Monday, November 30, 2009

Predictions Came True!-DECEMBER'''09

POST here whenever the predictions given in this blog coming true.Bloggers may view in previous months how many had posted happily the predictions which came true


  1. venkateswaran said
    namaskaram sir,
    Thanks for the detailed reply. Please let me know what I can do for your social cause. I shall contribute.By the way,in myfirst posting when I mentioned that my career hasn't peaked, I meant that i have not reached the pinnacle yet. I have been getting good jobs but somehow not able to cling. Sorry to bother you again. Will I in the residual portion of my career rise high? OR should i have to settle with whatever i get. I am extremely anxious as I have a big financial liabilty that has to be cleared. I am not in arrears of any payment but worried about the future payments as I do not have ajob now. Can I expect a job in the next 1 month OR do I have to wait until 03/05/10 as indicated by you?

    My wife who was in senior position with a leading IT company is also in distress without a job as she had to leave end of Aug 2009. Her date o birth is 27/09/1964 time of birth is 5.10am and place of birth is Pakala( AP).She has Rohini as the birth star and lagnam is Simham.Budhan is in the lagnam, suryan in the 2nd house, ketu in the 5th house, sani in the 7th house, guru and chandran in the 10th house, rahu in the 11th and sevvai and sukran in the 12th.She is currently running sani dasa with sani bhukti. She must also get a good job. Please advise when this will happen and the parihara.
    Thanks once again.
    best regards
    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    kmr.krishnan said...
    ----------------IN YOUR wife's horo in raasi chart sukra, 10th(profession) lord got hidden in 12th.(luckily 12th lord moon got into 10th and exalted). That is why she was in job so far.That parivarthana was good.
    In navamsa the 10th lord surya went into 6th and hidden. But got exalted. One minus and one plus.In dasamsa the 10th lord sani got into lagna itself and got debilitated.

    In shat bavathi bala the 10th place gets 11th rank out of 12.
    Now sani dasa sani bhukthi is running. This period she is having complaining nature, quarelsome and intolerant.That will be upto
    25-01-2010.After that upto 27-07-2010 sani dasa sanibhukthi sukra antharam. As sukra is 10th lord in raasi chart his antharam will bring you reemployment.
    In ashta varga the paral is 35 for 10th. That is good. But jeevana karaka sani has '0'parals in suya varga.Sukran 10th lord has 3 out of 8 in suya varga.
    These are the reason for her stunted growth in employment. Okay get ready to accept new job after 24 01 2010.

    Dear Sir,

    Namaskaram. I am extremely happy to inform you that your prediction has been precise. My wife's employment is almost finalized and she is to join in the begining of second week of Jan. Thank you for your wishes. Can you please suggest 2or 3 auspicious dates in the begining of the 2nd week and the time for joining? Her birth star is Rohini.
    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

  2. One Sri C.Rathnavel has also reported that he has received the job as predited.He is likely to join after 1st of january 2010. He himself may post here in the next months column.