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ASTROLOGY---Q & A----DEC''09--2

Please post your questions for Dec'09 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&Gender;even for second and subsequent questions.

Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future".A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What I can answer to such questions?

Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only there is very confidential matters to disclose.GOOD LUCK.


  1. Hello Sir,

    I am enquiring for my husband. He lost his job in August and still no luck on the job front. He is also studying for his MBA.

    Can you please help and let us know when he will be able to secure a job and also his future job prospects

    Here are his details.

    DOB: Nov 18 1970
    TOB: 10:30 am
    POB: Bangalore

    Thanks and regards.

    I apologize that i mistyped his time of birth wrong last time. His lagna is Dhanus.

  2. TO AMS
    ---------Yes your husband's lagna is dhanus and rasi kataka which is chandra lagna.
    The lagna lord guru and 10th(profession) lord bhuda are combusted by surya and lost power.
    10th lord and the 9th baagya lord in 12th place hidden sani the profession signifactor
    sani in mesham in debilitation. These may be the reasons for loosing job.
    Kethu dasa sukra bhukthi upto 2-07-2010.
    Not favourable as sukra is 6th 11th lord to dhanus lagna.From then on kethu dasa surya bhukthi upto 7-11-2010. As surya is the baagya sthanahipathi that dasa bhukthi may be useful.

    For kataka raasi sani in 3rd raghu in 6th are good.Kethu in 12th gives viraya and in his dasa with enemy sukra has given trouble.
    The ashta varga paral for 10th place is 39 above expectation. That will solve his unemployment problem.The suya varga paral is 3 uniformly for all planets except sani who has only 1 bindu and sukra has 4 bindus. So profession signifactor sani is weak in raasi chart as also ashta varga.

    So the job front will be always having some troule.How ever he will over come it by hard work.As his 3rd place has guru's aspect he will have lot of self confidence and couage.

    As mars aspect sani,he will be a short tempered
    person. As kataka is the raasi, he will be emotional and sentimental.In kethu dasa he will have a tendency to hate the worldly pleasures.So quarrelsome.As the divine thoughts overwhelmn him, any other talk will irritate him.
    On 3-05-2010 guru will go to meenam in athisaram-fast forward.And aspect raasi, 3rd and fifth places. As guru aspects sani job hunt will be over and the dasa bhukthi will become some what favourable from 2-07-2010.
    The yogakaraka mars who is in kataka itself in debilitation will also move to simma by july 2010.So for another 6 months this problem has to be endured.
    Worship vinayaka. Chant surya gayathri. Best of luck.

  3. Dear Krishna Sir, Thanks a lot.
    Would request you advise for brother as well.
    Below is the details,

    Name: Ajeet Kumar
    DOB: 13/08/1968
    TOB: 12AM-1AM
    POB: Bhuvneshwar, Orissa
    Sir, he is struggling in his life. Pls do let me know by when he will be having good job & by when his good time will start.


    ---------------------THE following two positions have delayed his prospects. one is all planets are hemmed between raghu and kethu(except moon which is just one degree out side) the profession signifactor sani is in neecham(signifactor) in all the three charts, raasi, navamsa, dasamsa.
    okay the first 95% sarpadosha is over when he completd sani dasa will not come in his life time, only sani bhukthis and antharams are to be cared to.

    present dasa, surya dasa and raghu subperiod will be over on 15-08-2010.then guru sub period will be good for of luck.

  5. Hello,
    My post got lost in the previous pages, so I thought I will post my query again. I asked you about my marriage prospects and you predicted that I might get married in 2010. There are 2 proposals , a guy I like who is not sure if I am the girl he wants to marry and a guy chosen by my parents who I dont like much. One doesnt want to go back to India , as I wish to after some years and the other doesnt want to come to the US, which requires atleast 2 years of separation. Either way I have to make compromises. My question is what will my married life like whoever I marry.

    Date: 22nd december 1979
    Time : 18:36
    Place: Bhopal

  6. To Krithika
    ----------- I am not a type who simply say something by noting one or 2 points. I get a full picture before telling even a small point.
    your wrongly quoted earler study took 1 hr of my time.Now you come again with a corrected time. Another one hour for study and more time to type. Because this is a free forum people take it casually.If they are squeezed by demanding money for each question, then they will be careful. I live in a moffusil town. Some 6years ago,I consulted a professional astrologer here for match making for my second daughter's marriage. The astrologr took 3 minutes to reject the groom's horoscope.He demanded Rs.250/-for the consultation.If that is the case 5years ago ,that too in rural town
    imagin how much you have to pay through your nose in a city like Madras or Bombay now-a-days.If you are not sure of your time of birth, why did you post the question at the first instance? Becuase of such slipshod bloggers, I am now spnding 15 hrs continuously before the computer.That too for nothing in return.Even thanks message I get only 5%that is only one out of 20 give a thanks.Some times I am forced in to frustration and think of quitting this thankless pass time.
    1. AS YOUR lagna is makara and the lagna lord sani is in 10th(profession place) thulam and in exaltation.mars the 4tth lord(education place) is also in 10th.Mars and sani makes you
    a adament, dogged detrmination, commanding like a dictator,furious person.You can create a fear complex in others mind and extract work from people whom you can enslave.So management is your cup of tea.You can be succeessful as a fierce manager.You can get that position.The succeess in that field will be 60% as mars in retrogation and sani ,though in exalttaion, also in retrogtion.So professional success will be may get your job in raghu dasa sani sub period and sukra antharam that is fromsep 2010 to mar 2011.your 7th lord(marriage)chandra in uchcham.but got burnt by surya.your married life will be fairly good. 58% for married life.

    No need for matching for love affairs. When you have decided to marry a known person, horoscope predition is not necessary. You have the real life experience.That is more than sufficient to juge a person.If we probe the horoscope some negatives may crop up.That may even lead to cancel the love affair.So I am not probing that from match making angle.

    As Sukra and Chandra are together, you must be suffering from urinery infection and disease connected with abdominal regions. Aa sani in exaltation, the problems will be only of occasional nature.

  7. to rashmi
    ------------all your planets ar between raghu and kethu. lagna alone escaped from this arrest.that is some relief.that is the reason for your still unmarried at 30 years. also the 7th house surya has also delayed the marriage.

    my suggestion is try mariiage with the person with whom you have personal contacts already.
    programme your timing acording to that.
    no need for horoscope matching. best of luck.

  8. Mr.Krishnan Sir, Thank you very much for kind words and detailed analysis.
    One thing u mentioned was very closely related - FAMILY BUSINESS- My father was businessman and after he passed away(1986) all our establishments vanished. if he is alive - i would joined Family business.

    Some clarifications Sir, for DOB-23/07/73 POB-Chennai - TOB-3:10 AM you said in above "The time is good upto 14-03-2012"
    My understanding - as you said chandran dasa very good with 87.5% ,do i have scope for successful business ventures only within 14-03-2012 period?
    a)Does my chevai dasai good for me better than chandra dasa?
    b)In business/JOB Wise after 2012 business/JOB will be as better than chandran dasa ?
    c)How suitable is to partner with below jathakar how will be my relationships.
    DOB=4/4/1974 TOB=6:11 AM ;POB=CHENNAI
    DOB=1/4/1972 TOB=4:00 AM ;POB=MARTHANDAM

  9. Dear Sir,
    DOB- 07/11/1986
    TOB- 11 PM
    POB- Bangalore, Karnataka

    DOB- 20/03/1989
    TOB- 7 30 AM
    POB- Pali, Rajasthan

    Sir, I have been posting my problem from many days. But due to some problem it got lost.Sir I wanted to know the compatibility between the couple whose details I have mentioned above. Sir they got arranged marriage a year before and have faced lot of problems in their relationship within a year. Please find the compatibility and suggest remedies.


  10. Thank you Sir. I really appreciate your efforts in helping others like me.

    You really are an inspiration to all .You make me believe that good does exist and there are people ready to help others without asking anything in return. I guess the only way we all can repay you is by being like you and helping others who might need our help. Thanks once again.

  11. DOB:13/10/1984
    Time:1:31 am

    Sir thank you for all your earlier predictions for me. I am not sure if you remember my chart. I asked you about getting a job.

    I want to do an MBA from a top university in the US and was wondering if my chart shows any indications about that.

    Also will I settle down in the US specifically?

    How will my relationship with my parents be, I am the only son and am very close to my mother.I just wanted to see if I will have a great relationship with my parents.

    Lastly how will my married life turn out? Will it be smooth and approximately when will I get married.

    Also will I be able to do very well in my career and reach top/senior position.

    Thanks for all your earlier predictions and your wonderful service to everyone.


  12. Respected Sir,

    My details are
    date of birth: 2nd august 1977
    Place of birth: bombay
    Time: 2:10am

    I am doing my dad's business , working as a contractor doing ok. will this situation improve?
    what can you predict about my future? good times? marriage?
    I am going through sani dasa now, how is the time after this dasa ?

    Thanks for your time,

  13. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    At the age of 60+ please do not strain yourself too much. This is a noble service but should not be at the cost of your health. I am aware you are also facing few minor health problems (hope your swollen foot is okay). I have been seeing this blog and the number of questions have tripled in the last few months –few of them turning out to be casual ones.

    Krishnan Sir, please re-consider sitting 15 hours a day in front of the computer at your age with no significant aid.

    With respects, I sincerely suggest you take care of your health and answer only questions where the people are really in a dire situation in their life. For others to get your answer, they should contribute to the Annadhanam (the contribution with which you feed destitutes and challenged people).

    I am sure not many readers like what I have written but I beg to appeal to all of you to contribute to annadhanam. Please read the Annadhanam thread separately for further details.

    Thanks & Regards

  14. Sir,
    When will my sister get married?
    will she settle down in india or abroad?

    her details are
    DOB: 20-10-79
    TOB: 8:20pm
    POB: Mumbai.


  15. Name:Subramanian
    DOB: 26.06.1973
    POB: Virudhunagar
    Time of Birth: 6.05PM
    Sex: Male
    After I completed my education in 1994 things have taken a downturn & till now it has not changed.When can I expect things to change.Will I ever have sexual happiness in my life

  16. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your time. I am again extremely sorry and apologise for the wrong time of birth. I understand how much of trouble it must have been. It is really very kind of you indeed to have looked it up again.
    I shall definitely report back to you when they happen.

    Thank you once again !


  17. Name-Arpit Mandliya
    Birthplace-Bhanpura(Near mandsaur)
    madhaya pradesh
    Birthtime-3:28 AM
    I am pursuing B.E. final year,i have given my MBA exam on 6th Dec,but was not gone upto my expectation.I am very much disturbed after that.
    Please tell me whether i should go for MBA or not.I am very tensed about my future.
    Enlighten me what should I do?
    Is this due to bad luck?
    I am working very Hard but results are not coming upto expectation.
    Plz help...
    Thanks in Advance

  18. TO WINS
    ------- 1. IF SOME TIME FRAME IS GIVEN THAT IS THE END OF IT.that date was given as that was the end of chandra dasa bhuda bhukthi. bhuda being 5th and 2nd lord and indicator of business. all time is good only.
    2.chevvai becomes not only 7th lord also the 12 th lord. chevvai has 4 points in suya chevvai dasa will give 50% benefit only. chevvai in 11th. the 11th place has just average parals.if it has more paralas we can say chevvai dasa will be good. the 11th lord guru becoming neecham is good as you are rishaba lagna subject.
    3. when the beneficial bhukthi antharam comes even during a malefic dasa, development can be felt. it has to be decided only when you take a
    fresh venture.
    4.for matching consult a professional astrologer paying his dakshina. then only it will come true.

  19. To Shann
    -------- There are different methods of matching the horoscopes. I do not know what methods of which state you followed . In Tamilnadu we would not have matched these two horoscopes.
    The girls raasi simmah;the boys raasi is makara. They are 6x8.This is called sashta ashtaka.We do not take this type for marriage,in Tamilnadu.
    No rasi, rasi athipathi, star and ghana matching.
    Boy has all his planets got arrested between raghu and kethu in raasi chart. Such people should get married only after age 30.
    Boy is running raghu dasa.So the problem has escalated.

    Do sarpa shanthi as is the practice in your area.Pray to Shiva with Parvathi and Ganesh and Karthikeya on their parents' lap.That picture can be kept and worshipped daily.

    Chant raghu gayathri,surya gayathri and and guru gayathri.

    ---------IN THE BHAVATHI BALAN YOUR 4TH(EDUCATION)bhava gets 2nd 4th place 7th lord sani in exaltation with that place lord sukra a friend. so management you can study.
    raghu dasa is srunning; favourable for foreign stay.your kataka lagna is a sararaasi. lagnathipathi chandra is in mesha, a sara rasi.chandra has 6 points in suya you shall get a footing till the raghu dasa is over that is ypto 27-07-2025.
    relationship with mother will be more pronounced than father. sutya(father) has 5 parals.chandra(mother has 6 may get married in feb 2012. your married life will be nice. wife will be dominant of luck.

  21. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000



  22. Dear Sir,

    Please find below MY WIFE'S BIRTH DETAILS

    DOB : 06/12/1977
    TIME : 13.40 PM


  23. Dear Sir,
    let me introduce myself

    i am subramanian
    now i am out of job,when will i get
    when can i hope to get married

    Place of Birth:Madurai(Tamilnadu)
    Rasi: Makaram
    it has been long time i had good times.
    would you please tell me what to do and what will be a solution.


  24. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Since last one year, my health is not upto the mark. I have a Gastrick problem, have chest pain specially in heart that starts paining heavily sometimes. Beside this I often goes under depression. Pls suggest why this all is happening to me & what would be the remedies.
    My details is as below,

    DOB: 28/09/1977
    Time: 5.55 AM
    Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sujeet Kumar

  25. Dear Sir

    My name is vijay Following are my detail

    DOB- 4-Sept 74
    TOB- 0020 Hrs
    POB- Trichur,Kerala
    Gender- Male

    Would like to know when I can get a new job and marriage would be fixed. While I had written earlier, nothing has materialized till now.


  26. Dear Mama,

    As promised, I had written a couple of important & detailed mails to you, a week back, regarding my sister. I hope you have checked the same. Sincerely waiting for your replies. Thanks so much, once again. God Bless You!

  27. To Paul- Saravanan-To his Sister
    -------------------Pl. do not post for more than one person at a time.I had cast the horoscope for your sister and finding the replies for you. This cofusion because you posted with out waiting for my reply for your question first.

    She will start getting alliance talks from now on. The matter will be settled after May 2010, she will be having marriage any time after 2-06-2010.
    Regarding her chances of settling down in foreign country is 70%

    You can shine in family business as your 3rd lord chandra in 10th and the 10th lord sani in have to be careful in all your new dealings as the 10th lord sani is combusted by may be doing much talking in your profession. so choose the correct word to express yourself lest you will be misunderstood.
    your future is good.your marriage may take place in 2013 in sani dasa guru bhukthi.
    next dasa bhuda dasa being 2,5th lord's dasa it will be nice only.bhuda has 5 binus in suya varga out of 8. good luck.

  29. To Subramanian
    --------------- Your question is vague. What is down turn? Are you employed now or not? What is sexual happiness? Do you want to know when you will get married? Or are you not satified in your married life? Already married?This type of vague questions may get only vague answers.Please see the article 'why astrologers go wrong?' in the archive.

  30. To Arpit
    --------You are required to work hard to pass exams as bhuda thelord of education had been combusted by surya. But your 4th, education place lord mars is in 2nd.The tenth lord sukra is in 4th education place. All these go to show that you can be succeessful in education if you work hard.

  31. Dear Sir ,
    In 2005 i had a very complicated pregnancy and finally by crossing lots of hurdles and god's grace I delvered a healthy baby although he was premature and i had to take too much care and now he is growing up very healthly and beautifully .

    now i'm again pregnant .. having blood pressure and feeling in general low . but looking forward for the pregnancy . how will my pregnancy go through the next 9 months ..

    will i be able to deliver a healthy normal child ? will it be a boy or a girl ......though both are warmly welcome in my life . how will my health be .
    sir pls guide me . pls be open to me .even if there is something negative i will take it with a open mind .
    thank you sir so much .

    My DATE OF BIRTH is 13-05-1970,TIME OF BIRTH is 4:32 am, PLACE OF BIRTH is ranchi in india , CURRENT LIVING PLACE is mumbai in india.


  32. Dear Sir,

    My sister's date of birth is 29th nov 1985 time is 9:45 pm , place of birth kolkata.

    My sister is very talented in singing and participates in singing competition of various tv channels .

    What is her career prospects .......?will she hiit something big in singing or go to some other career ?
    My parents are also very worried about her marriage . is this the right time for her marriage . what type of groom will be suitable for her ? is their any hindrances in her marriage . Will she be happy in her marriage .
    pls answer my queries . waiting eagerly for your response .

    5th lord chandra in 7th with raghu and maanthi with kethu in lagna itself had given your wife nervous debility. However bhuda guru parivarthana and aspecting each other had saved her from running insane.

    Consult neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologists if need be. Apart from scientific medicine, avoid constipation. Drink ginger juice to controll piththa.Treat her like a child with loving care and gentleness.
    Make her see comedy sccnes and avoid serious weeping serials on TV.

    Read my article annadanam and tell fiends. Help the mentallay challngd to whom I porvide meals.

  34. To Pyramid(Subramaniam)
    -----------------------You may post again with correct time of birth , date of birth, place of birth gender, as you have not mentioned TOB.
    ASK DIRECT QUESTION. I can not do any guess work.

  35. Sir my details
    My Name-sowmya

    sowmya - 08/08/1983 9:25 AM tamilnadu chennai ..

    Actually i am a software professional,work progress is so dull,

    i am also getting disinterested these days...

    Is it the right field for me that i can make progress in ?

    Or can i change line - say do MBA/ME ,change mode of work??

    ---------Your 5,6th lord is Sani.Sani is in hidden place to lagna that is in 12th. Lagna lord and 9th lord are also in 12th.Though all of them are friends , but went into 12th and in a foe's place.That is the cause of your problems.Moreover sani is having only 2 0ut 0f
    8 points in suya varga. That is why you have health and mind problem.

    Take proper treatment. Worship Hanumanji.Donot allow constipation. Drink ginger juice alternative days .Do abdominal breathing pranayanama learning from a master.

  37. Respected Sir...

    i am female who will be 28 years soon. from last 5 years i am not able to find prospective groom. i and my parents are mentally disturbed..i dont know if i have marriage denial in my horoscope..
    when will i meet my husband and get married?

    am i having bad time of my life now....


    Please do reply sir...

    Thank you

    -------------your chandra dasa kethu bhukthi will be over on 21-03-2010.Then sukra bhukthi.
    let us hope that will bring you some good things in life.From 3-05-2010 guru will be in meenam in athisaram (fast forward).That time may bring marriage. It is my prayer and hope.
    you also pray.

  39. Dear Sir,

    I have confusion in my Rasi, as per my Jhathagam Rasi is Katakam. When I went through astrology software is midhunam. For others Rasi and other datas is matching with software, so i ahve confusion in my Rasi- which one I have to follow. My data

    DOB- 4May1976 midnight 2.30AM

    Please give me solution, which rasi i have to follow.

    I am planning to leave my current job, because last 2-1/2 years I suffered with my job, still there is no improvement, so I want to leave my job and searching another. What is your suggestion.

    Please help me


  40. TO MM

  41. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    pls send your postal address to my e-mail id


  42. Dear Mama,

    Please do not misunderstand me. I had never ever intended to misuse your sincere services. Nor did I ever intend to burden you with more load, by emailing you.

    If you remember, you had done an initial reading for my sister, in which you had said a lot of negative things regarding her immediate future. And I had written back to you, saying that, since a lot of the stuff was quite personal in content, regarding the developments in her life, I could mail you in detail regarding the same, if at all you prefer sharing your mail id.

    And you wrote back a reply on your blog, and also gave me your mail id, and it was only after getting your consent, did I mail you the details regarding the developments in her personal life, to assist you in a detailed reading. I'm sorry, if at all I inconvenienced you by any means. Let me know what must I do now.

    That apart, I've never ever intended to abuse your free service. Infact I'm very much planning to contribute to your other social activities like Annadaanam etc., once I start earning well in my career (Which you had predicted, would begin from this month end onwards).

    Sincerely hope you don't take my request in a wrong manner. My humble Namaskaarams once again! God Bless You always! I'll pray for your good health as well.

    ----------YOU ARE LIKELY to get a male child
    again. now sury dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 15-09-2010.bhuda being 3.6th lord it is combusted by surya. so the bhuda bhukthi will hve to do good surya worship of luck.
    ps: be on the alert due to your age.

  44. To Aakriti
    ----------Your sister's lagna being kataka and the 4th and 11th lord being sukra in 5th shows she can be an artist. How ever lagnathipathi in 12th shows her professional life will be having many twists and turns. She may settle down in foreign country.That may stop her artist work.She may be doing some commece work with computer.As the seventh lord s sani and in cumbustion by surya, you have to make careful choice of her life partner.

  45. To Sowmya
    All the planets are between raghu nd kethu. You finished your 7.5 year sani period in sep 09 only.You are running raghudasa kethu bhukthi upto 1-11-2010. So any change is not adviced.The 1,10th lord bhuda and 2,9th lord sukra in 12th has also added to the obstacles.

    We may think of any change or new study after prayerful.

    --------------- THE 7TH LORD MARS WENT INTO
    12th.9th lord is burnt by surya,and skra lagna lord in vakram retrogation. these are the may get your marriage in chadra dasa chandra bhukthi in nov wishes.

  47. to ips-pandi
    you take mithuna as your can try for job change may get the change before march 2010.

  48. Mama,
    Hope you are doing fine.

    This is for my friend.
    She is a nice person but still not able to get married though I cannot see why ? (she is running 35).
    Her parents are also searching and doing all navagraha preethis/pariharams..but nothing is working..
    Now after seeing lots of alliances / guys..
    She has become v.pessimistic and lost any hope of ever finding a life-partner or getting children.
    Although she is bright enough , she has never been too successful in job ,
    and never ever been able to go onsite or prove herself.

    So all these together have created a negative defeated attitude in her, now she does not want to meet any more guys through alliances.. This has lead to a wedge between her parents and my friend.

    1) Is there any indication in horoscope that she will be unmarried ?(her marriage bhava is not strong perhaps?)..
    Is her job bhava also weak?.(Being a kumbha rasi..due to ashtama sani she lost her job on Sep30. May be only temporarily.)

    2) Will she succeed if she searches for a life-companion on her own (instead of through parents? ).

    3) Is there any exact dasa/ bukthi period during which we can make her get married (through prayers ).

    DOB : 16 Oct 1975.
    TOB : 5.30 A.M
    POB : Mayavaram .
    Gender : Female.

    Since i don't want to clutter up with extra posts, i am thanking you in advance for all the help you
    are doing to us.

  49. Dear Krishnan Sir/ I have written several timesto you iam not sure whether my mail has reached you or Not
    I am very worried about my JOB situation -Iam quite distressed about my job I want to know things about my job and my reputation will be better in 2010
    DOB 15 10 1957
    TOB 12 30 pm
    Place Palayamkottai
    Mithuna rasi Punar poosam
    Thanks for your attention

  50. Respected Krishnan Sir,

    Thanks for all the predictions for myself and my sister.
    Sir since i am doing business, I am most often short of cash, even for personal expenses etc, most often the cheques are delayed from the work. so there are months where I need to take money for loan etc. Is this because of sani dasa, or would this situation change soon. This cash crunch always is a big problem.
    my details are
    DOB: 2/8/1977
    TOB: 2:10 AM
    POB: Bombay

    Saravanan Paul

  51. To Subramanian
    ----------------You have been posting in Dec09-1 column even after I have instructed you not to post there.I shift to a new thread if the old is bulging and becomes slow due to load.People do not read the closing announcement and go on posting in the old thread.

    Yours is Thiruvathiri 2 quarter as per computer Trikanitha almanac. You might have a horoscope cast by vakya almanac. Better take this computer horoscope.

    In your horoscope the 10th place to lagna is Kanya and it has 9th lord surya,7,10th lord bhuda, 1,4th lord guru, and 5,12 th lord chevvai.Bhuda ,chevvai, and guru got combusted-burnt-by surya.That is why you have a question about employment even at the age of 52.

    Your raasi is mithuna.Guru has come to kumba and aspecting raasi mithuna where kethu is sitting from oct 09 end. So kethu's effect on raasi is controlled till 3-05-2010.
    Then guru transits to meenam 10th to raasi and 4th to lagna.That time you may expect some change in your job. You may get a promotion and favourable transfer.From now to Sep2012
    dasa bhukthi is favourable.Good luck.

  52. Respected kmr.krishnan ji

    Thank u very very much for the reply... i was really tensed about my marriage.i thought i have marriage denial

    Best regards

  53. Dear Krishnan Sir
    Thank you so much I will keep you posted about my job in future
    I want to know whether any loss of job is a possiblity or any severe punishment is a possiblity at this point
    I have been incurring lot of money loss in the last 18 months mental agony stress etc/ Will it become betetr after the Guru transit

  54. to venus friend
    ----------------1. there is no indication that
    your friend remains unmarried for ever. guru in 7th with kendra athipathya dosham and in retrogation ha scaused the delay.from 31-03-2010 to 1-09-2010 sani dasa sukra bhukthi nd guru antharam. if properly tried she may get married in that period.her 7th(marriage) bhava gets 8th rank. hence the delay.
    her 10th place has mars an enemy to lagna. but in navamsa same mars had become a yogakaraka. so profession is not weak. on 3-05-2010 guru transits to meenam from wher guru will aspect 10th to raasi. both marriage and job will be getting closer to her.
    2.sukra in 12th in raasi chart and raghu iin 12th in navamsa chart indicates she can have unusual ,non traditional marriage reltionship.
    she may choose her partner.
    make navgrha pradakshina on saturdays.

    -----------------THE YOGAKARAKA,9TH,10TH LORD SANI GOT COMBUSTED BY SURYA.That is the reason. That is why the sani dasa had not given much benefit.


  57. Mama ,
    Thank you for your predictions.
    I will convey this to my friend's parents.

    But just a small doubt .. when you said ,
    "sukra in 12th in raasi chart and raghu in 12th in navamsa chart indicates she can have unusual ,non traditional marriage relationship."

    By "unusual marriage relationship" did you mean to say that she will be having some affair without regular marriage Or something like extra-marital ? Because as far as i know she has got clean habits.
    Hope i did not mis-understand what you said.
    Thanking you very much..

  58. Dear Mr. Krishnan,

    DOB :Nov. 16th, 1961
    TOB: 1:41pm
    POB: Mangalore, Karnataka
    Gender : Female

    Please let me know how things will be from professional, job hunt, financial and personal/family side. Please look into these as the last 2-3yrs have been very very difficult from professional, financial and personal standpoint. Any remedial measures you would like to suggest.

    Thank you for all you do as a service to the people that seek help. It is truly your greatness that speaks of you.


    PS: Wishing you and your family a very Happy and healthy 2010. May God bless all of you.

  59. Thank you very much Krishnan sir for the detailed information & suggestions u gave me!!!i will surely follow your was really great of u bcoz ur prediction about my character was mostly true sir!!! sir , my parents wish to know when is guru balam time for me & wen can they start seeing horoscopes matching of boys for my marriage....
    my details :
    DOB : 12th july 1988
    POB: chennai
    TOB : 14:05
    Gender : female

  60. TO VENUS
    -------Need not read between the lines.Her marriage may not be a tradiional affair. As you asked whether she can choose on her own
    I just found that possibilty is very present in the horoscope as sukra is in 12th.

  61. I was born in Coimbatore on 14th may 1960 at 4.55 AM. My star is Moolam and in the horoscope, Suryan sukran and Budhan are in the lagnam(mesham)and rahu in the 5th house. Guru sani and chandran are in the 9th house, ketu in the 11th and Sevvai in the 12th.

    My question is my career has not really peaked. I have been getting good jobs but unable to retain them. Rahu dasa( the current dasa) rahu bhukti was dull. I did get a very good job but lost it. Rahu dasa guru bhukti which is currently going on has not been very favorable either. I have lost yet another job and currently lloking for one. Will this continue? What is the defect and what is the pariharam?

    I shall be extremely thankful to you for an answer. I am completely frustrated

    I am unable to sleep very well at nights and this has been so for some years now. Please suggest aremedy for this dosham.

    Best regards


  62. Can you please advice me regarding my career? Is there any change for better in near future?

    Is there any chance for me to have a boy child?

    my details

    Time of birth: 11:58 pm
    Date of birth: January 12th 1978
    Place of birth: Visakhapatnam

  63. To Mangala
    -------------Your lagna and raasi are Kumba. Kumba is a nice lagna for females.In your case the lagnathipathi Saturn is weak.He is hidden in 12th with a powerlless 2(family,dhana)sthana lord Guru and Kethu.Sani has only 1 out of 8(12.5%) and Guru 3 out of 8(37.5%) in their suya varga. That is the reason for your feeling 'some what disenchanted life'Guru 2,11th lord though in debilitation
    gets that neecham cancelled,neecha banga. So his aspects will be 50% beneficial.Guru aspects 4,6,8. So you will have good mother,real estate ,vhicle ownership, fairly good health, manageble credits,long life and different source of income.
    Your 10th lord is Mars, Chevvai. His placement in his own place vrichika 10th place kendra gives you ruchika yogam. but surya affected mars by combustion. that is the reaosn for your hunting job even at the age of 48.
    Dasa bhukthi is Bhuda dasa Bhuda bhukthi upto 10-01-2011.As bhuda is your 5,8th lord the dasa will be 50% okay.His placement with yogakaraka Sukra with strong suyavarga points
    in 9th(bagaya) place has given you good things in life.

    In the present transit guru has come to your kumba raasi. Janma guru not good,but aspecting 5th will solve problems by children if any soon.Aspect to 7th will solve marital relationhip.Ninth will solve problems of father and give some lucky moments. This is upto 3-05-2010. Then Guru transits to Meenam and aspects 6,8,10th. So you will get a job of your choice after 3-05-2010. Health problem will get solved.More money will be under circulaion.
    As Sani is in 8th worship Anjaneya.


    ----------------In your raasi chart Sani is the 10th lord(profession). He has only 2 out of 8 in his suya varga strength.Only 25%. Jeevanakaraka and the 10th lord sani got weak. That is why struggling for job even at the age of 49.More over lagnaathipathi sevvai hidden n 12th
    In navamsa the 10th lord sukra got in to kanni
    and debilitated.

    In gochara guru is now in 3to raasi. not good.
    on 3-05-2010 guru goes to meenam.And will aspect 8,10,12 th to raasi.From then on things will start loking p in job front. Worship Anjaneya and Dakshinamoorthy.


  67. Dear sir,

    Thanks for your reply. Some astrolgers opined that there is Dharma Kamathipathi yogam in the horoscope and that Job front should be good. One had said that the 9th and the 10th positions are strong.However i am happy that you have suggested the remedies. Is there any particular day that I will have to perform archanai for anjaneya and dakshinamoorthy OR mere parayers will do?

    Thanks very much.

    Best Regards and namaskarams


  68. To Venkateswaran
    -------------------For Dharma karma athipathy yogam 9th lord and 10th lord should be in parivarthana, or in the same house or should aspect each other. In your case it is there as
    9th guru and 10th Sani are in guru's plaace along with 4th lord chandra.This yoga will give you name and fame as a righteous person.
    And riches for your needs and for making dharma. But when the 10th lord is weak with only 2 points out of 8 we can not depend on this yoga alone set right every thing.
    From your earlier posting I am given to understand that you have judged yourself as not so succeessful in job front.
    The reason is the suya varga paral of sani 10th lord and Jeevana karaka is very weak. But prayer can change every thing , not the horoscope. Horoscope should be ussed to know which planet is weak and which deity has to be propitiated.
    For sani Anjaneya on saturdays. For guru bhukthi Dakshinamoorthy on thursdays.And for raghu dasa north facing Durga on fridays 10-30am to 12 noon or sundays 4-30 pm to 6 pm.

  69. Dear Sri Krishnan,
    My son who was married in July 2001, has not yet been blessed with a child. We are very concerned about the delay in his Puthra bhagyam. I will be grateful if you can study the horoscope and advise when he will get a child. Giving below his birth particulars:
    Date of birth--25/1/1974 12.40
    Time--- 12.40 noon
    Place of birth----Mumbai
    I am also furnishing the birth details of his wife, as it may be needed for the study.
    Date of birth of his wife-- 11/5/1977
    Time----4-30 AM
    Place ---Chennai
    Awaiting your reply

  70. namaskaram sir,

    Thanks for the detailed reply. Please let me know what I can do for your social cause. I shall contribute.By the way,in myfirst posting when I mentioned that my career hasn't peaked, I meant that i have not reached the pinnacle yet. I have been getting good jobs but somehow not able to cling. Sorry to bother you again. Will I in the residual portion of my career rise high? OR should i have to settle with whatever i get. I am extremely anxious as I have a big financial liabilty that has to be cleared. I am not in arrears of any payment but worried about the future payments as I do not have ajob now. Can I expect a job in the next 1 month OR do I have to wait until 03/05/10 as indicated by you?

    My wife who was in senior position with a leading IT company is also in distress without a job as she had to leave end of Aug 2009. Her date o birth is 27/09/1964 time of birth is 5.10am and place of birth is Pakala( AP).She has Rohini as the birth star and lagnam is Simham.Budhan is in the lagnam, suryan in the 2nd house, ketu in the 5th house, sani in the 7th house, guru and chandran in the 10th house, rahu in the 11th and sevvai and sukran in the 12th.She is currently running sani dasa with sani bhukti. She must also get a good job. Please advise when this will happen and the parihara.

    Thanks once again.

    best regards


  71. To Nadai
    --------First I pray for your son and daughter-in -law. May God bless them with a bright child.Both can not be said to have puthra dosha.Both of them are of mesha lagna and kumba raasi. Both are now running guru dasa raghu bhukthi.
    In your son's horo sukran is combusted(burnt)
    and in rerogation. Guru in debilitation.In raasi, navamsa, and sapthamsa charts chevvai in lagna itself.In navamsa sukra though in exaltation but influenced by maanthi. Guru got hidden in 12th.His planets ,lagana and raasi are between raghu-kethu(except sani who is just one quarter out side)

    I can say similar equal negatives in your daughter-in -law's horo also.But what is the use in listing the negatives?

    Both are running guru dasa raghu bhukthi.Son completes it on 4-10-2010.DIL completes it on
    10-08-2011. Son has guru dasa raghu bhkthi sukra antharam upto 19-04-2010.then surya, chandra, sevvai antharam upt 4th oct. DIL has at the same time ragu bhukthi sani antharam, bhuda antharam etc.,

    So 2010 is good time. Take proper treatment from doctors if any defect. Eat food which increase the potency level. Go for a happy second honey moon.

    Sashti viratham, a trip to Rameswaram, and regular worship to nagar are sugeested.Best wishws.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

    ----------------IN YOUR wife's horo in raasi chart sukra, 10th(profession) lord got hidden in 12th.(luckily 12th lord moon got into 10th and exalted). That is why she was in job so far.That parivarthana was good.
    In navamsa the 10th lord surya went into 6th and hidden. But got exalted. One minus and one plus.In dasamsa the 10th lord sani got into lagna itself and got debilitated.

    In shat bavathi bala the 10th place gets 11th rank out of 12.
    Now sani dasa sani bhukthi is running. This period she is having complaining nature, quarelsome and intolerant.That will be upto
    25-01-2010.After that upto 27-07-2010 sani dasa sanibhukthi sukra antharam. As sukra is 10th lord in raasi chart his antharam will bring you reemployment.
    In ashta varga the paral is 35 for 10th. That is good. But jeevana karaka sani has '0'parals in suya varga.Sukran 10th lord has 3 out of 8 in suya varga.
    These are the reason for her stunted growth in employment. Okay get ready to accept new job after 24 01 2010.
    As said earlier as your 10th and jeevanakaraka has only 2 out of 8 points , you will have only medium succeess. To reach pinnacle is hard task for you."thai piranthaal vazi pirakkum".
    Please read the article on annadanam and see my cell number in the thread. Pl. contact me over phone to get the details.Best wishes.

  73. Dear Sri Krishnan,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. Your prayers and good wishes will be helpful. I shall advise my son your suggestions.
    I wish to consult you regarding my elder son also. He has been in US since 1991—eight years as a student and subsequently employed. Despite his long association there, he has not yet got green card (immigrant visa). This is causing lot of mental anguish and worry to him and consequently to us. I request you to examine his horoscope and inform us when he will succeed in getting the Green card and whether he will encounter any problems in this.
    Secondly, his career and earnings are just average, when compared to his education (Ph D in Engineering) and knowledge. When will his career/earnings blossom and rise.
    I am giving hereunder his birth particulars and would request you to advise us on both the points.
    Date of birth—28/10/1968
    Time of birth—20.38 pm
    Place New Delhi
    I have read the article on Annadanam

  74. Dear Sir,

    Name : Bhanu Prakash
    DOB : 05-09-1984
    TOB : 10:30 AM
    POB : Eluru

    Name : Ravi Prakash
    DOB : 08.08.1984
    TOB : 04:57 AM
    Place : Eluru

    Sir, we both are having jobs temporarly. we are planing to go to Banglore for jobs... can we take a change now. Can we try now or should wait for long time ?>

  75. Dear Mr. Krishnan,

    Thank you for your detailed explanation, altho I do not understand everything in the astr' language, I truly appreciate the time and effort you put in to analyze. I will pray to Lord Anjaneya, you too please pray for my achieveing my goals, as I feel sometimes God listens to other people's prayers. Please also pray so I can be blessed with a male child, as that may change things for me entirely. At least that is my wishful thinking, as I have been struggling now since i would say about 3-4 yrs, from all aspects and angles. Thank you again Sir, for your selfless seva, I cannot thank you enough for all your hrlp and suggestions.

    May the New Year fulfill all your wishes and bestow you and your family with good health and harmony.

    Best regards,

  76. To Nadai
    Your son's problems regarding his green card and jobs are reflected in the ashtavarga, suya varga and bhvathibalam.9th place is the place for foreign travel assignments. In ashtavrga 9th place has only 25 bindus much lesser than
    the average. The 9th lord saturn has only 2 out of 8. And in bhavathi balam the 9th place has only 10th out of 12 ranks.These are the reasons for his difficulties regarding foreign stay, green card and employment etc.,. As the 10th lord guru has 6 0ut of 8 in suya varga, now the guru dasa may help him. Guru dasa is upto 8-06-2017..He has to get settled during this period.As sani has only 2 out of 8, and he becomes 8th lord too , we may not expect much benefit from sani dasa which follws guru dasa after 8-06-2017. In present transit guru is now in kumba upto 3-05-2010. guru's aspect falls on 6,8,10 to raasi. I expect some positive changes from 14-01-2010. Let him worship Anjaneya and Dakshinamoorthy SIVA

  77. Dear Mr. Krishnan,

    I had one more question regarding my really good period/time in 2010, as I want to put full effort during that time so I can try to get my tasks accomplished.

    Can you tell me since guru has entered Kumbha which months from Jan 2010 should I try even harder to get my goals ? I mean the exact months and dates so I can focus on those times.

    Again this is Mangala

    POB: Mangalore, Karnataka
    TOB : 1:41pm, Thursday
    DOB : Nov. 16 '61
    Gender : Female

    Thank you.

    Also please let me know how I can send some money for annadhan to feed the less fortunate mentally retarded. Please give your ph. no or e-mail ID. I thank you for all your hlep.


  78. Dear Sir,
    My DOB 12/3/1986
    TOB 1700 hrs
    Birth place Baroda

    My question is , when shall I get success? I am very ambitious and very hardworking person.....but sad because of unexpected failures....What should I do? Should I compromise with my dreams or keep working? Give me some suggestions to improve life...

    Is GOD punishing me for some my bad deeds or what? In this birth to the best of my knowledge, I've not cheated anybody...Pls assist me in improving my life...I'll be grateful to you...

    Thank You

  79. In above post Birth place is Baroda of Gujarat

  80. Dear Sri Krishnan,
    Thank you very much for your reply which has given us some hopes to look for positive developments after Thai. Shall be in touch with you.

    I suggest that you may try for change after 3-05-2010. good luck.

  82. To Mangala
    ----------From 3-05-2010 time is good till the end of the year 2010. Even now the time is good.But May 2010 will be more good.

    ------------MY MOBILE NO., IS 9047516699

  84. Hello, Iam Ajith....
    my dob is 19 july 1987,
    pob : parlakimidi,orissa.
    tob : 15:30 IST.....

    Iam presently pursuing my Masters in Sweden.It'll be completed by 2011....I got a bachelors degree in 2008 and was placed in an MNC...But due to recession I have gone abroad to continue my studies...So what are the prospects of job in my career......When will I be settled(a good job) in my carrer...whether in India or abroad..Also could you tell me whether my marriage is love/arranged.....Would my wife be able to look after my parents???

    -----------YOU are only 23 years young. Why so much despondecy? I think you must have completed graduation just now.You may tell what kind of failure you are talking about.Have you not cleared any arrears papers in your exam?Or not able to make any headway in job front?Or some emotional problem?

    Rest be assured that your horoscope has many positive points.You have ruchaka yogam, akanda saamrajya yogam etc.,

    Be specific about your problem. The job front may be causing you trouble now.(?)

  86. To Ajith
    --------- Till the end of 2011 chandra dasa is running. That is the dasa of your 9th(baagya) lord. From 6-06-2011 to 6-12 -2011 chandra dasa suriya bhukthi. Surya being your 10th(profession) lord , you are likely to get your employmnt before you pass out post graduation.

    As your 9th lord is in 6th . Both 9th and 6th places are sara raasis your chances of getting job in foreign cannot be ruled out.

    As your 7th lord is in 8th and 4th lord in lagana you are likely to marry a girl already known to you.May be a love marriage- without prior dating etc.,your would-be will be more attached to your parents than you.

  87. To Seeker
    ---------- Pl. repost with the details of the nearest popular town/city to your birth mandapeta as this name is not to be found in the software I use.

  88. Namaste sir,
    hope u are doing well.
    sir,as per ur prediction i got a job on 14th of december but i lost it within 1 week of my joining.why did this happen so? will i get a new job? when will i get a job sir? plz advice.
    thank u.

    dob: 29-06-1987
    tob: 2.51pm(afternoon)
    pob: udipi,karnataka

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for reply....
    I am doing PG in chem engg from IIT
    Actually I am very much focused about some companies which had already come to my campus for campus placement but I couldn't make to get into those companies...May be I opted to do postgraduation from IIT just because I wanted to get into those companies, but now picture is clear I cannot get into those companies may be I am good in subject but may be my interpersonal skills are not good...I've worked a lot to improve my subject knowledge but because of my low confidence or what, I have failed to get dream job...
    Sometimes life sounds exhaustive....
    From my horoscope do you feel/is there any possibility thAT my guide will send me to U.K. for research purpose in next sem. Jan 2010 to May 2010....
    Sometimes I feel I am nor born genious but whatever I could achieve that is mere because of sweating hardwork...That has made my life exhaustive....

    Thank You.

  91. POB : Vijayawada , Ap , India
    TOB : 8:45 AM
    DOB : JULY 2nd 1984
    Gender : Male

    When i will be able to get a job ? Will i have a better career

    When i will likely get married ? Is it arranged ?

    Thank you for your valuable time sir

  92. Dear Mr. Krishnan,

    Thank you for your very valuable opinion and time. I have sent you a mail please look into it and let me know.
    I will get back to you once I get an answer from the bank.

    Thank you once again and best regards to you and your family.


  93. Thanq very much Krishnan sir for ur valuable time......regards to u......thanx again.

  94. TO ROOPA
    ------------ The negatives in the horoscope had reared their heads at a crucial moment.In your raasi chart the lagnathipathi sukra ia hidden in 8th. The bagya sthanathipathi bhuda got burnt(asthangatha) by surya.Bhuda has only
    37.5% strength in suya varga.The yogakaraka and the jeevanakaraka sani has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga 25% only.Sani is also in retrogation.In shad bhavathi bala
    the 10th place(profession)got 8th rank.Surya the 11th lord(profit) has only 25% in suya varga.All these have contributed for the unexpected turn of events.

    In gochara-present transit, mars ,yogakaraka and 10th lord(profession)to chandra raasi is in raasi kataka itself.He has become neecha (debilitation) there.His next transit to SIMMAH will be in april 2010 only.Guru transitting to kumba has taken the position of 8th from raasi.
    astamasani had caused some infame.

    On 3-05-2010 guru transits to meenam.9th to raasi.and aspct 1.3.5.that time your efforts in the job front will be more succeesful.
    best wishes.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. to wicky
    -------- now the present transit of guru is not at all good for kataka raasi people. you happen to be kataka lagna has now come to 8th and aspects 12th, 2nd, and 4th., on 3-5-2010 guru transits to 9th meenam and aspects raasi 1,3,5.while in 8th guru may not favuor any improvements in life. rather he may bring in some experiences of humiliation.

    mars is your yogakaraka and 5,10th(profession)
    lord. in present transit mars is sitting in kataka raasi itself in a neecham (debilitation-powerless) state.mars also is a fast transitting planet. but this year mars is sitting in katakam itself for nearly 7 months
    from 7-10-09.we have to see when he changes only after the release of next indian year vikruthi varsha the state of
    the profession lord is also not favouring you.

    so things will move only after 3-05-2010.

    job front will be elucive throughout your your 6th(enemies) lord guru in sixth itself will bring many enemies whereever you work. but as 6th lord is guru you will succeessfully tackle your enemies;but in the process you will loose peace of mind.

    the positive points are guru the 6th and 9th(baagya) lord is aspecting the 10th place from has 4 out of 8 (50%) in suya varga.
    mars-mangal-chevvai the 5th and 10th lord and yogakaraka aspects 7th,10th and 11th.mars has 5 out of 8(62.5%) in suya varga. sani is the
    7th,8th lord who has exalted position in 4th thulam combined with mars. that makes you an angry person. this anger will spoil your career. sani has only 2 out of 8(25%) in suya varga.sani aspects 6th,10th(profession),and 1st lagna. so 3 important planets guru, mars, and sani are aspecting the 10th profession these positives will bring you good job. when? you are running sukra dasa(4th,11th lord) dasa.he got into 12th and got asthangatha by surya.sukra being a bathagathipathi and not a friend of lagna his 12 th placing will be favourable only.sukra has 50% strength in suya sukra dasa sani bhukthi is going on till you have to get settled in job before the close of 2011. chandra antharam starts on 2-07-2010 and ends on 6-10-2010.mars antharam starts on 7-10-2010 and ends on from july to dec 2010 you will have good employment.

    guru's aspect on sukra ,bhuda, and surya will also help.

    all kataka lagna people have some what dissatisfied life with respect to marriiage partner as sani becomes the 7th lord.the family life will be meeting ups and downs. in your case the 7th lord sani became uchcham in 4th your wie will take your mother's role and control you like a child. if you yield well and good. but mars being in 4th with sani, you will not yield to her domination and show anger.ego clashes will be your 3rd lord in ruling in 12th bhava and the 7th lord in exaltation in 4th bhava your life will shine only after is better to choose a girl by arranged marriage after thouruoghly analysing the girl's character and her family back ground. hasty decision in marriage like love affair may land you with a wrong female. this i say because the kalathra karaka sukra in 12th with asthangatha by surya will make you interested with call girls and the charcterless do not be hasty.consult elders and make enquiries before marrying a girl.
    you please make 9 pradakshinas to all navagrahas daily, if not possible, atleast on saturdays.worship muruga for employment.
    worship kamakshi(or meenakashi,lalitha,parameswari )for marriage.
    best of luck.
    read my article on annadhanam and tell friends.

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  98. to chirag
    ------------ yes.your chart reflects your owes both in education and job front.

    the 4th lord(education) mars in his own place with a neutral sani.usually sani being a natural malefic creates obstacles.but here he is neutral both to lagna and the 4th place. so his malefic influence is reduced. as he is the
    jeevana karaka(profession signicator) sani's placement is good your education in a prestigious institution is due to the fact 4th lord mars has 4 out of 8 marks 50% in suya varga and the fourth place has more than sufficient expected bindus in ashta varga.usually strong mars means the person will be bold and hyperactive. as sani has combined with mars , the activity of mars is controlled by sani as sani is a slow planet.that is the reason for your low self confidence and less self esteem.okay do not chathurthamsa chart the 4th and 9th lord yogakaraka mars has placed himself in the lagna itself. so your education will be helping you very not be disheartened.
    the eduation karaka bhuda is in meenam neecham debilitation-powerless.but that neecham has been cancelled by guru, the lord of meenam getting a kendra. so neecha banga. but surya burnt bhuda and bhuda is also in retrogation. that is why you were not successful in campus selection exams. do not be worried.

    the profession house lord sukra went into 8th and hidden.but he is associated with 2,and 11th lord bhuda and 12th lord chandra. in that place sukra is exalted.his suya varga point is
    5; you are sure of getting a better job. the 10th place has sufficient bindus in ashta varga.

    now the 10th lord's dasa and lagnathi pathi surya's bhukthi upto 18-09-2010. from 20-01-2010 guru antharam, sani antharam then bhuda
    antharam upto 27-06-10 will help you.

    worship sri balaji for sukra dasa and surya narayana swami for surya bhukthi. you will be succeessful in 2010. best wishes.

  99. Thank You Krishnan sir for spending valuable time for prediction....It has served as motivation/encouragement to me to keep moving ahead.

    Thank You....

  100. to seeker.
    ------------ in gochara sukra your 4th lord(education) from lagna will be in kumba on 18-02-2010.that happens to be your lagana.from your raasi mithuna, kumba is 9th place..for your raasi 4th lord is bhuda who happens to be
    education karaka.bhuda will be in makara on 18-02-2010.that happens to be 8th place from chandra gochara transit but bhuda in 8th is good only. from kumba sukra will aspect 3rd to raasi. that being the victory place, succeess will be certain.0n 18-02-2010 guru dasa bhuda bhukthi sevvai antharam.sevvai at that time will be in kataka in neecham position. so his being the 6th lord,not favourable to raasi getting neecham makes his antharam favourable.
    so i strongly feel you will be succeessful in
    gmat exam you are going to give on 18th feb wishes.

  101. Thank you so much Krishnan Sir for your valuable time and thanks again for your wishes.

  102. Dear Mama
    Namaskarams. I give below the details of my maternal uncle's daughter.

    Date of Birth: 3-10-1968
    Time: mid night of Wednesday at 12.55
    Place: Tata Nagar or Jamshedpur (latitude 22° 48' 0" and longitude 86° 10' 59" )

    She is still not married. we know for sure my uncle was looking for alliance for a long time. for some reason the horescope does not match or the marraige is not fixed for some other reason. It has got delayed this far. Can you help us know what could be the reason from horescope perspective? Can you recommend any pariharam?
    Thanks and Regards

  103. To Kris
    --------- I again has a confusion. As it is 0.55 hrs whther it has to be considred as 4th of October? In that case it becmes Friday.If the date is given as 3-10-68 it becomes Thursday.Please send me the horoscope details as you possees. Is it cast by vaakya panchanga or thrikanitha panchnaga.? Any opinion expressed by other astrologers may also be said.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Dear Sir
    Namaskarams. As per your request I have sent copy of horescope as mail. For your ready reference she was born on 2-10/1968 night 12.55 (wednesday night) Thursday early morning with Avitta nakshatram 3rd padam. You may please refer to the horescope for better clarity. Let me know if you need any other detail. Thanks for your extraordinary effort in trying to gather the correct information to provide us with the right guidance. Our salute to your perfection.

  106. To Kris
    ----------- The horoSope sent by you via email taliies with the computr cast as for as raasi chart is cocrned. In navamsa and the balance dasa position there is vast differences. Any way I go by computer cast trikanitha almanec. That sent by you is of vakaya panchanga.

    It is surprising that this subject did not get married so far.The reason may be lagna lord getting 8th place and 7th lord sani in 9th with raghu.As 9th becomes 5th to 5th bhava
    raghu and sani had made her to remain spinster as there is delayed child birth. Even if the marriages had cOnsummated the child birth might have been much delayed.

    Now guru in in kumba and aspecting 5th ,7th and 9th to raasi. That will help upto 3-5-2010. As per nadi rules when sukra transits over natal raghu marriage may come.That happens from 3-5-2010 to 28-03-2010. So if you try the marriage may be in panguni.Or atleast betrothel may take place. Best of luck.

  107. Dear Mama
    Thanks for your effort and prediction. We will make all efforts for her marriage.

  108. Namaskaram Sir,
    This is Mahalakshmi Prasuna, I cam to this site trough google. I felt so happy to see your answers to the questions asked by many people. Sir, like others I'm also here to ask to some help.
    DOB: 26th DECEMBER 1980
    Time of Birth: 4:20pm. Friday.

    Currently I'm staying in USA sir, My husband tried hard to stay In USA, but we have to come back to India on March 2010,my Mother told me that Elinati Shani started for me,so it's happening like that,I heard a lot about it, I'm little worried sir, could you please let me know when my Elinati Shani starts and what are its effects on me? which stage is difficult? will it effect my chaild or spouce? do i face any finacial troubles or relationship troubles with spouce? could you please suggest the remidies. Doe's it harm me? .........sorry sir to trouble with these questions. I will be happy if you write me the answer?

  109. To Aditi
    --------1.Mention which is male horoscope and which is female horoscope.2.Confirm you are not lovers.3. Do your parents know that you seek my opinion?
    I want to be cautious as I do not know you personally. My answers should not up set you. As I am giving the matters in writing with out knowing your level of maturity,I request you to clear my doubts.
    At the cost of repetition I hasten to add that love marriages do not need horoscope matching.The ages posted by you suggest ,you are alredy dating.If the horoscopes do not match will you drop the love matter?
    Better leeave this to your parents.

    ----------------------------- DO not panic.Sani is not that much of a dreaded planet. he punishes only if we do some mistake. righteous living will attract good tidings only.
    you have already completed 5 years out of
    7.5 years. the worst period was upto 26-09-2009.Now that is over.the rest of the 2.5 years are upto March 2012.Now sani is in Kanni, in present transit. From 3-5-2010, Kanni Sani will have Guru's aspect upto Nov 2011.So the ill effects ,if any, will not much affect you. As on today Guru is aspecting your Simmah Raasi upo 3-05-2010.So most of your problems will be solved.Do not worry.

    In your raasi chart 9th place (indicator of foreign stay), 12th(trvel) lord sevvai-mangal-is occupying in exaltation(powerful)
    Your lagna is rishaba. For rishaba, makara and kumba become 9,10th places
    The lord of 9,10 th is sani. So he is your yogakaraka and a friend of lagna.So he will not do any harm to you.In your native chart the 9th lord in 5th and the 11th lord (guru) in 5th and the 7,12th lord in 9th and guru aspecting 9th,11th,and lagna is very nice. You are very lucky. No big problem will come to you.As the 9th place is makara and 12 th place is mesha, both are sara raasis, your foreign chances are great. I will not be surprised if by some lucky turn of events may come up before march 2010 and you will continue in USA.

    As on date you are running chandra dasa mangal bhukthi. But mangal in debilitation upto may 2010 in kataka. Mangal being your 7th lord(husband),his powerlrssness brought about problems to husband. In 5th place to simmah raasi raghu is sitting. so some small problems to child.
    Worship Anjaneya for 7.5 year sani on saturdays. Worship Durga devi on fridays for raghu.And Karthikeya-Murugan-Subramania for mangal on mangalwar.If possible go to temple. Or keep picture of these deities and tell whatever sthothras you know. If you google"pooja of Subramania,Durga and Anjaneya"many Hindu sites will open.
    Read my article on Annadanam and talk to your friends.
    I pray for you and your family.

  111. krishnan sir, I'm so relaxed after seeing your message and thanks a tonne for your payers, here after when ever I need help I will contact you with out any hasistation. Thank you sir for your support .

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. MY DETAILS:

    TIME OF BIRTH:05:30 AM

    Place of Birth:Madurai(Tamilnadu)


    Rasi: Makaram


  114. Dear Krishnan sir,

    I have a specific question about my career and education. I am currently in a well paying job in the US, but I am not happy with it because its not exactly what I wanted to do when I graduated from my Masters degree earlier this year. I had to take it up since the job situation was horrible.

    But now, I have started my job search again, but the situation is still quite bad. I am scared that I may not get what I am looking for and might have to do study further (MBA). Does my chart indicate further studies? Will I eventually (hopefully soon enough) get settled in a job of my liking? My astrologers have told me that I am ambitious. It is true and while that can be good, I am scared it might result in my career falling short of my expectations. Does my chart indicate a mediocre career that I will be unhappy with?

    And are there chances of going back to India in the near future?

    Thanks and Regards

  115. Dear sir,

    Sorry I forgot to posy my birth details above.

    DOB: 23 June 1983
    TOB: 11:18 AM
    POB: Chennai, Tamilnadu
    Gender: Male

  116. To Aditi
    -------- Some how my intution prevents me from looking into matching these two horoscopes. I suggest you get it done at local level.Sorry for the inconvenience.

    ----------------------------If proper steps are taken from now, you may get married in August-Sep 2010.

  118. To Mukund
    ----------YOUR 4th bhava(education) is vrichika where chandra and guru are placed. Both aspect bhuda(education karaka) who is in 10th(profession house).Guru also aspects sukra (profession house lord)sukra being in 12th hidden.As both 4th lord and 10th lord are surrounded by malefics ,you have to take calculated ,measured steps. Haste will make waste.
    On 18-10-2010 kethu dasa bhuda bhukthi starts
    That may be suitable for further education. Employment changes after sukra dasa starta in 2011.Best of luck.

  119. Sir,

    Thanks a lot for your reply,just a clarification

    what type of marriage i will have arranged/love

    could you please clarify the same.


  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. To Pyramid -Subramanian
    ------------------------ As Sukra in Rishaba ,his own place, both in raasi chart and navamsa chart.That is called vargothamam. So the kalathrakaraka has become strong.Also the 7th lord Bhuda is in lagna itself.But he became neecham.Powerless.You may have liking for love making, and chances too. May or may not end in marriage.

  122. Dear Krishnan sir,

    Thank you for your response. I guess my 4th house is surrounded by malefics on either side, but the 10th house or 10th lord are not surrounded by malefics as you mentioned, or is it? Does that change your analysis in any way? So, does my chart show that there is further studies left before I get settled in a good job?

    23 June 1983
    11:18 AM
    Chennai, Tamilnadu

    Thanks and Regards,

  123. TO MUKUND
    ----------YOUR 4TH LORD IS CHEVVAI,10TH LORD SUKRA.Chevvai in mithuna in mrigaseersham- 3;
    Raghu also in mithuna same mirugaseersham -3;
    Sukra in kataka,12th hidden place in ayilyam 2. Maanthi in lagna simmaha in magam -2;so your 4th lord and 10th lord are between malefics.

    In ashta varga you have only 22 for 4th;minimum expected is 24. For 10th it is 27;minimum expected is 36.

    In suya varga you have 5 out of 8 for sukra 10th lord and 4 out of 8 for chevvai 4th lord.

    I think you are harping too much on the horoscope. It is better you worship your family deity.Prayer can change the ill effects of horoscope. BEST WISHES AND HAPPY 2010

  124. ok no problem. have a great life ahead

  125. dear sir, thank you very much. it is true that i am harping too much on horoscope and astrology. i have faced an emotional setback lately and that has pushed my confidence to an all-time low. will work towards coming out of it! thank you very much sir and wish u a great new year ahead!

  126. Dear Sir,
    Namaskaram. I would like to Know about my career prospectus. Currently I'm not satisfied with my Job and thought of Changing the Job. I am an Engineer ,and would like to enter into Technical marketing. Please suggest me whether it will suit me. When I will get good Job. Also kindly tell when I will get married.
    DOB: 9th Sep, 1984
    TOB : 10.35 AM
    POB : Kayamkulam. Allapuzha
    Gender : Male


  127. To Jijo-Mathew.
    --------------- Yours is a lucky horoscope as for as job is concerned. your yogakaraka(lord of a kendra and a trikona-4th and 5th) is saturn-sani. He is in lagna thulam in exaltation-uchcha- most powerful.The 10th lord (chandra) is in 5th place.So your job front will not pose a big problem. In ashta varga the 10th place has 34 bindus ,quite satisfactory.

    Now guru dasa chevvai bhukthi and sukra(ist ,8th lord) antharam upto 24-01-2010, then
    suriya(11th lord) antharam upto 10-02-2010,and
    then chandra(10th-profession lord) antharam upto 10-03-2010.
    Then sani dasa starts.that also will be good as it is the yogakaraka dasa and he is well placed. So you can try for changes in job front.
    In gochara (present transit) guru will transit to meena on 3-05-2010 and aspect 10th (profession place) both to lagna and raasi.
    That will be for 1.5 years. that may also help. Take calculated, steady, methodical steps
    for change over.You may get result in may 2010.

    The same period is good for marriage also.
    However first get settled in job.

  128. Dear Kmr.Krishnan Sir,
    While browsing some horoscope sites I came across your blog.Sir this is details.

    Name:Sri Naganjaneyaraju
    DOB: August 30 1987
    TOB: 04:30 pm
    POB: Bhimavaram(Andhra Pradesh)

    Sir from last year onwards I am suffering problems.Few months back I kept a chain business(its been failed and closed).I am suffering from financial,mental.plz tell me when my problems will get be solved.

    Thanks in advance..!

  129. Dear Sir,

    Namaskaram. I am extremely happy to inform you that your prediction has been precise. My wife's employment is almost finalized and she is to join in the begining of second week of Jan. Thank you for your wishes. Can you please suggest 2or 3 auspicious dates in the begining of the 2nd week and the time for joining? Her birth star is Rohini.



  130. Dear Sir,

    Sorry to bother you once again.I have my mother's horoscope that does not indicate the time in English. it is mentioned in nazhigai.She was born in coimbatore on 18/10/1929. can I scan the horoscope and send it to your mail ID OR what do you suggest.



  131. Dear Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your advice.

  132. Dear Krishnan Sir

    Hello, Need your advice again for my friend Mr. Praveen Kumar Sinha.

    POB:-Patna (BIHAR)
    Time:- 12:25 AM

    He is very much worried for his marriage. He told me that his several almost final marriage proposal are being canceled and he is very much frustrated about his marriage. is there any chance of his marriage in near future.
    Waiting for your response

    With Great Regards
    Lovely Monu

  133. Dear Sir,

    My former colleague in the bank has adaughter.

    The details are:Place of Birth-Chennai
    Date of birth:3/2/1985
    Time of birth:05.32

    My friend is anxious about marriage and desires to know when it is likely. he aslo wants to know about the girl's career. Please suggest remedies if doshas are observed. Will the girl settle in India OR abroad?

    Thanks and namaskarams


  134. Hello. I just found your website. My details
    25/8/1956 7:45 pm San Antonio, Tx USA.
    I have been in a long distance relationship where a man came over 12 thousand miles to meet me and he never had one complaint. Now he seems to have disappeared. What can you tell me? Will he show up again? Is there love in my immediate future? Thank you, Amy

  135. This comment has been removed by the author.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. I wrote to you few months ago if I will get a job. You responded saying if I do not get one by december I should ask you again.
    name: Vishwanath
    Sex: Male
    DOB: 1st January 1962
    TOB: 19: 30 Hours (7:30 PM)
    POB: Jolarpettai TN
    I am now living in Toronto Canada. I lodt my job in February 2009 suddenly. I am still looking for a job. Last month I nearly got one but missed it. I have a family - Wife and 2 grown up children. I am in difficult situation. I have only one question Sir.

    Will I get a job soon here in Toronto?

    I am eagerly waiting for your advice and reply. I am chanting Adithya Hrudayam, Sree Suktam, Guru Gayathri every day without fail. My wife is also chanting hanuman chaalisa. My daughter is chanting lalitha Sahasranamam. We are also writing sri ramajayam.

    Thank you Sir,


    Wishing you a Prosperous 2000+X & may this Year bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

    With Great Regards,

  139. Namaste Krishnan Sir,

    Wishing You a Happy and Prsosperous New Year.

  140. To Rishi
    -------- I find you are just 22 years. Did you not feel it was too early to start some business(chain business=money spinning, I suppose)you are not alredy trained?
    Your lagna lord sani has only 2 marks out of 8 in his suya varga. Even though sani dasa is running now, you are not reaping any benefit.

    Mars,mangal 4,11th lord,sukra 5th and 10th lord,bhuda 6th,9th lord all went into 8th and hidden as also combusted astthanga-burnt by sun.Guru is in 4th to lagna and aspect 8th place. So the ill effects will reduce.But guru is in retrogation.Vakram.

    Your horoscope is some what a challenging horoscope. As your 10 lord is in 8th you will not have a smooth professional life.So take a measured calclated steps while taking up any new venture

    You need to make lot of worship. As sani dasa is running make Anjaneeya your diety and worship Him. Only by 3-08-2010 only your prayers will be fruitfl.Best of luck and happy 2010.

  141. To Venkateswaran
    ---------------- Happy to know your wife got an employment as predicted and may have to join in the second week of jan 2010.My congratulations and best wishes.
    Regrding choosig auspicious date for joining,I
    request you to approach your family priest or a professional astrologer and fix it. As I am not a pofesional, I should not deprive the professional of his livelihood.This is one occassion that he can get some Dakshina from you. So do not wait for me to inform you the dates.
    Regarding mother, there is no need to look into the horoscope of children below 12,and persons above 60.6(disease)8th(longivity) bhavas alone are to be seen for people above 60.which is an unwanted probe.

  142. To lovely monu -Praveen kumar sinha
    The problem is the 7th lord(marriage) bhuda went into meena where he got debilitated. Though the debilitation got cancelled, sun burnt bhuda.That is the reason for delay in marriage.Now sani dasa kethu bhukthi upto7-2-2011.It is difficult to get married in 2010.
    Then sani dasa sukra bhukthi from 7-02-2011.Upto april 2014.

    Ok. Prayer can bring the sani dasa is going on worship Anjaneeya. For kethu bhukthi worship Ganeshji.

  143. TO VENKATESWAAN-colleagues daughter.
    ----------------The time of birth is to be mentioned in AM or PM . Please post in January 2010 thread after I open it.Wait for the day.

    --------------I Presume, from the tone and tenure of your posting,that you may be a born native of USA. I do not know how much you can follow me if I tell you the technical jargons of south Indian Tamil/Vedic astrology.So I limit to only the result with out telling the planet positions.

    Yours is a horoscope NOT bent towards a smooth family life. Delayed marriage,problems with hubby, and misunderstanding with other family members are indicated.
    But Sukra(Venus) is strong in his own capacity. So you don't have problems in love life.From 3rd of May-2010 good period starts. The person who deserted may contact you.From 10th of Sep 2011 again you will have renewed relationship.Best wishes.Happy 2010

    Sani will show his effect 6 months before his
    transit. Sani came to kanni on 26-09-2009. That day your 7.5 started. Already you lost your job in Feb 2009.
    Dasa bhukthi is some what good only. Upto 18-05-2010 Bhuda dasa Sukra bhukthi and Surya bhukthi upto(25-3-2011) That is good only.
    Now guru is in kumba aspecting 9th to raasi(foreign travel/stay)and 12th to lagna (again travel) In that place kethu is sitting. Guru's aspect contains him.That is upto 3-5-2010.

    From 3-05-2010 guru will be transitting to kumba and remain there for 1.5 years.Then he will aspect 10th to raasi and 12th to raasi.Sani will be contained by guru's aspect. so 2010 will see you in new job.
    I think you are the same who came in mail also.
    As suggested earlier if you want to give priority to children's admission in India, do not wait after 31-03-2010.But my intution says you will get some news even before 13-
    01-2010.Your sincere prayers will not leave you in the lurch. Take your real life situation and decide.From 3-05-2010 things will take a good turn. Even now dasa bhukthi will help you.
    I wish new year will dawn in a fresh note.
    Best wishes.

    ----------------------------------------------- HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NO FURTHER POSTING HERE-WAIT TILL EVENING . I SHALL OPEN NEW THREAD JANUARY 2011----

  147. Name:Subramanian
    DOB: 26.06.1973
    POB: Virudhunagar
    Time of Birth: 6.05PM
    Sex: Male
    I am a Mechanical Engineer working as Technician/Secretary/Clerk. I want to know when I will get a job commensurate to my skills.
    2. I am working alone abroad & my family is in India. When can I expect to live with my family again

  148. Thank you for taking the time from what must be a VERY busy schedule to respond to my query. I am extremely grateful for your imput. Yes I was born and live in the USA. The man in question lives in Australia. I have a good heart and so does he. I am hoping he will remember that. Happy New Year to you.

    P.S. I know western astrology pretty good and have just started trying to learn Vedic. It's a WHOLE new language! I am waiting for a book to arrive that I ordered that is for those familar with western astrology to learn Vedic.

  149. Dear Krishnan Sir
    Happy New Year
    I had a very tough 2009(last 18 months) due to my job situation-
    I have been spending a lot of money from my savings to fight a case against me regarding my job.
    Iam quite stressed because of this

    Iam trying to stay positive
    I want to know the situation will change in the near future
    Iam worried about my job ? I will lose the present one altogether or a little punishment only as a consequence of the case and Whether I will get a major punishment regarding my work situation
    I have got two children going to University and I need to support them
    I want to know a bit more detailed assessment regarding my job situation and future direction/Will the new Guru transit will be good-with present position of Kethu.Will there be more stress because of Sanis position
    Can you please tell me will there be any major loss of my position job etc in th near future
    Thanks for your help
    DOB 15 10 1957
    TOB 12 30 pm
    Place Palayamkottai
    Nakshatira Punar poosam
    Rasi Mithuna
    I thank you so much and I will keep in touch about what is happening about me

    Balu S

  150. Pranam!!
    I am disturbed and think yr expertise will certainly help me out
    MY problem is that in the recent past i have come across many good friends (ladies) and feel emotionally attached. I have never ever misused but have been very honest and sincere to them
    i come across one such friend. Earlier there was equal wave length of feelings from her side but recently she is maintaining a distance and also not totally saying gudbye.
    My birth details are
    Date : 26.8.80
    Time : 6.05 am
    Place : Cuddalore,TN
    Her Birth Details are
    Date : 08.08.88
    Time : 12.30 pm
    Place : Cuddalore,TN

  151. Q 1. Will we both be good friends forever and emotionally attached?
    What will be our chemistry in future
    Q 2. Is it my right choice or my illusion
    Q 3. Why these (ladies) are coming in my life
    Q 4. Why is it happening that there is not a stable relationship earlier there is strong emotional bondness but later they go and i feel hurt
    Q 5. Is it due to any effect of grahas, if so which and any remedial suggestion
    Q.6 Is there foreign trip on my cards
    I am sure, your highness will surely help me out in resolving my disturbance

  152. to sudhakar
    ----------- you have to post in q&a jan 2010-0ne column.
    any way i do not answer questions like that of yours. love affairs do not find a place in my priorities. love marriage does not require horoscope matching.
    your lagna being simmah, 3rd place thulam is sukra's place;that makes you prone to bad company and contacts with call girls.if you are not careful you will loose all your wealth,name and fame due to bad company.12th place raghu also indicates loose morals. 11th place sukra indicates indulgent in sex matters.12th lord in 7th shows not so good reltionship with wife or lover. you have to mend your ways and try to control your pleasure seeking urge. if not you will be thrown into poverty by cheats in the form women. you are prone to get into troubles because of your indulgent women chasing.sorry to say all this. but that is there in your horoscope.

  153. 9o9o9o9o9o9o9o9o9o9o9o9o9o9o99o9o9o9o99o9o99o9o
    this is closed-------DO NOT POST ANY THIG HERE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  154. Hello sir,
    My son's lagna is meena,having chandran and mandhi in 3rd house,Guru in 4th house,suryan& budhan in 5th house,sukran,sevvai&ketu in 6th house,sani is vakram and in 10th house.He has got district rank in 10th std,but after that his education is poor.Now he completed his BE,and willing to go for MBA.Will he get a seat and complete it successfully.Also,he loved a girl during BE studies,it failed.Now he is depressed.My question is
    1.Will he get a good profession,will he complete MBA.
    2.When will he get married?,Will he love another girl again? What type of marriage is for him?
    3.His appearance is also getting worse day by day.I am much worried about him.please do reply me sir

    His Date of birth-28.07.1989
    Time of birth-10.07 Pm
    place of birth-Nagercoil

  155. This comment has been removed by the author.

  156. I have gone through this blog. Ifound it very interesting and helpful. nowadays I am completing my online degree course from home. So this blog is really doing great for me.

    bachelors degree

  157. Dear sir, this is for my brother.
    his Dob :13-07-1977
    tob : 9.30 am
    pob: cochin.

    we rae not getting a suitable proposal and we are really worried.i am his brother aged42 ,not yet married.we are realy afrid that he will also remain unmarried. pls help.some astrologer advised ud to do kalsarpadosha puja at kalahasthi and we did it but we are yet to see any result. pls help thanks in advance

  158. my date of birth is 09091959.legna is rishabam.suriyan budhan and sukran are in simmamand guru is in dhanusu chandran and chevai are in viruchikam.raku and sani are in kanniand kethu is in meenam.I DONOT KNOW STILL WHAT IS LIFe?is there any powerful orfemiliarlife?

  159. Sir,
    This is a general question about Rahu dasa. If
    the husband ,wife all the kids are runnung rahu dasa, what will be the effects?
    Thank you.

  160. Dear Sir,

    My name is Earni Norma. I am from Malaysia. My DOB is 17/3/1979. My TOB is 11.30am. My POB is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.I have Naaga Dosha and Mangal Dosha. And now Sani Mahadhasa and Sani Bhukti are running. I am facing difficult time since Sani started in June 2008. I dont have proper job though i have Law Degree. My marriage is delayed. I face problems with my mother and siblings and also friends. I met all sort of bad friends nowadays. And in fact no good man really comes to ask for a marriage. I am really frustrated Sir. I want to get married and have proper life. I want to come up in my career although i cant be a Lawyer. I need to settle my debts and serve better to my mother and family. Please Sir advice me. Thank you so much Sir for your advice and time.

  161. Sir I am aswini born 23 May 1960 in Singanallur India. I am currently running rahu maha dasa saturn bhukti and venus anadasa. Usually when I had saturn bhukti i got a job at the end of venus anadasa. I have been looking for a job for a year and a half and have exhausted all my resources and may go bankrupt. Please advise if I will get a job near future

  162. Sir I am aswini born 23 May 1960 6:41 am male in Singanallur India. I am currently running rahu maha dasa saturn bhukti and venus anadasa. Usually when I had saturn bhukti i got a job at the end of venus anadasa. I have been looking for a job for a year and a half and have exhausted all my resources and may go bankrupt. Please advise if I will get a job near future

  163. Dear Sri Krishnan,
    My marriage in 28th may 2009, has not yet been blessed with a child. We are very concerned about the delay in his Puthra bhagyam. I will be grateful if you can study the horoscope and advise when we will get a child.

    Awaiting your reply