Sunday, November 1, 2009

ASTROLOGY---Q & A----NOV''09--1

Please post here your new questions for prediction.

I earnestly request the fellow bloggers to post here only when there is a real problem which escape their attempted solutions. Post when you are at the cross roads. When you are in a dilemma as to which course of action you have to take.

General question of "How is my future?" may please be avoided. No problem---no need to study horoscope. If in trouble,mention that. Astrology can predict how long that problem may continue, when the lucky period will start and the Deities to be worshipped for quick mitigation of the problem.

There is no need for astrological matching for love marriages.What you can not find by personal contact, the chart can not find. Love marriages are called "Gandhrava Vivaaha" and permitted in the Sastras. After dating for months and years, please do not take up horoscope when you decide to marry. If the charts do not match, will you drop your love affair?


  1. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Thank you for your comments on my Dasamsa chart, career and the horoscope match. Please allow me to say a few words on this. Sorry for the length of this post.

    I have some very basic knowledge in astrology. What you said about ours being "samasapthama jadhagams" is true. Because one of my astrologers was initially hesitant about looking at our horoscopes because it was love. He said from our stars and rasi it was likely that our match would be good and that no more matching would be required. But later when he looked at our match, he was disappointed and sorry to say that the match was actually bad.

    I would love to believe that horoscope match is unnecessary in love marriages. But my confusion is, how does being in love before marriage change anything? How can it set right all the wrongs in the match? After marriage what matters is your life after marriage. The fact that you loved the person before mariage does not make it any more special, or it does not mean people who got arranged married love each other any less. I understand noone, whether parents or astrologers would want to take the "paavam" of separating two people. So my astrologers were willing to give us pass mark even if the match was average. Now they feel bad that their negative report is going to break a few hearts now, but they are confident that this is the right decision for everyone in the longer term and think it is their responsiblity to offer us proper guidance.

    It is true that what you do not know from personal contact cannot be found from horoscopes. But what if you always knew certain things about your relationship were not exactly perfect, but you kept telling yourself that everything would be fine after marriage. And some astrologers pointed out exactly those things from the horoscope and said that these issues would complicate things after marriage and soon lead to separation! I am deliberately being vague here because I do not want to say what exactly they said. And finally, I personally find it hard to go ahead when my parents and all others around are so unhappy with this. After all, a marriage has to bring happiness to both families!

    Anyhow, these are my viewpoints and I hope I have not said anything wrong.

    Thank you sir.

  2. Dear Krishnan sir,

    I had a question about Kalathra dosha and I wasn't sure if this question belonged here or the General doubts section.

    I told you 3 of my astrologers (they dont know each other!) pointed out kalathra dosham in the girl's horoscope. I briefly spoke with them and I thought they offered different reasons, but maybe they all amount to the same. This is the list of different reasons they offered. Could you please tell me which of these do you think are valid and actually constitute kalathra dosham?

    1) 7th lord Mars (for thula lagna) being in Khumba rasi (bad because shani is the lord?)
    2) 7th lord Mars being in 5th (I thought 5th house was good in general, but perhaps they meant 5th house in this case is not good for this 7th lord!)
    3) 7th lord being with shukra
    4) Mars+Venus is not a good combination, specially if Mars is 7th lord.
    5) Mars aspecting 8th house.
    6) 7th lord in rasi chart, although exalted in navamsa, is with shani in navamsa.

    Thank you for your help sir.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask about one of my friend's daughter marriage. See below for the details.

    D.O.B: 16/04/1985
    Birth time: 1920 hrs
    Longitude: 73* E 10' 00"
    Latitude: 19* N 14' 00".

    Could you please advice about her marriage?
    and also we are keen to know about her job, for your information at the moment she is looking for the job as well.

    Thank you,

    Halasyam G


    I appreciate your interest and service in this
    and request your help to know when I would get job. I got married last year.
    I am searching for job for past four months.
    When Will I get Job?

    My DOB: 28/07/1976 10:11:04AM
    POB : Tiruppathur, Tamil Nadu
    Place: 78 E 37' 00", 10 N 08' 00"

    May GOd Bless you!

    Thank You!
    Balaji Srinivasan

  5. To Mukund
    ----------- I quit this game. I accept defeat
    at your hands.Online is not the right place to decide emotional issues. Remember, this is a free service and I am 60 years of age. When I am not in a position to know your psychological make up,I decide to withdraw from this lengthy dabate. I am unable to answer your probing questions. you may conclude I am not that knowledgeble. I am not a professional.Sorry.May god bless you and give oyu peace of mind.

  6. Dear sir,

    I had put a question on October 27th by the name Uma and another person with the same name has put a question too....she has put it in tamil....i would like to know whether the answer given by you is for her???? Do u want me to post my question again??? Henceforth i will put my name as C.Umaa...sorry to bother you sir.

    -----------THE PLACE OF BIRTH IS A MUST.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I agree online is not the best place to debate such issues. I did not mean to hurt your sentiments and I did not expect a response to the lengthy post. I was simply putting forth my viewpoints. I am very sorry if it offended you in any way. Let us close this issue and make peace!

    Thank you for all your help sir and I will continue to follow your forum.

    Best Regards

  9. In Chandra dasa,being 5th dasa
    his opportunity may see big leap

    உமா என்ற பெயரில் 2 பேர், மேலே சொன்னது எனக்குத்தான் என நினைக்கிறேன். நீங்கள் சொன்னது போல், சந்த் தசை 2011 லிருந்துதான், அதுவரை மாற்றம் இருக்காதா? நானும் வேலைக்குப் போகிறேன்.

    என் ஜாதகம், 5 ஜூன் 1974, 9.15 இரவு, தஞ்சை, மகர லக், 2 குரு,4 சுக், 5 சூர்/கேது, 6 சனி,புத, 7 செவ் (னீச்சம், வக்), 11 சந்த்/ராகு, இப்போது சந்த் தசை, ராகு புத்தி, வேறு வேலை கிடைத்துள்ளது. மாற்றம் நன்மை தருமா? (ஒரு சிறு குழப்பம், அதனால்தான் கேட்கிறேன்). என் ஜாதகப்படி, பெரிய வ்யாதி, ஆபரேஷன் வருமா?

    நீங்களும் தஞ்சை என்று நினைக்கிறேன். எந்த பகுதியில் இருக்கிறீர்கள்?

  10. Respected Sir,

    Thanks for your reply. This is regarding myself and my wife vidhya lakshmi compatibility issue. In you reply you have mentioned that you guess that we doubt our relationship.

    The fact is that, We didn't doubt each other. While living in abroad we lived together. But in India my wife wants to avoid living with my parents and I want to live with my parents. My inner conscience says taking care of my elderly parents is my utmost responsibility. According to our culture it is obvious that wife stays wherever her husband is. Please let me know if there is chance in future of change in my wife’s attitude.

    Name : R.Vidhya Lakshmi
    Date of Birth : 14-Oct-1975
    Time of Birth : 3.35 PM
    Place of Birth : Bangalore
    Gender : Female

    Name : G.Yogesh
    Date of Birth : 10-Jan-1975
    Time of Birth : 6.45 PM
    Place of birth : Nagpur
    Gender : Male


  11. Dear Sir,

    For your kind peruse...

    Halasyam G

  12. hello sir,
    my question here is about my job.u have already answered about this.but the problem is that i have very low cofidence .its not a problem that i'm facin now,but since my childhood .so can u plz tell me if this attitude of mine will remain the much ever i try ,i continue to be the will i survive after getting a job?
    dob:29th june 1987,

  13. Pranaam, Sir-ji !

    I am Soumitra Banerjee.
    Date of Birth : 25 Jan 1970.
    Place of Birth : Kolkata.
    I live in Kolkata.
    Sex : Male.
    Time of Birth : 08:10PM
    Mothers maiden name : Sumitra Ganguli.
    Fathers Name : Sukhamay Banerjee
    I practice Hinduism.

    For the past 14 months I've not got any business orders and my income for this period is practically ZERO. I had a good 2008. Now am in deep difficulty. I cannot find a good reason for this as my clients are all satisfied, still happy and communicating with me but not giving any orders.
    Is this an astrological problem?
    What to do ? How long will be this bad time ?
    I hope it is not a tantric/buri-nazar/kala-jadoo done on me.
    Pl advice and save me.

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  15. TO G.Alasiyam
    The girl's horoscope is a mixed one. Except Mars all other Grahas are between Raghu and Kethu.Surya, Sukra in exaltation; Bhuda and Guru in debilitation. Guru got Neecha banga;
    Bhuda , Sukra , Sani in retrogation.Mars in his own place.So the prediction becomes very difficult.

    In this horoscope the 10th profession Bhava gets first rank.I think she may get a full time employment before 15-12-09 as the 4,5tth lord's sani mahadasa and 10th lord's bhukthi is upto 31-12-09.Guru aspects 10th place to lagna upto 15-12-09.So employment may come first.On 15-12-09 Guru comes to Raasi Kumba and aspects 5,,7,9th to Rasi. That means she may get married after 15-12-09. Marriage may come in April-May 2010.Best of luck.

    -----------------------Even now your time is good for employment. Guru aspecting Mars directly upto 15-12-09. Even after that same position continues as Guru will move to Kumba and Mars to Simmah. Mars being Yogakaraka for Kataka Raasi and 10th lord to Raasi, the employmnt will be yours shortly, that is befoe 15-12-09.

  17. TO C.UMAA
    ---------YES the answer given was not for you.You may post the question here, I might have skipped your question due to same name.
    Anyway, I think I have answered you earlier.

  18. Sir,

    Below is the birth details, now I am in the second phase of 7 1/2 years sani, and it is looking like it is very bad. Please let me know when will issues get resolved.

    DOB: Nov 19 1976
    Time: 06.00 AM
    Place : Chennai, TamilNadu

  19. உமாவுக்கு! என்னிடம் சாஃப்ட்வேர் இருப்பதால் க்ரஹ நிலமையெல்லம் கொடுக்க வேன்டியது இல்லை.dob,tob,pob கொடுத்தால் போறுமானது.
    சந்திர திசையில் கணவருக்கு மாற்றம் வரும் என்றால், முன்னர் வரக்கூடாது என்பது கிடையாது.பூர்வ புண்ணீயம் நன்றாக இருந்தால் எப்போது வேண்டுமானாலும் நல்லது வரலாம்.பகவானின் அருள் இருந்தால் பூர்வ புண்ணியம் எப்படி இருந்தாலும் நீங்கள் வேண்டியது கிடைக்கும்.எனவே சோதிடத்தைவிட, பகவானிட்ம் அதிக நம்பிக்கை வைக்கவும்.
    ராசிக்கு 10ம் இடத்தில் இருந்த சனிபகவான் 11க்கு செல்லும் சமயத்தில் வேலை மாற்றத்தைக் கொடுத்துள்ளார்.10ம் அதிபதி சூர்யன் ஐப்பசியில் நீசம் பெற்றுள்ள்தால் வேலையில் சிரமம் போலத் தோன்றலாம்.சில நாட்களில் நிலமை கொஞசம் சீராகும். தை மாதம் முதல் நல்ல பலன் கிடைக்கும்
    குரு. 7,9,11யும், குஜன் 11,2,3 யும், சுக்ரன் 11யும் பார்ப்பது பல நன்மைகளைச் செய்யும்,வெளிநாட்டு வேலை வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்கலாம்.சத்சங்கம்
    வேண்டும். துர்சஙங்கம் ஏற்பட வாய்ப்பு உள்ளது.தோல் நோய் உடனே வைத்தியம் பார்க்கவும்.6ம் இடத்திற்கு சராசரி பரலும், 6ம் அதிபதிக்கு 5 பரலும் உள்ளதால் ஆரோக்யக்குறை பெரிதாகாது.சிறிய வைத்தியத்தில் குண‌மாகும்.தஞ்சையில் மருத்துவக்கல்லுர்ரி சாலை ஈஸ்வரி நகர் அருகிலுள்ளேன்.
    phone;90475 16699

  20. To Yogesh-
    ------------As the Seventh Lord Surya for your wife is in 8th and gets the aspect of Guru Every chance of marriage getting saved is there.Her father-in-law lord Bhuda got combusted by Surya and also in retrogation.Getting guru's aspect.So she can have working relationship with father in law.
    Mother in law lord is 6th for her and in 12th with maanthi.Moon and Sani in Parivarthana
    may also help her to have a working relationship with m-in-law.
    Set the charts away. Think practically. The social commitments have seen many drastic changes after the girls have become independent financially. So do not get bogged down by old traditional values. Keep a separate family nearer to your parents premises. And be helpful to them from a distance.

  21. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much.

    Indeed, I was expecting to hear something about the "Kalathra Thosam" (Utcha - Sooriyan, Aatchi-Mars and Asthamana - Ragu at 7th place) and the Sani at 2nd place also.

    Is there possible to give some predictions on that part Sir.

    Thanks for your service.

    Alasiam G

  22. Dear Sir,
    I am looking for some information regarding my sister's marriage. Her date of birth is 8th Decemeber 1978, time of birth is 840 am, Place of birth is mayiladuthurai. The coordinates maybe 11.04N, 79.64E. My mother went to an astrologer and he said she will never get married in this lifetime. That has gotten my mother worried. I was hoping if you can verify or check her horoscope and let me know what her marriage options look like. I thank you deeply for any effort that you might put towards analysing her chart.


  23. Dear Sir,

    My name is Arun Sukumar and I cannot easily explain the problems I am going through. For the past 6 years I have had numerous problems and everytime I try to get out and look at life positively, something or the other comes and pulls me down. I have been jobless for nearly a year and my efforts in gaining one have always been futile. I am completely drained of energy to fight anymore and from being a spiritually inclined person, now i hate the sight of any pictures of gods. I kind of realise my wrong way thinking but i am helpless. I would be grateful if you can throw some light on what is in store for me on the job front and when can i secure one?

    My details are D.O.B: 24/10/1978, Time of birth: 8.05a.m and place of birth: Madurai

    Once again, many thanks for your selfless


  24. To Roopa
    -----------Gajakesari yoga and Sasi Mangala yoga are present. These yogas will give the self confidence at the required time and see you through your life.Leave your despondency.

  25. Dear Sir,

    I am enclosing birth details of my cousin, he is in a job connected to software field but not very happy with it, he is looking for a better job. His parents also are worried for him and are completely dependent of him, please can u analyse his horoscope and tell about his future career. Does he stand chances to go abroad connected to career?

    name: Raghavendra
    Dob : 28th June 1984
    Pob : Madanapalle
    Tob : 2:24pm

    Thanking you in advance

  26. To Know all-Soumithri Banergee
    ----------------------------------You are now runnng sadesathi.Still 2.5 years are to go.When Saturn leaves Kanya only, your sade saathi will be over.You had it earlier when you were a child below ten years; as this is the second round in a life time it has to be beneficial only. As you are a Simmah Raasi and Lagna subject Sani is neutral to you as your 6th and 7th lord is Saturn.So no big damage.At least you are kepinng good relationship with your clients.
    On 6-12-09 Mars Dasa Moon bhukthi starts. On 15-12-09 Guru transits to Kumba and aspects Simmah, Raasi and Lagna.Some improvement can be felt upto Dec'10.Kethu in 11th upto April 2011 will give you money.

    As Sadesaathi is going on till March 2012, worship Hanumaanji every Saturday.As Raghu is in 5th, worship Kaali Maa on Fridays at Raaghu time 10.30am to 12 noon or on Sundays 4-30pm to 6pm.Best of luck.

  27. To Shobana
    ------------Yes now you hve entered Janma Sani.
    This will be upto march 2012. Then for another 2.5 years, 7 1/2nattu sani will continue.As you are a Kanya raasi subject, Bhuda and Sukra being friend of Sani, Sani's transit in Kanya and Thulam will not do much damage. Still the 7 1/2 sani will show his strength by giving some problems for worries. When ever Guru aspects Sani in the remaining 5 years problems will be minimised.Upto 15-12-09 Guru is apecting kanya/sani.After that for 1 year Sani has no guru paarvai. So the whole of 2010 you have to be careful.Important decisions are to be taken carefully getting wiser counsel.Every saturday visit hanuman temple and light lamps.
    Pray sincerely.Do not fear. Worship will definitely protect you.You have not mentioned what is the problem you are facing. If you say that ,that particular bhaava can be studied closely.In 2011 guru will aspect kanya. That will be a relief period. In your birth horoscope Guru aspects both Raasi and Lagna. So you will not have big trouble in life.In Navamsa chart you are a Simmah Raasi subject.So the effect of Sani will be reduced.Do not panic about Sani. Be cheerful nothing will go out of hand.Situaions will be under your control only.

  28. Hello sir
    how r u??hope ur fine
    Please help me me once again..whenever u get time just study my chart and tell me about my job prospects..coz u have told that september is good for me..but i am still jobless...i am really tensed rite now.
    Neha Pradhan
    29 october 1984
    9:45 PM
    Thnx and regards

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  30. Dear Sir, Basically i am hobby palm reader and ,last week i saw my nephew hand and found her life line has break,i come to this place to know from Horoscope perspetive which dasa and bukti is quite bad for her.She came to me to asking me whether she will have Boy child, is there any signs ? will she have any complecation based on this ?
    DOB = 29/10/1977
    POB = Palghat
    TOB = 11:30 PM
    kataka lagnam,Reshaba rasi,Rohini Kakshara

  31. sir,thank you for the hope that u have given me.sir, i have one more health has not been good since a year or so. it shows signs of improvement for sometime but tends to recur again. why is this happening?will i lead a healthy life?sir,plz tell me about my health because i'm more concerned about it than anything else.thank u....

  32. Pranaam, Sir-ji !
    Thank u for replying to my question regarding business of 2nd nov.
    Here I seek your advice again.
    Would I ever get marraid ?
    If yes, WWHEN and HHOW would be the marraid life.

    I am Soumitra Banerjee.
    Date of Birth : 25 Jan 1970.
    Place of Birth : Kolkata.
    I live in Kolkata.
    Sex : Male.
    Time of Birth : 08:10PM
    Mothers maiden name : Sumitra Ganguli.
    Fathers Name : Sukhamay Banerjee
    I practice Hinduism.

  33. Hello Sir,

    This is Harpreet. I hope you remember me.
    Just wanted to inform you that i have joined my new company. I have my medical tom and then day after i wil be joining the plant for induction. After few days i will be going to Ahmedabad.
    Sir there is one thing in my mind. I always had a wish to go abroad. Wil that be possible ?? When wil tht happen ??

    Name : Harpreet Singh Ruprai
    DOB : 25/02/1984
    Time : 20:45
    Place : Delhi


    -------------I prfer to give only positive notes.I have quite sufficiently indicated in the prviuos reply about the planetary postions
    not so favourable. For such dosha jatakas marriage is suggested after 28years.The present dasa sani is friend of raaghu.Next dasa bhuda is also friend of raaghu.So raghu bhukthis may not do any harm.Kethu dasa comes only when she is 48years. So raghu kethu problem,and what ever dosham you have mentioned will not affect adversly. Her ashtavarga has sufficient parals
    for a normal married life.No unneceessary focussing on negatives please.

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  36. DOB: 04.06.1978
    TOB: 6.30 AM
    Gender : Female

    I would like to know if I will continuously have a good job in the same field of study and will i get a permanent job in the same city as my family is residing.

  37. Sir,

    Thanks for the reply, I moved to a new job almost a year back and then they were appreciating my performance since September 2009 I started getting negative feedback on my work eventhough I was doing the same thing, then suddenly in the last week of October 2009 I lost my job and since the job market is very dull I am much concerned about getting a job. Please advise if I need to do any special pooja.


  38. dear sir,

    this is my daughter's birth details, please tell me about her future education and career

    Dob: 4th May 2000
    Pob: Bangalore
    Tob: 0:54 am

  39. Sir

    I had posted my date of birth earlier . it is April 6 1978 . I wrote the dob in mm/dd/yyyy format by mistake.

  40. Dear Sir - I need to ask a query about my sister and bro-in-law.
    They have been married for 5 years and they dont have a child as of now. Underwent so many medical checkups but no help. Twice miscarriage took place of its own. Please tell if some hope is there or should they go for adoption?

    Name: Vikas Uppal
    DOB: 16 Feb, 1975
    TOB: 2:16 am
    POB: Nagrota Bagwan (Himachal Pradesh)

    Name: Radha Mahajan
    DOB: 12 Dec, 1978
    TOB: 3:03 pm
    POB: Kangra (Himachal Pradesh)

    Thanks and Regards
    Raghav Mahajan

    ------------------------Mr.Raj!I studied your
    sister's horoscope for morethan 30 mins and typed for another 20 mins yesterday evening;but the post did not materialize due to some technical difficulties. I conclude I have no sanction of God to tell you all the matters as of now.
    please answer the following questions:
    Is she living away from family for long? Is she now in a foreign country and well settled there? Is she in medical profession or computers? Is she living like a 'sanyasini' or like a free bird?

  42. அன்புள்ளம் கொண்ட
    திருவாளர் கே.எம்.ஆர்.கிருஷ்ணன் அவர்களுக்கு,

    ஐயா, நன்றிகள் கலந்த வணக்கங்கள்,
    தங்களின் கணிப்பிற்கு எனது கனிவான நன்றிகள்.
    இறைவனின் கருணையாலும், தங்களைப் போன்ற பெரியவாளின்
    ஆசியாலும் அப் பெண்ணின் திருமணம் சிறப்புடன் நடைப் பெற்று,
    எல்லா வளங்களும் பெற்று சீரும் சிறப்புடன் வாழ இறைவனை வேண்டிக் கொள்கிறேன்.

    தங்களின் பொன்னான நேரத்தை எங்களுக்கு செலவளித்தமைக்காக, நன்றியும் வணக்கங்கள்.

    ஹாலாஸ்யம் கோ.

  43. Sir,
    In answer to your questions:

    Is she living away from family for long?

    She has always been living with our father and mother. Never away from them.

    Is she now in a foreign country and well settled there?

    She is currently in Kolkata with parents but all of them will be moving to Bangalore to be with me in January.

    Is she in medical profession or computers?

    She is into banking.

    Is she living like a 'sanyasini' or like a free bird?

    No she is not living like a sanyasini or a free bird. She is very down to earth and god fearing person.

  44. To Arun
    ---------You had 7.5 sani upto 26-09-09.All the troubles you experiened can be traced to that.Okay that is over now. You will again have that only after 30years from now.Before that you will get very well settled.Do not panic.

    Now Sani who is your star's graha is in 3rd.Raghu is in 6th .Guru is in 7th.Yogakaraka for chandra raasi Mars is in raasi itself. All these upto if you have applied for job, you are sure of hearing from the companies to whom you have already applied
    Kethu dasa sukrab hukthi is now going on.From 16-03-2010 kethu dasa surya bhukthi which may take tyou to foreign countries.

    As kethudasa is going on, and Guru is transittig to 8th, unfavourable place for
    Poosam, worship Vinayaga and Dhakshinamoorthy regularly.

  45. To Anve-Ragavendra
    Your cousins horoscpoe is very lucky one.1,8,9,10,11,12th lords in 9th(fortune)house aspected by Guru.The 4,5th lord Sani and 2,7th lord Mars in lagna.He has the following yogas:Sasamaha,Gajakesari,Parvatha,Brammah and Mathru moolathana yogas.So any one of the 5 will come to his rescue.He has sufficient Ashta varga strength for 1,2,6,7,10,11th houses.In Navamsa also the planetary positions are good.Guru dasa ,Bhuda bhukthi is running. As the bhukthi is 9th lord's, it will bring good only.In Dasamsa 10th(profession) lord is in 10th itself.Good for employment.

    Caution: As Surya has combusted the 1,8,9,10th lords and Sani in retrogation, Guru in retrogation the above prediction will be having variations. He will be putting up a long dissatisfied face always.

    In Gochra Guru 7th,10th(profession) lord to Raasi is moving to Kumba 9th(fortune) place and aspecting Raasi and lagna from 15-12-09.
    Many changes will come.He may get his change of job.

    Daily Surya namaskara will help.

  46. TO NEHA
    -----------OKAY.THE predictions are to be made
    fruitful by God.Till 15-12-09 Guru is aspecting 10t(profession) place in raasi chart.
    So continue to try.i pray for you.

  47. Dear Sir ,

    10 yrs back I had an intercaste love marriage.After marriage I staretd
    facing too much inhuman behaviour from my inlaws .they started
    misbehaving with me and portraying to my husband tha they r the
    sufferers.I come from a very simple family . We do not understand
    family politics .I take people in as they r . Could never understand
    humans r different from outside and inside . they turned my husand
    totally against me .as my husband could not understand tje politics
    played by his family he started blaming me that I was bad with his
    family. so he started hating me , abusing me ,insulting my parents
    whenever his family turned their face .I keep pleading to my inlaws to
    come and stay with us as a family but they will not come as I'm part
    of their son's life .
    they insult me .
    unluckily ,my husand wanted to do business but although he tried v
    hard he could not succeed and his frustration grew more .First 5 yrs
    of marriage he earned nothing ,his family refused to help him i took
    up a job .my husband's frustration increased and i was always his
    punching bag. In the sixth year of marriage i had a child .my husband
    took up a job , i thought my life will change my inlaws will change my
    husband will change . but no one changed . My husband is v attached
    to his parents .But they deny him . His rational mind does not work .
    He feels lonely and then attacks me and
    my family. I feel so lonely sad depressed .i have no hope no
    happiness in my life .

    Now that my son is growing up i want peace in life . No amount of
    talking helps .he is deaf and blind regarding his family.

    Now in addition to this tension ,a new issue has cropped up . last
    week a new maidservant came to work in our house .after a weeks
    working the maid says that she does not want to work in my house and
    accuses my husband of trying to hold her hand .

    hearing this I m totally devastated.I asked my husband but he denies
    .I want to beleive him , but today i have lost trust in life .sir pls
    tell me where is this marriage leading to .

    sir ,I'm not a girl who will ever go for seperation .I beleive in
    togetherness .I have a child who need both father and mother .

    pls tell me what has this marriage in store for me in life ? will my
    marriage ever bring happiness in my life ? will i ever get love peace
    happiness with my husband ?
    pls tell me what has this marriage in store for me in life ? will my
    marriage ever bring happiness in my life ? will i ever get love peace
    happiness with my husband ?

    my DATE OF BIRTH is 13-05-1970,TIME OF BIRTH is 4:32 am, PLACE OF
    BIRTH is ranchi in india , i'm
    a female .

    awaiting for a detailed reply from u . pls help me sir .


  48. TO MAAN
    ------------ NO OTHER CHOICE.Guru dasa is from
    25-04-2010.for 16years.she has to live with it for 16 years in ups and downs.For any dasa 3,6,8th lords bhukthis are to be treated as not good.
    In this case 3,12th lord Bhuda in 4th kendra and gets the aspect of Guru from 12th.So Bhuda Bhukthi has to be good.6th lord is Guru;as also 9th.He has taken to 12th. The rule what ever bad he will do as 6th lord will be nullified as he again went into another dark
    place 12th.So my expectation is the entire Guru dasa all bhukthis must be good for her.
    Guru has 5 bindhus in suya varga and the place where he has been posited has 25 bindus;so varga balam is there.
    As Surya is getting Guru's aspect all chances of getting a male child is there.Surya in debilitation gives a doubt.But as Surya got a Kendra place to occupy, his neecham is banga. Similarly 5th lord(child) mars in lagna in neeccham;also got neecha bamga status.She may be blessed with a male child after some treatment.Sukra affected by Raghu,Kethu;so I sound some what sckeptical. Baala mukunthaashtagam may be chanted. Pray to Guruvayoorappan.

  49. Dear Sir,

    Dear Sir,
    My D.O.B : 14-oct-1982
    place of birth : Thanjavur,Tamil nadu,India
    Time:5.25 AM
    My husband D.O.B : 18-Dec-1983
    place of birth:Chennai,Tamilnadu,India
    Time:10.35 AM
    Iam have been married for the past 3 months and still not able to conceive.I also have a health problem related to ovary.Iam more concerned about my progeny because of that.So please can you analyze and tell me 1. will i give birth?.2.When will it happen.As you can see my age is running and iam disappointed that iam not able to conceive and give joy to my husband.Please help Sir.I don't know why iam going through a lot in my life but iam just hoping for the past few years it should be over.
    Sir please let me know a honest answer positive or negative,iam ready to accept and move on.

  50. Sir

    Thank you for your service. I had posted my details earlier and wanted to know if the details i had provided was sufficient or do you need any other ? Please let me know.


  51. Dear Sir,

    Please find my details below

    Name: Gnanasambandam
    DOB: 27-04-1983
    TOB: 08:22 AM
    POB: Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
    Gender: Male


    I have been working for the past 3.5 years, somehow I feel I haven't reaped any great benefits career wise though I have completed my MBA. My current work is not appealing to me and the interest in it has come down in the recent days. I have been trying to change my area of work from 2 years, however things did not work out so far. Also I have tried for foreign opportunities in my current field of work, but did not materialize.

    Somehow the current field of work seems not to interest me and leaves me with confusion/worries/dilemma about my career on how it is going to proceed. When will I get a break in my Career? Looking forward to your advice.

    Thanks in Advance,

  52. Dear Sir,

    I am aiming for higher studies and am going to write entrance examination next week. I am worried about the outcome of the exam. Please let me know if this is a good time to pursue higher studies and if i will find success.

    My DOB: 6 March 1982
    Time: 11:55 am
    Place: Palakkad, Kerala

  53. Dear Sir,

    Please look into chances of a child for the horoscope:

    DOB : Nov. 16th 1961
    TOB/POB : 1:41pm, Karnataka, Mangalore
    Name : Sarika
    Gender : Female

    Please look into the chart and advice any remedies for worshipping any god or prayers.

    Thank you for your time and effort. May the lord bless you and your family.

  54. Dear sir I want to you to give focus regarding my jobs.
    1) DAY,MONTH,YEAR OF BIRTH: -26/04/1980
    2) TIME OF BIRTH:- 03-13: to 03:15 (am)


    With Regards

  55. Thank you very much sir,People like you are really Noble souls bring great service to community.
    For people who feel ஜாதகம் மெய்யொ பொய்யொ nevertheless spreading confidence,hope to a such a large mass is ...... great great job, moreover most of you prediction are correct,For the great service you are doing here, i can do only one thing Pray for you to keep you and family Peace,health,Happiness through out.

  56. Sir,
    I had responded to your questions. Will you be able to go back and check my sister's horoscope? I will be really grateful.


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  59. Hi Sir, How are you. I am also a student of Classroom, happy to know this site here... could you please check my horoscope .
    Date of Birth:07/15/1977
    Time: 5:50 AM
    Place: Madurai,Tamilnadu

    Question: How would be my financial position in next 1 year? Is there any sudden change(windfall or quick money) in my horoscope in the next few months or anychances to winning mega prices(due to vipareetha raja yoga)...


  60. Name:vindhya.A
    Place of birth:Nellore,Andra pradesh

    hi sir,

    1-we have given money for interest to a person named Dayakar Reddy(lawyer.Now he is not willing to give that money back.
    Through that money only,i have to get married which my parents would like to give taht money as dowry.
    can we get that money back or not.
    wt about my marriage?

    2-I want to know the planets position in my horoscope.

    Is the saturn position good or not?
    any dosha regarding saturn,
    and guru planets?

    can u suggest me the predictions
    pls check venus postion also.

  61. To Roopa
    ---------Your 6th place in raasi chart occupied by raghu and the 6th lord in 7th.6th lord being Guru,and his aspecting lagna is good.You may not have any permanent problem.
    you may have some abominal, urinary tract problem.Chest cogestion problem. Kethudasa will be over by Dec'09.You have above average
    bindus in ashtavarga,so no problem in health permanently.Do Surya namaskara daily.

  62. sir, thank u so much... what u have mentioned above is very true.i'm having those problem itself.
    i'm much relieved from ur reply.
    thank u so much sir.

    Your kalathra dosha is pronounced in navamsa also. that is why you are unmarried for long.
    usually the kalathra dosham is active only upto 28 years that is no more problem now.if properly attemprted, you can raceive proposals even from this very moment.when guru transits to kumba on 15-12-09, it will be seventh to simmah. that will the time of marriage.2010 will see you as a married wishes.

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  65. Name:pavan kumar
    Place of birth:kodad,Andra pradesh

    please help me regarding my job,health issues

    thanks in advance

  66. Dear sir, thank you very much for telling about my cousin

  67. Dear Sir,
    This is regarding my brother-in-law. At the moment he is working in america, but as day by day computer related jobs are getting unsecure my sister is worried for her husband, so please analyse his horoscope and tell about his career.

    His details are:
    Dob: 20th November 1977
    Pob: Madanapalle
    Tob: 3:33 am

  68. To Harpreet
    --------------Your chances of getting foreign assignment is only 50% in your dasamsa chart you have some indication of foreign trip. That also for a short visit.You have to be careful in accepting foreign employment.You have to take the opinion of the people on the spot.

  69. To Shobana again
    Yours is a very lucky horoscope. Your trouble in emplyment is temporary.You have Guru's 7th aspect for lagna.In lagna itself lagna lord sevvai, 11th(profit) lord bhuda and 10th lord Surya are positioned.All the three gets Guru paarvai.In the Astavaga lagna and 10th place have more than average bindhus.Again navamsa lagna has Guru's paarvai.Once again in Dasamsa also lagna has Guru paarvai.In Bhava strength
    your 11th profit-laabha bhava gets 1st rank,9th bagya bhava gets 2nd rank, and 10th profession bhava gets 3rd rank.
    As 2,5th lord's Guru dasa and the 7th,12th lord's Sukra bhukthi is upto 4-10-2010,no big obstacle in reemployment.

    The 10th lord Surya now on debilitation in Gochara. Let him move to Vrichika on 17-11-2009. You will see upward trend in job market.

    As the planets Chevvai and Bhuda are combusted by Sun,worship Muruga,Venkatachalapathi.Daily worship Surya.Best of luck.

    ---------------------Whatever I say has to be taken as a caution and not to panic.
    Her lagna is Makara and 4th place is Mesha.In the Makara lagna Kethu, and in Mesha 4th place
    Surya,Chandra, Bhuda,Guru,Sukra,and Sani are posited. In 5th Chevvai-Kuja. In 7th kataka raghu.In 3rd meena maanthi.

    The first thing I observe is 5 planets in Mesha got combusted by exalted Surya. So all of them lost their strength.Secondly the 7 planets are hemmed between Kethu and Raghu.
    that is kalasarpA dosha.

    In Ashtavarga, the lagna has above average 33 Bindus. But the 4th(education),5th(poorva punya,child),7h(marriage),10th(profession) has lesser bindus.In Suya varga the 4th lord Sevvai has very low bindus.Other planets have fair bindus.Suya varga gives a feeble hopes.

    The yoga kaaraka's Sukra dasa is running now up to 18-02-18. This period is the golden period in her life. for her comforts,, father will be earning more.As she is treaeted like a queen by the parents, the interrst in education may be some what not enthusiastic.

    pariharam at kalahasthi may be done for raghu kethu..when you go to kalahasthi visit tirupathi also.Daily chant "kolaru thirupathigam"if you know Tamil.Otherwise chant all the navagraha gayathris.Visit temples where navagraha sannithi and make prdakshina,if poosible daily.Let the girl also make it.Navarathna ring may be worn. Marriage may get delayed till 28 years.

    If her education is well now, she may pursue Engineering, Physics, Commerce,Home science,


    DOB 25/04/1922

    TOB 615AM


  72. To Raghav Mahajan--Prediction for sister and Br-in-law
    Your sister and B-in-law has no urgent need to go for adoption.Bil's horo has Raghu in lagna.Sister has Raghu and Sani in 5th. This may be the reason for Astrologer's concluding no child birth.As per Nadi rules Surya is the signifactor of male child,and Sukra female child.If these two are aspected by Guru then the person will have one male child and one female child. In your bil's horo Surya Sukra and Guru are in 4th.The 9th lord(fortune) is in 5th!Great!In Astavarga, has 24 bindus for 5th place. Sukra has 5, Guru4, Surya 3.Quite fair.Surya and Sukra in different star quarters. No combustion by Surya.In sister's horo the 9th lord Guru in exaltation,4th lord in exaltation,Sukra in his place,Kuja(lagnathipathi) is in 9th. So all indicate that
    they can have child of their own.When Sukra transits over Dhanus,from 22-12-09 to to14-01-10,there is a chance for conceiving again.Consult doctor,family planning doctor, gynocologist,and take precautions.They can wait till your sister crosses 40years.I pray there will not be any need for adoption.

    chant bala mukunthashtagam. woship the Naga silas found in Siva temples.BEST WISHES.

    FROM YOUR ANSWERS, I conclude there is some flaw in the horoscope casting. From whatever data you provided, the queiries I have raised atleast 50% should have been correct. When it has gone totally against the picture I get, the time, date od birth must have been incorrect.Time is not auspicious. You post after 1 month in an auspicious hour with correct data.Do not reply for this now.

    ---------VERY sorry to hear your owes.The worst part of the bad years are over.You had your 7.5 sani-sade-saathi for 7.5 years of married life.Then for the past 1.5 years Kethu and raghu were sitting in your Kataka raasi and 7th(husband place)Makara creating Kalathra dosha-unhappiness in marrital life. Now they have left that position on 27-10-09.
    No kalathra dosha now.Also your sade saathi was over on 26-09-09.So the relationship will improve with husband. Regarding in laws, no solution at sight.Bhuda the signifactor of father-in-law is combuted by Surya. And chandra,signifactor of mother-in-law has Kethu in close proximity. Just Maintain a distance with out verbally telling that.You will coninue to earn.As your lagna is aspected by Guru, no failure in marriage is to be expected.As you seem to be a reasonable person, I want you to balance between husband and in-laws.Guru moving to 8th from 15-12-09 to Raasi may bring you money.But some infame also. Close your eyes and ears for all evils. Your 7th place being sukra and he being in 2nd with mars,might have made your husbnd to misbehave with maid servant.pardon him. Try to correct him with soft words.Practice meditation. You seem to be agitated due to husbands bad charecter.let us hope it is temporary abberation.

    Their will be picture of Shiva,Parvathi and Child Ganasha and Karthikeya sitting on their laps. Get that and do pooja in whatever manner you can.
    This too will pass. You will get peace of mind.I pray for you.


  76. To Sam -Gnanasambandam.
    You are now running Guru Dasa Raghu Bhukthi.That is the reason for your despondency.That ends only in November 2011.
    Sani Dasa ,your 9.10th lord's dasa will start then and will continu for 19years. As sani is in exaltation, benefits will be more during that period.5th lord Bhuda in lagna and 5th lord in lagna and getting the aspect of Guru is a nice combination.You are sure to win.
    If you are so insistent on change of job,
    if some proposal is on hand ,do it before 15-12-09 as Guru is aspecting 10th to Chandra raasi.Even after that Guru's transit to 10th to lagna and aspect 9,11,and Chandra raasi. That is also good only. If you are sure of changing job you may do it right from now.

    In navamsa and dasamsa charts your 10th lord is in 6th with Raghu and 7th with Sani. In sarva asta varga you have 36 bindus for 10th place.So your profession positions are safe. Best wishes.

  77. Sir u said that till 15 december guru is aspecting 10t(profession) place in raasi chart.sir what does it means..please explain as i don't know astrology
    Thnx for your help

  78. Sir

    Thank you very much for the reply I have a correction in my date of birth it is 6:38 am
    instead of 6.30 am. I just confirmed it with my family. Very sorry about that. Can you please look into this again.

    POB: chennai
    TOB: 6:38 am
    DOB:april 6 1978

    Thank you for this great service.I dont know how much difference this time change of 8 minutes would make but would like your opinion on the same.

  79. Dear Sir,

    Name : Srinath G
    DOB : 27-Mar-1983
    TOB : 13:33
    Place : Coimbatore

    Could you enlighten me for the following queries
    1) Could you let me know my lagna in my Navamsa Chart
    2) Its said that usually any planet which is in combust with Sun loses its power. In Navamsa chart, Sun is Neecha in Thulam along with Moon. But here Sun is Neecha state. Can the argument still hold good ? What is the significance of this Sun-Moon combination?
    3) Saturn in Dhanusu aspects Sun. Can we say, its a Neecha-Banga yoga? what is the significane of this 11th paarvai?

    Srinath G

  80. To Rugmani
    ------------YOU HAVE ALL SCOPES FOR HIGHER STUDIES.YOUR RISHBA LAGNA'S 4th(education)lord is Surya.This 4th lord has gone to Kumba 10th place and aspecting 4th simmah.That shows you have good higher education and you will successfully complte it. This 4th lord has Guru's aspect.That adds another feather in the cap.Now Bhuda dasa Raghu bhukthi is running.Bhuda is the education KARAKA. Bhuda and Sukra lagna lord and 2,5th lord jointly sit in 9th place. This is the highest a person can get in a horoscope.This combination is getting Chandra's aspect.Chandra is for you 3rd lord who has to give you confidence and victory. I can go on telling like this. You have many lucky points. So do the exam well.In gochara Guru is aspecting Kataka raasi and where Mars ,Yogakaraka for Kataka Raasi is sitting. So, you will win.Report back after clearing the exam. Best of luck.

    -------------------I do not find any horoscopical reason why she did not have any baby even at age 49.Now Bhuda dasa Bhuda bhukthi, the 5th(child) lord's dasa Bhukthi is running upto 10-01-11.5th lord alongwith 4th lord he is in 9th.Take treatment.I pray you get a child in 2010.

  82. Sir
    Thank you for replying to my query.
    Sir as i told you that i am going to Ahmedabad.
    I feel lonely.
    I think i should get married.
    Pl tell me wil i be able to search the girl soon ? My parents have also started the search.
    I need to know wil she be from working background ? and pl tell me when wil i have peace of mind.. I am mentally disturbed bcoz of my past. I had horrible 2006-07 coz of a girl which still makes me uncomfortable.
    I request you to answer all 3 questions.

    Name : Harpreet Singh Ruprai
    DOB : 25/02/1984
    Time : Delhi
    Time : 20:45


  83. To Lovely_Monu
    -----------------Yours is a horoscope made for administrative service.Your lagna lord Sani is the signifactor of management and 10th(profession)lord Mars is in 7th with lagna lord,2,11thlord Guru,6th lord Moon,and Raghu.all of them are in 7th Surya's place simmah.Surya is in exaltation in Mesha,3rd place,place of confidence and you will win in govt., exams and become IAS.Raghu dasa Raghu bhukthi will be favourable only as Raghu and Guru are together.Next Guru bhukthi is also good.Sufficient strength in Astavarga.
    write the exams confidently.

  84. To Allinall
    ------------Vipareetha rajyoga may or may not do good.You should not spend any money expecting any fabulous returns.That may become loss too.The dasa bhukthi upto dec 2011 is good.Sani dasaa Sukra bhukthi.Sani happens to be 8,9 th lord.And sukra 5th,12th lord.In golchara ,the6th,11th lord Chevvai in 2nd getting the aspect of Guru 7,10th lord.These are good aspects. As Ashtavarga is having only 2 bindus for 2nd lord Chandra, my suggestion is not to invest in bad,risky invesments like lottery, speculative shares etc.,The general rule is the wealth got by vipreet raj yoga can not be retained/Sustained

  85. Dear Sir,
    I have no words to apprecieate your service to this community. I too have some questions about my baby's Health and Future. There are 3 graha's exalated in her horoscope. Is this a special one?

    DOB: March/04/2009
    Time:06:26 AM CST
    Gender: Female

  86. To Chinna-A.Vindhya
    -------------------Your 6th lord(debts) is Guru who is in 2 (dhanasthana)-Vrichika a freind's place.So you will clear your loans and get back the loans which you have given out.The lagna lord Sukra is in 11th(profit)and that 11th lord Surya going to 9th(fortune)place.The 4,5th lord Sani in lagna in exaltation is also very good.That gives you Sasamaha yogam. You have Gajakesari also.So you are likely to get back the amount from the lawyer.Saturn is yogakaraka foryou.he is sitting in lagna is good only.That is sasa mahayoga.Venus with maanthi in 11th gives you luck in matters of worldly pleasures. 11thlord in 9th good.3,6th lord in 2 in friend's place good only.2,7th lord mars and 9,12 lord Bhuda got combusted by Surya.But guru aspccting 6th,8th, and 10th gives you relief. In your chart 6th bhava gets 3rd rank.So you will not be in debts.You will get back lent money.No big health problem.2nd rank for 10th place. That means you will get permanent employment. 1st rank for 11th place(profit,gains)you will not loose money or fame.
    The 7th place gets 7th rank.So marriage may be little bit delayed.Now guru is aspecting chandra raasi till 15-12-09.that ma bring marriage proposal.Best of luck

    ----------------Many Kanya raasi people have lost their job during this time.So wait till 15-12-09 when Guru tranit takes to Kumba and 10th place gets his aspect.Then things may change.Patience in work spot is adviced.

    As Raghudasa sukra Bhukthi is going on, marriage proposals may come. She may have some choices as 6th lord Sukra in 7th.Talk to her open heartedly.As Kethu in lagna,and Raghu in 7th, Kalahasthi naga dosha parihara may be done.Best of luck.

  88. TO PAVAN

  89. TO ANVE


  91. TO NEHA

    -----------FIRST YOU POSTED a date. And said there is a correction.Again you said THERE IS A CORRECTION IN TIME.DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I HAVE TO SPEND TO STUDY A HOROSCOPE? BECAUSE OF YOUR SLIPSHOD PRESENTATION, I HAVE WASTED 2 1/2 HRS.IT IS OKAY.Be careful in other matters atleast.Please do not treat other matters in life casually as you have misused/abused this free service.
    In the strenghh of the bhava's the 10th place(PROFESSION) gets the first rank.IN ASHTA VARGA
    the 10th place gets 39bindus.the 10th lord getting ino 5th place is also good.But the 10th lord himself is not having sufficient bindus in his suya varga.Bhuda dasa raghu bhukthi upto 19-02-2010.All go to show your aspirations as for as your job is concerned will be fulfilled.You will have continuous,permanent job proximity nearer to you wishes.

  93. to g.srinath
    1. in navamsa you are a kataka lagna,thula raasi subject.
    2.even if he is in neecham position sun will combust others if they come near him by the follwing degree counts. chandra 12,mars 17,bhuda13,guru 11,sukra 9, sani 15 .some say moon has no combustion with sun.some say bhuda also has no combustion. this cotroversy is unresolved navamsa, if we can get the
    chithra pksha ayanamsa calculation for navamsa sputam only we can say whether moon is with in 12 degrees to sun.usually we take ashta varga strength, asthangatha only for raasi chart and ignoe for other charts are only further divisions of raasi chart, it is enough if we take only raasi chart for asthangatha and ashtavarga,. but they say the ayanamsa/astavarga charts for navamsa is also available in jagannatha hora. power shut down so i close. these astrology doubts you may raise in the thread meant for that. here only predictions. do not convert this to learn astrology.

  94. Sir I had asked you earlier too basis only my birth details about ancestral property owned by three brothers. I would seek your advise on the timing of the sale (basis all the three horoscopes for better judgement) whether it could happen before mid December. Will expected price be realized?
    DOB: 27/4/51; 6/11/52 and 9/11/55 resply
    TOB: 00.24(midnight);22.45 and 11.25AM
    POB: Coonoor; Coonoor and Chennai

  95. male
    date of birth 03/08/1987
    place of birth chennai
    time of birth 7:26 AM

    Sir...hope u remember Ananth....who was asking whether it was right to go for job this time around or higher studies.....i thank you for guiding me in the right direction cos experience seems to be the mantra in IT now...My question is....i stayed back quitting higher studies hoping to join this tcs is just dragging the date of joining and the people around me are questioning me like anything (i should have gone for higher studies and stuff)...went for an interview a few days back adn i was among the ten who cleared technical (among a 1000...had to go through Aps,two three technical)...but the ppl there too hav told me that i will be called for HR later....have a campus order in tcs and this one now but none giving me a solid date of joining the job....can u please tell me whether the time is good for me to join a job....if so...when will it come according to ur predictions....when will i start to surrounded by questions not able to answer any....!!!

  96. Dear Sir,

    Regarding my daughter,

    Dob: 4th May 2000
    Pob: Bangalore
    Tob: 00:54am

    1)I have already been to kalahasthi when she was around 11/2 - 2 years and have done that raghu-ketu shanti. Should i do it again?

    2)Sir you have mentioned somethings about the bindus, as i do not understand astrology can you tell me what problems these indicate?

    3)The yoga kaaraka's sukra dasa will end 18-02-18, so after this will she be facing a lot of problems? Please tell about her health?

    4)You have suggested navarathna ring, is it ok if she wears a navarathna pendant?

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  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. Sir

    Thanks again.I will utilize opportunities in the job front to do my best.

    I do know the value of your time and was not trying to misuse this service. I apologize and very sorry for being a reason to trigger your anger.

    Will make sure to be very careful in future. Sorry again .

    Meanwhile I have a new request this is for my sister and BIL.

    Their correct details as follows.


    DOB - 16-05-1970 (dd/mm/yyyy)
    TOB - 5.37 AM


    DOB - 11-01-1969 (dd/mm/yyyy)
    TOB - 3:00 PM

    Can you please let me know

    1) Their chances of going abroad along with family
    when and how long
    2) If yes their prospects in that county.

    Thanks again . Please also provide me with the details for Annadhanam I would like to be a part of that good cause.

  100. name A.PRASHANTH

    DOB 25/04/1992

    TOB 615AM



  101. to harpreet
    it is better you postpone your marriage for kethu and raghu are in raasi and 7th place and 12th lord's dasa surya dasa raghu sub period is going on better to go slow in marriage.your would be will have independent income.if at all you want to marry earlier atleast you postone till july 2010
    forget the past by cocentrating in your job.

  102. Namaste Sir,I have a question for my daughter.We have been looking for a good match for her from a long time but nothing is working out.Can you please tell me when will she get married(if possible the exact year and month) and how will be her married life and carrier.Currently she is working as a faculty and is earning good now we want to get her settled plz can u predict when will she get settled.Thanku in advance sir.Her details
    DOB-3rd June 1985

  103. waiting for ur reply

  104. to oviya
    -----------congrats for begetting a nice girl it not too early to analyse her horoscope? better we cast the horoscope when the child is 10.any way i say for your satisfaction.yes, moon, mars and venus in exaltation. that is good.the mahadasa of chandra and mars will be over before she is 8years.sukra mahadasa comes when she will be 84 these exaltations are to help in bhukthis only,that is sub periods only.okay that is also good.

    as moon in exaltation in 4th indicates she will have good educationa and own moon 6th lord in 4, her health will be excellent. sukra in guru's place in 2 shows she will have wealth, property from mother.3,10th lord mars in exaltation shows she will be bold and get good employment.the 7th lord in lagna shows she will have good married life. sani in 7th may give some delay in marriage. surya, sani parivardana may be useful. okay. do not probe a horo of a 8 months baby. prejudices may develop and that will hinder real love to be shown to her. let ths be the last occasion seeing horo. take it up again after she is 18.

  105. to ananth
    ---------many are posing the same problem again and again. i see the horos thouroughly even at the first attempt no need to post again doubting whether i would have seen the horo totally.
    okay .guru now in makara aspecting your raasi's 10th place and lagna's 10th place.mars the yogakarak for lagna is now in kataka and getting guru's aspect.mars is the 2,7th lord to raasi.sani is 4,5th lord for raasi. he is in 12th to raasi and getting the guru's aspect till 15-12-09.sani is the signifactor of profession. sani dasa is running.kethu sub period. kethu being not a foe to raai,in 12th in natal chart is good. so his sub period will not do any harm.

    horos have their own limitations. pray to vinayaka to remove the obstacles.also worship anjaneya for sani you said earlier you have offer from tcs,i might have suggested some thing on that line seeing the scope in horo.take decisions based on real life situations too.

  106. Sir thank you for ur valuable advice.
    I would surely go for marriage only in the end of 2010 or begining of 2011.
    I guess my parents can atleast go ahead and search a girl. I remember you told me tht i have to be very carefull in matchmaking.
    Can you tell me if my would be from North or any other... for tht matter which part of india... and would she be younger to me or of my age ???
    Name : Harpreet Singh Ruprai
    DOB : 25th Feb 1984
    TOB : 20:45
    Place : Delhi


  107. Hi Sir,
    My details for ur kind consideration are as follows:
    Name: Sachin
    DOB:27 Sept. 1982
    POB: Mumbai(Maharashtra)
    Time of Birth: 12:07 PM(Noon)
    I will be really obliged if u can tell me my future financial status,Im self employed and have capital markets(Share markets) business,Im doing well but not so well at the moment..can u please throw some light as to when and will i flourish in this feild in terms of monetary gains as like a Millionaire....
    Thanx a million in taking time out for prediction.

  108. to anve
    -------- the age of 1.5 ears it might have been suggested for her balarishta.that was for her longevity. now for her education and welfare.atleast visit and dharshan may be made.
    at the time of marriage you may have to visit again.
    2.the grahas have lost strength as they have lesser bindus. lost power by combustion(burnt)
    by lesser benefits.
    3. after sukra dasa surya dssa for6 years. surya in exaltation.he is he 8th big benefit. his exaltation in kendra and with guru gives some hopes.after that moon dasa for 10 years moon is 7th lord. that also is some what low profile dasa because he is 7th that time she would have crossed 33years. her sarpa dosha would have gone for ever. that will be come yogam. her mars dasa and raghu dasa will be very good.
    raghu in kataka is good luck.
    4, okay let her wear pendent.
    do not discuss all this to the child. prayer can solve all problems. do not wishes.
    see my thread annadanam in all months.

  109. to nikhila
    ----------your sister has her 9th lord in 7th.that is guru in 7th and aspecting mesha ,a sara lagna.sara lagna people go foreign.the 9th lord dasa comes on 28-03-12.

    your b-in-law's 9th lord sani goes to 11th.9th house is a sara lagna makara.the 9th lord dasa comes for him on thy may go foreign in of luck.
    9th house is to be wxamind for foreign travel.
    my phone no., is 90475 16699(vodofone)you may call me reg. annadanam.

  110. to prabhkar
    ------------- yours is a lucky horoscope. you are a mesha lagna subject.your 5th lord(poorva punyam) in lagna in exaltation(with high power). your 9th lord(foreign) guru in 5th. guru aspects 9th ,11th(gain) and lagna.our chandra raasi is makra. like lagna ,raasi is also sara raasi. sararasi,lagna people go to foreign. so you are a foreign bird only.

    caution:bhuda the signifactor of education is neecham.(very low power) so unless you work very hard you can not get good praying to Hayagreeva and Saraswati, work hard and study well.BEST OF LUCK.

    sukra in uchcham. likely to fall into bad be cautious.

  111. Thank you sir....The things posted were astrological and useful...Can you please temme how is my time for now in case of job..upto certain time limit atleast.....can u temme when good time starts in my professional life atleast

    3,4TH LORD SANI IN 12TH(hidden and dark). the 1,,6th lord mars in 8th(again in dark,and hidden place)7,12th lord sukra in 6th again a dark place and hidden.8th and 11th lord bhuda in 7th combusted by surya.9th lord moon in debilitation in lagna.10th lord surya 7th.
    sukra dasa guru bhukthi is running upto11-07-2011.. if tried you can celebrate marriage
    during this period.on 15-12 09 guru transit to kumba 4th place to rasi.and aspect 8th place
    mangalaya place.sukra dssa, gurubhukthi,sukra antharam is between 3-3-2010 to 12-08-2010.marriage can take place during that of luck.worship all navagrahas by chanting all navagraha gayathri.make pradakshina to navagrahas in temples. do your pooja to family deity regularly.

    ------------YES. THE SEARCH FOR THE GIRL, MAY BE MADE BY your parents.The girl may come from the East of your birth place. You are now only 25 years.If you want an employed graduate girl, she must be minmum 23years of age. So practically(not astrologically) you may marry a girl who is 2,3 years younger only.Yes match making is a must in your case.Best of luck.

    Cocentrate on your job.Forget marriage NOW. Be cheerful. Planets cannot do what God has pre determied.

  114. Hi Sir,
    I started recently reading your blog and your service is really great for the society. Could you please check my horoscope also. Everyone used to tell that mine one is very lucky one but i never experience any such. Even for job also i am struggling a lot for the past 3 years. Please check when I get a job and settle or any possibilities to start a new business in the future. One more thing sir, how everyone is telling I am lucky but which is not happening in my life.
    Time:12:55 PM
    Place: Thanjavur, Tamilnadu
    Gender: Female

  115. Hi Sir
    TOB...10.40 Am

    I have contacted earlier, i need a help again.recently anything in work/proffesion it seems to be a problem. nothing is working out the way it should. Please advise.

  116. To Sachin
    ------------Set immeiate small goals and after achieving it set another short goal. Your attitude is to think very big; but planning and efforts are not matching the aspirations.
    I advice you to take calculated steps. The business you talk about is highly speculative and bordering to gambling.
    The choice of profession for you is horoscopically correct.10th place being surya's Simmah, investment is one of the porfolios of Sun.No planet occupies 10th place. The tenth lord Surya goes into 11th place(profit).That place Kanya is Bhuda's place.Bhuda is the signifactor of business and self employment.Bhuda is also education lord particularly maths and commerce and calculations.So you are in the right field as per horoscope.3,4 th lord Sani is also in 11th with Surya and high power Bhuda in Kanya.That means you can be a leader in the field and you can get accumulation of wealth in the form of real estate out of earnings from your field of investments.Now again Sukra your 7th lord and 12th lord in 11th Kanya.That means you can get wealth by marriage,from wife income and property and income profit by foreign contacts.These are all good points.

    Now coming to negative points, I want to caution you only.Do not panic.As you are too ambitious, I want to apply brake.

    Your 2,5th lord(money, poorva punya) lord Guru in 12th hidden place and also in foe's place. This will bring you loss, viraya(wastage).So you have to be careful and keep your targets under acheivable limits.

    Your lagna lord Mars in 1st place and aspecting 7th, 4th and 8th. The 8th Raghu gets lagna lords aspect. So he is controlled.As Mars is your 6th lord you can cotrol your adversaries successfully. Your 9th lord Moon in 3rd and aspecting 9th is very fine. You will have the strong will to face any situation and come out victorious after a valient fight.
    Again I sound a caution note:As your 2nd place is occupied by Kethu, you may incur losses.
    Business lord Bhuda is combusted by Surya.So Bhuda is weak.So great care in huge investments are to be taken.10th Surya's dasa
    9th Moon's dasa , lagnathipathy Mars'dasa are over.Now Raghu's dasa is going on. For your lagna and rasi Raghu is not inimical. As a natural Malefic his being in 8th and getting the aspect of Mars, Guru, Sani Raghu's dasa is good for you, this is upto 14-11-2020.
    You have to take a low profile during 16-05-2013 to 3-6-2014 Raghu dasa Kethu bhukthi period.Ohrerwise all other periods are good only in Raghu dasa.Then for 16 years Guru dasa upto 14-11-2036.That will be a period of success as Guru is 2 and 5th lord.
    Your sarva ashta varga Bindus are very satisfactory.You will win and achive if you show Nithaana(caution)--steady attitude. Over ambition to be avoided.
    I am a novice small investor. I have just retired from LIC.No experience in share market.
    I have opend dmat account only last week. Yet to start trading. Some what relutant fearing loss.I can invest a small amount now. If you want to help me to learn trading give me clues, of course free consultation like I give you.If I am succeessful, with your consultations, I can pay you too.I have aspiration to earn around 15000/-a month to
    keep my daily needs going, so that my safe investments may get growing at a slow pace.If you are willing, write to my gmail id which you find on top of this page.Thank you. Best wishes.

  117. Dear Sir,
    The details given are corrrect.Yes our marriage happened that way.

    Please let me know about child birth and my career as i quit my job recently due to lot of pressure.Is there any chances of me or my husband to go abroad to earn and settle our dues?.Please help sir.

  118. To Nila
    Usually I do not give negative points.As you have specisically asked for the reasons for your struggles even though the horoscope seems lucky at the first sight.
    The people who know the basics only, when they see the horoscope, they find, lagna lord Chandra in Meena,9th(bagya)place and the Bagya lord Guru in, Vrichika 5th(poorva punya)and again that 5th lord Chevvai in Mesha 10th place a kendra and his own place.3,12th lord Bhuda in 10th a kendra with Chevvai.2nd lord Surya in 9th with Chandra- lagna lord.Sani 7,8th lord in exalttion-UCHCHAM in 4th.KETHU IN 6,RAGHU IN 12TH.There hiding in 6,12 is good.That is the reason they give for luckiness. That all the planets are well placed in Raasi chart.
    But they have not taken into account that the 5th and 10 the lord got combusted by Surya(Asthangatha).When Chevvai comes with in 17 degrees to Surya he is combusted.Also Guru is in Vakram. Sani in Vakram(retrogation). So Chevvai 5,9 yogakaraka, Guru 6,9th lord, Sani7,8th lord lost their power.

    In Ashta varga, 1,5,9 has lesser parals than average expected.So the Sthana balam is lost.

    Guru, Sani dasaS already over.Bhuda dasa is now running.Bhuda 3,12th lord getting into Kendra, he has become good. So his dasa now will do good only. He has sufficient parals in suya varga.Bhuda dasa,Chandra bhukthi upto 26-01-11. Now the period is good only.The suya varga parals for all grahas are good so the Bhuda dasa upto 28-07-19 will be good only.
    You are likely to shine in your own business ony. I do not know what is yoour educational qualification. Probably chemical engineering? or chemistry graduate? OR ANY THING CONNECTED WITH MEDICAL PROFESSION-SURGERY RELATED.
    You can be succesful as a self employed business woman. you can run health club,gas, petrol fuel sales,electrical goods sales,supply to police,military,fireservice depatments,research institutes,surgery materials,instruments for medical profession
    now computer attached diagnostic machines, sports materials.etc.,as Chevvai and Bhuda are together you will be succeessful as abusiness woman and get lots of profit. Dasa bhukthi is good. Plan and proceed.Best of luck.

  119. To Sunil
    --------Your posing of the problem is vague. Are you presently in employment? You are facing problems in the prsent employment or you are already out of employment?
    Whatever it may be, you are likely to get some improvement in job front from 28-11-09.

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. Sir,
    Mine is kanni lagna,mercury in dhanush,moon and jupiter in 7th house and aspects lagna.In navamsam again mercury is in dhanush.Is mercury is weak in my horoscope?what is its ashatavarga points?What is your opinion about my 1st house and its lord?My DOB-february-5 , 1976 at 22.15hrs, at vellore, tamilnadu

  122. Dear krishnan Sir
    This is Lovely Monu Again.
    At first sorry for repost.
    Many Many Thanks to give focus on my job make my moral very high again thanks for this.My grandfather was told 2 years before me to wear Reddish-blue sapphire. Now i have wear
    "reddish blue sapphire" and diamond of 70cent.
    Sir should i keep wear these stones?

  123. Dear Sir,

    Request to give clarity on this issue
    My brother in law wants to marry a particular girl in my relation. My wife is against the marraige.

    The details are:
    Grooms Name : Lokesh Kumar
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    DOB: 25.08.1982
    Time: 2.40 PM

    Bride Name: Hemalatha
    Place of Birth : Mysore
    DOB: 19.10.1989
    Time: 7.45 PM

    Request to give a clarity on the success of the marriage if it happens.


  124. Sir,

    Thank you very much for the information you have given. I need one more help, my sister had a love marriage and it is been 4 years and still she is unable to conceive, she has been to treatment but it has failed and she is very upset. Below is her birth information, please let me know if she will ever have a baby or she has to plan for adoption.


    DOB: 24-11-1976
    POB: Kharaghpur, West Bengal(where IIT is there).
    TOB: 6.20 AM

    Thanks again very much for your wonderful advise.

  125. to priya gayathri
    child birth:in your earlier post you have mentioned you are married for "3 months". probably it is 3 are only 27 years and husband 26. is it not too early to conclude that you will not beget a child? 5th is the place to consider for child your raasi chart 5th lord in 2(family) along with guru the sjgnifactor of child navamsa 5th lord is in 11th(gain).in sapthamsa chart 5th lord in in aspects lagna, 3rd,and suya varga guru has 5 parals. for 5th place sarva ashta varga parals is 28 which is quite bhavathi ranking 5th place gets 4th rank out of 12 ranks.
    in your husband's horo also similar positives are you will have child of your own.
    take medical treatment properly.wait till you are 35 years of age.chant balamukunthashtagam daily.visit rameeswaram and worship.(for your information my first daughter,33, is still to have a child after 12 years of married life)

    your job is also assured. your 10th(profession)place has guru's dasamsa chart 10th lord is in 5th.profession karaka-significator sani is in uchcham-exaltation in all the charts. 10th has 36 parals in sarva astavarga
    and bhuda the 10th lord has 6 in suya varga. those are more than average.job front will not have any trouble.try pray pray.

    9th and 12th places are to be considered for foreign trip.similarly those places are good you can go can earn well.

    saturn,and sukra asthangatha(burnt) by sun for you. for husband guru burnt by sun.those are the negatives.
    worship dakshinamurthy on thursdays for child.
    worship hanuman for job on saturdays.worship ambal on fridays.chant slokams for the three deities.every time you go to temple make pradakshina to navagrahas. best of luck.

  126. to prathna
    ------------ that is called parivarthana. bhuda gets double strength.being lagnathipathi his parivarthana is fantastic.bhuda has 6 points in suya varga.4th place has 27 points in sarva astavarga,lagna has 26 points. those are good.above required points.

    if you want to study astrology visit
    do not take planets as an obsession. have not you heard the tamil hymn"''''avai nlla nalla nallla"?kolaru thiru pathippagam.

  127. to lovely -monu
    --------------- i do not suggest any costly pariharas like daimond etc., i suggest only prayer, worship.

    as it is the word of elders in family, obey it and wear the stone.

  128. to மிஸ்டர் அரட்டை
    excus me sir. please read my opinion on love marriages on the top.i would not like my words being used to separate a loving couple. i am not conceding your request. i have not matched the horoscopes.

  129. to shobana--sister
    5th place to be raai chart 5th lord is guru; he is in 7th navamsa chart 5th lord is sani he is sitting in his own place sapthamsa chart 5th lord is mars sitting in kataka lagna itself.and in 5th place guru and raghu are sitting. lagna has guru's aspect as also mars ,the 5th lord. in kataka mars is in debilitation.

    ashta varga points for 5th place nd suya varga for 5th lord and guru is (5) is quite sufficient.
    chandra dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 18-12-2010.
    9th lord's dasa and 11th lords sub period. time for a child now.

    make pradosha worship in shiva temple,on wednesday visit visnu temple, on tuesday visit karthikeya temple. sashti viratham may be done. i pray for your sister.

  130. to anath
    --------- all is well with your planets. nothing more to say. i pray for you.

  131. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    no more
    here here
    go to nov -2

  132. Dear Sir,

    I think there is a miscommunication. Its not love marraige. The boy has interest over the girl . Thats it. Request to give a clarity


  133. Hello sir,
    My Dob is 20-12-1980
    My TOB is 1.37 pm
    My POB is Dibrugarh, Assam
    Gender: Female.

    This is my second query to you.My ealier query was regarding my job, though I have still not got the job but I am hopeful that I will get soon.

    My this query is reagrding my married life. I had gone through a very bad marriage. My bitter experience has made me very skeptical about thinking again of another commitment. I am still not legally divorced from my first relationship.

    Would like to know if I should take the chance of second marriage. If so how will be my married life. Will I ever have a family of my own, these are the questions which are bothering me at the moment.

    Would be kindly reply for the same

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Thanx a million for ur reply and above all very much obliged that u took some time out to go through my chart.
    U made me feel sorry by speaking about fees i may charge,Anna ur always welcome end no. of times,ill be more happy in helping u out on the same.Sir i didn't get ur mail id.very sorry for the same however u please mail me on '' would love to speak with u and ill like to share some thoughts.
    Next just would like to have some of ur more precious time,Just going by my chart im instructed to wear a RUBY(MANIK) for Sun,i have faith in gems as well,but Sir do u feel it will be beneficial for me??? as u have seen the sun's position in my chart.Would love to hear ur thoughts.My details once again
    Name: Sachin
    DOB:27 Sept. 1982
    TB: 12:07 PM Noon
    THANX once again,do take cre,GOd Bless.......

  136. All the three of you! Have you not seen my anouncement above yours.This thread is closed.
    So go to q&a-nov'09 and repost. Tell your problem in few words. Not to writte lengthy narrations please.

  137. DEEPTHI

    gud eveng sir....
    can u plz tell me whether i wwill get to arranged marriage r love marriage? and what is my future regardng career and life?
    tob- 11.35 am

  138. to deepti
    -----------post it this in q&a nov-2 this s closed

  139. Hello Sir,

    I request you to guide me in making a decision in my life. I met a person in nov 2006 and fell in love. When we informed our parents, our parents matched our horoscopes. My parents say that the guy's chart show traits of extramarital affairs and they are not agreeing.
    Whereas, his parents say that i have chevvai dosham and that i may end up as a widow or in divorce.
    When i ask my parents if i am manglik, they say its sudhha jadhagam (as per our family astrologer).
    I really want to marry the person whom i love.
    Please analyse my horoscope and please suggest any remedies if any so that i can marry the person whom i like.
    the details are:
    21 aug 1980; 3:30 a.m; place: variyankaval (near Jayamkondam)
    21 st may 1985; 8:45 a.m; neyveli
    Could you also tell me when i would be likely getting married and my life after marriage.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanks a lot.
    Sai Ram..

  140. to venu and mars
    -------------------better you go by the version of your local astrologer/family astrologer.the horoscopes do not match.better drop this proposal. i do not want to discuss the details as the on line is not the place to
    discuss the matters inolving emotional issues.sorry.

    he new thread must be used, this is closed.

  141. Hello Sir,

    My name is karthik and I am in the United States. I completed my MS in Industrial Engg in the United States last december(2008) and havent found a job till date. I am currently working in a Temporary position but Iam given very menial and low tasks . I havent got any recognition for my hard work. I am desperately looking for jobs outside as my visa is going to end soon. Can you look up my my chart to see if I will get a better job outside in a better company? Also will I be able to move out to a better city/place/company? Can you roughly gauge the period when I will move to a new job? Please do elaborate a little bit more on my career prospects and professional future!!!

    Time of Birth:1:31 am
    Place of birth:Chennai

  142. Hello Sir,
    My DOB: 29.05.1984
    My Rasi: Rishabam
    Place of birth: Chennai
    Gender: Female
    Time of birth: around 11.30 p.m.

    Currently doing research in university abroad and will be finishing soon.
    I am quite anxious to know what are my prospects of getting a job in a company(related to management/consulting/industry) in 2010?

    Please let me know.



  143. Good day Sir,

    I'm from Malaysia. Is it possible for you to read my horoscope as well?

    Thk you

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  146. Dear Mr. Krishnan,
    My father was born on 27th March 1942 in Trichy- Pushya nakshatram, Kataka rashi. I do not know what exact time he was born- i do know that he was born during the Raahu Kalam on that day and has a Kanya lagnam jatakam. I myself was born on 27th June 1979 at Bombay, 11 am. My father is facing many health problems at this time. We are all very anxious about his health. We thought that things will be better, now that the 7.5 year Shani period is over, but things seem to be much worse now. Please help me by saying how long this difficult period is going to continue. I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

  147. sir
    my son`s date of birth is 17th july 1980,at 10.14 PM at trivandrum kerala.i would like to know how this 2010 would be for him

  148. hello sir,
    my daughter is mentally challenged

    Please suggest me the measures that i must take for faster growth of my daughter.
    name : Richa
    P.O.B :Patna
    T.O.B :9:20 pm
    D.O.B :17/03/1999

    thank you.

  149. Hello Sir
    Can you tell me marriage match for bride grooms and future.
    Boy Name-Prem Kumar
    place of birth-coimbatore

    Girl Name-Meenakumari
    place of birth-coimbatore

    my email

    Thank You

  150. contact astorloger sri barun mahato for kalasharpa yog remedies....its a mirracle
    kolkata mobile number 8100990444

  151. hello sir,
    i have question regarding my job and marriage....
    name : abhishek singh
    date of birth: 02-02-82
    place of birth: ajmer
    time: 07:15 am

    i gave this month civil service exam. last time i gave interview but diddnt got success. this time it is very imp for me as my life and girl whom i want to marry depend on it. please predict and advice me anything suitable for this

  152. My Name - Sundar
    DOB - 30 October 1984
    Time - 12.57
    Nakshatra - Uthiradam
    Rasi - Dhanusu (Saggitarius)
    Marital status - single
    Sir, Please tell me about my marriage i having chevvaai dosha or kalathra dosha...i seen a astrologer 2 months back and he told that the horoscope is pure and no doshas..all will go well...but last week one astrologer told that i am having kalathra means the girl will die soon aftr marrying me.. ? is that dosa is ther in my horoscope. .? any parikaras or nivarthi to avoid it..? Please give me solution for this problem..i m very confused...

  153. Hi in above blog the time is 12.57 PM..i forgot to mention am or pm..its PM...please give me solutions..i m waiting hardly to hear frm any one of u with genuine results..please

  154. Dear Sir,, for some reasons.. i am unable to get happyness from married life...
    its second time i have to accept my fate is not good enough..
    is my horoscope is that bad where i cannot have family???
    first time Wife Quit... second time..
    first wife cheated em off the money... second wife all the time wanted my money nothing else. i started feeling depressed about the whole issue...if nothing works out wil retire from the job go and join sringeri mutt.. thats what i decided, can you please tell me weather i am going to renounce world or enjoy the family life???
    here are are my details- 13 sep 1974- 0808 AM- gauribidanur


  155. Will there be love affiar in my life. I am a bit old for this, but am separated and living alone for the past 7 years.My details N.R.Raghuram d.o.b 22/04/62,Place and time of birth Trivandrum 4.28 p.m sunday. Please let me know.

  156. hi i am kamal... right now im not intrested to post any questions .... but ur responses towards the questions were really awesome...continue ur service,,, hats off.....last butnot least pls any lovers dnt post questions on any astrologers...for every problem there will be solutions... try to solve it by doing pariharams...pray well then everything will be alright towards the life....

  157. Sir
    I am rajiv my dob is 31/5/1985 currently 71/2 sani is going for me and I have already lost my job and currently in another field which is not relevant o my studies in which i am gold medalist and I am afraid very much about the coming jenma sani kindly tell me pariharam for that, since my wify and my child are suffering becasue of me

  158. Respected Sir,
    I like to marry a guy name is Sathish, Swathi,Thulam Rasi and Time 1.20 Am on 08 oct 1983, My Name is Uma , Thiruvonam,Makaram and Time 11.50 AM on 02-02-1984.We are like each other.Please give me Remedy For Our marraige. Advance Thanks

  159. I am 35 years old. I am married and living abroad. Almost for the last 15 years, I have had some obstacle or the other in my life. Even after marriage, there is not much happiness in my life. My career is also below my educational qualifications. Because of all my problems, I have become very detached. And I dont even see a way out of my problems. Please advise. My Dob is 10th September 1976, 09:47 am Chennai India

  160. Sir,
    if u consider this as a good question please answer me .please. i hav only a little knowledge,only basics in horoscope.In my horoscope, kuja and sukra stand together, in my 12th house, and my 12th house is meenam rasi, and my ascendant or lagna is medam.whther this position of kuja and sukra in meenam rasi affect my marraige?my dob- 27/2/1985, pob- malappuram,kerala tob- 9.20 a.m based on this my chart has lagna as medom, and have sani at 8th house and ketu at 7th this a big priblem for marraige?
    Also i have a doubt sir, one astrologer told me my lagna is not medom, its meenam.i am totally confused because, my horoscope was written when i was 2 yrs old, and that too in thaliyola, which is having medom as my lagna.but this astrologer saying its not true and my whole planetary position changes and my lagna is meenam.please help me from this trouble...i was not born in hospital but at my mother's house..please help mee...