Monday, November 9, 2009

ASTROLOGY---Q & A----NOV''09--2

Continue to ask here your new questions for Nov 2009.
Before posing a question here, think several times. Only if you have a problem ask a question. If you do not have any problem, do not worry about"future"
Read other information inthe prvious thread Nov-1. Always give DOB,TOB,POB Gender---etc every time you ask a question; even for 2nd and susequent questions.


  1. you asked me not to write about my sister. i was wondering if i can ask about myself.
    date of birth 27 april 1976
    time of birth 1034 am
    place of birth chennai.

    i would like to know where my career is headed.

    i had another question. if a person's birthtime is wrong is there anyway to find the right time? i believe that could be the issue with my sister's birthtime.

  2. Thank u verymuch for you reply sir.

  3. Namaskar Sir!
    Hope you are doing fine. I have a query for you.

    I had a interview with an employer on 7th November 2009 here in canada around 9 am morning( local time).

    Though this is a contract job, may be i can get in as permanent later if I am hired. Looking into miserable financial and career life at present I just wish to make it.

    Sir can you tell me will I get this job offer?

    D.O.B : 4 th July 1983
    P.O.B : Kutra( nearest city ROURKELA, Orissa)
    T.O.B : 7:35 PM

    -----------------------Your dasa bhukthi upto 29-12 2015 is very good.You may take up higher responsibilities. May go to foreign lands.

    But in present transit, Raghu in 10th(profession) place is giving you change in job. It may be some internal changes which you may not like. Or changing the company itself.
    As dasa bhukthi is good,no big problem is expected. If change comes accept it . Guru coming to 12 to raasi, to Kumba, may push you to a foreign land from where you live now.

    In Naadi Jothidam they take left thumb mark for ladies.They cast the horoscope - raasi chart alone. If the past events they say is matching, then we may take that Raasi chart. From that we may develop the time and other charts.But to find the correct , truthful Naadi jothidar is difficult.

  5. Thank you very much for taking time out.

    With regards to my sister thanks for your suggestion. Since I am not sure how to get the nadi jothidar, i guess i will not trouble you with her horoscope.

  6. Thanks Sir for your Analysis. I have passed on your words to my sister and BIL. Rest, God is great!

    Thanks and Regards
    Raghav Mahajan

  7. sir,
    i dunno if i should ask this or not but since i'm worried i'm asking u this.u have told me that i dont have any permanent health issues.since i have some urinary related problems i'm scared if i'll get diabetes early in my life.

  8. Thank you very much Sir for your reply.One more question Sir regarding my health.My health is been going in a downward trend for the past 2 years or so,i also had one surgery on Feb 09 related to ovary.Doc are suggesting another operation as it has recurred,the only solution they say is to get pregnant which is now vague as you have told in a reply to be patient till 35.Iam not sure with these problems if i wait,chances of conception are very less according to doctors due to already occurred this illness.Iam so scared now. Can you please tell me whether or possibility of curing this illness with alternative medicine or wthout surgery in the future?.or do i have to go through surgery again and again.iam not able to digest the fact that there is no cure for ovarian blood cyst and i have to go through surgery every time it occurs.Please sir ,request your reply.

    My D.O.B : 14-oct-1982
    place of birth : Thanjavur,Tamilnadu,India
    Time:5.25 AM

  9. To Aloke Kumar Jaipuria
    As Sukra is transitting Thulam his own place 10th(profession),to lagna and 7th(general life, maarriage) to Raasi till 28-11-09, you
    have 99% chances getting the contract.As Sukra is Yogakaraka for you his transit will benefit you.Sukra dasa Kethu subperiod upto 23-12-09

    So to remove the obstacles constantly pray to
    Ganeshji.Best of luck. Post in the prediction came true column once you get the order.

  10. Sir, I was thinking i will not bother you with follow up queries but maybe some advice can help me. You are right in pointing out professional changes. I was made the manager, almost a 2 level jump in role couple of months ago. Although i was ok taking up the role, it surely is keeping me tension and confused. But as you had suggested, i had also decided to accept this change and work hard on learning and staying with this change. But there are also other job openings coming up. I am not sure if i should interview as well. They are good roles as well. In the past I have made career choices which I do regret now and this makes me insecure in choosing between staying in the current job or moving to a new one. is there anyway i can be sure of the choices i should make now?

    about moving to foriegn land, i would not mind moving but i have my elderly parents to take care of in India so ideally it would not work well for them if i was far away. I would not want them to live alone and fend for themselves at this age.

    date of birth 27 april 1976
    time of birth 1034 am
    place of birth chennai.
    Sex - Male

  11. Thank you sir.....Just hoping to start my career soon....happy that atleast my planets are favourable :(

  12. Krishnan sir, I am eagerly looking forward to your advise to my query posed in Nov"09-1 in case it missed your attention. Data below
    DOB: 27/4/51; 6/11/52 and 9/11/55 resply
    TOB: 00.24(midnight);22.45 and 11.25AM
    POB: Coonoor; Coonoor and Chennai.

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  14. Hello Sir,

    My DOB: 20-12-1980
    My TOB:1.37 pm
    My POB: Dibrugarh, Assam
    Gender: Female

    This is my second query to you.My ealier query was regarding my job, though I have still not got the job but I am hopeful that I will get soon.

    My this query is reagrding my married life. I had gone through a very bad marriage. My bitter experience has made me very skeptical about thinking again of another commitment. I am still not legally divorced from my first relationship

    Would like to know if I should take the chance of second marriage. If so how will be my married life. Will I ever have a family of my own, these are the questions which are bothering me at the moment.

    Would be kindly reply for the same

  15. Nikhila said...

    Pasting the email earlier

    In the strenghh of the bhava's the 10th place(PROFESSION) gets the first rank.IN ASHTA VARGA
    the 10th place gets 39bindus.the 10th lord getting ino 5th place is also good.But the 10th lord himself is not having sufficient bindus in his suya varga.Bhuda dasa raghu bhukthi upto 19-02-2010.All go to show your aspirations as for as your job is concerned will be fulfilled.You will have continuous,permanent job proximity nearer to you wishes.

    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2009

    MY details

    DOB: APRIL 6 1978
    TOB: 6:38 AM


    Can you explain to me about "Bhuda dasa raghu bhukthi upto 19-02-2010" . What happens after this . What does this specific date signify ? Will I still have good prospects in my career front after this and do I have chances to do higher studies?

    I would also like to ask about my husband

    TOB: 7:05 AM
    DOB: 18 DEC 1976

    He always has to struggle a lot before he achieve anything. How is his prospects career wise will things happens as per his aspirations?

    For both of us will we settle in a foreign country or come back to our home land?

  16. To Roopa
    ---------Live in the present.Future is imaginary. You may or may not get what you fear.Daibetes is universal.Good medicines are available.You are only 22. It is too early to fear about health now. Be cheerful. Do Surya worship. Also pray Duragadevi.

  17. hello sir,
    Iam P.Rajiv kumar studyin engg...but basically to start with im facing lot of prob in studies as of being prepared well not acheiving the desired kindly tell me my future in studies i have chances of studyin in abroad????hw will be my career and which options to choose???plz do reply.....thanq

    NAME:P.Rajiv kumar
    TOB:11:25 AM

    Waitin fr ur reply sir

  18. Dear Guruji -

    I have a questions regarding tough time I am going through. Whatever I do, I am facing severe setbacks and losses e.g. I have spent lots of my saving in stocks but while all other stocks are going up, any stock which I buy ( or own) goes southwards. I am incurring losses even when everybody else on this earth would be earning. Same is true for all other front. Please guide me if there is anything in my Kundali which is indicates when will time change. My details are as below -

    Name : Omkar Singh
    DOB: Aug. 23, 1973
    B. Time : 2.45 am
    B. Place: Pali (Rajasthan)

    Apprciate your help.


  19. yes sir,i know i shouldn't think too much about future.but what to do nothing has been good in my life till now in any i feel that i'm jinxed.when someone see my horoscope they say that its good and everything is fine.but nothing is fine with me sir.
    so can u plz tell me if there is anything good for me...thank you


  20. //

    Dear Sir,

    Request to give clarity on this issue
    My brother in law wants to marry a particular girl in my relation. My wife is against the marraige.

    The details are:
    Grooms Name : Lokesh Kumar
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    DOB: 25.08.1982
    Time: 2.40 PM

    Bride Name: Hemalatha
    Place of Birth : Mysore
    DOB: 19.10.1989
    Time: 7.45 PM

    Request to give a clarity on the success of the marriage if it happens.


    to மிஸ்டர் அரட்டை
    excus me sir. please read my opinion on love marriages on the top.i would not like my words being used to separate a loving couple. i am not conceding your request. i have not matched the horoscopes.//
    Dear Sir,

    I think there is a miscommunication. Its not love marraige. The boy has interest over the girl . Thats it. Request to give a clarity


  21. Hi Sir,Thanx a million for ur reply and above all very much obliged that u took some time out to go through my chart.
    Sir as per ur last reply u really made me feel sorry by speaking about fees i may charge for helping u out,Anna ur lways welcome end no. of times,ill b more than happy to help u out on the same.Sir i didn't get ur e-mail ID im sorry for the same however u can mail me on '' would love to speak with u and share some thoughts.
    Next just would like to have some of ur precious time,going by my chart im instructed to wear a RUBY(MANIK) for sun,would like to hear ur thoughts that will ruby be beneficial to me rather does ruby suits my charts,as u have gone through it.
    My details for ur kind consideration:
    DOB:27Sept. 1982
    TOB:12:07 PM (NOON)
    Thanx once again,tk cre god bless.......

    IN YOUR RAASI CHaRT ALL the planets are between Raghu and Kethu.So that is a dosha. This dosha will rule till the number of years as found in lagna in ashta have 28 in lagna. So by 28th year that osha will start giving good only.Raghu in 9th whose point is 36.That is the reason I said to wait upto 35 years. Not necessary that the child birth has to be postponed to 35 years.

    Your 5th lord is Sani who has exalted state
    in Thulam.The child benefactor guru also is in Thulam.So the chances of your own child is
    more than 90%

    Your 6th lord(disease) is also sani. His getting into Thulam with Guru has to keep you healthy.The last 2.5 years of 7.5 naattu Sani.
    That may be the problem.

    You may have to consult doctor as your sarpa dosha , 7.5 sani are not acting AS WE not ignore medical advice.Best of luck.

    I AM NOT ABLE TO GRASP what exactly you want. Horoscopical position, as I told you earlier is good.The Sukra dasa is your 5th lord's dasa.
    Sani Bhukthi is 9th lords Bhukthi.Next Bhukthi is your lagnathipathi Bhuda's Bhukthi.These are upto 29-12-15. You may decide taking your practical situations also into consideration.

  24. Thanks for your response. I guess I am not exactly sure about what I want to know either. But will take the practical situations into consideration. Thanks again for looking into my horoscope.

  25. TO RVS
    --------MY PREVIOUS prediction stands good. sukra's present transit in thulam(his own place) upto 28-11-09 is good for all the three horscopes. After that Vrichika transit of Guru for another 25 days also good. Your property deal will be a profit. Are you taking the required steps for sale?

    -------------I AM NOT DISCUSSING THE PLANETARY POSITION LEST YOU MAY GET CONFUSED. Better try to get the legal situation straight regarding your present mariage.Then get financial independencr by securing a decent job.As your planets show low priority to family,marriage,maangalya let us take a fresh look after some months. Not now.Afterall you are only 29years young. Wait good time will dawn. Be prayerful.

  27. Hello Sir,

    Name : Devendhar
    DOB : 29/jul/1983
    TOB : 3.20 PM
    POB : Warangal

    As you know that I have health problem as discussed earlier and that I got a new job.

    Now I got one more offer but I am in dilemma because the first company said that there are on site opportunites.

    But the health problem is there in my mind.Is there any opportunites and when according to planet positions and whether I face any problems if I am onsite.
    Please tell me sir so that I can decide which company to join.
    Thanking you very much sir and waiting for your reply.

  28. Thank you sir for your prediction.
    But shall I take it that I will never get the happiness of married life and children in my life, and also I am scared that after my parents what will happen to me, as there is no one to look after me.
    How will be my old age..

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  31. Name:vindhya.A
    Place of birth:Nellore,Andra pradesh

    Hi sir,

    Thanks a lot for ur valuable suggestions.
    u have mentioned that marriage can be little bit delayed due to 7th house.
    can u tell me the period of marriage?
    Is there any remedies to get 7th house in a good position.
    I and my parents are wooried about my marriage due to some problems.

    Iam very depressed from past 4 years and worried about my marriage and life partner.

    will a get a good person who can show care and love towards me.
    wil i be happy with that person.

    Is there is any aboard chance for me through my husband because am looking for a person who is working in some companies

  32. gud evening
    heloo sir this is ravi again
    sir i asked u about my job as i gave a interview in central bank of india u said i will get through it.
    but it didnt happened so

    iam very tensed

    name p ravi kanth achari
    10.30 am bhilai chhattisgarh

    ----------THIS IS a prediction forum only. If you want astrology lessons go to http;//
    all the 12 planets have their own period of 'dasa'and subperiod-'bhukthi' upto 2015 Your subperiods are good.

    Your husband's horoscope is a nice horoscopepe.The first rank for bhavvathi balam is for his profession place.His dasa bhukthi also will help you he will out shine.Lagnaathipathi in 5th and aspecting the lagna itself will take care of everything.

    Both of you have the chance of going to foriegn and settle there.

  34. To Rajiv Kumar
    --------------- The only hope for education is the education lord is in the gain place 9th in the raasi chart.Though you may have to work hard than others,you will be succeesful in he end. Do not worry.You have all chances for foreign connectons.worship, Saraswathi Devi for a few mins daily.

  35. to மிஸ்டர் அரட்டை
    pl. consult a local astrologer for matching.The professional has to get his livelihood. So pay him and get the matching done.

    your star uththiradam in Tamil,is the one of the 3 stars of surya. also,for your vrichika lagna 10th(profession)lord is surya, astrologers of mumbai had suggested wearing
    maanikya.ruby!that is okay.

    usually we in tamilnadu suggest the stone according to the mahadasa you are running at are running raghu maha dasa upto in the left hand ring finger you may wear agate-gomedhagam also.that will help you to face raghu dasa.

    my mail id is

    my mail id is kmrk

  37. hnq very much for ur answer sir....and main concern abt me is that im being tol a manglik....and my horoscope reflects that of marrying a girl in parents are very much worried abt this so plz try to solve my prob sir.......will mine be a love marriage???my parents are afraid me of sending to abroad for studies regarding this issue sir...kindly solve sir....plz...


    NAME:P.Rajiv kumar
    TOB:11:25 AM

  38. Thanx once again.....I will never get tired to say that.
    Nyways One of the astros have even suggested Neelam(Blue Sapphire) for Shani but i was not much inclined about it since its better to stay away from it(Neelam) unless the situation really demands.Pardon me please as i didn't discussed about this in the last post..Just missed from my mind,But im sure Neelam is not required????would lv to hear ur reply on Neelam for me......
    Nyways as u suggested Manik,ill definitely would go for it..
    Further if u have ny queries which u feel i can help with,ill be more eager to help u nd wll b obliged..Thanx do mail me for any clarification...

  39. Sir, i need to talk / write to you personally, which i cannot share individually, can u let me know your email id.. or can u email me your address at ""

    these days, i am too much disturbed, need ur help... please...

  40. Dear Sir
    I am Chirag
    I am doing my postgraduation. By nature I'm very enthusiastic & sincere in my project work but getting number of hurdles .To some extent I am dependent of my senior also. Sometimes I feel my Seniors, my frnds become jelous of me..jelous of my knowledge, my enthusiasm, my hardworking nature...I dont like this. Is it because of my planets or what? Honestly I m struggling a lot to achieve each success.....Which kind of person I am from my kundali? Pls guide me..

    DOB 12/3/86
    POB Baroda Gujarat
    TOB 1700 hrs

  41. To Omprakash-Omkarsingh
    --------------------------Your Poorvapunya,(blessings from ancestors,benefits got from good acts of previous birth), 5th bhava and 9th(baagya-luck-fortune) bhava are not gettiing the minimum average bindus in ahtavarga.So your efforts are not succeessful in all matters of life.In these places a debilitated Guru retrogated also sits;also Sukra in 5th debilitatd.These are not encouraging.1,5,9 th
    houses are the best in any horoscope.In your case they get 7,5.9th rank only. Atleast ,if the lagna gets the first 0r second rank we can be better you quit this speculation business.Business signifactor Bhuda got Asthngatha(BURNT) by Sun. Not so good.
    Guru dasa is not encouraging.That is upto 6-7-2014.After that Sani dasa may be good as he is the 9,10 th lord yogakaraka.He is placed in 2, and the varga balam is there. So bid your good time. Time being take a low pofile.
    If you are not doing the ancestal worhip, start it now.

  42. I would like to ask about my daughter. She is 5 yrs old and having a genetic desease. The only cure for her is stem cell (bone marrow) transplant. This is very risky procedure and only 70-80 chances of survival. She can still survive w/o a transplant but would need to be treated lifelong and taken well care. I would like to know if there is anyway to know if we should go for transplant and if there is any risk to her life. Please suggest only if you stronglt believe something either way( I respect your knowedlge hence would like you to guide me). Her detail is as below -

    Name : Sristi
    DOB - Oct 23 2004
    Time : 12:09 am ( early morning on Oct 23rd)
    Place : Kualalumpur Malaysia

    Thanks a lot.

  43. Hi,
    Can you please let me know when i will get the job and anything about my near future.
    DOB: 12/12/1983
    Place: Chennai
    Time: 7 PM
    GOD: Lord Venkateshwara

  44. Name - Bharat Bharija
    DOB/TIME- 3/11/1987 11:07AM
    Place of birth - Chandigarh

    Query- I am currently pursuing computer engg. in pune and not performing well.... already lost a year.. due to some medical reasons (a neurological disorder led to temporary paralysis)
    Even though i hv completely recovered i still dont feel like studying and might end up loosing another year.... Pls help And tell me if i would ever earn money and be a good son..

    Thank You.

  45. Vidhyalakshmi.R.K

    Date of birth: 11-10-1986
    Place of birth: cuddalore
    Time of birth: 01.29 AM

    Sir pls predict and let me know When I will marry? And about my future husband? My married life will be happy or not?

  46. To Roopa
    -----------You were born in Bhuda dasa and first 15 years you had Bhuda dasa.Bhuda being 9,12th lord his dasa might have been good only.If you had experienced bad, it was because the astavarga sthana balam for 9th place and bhuda's suyvargam was not upto the mark.Then for next 7 years Kethu dasa.Kethu is in 12th.You had some what disinteresed life and thoughts of philosophy.On 4-12-09 you are entering Sukradasa.This is your lagnathipathis dasa.Sukra, though in 8th gets the aspect of Sani from 2nd place, Sani being a yogakaraka for your Thula lagna.Lagna gets Guru's aspect from 7th.Guru and mars are in vargothamam,that is, they occupy the same place in both navamsa and raasi chart. That has given them double strength.Sukara dasa wil be for next 20 years.
    All your good things will come during this period.Your negative philosophy and dejection will go.As you will get many opportunities to enjoy sensuous pleasures during Sukra dasa ,you have to enjoy them in a decent, controlled,and moderate way.Indulgence in pleasures of the world have to be avoided. Moderation should be applied.
    You have many yogams like,mars neecha banga yogam,amala,anaba,kajakesari,sasimangala,gouri yogams. So do not worry . Your life will be nice. You will get married to a known atleast distant relative. As love failure is indicated, keep away from that.You are creating problems by unwanted worries. Get proper treatment for ailments. You will get cure.Believe me yours is a lucky horoscope.
    The time is coming. The advancements will come one by one. Do not expect miracles to happen. At a steady phase you will get all comforts of life.BEST OF LUCK. PS:Do not post another despondent mail.Thank you.

  47. To Devendhar
    --------------I usually do not remember the horoscopes asked earlier.This I do deliberately
    so that I can see a horoscope in a fresh way every time.
    I do remember your health problem;some operation (in brain?)second operation was postponed?okay.
    Your roga(disease) sthaana has more than enough points -37!The disease sthanathi pathi Mars has 4 points.Very fair the longivity lord Bhuda has 5 points, Good. The longivity place has 31 points. Quite satisfactory.So you will not have any big problem of disease or longivity.
    The decision of choosing the company has to be taken taking the real life situation into consideration.If you want to have your kith and kin nearer for help you may reject that which may take you far away from home.

    Have you asked earlier about your job in this forum and you got the offers as predicted?If so
    please post a comment in the prdiction came true thread.

  48. Dear Sir,

    My D.o.B:18-dec-1983
    t.o.b : 10.35 a.m
    p.o.b : chennai

    Request to please analyse my horoscope for any working in other countries since i have some debts.Also when will i possibly get the offer like which year?.Will it be a gain if i go to foreign and earn.Also i became angered violently very easily.Is there any remedy for this sir like any rings/stones in specific i can wear or can i wear navagraha ring?.
    How will my career be as iam not growing any positions though i work hard and be flexible.

  49. Namaskar Sir!

    Today I joined my contract job as per your predictions9 here in canada) thank you!. I have posted in this regard in the" Predictions came true" section.

    Sir, This is a contract postion( 6 months) , as I have told you earlier how my carrer life has been going through a bad phase which has adversly affected my self confidence. Anyways, I will strive to do best in this job in hand and get the permanent postion by entering in this contract job.

    Sir, what do the knowledge of astrology says in this regard. Will I be able to secure the permanent postion through this contract and progress . seeking your guidence.

    P.O.B : Kutra ( nearest city Rourkela, Orissa)
    T.O.B : 7:35 PM
    D.O.B : 4 July 1983

  50. thank u so much sir.i'm sorry i wont post any despondent mail again.i respect your words and will surely follow them.
    thank you:)

  51. To Kusumita
    --------------I am an astrologer who is doing this as a servce. Without knowing the people in person, if I go on telling the negatives,in the absence of any mechanisms to know the reactions, will I not be held responsible for any awkward happenings after reading my predictions? So I try my level best to focus only on positive aspects
    You have to go one at a time.If in all fronts
    we start the fight,we may be weakened. To get into second marriage you require the legal separation,divorce order.Even with out getting it if you start thinking on 2nd marriage ,what am I to predict? From your queries I find you have some knowledge about astrology.
    Having come to a conlusion your self why do you want to keep the blame at my door steps?

    I give the ranking order of your bhavas. You can decide yourself.
    1st rank=11th;2nd rank=10th;3rd rank=4th;
    4th rank=3rd;5th rank=2nd;6th rank=12th;
    7th rank=9th;8th rank=8th;9th rank=6th;
    10th rank=1st;11th rank=7th;12th rank=5th

    If you can get the characteristics of the bhavas, you can decide your priorities.Prayer can change anything.So make EARNEST prayer to God. You will get what you want.

  52. TO ARUN
    --------- YOU ARE FAST APPROACHING THE DATE OF YUR APPOINTMENT.on 15-12-09 guru transits to kumba and aspects mithana your 10th place(profession) to lagna and thulam 10th place to raasi.upto 28-11-09 sukra in his own place thulam,then upto 22-12-09 in vrichikam and then upto 14-01-2010 dhanus sukran-all these positions are good. similarly bhuda's transit is also good. raghudasa raghubhukthi will be over on 30-12-09.then raghu dasa guru bhukthi guru anharam upto early 2010 will see you employed. the good period hsd started from now of luck.

  53. To Prashanth
    -------------Yes! The world will end on 21-12-2012! And reborn on 22-12-2012. We all will be again with our own present form and age.We shall start our routine on 22-12-09 morning as if nothing has happenned.

    Once there was ashtagrha -8planets- combination in one raasi. Astrologers predicted similarly. Some astrologers of the west went to hill tops.And nothing happened. They all returned home and continued their prophesy of doom to a next unusual steller combination.Okay. Granting that on 22-12-09 world will end, can we prevent it if God wills so?If you can invent a plane to go to Moon,Mars, book a ticket for me also.Both of us shall scape first leaving all others on earth.

  54. I am sorry sir, if my words made you feel that I have knowedge about astrology as I dont have a little bit of knowledge.

    Also my intentions were never to judge you. It is just that I feel I am at the cross roads of my life, and I dont know what will happen next.
    So I have become worried about my future.

  55. to chinna-vindya-
    -----------------see horoscope is only a mild guidence. there is always a gap between practical life and astrological life. if we see the horoscope, you have raghu dasa kethu bhukthi upto the present transit raghu and kethu sit in 2(family) and 8th maangalya houses.that is upto april it is better if we take up marriage after april 2012.but your practical difficulties force you to get married earlier, do it after 15-12-09 after the guru transits to kumba and aspect 2nd place kethu.pray well and proceed.
    you have all chances of getting foreign groom as per planetay positions. as your 7th lord is in 9th, this may happen. do not get depressed.
    everything will be alright. best of luck.

  56. to aboli
    ---------man proposes and god disposes.`astrology is much below God's will. belive me you are running lagnathipathy's dasa and rasiathipathi's bhukthi upto 10-2-2012.bhuda is now transitting well. okay on 15-12-09 guru moves to kumba and aspects mithuna, that is 10th(profession)place to raasi.from that time you will have many openings. as kethu is in mithuna worship Ganeshji. best of luck.

    ----------------YOU ARE NOT A MANGALIK. MANGAL IN 12TH! SO MANGALIK?! but he is debilitatded and in kataka.along with mangalik dosha is negligible.
    you may marry a known girl. though you will have an inclination for love marrige, usukra is affected. so love marriage may not be possible.having known that love failure will be there do not go for it. mak a traditionl of luck.

  58. Dear Sir,

    below is my wife's
    DOB : 06/12/1977
    TIME : 13.40 PM

    Please analys the horoscope and let me know whether she has higher studies (she completed 1st year Bcom and got job).now she want to study and to complete Bcom.

  59. sachin jambolikar
    ------------------every dasa has all the 9 bhukthis (sub periods) either you have to where a navarathna ring or where the one stone which is for that mahadasa. it is enough if you ware gomeda as suggested earlier.

  60. to manish. mail sent to you. write your problem briefly with brevity.

  61. thnq very much sir soo nice of u sir........

  62. to chirag
    ------------both your raasi(lord guru) and lagna(lord surya) makes you very independent will not have friends as your 3rd lord got into 8th.bhuda the signifactor of friends also in 8h.there bhuda got debilitation, combusted,and in retrogation. that is why you are telling,rather complaining about your seniors.
    sukra your 3,10th lord is in 8th and in exaltation. that shows you will fall into bad company-more inerested in opposite be cautious and protect yourself.
    your education place lord mangal in his own place vrichika and the sixth lord educaton may reqire hard work. as both of them are hot planets and lagna being simmah you will be an angry person. reduce your anger. and practice meditation.leave some of luck

  63. to omprkash.
    -------------i hope you are the same omkar singh who asked about share that i said you don't have sufficient stenghth for 5th house.that holds good for problem for children also.sristi's ailment reflects in your horoscope too.
    now coming to sristi's horoscope i first list some positive points.
    1.6(disease,11th(profit) lord mangal in 4th(comfort)with 7,10 lord. that makes gurumangal yoga.
    2.surya and sukra in parivardhna thatis an yoga-both get double strength.
    3.similarly chandra and sani are in parivardhana.
    4 the mangal dasa (disease house lord's dasa)
    was already over on 27-1-09.
    5. in navamsa guru in lagna mesha itself.

    all the above points are to and will be helping her in her leading a disease free life.

    the list of negative points will be exaustive if i write.just i write two points. you please understand and do not further probe.

    now raghu dasa raghu subperiod is going on. for a diseased person raghu dasa is not good. that will continue upto 10-10-2011. you hve to take care of her during this period with extra cution.

    the disease house gets 12th last rank and longivity gets 8th rank in their strength.

    surya the signifactor of bone is in debilitation in thula.
    the disease house lord chevvai-mangal who is also signifator of blood, gets just 1 point in his suya varga.

    pray. dhanvanthri maharaj sthothras my be chanted. do worship of surya in the morniing. i pray she gets scured early.

  64. Thanx a lot....For ur reply,Keep it up...Take Care

  65. to rocky
    ---------the problem is your 10th lord guru(profession) getting into 6th place and got combusted by sun.but even that guru who is weak aspecting his own place meena will definitely se you employed.the positive point is your 9th lord(baagyaa) sani is in 5th along with the 5th lord sukra ,both friends, and aspecting 11th(profit) place. the lagna lord bhuda is in 7th is good.
    in navamsa also 10th lord mars getting into 6th and got debilitated along with raghu.but again 10house gets guru's aspect. so you will be getting job, even thogh it is late.
    now the 9th lord and profession signifactor sani's mahadasa and 10th lord guru's bhukthi upto 7-03-2011.
    guru transits to kumba and aspects 5th, 7th and 9h to raasi, as these 3 are good places to raasi, the gochara transit may have to help you.

    worship dakshinamurthy,vinayaka and anjaneya in the temple regularly. chant guru gayathri daily atleast 32 times.

  66. bharat bharija
    ----------------very sorry to hear your health is too early in life to have such serious ailments.though i see planetary positions in your horosope pointing to that,there is no use discussing them now.

    you are now running kethu mahadasa and raghu bhukthi upto 22-06-2010. so prolems in all fronts are there. but one relief is the present transit of guru-jupiter. on 15-12 09 guru will transit to kumba and aspect mithuna,
    which is the 4th (education)place to your raasi.that is also education karaka's bhuda's you will get interest to study and finish the exams not worry.

    if you can, please worship Durga maa and Ganeshji regularly.prayer can mitigate all problems.

  67. vidhya-rk vidhyalakshmi
    -----------------------you are running raghu mahadasa raghu subperiod upto 9-04-2012.there will be many hurdles in settlement of marriage. however the gochara,present transit of guru,will be favourable. though guru is moving to 3rd to raasi and loosing sthana balam, his aspecting 7th, 9th, and 11th to raasi may settle your marriage in 2010. but to reap the benefits of married life it will be
    2012. better to get married in raghu dasa guru bhukthi after apil 2012.if you worship durga devi and dakshinamurthy you will be getting married soon.
    as mars 5th lord in 7th in exaltation,7th lord sani in 5th(both parivarthana-double strendth)
    and raghu in 9th, you have to be a submissive
    wife to your will not be able to boss over him. you have to win his heart only by pure love.he will be a rough and tough the 7th lord sani gets very low points in suya varga, marriage should not be in haste.please leave the matter to experienced elders for making enquiries about the groom. avoid your single minded ,decision.
    prayer alone will change the situation in your favour.

  68. to arun bhasker
    --------------- to day your raghu dasa bhuda bhukthii has started.that is from 15-11-09 to4-06-2012. bhuda is your 5th and 8th lord.bhuda is in 11th with surya who is the 7th lord.the 5th lord bhuda is in 9th lord sukra's star pooradam.your lagna lord sani is in 9th thulam in exaltation. the 9th lord sukra is also in 9th thulam. both these are in swathi star which is the star of raghu.raghu dasa bhuda bhukthi will take you to foreign country.9th place is the foreign travel place. 9th has 35 points in sarava ashta varga. quite good.
    all planets have good suya varga your foreign assignment is assured.

    your 10th lord chevvai is 1n 8th, foe's place hindering progress in job.sani's transit in 5th,6th to raasi for next 5 years will solve this will have good pogress.

    as you are running raghu dasa you can ware gomedha ring or a navarathna ring.

    your 6th lord chandra is in 4th in exaltation. you are a krithiga star subject whose graha is surya. you are independent and also emotional type. you have to gaurd from bad company and negative people and sensuous pleasures. your star makes you angry. worship muruga to leave your of luck.also your profession lord is chevvai. his placement in 8th is not good. so muruga worship will solve your job problems too.

  69. to aloke kumar jaipuria
    --------------------------okay congrats for getting the contract.your lagna lord sani is in thulam 10th place(profession) in exaltation ,very poweful.the 10th lord sukra in 8th.this will bring bumps and sudden changes in employment. you may not stick to one employer for long time. because the 8th lord went into 6th, it gives a rajayoga. so you will not be stranded for want of job.your sincerety will bring many wishes..

  70. Thank you very much sir. I will follow your words for sure. I have some more queries regarding my horoscope. I have Saturn in 5th place with 1 bindhu in suya varga, is it puthra dosha?
    I am in final year now and will finish my course by the end of June 2010. After that, I have to pass an exam to get license in India. That is really very tough exam to pass. Please tell me the possibilty of passing that exam to get license to work in India. How will be the oppurtunity of getting correct job and good salary?
    My parents are searching for groom and thinking to do my marriage soon after my studies. Shall I ask them to stop till 2012? And plz tell, is it possible to win my future husband's heart to live a meaning ful life as per my horoscope.

  71. To Arumuga nainar
    your wife can definitely complete her Bcom successfully. her 4th (education) place lord is bhuda; bhuda has gone to 10th(guru's-profession) place.that 10th lord as also lagna lord guru has occupied 4th plac. so bhuda and guru are in parivardhana.both have become doubly strong. the ashta varga points are quite sufficient for 4th guru dasa bhuda bhukthi upto right time to start higher education. best of luck.

  72. to vidhya
    ----------astrology is 75% study and 25% intution. so if you again start it up with more queries,the charm of intution will disappear.then that will be mere mathematics with out the 'in thing'

    i have answered you earlier. you have to take a decision based on my earlier reply. i can not be emphatic as god has to make his own decision.

  73. Thank you sir for your reply...
    i do pray a lot as there's nothing else that i can do.... pls do tell me about my carrer... would it be bright enough ....i mean will i do good??

  74. Sorry for those queries sir....I respect your words and follow them for sure. Thanks a lot for your reply sir... And you are juz amazing and doing great. Thanks again sir!

  75. to bhrat bhathija-
    your 9th(fortune-surya) and 10th lords (profession) occupy 11th(profit) place.
    this is very good.the 11tth lord sukra and profession signifactor sani occupy 12th place;but they get the special aspect of have hamsa, gajakesari,parvatha, mathrumoolathana yogams.these yogams will help you in difficult the ranking of houses your profession house 10 gets 4th rank out of 12.the asta varga points for 10th place is 31 and 10th lord bhuda's suya vargam 5 which are quite well above average.these are you are sure of getting good employment.
    the caution:
    ------------surya the 9th place luck lord is in debilitation in 10th profession place lord bhuda got asthangatha-combusted by surya.the profession signifactor sani got lesser points in suya varga. so some hiccups predicted in profession.
    these negtive can be mitigated by worshipping your ishta devata and your family deity.

    chant the all navagraha gayathris daily 11 times.make namaskars 11 in number to surya daily in the early dawn.wear navarathna ring.
    visit a temple where navagraha silas are worshipped,make 9 pradakshinas. be a pious person. best of luck.

  76. Dear Sir,

    Very much like what you predicted last week, I cleared the entrance examination. Now I have to start applying to colleges. I thank you very much, because your words gave me the confidence I needed.

    My next query to you is about my marriage. I had an early marriage which ended miserably as I was ill-treated by my husband and family. I am now a divorcee. Is there a chance for second marriage? If so, by when? Will it be to a person whom I like very much? Will I be happy? I am terrified at the idea due to my prior bitter experience.

    My DOB: 6 Mar 1982
    Time: 11:55 am
    Place: Palakkad Kerala

  77. Hello Sir, Thanks for your very valuable answers. Now i got a clear idea about Vipareetha Raja yoga. But I have one question related to that(I assure that no more question from me,, dont want to trouble you much sir).
    I was told long time back before I turn 35 I have more chances to be a mutli millionaire and there are chances of running industries. Is there any such things in my horoscope? Just curious to know not anything more than that.

    Thanks for your excellent service

    Date of Birth:07/15/1977
    Time: 5:50 AM
    Place: Madurai,Tamilnadu

  78. Dear Sir,
    I would like to know about my Marriage Life . My DOB is 20/10/1983. My Birth Time is 9.40am. Birth Place : Erode, Tamilnadu. Sukran is Neesam in Navamsha . Sukran Dasa will start at my age of 31. How Sukra dasha would be. Will I get good Married Life. One Astrologer said that My marriage life will not be good. Shall I marry or not?. I'm much concerned about my health. . Will my health recover once Kethu dasa is over. Kindly clarify my doubts sir

    Data of Birth : 20/10/1983
    Time : 9.40 AM
    Place : Erode , Tamilnadu
    Gender : Male


  79. Thank you very much Sir.You are doing a great service.Will pray to GOD for your wellness.
    Thanks again.

  80. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much sir, for your reply of my previous question.

    My sister in law's details as below
    DOB = 21/01/1982
    TIME = 9.45 PM


  81. gud eveng sir....
    can u plz tell me whether i wwill get to arranged marriage r love marriage? and what is my future regardng career and life?

  82. Sir
    I lost my job suddenly in August 09. I am currently living in USA. My details are
    DOB: April 14 (early morning 2.35 a.m.), 1961
    POB: Trichy town
    As my children are studying in USA, I am not able to move to India in the midst of their studies. I want to know how soon I may be getting a job? Any advise from you based on the planery situation.
    Thanks and Regards

  83. to rugmini
    -------------sorry to hear about your first marriage. i find nothing in your horoscope to indicate a it happened is a an enigmatic question.the7th lord and 9th lord mars and saturn getting 5th place, and lagna lord and 2,5th lord sukra and bhuda in 9th augurs well only.probably your 9th place getting lesser bindus in astavarga may be the reason.
    better you restart your remarriage proposal in Jan 2011.As moon is in kataka his own place and ashtavarga suya strength is high, you are prone to take emotional decision.when you attempt for 2nd marriage use your head and let the heart take a back seat.i mean to say don't get carried away by emotion.

  84. to allinall
    -----------as it is a sarpadosha jataka,the dosha turns in to yoga after the person attains 30years of age is a general statement.
    there are so many 'ifs' and 'buts'. so i want to sound a note of caution.sani the profession karaka has only 2 bindus which is below do not get involved any speculation for becoming multi millionair.sani dasa has not helped you as sani has no sufficient strength.better do business, or service with caution.

  85. SIr plz aswer to my query as soon as possible

  86. to arumuga nainaar-
    -------------------you have not mentioned whether your s-in-law is already married or not.okay taking that she is not married,her marriage is getting delayed due to her 5th place is having kethu and sukra got combusted by surya and in 6th.lagnathipathi is in 6th.positive point is the 7th (kalathra-marriage)place has guru's aspect.again in navamsa the lagna lord mars got debilitated in kataka.the ashtavarga strength is not encouraging.

    sukra dasa kethu bhukthi may make her fall
    into undesirable company.that is upto gaurd from that.
    next surya dasa being lagnathipathi dasa may help her.vinayaka worship and surya worship may be made. good luck.

  87. Dear Sir,

    Please look into the following ang let me know when is it likely that I will get a full-time
    permanant job.

    DOB : Nov. 16th 1961
    TOB : 1:41pm, Thursday.
    POB : Mangalore, Karnataka
    Gender : Female

    Thank you for all your time and help.

  88. to deepti
    ----------- i do not suggest love marriage for you. excep jupiter all other planets are between raghu and thouruogh horoscope matching is a must.
    your future is your tenth place is aspected by guru, and 7th lord surya is in 10th chances of getting govt., job is predicted.

  89. Sir,

    Please answer my query soon as possible.Also can u tell me Can I register for full time PhD by quitting my job now.Thanks for your excellent Job sir. Sorry for disturbing you


  90. Sir
    This is Kris. Did you have a chance to look at my details? Thanks for the help in advance.

  91. to kumar.s
    ----------- The neecha state of sukra is cancelled as the ascendant(LAGNA) being a movable sign or the lord of the ascendant is in a movable Navamsa AND SUKRA IS IN 9TH PLACE TO NAVAMSA'S LAGNA MAKARA AND MAKARA LORD SANI IN LAGNA ITSELF.
    if an astrologer says the negatives about your married life,how you can decide not to marry. by hearing the news of one train accident will any one stop the entire train service?

    in navamsa chart the 7th(marriage-wife)place has guru's aspect.also the navamsa lagnaahipathi sani's aspect.

    in raasi chart the seventh place has guru's aspect though occupied by raghu.the 7th lord sukra and lagna lord chevvai jointly sit in another kendra 10th is good only

    the 7th place and the 7th lord are having good ashta varga strength . so no bar in marrying.
    kthu dasa raghu bhukthi upto 11-10-2010. so you may take up marriage after that.

    as bhuda in uchcham in raasi, further study is indicated, do it with out resigning job, think twice, thrice before resignng job

  92. to kris
    ----------sorry to hear your plight about employment.this has happenned becuase now you are in sukra dasa kethu bhukthi upto dec 2010.though sukra is your 10th profession lord and in exaltation
    in meenam,he went nearer to sun within 9degrees and got combusted.further his standing in 3rd is also a hidden place for him.eventhough sukra and the 10th place has sufficient ashta varga strength, his dasa's closing bhukthi kethu has become powerful.

    now the transit of sukra is good in 8,9th 11th and 12th place upto 28th march 2010. so try for job continuously. you will get the job shortly.

    make intense prayer to ambal, lakshmi and vinayaka. best of luck.

  93. Dear Sir
    Thank you very much for telling the "Palan". Thank you also for telling me the pariharam. You are doing a very great service and you are dedicated.
    Namaskarams and Regards

  94. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your selfless Service.
    I pray Almighty to give you Long and Healthy Life.
    Nandri Sir

  95. kindly clarify my doubts,
    I am Shyaamlal J, DOB 7th November,1986, time of birth 11 PM in Bangalore, karnataka.
    1>I m BE graduate and currently working in an Indian hardware company, but I dont have job satisfaction in this field. I wanted to know which field is good for me whether business,or shall I do my post Graduation,or shall I take up IAS or any other field . Please suggest me according to my graham compatibility.
    2>I also want to know about my marriage. Will I get arranged or love marriage. Many have told me that I would marry a girl whom my parents choose and not the one whom I may wish. Please also tell about my marriage and my married life.

    Thanks for your great service.

    Shyaamlal J

  96. Dear Sir,

    Please look into the following details and let me know when is it likely that I will get a I.A.S post.I am preparing seriously for such type of high posts.Am i have the oppurtunity for that..

    TOB:12.38 pm
    Place of birth:Erode,Tamilnadu

  97. Sir,

    Please look into the following details and let me know when is it likely that I will get a I.A.S post.I am preparing seriously for such type of high posts.Am i have the oppurtunity for that.and what about my future life?

    TOB:02.14 P.M
    Place of birth:Erode,Tamilnadu

  98. name - nilesh
    d.o b.- 30 march 1986
    time -
    place - mumbai[parel]

    hello sir,
    i am jobeless for last 1 year i have done hotel management, but its not working for me thts why now i am looking for other industry...i am very confused and frustreded please tell me when will i get good and even in which industry so that i will get prepared for it

    thank you

  99. Hello,
    I am pasting this on behalf my friend since she is unable to access the site for some reason. Hope you can still help. thanks a lot.

    She writes
    I am pursuing Ph.d and have spent 3.5 years without any success .

    On the personal front, I am going to turn 30 in a couple of months and
    am single. Both personal and professional fronts have been a cause of
    great concern and depression. From Oct 2007 to Dec 2008 I went
    through a period of severe depression. I came out of it in 2009 but
    still have days when I am unable to focus on any work .

    I would like to ask if I will be able to regain my confidence in my
    personal life and be professionally successful as well. Should I quit
    my Ph.D and look for a job instead ?

    I am lost and need help .


    Date - 22 Dec 1979
    Time - 18:36
    Place - Bhopal

  100. To Mangala-
    ----------The problem of your not securing a permanent job even after the age 47 is due to the following reasons. The 10th profession lord Kuja-mars got combusted -burnt by Sun.The
    profession signifactor and the lagnathi pathi Saniswara is hidden in 12th and with Kethu and debilitated Guru.(ofcuorse Guru got his debilitation cancelled due to Sani occupying his own place.)
    The lagnathipathi Sani has only one point in Suyavarga.The 9th bagya sthana and 12th where Sani is placed has very low ashtavarga strength.
    So the struggle to find a permanent job has been facing many hurdles. Now you have entered the 5th lord Bhuda's dasa from 14-08-2008.
    Bhuda in 9th with 4,9th lord Sukra augurs well.From 16-12 09 good time for 1 year.Guru coming to Raasi and aspecting 5th Bhuda's place and 9th Baagya place will do you good.
    pray to Surya by making 11 namskars facing east daily in the morning.

  101. Dear Mr. Krishnan Sir,

    DOB: 28/09/1977
    Time: 5.55 PM
    Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar

    I would like to know when I will be having a good Job in respect of positon as well as monetary terms. Also, pls do let me know when I will be financially strong.

    Below mentioned is my wife's details

    DOB: 04/03/1985
    Time: 7.10 AM
    Place: Darbhanga, Bihar
    I would like to know whether she is having any chances to get into the services or not.

    Best Regards,
    Sujeet Kumar

  102. to sm-shyamlal
    ------------------in both and raasi chart mars and saturn are involved with your profession bhava, you will be a good manager. you be a commander in army,morethan IAS, You will be successful as IPS officer. you can do any business as you like. sale of sports goods, firing fighting eqipments, surgical articles,
    constrution materials may be your profit making business.

    usually kataga lagna people ,sani being their
    7th place, have no peaceful, satisfied married your case you are not only kataka lagna,in seventh chevvai also. sukran got combuted by surya. so better you go for an arranged marriage with good matching of your 7th house placed 8th rank out of 12, you will have average married life.

  103. to rr dinesh sankar
    --------------------as bhuda and mars are together you will a scientific attitude can suueed n any field.the 4th lord in 9th shows you will study well. as sani and mars ARE prominaNt, IAS may be your IDEAL PATH TRY.

  104. Dear Sir,

    My details
    DOB - 16/04/1977
    POB - Rajahmundry, India
    TOB - 12.10AM (Morning)

    Request you to please tell when will be my marraige.


  105. dinesh--umadevi
    -------------------as your lagna lord is surya and his placement in 10th(profession)shows you can get govt employment.however the 4th lord(education) chevvai,though got into 9th,is burnt by lost his success in exams may be not loose the lagnaathipathi,11th(gain), and 10th lords surya,sukra,and bhuda look at 4th, you may be succeessful may have to put extra effort as the lagna and bagyasthana get below averge marks in ashtavarga.your 4th(education)gets 10th rank out of 12.but your 10th(job) gets 1st rnk out of 12. so no problem about govt., job. but exams passing,,,,?
    you have guru dasa guru bhukthi upto 15-03-10 then guru dasa sani bhukthi upto 25-09-2012.sani becomes neutral as he is 6,7th lord for simmah sani and guru are placed in 2nd kanya,with valarpirai chandran, sani bhukthi may do good.if not IAS you may end up with the second best.
    worship Dakshinamurthi on Thursdays and Anjaneya on Saturdays.Best of luck.

  106. Dear sir,
    My current dasa is kethu and which time I am going to get a High post.I have changed my name as R.R.Dineshsankar from R.dineshkumar. In my expectation is to become a IAS .And I want to know about the future dasa Sukra.
    TOB:12.38 pm
    Place of birth:Erode,Tamilnadu

  107. sir,sorry to trouble u again. but this time its regarding my job.i had written a test for a company and had cleared the test.they were supposed to call me for the interview within 3 days but its been 3 weeks and they have not yet turned up.they dint respond also when i called them. is there any possibility of them calling?i have no more hope in them and trying for other company. and also plz tell me if there is any possibilty of getting a GOVERNMENT job..
    thank u...

  108. My DoB is 2nd Feb 1969
    Time : 6.45 AM
    Near bangalore

    Will it be beneficial to invest in stock market as per astrology ( i am a finance professional incidentally)

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Namskaaram Mama!

    I'm Krishnan from Mumbai.

    I would like to know what my career path is going to be like. I'm currently working in a small firm, and also actively involved in music. I would like to know if there's any chance of my career being into music, and how successful would it be, and when will I start prospering & progressing in my career.

    I also wanted to ask about my sister, but shall ask that later, in a seperate post.

    My details are:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 am (Morning Two hours and two minutes)
    Place of Birth: Chembur, Bombay (Mumbai)
    Gender: Male

    Awaiting your detailed response! Thanks in advance!

  111. Sir,
    In my son's horoscope,in the rasi chakra his 2nd lord guru has been hidden in the 6th house.But in navamsam his lagna is different and guru is strong in dhanush.What is your opinion about his 2nd and 5th lord? DOB- 22May, 2000 at 18.34 hrs(06.34pm) at vellore.

  112. to nilesh
    ----------you are just 23. you should not get so much dejected. you have guru's aspect to 10th(profession) your doing well in your chosen field is certain.

    as your 10th lord got into 4th, you can be successful in real estate business,government contracts with the patronage of politicians,vehicle sales, vehicle spare parts shop,
    as your 10th house is thulam you can be succeesful in justice department as lawyer or managing an advocates' firm,in thulam kethu is sitting; so many hurdlesa are to be faced.

    as sukra is the 10th lord, you can be successful in selling readymade garments,luxury items like tv etc.,

    as your all planets except sukra are between raghu and kethu , you are facing some problems.
    in navams alo the 10th lord getting hidden in 12th.after guru transits to kumba on 16-12 09 , things will take a shape. worship durga maa and vinayalji.good luck.

    SHE IS HAVING THE "RESEARCHER SYNDROME".This type of depression every researcher get at some point of time.i do not know at what stage the research work now stands. however the job bhava gets 4th rank out of 12. the education bhava gets 8th rank out of 12.if the going in research is getting very tough, better take up job. however if there is 30% chances of finishing the research project, she can continue as the 4th place is having sufficient ashta varga strength, as also bhuda has suya varga mars aspects bhuda researh life is dasa has may decide taking pactical situations also.
    no need for despodency.

  114. Thank you sir for your response. She also would be grateful if you can shed some light on her marriage prospects.

    Date - 22 Dec 1979
    Time - 18:36
    Place - Bhopal

  115. to sujeet
    ----------as you have all planets between raghu and kethu, your succeess was elusive so far. sukra dasa has not helped you much. in june 2010 sukra dasa kethu bhukthi will be over
    next is surya dasa for 6 years.let us see whether surya dasa helps.

    to sujeet's wife
    it is very difficult to secure a job for your wife. the 10 th bhava gets hthe 12th last rank.
    how ever as the ashta varga strength for 10th (profession) place is above average,you may try for 50% success.

  116. to rajah
    ---------from 7-09-2009 to 14-12-2011 bhudadasa guru bhukthi.try now. let us pray you get married now.

  117. to dinesh
    ---------- this is a free forum. same persons asking the same type of questions are to be avoided. astrology is 75% calculations and 25% intution. too much probing will leave astrology as a mere shell with out life.

    as sukra is your lagnaathipathy positioned in 9th along with 4th(education)lord surya AND kethu.this is being aspected by guru from 5th
    place. the 9th lord sani is also in 5th in friend bhuda's place.bhuda 5th lord and 10th lord sani has exchanged places.parivardhana.
    all these are good. but kethu in 9th gives some set back.
    the education bhava gets 6th rank and the profession bhava gets 10th rank out of 12. ashta varga strength is may have to put extra effort to pass the IAS exams.

  118. Dear Sir,

    I Posted here earlier regarding my job loss during may. Now i'm working in a small company. When will i get a job in good company? or when will i go abroad? I'm worried abt the coming guru peyarchi as guru will be in 8th house.

    TOB: 4.25 AM

  119. to roopa-
    ----------upto 15 12 09 guru is aspecting your raasi and the 10th(profession)lord in raasi itself gettingthe guru's aspect.the transit of sukra over sani during this period also good. so try vigourously for one month. you have to wishes. govt., job is remote possibility.

  120. to satya
    ----------- your 9th(bagya) lord bhuda is in lagna itself.4th lord in 10th(profession).this is good.8th lord in lagana does not augur well.
    but lagna gets guru's aspect from 9th kethu in 9th! as sukra though in 3rd, still in exaltation has to help.50-50 chnces in investment sector.

  121. to mm
    ------ yours is a lucky horoscope.sukra ,surya,sani in exaltation.mars and guru in their own houses.both in raasi and dasamsa your lagna is makara. so vargothamam and lagna is strong.the 10th lord being sukra, you will be a great artist.the ashta varga strength is quite sufficient.the lagna lord and 7th lord in 10th(profession)place andthe 10th lord in 3r exaltation and the 9th olord bhuda getting guru,s aspect are all well.the ashtavarga strengh is sufficient.
    from 24-12-09 sani dasa sukra bhukthi. upto 23-02-2013.this period you will progress in music
    lagnaathipathy dasa,and 10th (professon lord bhukthi)!so progress assured.worship veena playing anjaneya deity, and lalithambigai.small quantity of honey for abishekam to shiva may be given on fridays to shiva temple. best of also transit to kumba on 15-12-09 and aspects rasi. 2010 will be a year of progress.

  122. to prathna
    -----------if we probe children horoscope too much, we shall end up with prejudices. if his study, general attitude, health are alright, keep away the horoscope and just love him. no problem, no need to look into horoscope.

  123. to cvraghu
    ----------------what is the use in fearing? if we can stop the planets at the desired places, how nice it will be!
    sukra dasa guru bhukthi upto 5-01-2011. as guru is aspecting the lagna, you will shine well as your 10th place (profession) gets 4th rank. foreign chances are remote possibility

  124. Dear Sir,
    whether its good time appear for a major exam (certification)Dec 1-21st 2009, last 2 attempts failed (Oct,Nov)can i try one more time Dec,As far as my preparation i have no doubt,i passed in several mocks test- even score 95%- but in real exam i am so intimated with result- basically its multiple choice kind of test, my Promotion on hold.
    i want to know from horoscope point of view, is it சமயதோஷம் ?
    DOB-23/07/73 ;3:10 AM;CHENNAI

  125. Dear Mama,

    First of all, Sincere Thanks to you, for the detailed response regarding my career. Shall very much keep your advice in mind. If you could also tell me how long a career I will have in music, and whether I will be making any career change later, it would be nice.

    Also needed to ask you couple of more things.
    Certain people have predicted me to have an early marriage, and also, not too long a life. It would be nice if you could throw more light on the same.

    Also, I would like to know, if I would be able to achieve completion of all my responsibilities & commitments towards my family and all my loved ones during my life time, so that they do not face any problems later.

    My details are:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 am (Morning Two hours and two minutes)
    Place of Birth: Chembur, Bombay (Mumbai)
    Gender: Male

    Awaiting a detailed response. Thanks, in advance. God Bless You!


    DOB 01/09/1951
    TOB 18HRS 51 MIN

  127. Dear Sir - I need to ask about my Fiancee. She is BDS and presently working in a clinic. She wants to do a Diploma in Clinical research. Will that help her in fetching a good salaried job? Please tell about her career life and job prospects.

    Her Details:

    Name: Ishu Mahajan
    DOB: Feb 21, 1983
    TOB: 5:35 PM
    POB: Sarkaghat(Latitude: 031:42:N / Longitude: 076:44:E) , Himachal Pradesh

    Thanks and Regards
    Raghav Mahajan

  128. Dear Sir,

    I am born 0855hrs on 7th Nov 1978, Malaysia. Is it okay for me to assume job now? I undergone Shani transit and Raghu-Kethu transit.

    Please advise.

  129. Dear Sir,

    I refer to my previous query. Your prediction of me landing a job by year end is coming true. However I am worried about colleagues, duties etc.Are my planets compatible for me to assume job? I am starting very soon.

    My details born 0855hrs, 7th Nov 1978, Singapore.

    Thank you.

  130. sorry country of birth error. I was born in Singapore..


  132. Thank you sir. By the way what do you mean by "SHE CAN INVITE FRIEND'S."?

  133. hello sir
    i want to ask some questions for my friend
    name: sandeep singh
    DOB: 21ST JAN 1984
    TOB: 4:35 PM



  134. to maan
    ----------the transit of surya and bhuda are tobe considered in your case for education/exams. surya's movement till 14-01-10
    in 8th and 9th to raasi not favourable. similarly bhuda's movement in 9th not favourable till, the exam can be attempted after makara sankaraanthi-thai of luck. your 4th(educaion)bhava gets 1st rank. so you will be succeesful in any study.

  135. to mm
    -------any profession has to be pursued with utmost dedication.your quiery project you as a
    person not sure of succeess in your chosen field.that makes you to take a cautious/not risk taking attitude.the thought of changing profession shows you have not put your foot on solid ground.standing on shifting sand and have a liking for fast progress do not match.

    sukra is your yogakaraka being 5th(poorvapunya) and 10th(profession) lord
    sukra in your chart is in exaltation-uchcham.
    that shows you can be suceessful as an artist.
    your lagnathipathy sani's dasa,is upto 4-03-22
    next bhuda dasa.your6th,and 9th lord's dasa upto 5-03-2039 then kethu dasa upto 4-03-2046.
    kethu being in 11th vrichika with the lord of vrichika mars and maanthi.kethu in exaltation
    in 11th. so kethu dasa is also good.then at your age 62 starts sukra dasa for 20 yers.

    you will be having hiccups in professional life . as sani in retrogation,bhuda is affected by surya-asthangatha-combustion-and also retrogation, chevvai in retrogation, you will have to put more efforts in your professional life. you have to surmount difficulties.that will not be smooth and a cake walk. struggles will be there.if at all you want to change profession, you can do it
    and do interior decoration, readymade garments, family profession,luxury itms like tv, home theatre sales,anything connected with worldly artistic pleasures.
    regarding marriage,your kalathrakaraka being moon and his placement in 10th kendra along with lagna lord sani in 10th makes you eligible for early marrige. your kalathra sthana 7 gets the first rank out of the 12 bhavas. so your priority is is not surprising, an artist who has sukra in exaltation,is interested in is advised you get married early. and avoid bad company.
    as far longivity,it is not advisable to discuss it. you have guru's aspect to 8th ayul bhava which is surya friend's place to guru.that 8th lord in exaltaton in mesha.the 6th disease lord bhuda is also in mesha. both get guru's dheerga ayul predicted.

    jataka is not end in itself. it is a mild guidence when we are in trouble to find out which planet causes it and worship that athidevata.

  136. to ramanan
    ------------with the planetary position and strength,it is really appreciated that you had
    succeessfully run a business so far.
    your 10th lord mars is in debilitation in kataka and got hidden in 6th dark place.that 6th lord moon in 7th combusted by sun.lagna raghu and 7th kethu are also pull backs.the business signifactor bhuda combusted and in retrgation.yogakaraka sukra got combusted and in in retrogation.only solace is mars got neecha banga. as he is the 10th(pofession) lord, the business ran due to that so far.the profession place gets 7th rank out of 12 bhava's.

    guru dasa guru bhukthi may not help much. from
    6-10-2011 guru dasa sani bhukthi .that may help you.
    on 15-12-09 guru coming to kumba and aspects simmaha raasi. so we can hope the business may show upward trend from 15-12-09.try and push. pray your famly deity.i also pray for you.

  137. to rahav mahajan
    -----------------any additional qualification will help in the progress of need for astrokogy for that.the 4th lord(education) mars went in to 8th. the 10th lord(profession) also went into 8th and got exalted.10th lord getting in to 8th means many changes in job, may be for and mars have exchanged places.parivardhana.that gives the strength lost by getting into 8th.
    guru aspects both 4,10th she will be successful in pursuing education and wishes.

  138. jasmineooo
    -----------cngrats for getting hopes of getting a job as predicted. your fear is unfounded. you will definitely make up with colleagues.bhudan is the planet for friendship.that planet is having the aspect of exalted guru .so.leaving your reluctence go ahead.

  139. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for kind words.

    I got worried after I read about effects of Sani Transit, Guru Transit and Raghu-Kethu Transit from my raasi Makaram.

    This job I need for life survival. Therefore I wrote to you. Dont get offended.

  140. Dear Krishnan sir,

    My details:
    DOB: 23 June 1983
    TOB: 11:18AM
    POB: Chennai
    Gender: Male

    Sir, could you please tell me if I have putra dosha in terms of getting children or getting happiness from children? How bad is my 5th place as indicated by rasi, navamsa and saptamsa? Guru, rasi 5th lord, exalted in saptamsa provides any relief?

    What does ketu in 5th indicate? I have heard Ketu is good in Dhanush rasi? Also, are aspects by sani, surya and mars to 5th house bad although they are my star lord, lagna lord and yogakaraka respectively?

    Thanks and regards

  141. to sumeet-to friend sandeep singh
    chanra dasa bhuda(education signifactor) subperiod is between 24-12-09 to 25-05-2011.
    guru transits to kumba on 16-12-09 and aspect raasi till dec 2010. so 2010 will be his succees year for exams and dasamsa chart bhuda is in 4th place and the fourth lord mars in education is his cup of tea.

    in the 12 bhava's of his chart ,the 10th education bhava gets 1st rank. so his horoscopes main feature is good employment.
    the 1,4th (education) lord bhuda,5,12th lord sukra,7,10th(employment) lord guru are jointly sitting in 7th and aspecting lagna. so he will be prosperous.

    he will marry a girl already known to him. so he may have a love affair.or he may marry uncle's daughter.the girl will be from teachimg profession,eletronoics communication, tv compering,ad and publicity,religious instructor or yoga master.

  142. to mukund
    ---------as you know astrology,you will not get
    convinced by what ever you will hear from me. already your mind is have formed your opinion that yours is a puthra dosha change this attitude and put confidence into your mind is a tough job.

    yogakraka chevvai has been combusted (asthangatha) by sun.associated with raghu.
    his suya varga strength is 4 which is just half. so the aspect of yogakaraka to 5th place is of no signinificance.

    are you married? if not yet married marry a girl with strong 5th house as also mahendra poruththam.check up your physical strength for begetting a child and get convinced that you can father a child.if some deformity is found,get the medical help by talking to the right doctor.the scientific advancemnt is so great that ny miracle can be performed by the scientists.

  143. Dear Mama,

    Sorry, I guess you took my query in the wrong sense!

    The point is, I'm very much optimistic about a career in music, and efforts & dedication are on as well for the same, since a long time. My only worry was, that I must NOT change into some other career later, due to pressure from family etc. Hence I was cross-checking with you. It wasn't due to lack of confidence. I'm very much looking forward to a long and stable career in music only.

    But I really appreciate your advice and nice words Mama!

    As regards marriage, haven't thought of it for now, nor I think I'm prepared, but since few others had predicted it may be early, thought of checking with you, so that I could be mentally prepared, if I know when it is coming, and what kind of a partner she would be. I always avoid bad company, and hope to keep it that way all my life.

    Regarding Longevity, I really am not much bothered about the 'length' of my life, but just want to ensure that I do complete and fulfill my responsibilities in time, so that family & other loved ones don't face difficulties later. I just want to be good to everyone always.

    My details are:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 am (Morning Two hours and two minutes)
    Place of Birth: Chembur, Bombay (Mumbai)
    Gender: Male

    If you could elaborate a bit more on the above-mentioned points, would be nice! I would need a bit of assistance from you, regarding a sister of mine as well, but I'll post those details separately later! Thanks in advance, God Bless You always Mama!

  144. Dear krishnan sir,

    thank you for your comments. I'm not married yet and I guess its too early to discuss putra dosha! But from your analysis, I take it that my 5th house could be a source of worry. I will pray for the best.

    Just curious sir, why did you ask me to check my physical health for begetting a child? Are there any health problems indicated in my horoscope?

    23 june 1983

    Thank you sir

    Thank you.

  145. Respected Krishna sir ,
    This is pardeep again. We lastcommunicated on Friday,18th September ,2009. Anyway, i will give my details again for your reference :
    DO :4th November,1972 ,
    Time :3:45AM
    Place : batala(Punjab)
    Sir ,Now have already resigned from my post and got a job also . I am still on notice period but i am facing a very serious problem which can bring bad name to me . One of my order ,due to unavoidbale circumstances, went into loss ,howeveri decided to compensate it by giving monet from my pocket and i discussed with customer to alter the invoice (increase the value).he agreed to do it at that time. he payed everything except a small amount (by which we raised the invoice) . Now he has gone back on his words and says he does not agree to raised invoice.So,i am not able to settle the accout. I did it for good but now in a very very deep trouble ,do not know how to come out of it. I am being troubled by both ,my compnay and my cleint .I am facing problem in getting relieved.

    Please ,please help me sir !

  146. Dear Sir,

    I have a query, I am constantly misunderstood by friends and always we break away. Why is this so?

    Although I never do anything to them, I always end up with a negative image and they talk about me even few years later.

    my details 07/11/1978, 0855hrs, Singapore.

    can you help me ?

  147. to mm
    ------nothing more to add. yours is a lucky horoscope. you will shine can pursue the field of music.get married early. you will complete all your comitments.will have above average longivity, disease free life. good luck.

  148. to mukund
    ----------as you have already formed an opinionthat yours is a puthra dosha jataka, i wanted you to get a consultation from doctor
    so that you may get confidence as you are yet to get maried.the anxiety will go once you get the doctor's positive report.
    nothing special.

  149. Sir , Namaskaram .
    My details are :
    D.O.B : I was born on 16 October 1975.
    POB : Kuttalam village (Thanjavur district Tamil Nadu )
    TOB : 5.30 a.m.
    Gender : Female.
    My query is this :
    I have not been able to get married.
    When Will it happen ?.
    And now I have lost my job. When will I
    be able to get another one.
    Also , I have never been able to go onsite
    either. Is there such a possibility in my
    horoscope ? Seems like I am cornered from all sides.
    Thank you v.much

  150. Sir,
    My elder sister would like your help. If you can spare sometime I will be grateful. She would like to know how her career will be and if the tensions and turmoils that she is facing in her
    work right now would effect her in any negative way.

    Her birth details are
    6th march 1974

    Thanks for your help.

  151. to gjman
    ---------sorry to hear your problem. you are a kanya raasi, lagna are under sadesaathi for the past 3.25 years. another 4.25 years to go.many kanya raasi people had
    resigned the job and struggling to get the replacement. many are facing high problems in the existing postings. many got unfavourable transfer.okay prayer has to help. visit hanumanji temple and make intese prayer on saturdays.i also pray. do not loose heart.
    2010 for kanya raasi will be turbulent. in 2011 guru will aspect kanya raasi from meena.
    then for one year great respite kanya raasi subjects will get. face the problems boldly.
    prayer meditation will make you steady minded. that calm mind will think of solution to get away from the aukward situation.

  152. to jasmine000
    --------------the problem is due to raghu dasa
    which is upto 16-02-2012.once you enter gurudasa on that date, you will be getting name and fame for 16 of luck.

  153. Dear Sir,

    Its so terrible how I feel now. Clearing my name is very difficult and its a work related issue.

    How am I going to cope until the date given ?

    Already I keep away from people. Sincerely thank you for the information.

  154. Dear Sir,

    Can you suggest a gemstone for me to wear during this period ?

    Thank you.

  155. Dear Sir ,

    Thanksfor your advise and care also. I will always have a life long respect for you .I will do prayers as suggested by you .
    However, i request to please give some remedy to get rid of this particular problem i am facing (as you have guided me specifically last timein september due to which i was able to take a decision).I am confused and worried all time. Please suggest a remedy .i will do it immediately.

    Kind regards!


  156. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Sorry for your inconvinience. Below is my correct details,

    DOB: 28/09/1977
    Time: 5.55 AM
    Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar

    I have mentioned query,
    a) By when I will be getting change in my job.
    b) By when I wlll become financial strong.
    c) By when I will posses my own house.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sujeet Kumar

  157. Dear Mama,

    Thanks so much, again, for your kind words of advice. I really appreciate that.

    As I was saying, I also needed your help regarding a sister of mine (not own).

    Though she has been doing extremely well, from the point of view of academics, she has been having lot many problems in her personal & family life (which I'm sure you will get a clear idea of, when you check her horoscope).

    My Sister's details are:

    Date of Birth: 28th March 1986
    Time of Birth: 02:13 am (Morning: Two hours and thirteen minutes)
    Place of Birth: New Delhi
    Gender: Female

    We would like to know regarding her issues, and by when her issues will end, when will life be smooth for her again, and how's her life ahead. Also would like to know when she's likely to get married, to whom, and regarding her career path as well.

    Also, currently there have been some problems between me and my sister too. I would like to know when it will end, and when would things be smooth and good for us again. Prayers are very much on. As I said, we are not direct siblings, but extremely close, something that almost feels like a Karmic connection that goes beyond births! It would really help if you could explain things in detail, and get us some clarity.

    PS: It may also be helpful if you could share your email id, so that I could explain the issues to you in detail, if required, as it may be difficult to post them on the blog!

    My details too, again for you:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 am (Morning Two hours and two minutes)
    Place of Birth: Chembur, Bombay (Mumbai)
    Gender: Male

    Thanks in advance, God Bless You Mama, for all your wonderful service!

  158. Dear Sir,
    Already I had asked you few questions. Thanks for your reply. Sorry For Troubling you once again. I have only 2 Queries And this will be the final One.

    1) I'm Post Graduate Student In Engineering ( 2008 passout) . I'm working in Indian based company . Currently I'm not satisfied with Job since the work what I'm doing here is not at all matching with my Specialization and Salary is also very less. Kindly tell me when I will get a Good Job which would meet my specialization. Shall I try for the Jobs in Abroad?

    2) My Sukaran Dhasa starts from 2013. Since Sukara is lord of 7th and 12th place , how Sukara Dhasa will be ? Can I do business in that period.

    Name : Kumar.S
    DOB : 20/10/1983
    TOB : 9.40 AM
    POB : Erode, Tamilnadu
    Gender : Male

    Thanks for your service sir,


  159. NAME : ASHOK
    TIME:5 AM
    DOB:14th MARCH 1964
    Dear sir,

    I am very fortunate to get your site,as i am struggling in job front.I lost my job in october 1st from that day onwards im trying to get another one, eventhough i got interview calls and attended many, nothing is yielding me positive results.I know now it is just the bad effects of my planets that is blocking me from getting a job.without a job it is hard to live and take care of family so please tell me whether i can overcome this problems soon or is it going to continue for longer time.

    Thanks and regards,

    my email id is

  160. Hello Sir,

    My name is karthik and I am in the United States. I completed my MS in Industrial Engg in the United States last december(2008) and havent found a job till date. I am currently working in a Temporary position but Iam given very menial and low tasks . I havent got any recognition for my hard work. I am desperately looking for jobs outside as my visa is going to end soon. Can you look up my my chart to see if I will get a better job outside in a better company? Also will I be able to move out to a better city/place/company? Can you roughly gauge the period when I will move to a new job? Please do elaborate a little bit more on my career prospects and professional future!!!

    Time of Birth:1:31 am
    Place of birth:Chennai

  161. Dear Sir ,

    Thanksfor your advise and care also. I will always have a life long respect for you .I will do prayers as suggested by you .
    However, i request to please give some remedy to get rid of this particular problem i am facing (as you have guided me specifically last timein september due to which i was able to take a decision).I am confused and worried all time. Please suggest a remedy .i will do it immediately.

    DOB : 4th Nov, 1972
    Time : 3:45 AM
    Place ; Batata (Punjab)

    Kind regards!


  162. to shan
    ----------the planets and ashta varga are very favourable; still your marrige got delayed upto 34! probably the 7th lord guru in his own place created kendrathipathya dosha; he is retrogated also;sukra got into12th place;2nd place raghu nd 8th place kethu;lagna lord bhuda in exaltation,still got combusted by sun and in retrogation;maanthi in lagana itself;in navamsa raghu in lagna itself and kethu in 7th.
    these are the reasons for delay in marriage.
    guru peyarchi on 16 12 09 may bring some rlief.though guru coming to janmaraasi,his aspecting 5th,7th, and 9th to raasi may bring in the 7th lord is guru ,husband will be a righteous person,may be a teacher or lecturer or a manger of a firm.

  163. to shan
    yuor rasi being kumba. sani is in ashtama-8th place. guru is going to come to raasi itaelf on 16-12-09.the 10th lord mars is ia 6th in debilitation. all this had made you to loosethe job.raghu in 11th place will make you to get money.worship muruga you will get the job soon

  164. Dear Sir,

    This is regarding my cousin, his parents have been searching a match for his marriage since long with no results, he and his family are very worried so i wanted to consult you. Please analyse his horoscope and tell when will he marry? where abouts of the girl? Any pariharam he has to do? I have convinced my uncle and aunt that u will surely show some way.

    His birth details are:

    DoB: 21st October 1975
    ToB: 07:35 pm
    PoB: Madanapalle
    Gender: Male

    Thanking you in advance

  165. Name - Bharat Bharija
    DOB/TIME- 3/11/1987 11:07AM
    Place of birth - Chandigarh

    Sir have been in love for a 1000 times and cheated/rejeced 1001 times....
    This time i m in love again... will i ever get someoe who loves me and stays by me... someone to support me??

  166. Namaskaram Mama,
    My details are
    DOB 25-7-1969
    TOB 9 p.m
    POB Kumbakonam
    Gender Male

    Mama Currently i am in US doing own business and doing moderately good. Parents want me to come back to India for getting married.
    Its a big decision for me as it concerns my career.Currently i guess I am running Surya Dasa.
    1). I want to know whether the forthcoming dasas be good enough for my career and
    whether i will continue to be in US or back in India ?.
    2) Will I be able to have atleast reasonable amount of monetary success in my business.
    3) And my marriage has been pending for too long.. When Will i be able to meet my right life-partner ? Will marital life be good?

  167. dear sir,
    I am madhu, born on 24th november 1986 at 2.20 pm.Place: hiriyur(karnataka). I am a B.E graduate searching for the job from thr past one and half year. i got too much frustrated about life. When i will get good job ?? when i will get marriage and How will be the married life?? Please help me..........

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. Dear Sir,

    Iam currently not working for the past 2 months.
    Can you please analyse and let me know when will i go back to work.Iam also very confused to go back to the same field - Quality.What type of job will be suitable for me?.Though i did B.E(CSE) i feel IT is not my interest.
    I cannot decide now which line of career best for me or should i go on with a job what i get?.Please help me Sir.
    My D.O.B : 14-oct-1982
    place of birth : Thanjavur,Tamilnadu,India
    Time:5.25 AM

  170. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Below is my details,

    DOB: 18/07/1976
    POB: Patna
    TOB: 12.20 PM

    I would like to know below things,

    1) By when my good time will start & by when I will get good job.
    2) By when I will get married.

    Vikash Chandra

  171. to Nottherenotthere-elder sister
    ------------------------------------Presently the 10th lord for Raasi Sevvai in Kataka in debilitation. Also the 10th lord for lagna guru in makara in debilitation.though both the debilitated planets aspect each other, it had no effect, good or bad.
    Also now Sukra dasa Kethu bhukthi upto23-06-2010.This brings quuarrel attitude.On 16-12 09 early morning Guru goes toKumbaraasi.Though
    that is 8th place to Raasi,whch may give some bad name.From 13-2-2010 things will change to your favour.Transit,Bhuda,Sukran and Guru glide over surrya, bhuda,and guru,sukra .you can expect good news from 15-12-09 onwards.

  172. To Jsmine000:-
    ----------As the Dasa is Raghu you may wear a ring or pendent of Gomedha(Agate)

  173. TOGJMAN
    -----------AS saadesaathi is running now you may wear a ring of blue sapphire.chant hanuman chalisa daily.offer a handful of cooked rice to crows along with sesame seeds(ellu in tamil,thila in sanskrit).or gingily oil lamps can be lighted both at home and temple. chant this gayathri for saniiswara 108 times daily:

    Saniswara Gayathri
    om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae
    khadga hastaaya dheemahi
    tanno mandah: prachodayaat

  174. To Anve -to cousin
    ------------------It is surprising that your cousin did not get married till 34 years.The Mars Dasa moon subperiod will be over with in 2weeks on 10-12 -09.Then starts Raghu dasa Raghu bhukthi upto 23-08-2012.As per present transit Raghu in 9th at Dhanus good only.Guru transits to 11th kumba on 16-12-09 and aspects
    3(success),5(child),7th(marriage) places.Sani in 5th to lagna and 6th to Raasi is good only. He is the 9,10th lord for Rishaba lagna. So his placement at Kanya is good.So I predict his marriage is getting nearer.He will have concrete proposals by Maasi that is Feb-March 2010.

    The 5th place Bhuda, Guru in vakram might have created some negative opinion about child birth. That may be the reason for delay in mariaage.One visit to Thirupathi and Kalahasthi may be made and make sincere prayer to Balaji and Shiva. As Raghu dasa is getiing closer wear Gomedha (Agate).Chant Durga sthothrams.On Sundays visit a Durga temple between 4-30pm and 6pm.Best wishes.

  175. TO SUJEET
    ---------YOUR DASA BHUKTHI UPTO 9=05-2017 IS VERY GOOD. Before 1-06-2010 you will see changes in the job for betterment.yoy will be financially strong by 2014.even now time is good for getting house property. at the age of 36 you will be definitly owning properties.
    you have gajakesari yogam. so you will be well
    established before the close of sukra dasa on

  176. Dear Krishna Sir, Thanks a lot.
    Would request you advise for brothers as well.
    Below is the details,

    1) Name: Ajeet Kumar
    DOB: 13/08/1968
    TOB: 12AM-1AM
    POB: Bhuvneshwar, Orissa
    Sir, he is struggling in his life. Pls do let me know by when he will be having good job & by when his good time will start.

    2) Akhil Kishore Kaushik
    DOB: 17/03/1976
    TOB: 3.40 PM
    POB: Gaziabad
    Sir, he got an opportunity in an MNC. Pls do let me know is it good time for him to change the job.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sujeet Kumar

  177. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    My DOB 12/3/86
    TOB 1700 hrs
    Location Baroda-Gujarat
    I m doing Postgraduation in very good institute....
    My question is: When shall I get success? Sometimes feeling sad about life.....I am not getting shortlisted in my dream companies for which I really worked's not the case of now but from childhood I'm not getting what I really Deserve...AFter enormous hardwork only I got admission in this good Institute..After getting admission in IIT I felt my bad time is about to finish...but still I'm facing proble in getting shortlisted...If company would not shortlist me How could I show them my engineering knowledge:(
    Sometimes I feel, I've become overethical...don't want to use my relative's contact in getting job....Do u think I'll get the job of my dream in near future? or I will keep running behind it for whole life? Luckwise I'm feeling myself handicapped..
    I m expecting that in the coming semester my guide will send me U.K. for research work.. Do u feel is there any chance of going U.K. in the coming semester (Jan2010-May2010)?
    Do u have any remedy due to which I can get what I really deserve?

    Thank You....

  178. to mm
    ------your sister's planets are compressed btween raghu and kethu.this dosha will get cleared at her age 35.till then she will have big and small problems. sukra is in exaltation and in vargothamam. so she will be a worldly person with lots of desires. she will enjoy worldly pleasures with a vengence.before she realizes the futileness of the earthly desires, much damage might have been done.

    guru dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 4-02-2011. this is some what good perid only.

    my mail id is kmrk1949@gmail .com

  179. TO KUMAR.S
    -------------I do not remember what you asked earlier and what I said.Anyway, I pray God not to make me inconsistent with my earlier statements.Your 10th(profession) lord is neecham-debilitated. That is the reason for your present dissatisfaction.Added to that you are running Kethu dasa.Kethu dasa Raghu bhukthi upto 11-10-2010. So better to lie low.After that Kethu dasa Guru bhukthi from 11-10-2010 to 17-09-2011. Changes will take place for the better . Kethu dasa Sani bhukthi may make you travel to distant places. Kethu dasa Bhuda bhukthi from 25-10-2012 to 23-10 2013.

    Sukra dasa will be some what good. But Sukra dasa Sukra bhukthi is not suitable for any business venture.That is upto 21-02-2017. Always suya bhukthi is not giving full benefits. In your raasi chart the lord of business Bhuda got combusted by Surya. Though he is in his own place ,exalted and in moolatrikona, his burning by Surya left him powerless. Future dasas Surya and Chandra are only fair as Surya is in debilitation and Chandra in 5th poorvapunya place which has no astavarga strength.Your good and change years will be at your attaining ages 33,36,41,44.49,52
    Guru trnsits to kumba on 16-12-09. He will aspect 10th place to lagna and 4,6,8 to raasi. That may bring some changes. Let us hope for the best.

  180. Hello sir,

    I am a regular follower of Subbiah vaathiyaar class. I am having small doubt.

    Mine is Viruchika lagnam...i am having parivarthana between 3rd(sani) and 9th lord(chandra). SO,it is Khahala yogam and it is induced by chandra(benefic).

    But i like to know whether sani in the 9th house can give good results and 9th house benefits?

    DOB : 23/DEC/1976
    TOB : 4.55 AM
    POB : Aruppukottai, tamilnadu.


  181. Hello Sir,
    Name - S Murthy
    DOB- 03-03-1983
    POB- Bangalore
    TOB- 3:30pm
    Gender - Male
    I wanted to inquire about my higher studies, i want to do an MBA from a premier management institute. I gave a competitive exam last year but could not clear it, again i am giving it next Saturday @ 330pm. Please let me know if i can successfully pass competitive exam and complete my higher studies and also please let me know the outlook for my career. I want to play a higher management role and have about 5 yrs of work experience. I want to study MBA - please let me know if i have the yoga for higher studies.When can i complete my higher studies and get settled in life?Also does Shasha Yoga gets cancelled if conjunct with moon, else how and when can i experience it?

  182. Respected Sir,
    I a Harsha P M, BE automobile, Seeking your advice on my sucess in a interview on 01 Dec 2009. What are my chances of a job being offered to me.
    My Details Are:
    DOB: 30/03/1985
    POB: Madikeri, Karnataka, India.
    Thanks & Regards
    Harsha P M

  183. Dear Mama,

    Thank you so much for that information regarding my sister. I'm pretty worried about her, and I sincerely hope her problems cease soon, and she has a better and peaceful life ahead. I'm trying my best to help her with that. I shall get in touch with you soon over mail, with further details. Thanks once again, and God Bless You Mama!

    Very soory to hear you lost the job at the age of 45.i know how much you will be suffering
    to meet the essential needs of the family.basically your horoscope was a 'sarpadosha' jataka.Ofcourse that has changed into yoga when you crossed the age 29.The ssame position of kothnda raghu-kethu position had occurred again 0n 29-10-09.In your raasi chart dhanusu had kethu and maanthi. That place had 45 bindhus in ashta varga.When the transit raghu entered dhanusu on 29-10-09, he was reminded ,it appears, that you are a sarpa dosha subject. Though you had it earlier to the transit by almost a month, the snake planets give their effect 2 months earlier.Addition to that you were running kethudasa raghubhukthi from 27-10-08 to 15-11-09.Sani entered 8th place to your raasi and lagna on 26-09-09. Though he is your lagna,raasi lord his 8th place positioning gives disappointments and loss of face.
    Guru is entering your lagna,raasi kumba on 15-12-09. Let us see if some change comes to you.
    I fall back on nadi present transit rules whenever I am not sure of traditional methods

    on 16-12-09 guru transits and glides over your original raasi chart's moon, mars and saturn.
    guru over natal sani result:Gets job, promotion , smooth going period in carrier
    guru over natal mars:Houses, staus
    guru over natal moon:Change of residence

    So be hopeful and prayerful.
    chant Hanuman chalisa, Ganesa worship, and Durga worship. You will get settled before
    the end of 2009. New year 2010 will see you as
    a happily employed person once again. Post in prediction came true column when you get the job offer.Best of luck.

  185. TO YESKAY
    -------------DO NOT GET DESPONDENT.You are now running Rghudasa Rghubhukthi upto 9-04-2010.Your yogakaraka and 5th,10th(profession)
    lord Mars,Chevvai is in 6th,a dark place and lost power.6,9 th lord Guru joined him at 6th.
    Chevvai has no suya varga strength at all,he has just 2 out of 8;luckily Guru has high suya varga strength of 7 out of 8.Guru aspects 10th
    profession place.So your set backs are temporary only.
    After Raghu bhukthi,Raghu dasa Guru bhukthi(sub period) starts on 10-04-2010 and lasts till 2-09-2012.During that period you will get settled well.

    You have Sasa mahayogam and Malaviya yogam. so next sani bhukthi from 3-09-2012 to 10-07-2015 will see you reaching heights.

    On 15-12-09 Guru transits to Kumba which is 11th place to your Mesha raasi. 10th place
    neecha guru has not given you good job.He might have acted his 6th lord role.from 15-12-09 he will act like your baagya 9TH lord and give you benefits.

    As Raghu dasa & bhukthi running upto 9-04-2010, worship Durga Parameswari.As your yogakaraka Chevvai is weak,worhip Muruga.As Guru has to help, pray Daksinamurthy.Best of luck.

    -----------------YOU ARE JUST 22 YEARS YOUNG.
    At a time when you have to care about your education & job, you have wrong priorities in life.Sukra(marriage) is hidden in 12th place. Bhuda(girl friend) got combuted-burnt- by Surya.Guru is under Raghus influence.Your 5th
    place lord(mind and feelings) Chevvai is with Kethu. So all your love will be one sided. Your age drives you towards girls seeking their company. It is not love. How can you love 1000 girls? You are running Kethu dasa Raghu bhukthi upto 22-06-2010.You please ask your elders to take care of Your physical and mental healh.worship Ganeshji and Durga maa.

  187. TO SWAMI
    ----------YOUR present dasa is surya dasa upto
    13-03-2015.surya went into 6th place , not a favourable disposition.but he has 5 points out of 8 in suya varga. surya dasa 62% is chandra dasa upto 2025. chandra is your 6th lord. that too he went into 10th a good place but became debilitated.but his debilitation got bhanga-cancelled.he has 4points out of 8.6th lord's dasa is not always good. as chandra got neecha banga we can say chandra dasa may be 50% dasa is mars.he has 5 0ut 0f 8. but the 10th place has only 27 .so mars dasa will be 60% okay.
    as your 9th and 10th places have lesser points, i don't think you can permanently settled down in foreign.
    bhuda is the lord of business. he is your 5th and 8th lord. his getting into 6th is 5th getting into 6th not 8th getting into 6th is good. bhuda has suya varga strength 6 out of 8.but 9th(bagaya-gains)place, 10th professin place has lesser strength.bhuda got burnt by business can be a moderate succeess;not a resounding success.
    sukra is surrounded by malefics. the seventh lord is in 6th.not good.that is the reason for so much delay in marriage.

    you may be a person who might have lost the traditional values of india and hinduism and inherited certain habits not so amenable to indian your sukra dasa started when you were in your youth. you might have had the inclination to enjoy worldly pleasures. take this factor also when you decide to come back to india and marry.
    you are you are a matured may get a partner who is also a matured person in late thirties. so even if you don't have horoscopical matching, you can adjust in practical life.your choice is limited due to your age.if you try you can get your marriage settled in jan2010, and get married in mar2010 best of luck. combine your practical situation/wisdom and atrology in equal measures. astrology can not compensate real life situation. good luck.

  188. Hello Sir,

    I am really concerned about my amma's health.
    She is having one or the other health problem for the past 7 years. Inspite of medications, her health does not seem to improve.
    Could you please analyse her chart and tell when her health condition will improve.

    Her details are:
    DOB: 23.05.1962
    Time: 14 hrs
    Place: Pondicherry

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sai Ram

  189. கிருஷ்ணன் ஐயா,

    கீழே உள்ளது என் கேள்வியும் தங்களின் பதிலும்

    Sivakumar said...
    DOB : 25/09/1978
    TIME: 6:30 AM
    Place: Madurai
    Gender: Male

    என் ஜாதகத்தில் ஏதேனும் கிரக தோசங்கள் இருக்கின்றனவா?

    எனக்கு திருமணமாகி 2 வருடங்கள் ஆகின்றது. எப்போது
    குழந்தை பிறக்கும்?
    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    kmr.krishnan said...
    தங்களுடைய ஜாதகத்தில் லக்னத்திலேயே ராகு நின்றதும், லக்னாதிபதி புதன் சூர்யனுக்கு மிக அருகில் நின்றதும்,5ல்மாந்தி நின்றதும்,5ம் அதிபதி சனி 12ல் பகைகொண்டு மறைந்ததும், குழந்தைப் பேரை ஒத்திவைத்துள்ளது.5ம் இடத்துக்கு உச்ச குருவின் பார்வை இருப்பதாலும்,குருவுக்கு சுய வர்கத்தில்
    8பரல்கள் இருப்பதாலும் சுக்கிரன் ஆட்சியில் இருப்பதாலும் குழந்தை பாக்கியம்
    உண்டு.நவாம்சத்திலும் பல ப்ளஸ் பாய்ண்ட்ஸ் உண்டு.கடவுள் அருள் இருந்தால் 4 11 09 முதல்28 11 09 வரை தங்கள் மனைவியார் கருத்தரிக்க
    வாய்ப்பு உள்ளது.வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    மேலே கூறிய நாள் தவறி விட்டது. மறுபடியும் கருத்தரிக்க எப்போது வாய்ப்பு உள்ளது?
    கடவுள் அருள் எப்போது கிடைக்கும்?

  190. Respected Sir,
    I am Harsha P M, B.E Automobile.
    I want to know my if my interview on 01 December 2009 will be successfull and would i get the job?

    my details are
    Name: Harsha P M.
    Gender: Male
    POB: Madikeri, Karnataka, India.
    DOB: 30/03/1985
    TOB: 20:52
    Please advice me.
    Thank you
    Harsha P M

  191. to madhu
    your under sade saathi-7.5 years saturn transit.still 2.3 years to your job hunt is elucive.
    okay do not loose heart. some improvement can be seen after 15-12-09 when guru transit to kumba and aspect your raasi.try keepimg faith on God. worship Hanumaanji

  192. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    MY Details are given below

    D.O.B-31/12/1985 (30th midnight)

    I am currently in govt. job for two years ,I am not very much happy with my job profile .My current job profile may lead to Higher studies (which i am not very much sure of now ).Right now I am preparing for Indian Engineering Services (IES)2010 and planning to prepare for IAS in the coming years .

    I Wold like to know -
    a)What are my chances of cracking IES-2010 & IAS
    b)What are my chances of Higher studies (MS & Phd)
    at foreign land

    Plz resolve my dilemma whether to remain in scientific field or to switch over to administrative field.

    Waiting for your kind response
    With best regards ,


  193. To Howdygirl
    --------------Two factors act on your life now. The main point is, all your planets and raasi and lagna are between Raagu and Kethu.
    The present transit Kethu is in Mithuna where your birth time Raghu is sitting. Similarly the transit Raghu has come to Dhanusu where your birth time Kethu is sitting.So the preent position except Guru all other planets are between Raghu and Kethu. So this had made you to loose job. Many Kanya raasi or lagna people had lost job during the last 2 months. So you are not alone. This condition of present position changes from 14-01-10 only. On 15-12-09 Guru transit to Kumba and directly aspect your Simmah Raasi. So from then on you will start getting interviews and get into job aftrer 14-01-2010.As your original horoscope is affected by raghu and kethu,pray to Vinayaka by chanting Vinayagar Agaval and to Hanuman by chanting Hanuman Chalisa and Durga Devi by chanting Lalitha Sahasranamam.As your 7.5 year Sani is still ruling till April 2012,
    your prayers alone will help you.

    Your choice of computer eduction is right as per horoscope. As your lagna lord and 10th lord(profession)is Bhuda, Maths,Computrs are right choice.However as your 10th lord Bhuda in lagna itself you will be inclined to take up self employment. You can be succeessful in that. You can shine in media,news editing,TV, or any mass communication line.As your 9th and 10th lords Sukra and Bhuda are in lagna itself, you can be a social worker running charitable institutions.You can be a teacher or a lecturer.You may have an artistic mind.You may take up interior decoration, web designing,you can be succeessful in politics or easily get politicians help.Better you take up maths teaching or computer education provider.Good luck.


    YOUR LIFE WILL GO ON IN A SMOOTH AVERAGE manner.Your 1,5,9th lords sitting in 10th got combusted-burnt by Sun.So they have become weak
    in ashtavarga also, the 10th place has just
    22 points.That way also strength is less. Except Guru no other planet has more than 4.
    So you may be contended with what you have
    now and try to improve cautiously.

    Your marriage year may be 2012.

  195. நமஸ்காரம் மாமா, என் பையனுக்கு இப்போது 7 1/2 சனி நடக்கிறது. வயது 11 நடக்கிறது. இப்போது பூணூல் போடலாமா? 23 ஜூன் 1999, டெல்லி. 3.51 மதியம். சிம்ம ராசி.

  196. Greetings Sir,

    I lost my job 4 months back,i dint get job till now.Also i accidentaly switched my profession as TRAINER ( training and development ) last 1 year.I dont know whether this would be the best profession for my life or should i choose any other. Please let me know when i will get a job and whether this profession should be changed.

    Also now a days life goes thinking more of spiritual things. is that anything connectd with my Jathagam?

    Name: Sadeesh kumar.M
    Gender: Male
    DOB : 07/10/1978
    Time: 9.10 am
    Place: Chennai


  197. Dear Krishnan Mama,
    My father was born on 27th March 1942 in Trichy- Pushya nakshatram, Kataka rashi. I do not know what exact time he was born- i do know that he was born during the Raahu Kalam on that day and has a Kanya lagnam jatakam. I myself was born on 27th June 1979 at Bombay, 11 am. My father is facing many health problems at this time. We are all very anxious about his health. We thought that things will be better, now that the 7.5 year Shani period is over, but things seem to be much worse now. Please help me by saying how long this difficult period is going to continue. I am anxiously awaiting your reply.