Saturday, January 1, 2011

Philosophical,Religious,Traditional Discussions JAN '2011

You are free to post here your views, what ever good subject you have studied and matters of interest.Any thing not conforming to the decorum of this column will be removed by the blog administrator.Be a self editor.Do not hurt any ones feelings. Genuine and gentle matters are the ones I want.


  1. Can Gaya shraddha be performed after Badarika Brahmakapaali shraddha?What are the available remedies for those ancesters/pitru/matru who has comitted self-immolation/suicide? R.K.Rath

  2. ( out of AshtaChiranjeevi)(Bhargav) Parashuram(son of Jamadagni) where performed shraddha to save Mother/matru Renuka (wife of Rishi Jamadagni)slain by shastra/astra/weapon?----Jharkhand/Gujrat/Uttarakhand

  3. Hello sir,

    my Tamil name is Ashwini.i was just got married on march 31, date of birth is 14 january 1991 but i dont know my birth time with mother also dont know my accurate birth time.can you find my birthtime its around 9.30am to 11.00am..i also would like to know if my marriage will get divorce husband birth is 13 june 1989 and his birth time is 11.56pm at night.i've got twice abortion baby before this...