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Please post your questions for DEC'2010-(1)here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 61 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.As my mail box is over flowing, most of my mails are not answered. Better avoid mail correspondence.

There is no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.

Do not mention the opinion of other astrologers here.Every one has a set approach to astrology.Sometimes contradictory views confuse people.

The professiinal astrologers get their livelihood by matching horoscope for marriage and fixing muhurthams. Better you consult a professional for such services.

Do not pack many questions in the same post. Ask only one priority question. You may repost the next question after a week or ten days.


  1. Hello Krishnan Mama, My sister Eshwari told me about this site and your wonderful service. I live in Bangalore and presently I am working with a multinational company. My wife is also working in Bangalore and now she has got graduate admission in a good university in US. She wants to pursue her higher education and I am also interested in supporting her. This year we were blessed with a baby boy. Now I am writing to know whether she can continue her higher education? Can we go together so that I can support her graduate education?

    My wife's date of birth: 10th April 1984
    Time: 12:00 p.m.
    Place: Thiruvanamalai

    My date of birth: 22 Jan 1978
    Time: 6:30 a.m
    Place: Chidambaram

    Please let me know if you need more details. Wishing you & your family a very happy new year. Ram

  2. To anonymous-Ram
    Your wife's horoscope is a very lucky one.She has hamsa yogam, malaviya yogam,vasumathi yogam,amala yogam,mahalakshmi yogam,thrilochana yogam,deha pushti yogam, sathaa sanchaara yogam.In her horosocpe chandra in ruling,chevvai in ruling,bhudha in friendly house,guru in ruling,sukra in uchcham, sani in uchcham raghu hidden in 12th is good and in neecham, kethu in 6th hidden and in uchcham.Lagnathipathi bhuda in 11th to lagana with suya varga paral of 5 out of 8 is fine. Both lagna and 11th(laabaa)has sufficient parals in ashtavarga.Though in navamsa certain weaknesses are shown, they are minor in nature.
    Her 4th lord is also bhuda who is signifactor of education .Bhuda's placement in 11th shows she will have good education Guru in 7th also indicates higher education, 9th lord sani in uchcham in 5th in a sara rasi shows she will have foreign trip. The 10th lord guru in 7th also shows foreign chance.The 12th lord in 10th in uchcham in 10th also shows foreign trip.Now guru is in meenam in ruling to rasi.That is 9th place to rasi. So gochara supports foreign travel. Kethu dasa sukra bhukthi makes separation from husband. Let it happen for a positive act. So grasp this chance and send her to foreign for further study.
    You have sani dasa sukra bhukthi.That is good till 19th July 2013. You may join her after 7th May 2011.

    Best of luck my article on Annadanam
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.

  3. Dear Sir, My mother's dob:March 28th 1942, Tob, 5:30 am, Pob - Bangalore.
    Off late she is falling sick,something or the other seems to be bothering her health wise.
    Will she get better? or will it continue like this. Please let me know. Thanks Harish.

  4. Hello Sir,

    Happy new year :-)

    Thanks a tonne for replyin to my query last week.

    Now I have peeped into the blog regrding my Sis's marriage which is in tantrum within 8 months from the wedding in April 2010 due to psychological incompatibilities.

    Sis's details : DOB : 22-06-1988
    TOB : 15:10 (3:10 PM -Tula lagna)
    POB : Bangalore.

    The marriage is seemingly pointing towards a divorce as the groom & his parents are imposing many restrictions for which not every girl of the present day would abide.

    She is just 23 & we are concerned. Is a divorce inevitable, she will also quit her job & if so when would be her second marriage. We are concerned about her happiness. After marriage there were a few setbacks in her health too.

    Incase you needed the grooms details its here below.
    Groom - DOB : 16-11-1981
    TOB : 07:25 AM ( Vrischika lagna)
    POB : Bangalore

    Sincerely request to respond on the same,

    Waiting for your reply....

  5. Namaskaram mama

    I sent my queries regarding my son on Dec30 and got your prediction on Dec 31st.I just want to know just one thing. He is doing his 2nd year college and will he able to finish that to attain graduation. Any indication taht he will finish his studies or not? let me know that so that i can decide other things easily. Thanks a lot mama.

  6. To Harish
    -------------She ia now running raghudasa ragh bhukthi upto 13th Feb 2011.Raghu kethu peyarchi in April 2011. She has to cross this period as raghu is in 6th(disease) house to rasi.
    Worship Durga maatha on Sundays during raghu kalam.Chant raghu gayathri daily. Read my article on Annadanam

  7. To San
    -------For sister sadesaath(7.5 years of sani)
    Now it is janma sani.Raghudasa guru bhukthi upto Nov 2011. I do not think the divorce is inevtable. If you wait for one year things may change. But the tone and tenure of your posting shows you are bent upon divorce. remarriage will be in 2014.Take cautious thoughtful decision.Do not be my article on Annadanam.

  8. TO DPK
    --------YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN THE DETAILS.Itook it from previous post. I should not discourage any one by my prediction. It will be an uphill task for him to complete his degree. He has to put double extra effort.

  9. Dear Sir,

    I heard about your blog. I want to know, how my married life will be. I born on 04-04-1983, my birth time is 5:45 PM and i born in chennai.

    My nakshatra is Moola(4th padam). All astrology people are saying that i am having raghu/kedhu dhosa. So my married life will not be good.

    I like to know whether i will get marry, whether my husband with me till my lifetime.
    For the past 2 years, no horoscope is matching for me. I just want to know whether any profile will get match for me. If it will not, whether i can plan for my sister marriage atleast. Is it possible to tell me know when i can get a good time for my marriage.

  10. From Sruthi,

    Thank you very much Sir for your answer regarding my son`s health.(his details - MAY 27TH 2003, fremont, California) Yes you are absolutely correct,his lagnam is thulam and rasi is mesham with sukran and budhan along with it.He has chevvai in 4th house, suriyan and rahu in 8th house, , sani in 9th house, and guru in 10th house, all from lagna. Your predictions about his health gives me peace of mind!!!though I am now concerned about his relationship with his father, but that, I `ll try to work it out for them.If you can shed more light to this matter( regarding health and studies) it will be great, but if not thats fine too Sir. I `ll be getting in touch with you regarding my sister-inlaws horoscope once I get the birth details, regarding her health and marriage.
    Happy New year to you and your family!!!


  11. Dear Sir,

    Namasskram, Wishing you a Happy New Year. I having personal question. May I write to you in private ?

  12. Namaskaram!
    I am am very strong believer in astrology. We are now is US and has been ling time I checked my horoscope. The past year has been a very painful with many personal problems in the family along with many financial problems. I was born on May 18 1981, Born at Palakkad Kerela. TOB 1:13pm. I am very much interested to persue a masters degree this year and have done paperwork. I just wanted to know if I will get admission into a program this year.
    I thank you so much for your time and guidance.

  13. To Yoga
    -------- I think your marriage is delayed and not denied.The unfounded fears about moolam star delay your marriage.Secondly 12th lord surya in 7th(spouse) house is also one of the reason.Your parents will have great worries about you.But the combination of bhuda sukra and chevvai in 8th gives mixed results.Also guru aspects 7th house and controls ill effects of surya in 7th. Once married ,it will last long. As 4th lord guru
    is in 3rd you will face all problems boldly.
    Now chandra dasa chandra bhukthi upto 9th March 2011.This is good time for marriage.I pray you get married before March 2011.
    Better you see horoscope for sister. She need not wait for your marriage.In ashtavarga chandra has 5 out of 8 in suyavarga. Next to chanra bhuda the lagna lord has 6 out of 8 in suya varga.
    Do somavara Monday viratham. ViSit Shiva temple and sincerely pray. Best wishes. Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

    ---------THE 5TH HOUSE IS THE house of intutive power and mind.That house has 40 parals against an average of 28. Sani 5th lord also has 4 0ut of 8 in suya varga.His place ment in 9th is very good. No question of his getting the mental problem. As again sani is the lord of 4th education House for him, and placed in 9th will give him good education.
    As guru is aspecting 6th place no big health problem.Guru has 5 out of 8 in suya varga.

    As surya is weak, chant aathithya hruthaya sThothraM daily.Best of luck. Pl. read my article on Annadanam.


  16. To Nitu
    --------Bhuda dasa bhuda bukthi upto 20th April 2011. That is good for education.After that kethu bhukthi upto 16th April 2012.That May not be so good generally speaking. Sadesatthi 7.5 naatu sani , Janma sani form Mar 2012.If you join the course before April 2011, it will be successful.
    Pray to Saraswathi devi. Best of luck.

  17. Thanks Sir. I never try to do any veratham. But i will try to this. Thanks once again. Happy new year.

  18. Dear Krishnan Mama,

    Thanks for the perfect predictions.I got a job this month. I prayed to Lord Hanuman as per your instructions and my prayers were answered.

    Thanks again for the guidance.


  19. To Eshwari
    ----------- Congrats for getting the job as predicted.You have to thank God.Prediction or no prediction, God would give you whatever you are destined to get in the appropriate time in a methodical manner.
    Please give the dates of your earler questions and my answers.Read my article on Annadanam.

  20. Dear Sir,

    Thanks you email. I have written to you.
    Thanks again.

  21. hello sir,
    DOB:29 Nov 1988
    am latha. thank you for your prediction about my younger daughter. the above details are that of my elder daughter's. now currently, she is doing her ME 1st year. she wishes to do PhD in abroad, or to work in abroad. but we encourage her to go for a work here in chennai. what will be her destiny? what is the right age for her marriage? will there be any prob in her marriage? moreover she herself is interested in a guy. how will her life be?

  22. hello Sir,
    hope you are doing good. A very happy new year.

    Sir, as your earlier prediction, i got a job, but it is a contract based job and i am not satisfied also. i want to quit the job. Kindly let me know if i will get a new job soon. Please dont mind my question, but i really feel unhappy about what happens in my life in every walk of my life. Nothing really works well.Kindly predict my future life sir.I dont mind any negatives also told.but plz let me know frankly. sorry again for the trouble.
    thank you in advance

    tob: 2.51 pm
    pob: udupi

  23. Respected sir,

    I am a PhD degree holder and was working in US until two months ago when I lost my job as my visa got expired. Now I can not work until my husband gets his green card. Would you please analyze my horoscope and let me know that when can we gat our green card and I start working.

    My birth details are:
    2:44 AM
    1 September 1969
    Vijayawada (AP)



  24. To Latha
    ---------As sani the lagnathi pathi is in 12th, and raghu in 2nd,she may have some health problems, some deformity, speech related problems.As sukra dasa surya bhukthi upto july 2011, she has to take care of her health.

    As kethu is in 8th place(mangalya sthana)and raghu in 2nd(family) she has to marry only a similar dosha jataka male. If the horoscope matching is not present for the boy she likes, better she marries a person who has matching horoscope.

    The 9th lord bhuda is very close to sun the 8th lord. So her foreign chances are very remote.As guru is aspecting her lagna,many ill effects are controlled by guru. She will lead a good life. As she is of ayilyam star, her marrige may get delayed as many grooms party will skip her horoscope just because of the
    star.But ultimately she will be getting good
    She will be getting more education by experience than education proper. Better she takes up employment.

  25. TO ROOPA
    ----------YOU MAY TRY CHANGE OF JOB By MAY 2011.
    Make the preliminary arrangemets now. As sukra dasa is upto 2029, you will have good future. Earlier you had sadesathi and kethu dasa. That is why you had many unsucceessful events. Now the times have changed.Now the time is for marriage. It may take place in 2011 itself.

    ----------------KUJA DASA KETHUBHUKTHI UPTO 24T FEB 2011.THINGS will start looking up after that date. As guru is in 9th to lagna and in May 2011 guru will start aspecting 9th to rasi, and now guru is in 12th to rasi, you will have some favourable news about green card by May 2011.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  27. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the service. I was born in Chennai on 24th of October 1978 (Kataka raasi, Pushya nakshatra).

    At work all my attempts had average success or no success during the whole of last year. This year I am trying something and working very hard on it. I would like to find out how sucessful any project will be this year. Also will I get any promotion this year.


  28. Hello Sir,
    Wish you a Happy New Year! Thank you for your wonderful service. My brother is having some issues with his wife and living away from her. They are expecting a kid on Feb, 2011. please let me know when both of them will live together.
    My brother's birth details
    DOB: 4th June 1980
    Time: 4:55 p.m
    My brother's wife details
    DOB: Dec 22 1980
    Time: 10:04 a.m
    her star is thiruvadirai. I am not sure whether her place of birth is madurai city or near by village.
    She wants to live with my brother separately from my parents. But my brother wants to live together with my parents. Though my parents are fine with my brother living separately with his wife , my brother doesn't want to go separately. Please let me know when this issue will be solved. Thank you for your service.

  29. To Anonymous-Katakaraasi Pushya star
    ------------------------------------- Please repost with Tob=time of birth.Again give the Pob, Dob and question

  30. sir
    my DoB is 30th Aug 1975. Time : 8.35 Am, Place- chennai... it is more than 12 years since i got married. i am on guru dasa / sani bhukthi...Can u pl tell me in which period i will conceive ?

  31. TO SUBA
    ---------YOUR SISTER IN LAW HAS JANMA(RASI) KETHU AND 7TH PLACE(SPOUSE) RAGHU presently.This position may change in April 2011. In May 2011 guru will go to mesham and aspect 7th to rasi, So by April -May 2011 she will rejoin her husband.

    Your brother has guru dasa sukra bhukthi upto Dec 2012. This is a bad period and quarrelsome period especially with womenfolk.He has 11th plaace maanthi, raghu, chevvai, sani which shows he may be easily falling into bad company.As sani raghu chevvai combination shows he has a rough and tough angry nature, only if he changes himself he can run a family.Now guru in 3rd to rasi is not good at all.
    Worship a picture of shiva parvathi with ganapathi and muruga looking like a family. Read my rarticle on Anna danam.

  32. Dear Sir,

    My DOB: 05-jun-1980
    POB: Madurai
    TOB: 01.00 PM

    Please help me when i get baby?? It is going to be 6 years by next month.
    Also please suggest shall i work or be at home??

    thanks a lot in advance....

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. TO SATYA
    For ladies 9th house bagaya sthana is taken for study of child birth apart from 5th. In sapthamsa and navamsa 5th house is affected.In navamsa lagna raghu and 7th kethu and lagna surya gives problem in child birth.Worship Dakshinamurthi on Thursdays.
    Guru dasa bhuda bhukthi may bring good news.Let us see.

  35. To Suba
    --------As told to Sathya, birth is a difficult subject and no expectations of correct prediction.In your rasi chart the 5th lord sani (child) is hidden in 12th.The child indicator-karaka-guru is also hidden in 12th.Luckili the 9th lord sukra is in 10th.Along with his friend bhuda in 10th.The 5th lord sani has only 12.5% strength in ashta varga suyavarga.The 5th place and the lagna
    are having poor strength in ashtavarga.Luckily 9th house and the 9th house lord having good strength.
    Sani dasa bhuda bhukthi from Jan 2012 to Oct 2014 .I pray you get your motherhood during that time.Worship Vinayaka and Anjaneya for Sani my article on Annadanam.

  36. Sorry Sir,

    Thanks for the service. I was born in Chennai on 24th of October 1978 (Kataka raasi, Pushya nakshatra).

    Time of Birth : 08:20 AM
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    Date of Birth : 24/10/1978

    At work all my attempts had average success or no success during the whole of last year. This year I am trying something and working very hard on it. I would like to find out how sucessful any project will be this year. Also will I get any promotion this year.


  37. Hello Sir
    DOB sept 2 1971
    POB Bijapur
    TOB 7 pm
    I am interested in changing jobs and have started applying to a few... Will I end up in a new job and how will family life be?

  38. Heyramba - DOB : 01/09/1971
    time : 04: 55 am
    place of birth : Singapore
    Dear Sir ,

    I've written to you several times last year regarding my career . My business is still not moving i'm still stuck with my debts and unable to earn enough to support my family.I 'm feeling very depressed not knowing what to do most of the time feeling very confused and sad.
    Please suggest if there's any prayer which could help my family and me during this period

  39. Vanakkam Sir, I am consulting you again for second time reg. my debt problem. My husband invested for a house in India in 2006 October, we took some loans to pay for that house. Because of my in laws and his brother interventions , he wants to sell the house immediately , but nothing materializing , bank loan is still pending and torture from my in laws side increasing day by day. The loans is pending for more than one year, can you please tell me when will this house problem will settle.Last whole year my husband had severe health problem , thats the reason I was looking out for a job. As you said I got job this Nov (I got my first paycheck yesterday and I will donate money for your anandhanam Sir), I will be happy if this problem settles. Because of this my parents where also affected very much. The house is on my name and the loan is on my husbands name.I am giving the details : Arthi, 8th april 1977, 6:10AM, pondicherry,India. My husband details:20th october, 1967, 8:45 am, cuddalore,india. Becuase of this my relationship with my husband is also affected severely.
    Thank you Sir, awaiting your reply.

    Kethu dasa Chevvai bhukthi upto 16th May 2011.
    Kethu dasa Raghu bhukthi upto 2nd June 2012.

    Kethu is getting guru's aspect and raghu is in 11th. So they are not inimical. Chevvai being lagna lord as also lord of 6th house, he is helpful to a limited extent only.

    Presently guru is in 9th to rasi and 5th to lagna and aspecting both rasi and lagna.This is upto 7th May 2011.Then for 2 months he will transit to mesham .Then again the same position upto Nov 201. Sani in 3rd to rasi and 11th to lagna is good. So your aspiratins in profession field will have many good results. my article on Annadanam.

  41. To Anonymous-Bijapur born
    Guru dasa sani bhukthi upto 9th feb 2011.
    Guru dasa bhudabhukthi upto16th may 2013.

    In the present transit upto 7th may 2011 guru is aspecting 10th to lagna. For 2 months after that guru will aspect 10th to rasi.

    So your chances of changing job is manifold.
    after March 2011. my article on Annadanam

  42. To Heyramba
    --------------Sorry to hear what you write.Raghu dasa raghu bhukthi upto 8th Nov 2011. So worship Durga Devi. Chant darithra dukkaha sthothram. you may get in google search. I am not expert in pariharams. I do not advice costly pariharams.
    May God bless you.

  43. Hello Sir,

    My DOB : 21/02/87, Place of Birth : Chennai, Time of Birth : 04:30 AM.

    I am longing for a child for a year and has not materialized yet. I would like to find out when will I get puthra bhakyam. Also, I am also looking for a job, but has not materialized yet. Is there any chance of getting a job soon?

    Thanks for the service.


  44. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your service.

    My DOB: 05-jun-1980
    POB: Madurai
    TOB: 01.00 PM

    Just i lost my job.will i get good job??

  45. To anonymous Arthi
    ------------------- I hope your problems regarding the house property will be over by April-May 2011.AS GURU IS ASPECTING THE 6TH PLACE TO RAGHU AND THE 4TH LORD SANI,ALL POOSSIBILTY OF GETTING A SETTLEMENT BEFORE 7TH MAY 2011. BEST OF LUCK.

  46. To Anonymous--A(PRESUMED AS A FEMALE)
    ------------------I HOPE you may conceive by oct 2011.Best wishes. I pray for you. May God bless you.

  47. TO SUBA
    ----------Yes. You will get a good job before 18th March 2011.

  48. Namaskaram, Happy New Year to you Sir. Please read my email about Annadanam Project. Also how are things for Meena Rasi people such as me? I am running Kethu Dasa, Sukra Bhukthi and as I had emailed you long ago, have been searching for a good groom for several years now.My Saturn in placed in Rishabham in 8th, Thula Lagnam with Mars in 6th with Moon in Pisces. Sun and Rahu in 4th, with Guru and Budhan in 3rd in Dhanus. Kethu is placed in 10th in Cancer; Lord of Asccendant, Venus is placed in 5th in Aquarius.
    1. How are prospects for marriage? It has been delayed considerably, as we have wanted to match horoscopes.
    2. How is job front and how will it be for the next 7 years during Kethu Dasa.Apart from praying to Ganesha, is there anything else I can do?
    Thanks and Regards

  49. Dear Sir,

    I have written to your gmail a/c on 4th Jan.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks a lot.

  50. To Shalini
    ------------Thank you for offering to donate for Annadanam. I have replied your mail.

    I need your tob, pob, and dob.
    As per gochara(present transit) meena rasi people have aspect of guru on the 5th,7th and 9th to rasi.So marriag may take place bfore 7th May 2011.However to judge the question, I need details of birth.

  51. to jasmineoo
    ------------- answered the mail.

  52. Thanks KMR Sir..Replied to your mail also..Thanks..Hope we can do our part for is a wonderful opportunity for people like us.
    Date of birth is Jan 20, 1972 at 11.50 PM at night in Chennai.

  53. Namaste Krishnan sir.
    Hope you are doing good and Wish you a happy new year.

    Sir,My details are

    DOB: 27th April 1978
    ToB: 17.30(5.30pm)
    POB:Giddalur,Andhra Pradesh

    Sir,I'm in tensions from last few months in family and professional life, My wife and kid is away from me as they are struggling to get visa.
    Can you please let me know is there any +ve side near feature.
    Thank you very much inadvance.

  54. To Shalini
    You are almost 38 and marriage delay is beyond the optimum age.
    As your 7th house lord mars is in 6th, you have made yourself indecisive at the correct age for marriage.As 5th lord is in 8th, it has given you so many questions to prop up when a crucial decision had to be taken, and you have procastinated without any valid reason.

    The beginner will observe, the lagna lord in 5th, 5th lord in 8th,and the 8th lord in 5th all these three gives severe puthra dosha.Even if you had married at proper time and begotten children, you would have had a spastic child, or a child with down syndrome,or mentally retarded.So the grooms party would have rejected the alliance. That way many allianaces would have been simply skipped.

    Usually the meena rasi people are getting married late only.In your case it has been draaged too much.Also 5th to rasi has kethu, again a pull down in child birth.

    The ashta varga parals for 5th place is very low,only 20.So no child, or problems from child is there.

    It is better to have a copanionship.Choose one who is not insisting a child.
    In the prsent transit, guru is in meenam now.
    Guru is transitting to mesham in athisaram on May 7th,2011. That becomes 2nd to rasi and aspects lagnam thulam.So that may be the time for marriage.However the 7th place sani, follwed by 8th place sani in next 1.3year, all to be taken into consideration.It is better not to invite more troubles.Kethu dasa has also started.
    The 2nd place maanthi has made you to remain away from home and not allowerd you to set up a family of your own.

    As your 10th place has suficient parals in asta varga,and the 10th lord moon has 6 out of 8 in suya varga,I think much problems may not be there in job front.As Kethu will be in 8th to lagna and 3rd to rasi for nearly 1.5 years after their transit in april 2011, you may not have much problem in employment. In birth chart as the 10th lord is getting in to 6th and 10th place has kethu, you may have to face courageously hidden enemies at workspot.That you will do boldly.
    Best of luck.

  55. To Srini
    -------------- Yes good times are ahead.You have raghu in rasi and kethu in 7th(spouse) in present transit. This position will change with raghu kethu transit in April 2011. Also moon dasa sani bhukthi is coming to an end on 23 Jan 2011. Then bhuda bhukthi. So things will start looking up from feb 2011.Do not worry. Worship north facing Durga and Vinaya. Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  56. Sir,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for sparing your valuable time for a noble cause.

    I am posting this on behalf of my aunt. She is looking alliance for her daughter
    (my cousin sister) for a very long time but suitable alliance did not come till 2010.
    Moreover my uncle fell sick & admitted in hospital recently. My aunt is deeply
    worried about her daughter's future.

    I am specifying my sister's details below, could you please help us & let us know
    when marriage will settle for her and how her marital life will be? What is the reason
    for delay in her marriage?

    Name : Anusha.V
    D.O.B : 13.5.1978
    P.O.B : Chennai
    T.O.B : 2:40PM
    Day : Saturday
    Star : Poosam
    Rasi : Kadakam

    Currently, after a very long time we received a matching alliance. Can you please let us know if the guy's character is good & his career?

    I am specifying the bridegroom's details also below:

    Name : K. Sathish Kumar
    D.O.B : 11.8.1977
    P.O.B : Chennai
    T.O.B : 9:50PM
    Day : Thursday
    Star : Thiruvadhirai / Arudhra
    Rasi : Mithunam
    Lagnam : Meenam

    Thank you once again sir for your valuable time.

  57. hello sir.
    my name is vasudevan and i'm from kanchipuram
    my dob: 24-06-87
    place of birth: podaturpettai(a village which was 25km away from thiruthani)
    birth time : 5.54 AM
    i'm rishaba rasi rohini natchathiram..
    pl tell when will i get job..job in public sector or private sector..
    i will go to foreign coutries for work or not..
    at what age i will be tell sir..

  58. To Dhivs
    --------- In Anushas horodcope all planets are arrested between ragu and kethu.Usually this dosha is operative only upto 30 years. Then it will turn in to yoga.Now guru is aspecting raasi and 5th house.That is good.May be good time for marriage.As kethu dasa is going on and kethu in 12th may be a Problem TODAY.


  59. dear sir

    my name is nikhil
    my dob: 30-10-1990
    place of birth: rohtak, haryana
    birth time : 22:19 pm

    dear sir i hav gone to many astrologers some of them said i should wear emerald & some said i should avoid wearing green color because of my bad mercury i am confussed and sir

    iam going to open a shop of ready made garments of girls will this be good or i should keep boys clothes ..plz guide me

  60. Namaskaram mama,

    Iam kanagavalli balaji.Iam have one son and a daughter.Iam here to ask about my son's horoscope.His
    DOB: 11.09.2002
    time : 11:11 p.m
    place: chennai

    He is having eye problem and got his operation to fix it.How will be this problem in future?Will this affect his studies?We are very much worried for him.He has
    1. Naga sarppa thosham.What will be effect of this?
    2.Sanni in 2nd house and sani dasa for next long years?How will he be in studies & Eye problem in future years.Will it subside/,clarfy us.
    3.chandran in 6th house with sukran.So what will be his mind set and enemies?
    4.3rd house for guru is good effect/bad
    pl,tell us abt positive points also.

  61. i am not a gemmologist. there are different
    schools of thought in wearing your state it appears you wear the stone based on there is one school here in tamilnadu, who say the 9th house bagya house and lord are to be taken for stone selection. in your case the 9th house is kumbha and the lord of 9th is sani whose colour is any blue stone is okay for you.however you may follow the tradition of your state.

    now sani dasa raghu bhukthi upto 28th oct 2011.
    this period may not be good. so better to avoid 2011 for any proposal

    not very sure which garment shop you will start.

  62. To Kanakavalli Baalaji
    -----------------------It is too early to discuss a horoscope for 8 year young boy.
    Sani is yoogakaraka or rishaba. His placement in 2nd in bhuda,friend's house is good only.Sani has 4 out of 8 in suyavarga.He is 50% strong.Second lord bhuda in 5th in uchcham and muulathirukoonam
    So his eye sight will be good and would study well.The second house ,dhana, family and eye has 34 parals.So all the three portfolos will be nice.He may not have much eye problem as surya is having suya varga paral of 5 out of 8.Surya is the karaka for eye.

    Naga sarpa dosham will turn into yogam after the age 34 as there are 34 parals for lagna.

    Sani is yogakaraka, lord of the 9th and 10th a kendra and thirukoonam.So his dasa will be good as sani is in friends house and not in 6,8,12. Sani is friend of lagana lord. So sani dasa will not trouble some.His eye sight will not get deterioration due to sani dasa.
    3. Dhairya sthana lord chandra in 6th alongwith lagana lord and 6th lord shows he will have foes, but he will boldly face them.
    He may be in medical line for earning money.
    Guru being 8th lord do not have friendship
    with lagana or lagna lord sukra. So his placement in 3rd is good only.

    Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  63. Dear Krishnan uncle,

    My horoscope details are: 10 April 1984 12:54 P.M. Tiruvannamalai.

    I am married and blessed with a baby boy. My boy is 10 months old.

    I am working in a MNC company. I had very good education and topped in every exam. But, i don't see a good professional growth. Why is it like that? Is there any 'parigaram' or 'pooja' ?

    It would be great if you could suggest if managerial role or technical role would suit me?

    Recently i got a chance to study MBA in abroad, i need to join by august 2011.
    Now that i have a baby, i am quite indecisive about continuing my higher studies leaving my baby or taking him during my studies, please suggest? Is there a chance of higher studies at abroad for me?

    my husband's details: makara lagnam - mithuna rasi - thiruvathirai nakshatra - 22 January 1978 06:20 A.M. - Chidambaram.
    my details: kataka lagnam - kataka rasi - poosam nakshatra - 10 April 1984 12:54 P.M. - Tiruvannamalai.
    my boy's details : revathi nakshatra - 17 March 2010 11:47 P.M. - Vellore.

    Is it possible for my husband to get a foreign job to accompany me if i travel abroad?

    Please suggest pooja or prayer for me.

    Wish you a very happy pongal in advance.
    Thank you

  64. dear sir.
    i have already posted my details and very eagerly waiting for ur suggestions for my problem..
    pl suggest me sir..
    thank u

  65. Dear Sir,

    Please find below my wife's birth details

    date : 06/12/1977
    time : 13.40 pm
    place : mumbai

    She got govt job and her studies discontined, now she want to study to complete her Bcom, please see her horoscope and whether she can complete her studies and achieve higher level in her job.

  66. hello sir, thank u for ur previous reply. Kindly let me know the compabitibility of the following horoscopes.This is for my sister. Kindly let me know if we can proceed with this alliance.

    dob: 11-03-1986,pob:bangalore,tob:2:15 pm

    groom's info
    dob: 20-03-1981,tob:8.05am ,pob:some place near sirsi,karnataka(not so sure,but plz consider this only)

    thanks in advance.

  67. From Sruthi
    Respected Sir,

    Thanks for your reply related to my son. I would like to clarify with you about my sister-in-law's horoscope. Her marriage has been getting delayed for a very long time and she is having health problems/worries as well. Can you please let us know when would a good time start for her? Do you recommend some pooja?

    There is a some confusion about her lagnam as well. Is it kadaka or simha?

    Date of Birth:10/1/1982 (Jan 10th)
    Time of birth: 8:31pm


  68. Dear Sir
    I have given below my daughter's details. I would like to when her marriage would take place as we have been trying for quite some time. Pl advise suitable pariharams also.
    DOB 16/08/1985
    TOB 01.52 AM
    POB Coimbatore

  69. From Sruthi,

    Sorry Sir, I forgot to mention the place of birth for my sister in law.

    Again I am writing the details for your reference.

    Date of Birth:10/1/1982 (Jan 10th)
    Time of birth: 8:31pm
    Place of birth : chennai

    (pevious email)
    Thanks for your reply related to my son. I would like to clarify with you about my sister-in-law's horoscope. Her marriage has been getting delayed for a very long time and she is having health problems/worries as well. Can you please let us know when would a good time start for her? Do you recommend some pooja?

    There is a some confusion about her lagnam as well. Is it kadaka or simha?

    Date of Birth:10/1/1982 (Jan 10th)
    Time of birth: 8:31pm


  70. Thanks KMR Sir..Had been busy for a few days, so could not read reply right away. Will follow your recommendations and await suitable time. It is good to analyse objectively these things, to plan better. Will soon send you the check to get started on Annadanam project..That is a wonderful deed you are doing. Regards and Namaskarams..Shalini

  71. Kanagavalli BalajiWednesday, January 12, 2011

    Namaskaram mama,

    Thanks mama for clarifying my doubts.Iam excited to see the posting in the very next day itself.Now i have one more query reg my husband

    DOB: 05.08.1971
    time: 10:28 a.m

    We are not feeling comfortable about the place where we are living.No complaints abt the company but the place we are is not secure.He has good promising future in this company but because of the social environment he is trying some other job.But he is not getting any footing rightnow.When he can expect good offer or is that better to continue in the same.Infact when he gave his letter they have no mind to relieve him and they are ready to offer him more comforts.What to do now.He has put his papers but they have asked him to reconsider his decision.Stay/quit the job.

  72. Sir,

    I hv read your post and I strongly believe your words.

    My DOB: 05/12/1977, POB: 2.35 p.m, TOB: chennai

    my husband : 02/09/1970 POB: 11.40 p.m, TOB:kaladi (sankaracharya's birth place)

    I sincerely pray for your honest answers for my following queries:

    1. For me 71/2 years sani period is going on , I was a career oriented person, now i am totally jobless. how is career to me?

    2. our marriage is a love marriage. although we knew we both have same star uttiram, we got married. although i know my husband is a very good person, we always keep fighting each other. the astrologer said the match is not good. is there any parigaram for that?

    3. We have one male child aged 3 years. although initially he was very bad will not with god's grace he started speaking but only words not sentences. again astrologer says it is because of my horoscope and mismatch.

    4. i hv consulted many astrologers and they all say that guru dasa from 2014 to 2030 will be goood. buf after that sani dasa... my life will be totally bad and end with that.

    5. we planned for a second child but after hearing that.. we dropped that idea. will we have only one child ? some says even if another child is born, u may always have problem with children.

    how is my marital life, children and career? i need your honest answers

  73. Namaskar sir, My Details are:

    Birthdate: 24/01/1988
    Place of Birth: Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Time of Birth: 10:55 AM

    I have a query regarding my career. I am a software engineer by profession. Right now, I am stuck in a job, that is not upto my qualification. I work alone in night shifts, and sleep during day hours. I often find myself alone without friends and family.
    I had dream to study further, and wanted to go USA for Post graduation, but things did not work out.
    I wanted to ask, how can things change for me.
    Any response will be helpful. and I am grateful to you for all the service you provide through this blog.
    May god bless you :)

  74. Dear Sir,

    I had invested my savings in a property with a builder , but now we got to know that some portion of the land (which was supposed to house our flat) has now come under dispute. Would I be able to recover the money I have invested. ie around 11 lakhs??

    The property is in my name.

    my dob details are 10th April 1978 , 11:35 PM, Place of birth Trivandrum.Kerala.

    my husband's dob details are 23rd April 1975, 7:30 PM. Place of birth: gwalior, madhya pradesh.

    Eagerly awaiting your advise.


    DOB 17-9-1980 8.45PM


  76. Hello Sir,


    I came to know about your service thru' my friend...

    We had a girl baby after a lot of struggle and spent quite a lot of money...

    We would like to know about the second baby...Is there any possibility for a boy...srry to ask this as we got pressure from our family...

    My DOB : 19-01-1976

    Time : 11.20pm

    Place: Kovilpatti

    Lagnam : Kanni ,Star Magam

    My Husbands DOB :11 -05-1972

    TOB : 12.02 ( 10th May night and 11th may early morning)

    Place : Kovilpatti

    Lagnam : Magara, Star : Revathi.

    Thanks for ur time.

  77. Respected Sir,
    Vanakkam.My life is now based on my Job and husband has left me and he is living with his mother.I want to bring up my son to a good position.Now i like to apply for Ph.d.Which will be helpful for my career.i request you to suggest when the period is good for higher education?can i get support for this.My details are
    Place of birth:Virudhunagar,tamilnadu

    Thank you very much sir.Please suggest me how to get peace of mind.

  78. DEAR SIR,
    im shanmugapriya E. im doing final year BE now i like to go for job. whether i can get job now or not. may i get goverment job. kindly tell me whether i can go for job or for higher study.


  79. Dear Sir

    Hi Sir

    I recently lost my job.I am looking for new one.

    Nothing is working out.

    I had 2 questions
    Can you please let me know when will i get a job and when will i settle in one place ( i am moving every year to different places)

    TOB...10.40 Am

  80. To Vasu
    ----------Your raghu dasa kethu bhukthi will be over on 4 March 2011. Raghu dasa sukra bhukthi from 4th Marh 2011 to 4th March 2014.That may be the period you will get settled in your life. I hope you will get your job in raghu dasa sukra bhukthi sukran antharam before 2nd Sep 2011.You may get govt. posting also.
    As raghu kethu are not in so favourable for early marriage. Better you get married after age 29yrs.

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN YOUR CAREER ASPIRATIONS.But you have to take practical decisions also.You are running kethu mahadasa
    chandra bhukthi upto 2 July 2011. That has created an opportunity abroad. But from 2 July 2011 to 28th Nov 2011 kethu dasa chevvai bhukthi. Though chevvai is yogakarka and professiion lord ,he is with ketu and being 5th lord (child) he is in his own place has weakend him . He is also in retrogation(VAKRAM). He has only 25% strength. Manthi in your lagna is adding to the negatives.6th lord(foes)guru in his own house shows you will have hidden enemies in work place.Sani the profession indicator who is in uchcham in rasi, has become neecham in navamsa.

    Your professional life may have only limited growth. It is God's grace that you got good job and a child. It is better to have "pothum enRA manam".Though your kataka lagna and kataka rasi ,both are favourable for foreign stay, I would like you to wait till kethu dasa is over on 28th Dec 2015.
    I am not looking into your husband's and child's horoscopes.If you are not satisfied with my answer, please consult a professional astrologer.Strngthen Murugan worship for strengthening Chevvai, and Vinayaka for kethu dasa.
    please read my article on annadanam.

  82. To Arumuga nainar
    Your wife has 4th (education)house is bhuda's house. In that place the 10th and lagna lord is placed. The education karaka and 4th(education)lord bhuda in 10th and the 1,10th lord guru in 4th, parivarthana has given strength for further education. Bhuda is the lord of maths(numbers).So her Bcom aspiration will be successful only. She will be coming up in govt., job. Usually 4th lord in 10 th means they will be politicians. In your wife's case she will be successful as a govt servant.
    Please read my article on Annadanam.

  83. TO ROOPA
    ---------ON PRINCIPLE I do not match horoscopes as I want the professionals to get their livelihood.
    This is one time you pay the professionals.Further there are different methods followed in diffeerent states for matching. Our Tamil method may not be acceptable for Karnataka people. So please get the horoscopes matched in your place.


  85. Dear Sir,

    Ponggal Greetings To You.
    God Bless.

    The star ayilyam and the birth on an amavasya day may be the reason for delay in marriage.
    How ever now in gochara guru'is aspecting the rasi and 5th to rasi which happens to be 7th to lagna. So 2011 may be her year of marriage.
    Sukra dasa and raghu bhukthi may not be inimical to marriage. I hope by May 2011 marriage will take a shape.

    As chandra, chevvai(the spouse lord) are affected by surya and bhuda the family house lord gone very near to surya and affected.

    Soma sutra pradakshinam on pradosham days in a shiva temple will greatly help. Worship on Tuesdays lord Muruga will also help.

    Read my article on Annadanam.

  87. To Sruthi
    --------- 2011 is the year of her marriage.if tried she will get married before 7th May 2011.
    Best of luck.

    ------------------------Many Dhanus rasi people are stranded with out job after resigning. Raghu in dhanus and the janma raghu is giving many problems.So raghu and kethu transit in April 2011
    may have o bring changes. Do not be in a hurry.
    review in May 2011.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  89. to anonymous-female-DOB:5 DEC 1977
    1. YES 7.5 NATTU SANI is creating hurdles. But in 2011 guru is aspecting sani for longer period. Keep on trying you may get a job before 7th May 2011.Worship Anjaneya on Saturdays.
    2. EKARASI BRINGS SIMILAR SITUATIONS AND NOW 7.5 SANI FOR BOTH. THERE IS NO PARIGARAM FOR MARRIAGES DONE WITH OUT HOROSCOPE MATCHING. FOR GANTHARVA MARRIAGES(LOVE MARRIAGWES) no need for horoscope matching. Having known that your husband is a good person, why don't you avoid arguments and fighting. If you keep calm no fighting! So that is the only parigaram.

    3.HOROSCOPE MIS MATCHING CANNOT B DISCUSSED NOW.ITis over. the 5th lord going into 8th and 5th place occupied by sani shows some problem for child. but i see the 5th lord surya has 5 out of 8 in suya varga and he is with sukra 2,7th lord who is also having 5 out of 8.sukra is not asthangatha(burnt) by sun. so your son will gradually improve and will be moderately succeessful. worship Surya daily. chant aathithya hruthayasthothram daily.
    4. Astrology is not for fearing about future.
    If you start worrying about 2030, what about 2011? You cross the bridge when you reach it.
    Sani is not that badly placed.
    5.As the first child is having some slow mental growth, please wait for some time before going for 2nd child.

    I think you are worrying too much. astrology is not the end of all. If astrology does not give any peace of mind , throw that away and proceed taking things as a challenge.

  90. To Funkyrave
    -------------Your changing period starts from 7th may 2011 and continues till oct 2011. Keep trying. You are bound to succeed. You can shine in any study.You have luck for personal self employment.Best of luck.Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  91. vanakam sir..
    very thanks for ur predictions..
    i will be very kindful to u..
    if i got job means i will must donate for ur annadanam..
    thank u sir..

    AS KETHU IS IN YOUR 4TH SOME PROBLEM has come in property deal. now guru comes to 4th to lagna and 11th to rasi.your amount may come back may 2011 best of luck.

  93. Dear Sir I am male born on 12 June 1962 at Chennai at 5:30 Hrs (Rishabha lagna).

    Can I leave my job and start a business now?


  94. To anonymous-Anita Yogswari
    THE WRONG BELIEF ABOUT MOOLA STAR makes people to keep the horoscope at the bottom.Lagna raghu and 7th house(husband) kethu had also delayed the marriage.This dosha will act only upto age 30. As she has crossed that age,I think she may get a chance soon.
    CHANDRA DASA CHANDRA BHUKTHI FROM 7 MARCH 2011 TO 6TH JAN 2012.That may be the time of marriage.Keep on trying.Pray to Ganeshji for kethu and Durga maa for raghu. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  95. To Anonymous-Kovilpatti born-DOB:19 Jan 1976
    Birth of achild is in the hands of God. we mortals can not say correctly.

    As you have a srong surya in 5th place along with bhuda, and you already have a female child, let us pray you get a male child too as surya is the indicator of male child. As you write you got the female baby after "a lot of struggle and spent quite a lot of money...";
    that is due to surya in 5th house.Usually surya in 5th is considered as putra dosha.

    In your husband's chart lagna raghu indicates
    lesser number of children.As the 5th house and the 5th lord are not having sufficient parals in ashtavarga,you may have to spend and struggle again for the second baby. It is not in any astrologer's hands to correctly predict the gender of a future child.
    Better you consult a professional also. I am not in a position to say anything concrete.
    I pray for you.May God bless you with a male child soon.Best of luck.
    Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  96. To Anonymous-female
    D.O.B:28.1.73 T.O.B:9.30p.m
    Place of birth:Virudhunagar,
    Sorry to hear what you say about your married life.As guru is your 7th lord and is having 5 out of 8 in suya varga, I hink your discord with husband will be resolved and you will unite. If you leave your doubting nature(viruchika raasi makes that)your home will be peaceful.
    As guru is again the 4th house lord and kethu is in 10th you will be succeessful in any study. So no doubt you can be a Phd if you try.

    Your dasa is sukra dasa chevvai bhukthi upto
    26th Oct 2011 as chevvai is your 8th lord, this period is not good. Then comes sukra dasa
    raghu bhukthi from 26th oct 2011 to 26th oct 2014.This period you will be quarrelsome and you may get foes in your work spot/research place. But research will go on nicely. But no good relationship during that period.After that guru bhukthi will bring good results in every thing.
    If you go on with your Phd you may do it after Nov 2011. You can finish it succeessfully after 2014. But you may not get the supports easily. You will face many hurdles because of raghu.Okay if you worship Durga devi hurdles can be avoided.
    Best of luck. my article on Annadanam.

  97. hello sir,

    I would loke to learn Astrology. Could you please tell me the contacts to take online classes as i am living in abroad.


  98. To Priya
    Better you take up employment.Chances of govt job is remote. By Sep 2011 you will be in a posting.

    As the 4th lord and bhudhi karaka, bhudha is in retrogation better not to take up further study.

  99. TO SUNIL
    LET SUKRA DASA kethu bhukthi is from 2 jan 2011 to 3 mar 2012. Only after that you will get a permanent posting and a permnent place.
    Best of luck.

  100. TO VASU
    --------Thank you for your gesture. Mail me to

  101. TO KRA
    BHUDA THE BUSINESS indicator is in retrogation and sani the profession lord is also in retrogation, better you reconsider business proposition.You need lot of home work before venturing in business.It is a risky path for you.

  102. TO JOY
    What is your mother toungue? Do you know Tamil?

  103. Dear Sir I am male born on 12 June 1962 at Chennai at 5:30 Hrs (Rishabha lagna). Due to retrograde Budha and Sani, you have already suggested I should not get in to business. I have problem in career now. Will it change for better soon?

  104. Sir,

    I came across your blog few days back. I hope you can guide me. I have completed masters in the US in 2009 but haven't yet got a job. I have met career counsellors and logically gone through the interview processes to find out how I can do better but I have no answers. can you please let me know how my career will be? Should I instead concentrate on studying further? I have lost all confidence.

    DOB: Jul 1, 1984
    TOB: 3-20 pm (poosa, kataka)
    place: madurai

    Thank you for your time and help.

  105. to add to above post, I am married and live in the US with my husband.
    DOB: Jul 1, 1984
    TOB: 3-20 pm (poosa, kataka)
    place: madurai

  106. Sir,My name is K.Vijayalakshmi.Iam 24 yrs old.I have completed my B.E in 2008.I have been looking for job since then but not able to get,I mostly tried in PSU.My parents started looking groom for me from june 2009 and they were sucessful in getting so,actually my marriage was ought to happen on feb 7 but due the health condition of groom's father the marriage got cancelled.I want to ask you when are my prospects of marriage and getting a job?
    My dob is 07/05/1986
    time of birth:05:10 in the evening
    place of birth:New Delhi
    Thankyou for your suggestions.

  107. sir,

    my son details : 25 Feb 2008, POB:chennai, TOB: 2.35 p.m.

    We looked into good dates and my son was born on induced labour

    He is almost going to be three .. yet he doesnot speak properly... also sometimes he becomes hyper... consulted doctor... they say my son is a hyperactive child with autistic features

    i want to know when his problem wd be resolved? i am afraid to put him in school because of his nature. We are very much worried about his future. will he be good in education?

    Also sir, i keep seeing ur annadhanam request... if you could post the bank details in your blogspot, we would be able to make net transfer.


  108. to KRA
    -------- You are under the grip of 7.5 nattu sani-janma sani. Sani dasa sani bhukthi upto 28th Oct 2011.THESE TWO CONTRIBUTE FOR YOUR PROBLEMS IN WORKSPOT.Let us pray you get some solution soon. Sani dasa bhudabhukthi from 28th Oct 2011.THAT MAY HAVE TO BRING SOME GOOD RESULT.Worship Anjaneya atleast on Saturdays if not daily.
    Your chandra is alone in your rasi chart. This causes some avayogams.That try to throw you into financial wants. So please do not be in a haste to leave the job.The next year 2012 may bring some relief.You may have to put up with 2011. A problem year indeed.If you can participate in pradosham vazipadu in a Shiva temple, many problems will get slolved.At that time you may also Somasutra Pradakshinam.
    Please read my article on Annadanam.

  109. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I like to read on astrology and while doing so came across your blog - I find your service to be very commendable and appreciate the time and effort you spend to guide everyone. Please accept my regards and do please guide me too.

    Here are my birth details:
    Female, 14th October 1984, 12:27pm, Agra U.P. India

    I am looking for a job change for over a year, but no success, current job has been draining my peace of mind with lots of politics against me -- pls suggest what timing would work in my favour for a new job.

    Parents are also worried for my marriage - there's been zero progress so far - what timing do you see suitable pls?

    Many thanks for your help.


  110. TO Anonymous DOB: Jul 1, 1984 TOB: 3-20 pm (poosa, kataka)place: Madurai
    YOUR 10TH(PROFESSION) LORD sukra is hidden in 8th, and the lagnathipathi chevvai is also hidden in 12th.sani the profession indicator is also hidden in 12th. SO YOUR CAREER WILL BE CHEQURED ONLY.But the tenth house has guru's
    aspect and the 10th house has 35 points in you will be getting jobs but you may switch over to many companies.

    please read my article on annadanam.

  111. Respected Sir,
    Namaste.I have a request for my sister's marriage.We are trying a lot but it is settled.She is doing all pooja suggested by elders.please predict her marriage when it will happen?how is her future?(she is doing job.)
    Her details are,
    D.O.B: 20.08.1986
    T.O.B : 6.55 a.m.
    Place of birth: Ongole,Andhra pradesh

    thank you sir.

    YOU HAVE KETHU IN LAGANA AND RAGHU in 7th(mariage)house. Also surya in 7th house.Thesse factors are giving hurdles for marriage.

    Surya dasa raghu bhukthi upto 20th August 2011.As raghu is in 9th to rasi till the end of April 2011. On 7th may 2011 guru will transit to mesham your rasi and aspect simma
    (5th(child) to rasi,and 10th(profession)to lagna houses.At that time surya will also be there. So after 7th May 2011 both job and
    marriage will be taking a shape.
    Worship Ganeshji, Durga maa, and and Surya. my article on Annadanam.

    Sorry to read what you write about your son.
    It is all reflected in his chart.The 8th lord sani is in 3rd with kethu.This indicates his hearing faculty is impaired.So if you attend to his hearing problem he may start talking.
    The same position makes him as an introvert and will not reveal himself. Would act angrily
    to strangers. If in normal condition,he can be termed as a person interested in manthira,thanthira. But due to his abnormalty
    he can be termed as mentally not stable.

    The 6th lord chevvai in lagna bhava mithuna in a foes place makes him a long driven sick person as also hyperactive.Chevvai is the cause of hyper activeness.

    Maanthi in lagna itself makes him qurrelsome,
    lesser educated and with lesser life span.

    Surya the indicator of father is affected by raghu.Chandra indicator of mother is alone with out any planets on either sides or in opposite.This itself a big avayoga.Chandra being the mano karaka, his being alone makes him unstable in mind faculty.More over the 8th lord sani is aspecting chandra.That also spoils his learning and grasping power.

    He is having 7.5 nattusani and 6 more years to go to get over it. Raghu and kethu transits are also taking place these years and raghu meeting sani is going to happen shortly. That will be a hell of a time.

    He is runnig raghu mahadsa till 16th Nov 2028.
    Only after that he may be able to manage himself for small house hold cores. We have to accept him as a special child. He may enter a school for the special children.

    All these are only to prepare you mentally to accept the fact.Nothing to fear.
    Prayer to God will definitely change the situation.Worship your Kula Deivam. Do ancestral worship with out fail.Do Amavasya
    dhanam to brahmin priest.
    Daily place handful of cooked rice to crows.
    Worship Durga Devi in the temple on Sundays
    between 4-30pm to 6pm.Raghu kalam.
    Visit Shiva temple on Pradosham days in the evening and do the Somasutra Pradakshinam.Offer milk for Nandi Abishekam
    Visit Gunaseelam temple in Trichy distrct on his birthdays every year.
    Vallarai leaf may be added in his diet quite often.
    Attend to his hearing faculty problem.Go to a big specialist.
    To get bank details send a mail to me at

    Do not panic by reading this posting. All chances of his becoming near normal are not ruled out.. It may be a struggle.But face it boldly. Best of luck.

  114. Dear Shri Krishnan,

    Thanks for your kind help and explanations. I'll follow your advice(s) to alleviate the present setbacks. Thank you. This is a great service.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. Sir
    Thankyou for your sugesstions.Should my parents stop looking for jadagam till may 2011,Because I am not able to recover from that earlier breakdown of marriage.Thanks.
    DOB:7th may 1986
    POB:New Delhi

  117. Hello Sir,

    My mother tongue is Tamil.


  118. Hello Sir,

    My Brother's DOB 20.07.1974

    TOB : 3.40pm

    POB : Vriddhachalam

    Could you please tell us when will he get married? and how his life will be?


  119. hello sir,
    i wanted to know about my career. it has come to a standstill since the last 2 years. i have been trying to get a postgraduate seat since 2 years,but no results. i did qualify,but did not get a very good rank to fetch me the seat of my choice. i had an exam on the 9th of january,it was ok. now i have an exam on 6th february.
    do i stand any chances to get a go ahead in my career?? i have stayed far from my family from 2003-08 for educational purposes. are there any indications of me going away from them in the near future for the same? i also wanted to know how will my career be on the whole.
    sir,i have not yet started earning,but the day i get my first salary i will give my contribution for annadanam...that would be my way of thanking you.
    My details-


  120. To Anonymous Female, 14th October 1984, 12:27pm, Agra
    RAGHU DASA SUKRA SUB PERIOD GURU SUB SUB PERIOD FROM 9TH MARH 2011 TO 2 AUGUST 2011. I THINK both your aspirations will be solved uring that period. best of luck. please read my article on annadanam.

  121. To Anonymous-D.O.B: 20.08.1986T.O.B : 6.55 a.m.
    Place of birth: Ongole,Female

  122. TO ARUN
    -----------AS GORU is in 10th(profession)house meenam to rasi, you are likely to have a change in workspot. So you may get a new assignment. You have to be careful in swithcing over.As your 9th house is surrounded by malefics, your foreign aspirations will be fulfilled only after many hurdles.If tried marriage may take place any time in 2011.
    Best of luck read my article on Annadanam.

    For your sister
    If tried before the end of 2011 she may get married.Most probably in Sep 2011.Mostly hers will be a love marriage. If she is not in love
    she may marry a known person.Best of luck.

    -----------------Need not abandon the efforts for a good bridegroom.The search may be slowed down.Make it anxiety free. Do not harp on old matters.

  124. TO JOY
    ----------YOU may get the basics of astrology

    The lessons are in simple Tamil.400 lessons are there.You may read them slowly at leisure. Best of luck.

  125. TO SURI
    YOUR BROTHER may tie the holy knot any time between now and may 2011 or august and nov 2011.Try for a good alliance.
    As his bagyasthana is hevily affected he has to pray to Somaskanda mootrhy of lord Shiva. Attend pradosham abishekam.
    Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

  126. TO PARI
    -----------SUKRA DASA SUKRA BHUKTHI AND RAGHU ANTHARAM FROM 12th nov 2010 to 14 may 2011. Ususally same dasa bhukthi of a planet do not do much help. Raghu also may be making the hurdles.
    Your 10th(profession) lord in 8th hidden.So you are feeling the pinch of not getting easily settled.In future too you may have to face frequent changes in job front.
    By 7th May 2011 guru transits to mesham in athisaram and aspects both 10th to rasi and lagna. So I expect you to settle down by June 2011.Once you get a job, do not be hasty in leaving the job. Your horoscope is not employment friendly.
    Worship Anjaneya for he controls sani who is the profession significator.Your chart sani has only 25%strength.

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Dear Mr Krishnan,

    DOB: Nov, 16th, 1961
    TOB: 1:41PM
    Day: Thursday
    POB:Mangalore, Karnataka

    When are the planetary positions suitable for finding a permanenet job, please look into and let me know. Thank you for your help and time. May God bless you with good health and peace.

    Thank you

  129. To Mangala
    ---------------Earlier also I remember to have
    answered this. You are 49 and permanent job in private may only be possible.You are age barred for govt jobs.
    In both rasi and navansa chart lagnathipathi saturn got hidden in 12th. Though magaram is his own place, hidden in 12th had weakened him , as sani is the profession signifactor, his hiding in 12th had not done any good.Now
    sani is in 8th to both rasi and navamsa. One year has to go to get some benefit from lagnathipathi and profession signifactor.
    Bhudha dasa kethu bhukthi upto 8th Jan 2012..That period may be makinng you attend to some sickness.Wait for 2012 to get a permanenet job and good health.Read my article
    on Annadanam.

  130. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    DOB: 10-April-1972
    Place: Nanguneri (50 Kms from Tirunelveli)
    Time: 3.32 P.M.

    My name is Jegannathan and I am married to sridevi. We have two daughters 8 year old and 5 year old.

    We are living in US for the last 11 years. Now, we were all thinking of moving to India (Chennai) and be with our parents. So, I am looking out for an opportunity to work in India for the last several months. I am worried and stressed to see that my quest for finding new job goes nowhere.

    I definetely needed your advice on few things.

    1.) Keep my current employment in US and keep looking for the job in India from USA. After securing a job in India, let me resign and go to India for good.
    Should I call it a day at work in USA and go back to India for good and then start looking for suitable job.

    Which path should I take? and when this job haunting draught ends?

    Thanks in advance,

  131. Respected sir,

    I recently consulted you, however mistakenly I provided you with wrong birth time. Please reanalyze my horoscope and suggest any remedy. I am a PhD degree holder and was working in US until first week of November 2010, when I lost my job as my work visa got expired. Now I can not work until my husband gets his green card. When do you believe that our green card problem will be solved and I can start working.

    My birth details are:
    1:39 AM
    1 September 1969
    Vijayawada (AP)

    Best regards,


  132. My birth details:
    25/09/1984, 11:25am, Chennai

    I'm a divorcee and first marriage lasted only for few days. I'm in love with a guy who is already married and in the process of divorce. Would I be able to marry him and if so when?

    Do I have any remedies to get married again?

  133. Could you please let me know how would be our married life and when we would be blessed with a progeny?

    Birth Details:-


  134. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I am Yogesh. I have got job in IT as per your given prediction.

    But nowdays my senior and boss giving me pressure and they are not happy with my performance.

    please tell me that how will be my performance in future and will I got success in this new job or not? Can I make career in IT job?

    whether i will quit this job in pressure or not? If I will quit so when?

    Please give me your advice to save this job.

    Name- Yogesh
    Date of Birth:-28/07/1985
    Time:- 12.25PM

  135. To anonymous-Jegannathan-Nanguneri
    Now you are running sanidasa sukrabhukthi upto 3rd June 2012.Sukra is your3rd(success),10th(job)lord.Sani is your6th(disease,enemies, debts),7th(spouse) lord.Sani is also rasi athipathi.Sani is the indicator of profession
    for every one according to karakathva principle. sani is karma karaka. So this running dasa bhukthi will do good only.Presently guru antharam upto 15th April 2011.Guru is your 5th and 8th lord.For rasi guru is 2,11th lord.Guru has a strength of 6 out of 8 in Suya Varga of ashtavarga. So I expect things to move favourably before April 2011.You may migrate to India as the 9th place to rasi thulam will get guru's aspect from 7th may 2011 for some time. Now 10th place to rasi vrichikam is getting the aspect of guru.Raghu transit to 10th place to rasi will be in April 2011.So changes are coming.That will be positive.
    I am not confident to say that you may resign your job and walk away to india.For that you may consult a professional.This much I can say. You are having job change before April 2011 as also change of of luck.
    Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

    NOW RUNNING kuja dasa kethu bhukthi upto 16th June 2011.Not a favourable period.Then kuja dasa sukrabhukthi upto 15th August 2012.Some what better. Kuja dasa surya bhukthi from 15th Auguast 2012 to 21 Dec 2012.May be this is the period you may get your job back by getting green card for husband.Another chance is that on 7th May 2011 guru will be in rasi for 2 months at that time guru aspects 9th to raasi.
    So in the month of may 2011 there is a chance.
    Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

  137. To Anonymous 25/09/1984, 11:25am, Chennai
    You have kalathra dosha.That is kethu in lagna and raghu in 7th(spouse) place. It is better such people marry after age 28.

    Now you are in raghu dasa bhuda bhukthi upto
    3 Jan 2012.It is good time for making love and friendship. But may not be suitable for marriage. Due to bhuda's influence you have started a second relationship.I am not sure whether you can continue it to culminate into marriage.

    You are under the grip of janma sani.7.5 nattu sani. This has to clear only after 4 years.
    You are getting raghu in to your lagana place and kethu in 7th place to lagna from april 2011. That becomes 3rd to rasi and 9th to ketu for rasi.After 1.5 years that raghu comes to family house to rasi.Then janma raghu and 7th place kethu for 1.5 years. At that time raghu meets sani in your 7.5 nattu sani period. So in my opinion next 5 years may not be good for marriage.
    Your 7th(spouse) house lord sukra hidden in 12th, shows you as a social type of person, moving with the opposite sex with out any inhibition. Though males outwardly may not comment negatively over this, internally they will love to see their wives only share their time and thoughts with them only.Every Indian male wants his wife to be chaste and follow traditions. our horoscope does not have that type of traditional orientation.
    As a vrichika lagna subject, you are a an un emotional type. Not a hearty person ;but a brainy person.So your commercial attitude to love matters may not give the desired result.
    Raghu dasa kethu bhukthi from 3 Jan 2012 to 20th Jan 2013.Even if you get married now, within one year you may again have problems with the new man.From 20th Jan 2013 to 21st Jan 2016 raghu dasa sukra bhukthi. That may be siutable for marriage.
    Your 7th(spouse)house gets the last rank in bhavathi balam.The second house family gets 5th place.So it is better to take a considered steps in marriage.
    12th place sani shows you may be having some handicap or some disease of long nature, chevvai in lagna shows may be some skin problem.First take care fo you health for atleast 3 years by following a religious routine.Follow traditions. Read boigraphies of great women.
    Do not panic.Worship vinayaka and Durgadevi daily. my article on Annadanam.
    raghu dasa sukrabhukthi from

  138. Anonymous 17/11/1984 10:20am Madurai(TN)

    PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING:1.What is your date of marriage?2.Of the two, who amongst you is the male. 3.Do you know astrology?4.ave you consulted other astrologers?if so wht is their opinion?

  139. To Yogesh
    ---------Upto 30th Oct 2011 sukra dasa guru bhukthi.This is good period. Guru is also in good transit. Your position in workspot will improve. You will be succeessful in IT. If you want you may try for a change.Best wishes.

  140. Birth Details:-
    My DOB

    My Husband's DOB

    DOM: 14/09/2009

    I do not know astrology. Our charts were matched and then only we got married, as its an
    arranged one.

  141. To anonymous-DOB:17 Nov 1984
    Please provide date of marriage,and opinion of the astrologers already consulted.Repost with full details.

  142. DEAR SIR,


    DATE OF BIRTH = 02/11/1981



  143. Birth Details:-
    My DOB

    My Husband's DOB

    Date Of Marriage : 14/09/2009

    Our charts were matched and then only we got married, as its an arranged one. We both live in US and our charts were matched by our parents. Is there any problem Krishnanji? Do let me know how our married life would be?

  144. Hello Sir,

    My name is Ranjini. I am rishaba rasi, born 16 sept 1976. time:9:45 (night). Gone through pretty bad time. Want to know if I have to do anything this year to be smooth? Also if this year any obstacles, if so any palan? Thanks...

  145. Hello sir, my birth details . DOB:22.5.1986 TOB:5.30 A.M. POB:madurai. GENDER:FEMALE. I am going very bad and tough time now .due to helping friends getting bad name from both family and friends. What ever i do for good cause its giving problem or bad name to me. I am doing my p.g. Now i am struggling to keep in memory what i study. I doing lot of hardwork but i cant able execute well in exams . My parents seeing alliance for my marriage but always its end by saying no in last minute from groom side. Please will u tell me will i get pass this year, when my marriage will be fixed and why i am getting problems without doing mistakes what can i do for not getting into problems.whether i have any dhosam in my birth chart.

  146. To Arumuga Nainar
    -------------------The marriage of sister got delayed due o the fact that all planets are arrested between raghu and kethu.It is better such people marry after age 30.

    Now chadra dasa raghu bhukthi upto 8th Mar 2011. Then chandra dasa guru bhukthi upto 7 July 2012. Let us hope she gets the holy knot during that period.
    On 7th May 2011 guru transits to mesham for 2 months and aspects lagna and rasi. That period may also be good. In April 2011 janma raghu will also be cleared
    Keep on trying.Worship of Durga devi and Vinayaka.

  147. Hello Sir,
    My Name is Lakshmi,
    DOB is 31 st aug, 1971
    POB is Bangalore
    TOB is 11.22 pm
    gender is female

    Sir, I am currently facing lot of health problems as well as relation ship problems, why i am having these troubles, any thing i wish to do from good heartedness to any one turns out bad only , please help me sir

  148. jayachandran
    DOB:7 november 1986
    TOB:07:05 pm

  149. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much Sir.

  150. Hello sir, my daughter birth details . DOB:16.2.1989. TOB:9.35A.M. POB:kanyakumari district. we are arranging marriage for her but she is in love with other religion boy tat we came to know now only and she is very much stubborn in her love. As we are christians we cant do marriage by opposing her wish in church. I have another 2 daughters . 1. Will my daughter change her mind and marry as per my wish or her wish ? 2. When will her marriage will happen. 3. Will she get pass or not in degree in this situation?

  151. I have started learning astrology...

    Could u please clarify how to calculate Astavargha parals???

    I have gone thru' classroom astro lessons...but got confused in the table

    It says

    for exampe,

    To calculate parals for suriyan,
    from lagna -6
    from himself - 8
    from budha -4

    what do they mean by "from himself"...

    pls clarify..


  152. these are my friends details..
    Name: Ashok kumar
    dob: 05.02.1986
    tob: 10.39(night)
    pob: vellore..

    kindly predict abt his job..
    in public sector or private sector..
    at what age he will get job and when..

    kindly tell sir..
    thanking u..

  153. To Anonymous DOB 17/11/1984;10:20am;Madurai(TN)
    AS PER YOUR CHART YOU HAVE ALL CHANCES OF GETTING THE CHILDSOON. On 7th May 2011 guru will go to mesham and aspect rasi and lagna. Lagna is 5th to rasi. So all chances of conceiving by June 2011. If that is not coming true, from Nov 2011 guru will be in mesham for one year.So in 2012 you will be a mother.
    Chandra dasa Chandra bhukthi from 10 Dec 2010 to 10th Oct 2011 and chevvai bhukthi upto 10 May 2012 both are good for child of luck. Please read my article on Annadanam.

    Husband is in the grip of 7.5 nattusani and raghu dasa .So his attitude may be some what laziness and angry. Do not worry .He will change shortly. He also is getting the chance of child presently

    Worship Dakshinamoorthy on Thursdays. Read Balamukunthaashtagam daily. Worship Balakrishna picture.Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  154. Sir ..

    DOB:7 november 1986
    TOB:07:05 pm

    when i will get a job sir. pls reply.I have face lot of problems.when i will be get happiness.

  155. Hi sir,

    These are my birth details:

    Place: Paramakudi
    Time of Birth: 1:18 PM

    I have also kalathara dosham. Please let me know about my marriage aspects.

    Thanks in Advance.

  156. To Ranjani
    ----------- You have to give place of birth also.Please post again with full information.

  157. Anonymous birth details . DOB:22.5.1986 TOB:5.30 A.M. POB:madurai. GENDER:FEMALE
    YOU ARE NOW UNDER THE DRIP OF 7.5 NATTU SANI. Some 6 years have to go.Intermittant guru paarvai would solve problems.This is the reason for your gettiing bad name.

    As there is maanthi and raghu in lagna itself and 7th kethu with chandran and 8th place sani, all these cause delay in marriage.However need not worry as guru is aspecting3rd, 5th and 7th places.So you will get to marry soon.By 7th may 2011 guru transits for 2 months to mesham. That time marriage may get fixed. If not 2012 will be your marrige year.
    Worship Anjaneya on Saturdays. Worship Durga and Pillayaar on Fridays.Read my article on Annadanam.

    YOUR 4TH PLACE GURU from rasi is giving some problems in relationship and health.

    Sani in 10th to sani and 6th to lagna givs some health problems. Ok from 12th Feb 2011 you will get relief; by May 2011 greater relief. From Augast 2011 full relief. Do not worry, worship Dakshina murthy on Thursdays.
    2012 will be anice year.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  159. TO Anonymous daughter's birth details . DOB:16.2.1989. TOB:9.35A.M. POB:kanyakumari district.
    DAUGHTER is a bold type as her lagna lord guru is in 3rd to lagna.She is courageous. She is running gurudasa chandra bhukthi upto 1st May 2011. This is a period when she will socialise freely with both the gender.Then comes guru dasa chevvai bhukthi upto 6th April 2012.This time she will take a concrete decision and implement it.Most probably she will be adventurous.She may marry her chosen groom probably in July 2011.She is likely to finish her course of study.Do not worry she will be succeessful in both business and employment as her profession house gets good ranking in bhaava balam. my article on Annadanam.

  160. TO JOY
    ------- I AM NOT RUNNING an astrological classroom.There are so many websites for that.
    You may google search and find out. This is a freeforum run by an advanced age person. If I start answering your question, I will be flooded with so many queries which I have no time to reply.Sorry. Get your doubts cleared.

  161. Hello sir, thank you for ur reply. But i also asked about my studies that will i complete successfully my degree . I post my details in this month only . My birth details are DOB:22.5.1986. TOB:5.30a.m POB:MADURAI. Gender :female.

    AS all his planets are arrested between raghu and kethu, he has to start his life late.Probably after 30 years.Do not panic. As his 10th(profession)place is getting guru's aspect he would be earning well. Let him become a commission agent or a broker.Insurance agency. He will shine well.
    he has to put up extra effort to succeed as Surya has burnt bhuda, sukra,guru.He has satha sanchara yogam So his job requires lot of travel.Do not wait for sitting govt., job. Try out salesmanship, agency, etc.,Best of luck.

  163. Thank you very much sir,

    As all the planets are locked between raghu and kethu your life will start only after 30 years. Think of any self help business. Future will be alright. But it starts late.Don't worry.Think differently.

  165. Anonymous 02-mar-1982Place: Paramakudi Time of Birth: 1:18 PM

  166. TO Anonymous DOB:22.5.1986. TOB:5.30a.m POB:MADURAI. Gender :female.
    -------------------------------------- will be succeessful in degree exam.

  167. Thank u very much sir,from madurai.

  168. Hi,

    Date of Birth:Aug 3rd,1987
    Time: 7 26 AM
    Place : Chennai

    Currently am working in TCS.I have been working there for one year. I am planning for moving to another company. Its a product based company and offers me better career growth than TCS. In TCS,am currently in a project which doesnt offer me a good career scope if i stay there for two more years. I would like to know if its a good move to change over at this time. The new company name is Zoho Corporation. Please give me your suggestion on this and tell me how my time is for the next one to two years. Will i b able to see any growth in my career?

  169. Hello sir , I DONT HAVE MY SON BIRTH TIMING . I READ ONE OF UR PREDICTION THAT YOU HAVE RECOMMENDED ABOUT NADI TO KNOW BIRTH TIMING . Can you please tell me anyone of good nadi predictor contact details in tamilnadu . Waiting for ur reply. By swathi .

  170. To Ananth

    One pleasant thing is guru is aspecting tenth PROFESSION) to rasi through out till Nov 2011
    except for 2 months. So may not have much problem in workspot.

    Sani dasa sukra bhukthi upto 10th Sep 2013.Generally speaking this dasa bhukthi is good only. Your 10th place has 35 parals which is quite good.But sukra the 10th lord and rasi lord has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga.
    Also sukra is hidden in 12th and asthangatha by sun (burnt by sun).Sani the signifactor of profession is in retrogation.Sani is also having only 3 out of 8.

    So yours is a blow hot blow cold horoscope as far as job is concerned. You have to take a calculated risk.

    In 2012 guru will aspect lagnam and rasi as also 5th to LAGNAM. So all chances of getting a desired change in 2012. Same position from 7th May 2011 to July 2011.I caution you to be doubly careful while switching over.
    Best of luck. Please read my article on Annadanam.

  171. To Anonymous Swathi
    ---------------------Sorry. I do not know any nadi jothidar personally. There are so many in Vaitheeswaran koil. It is very difficult to know the true one.

  172. Hello Sir,

    My DOB :10.5.72
    Time 11.50pm

    Place - Kovilpatti

    Star : Revathi - Magara Lagna.

    Could you pls.tell me about my life,child and job.

    - Subba

  173. Sir, As you have told I have done all the poojas required for marriage (tirumanacheri, thirunageswaram). But nothing is getting fruitful and I am very much desperate on the way things are going. Career wise also nothing is going well.. I am 30 years of age and still nothing is settled. i am very much worried.

    1. Marriage to be completed? What kind of girls profile i should search for. (Like Rahu / Ketu in Lagna / 2nd house)coz people tell i am having sarpa dosha.
    2. What will be my next career? which field is good for me? When will i travel overseas? (currently i am in project management in computer project and previously i was a Team leader in bpo)

    My details
    Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): 03rd January 1981
    Time of Birth:08:10:00 AM,
    Place - Bangalore

  174. sir. You have told me already dat i have a very lucky horo. But now,u tell like this. May i know how my career wil b on d whole?

  175. To Subba
    ---------That is a total study of horoscope.Here it is not possible.Please ask for one specific problem you are facing giving details of the problem.If no problem, forget horoscope. I am now 61 plus, if evry one asks to study their full life , I will not be able to take any rest.

  176. To Naveen
    Astrology is not a very specific science. It is only some permutations and combinations.
    The astrologers intutions are the major part and maths is a minority. To tell some hopeful words is astrologer's role.To make it come true is God's prerogative. Your poorva punya also has to help you.
    I am always afraid of telling too much in this column.When people exprss the words "frustration' 'depressed''anxious'"worridetc., I become doubly cautious. I should not make them more depressed by my writing.

    YES YOURS IS A SARPA DOSHA JATAKA AS ALL THE PLANETS INCLDING LAGANA AND RASI ARE LOCKED BETWEEN RAGHU AND KETHU.such type of subjects live a happy life usually after age 30. Their marriage will come in the age, either of the points in astavarga in lagna, or points of the houses occupied by raghu and kethu.In your case it is 28 and you have entered 31, you will get married soon.
    Your kethu dasa bhuda bhukthi will be over on
    1st Sep 2011.Even bhuda bhukthi is good for getting friendship, introduction, love affair.
    Sukradasa sukrabhukthi frim 1 Sep 2011 to 1 Sep 2015. As sukra is the lord of the 5th and 10th he becomes a yogakaraka for magara lagna.So his maha dasa and bhukthi are good for all especially marriage.Now in present transit guru is aspecting 9th, to rasi as also 11th and rasi itself.that is also good.

    Yes you have to choose a girl who has kalathra dosha. That is her 7th or 8th place has raghu or kethu.If both have dosha that is called dosha saamya.Two negatives crosse makes a positive is the expectation.

    Your line in computers is okay. In that you can shine in both financial sector or in arts like graphics, animation etc.,you may be employing so many and will succeessfully manage an institution.Your later life will be okay asthe kalasarpa dosha will start operating as yoga after 31 yeasrs.

    You have to spend more time with family so that familial bond can be kept active. As you are a workaholic,it is likely that the family may have a grievance that you are not taking care.Best of luck.
    Worship Vinayaka for kethu dasa. Worship Perumal Vishnu for bhuda bhukthi. Worship Ambal for sukra dasa sukrabhukthi.Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  177. TO ANANTH
    ---------- I DO NOT remeber all the horoscopes. do not know what exactly you asked earlier and what i replied.

    in astavarga your10th profession house has 100% strength. but the 10th lord and the karma karaka(profession signifactor sani has low that i have given you some caution. as 7.5 nattusani is running you have to be doubly cautious. you have to take a calculated risk.your career is generally very good. still you have to take cautious measured steps;well thought out of luck.

  178. sir. You have told me already dat i have a very lucky horo. But now,u tell like this. May i know how my career wil b on d whole?

  179. Namaskaram sir
    I am Kannan.Thankyou for your earlier prediction that i will be going abroad and now i am leaving first daughter's dob is 20october 1988 night 12.45 ie 21 october early morning 12.45 . place of birth is srivilliputtur.she is doing CA.few months back you predicted that she will be married by mid of 2011 and before that she will have a good that her final results came,she cleared only one group out of two.she is appearing again for the second group in may 2011.i am very much worried about her results.will she clear the exam this time and get into a good job.Has time come for her marriage.when will she get married.

    Thanks in advance

  180. This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. Thank you very much for your detailed analysis KMR sir. No problem sir, even if you tell the reality I am ready to accept and what i want is how can i come over the situation. I told i am very much desperate and all because of my nature, which is until one work is not complete i cannot concentrate on the next. I am also waiting for sukra dasa to start. Sir any indications of my foreign travel adn will it be a long term or short term one? I will pray to ganesha, balaji and ambal for betterment. Thank you very much sir....

  182. Thank you so much for your predictions sir..

    02-mar-1982Place: Paramakudi Time of Birth: 1:18

  183. Dear sir , My son birth details : DOB:17.12.1985. TOB:5.25A.M. POB:VILLUPURAM . GENDER:MALE. We are looking for bride for my son but nothing happening. 1. If he have any dosham in his jathakam ? If yes means what type of girl birth chart will suit him? 2. Whether he has any chance to get government job or overseas job ?

  184. To kannan
    ----------Happy to note that you are going foreign as predicted. Thank God as he is the one helping us to make a study of horoscopes and tell the good results. It is God's grace you got the prediction coming true.

    Do not worry about your daughter at all. She is having guru in 5th place aspecting 9th(bagaya) 11th(profit) and lagna itself. Her 10 th(profession) place has 29 parals and the 10th lord has 5 out of 8 and surya who is sitting in 10th has 5 out of 8 in suya varga.
    Bhuda the education indicator is in uchcham. She will be succeessful.
    Her married life will be nice. She has to practice control of toungue.Only a kalathra dosha groom has to be matched.PL. READ MY ARTICLE ON ANNADANAM.

  185. TO NAVEEN
    ----------You will be spending more years in foreign away from family. But you will ultimately return to the mother land.

  186. Anonymous son birth details : DOB:17.12.1985. TOB:5.25A.M. POB:VILLUPURAM
    YES ALMOST ALL PLANETS are hemmed between Raghu and Kethu except Mars who is just one quarter away.Navamsa also same position repeats. It is better he gets married at the age of 29. How ever worship of Duraga devi and Vinayaka will solve all problems.

  187. Time of Birth : 11.40 PM
    Place of Birth : Tirunelveli
    Date of Birth : 31/01/1983
    Dear Sir ,

    I am Suriyakumar., Currently Working in US Based MNC as software Engg, Parallely Doing Bachelors in law,
    I have 3 younger sisters. Since I am the only earning source in my family, I am bit worried about my sisters marriage due to my family financial position.
    From my horoscope is there any possibility to abroad in nearer future long term or short term. Or another JOB Change (to earn money for my sisters marriage.,)
    And one more Question sir, any possibility to become as politician in future.
    More books says, sun in 4th place of any person’s horoscope is not good political life (Your input is welcome sir )

    I feel happy if you say about positive & Negative of Saturn in Lagna .

  188. Thank u sir, for your reply . I asked about his job also that he will get chance of government job or job in abroad. You have said all planets hemmed by raghu and kethu and mars is little aways that means what type of dosham. My son birth details : DOB:17.12.1985. TOB:5.25A.M. POB:VILLUPURAM. GENDER:MALE.

  189. very thanks for predicting about my friend sir..
    sorry for late reply..
    u r doing very great thing.
    even unknown asked about them also you are replying with very kind words..
    all persons wont do like that..

  190. Thank you very much KMRK Sir. You have provided me good hopes for my future....

  191. Hello sir, my daughter details . DOB:25.10.1988. TOB:6.36P.M. POB:MADURAI. Gender:female. I have asked about my daughter marriage in dec 2010. U have replied late marriage for her. 1. Can i know exactly when her marriage will happen and whether she has any dosham?. 2. When she will get job?

  192. To Suriyakumar
    Okay your 9th lord and 12th lord is in 3rd with kethu.Bhudha kethu combinatin shows you are very intelligent. Your attachment to sisters is the result of bhuda in 3rd.As raghu dasa sani bhukthi is upto 4th Nov 2013,you are likely to be separated from family on the reasons of employment.If you try you may go foreign in Bhuda antharam ,June 2011 to Nov 2011.As your yoga karaka is sani, his sitting in lagana with uchchcm position makes you a managerial person.
    I also say politics is no good for you. Law study is okay.
    Best of luck. my article on Aannadanam.

  193. TO Anonymous son birth details : DOB:17.12.1985. TOB:5.25A.M. POB:VILLUPURAM
    IT WILL BE EASIER IF PEOPLE limit with only one question per post.
    He may not get govt. job. Bbut all chances of going foreign.Now guru dasa kethu bhukthi upto 8th June 2011,this is a good period for going aboad.
    He is having 95%sarpadosham.Better marriage is postponed.Read my artilcle on Annadanam.

  194. TO Anonymous daughter details . DOB:25.10.1988. TOB:6.36P.M. POB:MADURAI.
    MARRIAGE may take place during that period.

    Yes maanthi in lagna surya in 7th and 7th lord sukra in 6th are delaying the marriage.
    For appointment also upto June 2011 period is good.
    Astrology is not a specific science. We can say good period only. To make it specific God has to help.Read my article on Annadanam.