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As in oct'09 and Nov'o9, post your questions on general doubts in astrology.The question should not pertain to any particular horoscpoe.


  1. Question regarding role of 6th house in professional or business life is significant as this house denotes competition also.Strenth of 6th house will indicate success in competitions which in turn will decide many aspects of professional life.

  2. To Subhsh
    ----------Exactly.6th house being enemies' place we can say the strength of the subject with regard to business rivals.Also his credits
    loans incoming and outgoing can be assessed.His work culture, interest in the
    chosen field.if the 10th place is weak we have to see tthe 6th for a relief.

  3. sir,
    gem stones should be chosen according to our lagna or chandra lagna?

  4. To Prathna
    ----------In Tamilnadu there is a tradition
    to wear the stones in accordance with the present, running dasa.That seems to be logically more correct.

  5. How come sir? Suppose if running dasa represents malefic planets or the houses of 6th,8th and 12th lords, then how can a person will wear that particular planet's gem.Because the effect can be more adverse.If i'm wrong please clarify my doubt sir.

  6. Dear Krishnan sir and others,

    I had a question about planets in dusthana houses 6,8,12. My local astrologer told me that good/benefic planets in the 8th house (mangalya sthana) of a girl would negatively impact the longevity/health of her husband. I found this a little hard to digest since benefics should typically do good. So, thought I'd bring it up for discussion here. He also said malefics in 8th is good for mangalya balam. Is this true?

    However, good planets in 12th house is fine because it indicates expenditure/losses for good reasons like charity or spending on luxury (not in a bad way). Whereas malefics in 12th indicate wastage of money. Is this right?

    I guess it also might depend a bit on the house lordship of the planets occupying the 8th and 12th houses.

    Finally, why is the 3rd house considered bad? As far as I read (on several astrology sites), 3rd signifies siblings and courage. What are the negative significations of the 3rd house? Or in the mahadasa of the 3rd lord, what negatives are likely to happen?

    Thanks and regards

    ------------- FIRST I DO NOT JUST BELIEVE IN
    The idea that stones can mitigate the ill effects has been floated by jwellers and stone cutters. Today it has become a big business.

    All the nine planets are represented in the navarathna ring/pendent.There you do not differentiate between benefic and malefic.

    Stone wearing belief is that the beneficial effect of benefics will further increase, and the ill effects of malefics will be controlled.
    As the planets act only in their mahadasas the
    practice of wearing the stone of that partiular dasa seems correct.Here 3,6,8,12th malefics are not to be taken. It is all ones own sentiments.Differs with individual to individual.

  8. To Mukund
    --------- If you are interested in learning astrology visit " "
    where the lessons are in simple tamil and very cogent thanks to the guru there Sriman. Sp.Vr.Subbaiah.

    Coming to your point, your astrologer is correct. The sthanas 6,8,12 are dark,shady places.If the good planets enter a shady placce they will loose their power.It is like Surya is not able to show his full capcity during winter season due to the heavy clouds.

    If the malefics go to 6,8,12 they also loose their strength. Is it not good if they loose their power? "kettavan kettidil kittidum raja yogam".Two negatives make a positive.

    Yes. 12th viraya sthana argument of your astrologer is also correct.Monetary loss will be their according to the karakathwa of the planet which occupy 12th.If guru sits in 12th, expenses will be for marriage, temple renovation,for welfare of children.If bhuda in 12th expenses for education,girl/boy friend,
    to uncle's family.Sukra in 12th money will be spent for enjoying worldly pleaures.Sani in 12th payments relating to employment, raghu in 12th means hospital expenses bad company
    wrong sensuous pleasure etc.,
    You are right. 3rd house for courage, all relationship, particularly brothers sisters.
    For sukra alone 3rd is also a hiding place. For other planets it is not taken as a dussthana.

  9. Thank you very much for your explanation krishnan sir. I have visited Sriman Sp.Vr.Subbaiah sir's website. Although I am a tamilian, its sad that I cannot read tamil fluently. I wish someone would translate the site into english for everybody's benefit.

    I had a follow-up question to your response sir, so that I understand your point clearly. If, say, Jupiter or moon being a 9th house lord gets into 8th, then the planet is weakened and 9th house matters will suffer. However, will the 8th house matter suffer too? ie., Jupiter/moon being benefics in 8th will reduce mangalya balam of the girl and is worse than having an empty 8th house?

    To make things simpler, which of the following would be the best for a strong mangalya sthanam? Empty 8th, benefic in 8th or malefic in 8th.

    Also, I guess the 6th,8th and 12th lord dasas are not considered very favorable. How about the 3rd lord?

    I hope I am asking the right questions sir. This is a vast subject and is very intriguing!

    Kind regards

  10. Dear Mukund.
    To understand astrlogy in english,you can read the books from BV Raman.It is a herculean task to translate entire site to english.Also in the classroom 2007 site some important will also be given in english.You can go thro that.


  11. To Mukund
    ---------I am able to understand your question in the light of your mathing your horoscope with your girl friend's hooscope.At the cost of repetition I say, no horoscope matching is necessary for love marriages. I am not against
    love marriages.Using this forum as an alibi has to be stopped.I suggest that if you are so much intrested in the girl and vice versa, please go ahead with the marriage setting aside the horoscope and proceed. You try to keep the cake and eat it too! How is it?

    THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED.the aspect to 8th house by other planets , ashta varga balam, suya varga balam,
    dasa bhukthi antharam, navamsa chart,bhavathi balam,present transit etc., to be considered before deciding the strength of a house.

    Guru in 8th is not considerd auspicious. But his aspecting the 8th from else where from a friend's house is good. An empty 8th house is better than 8th house with Guru.

    Out of 3,6,8,12th lords' dasa 3rd lord's dasa is better than the other three. Then 12th then 6th and then 8th.

  12. Dear Krishnan sir,

    Thank you for your explanations. It is true that I am still exploring my horoscope match and I am still searching for answers. But the questions I ask in the doubts section here are genuine. Things that interest and intrigue me. And my questions are typically related to mine or my girlfriend's horoscopes because unfortunately my knowledge is limited to those only.

    Another question I had (if I may) was, again my astrologer said that Saturn aspecting 10th lord (assuming the 10th lord and saturn are friends) would make the person very hardworking. Is that in a good or bad sense? As in, will the person be working meaninglessly and wasting energy. And will he have to strive hard even for small successes?
    Or does it simply mean he will be sincere and hardworking?

  13. ஐயா,

    எனக்கு விருச்சிக லக்னம் . லக்னத்தில் குருவும் கேதும் இருந்தால் அது தான் கடைசி பிறவி என்று படித்தேன்.ராகு விற்கு 7 இல் குருவும் கேதுவும் சேர்ந்து இருந்தால் கோடிஸ்வர யோகம் என்றும் படித்தேன் . இதில் எது உண்மை? குருவும் கேதுவும் சேர்ந்து இருப்பது நல்லதா ? தயவு கூர்ந்து விளக்கவும்.

    நன்றி ,

  14. To Mukund
    ----------Saturn is the profession signifactor.
    Jeevana karaka. So, Makara,Kumba lagna people are hard working as Saturn is their lagna lord.
    Mesha and rishaba lagna people are also sincere in their job as saturn becomes their 10th lord.Saturn is exalted in Thulam.Thulam people also work sincerely with righteous attitude.If Makara is the lagna and Saturn is placed in Thulam, 10th place, the subject will be very active and will be influentil in politics and matters of state.The fruits of the labour has to be judged from 11th place and other aspects.

  15. TO KUMAR.S
    INDICATOR.Most of the saints have kethu in 12th in their natal chart.So many ordinary people also have kethu in 12th.Will all of them go to moksha? God only knows.

    The vrichika Guru becomes important because
    he aspcts meena his own place and the bagya sthana for vrichika lagna, Kataka.

    There are so many yogams quoted by people. When you become a kotiswara do not forget me. spare some mony also.

  16. Thank you sir for your response. From your post, I take it that Saturn aspecting 10th lord is of very little significance when saturn is neither the lagna lord nor 10th lord.

    Also, does Saturn aspecting Venus or 7th lord result in bad relationships with people of opposite sex assuming saturn is not a yogakaraka?

    And I know we touched upon the topic of vakram (retrogradation) sometime back. Is it correct to conclude that a vakram planet, whether benefic or malefic, would in some way negatively impact the significations of the houses it lords over? Is this negative impact reduced/neutralized by good placement, either in exaltation or in kendra?

    Sir, my questions are only secondary to the ones in the other section where people post their problems. Please reply at your leisure.

    Thank you very much.

  17. sure sir. Thanks for your reply

  18. Sir, please correct my understanding .

    If malefic or Lord of 3,6,8,12 seated in any one of konas 1,5,9 is considered to perform positive effect/No bad effects to jathakar, the malefic nature is nullified.
    example rishaba lagna - Guru seated in Makara- Guru being malefic to rishaba lagna and lord of 8th, he shows good effects as he is seated in Kona espcially 9th position.

  19. i would like to know more english terminology used jothida books,please correct my understanding below- if there is any more terms please let me know me sir.

    நீச்சம்= debiliated
    உச்சம்= Exhalted
    பகை= Enemity ?
    வக்ரம்= retrogradation
    ? = Combusted
    ஆட்சி = own house ?

  20. Is there any posibility or rule of thumb for
    Lord of Exhalted house and own house exchange?
    example situation Sun seated in thula, Sat seated in Sima to undergo parivarthanai ?

    --------------ALL OTHER TERMS ARE CORRECT.
    For cumbusted or cumbustion it is 'asthangatha'
    or 'asthangam'. That means burnt by going nearer to Sun."Karukivittathu".

    Take the example of Sun. In the month of aiyppasi(oct-nov) he is in Thulam. The climate is cool due to winter. Sun is clouded and we do not feel the pinch of of the hot Sun. So he is neecham-powerless- with least power-lowest ebb in his strength.In the month of Chithrai
    april-may( summer season) he is in Mesha.The
    Sun is very hot and unbearable. His strength is uchcham- highest peak-
    The same concept for other planets too.

    In parivarthana,the enemies parivarthana are not favourable. In your example, that is not parivarthana at all.As sun is in sukra's place he can have parivarthana with only sukra. Sukra has to sit in Simmaha.If parivarthana
    of Saturn is to be considerd from Thulam, then sukra has to be seated in makara or kumba.
    Sani-sukra parivarthana is more beneficial than sani-surya parivarthana.

  22. Thanks Mr.Krishnan for wonderful explanation.
    01. Does Parivarthani always bring good effects only as they going back to thier respective own house ? or can they bring malefic effect too
    02. what will happen praivarthanai between துஷ்ட ஸ்தானா?
    example Kanni lagna, Sani in 3rd ; Kuja in 6th-this parvarthanai- will it bring good effect to or what is properties here sir, how to treat this - what predictions do conclude ?

  23. ஐயா,
    பரிவர்த்தனை பற்றி ஓர் சந்தேகம். விருச்சிக லக்னத்திற்கு சுக்கிரன் 7 & 12 க்கு அதிபதி. சூரியன் துலாமிலும் , சுக்கிரன் சிம்மதிலும் இருந்து பரிவர்த்தனை பெற்று உள்ளனர் .10 மற்றும் 12 அதிபதி பரிவர்த்தனையால் , இது ஒரு ஜாதகனுக்கு நல்லது செய்ய முடியுமா ?. சுக்கிரன் 7 க்கும் அதிபதியாய் இருப்பதால் எனக்கு இந்த சந்தேகம் .


    A parivartana yoga occurs when planet A is in the sign of planet B, and planet B is in the sign of planet A.

    For example, if Mars is in Taurus and Venus is in Aries, Mars is in the sign of Venus and Venus is in the sign if Mars. In Western (horary) astrology, this position is called ‘in reception'. If this position occurs in your own horoscope, it is indicated by a small wave (≈, in mutual reception with another planet). Although the computer programme that we use for our printouts regards this as a beneficial condition code, that is not always the case. We can ascertain that the influence both planets have on each other is similar to that of a conjunction. If this is beneficial or not depends of the character of both planets and especially the houses they rule. There are three kinds of parivartana yogas.

    6) Dainya yoga: This yoga occurs when one of the planets participating in the yoga is lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house. These are dushtana houses that generally have an unfavourable influence.

    In most cases, the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house will be strengthened by the benefic influence of the other planet.

    However, the other planet involved in this yoga is always damaged.

    Example: When Sagittarius is on the ascendant, the Moon is lord of the eighth house and the Sun is lord of the ninth house. Should the Moon be in Leo and the Sun in Cancer, then we have a dainya parivartana yoga. In this case, the Sun will be damaged because it has to battle with the difficult energy of the eighth house. The Moon however, will get a boost from the influence of the favourable ninth house energy.

    A possible interpretation for the lord of the eighth house when it is favourably influenced: Perhaps the person involved here will receive an inheritance (eighth house) from his father (ninth house), or he may be a teacher (ninth house) of psychology (eighth house).

    A possible interpretation for the lord of the ninth house when it is unfavourably influenced: Probably this person's father (ninth house) has had a problematical life because the lord of the ninth house has been affected by the influence of the lord of the eighth house, which has to do with all kinds of problems. In addition, it is possible that his good fortune (lord of the ninth house) will be tainted (influence of the lord of the eighth house).

    7) Kahala yoga: This occurs when one of the planets of this yoga is lord of the third house. The other planet may not be lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house (because we then have a dainya yoga). The third house is the house of energy and strength. A kahala yoga would mean that the person involved would invest a lot of energy and vigour in improving his circumstances.

    Example: If Taurus is on the ascendant, the Moon is lord of the third house and Saturn lord of the ninth and tenth houses. Supposing the Moon is in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer. Then we have a kahala yoga. This person will put a lot of energy (third house) into his career (tenth house) and into broadening his horizons (ninth house).

    8) Maha yoga: When a parivartana yoga occurs between the lords of the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth or eleventh houses, we have a maha yoga. The lords of the third, sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may not be involved, because then we would have either a dainya yoga or a kahala yoga. This yoga enriches the planets involved.


  25. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    Thank you very much info and the link.

    it would be great things to people who confuse english signs / nakshtras name with tamil
    can you tell us all the tamil corresponding name for below English names
    Ardra - ?
    Punarvasu - punarpoosam (correct)
    Pushya - Poosam
    Ashlesha - Ayillyam
    Magha - Magam
    Purva Phalguni - ?
    Uttara Phalguni - ?
    Hasta - Hastam
    Anuradha - ?
    Jyeshtha - ?
    Purva Ashadha - is it pooradam ?
    Uttara Ashadha - Uthraadam ?
    Shravana - ?
    Dhanishtha - ?
    Satabishak - ?
    Purva Bhadrapada -?
    Uttara Bhadrapada - ?

  26. Ardra - Rhiruvaathirai
    Punarvasu - punarpoosam (correct)
    Pushya - Poosam
    Ashlesha - Ayillyam
    Magha - Magam
    Purva Phalguni - pooram
    Uttara Phalguni - uththiram
    Hasta - Hastam
    Anuradha - anusham
    Jyeshtha - kettai
    Purva Ashadha -pooradam
    Uttara Ashadha -Uthraadam
    Shravana - thiruvonam
    Dhanishtha -avittam
    Satabishak -sadayam
    Purva Bhadrapada -poorattathi
    Uttara Bhadrapada -uhthitattathi

  27. # RASI NAME English Tamil
    1. Mesha ARIES Mesham
    2. Rishaba TAURUS Rishabam
    3. Mithuna GEMINI Midhunam
    4. Kataka (or)
    Karkataka CANCER Kadagam
    5. Simha LEO Simmam
    6. Kanya VIRGO Kanni
    7. Thula LIBRA Thulaam
    8.Vrischika SCORPIO Viruchigam
    9. Dhanush SAGGITARIUS Dhanusu
    10. Makara CAPRICORN Magaram
    11. Kumbha AQUARIUS Kumbam
    12. Meena PISCES Meenam

  28. Thanks you soooooo much sir for above datails and also providing Laura barat webiste,her website gives a comphrehensive picture about shadbala, which was looking forward for a long time to understand. resources were very good.

  29. Dear Sir,

    Quoting from my previous post in case you missed it. Does Saturn aspecting Venus indicate bad relationships with people of opposite sex, assuming Saturn is not a yogakaraka? In general, is it a bad sign for married life? Is it neutralized by other benefic aspects on Venus, say by Jupiter?

    I had another question. Once again, this is from what my astrologer told me. He mentioned, in passing, that Venus in 10th house is not good. I was surprised because Venus is a great benefic and 10th is a good house to be in. When I asked, he repeated, "Vaahana kaarakan paththu le iruka koodadhu". I couldn't probe further. What are your thoughts sir?

    Thanks and Regards,

  30. Hi,
    I read somewhere that Venus(Sukran) in lagna makes the person look good with refined manners. Also in addition Chandran (Waxing / Valarpirai ) aspecting lagna makes a person beautiful. Is this true ?
    But i came across a horoscope (male) which has Venus in the Lagna (Katagam) and Chandra in Seventh (Makaram). But that person has leathery , thick dark skin and was looking unkempt and unclean.
    Are there any exceptions ?.

  31. to mukund
    ------------always guru's aspect will give the aspected planet a calm and composed sathvik if sukra s aspected by guru , the effects of natural malefics' aspect is nullified. sani and sukra are friends. so sani's aspect should not be considered as bad.but it all depends on the house in which sukra and sani are stationed.however sani aspecting sukra is normaly not good as the interest in husband will be wanibg.

    in gochara only 10th place from raasi is to be taken,no worry about lagna.

  32. I have heard that when Saturn and Moon join together in a single house, it is not good and causes some vish (poison) yoga. Mr. Krishnan can you please throw some light on it?

    Thanks and Regards
    Raghav Mahajan

  33. To Shan
    ------ The body features told in the books
    need not be taken literally. Even in happenings,job,child birth, poorvapunya, death
    even, the experta astrologers are not able to pin point 100%.
    Sukra is associated with fair skin and beauty.
    He is also associated with uterus,urinanery
    tract, and sukla(in males). There is also a suggestion if chandra and sukra are directly aspecting each other the person will be suffering from diabetes,kidney problems and urea related problems. The person you have seen might have developed such diseases. So due to his/her internal disease the outward appearence might have changed.if your question pertains to any one of our relations do not get panic. Thourough study is necessary.

  34. To Raghav Mahajan
    -------------------Sani need not be feared so much.He is a planet who is like a judge.He will punish only if we do wrong. For do goodders sani will not do any harm. Again the place, house are to be taken into consideration before coming to a conclusion
    whether sani is a malefic or not. See I am born in a star belonging to sani.I have crossed two saade saathi.The problms during sadesaathi were only within tolerable limits.

  35. Dear Sir,
    I have a doubt on 12th house. Malefic planet Combinations like Surya & Sani , Chevvai & Sani, Raghu or Kethu will affect one's Conjugal Happiness or it will make them marry in Unusual way like inter faith marriage (inter caste marriage).

  36. Krishnan mama, Thank you v.much for your answers. My questions were generic. I am just interested in astrology and i have some horoscopes (of some acquaintances ) from which i try to understand astrology (reverse-engineering). Thank you v.much.

  37. Namaste krishnan sir,

    Is it true that 2 planets in exalted state if face each other(in 7th house from each other), their powers are lost (Example Sani in Tula and Sun in Mesha)i.e., what fruitful benefits we get from an exalted planet cannot be counted?

  38. to kumar.s
    ------------12th house and the planets sitting in 12th all planets except raghu do not give positive results. if those planets are aspected
    by natural benefics, the damage will be much reduced.the conjugal happiness will be affected if only 7th lord is in 12th and sukra is in 12th.if the mahadasa of the `12th lord 0r 7th lord is over,the ill effects will be reduced.

  39. Namaste Krishnan Sir,

    Please calrify the following:

    1) Rahu's exalted state is in Mithuna or vrishabha?
    2) If Mars is associated with Mercury then is it true that the native has Kuja dosha?
    3) Is it true that if the adipathi of a particular house falls in a house just before that then it is not good. Say if Guru is 11th house lord and if he falls in 10th house which is 12th or vyayam for his house, then is it true that he will not give any good results?
    4) Is it true that Budha is not having astangathi dosha? Also i heard that Budha or mercury will infer the qualities of whichever planet he is associated with. Is that true? If so then if he is associated with an exalted planet, can he also be taken as exalted?
    5) Is it good if the 7th lord is aspected by Sani?
    6) What is mool trikon sthan and its significance?

  40. To Seeker
    --------- Yes. There is such an opinion.In your example surya is more powerful than sani. so sani's strength is reduced. In this situation, ashtavarga, suyavarga, shadbala are to be taken into consideration to arrive at the strength of a graha.

    2.NOT AT ALL.angaraka dosha to be counted from lagna, chandra lagna and sukra.ofcourse bhuda and mars are foes.the place where they stand, which places lords are they etc., to be taken
    beore tlling any opinion. no kuja dosha.
    3.not exactly.going back is sometimes taken as not good. in your example guru will not loose his strength.from 10th he will aspect 3, 5,7th which is good.
    4. some authors say bhuda hs no asthangathi dosha. but in practice,we see many failures in exams are due to asthangathi of bhuda.yes. bhuda will take the role of whichever planet he is associated with.but that will not give him the status of exaltation.
    5. 7th lord getting sani's aspect is not generally good. but depends upon hether 7th lord is a friend of sani or foe.
    6.except chandra and surya all the other 5, mars, bhuda, guru, sukra and saturn have 2 houses. out of this one house has the root and the other house has the branches.
    for chandra vrishaba is mooltrikona.
    for surya simmsh, for mars mesha, for bhuda kanya, for guru dhanusu, for sukra thula,for sani kumba for raghu kanya, for kethu meena are the mool trikonas.

  42. Thank You very much Krishnan Sir for your valuable time and detailed clarifications. Your service is invaluable and a great example for the fellow beings.

  43. Krishnan Sir,
    1) Is it true that if in a horoscope Rahu is placed in 5th house, then the native has Sarpa Dosha?
    2) What are the benefits of vargottamam?
    3) Some people say that if a naisarghika subha graham like Guru, Sukra etc is in vakram, then it is good and if a naisarghika papa graham is in vakram then it is not good.Is that true? If true, then will that holds good even in case the subha graha is an kendra adipathya papi?

  44. One more doubt in the previous clarifications sir. U told that Guru in 10th will see 3,5,7. Is it not 2,4,6 by his 5th sight, by 7th sight and by 9th sight respectively?

  45. To Seeker
    ---------Yes in the above example guru will aspect 2,4,6 as you have mentioned. Thank you for your correction. I am a 'vritha'(OLD) jothidan. So pardon me for my going wrong in counting. That is why they say"bala jothidan and vritha vaidyan'. Young jothidan will not commit such silly counting mistakes.

    ---------- You seem to be well informed in astrology.Why don't you write some thing more
    about what you have read about vargothamam, vakram etc., It appears you know better than me or any one else here.Instead of asking what you know as a question better write on that subject.that will save my time.
    1. Raghu in 5th is not sarpa dosha. It may affect child birth or delay child birth.
    Kala sarpa dosha is, all the planets getting hemmed between and raghu and kethu.
    2.As far as I know, vargothamam is,if a planet in raasi chart, if it is in the same bhava in navamsa also, that is called vargothamam. That planet gets added strength.In my horoscope guru got debilitated both in raasi and navamsa chart.Neecha guru vargothamam.Guru's strenghth
    increased by say 25%.

    For your 3rd question I have to see the reference books. If you know the answer write it here.

  47. Krishnan Sir,

    Wanted to know about the transit of planets -
    why is it that transit results are counted only from the natal moon ?

    Jupiter Transit in Aquarius - why is Jupiter in transit , if 10th from Moon considered bad ? Is it because of the enimity between Moon and Jupiter ?

  48. To Google
    ---------- My knowledge is limited. I am not an expert.It is a tradition to count from Chandra lagna for gochara(present transit).
    As the lagna is calculated from the dawn of the Sun on that particular day of birth and the star is taken from the position of the Moon
    on the day of birth and Moon has the the two pakshas and change every 2.5 days shortest than anyother planet,moon is the centre for present transit-gochara.
    I am not sure whether I am correct.

  49. To google
    ------------As Jupiter is a natural benefic, his enmiy with any other planet shold be seen not with any doubt or suspicion. 10th being the place of employment, when Jupiter comes to 10th from chandra lagna in present transit, he gives some change in employment.This is for all. Not particularly for any raasi. If Jupiter
    is friend to that place the transfer will be on promotion.If he is not a friend or neutral
    to the place where he transits, the change in job may be due to retrenchment, lock out, closing of the work place, loss in business etc.,For acquries, kumba guru is only 2,and 11th lord; so not a foe. He becomes a neutral in kumba. from acquries he views mithuna,simmah and thula.2,4,6th to vrishaba.
    so money flow, happiness of the family, comforts ,educaton, welfare of mother, acquring property,health,cure of dIseases,debts clearing, loan taken for house and vehicle from banks all these things will take positive turn.In job front there will be
    positive favourable change.

  50. Krishnan Sir ,

    Thanks -- I got your point of calculating friend and foe . But 2nd and 7th are maraka stana's as I read . Hence 2nd lors shud be maraka - isn't that so. ?

    One more doubt with respect to 2nd and 7th -

    For Thula lagna - 2nd and 7th lord is Mars . So if Rahu is 2nd house for thula lagna (ie in Scorpio)
    and if Rahu maha dasha with Mars antar dasha is running - is there a danger to death for that person ?

    Also for Thula lagna - the lagnesh is also the 8th house lord .Hence for thula lagna is the lagnesh bad for them ..esp if lagnesh happens to sit in 8th house itself ?? Or does this mean the opposite ?

    Also I have heard different opinions on Ketu - some say Ketu with Sun gives one a technical mind ...Others say Ketu in a house destroys that house -- ie Ketu in 4th house means the home of the person is destroyed ...
    in 7th means - affects spousal relations..

    Ketu with any planet , say Venus --does this destroy the goodness of Venus..
    What abt Rahu -- Rahu with any planet say Venus --does it mean ,one will be over indulgent into luxuries ?

    I know these are too many questions respond at your ease...

  51. To Google
    ---------- It is better not to discuss about 8th house in public so also about maraka.Raghu acts like sani.For thulam sani is 4,5th lord. So good only. Raghu will act in sani's role.He is powerful in vrichika.exalted. In this column you should not ask question based on any particular horoscope.Do you knw Tamil?

  52. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I can't read Tamil..though my father can read Tamil..he will not encourage me to learn astrology.

    Though the above points are from horoscopes I have come across , it is not abt one particular horoscope...

    like for eg .. for a Makara lagna with Shani in 7th house and 7th house lord Moon debiliated with Mars ,the native is facing delays in getting married ...the astologers r suggesting to wear Moonga (for Mars) or Pukhraaj (for Jupiter) but I feel these are wrong suggestions...I feel the person shud strengthen the weak 7th lord Moon.

    ----------YES.Sani in 7th, and the 7th lord getting debilitted is the cause for delayed maarriage.But lagna being makara sani becomes lagnesh and his being in 7th is no harm. That too if sani is in pushya star while in kataka, no harm by sani .I personally do not recommend stones. We have in Tamilnadu habit of wearing stones according to current mahadasa.You please follow the traditions of your locality.

    In the example given by you thula lagna lord sukra sitting in 8th his own place again in vrishaba,looses his power only. But will not bring any end to the natives life. Sukra becomes a neutral to thulam and not a foe.
    In present transit(gochara) sukra in 8th is good gochara sukra in 5,6,7,10 only not good.

    kethu will act as mars would act.Also would do
    the work of the lord's place whose house he is occupying.So need not fear any destruction of the house etc.,

  54. Wish you very happy and prosperous new year sir.

    If Kona Lord seated in Kendra is there any kind Yoga ?
    if the planet with such state is debilated or in enemy house does above situation bring favour/good

  55. Iam simha guru is in 9th house and saturn in 7th house. guru rules 8th house. how is my mangalya balam.