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Here post any general doubts in astrology. This is a discussionn forum. The students of astrology can post here. No particular horoscope should be mentioned.You should not tell in whose horoscope such position exists. I shall wait for others to answer and finally I shall give my consolidated opinion.


  1. Dear Sir.
    Can you explain the following.

    What is Brahmahatti Dosam?

  2. Doubt
    Does 5th house occupied by Rahu, Ketu or Both indicates no children or less children or children with difficulty? Does this combination also leads to abortions? What could be the remedies?

    Thanks and Regards
    Raghav Mahajan

  3. To Raaghv Mahajan
    We can not just coclude by seeing Raghu,Kethu, in 5th affects child birth.If the 5th place is having the aspect of benefics then this Puthra dosha will not act. If Guru is placed well Puthra dosha will not act.If the 5th lord has has more than 5 Bindus in varga, child will be born.If the Dasa of Raghu, Kethu had been over already,child will be born .If the 9th place is strong, child will be born, even though 5th has raghu/kethu.Many ifs and buts,. So no standard thumb rule for astrology.

    ---------------I HAVE already told you that you should not ask questions based on any particular horoscope in this doubt's column.I find that your mind harps only on the planetary positions of your own horoscope.You are in stress due to loss of job. Forget astrology and try job hunt seriously.The transit of Sukra, Bhuda in Thulam, Vrichika and Dhanus may help you in Nov and Dec'09.Pray to God .Planets will not do any harm"avai nalla, nalla, nalla"

  5. Dear Mr.Krishnan sir,

    i FOUND his teaching are very good but i found above link contracditor info here he says- Simla Lagna sani is marakathipathi and Guru is yogakaraga but the book i use to read Murudas Jothidar says oppiste which one to follow.

    I wrote several emails to subbiah vathiyar but look he does'nt reply to our emails.

  6. it would be great if you can write all Yogakara and malefic for all Lagnas

  7. To AghamBrahmaasmi
    ------------------Do not disturb Vaathiyaar Sriman.Sp.Vr.Subbaah. He is overworked.His sincereity and indomitable spirit has to be appreciated.His service mindedness and simplicity has to be imbibed by all. His library contains inumerable references.He may be able to prove his point of whatever has been written about Simmh lagna in the thread you have mentioned.I give below the benefics and malefics for all lagnas based on B.V.Raman's work:
    Yogakarka will be only if he happens to be the lord of both kendra and trikona.For example mars is the yogakaraka for kataka since mars is 5th and 10th lord.
    Benefics:guru,surya,kuja; Malefics:sani,bhuda,sukra;
    Bhuda worst malefic



    Simha b:kuja,surya
    n:mars(feeble benefic)
    n;bhua, sani
    Meena:b:moon and kuja

    M=malefics B=benefics N=neutrals

    Thanks for your response and clarification. In Oct thread about doubts in astrology I asked you about how a person can die because of the influence of people near him. I replied there in Oct thread but I think that is closed now. So, I am posting my further doubt here.


    Most of the people get education upto the age of 25-30, marriage in the age 25-35, retirement (sudden loss of full income) in the age 55-65. Then how come their dasas and bukthis play a role?

    If we take horoscopes of 10 people retiring at the same age, someone might be running Jupiter dasa, someone might be running Rahu dasa etc etc. Someone's horoscope might say that income will increase but his retirement time is near. Why such contradiction?

    Someone's horoscope might say that his health will be excellent but he is ill because he is 90 years old.

    Someone might die in Rahu Dasa, while someone else might die in Jupiter dasa.

    Can you please explain this phenomenon?

    Thanks and Regards
    Raghav Mahajan

  9. To Raaghv Mahajan
    ------------------Each one has diffeerent lagna.For Kataka lagna,2nd place is surya's place.6th guru's place;8th sani's place;11th sukra's place.For simmah lagna 2nd is bhuda's place;6th sani's place;8th guru's place;11th bhuda's place.If two person's retiring on the same date and get lumpsum amount, then their dasa,subperiod,and anthara willbe that of their 2,6,8,11 th place lords'.will it not be different for diffeerent persons with diffeerent lagnas?

    Similarly people die in their maraka dasas. 2,7th place lord's dasas are called maraka dasa.If a person is quite aged and ailing and the practical outward symptoms show his end is near, then if you see the horoscope,you will be surprised either 2,7th lord's dasa or subperiod is running.
    My mother who was 84 died after living 6 dasa's fully, died in her 7th dasa by number, and in 2nd lord's dssa and when the 7th lord was in 6th in gochara,raghu was in 10th.

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  11. Dear Sir,

    Could you enlighten me for the following queries

    1) In Navamsa chart, Lagna is Katagam, Saturn in Dhanusu aspecting Sun. Can we say, its a Neecha-Banga yoga as Saturn is aspecting Sun?

    2) What is the significane of this 11th paarvai of Saturn?

    3) Is the combination of Guru-Saturn called as Guru Sandaala yogam or something else? Does Guru lose its auspicious qualities when it joins with Saturn (or) Vice versa ?

    Reference DOB : 27-Mar-1983
    TOB : 13:33
    Place : Coimbatore

    Srinath G

    --------------Saturn (Sani) has the general aspects plus it aspects the 3rd and 10th from it as well.

    WHERE you found sani has 11th paarvai?

    Guru will not loose his power just because he has joined Sani. Depends upon guru's place of occupation of the house to that particular horocope's lagna. Whether he is friend of lagna lord or foe etc,etc, etc,

    Surya will not loose his neecham state because of sani paarvai.
    same thing you have asked earlier some where else.i request you to keep away your horoscope and study astrology.the tendency to connect every bad aspects to your own horoscope will lead you no where.

  13. Saturn's transit to kanni has occured last month.This gochara palan is only for the moonsign or it can be applied on each one's lagnam also?For example,if a person born in meenarasi will be having kandaga sani(sani in 7th house), and if a same person has kanni lagna then,will he be having the effect of sadesati(7and1/2 sani period) also?

  14. To Prathna
    ----------In KoLsaaram Chandra will be the place you have to take as first house. Not only Sani,all the other planets will be moving constantly.We have to take their present transit position to tell the events that may take place.For example for Kumba raasi people in 5th place MithUna, Kethu is sitting. They will have some probblem for children. On 15 12 09 Guru transits to Kumba and aspects MithUna and Kethu. So problem for and from children will be solved. Up to 15-12 09 Kumba rasi people have to be careful with their children.
    Pregnant Kumba raasi ladies may have to be careful.
    in your example kanya lagna people will not have sadesaathi.In this forum do not ask questions based on your horoscope.

  15. If a planet is placed in the same house at both in rasi chart and navamsam then,what is the right word to refer it? Is it vargotam or parivardhana?for example in rasi chart makara lagna,sun in thulam and in navamsam it is simha lagna and again sun in the same house of thulam? This is my doubt sir and i didn't refer 2 anybody's horoscope in this question.

  16. Dear Prathana,
    It is called VARGOTHAMAM.These planets will get double the strength in the horoscope.

    Thank you.

    THAT IS CALLED VARGOTHAMAM.Thanks to Rathinavel for telling that.

    Then,what is Parivardhana?If in the same chart, one Raasi's lord sit in another Raasi's
    house and that Raasi's lord sit in the first lord's house; that is called Parivardhana.
    Exchange of houses. For example Bhuda sit in Thulam and Sukra sit Kanya.

  18. If a particular planet has attained neecham and also faded in 6th,8th or 12th house both in rasi chart and in navamsam, then does the strength of vargotthamam decreases?For example In rasi chart, thulam lagna sani is placed in mesham(neecham) and in navamsam chart it is viruchika lagna and again sani is placed in mesham.Whether the strength decreases in this position?I'm not referring to anybody's horoscope.It is just a doubt for me.

  19. To Prathna
    In the example given by you the Vargothama of sani some what gives strength to Sani from his
    Neecham state. He will not be weakened but strmgthened.For thula sani is 4,5th lord;so Yogakaraka. His occupying 7th is good only.Ofcourse for marriage it is not so good.But for general life and personality it is good.So getting added strength is good by Vargothamam.For Vrichika he is neutral so getting into 6th has no big positive or negative.That too if the star he sits in Vrichikam is Anusham he will not do any harm.

  20. I know that mesham,katakam,thulam, and makaram are sara rasi,Then how to call the other houses?For some either rasi or lagna will be in saram, for some rasi and lagna both will be in saram.But my question is for some both lagna and rasi will be in the corner houses like meena,mithuna,kanni and dhanush,Are these people are unlucky?

    -------------I think you can read Tamil. If so, please visit where lessons, 278 in number,are available.The class is now in advanced stage. but old lessons are available in downloadable form.You can get answers for all your basics. Here I am not running a class. but my predictions are themselves will be like a lesson to a student of astrology.
    mesha,kataka,thula,makara=sara raasi
    rishaba,simmaha,vrichika,kumbha=sthira raasi
    mithuna,kanni,dhanus,meena=upasaya rasi

    None is totally unlucky and totally lucky.So the corner house people are unlucKy is baseless. In ashta varga all are given equal points 337.For every one these points 337 is equal. But in which house you have more points and less points decides the strength of that particular Bhava.

  22. Thank u sir, i'll go through classroom 2007 blog spot.

  23. How do you find Pitra Dosha in a chart. Is it applicable to both male and female.

  24. To Subhash
    ---------- Do you mean "pithru dosha?"
    Pithru in Sanskrit means father.Mathru means mother. For father analyse9th place and Surya's
    position and strength.For mother analyse 4th place and Moon. If the ninth lord is in debilitation,conjoined with raghu,kethu,sani, mars,and in the places 3,6,8,12 then that horoscope is a pitthru dosha jataka.similarly if fourth is affected then it is Maathru dosha.

  25. Mr.Krishnan அவர்களே,
    Guru in Magaram , they say its Neecha Bangam
    Necham i understand, what is Bangam?(பங்கம் பெருவது)is it a good symptom ?
    I wish you can explain here bit elaborate.

  26. To Maan
    A short note on Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga
    by Chakrapani Ullal
    Many students of astrology have misunderstood the nature of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga, a.k.a. cancellation of debilitation. They have confusion as to whether the Raja Yoga actually happens, doesn’t happen, or only happens in namesake. The reason for this confusion is that every cancellation of debilitation does not create Raja Yoga. Raja Yogas are only created when certain other conditions, which I will discuss further, are fulfilled along with the following conditions as stated by Dr. BV Raman:
    1) Lord of the sign occupied by a debilitated planet, placed in a Kendra (angle) from the Lagna or the Moon.
    2) The planet which gets exalted in the sign where a planet is debilitated is in a Kendra from the Lagna or the Moon.
    3) The lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet is posited in a Kendra from the Lagna or the Moon.
    4) A neecha planet exalted in the Navamsa.
    5) A debilitated planet being aspected by another debilitated planet.
    6) Lord of the Navamsa occupied by a debilitated planet in a Kendra (angle) or trikona (trine); the ascendant being a movable sign or the lord of the ascendant is in a movable Navamsa.
    7) Lord of the Rasi where a planet is debilitated is in a trine from the Lagna or the Moon.
    8) The planet that gets exalted in the sign where the planet is debilitated, is in a trine to the lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet.
    9) The lords of the debilitation and exaltation signs are in mutual kendras (angles).
    10) A debilitated planet, aspected by the lord of the sign, situated in an auspicious house.
    11) Lord of the Rasi in which a planet is debilitated or the lord of the planet’s exaltation sign, or the planet who gets exalted there is in a trine from the Lagna or the Moon.
    Of the three sections given above, the importance of the yogas may be said to decrease in the descending order.
    As stated, certain other conditions, which are normally overlooked by most students, are necessary for a Neecha Bhanga to fullfull the requirements of a Raja Yoga. The planet creating the cancellation should not own, be conjunct or aspected by the rulers of, the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses. Furthermore, the rulers of the houses where the Neecha Bhanga is taking place should be well placed and well aspected. If these requirements are not fulfilled then the Raja Yoga may not be complete, despite the fact that they may fulfill the rules stated by Dr.B.V. Raman.

  27. To Krishnan Sir,
    I meant Dosha pertaining to ancestors.It is very commonly heard that there us this dosha in a chart and native should go for remedies.

  28. To Subash
    The most difficult part of astrology is to find the ancestral curse or blessings. You have to study the 5th place for that.We can find only vaguely. If the curse of ancestors are there,5th place will have Raghu, Sani, MANGAL,Krishna Paksha Chandra etc., It is being a place of Manas also, malefics in 5th will make the subject almost mad.Raghu and Krishna paksha Moon in 5th means , we can conclude the person is insane or having suicidal tendency.
    The ancestral curse shows in the farm of childlessness, deformed child,insanity, neurological problems,widowhood or loss of wife etc.,
    The one who has not attended his parents in their hour of need, will meet with the same fate for himself. His sons will throw him in the dust bin.That is the effect of 5th place.

    Hope you have asked only a general question.
    If you find something wrong in any known horoscope do not jump to conclusions.A visit to Rameswaram, and a visit to Gaya will solve those doshas.

  29. Sir,
    The astrology software which i have shows the calculation of native's ashtavarga thirikona sodhanai and ashtavarga ekathipathya sodhani.What is difference between them and which one should be considered?

  30. To Prathna--
    ------------Ashtavarga is very difficult subject for on line teaching.Try simply make "Ashtavarga"
    google search.

  31. Thaks for clarification regarding Pitra Dosha .It was a general question not pertaining to any specific chart.

  32. Dear sir,

    How do we use divisional charts to learn more about certain aspects of the horoscope? Taking a specific example, if I wish to analyze whether the subject will have good children and get happiness from children,
    I should first look at rasi's 5th house and lord. Next, is the position of the rasi chart's 5th lord in saptamsa more important or the saptamsa chart's 5th lord and 5th house more important?

    Also, does the 5th lord's condition signify something different from the 5th house's condition? Say difficulty begetting children vs happiness from children? For example, if 5th lord is debilitated/with malefics but 5th house has benefic aspects versus 5th lord is exalted/in kendra but 5th house has malefics/aspected by malefics?

    Thanks and regards

  33. Sir,

    Finally adding to my question above, is it possible to rank which is more important. Whether condition of the lord of a house (strength, aspects on it) or the condition of the house itself (malefics posited or aspecting it) or do they signify slightly different things?

    Thank you sir

  34. Dear Mukund.
    Assuming you know the basics of astrology,you need to look into who is the 5th lord,where is he placed,who is sitting the 5 th place,what are the aspects of other planets to 5th place.
    The debilitation and exaltation status alone will not help in determing the nature of 5th house.Generally the 5th house will sya about your KARMA and children.Most of all it is tje most difficult house to ascertain.On a thumb rule if you have 28 parals fo the 5th house in the astavarga,then 5th house will be considered good.


  35. Thanks a lot Mr. Rathinavel. Is there an order of priority/importance in what you said? First look at 5th lord and where he is positioned. Then look at 5th house, who is positioned there and aspects to it etc? My doubt is, what if the lord is well placed, but the house condition is bad (malefics aspecting or positioned in 5th) or vice versa? Or is it hard to give such strict rules?

    Also, should we look at rasi chart's 5th lord's position/strength in saptamsa or should we look at saptamsa chart's 5th lord and 5th house condition?


  36. to mukund
    ----------your questions are based on your hooscope. the horoscope instead of giving conidence has started giving negative attitude.
    when you go on listing the questions packed with all options,it will loose its cutting edge and only cofusion will result. in astrology intution,prayerful persons words,
    and the timing of asking all counts.if we start probing too much only we will end up with frustration. 5th place is a very moot subject. no one can say for astrology 120000 rules are there. no one is a master.

  37. I complelty second krishnan sir words.Mukund please leave scrutinising your horoscope for 5th house,as you are fairly young.Pray to almighty,only HE can save and help us.


  38. Thank you Mr. Rathinavel and Krishnan sir. The 5th house was only an example. I was curious about the relative importance of any house vs the house lord in general and the usage of divisional charts.
    But like Krishnan sir said, I guess there are too many rules to explain in one post.


  39. How to calculate parals? Is there any link for this please.

  40. to venkat
    ----------google search "jagannatha hora"--
    ashtavarga charts.

  41. Sir, As navamsam represents spouse and later part of life saptamsha, dashamamsha, dwadashamamsha, drekkana, hora etc represents children,profession,parents,siblings,luck respectively.Is it the same way of reading navamsa chart?For example in rasi chart rishaba lagna if 11th lord guru is in 4th house with moon and in drekkana chart(siblings) it is makara lagna guru is placed in 12th house and again with moon.Then what will be the strength of elder brother ?How to predict?

  42. Dear Krishnan sir and others,

    Which houses and planets indicate entrepreneurial skills? In other words, how is success in own business seen in the horoscope? Also, are there special planetary combinations/yogas that favor the same?

    Kind regards

  43. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    I experienced in Jaganatha Horo, the Lagam differs from the original jathakam written by our josiyar. WHy is this diffrence IS THERE any setting that we need to apply in horo software ?
    Eg 23/07/73;Chennai;3:10
    Rasi Lagnam is Reshaba, But Navasam is suppose to be Kanni but in Jaganatha Horo shows Reshaba, Please help me to understand this diffrence, please let me know what is correct Navamsa Lagnam.

  44. To Prathna
    -----------In this column you have to ask general questions only. No particular chart will be discussed here.I am sure you are discussing your children's chart. It is too early to dicuss their chart and form opinions.If there is any problem between the brothers after they grow, we may look into the horoscope and find the reasons for it and worship the deities. If we find any negatives now when they are young, at some point of time you may blurt out and create prejudices. Astrology is not end of life. Many a tmes God has made the astrological prediction go wrong.
    I have told you many times earlier that your children are having good luck.Your attitude towards astriology should change. Astrology is for people who are in actual trouble. Not for who will create troubles for themselves.
    3rd place is the place of brother sister.The strength of that place has to be first asseessed.Then only 11th elder brothre place has to be looked into. The third lord, 11th lord are they friend's or foe? How,where they are posited, what are their ashtavarga srenghth, how about suya varga strength,etc., are to be assessed.In the example given by you Guru is a malefic to rishaba and makara.As he is natural benefic,now occupying a kendra he beomes bnefic to rishaba.So the brotherly affection is good.Do not get confused.

    Bhuda is the signifactor of business.That is business is the 'karakatwa' of Bhuda.For successful business career Dhanakaraka(Surya)
    Jeevana karaka(Sani)and profit 11TH lord are to be considered.
    As a matter of interest all of you read an excellent analysis by Smt.Jayasree in the link given below.She has made a detailed analysis of(A)Satyam Ramalinga Raju.His dubious business deals are reflected in his chart!!

  46. TO MANN
    -------JAGANNATHA HORA is basically from Andhra.So their system of starting the year on Ugahi some 18 days earlier to the start up of Tamil month Chiththirai may cause some dfference. Your astrologer might have used Vaakya panchaangam. The computers generated horoscopes are of Trikanitha panchanga. Vaakaya takes 360 days for 1 year. Trikanitha takes 365.25 days for 1 year.So this also makes the difference.
    Try this link for Tamil Trikanitha chart:

  47. Thank you very much sir,
    i downloaded and used it is giving me as per my astrology perse. Navamsa is Kani Lagna correct.
    Among Trikanitha panchanga & Vaakaya, which one are you following sir ?

  48. Let me close my day with last question sir,
    Grahka and thier பார்வைகள்
    surya=7,chandran=7,guru=5,7,9 budha=7,suk=7,rah=3,6,11 ketu=3,6,11,Kuja=4,7,10 cha=7
    Rah,ketu,sat move in anti clockwise we count backwards
    please correct me if above understanding is correct.

  49. To Mukund
    --------- In th above reply to you I have by oversight mentioned Surya as Dhanakaraka. Read it as Guru.Sorry for the error which inadvertantly creptin. My age to be blamed for this slip.

  50. To Maan
    1. All planets aspect the 7th place from their
    placement.2.(Kuja,Mangal,Mars,)Chevvai aspect 4,8 places also in addition to 7th.
    3. Sani, (Saturn,Manthan) aspect 3,10 places also in addition to 7th.
    4.'As Raghu and Kethu are shadow planets, they can not have aspects' is a valid argument. I am inclined to take this view. In ashta varga calculation Raghu and Kethu are not taken into consieration for suya varga . Only the main 7 planets are assessed for their strength.There are many views about Raghu Kethu aspects.some say Ragu aspects 2,5,7,9 counted in the normal clockwise direction.Kethu has no aspect at all. Another view is both Raghu&Kethu aspect 5,7,9 clockwise.This is big controversy.No solution at all. I take simply the 7th aspect of Raghu and Kethu and ignore other aspects recommended by diffeernt authors. Another view is raghu aspects like Saturn and Kethu aspects like Mars.
    In your question you had said Saturn is having rear aspect and anticlockwise back move. That is not correct. Saturn has normal transit clockwise like other planets and aspect clockwise 3,7,10.

  51. To Mann
    -------- For casting the charts I depend on the Trikanitha panchanga as it is easy in the computers. I take the Vaakya panchanga for Gochara prediction as a mark of respect for our ancient seers.Also temples follow only Vaakya Panchanga.So I also follow Vaakya Panchanga for Gochara.

  52. Thank you for your comments krishnan sir. Apart from bhudan, guru, shani and 11th house; do the 6th and 3rd houses play any part for success in one's own venture? i remember reading somewhere that 6th has something to do with taking initiatives in professional life (i could be completely wrong!) and 3rd house signifies courage.

    Kind regards
    Another question I had was, how do we interpret retrograded (vakram) planets? Are they always bad/less powerful and are the houses lorded by retrograded planets always impacted negatively?

  53. To Mukund
    ----------This column is not for just asking questions and getting confirmation of what you already know. This is for sharing knowledge. If you have read something some where you quote it here so that the knowledg will spread.
    Third house is veerya, vijaya, dhairyasthaana.
    That is the house of strength,victory,and courage.Usually this is considered for military operations/profesion.If the 3rd place is strong we may conclude that the person will be succeesful in his bold,risky ventures.So for business ventures too we may give some marks to the strength of 3rd place.Nothing wrong.
    6th place is runa-debt,disease sthana,chathru
    enemy sthana. 6th is also work/work culture sthana.not like to know about his business rivals,loans taken and given,and his work methodology 6th has to be considered.

    In short all the 12 houses are to be considered.Suppose his 2,7th houses are weak, he will have troubles in family life and quarrel with wife.So even if he is succeessful
    in business, he can not enjoy the fruits of his succeess.So if you ask which house is for business,or which planet I say something, you should not ask, 'other planets are they not important?' All the planets are to be taken into consideration and a general idea should be arrived at.

    Vakram planets are not always negative. In their inimical houses they act positively. Neechm plant if vakram also act positively. Vakram planets give the benefits of previous or next houses which they occupy earlier.This is a controversial subject.

  54. Please correct my understanding
    in Gochara - when sun lies 5th to Guru,bud,Sat,they get Vagram(வக்ரம்),does this வக்ரத்தன்மை applicable to Kuja and Sukra ?

  55. To Singai Soori
    -------------------Please give the source of your statement "in Gochara - when sun lies 5th to Guru,bud,Sat,they get Vagram(வக்ரம்)"

  56. my sincere apologies to everyone,i made mistake in my previous statement, i got clarity and understanding after digging my Library with relavant information
    Nevertheless i provide the extracts of the book below.

    01. Except Surya,chandra,Rah,Ketu all other planets subjected to endure vagram state.
    02.சனி,குரு,செவ்வாய் போன்ற கிரகங்கள் 5ம் இடத்தில் “சூரியன்” வரும்போது வக்ரம் அடைகின்றன, 7ம் இடத்தில் சஞ்சரிக்கும் பொது அதிக வக்ரம் உண்டாகிறது,9ம் இடத்தில் சூரியன் வரும்போது வக்ர நிவர்த்தி ஏற்படுகிறது.

    i should thank you sir to push me to do this :-) above extract from a my grand parents very old collections, this book does'nt have cover pages too so i dont know who is the author,moreover i could'nt attach scanned page in this blog(can i ?) pls send me email to i will send you snap shot the page-if required.

    In the above information, you mean 5th,7th, 9th from chandra lagna or from that particular planet?

  58. Krishnan sir, basically i too had this doubt after reading it,the para i typed in tamil is exactly from book word to word,author does'nt give any explanation whether from chandra lagna or from that particular planet,so i think you should take this to our vaathiyar(SP.VR. SUBBIAH), what is your opinion ?

  59. sir,
    Gem stones should be chosen according to our moon sign or lagna?

  60. Ashtavarga analysis:
    The ascendant and 10th house are the pillar houses. These houses
    getting less than 30 points is considered to be a weakening factor
    for them.
    All the houses in the natal chart receiving a minimum of as explained
    1st ) minimum of 27 points
    2nd) minimum of 22 points
    3rd) minimum of 34 points
    4th ) minimum of 24 points
    5th) minimum of 25 points
    6th) minimum of 34 points
    7th ) minimum of 20 points
    8th) minimum of 25 points
    9th) minimum of 30 points
    10th) minimum of 36 points
    11th) minimum of 54 points
    12th) minimum of 16 points
    some interesting combinations

    a) 11th house should get more than 10th house and 10th should
    get more than 12th house. In this way the native's efforts would not
    get wasted.
    b) Add up the points of 1st, 2nd , 5th, 9th and 10th house. This
    should be greater than the combined total of 6th, 8th and 12th. This
    gives some insights into the nature of the person.

  61. Please find documented evidence for above posting,

    if any one has CLARITY In the above information, 5th,7th, 9th from chandra lagna or from that particular planet?

  62. i am here - after a long time - Let me break the silence here.

    thanks to Parthana- info is very good-
    i have never seen any one with 54 bindus in 11th - normally 30 and above very good , below 24 is very weak and not good.thanks for sharing.

    thanks to suri for information(Moreover i liked your pictures too in your website).

    Guru is moving to Kumba Dec 15 2009, Whilst
    seeing it from scenario mesha rasi wise, Guru moves to 11th house(chandra). if jathakar is Mesha rasi Reshaba Lagna- then his Guru is 10th house, now while predicting, which perspective do we take it Guru in 10 or 11.
    Guru in 10 "Pathavi paripogum" , Guru in 11 is very good, so palapalan completely changes for same scenario, how do we predict cannnot say half of 10 and half of 11 ?

  63. Dear Sir'

    one horescope 5th house is kanya & in kanya rasi
    there is Ravi,Badhu & Rahu Chandra are placed.
    Female born in Amavasya. kindly request you to convey the details.

  64. Please advice me about the remedies to reduce the effects of kuja dosha.?
    when i checked i found that i have kuja dosha in 7th place and she doesnt.

    My DOB is 21/08/1986; 2.45 AM; and hers 22/07/1991; 1.20PM

  65. Dear Sir,

    By seeing a birth chart, How can find a person is an Alcoholic or he is a drug adict.

    Thanks and regards,

    Senthil Nathan.

  66. Smt. M. Thirumamagal
    We are seeking for alliance for my younger sister for about 3 years and the details are:
    Date of Birth : 29.09.1981
    Time of Birth :04.05 AM
    Place of Birth:Madurai district
    When she will got marry? any parigaram has to be done? Please guide us sir.

    M.Thirumamagal, Chennai

  67. Hello Sir,
    it would be great if you could explain us abt Bhudha vakram in Kanni rasi for Makara lagna. I heard that the native would have difficulty communicating with the world. mostly they are introvert and lack expressing their feeling, also they have difficulty Analysing things for the current events. I have bhudha vakram in Kanni rasi.
    My details
    Date of birth: 25-10-1981
    Time of birth: 12:07pm
    Place of birth: Colombo, Sri Lanka


  68. Hi sir,
    I am Naresh.
    My question is
    If lagna lord is weak(placed in 6,8,12) and Raghu placed in the lagna.Whether raghu can acquire the lagna and act as similar as lagna lord for native.pls tell,thank you for valuable responses......

  69. hello sir, could u plz explain regrading mangal dosha... whats the age limit for a gal to get marry if she is having kuja/mangal dosha..?? in case if unknowingly a gal(with kuja dosha) gets married to a guy without kuja dosha..problems do come... is there any remedy so that dosha can be nullified and the couples can live together...

  70. if a yogakaraka gets necchabhangam in the twelfth house..will it accelerate the goodness of the twelfth house?or the yogakaraka losses its goodness by being in the twelfth house.