kethu
    dasa you have to be patient. sukra dasa being your lagna lord dasa, will be good.that is for 20 years from 2-03-2020.
    guru will go to meenam 9th to your raasi in retrogation and aspect 1,3,5, from may 2010.
    that will continue in 2011 also. that poition can give you anothar child as 5th place has guru's aspect.
    it is difficult to rcover the money.your husband has the yogakarka sukra hidden in 12 th to lagna.more money viraya is only indicated.
    worship lakshmidevi every friday .

  42. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Thanx for the detailed quick reply to my queries.
    It is really coincidence about the laxmi puja, bec I have been doing Vaibhavlakshmi puja recently every friday. Thanks so much.

    I have some queries related to my husbands horoscope , I will ask them may be during the day or sometime soon.


  43. This is for my husband. He is in great tension these days. He is working with the same company for last 5 years now. He was promised on several occasions by his managers for his promotion. But it never happened. He is gravely upset because all his colleagues raised to higher levels. My husband is not politically very smart and just minds his own work. He is really good at work.
    His birth details are:
    DOB: Jan 14, 1980.
    POB: Azamgarh,UP.
    TOB: 6:30 PM.

    Please suggest any upayas for his career benefits. He is one deserving candidate but something his holding him back. Please help.

  44. to ria
    --------you have ruchaka yooga.everything will be mars is in exaltation you will be managing the affairs of a cmpany becoming a ceo.the ashta varga bindus for the 10th place is 39, quite good.when guru go in athisaram in may 2010 to meena, 10th to raasi gets the aspect of guru. so be patient till may2010.

    as guru is 3,12 th lord he will do minimum help in gurudasa.sani dasa will be good as he was the lagna lord.

    best of luck

  45. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    My husband (working as a manager)job was affected due to the recession & was laid off & without work for several mths this year. The last few months he is working on a contract job, is there a possibility for a permanent & a senior position in this company ?

    He has indicated about this to his senior & they have given a positive reply , that this will happen soon. How will his career be in the future?

    How is the suriyan dasa & chandran dasa in his horoscope?
    Can he buy properties or land in india or US?
    Our green card is in the final stage , but how soon will we get it?
    Will we ever go back to India permanently?or be in US forever?
    In general any other remarks from my husbands horoscope?
    He is very soft & caring , not very political , so is difficult to come up in career. Any puja or stone which can help him?

    His details are
    DOB: 12 Nov 1968
    TOB: 12:30pm
    POB: Tirunelveli, Tamilnad

    thanx for the replies in advance.

  46. Krishnan sir,

    I already asked you a question last month My dob:13/10/1984
    Place of birth:Chennai

    I did my MS in the United states and am looking for a job for the last 1 yr. I dont know how I have surived for the last 1 yr.
    I stay with my relatives and am working temporarily in a small company. My salary is very less and not enough for my survival. My relatives have teased and irritated me and insulted me every day i have lived in their house. I have decided to leave and stay by myself.Please predict my job prospects? Approximately when will i get a good job and stay comfortable? My company people say they can get me a job butside the US but not in US? Can you predict if I will get a better job outisde in another company in the US? I want to get a job outside in another city in a better company will that happen? When will my miseries end? I also have a visa problem that is niggling in my mind. Will every thing be solved?

  47. Dear Krishna Sir,
    Thanks very much for your precious time taken to perform such a comprehensive,Indepth Analysis of jathakam provided,you explanations is so good which helps Amatuers/Novice people to learn knowhows.nevertheless Predictions are also coming true, else so many people wont be here.
    Sir need some clarification:-
    01.Apart from weakness of 8th lord, In rasi Sani seated @ 7th (Kalathra sthana) and Kalathra karagan sitting in same house- does'nt it cause major probelms in Marriage etc ?
    02. In Navamsa also 7th Lord in 4th House -
    Sani getting vargothamam @ 7th(Rasi) 2nd(Navam) - Marriage/Family/Property affected is'nt - Sat Vargothamam does bring bad effect or good effect.
    03. regular pradosha vazipaadu at shiva temple or mondays will reduce the 8th lord's effect"
    does artchana need to be done on jathakar naksktram can you let us know in details sir.

    Thaks you so much for your Nobel Service in this place _/\_

  48. My D0B=23/07/73,Place= Chennai,Time 3:10 am
    Can i be self emplyoed ? When ? Or will be Employed through out my life, Since all these years as Emplyoee- still not reached higher position (Both Packages wise /Postion too)- where as my peers/Colleagues who are lesser- competent - climbed higher corporate ladders, Very depressed and feel i am stand stay in same position since were i was 4 Yrs back. What wrong with Horoscope - atleast if know what i am,from Horoscope wise fine tune my expectations.

  49. Hi I am Sandeep Krishna M, I have got the job as you said. Thank you and Kindly let me know how long I will be in this job without any issues? and do I have any oppertunity to travel out of India?

    My D.O.B: 05-11-1983
    My T.O.B: 4:50PM
    My P.O.B: Sullurupet, Nellore, AP
    My Gender:Male

    ------------THE dasa bhukthi is bhuda dasa sani bhukthi. bhuda is lagna lord as also 10th
    lord ,sani is 5th,6th lord. So this dasa bhukthi running upto 26-06-2011.. is good only.Also Sani is the profession signifactor. Bhuda is the profession 10th lord for this horoscope.Lagna ,10th place have more than sufficient ashtavarga bindus. Sani has 50% and
    Bhuda has 62% suya varga balam.But Suryan combusted the the 10th profession lord Bhuda. that may be problem for his is aapointments in life. Sani is not only 5th lord, he is also 6th lord. So job is not giving satisfaction.

    On 16-12-09 Guru transits to Kumba 4th to raasi, and aspects 10th(profession) place to raasi. That will be upto 3-05-2010.I expect some change during this period.

    Worship Surya,Dakshinamurthy, and Hanumanji.
    Best of luck.

  51. Dear Krishnan sir,

    Thanks for your analysis. What is in store is certainly Brahma vidhi and what is in our hands is good deeds, hard work and belief. That is all that we can do and rest is karma phalan. Rest all is in the hands of almighty. That is why god is great.

    I just had some followup question based on your analysis which masters like you in astrology would be able to clarify.

    1. My understanding was that since guru's transit to Kumbha on 15th Dec would bring 10th house aspect (Profession) of guru considering that we calculate 10th house from Lagna position, this transit should have some effect. However when i read your analysis, i am given to understand that we should consider the 10th house aspect of Guru's athisaram to meena raasi considering that we calculate the 10th house from Janma rasi.

    So my question is should 10th house be considered from Janma rasi or lagna lord or can both be considered ?

    2. An other question that i had in mind is way back almost 14 years before i remember to have read in B.V. Raman's book on astrology that Planets under retrograde in the native rasi chart will bring in some yoga effects but ofcourse under special situations/rules which i dont remember now. I am asking this because Guru being retrograde in my rasi chart. Please throw somelight on this.

    This is only for clarity on fundamentals and none other than masters like you can only clarify.

    And once thanks so much for your analysis.

    DOB: 11-06-1971
    POB: Secunderabad, AP, India
    TOB : 9:40 PM (21:40)
    Gender : Male


  52. Hello,
    I am writing to you again. I would like to know more about my marriage prospects.

    Date: 22nd December 1979
    Time: 18:36
    Place : Bhopal

  53. Respected Krishnan sir ,
    I am S.P.Saranya . I would like to know about my future . I have finished engineering & am placed in TCS and waiting for the call and will be joining work soon. I wish to know how my professional life would be & also about my career growth for the next few years. Will i be able to achieve excellence and reach good positions ?? Also please tell me about my marriage . When do i have good times n bad times in future ?? Kindly tell me the positives and negatives in my horoscope .
    My Details :
    DOB : 12th july 1988
    TOB : 14:05
    POB : Chennai
    Gender : Female

  54. Sir can u plz check the two horoscopes as if they are compatible for each other.
    Sir girls details-
    Name - Shivani
    DOB-3 june 1985
    Time - 7:28pm
    place -saharanpur

    The boys details
    DOB-19-oct 1982
    Time- 8:35pm
    Sir plz check for the compatibility as do the horoscopes match for marriage

  55. Hello Sir,

    I already posted under the Nov archive but i didnt get a reply yet. So i am reposting here.

    My DOB: 29.05.1984
    My Rasi: Rishabam
    Place of birth: Chennai
    Gender: Female
    Time of birth: around 11.30 p.m.

    I am currently doing research (PhD) in Nanoscience in a university abroad (Europe) and will be finishing soon (May 2010). I am not convinced at all and happy about my achievements so far (which often affects my health and self confidence) although people around me say it is good enough. I feel the need to accomplish something good (according to me) and i think i am strongly suitable for a non-academic job after my PhD and i dont wish to stay back in University and go for Post-doctoral studies etc.
    I intend to pursue only a non-academic career after PhD like in a company/ industry/ management related career.
    I am very confused if this will work out and if i should go ahead in this line. I am very tensed and anxious to know what are my prospects of getting a job in a company(related to management/consulting/industry) in 2010?

    Hoping to get some guidance in this regard from you as you perceive from my horoscope.


  56. Hello Sir,

    I am enquiring about my husband's job situation.
    He lost his job in Aug of this year. Can you give some guidance on when he will get another job. Also future of his career and job prospects.

    Here are his details

    DOB- 18 Nov 1970
    Time: 10:35 am


  57. To Laxmi
    -----------The woes of your husband is due to the folloowing facts:
    1.Lagnaathipathi sani in 3rd place with raghu.
    Sani is profession signifactor too.Sani is having just 2 bindus in suya varga.That is just 25% strength.
    2.The 10th(professon) lord sukra in 12th(waste, squandering,viraya) place hidden. Sukra has only 3 bindus 37.5% strength.
    3.Chandra though in his own place Kataka,and has 6 bindus 75% strength, is left alone without any planet near him and with out any aspect from subar.This is bordering to kemathuruma yoga which is an ava yoga negative yoga, gives many sudden problems.In navamsa no relief for this.Chandra went in to debilitation and accompanied by a powerful raghu.
    4.Till sep 2009 he had 7.5 nattu sani.Now sani and raghu in good position in present transit. But kethu in 12th will give viraya.

    5.His yogakaraka and profession place lord for chandra lagna mars, chvvai is in kataka now and he is in debilitation, least strength.
    6.The dasa bhukthi sukra dasa sani bhukthi upto 28-03-2012.Though sukra is yogakaraka for makara lagna, his hidding in 12th and having only 37.5% strength and the lagnathipathi having only 20% strength, what good can come?
    7 in the current transit guru transits to kumba
    8th place to raasi.That will bring some ego problems and infame.
    8.THE bhavathi balam 10th profession place gets only 33.3%
    Should I go on listing the negatives?
    Do not get panic. Your prayers can make my study go wrong.I have expressed all this just to give you caution and to shed false hopes.
    All your queries like getting greencard, continuing in usa for long, nothing can be said concretely as his planets are not favourable for atleast 2 years.
    There is no substitue for prayer.Do prayer regularly,intensively.
    Worship shiva for moon weakness.Chant gayathrimanthra for surya.Worship karthikeya for mars weakness.Worship kamakshi amball for sukra weakness.Worshuship anjaneya for sani weakness.Worship vinayaka for kethu's 12th place position.Good luck. I also pray for you.
    PSs: Read my article on annadhanam and spread that messaage to your friends also.

  58. to yeskay
    you have sasa maha yoogam and malaviya yogam.
    your problems get solved during sukra, sani bhukthi antharam periods.
    the present dasa is raghu dasa and bhukthi is also raghu. this position is upto 9-04-2010
    raghudasa guru bhukthi from 9-04-2010 to 2-09-2012.all your problems will get solved before that date.from now on to 24-04-2011 the bhukthi antharams are good. you will see the changes soon.
    guru was in 10th to mesha raasi,for the past
    1 year.when guru comes to 10th, people get,transwer, change of job, place.also get new job.

    0n 15 12 09 guru comes to 11th(profit) to raasi,kumba and aspects 3,5,7th places.this will solve many problems.on 3-5-10 guru goes to meenam 12th place in fast forward and be there for 6 months. he will aspect 4th,6th,8th.4th comforts will improve,6th will make you succeessful in job hunt and relief from debts and enemies.your tolerance with relatives due to bhudan,sani in exaltation, and guru and sukra in ruling places.

    as your 10th(profession) lord is in 6th and he has no suyavarga balam-only25%, better you accept any job inside or out side the 9th lord in 6th place also not well. luckily 6th, 9th lord guru in 6th his own ruling house and his suya varga balam is 87.5% you are sure to win,ofcourse with some setbacks etc.,

    raghu makes people go to foreign and makes them stay. as you have a good luck having raghu in debilitation running his dasa,and guru bhukthi guru antharam,period will improve your condition.

    ps; read my article on annadanam and spread to friends.

  59. To Mmann
    --------You have to give the birth detail all the time even for subsequent questions.i may be spared the time of searching for that. sometimes same name cofusion arise.

    Kalathra dosha is too early to probe.Okay sani is 2,3 rd lord for this jatagam. His placement in 7th and the lagna lord guru is sammam to sani., is not that harmful.The 7th lord bhuda
    got into 9th also solves the problem.The kalathrakaraka's mahadasa will be over when she is 12 years of age.And sani dasa will come
    when she is 70years of age. So no harm by sukra or sani.

    However the 7th place gets only 8th rank out of 12 in bhavathi balan.So we may experience some peculiarities in her married life.She may choose her partner. gandharva marriage may take place.

    as guru has 7 bindus out of 8 -87.5% let us have confidence that nothing will go out of hand.that strong guru aspects lagna and raasi from a friend"s house9TH.That takes care of our doubts.
    In navamsa sani has guru's aspect,sani though gets vargothamam, the ashta varga strength 50%only. No harm.

    The best is her 9th bagya sthana. Bagyasthana gets the 1st rank out of 12.So she will have to get all bagyas including marriage bagya.

    If you shape her properly marriage will not pose any problem.

    Doing archana,abisheka all left to you as per
    the habits prevailing in your place of residence.
    Ps:read my article on annadanam; tell friends

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  61. Thanks you so much for your elaborate explanation.



  62. Dear Krishnan sir
    this is lovely monu again to take some your's precious time
    Date of Birth - 26/04/1980
    Time :- 03:15 am
    place :- Patna(BIHAR)

    I have given an interview in UPSC and written in Bank's examination. Both the posts are related with administrative position.Is there any chance to getting success in these two examination??

    Waiting for your response

    Great Regards
    Lovely Monu

  63. Dear Sir,

    Please find below my daughter's birth details
    DOB : 13/04/2000
    TIME : 18.35 PM

    I would like to know her education and career
    whether she will shine in classical dance and singing.also any dosham in her horoscopy regarding her marriage and how is her marriage life.

  64. Dear Sir - Hope you are doing good. As I mentioned earlier, I have bought a flat and applied for a loan. Now the problem is that getting many obstacles in loan approval as property is in Delhi and I am in Bangalore. Please tell me why so many obstacles are coming and by when it can be approved? Secondly just give me a brief hint on job front in next 3-4 months.

    My Details:

    Name: Raghav Mahajan
    DOB: June 20, 1983
    TOB: 07:14 AM
    POB: Kangra, Himachal
    Gender: Male

    Thanks and Regards
    Raghav Mahajan
    Bangalore, India



    TOB 615AM

    DOB 25/04/1992


  66. To Wins
    ------------As your name shows you will win!
    Your 9,10th(profession) lord sani is in 2nd.The second and 5th lord bhuda in 3rd with sun.Sun 4th lord in 3rd. As the 2nd&4th lords
    suriya, and bhuda got very near and bhuda got combusted.And bhuda in retrogation.

    Guru 8th and 11th lord guru in debilitation in 9th and also in retrogation.In a way this is good as guru as 8th lord not a friend to lagna;so his getting weaker is good only.

    The profession signifactor sani is himself in 2nd with kethu.That shows you can be successful in family business.Or own business.

    But the third lord chandra getting into 12th makes me to take a careful step.

    Now chandra dasa sani bhukthi. 3rd lord's dasa and 10th lord(profession) bhukthi upto 13-10-2010.Chandra,is having 7 bindus 87.5% strength.
    Also in navamsa chandra in same mesha.That is vargothamam.Gets double strength.In dasamsa chandra in exaltation.And he becomes the profession place lord in dasamsa. I think you can take a calculated risk to change your pofession.Take training for starting a buiness venture.As you have full courage, you will win. The time is good upto 14-03-2012.Best of luck.

    ------------ CONGRATS for getting the job.why don't you write it in predictions came true thread?
    i think you can stick to this company upto may 2014.foreign chance is remote.any way try.

  68. to ria
    ---------in gochara-present transit--chandra raasi is to be taken into consideration.for arriving at a conclusion in the prsent predictions dasa bhukthi also takes important role.retrogated planet if neecham also, the effect is positive. othrewise retrogated planet mostly gives the benefits of the house from where retrogated.

  69. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I am sure your predictions on my husband is hopefully wrong, becuase he does own 2 big duplex mansions in India & also a duplex townhome in US.

    I was only more concerned about his spending habits & whether we can invest henceforth.

    He does have suriyan & pudhan in 10th which is looking at chandra from kendra, which should nullify the or make the kemadurga yoga mild

    I am not trying to doubt your study , but just wanted to let you know.

    But may be next 2 yrs we may have to be cautious due to his planets position.

    Thanks for your valuable comments on his horoscope.



  71. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your selfless effort in helping me. As suggested by you, I did visit the temple and it helped me a lot. Thanks once again.

    I have a question. I know you dont like to match horoscopes of prospective partners and would probably suggest me to go to family astrologer but I live in the US and dont know any astrologer here. Would you be willing to help me in this regard ? There are 2 proposals I have right now which take me in 2 very different directions in life and so wanted some help to decide which will be good. Let me know.

  72. Mr.Krishnan Sir, Thank you very much for kind words and detailed analysis.
    One thing u mentioned was very closely related - FAMILY BUSINESS- My father was businessman and after he passed away(1986) all our establishments vanished. May be if he is alive - i would joined Family business.
    i have this doubt sir for DOB-23/07/73 POB-Chennai - TOB-3:10 AM you said in above "The time is good upto 14-03-2012"
    My understanding - as you say chandran dasa very good with 87.5% ,do i have scope with successful business ventures only within 14-03-2012 period.
    a) compared to current chandran dasa? how successful will i be - in subsequent dasa
    b) after chandran dasa - which is good favorable dasa & Pukthi
    c) after 2012 business/JOB Wise- will be as better than chandran dasa or less benefitial than chandran dasa or Not at all good


  73. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for ur great service...

    DOB- 20/03/1989
    TOB- 7 30 AM
    POB- Pali, Rajasthan

    DOB- 07/11/1986
    TOB- 23 00 or 11 PM
    POB- Bangalore, Karnataka

    I got married last year.Mine was arranged marriage. The date, time and place of both of my husband and my births, I have mentioned above. The reason for me to take your help is, even after a year and above, our relationship has not been that good. My husband is not that close to me. We still feel as strangers. Due to some unknown reasons both hesitate to share their feelings. This relationship has become more of a responsiblity then a joyful relationship.My husband is much more qualified then me and I am not that much highly qualified. Sir, there have been a lots of ups and downs in our relatioship so far, only God has protected the relationship. Sir please look into the compatibility ,will our lives continue like this itself or the relationship will improve. I am very much bothered about it because its the most important relationship we never want to loose it. Please provide us some remedy to improve our relationship.

    Thanks in advance

  74. to s.p. saranya
    ----------------your 10th lord(profession) in raasi(chandra) and dasamsa(guru) is in 9th.that means you are employed for long and our employment will be in foreign lands or with foreign contacts.

    lagna maanthi will make you a quarrelsome person. labna ord in practice silence and meditation. do not argue.2nd and 7th lord in 6th. you will have a tendency to talk ill of others when they are not present(kol solli).you have to change this will have specific ideas about your marriage. you may not reveal it to the proper person at porper time.your married life will not be successful if you do not leave your doubting nature.3,6th lord guru in 8th with lagna and 8th lord sukra. guru being a malefic place lord in 8th is good. but his assoiating with sukra i not that good. you have to avoid bad company. do not be attracted by cheap time pass entertainments like lottery, juke box etc.,4th5th lord sani in 3rd.that makes you a person with courage and a dogged determination. some times it will be like pitivaatham.
    your marriage will be in 2012. it is doubtful whether you will continue in job after the guru dasa and next sani dasa will be moderately good.their suya varga strength is minimum.bhuda dasa starts on 10 11 2038. that will be a good period.that will be upto2055.later part of life will be nice.

    worship saturn on every saturday.also anjaneya.

  75. To Shivani
    -----------There are different methods followed in match making in different parts of India. the south Indian method north Indians do not agree. So better I suggest you go by
    your local astrologers.

    ------------ Your are a makara lagna subject.
    So your 1st(general life), 2nd(money, words,eye) house lord is sani. 4th(education, mother, comforts) and 11th(profit) lord sevvai.
    Sani is also the profession signifactor. Sani in raasi chart sits in tenth place.Sani is the lord for management administration. Sani and mars jointly sit in nAvamsa and dsamsa. so all chances of getting into managrial position.

  77. TO AMS
    ------ Your husband is a makara lagna subject both in raasi and navamsa. lagna lord sani got into mesha and in debilitation.luckily sani has the aspect of both sukra and guru who are in 10th(profession).the bagaya sthana lord bhuda got combusted by suryaa. the 10th lord sukra in retrogation .lagna lord sani and the profession signifactor sani is in debilitation and in retrogation. neecham and vakram. that is the reason for problems in employment.

    now the dasa bhukthi is kethu dasa sukra bhukthi upto 13-06-2010.some what better as sukra is the 10th lord and yogakaraka.

    guru transits to kumba on 15-12-09 and starts aspecting 12th 2nd 4th to raasi and 6,8,1oth to lagna. that position may help.after 3may 2010 guru aspects raasi, 3rd and 5th place to raasi from meena. that position may help.

    let us pray dakshinamoorthy, pillayar, ambal, and anjaneya. let the month of thai bring good news to of luck.

  78. to lovely-monu
    in your charts surya, the indicator of govt jobs and govt dealings, is much pronounced. in raasi chart surya in exaltation.though he is the 6th lord, giving place to guru(10th,profession), he has occupied 2nd in looks at 10th profession place and the exalted surya in navamsa surya in lagna itself and he is the 2nd lord ,kataka being the lagna and a friend's dasamsa surya becomes the 10th lord and he sits in his own place. so you are a govt. official only.
    raghudasa guru bhukthi from 16-02-2010 will see you passing out as a govt servant.

    in the present transit guru coming to kumba and aspects raasi simmah from 16-12-09..this will help you of luck

  79. to arumuga nainar-
    in your daughter's chart though 4th(eduction)lord guru in 8th, lagna lord got debilitated in 7th meenam but joined by sukra the 9th lord.
    bhuda's debilittion got cancelled. so she will study there are very many yogams like
    malaviya, neecha banga, lakshmi, gajakesari,
    amala, sanga yogams her education and wealth will be nice.she can study maths, commerce, accountancy, philosophy.also drwing and music,

    except lagna all planets are between raghu and her marriage can wait till 30 tears.

    she can shine as a computer thechnorat also

    as raghu is with moon in kataka,in navamsa alao raghu is connected with chandra, her mental health should be given more attension.
    have you made an iq test if she is dull in studies?

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  81. Many Many Thanks Krishnan sir...

    Great Regards
    Lovely monu

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  83. to raaghav mahajan
    ---------------------in your raasi chart 4th(house property)bhuda in hidden 12th place. the 6th(loan) lord mars in lagna itself and got combusted by the present transit guru the sixth house lord is in debilitation. this position changes on 15-12-09.sani your 4th lord to moon raasi is in 12th as on today
    kethu is in 9th place. so baagya place is affected. guru transits to kumba on 16-12-09,
    and aspects 9th to raasi and control kethu.
    and 11th(profit) and raasi. so loan papers will start moving.

    the dasa bukthi is guru dasa bhuda bhukthi upto you will win.

    your employment is going dasa kethubhukthi which starts on 10-05-2010, may take you to foreign lands. bst of luck.

  84. to asfasf-prashanth
    --------------------your 10th lord is sani and
    sani is sitting in makara his own place itself with can shine in politics or cooperating with can be a good manager and can succeessfully manage maasses.
    you can be succeessful as a can do real estate do well in marine engineering,mining may be interested in travelling will have
    lateral thinking. so useful in computer will have interest in religious may do spritual talks in public. you may produce raw materials and make sales,best wishes

  85. Thank You for your prompt response!!!

  86. to krithika
    -----------1. you may get the job in july, august, sep 2010. mostly in foreign only. may get marriage in 2012.
    3. only 50%chances of love marriage.bhuda the planet for boy friend in neecham with uchch a not able to say whether you will succeed in love.
    4.yours is not a 100% helthy may experience some heart problems. control diet. avoid junk food. oily food. fatty food.

  87. 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
    stop posting here. GO TO Q&A DEC09-2


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  89. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    as this thread is over flowing ,
    go to

    thank you you you you you you you you


  90. Dear Sir,

    Thank you much, regarding my daughter's horoscope prediction.


  91. Dear Sir,

    I am running a software business , which started off well but seems to be slowing down.We lost a lot of money in our expansion plans.Please advise as to how things would be in 2010 for me and my business.

    Name: SRIV
    Gender: Male
    DOB : May 20,1963
    POB : Neyveli, TamilNadu
    Time of Birth: 3:45pm


  92. Dear Krishnan Sir
    At present Iam going through lots of stress in my work situation.I may loose my job my house etc It is quite bad -I can loose my lively hood - I have always have helped people- I have done free medical camps for poor people even as a student for many years./I have done one mistake - Iam being punished in a big way as it is and OOP/
    can you please tell me whether the things will be all right in the months to come
    DOB 15 10 1957 TOB 12.30 midnight (around) PLace Of Birth Palayamkottai Tirunelveli Tamil nadu Name Balu Subramaniam /Can you please give some indication and your advise please

  93. Dear Krishnan Sir
    i did write to you today
    Just to confirm My request Is that I want to know whether I will be able to come out of the present situation sooner
    Will there be any long term implications
    Whether this will affect my family as well
    How do I rectify this
    Time of Birth around 12.30 Midnight
    PlaceOf Birth Palayamkottai-tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
    Date 15 10 1957
    Can you please answer my questions please

  94. Dear Sir,
    I have doubt in my Rasi and Natsatra, in my Jhathagam it is mention as Rasi-Katakam and Punar Pusam. But when I checked with Astrology software it shows Rasi- Midhunam and Punarvasa.
    Which is correct, please can you help me in this matter.

    My details

    Name- Pandi
    DOB- 04-May-1976, midnight 2.30AM
    Place- Sivaganga-TN

  95. Dear Sir

    My name is vijay Following are my detail

    DOB- 4-Sept 74
    TOB- 0020 Hrs
    POB- Trichur,Kerala
    Gender- Male

    Would like to know when I can get a new job and marriage would be fixed. While I had written earlier, nothing has materialized till now.


  96. Dear krishnan Sir.
    I Have wriiten to you yesterday ( and few times before)
    can you please check and tell me about what is going to happen from my professional point of view- How will Things go in the 2010 year Iam very distressed
    DOB 15 10 1957
    Time around 12 .30 midnight
    Rasi Mithunam -
    Nakshatram Punar poosam
    Place Palayamkottai Tirunelveli India

  97. Dear Krishnan Sir
    I have written to you several times about my situation.Iam quite distressed my job situation.I am wondering whether I will be able to get a favourable help in my job point of view as last 18 months have been agony.
    I do pray to dakshinamoorthy /
    My DOB 15 10 1957
    Place Palayamkottai Tirunelveli Time of Birth around 12 30 mid night
    Naksthram Punar poosam
    Rasi Mithunam
    Can you please give some idea what will happen from my job point of view as well other implications
    S Balu

  98. Thank you very much Krishnan sir for the detailed information & suggestions u gave me!!!i will surely follow your was really great of u bcoz ur prediction about my character was mostly true sir!!! sir , my parents wish to know when is guru balam time for me & wen can they start seeing horoscopes matching of boys for my marriage....
    my details :
    DOB : 12th july 1988
    POB: chennai
    TOB : 14:05
    Gender : female

  99. Dear Sri Krishnan,
    My son who was married in July 2001, has not yet been blessed with a child. We are very concerned about the delay in his Puthra bhagyam. I will be grateful if you can study the horoscope and advise when he will get a child. Giving below his birth particulars:

    Date of birth--25/1/1974 12.40
    Time--- 12.40 noon
    Place of birth----Mumbai

    I am also furnishing the birth details of his wife, as it may be needed for the study.
    Date of birth of his wife-- 11/5/1977
    Time----4-30 AM
    Place ---Chennai

    Awaiting your reply

    P.S. Narayanan

  100. hi this is shobha s.g. i am from mysore. my date of birth is 22nd December 1979 time 12.17 pm , place Srirangapatna, on saturday, my question : when is my marriage exactly at what date pls infome me