Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prediction Came True JAN''2011

POST here whenever you experience the predictions coming true. This is to increase the faith of the readers and instill hopes in them


  1. Anonymous said...
    Dear Krishnan Mama,

    Thanks for the perfect predictions.I got a job this month. I prayed to Lord Hanuman as per your instructions and my prayers were answered.

    Thanks again for the guidance.


    TUESDAY, JANUARY 04, 2011
    kmr.krishnan said...
    To Eshwari
    ----------- Congrats for getting the job as predicted.You have to thank God.Prediction or no prediction, God would give you whatever you are destined to get in the appropriate time in a methodical manner.
    Please give the dates of your earler questions and my answers.Read my article on Annadanam.

    TUESDAY, JANUARY 04, 2011

    Last whole year my husband had severe health problem , thats the reason I was looking out for a job. As you said I got job this Nov (I got my first paycheck yesterday and I will donate money for your anandhanam Sir)

    HAPPY TO hear you got he job as predicted.
    Thank is His grace only.
    Thanks for your offer to donate for Annadanam.
    Please do when it is convenient to you.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am very happy to share the news that your predictions came true for me & my husband.

    Sir, You predicted in last year for me that arrival of girl baby is expected before the month of April. As predicted,I am expecting a girl baby in the month of March.

    Similarly for my husband, you predicted that a job change is expected by end of 2010. As predicted, he got new job by the end of November month. I would like thank you sir. Thanks sir once again.

  4. To Radhika
    ---------- CONGRATS RADHIKA.You have to thank God It is His grace only which made the prediction came true. Child birth is difficult subject in astrology,becuase birth and its opposite are totally under the control of the Almighty.So if the prediction has come true it is His blessings only.I Pray you have smooth delivery.also pray, your husband is succeessful in his new assignment.May god bless you all.Please read my article on Annadanam.

  5. Hello Sir,

    Happy Pongal :-)

    Have dropped in to share about your true prediction in the month of december 2010. The query regarding my chances clearing Govt exams had a positive revert from your end.

    At the moment I have cleared the written paper of S.I exam and the Physical endurance exam is slated to happen in a month or two.

    I hope I wuld be clearing the same and aswell getting through the bank exam reults which are pending.

    Sincere thanks again for your time and dedication to the blog & handling its share of queries.

    Appended below is the snap shot of your revert.

    DOB : 24-11-1985
    TOB : 13:10 PM (1:0 pm)
    POB : Bangalore

    kmr.krishnan said...
    to san
    ---------yes you are a kumba lagna subject.
    sorry for the error.

    from 26th dec 2010 surya dasa surya bhukthi. surya is the indictor for govt. related jobs. in your chart surya is in 10th with lagna lord sani.
    so you will succeed in exams.

    Friday, December 31, 2010

  6. To San
    --------Thank you for reporting prediction coming true.It is all God's grace.We astrologers are only conveying His grace.So thank God. Please read my article on Annadanam

  7. kannan said...
    Namaskaram sir
    I am Kannan.Thankyou for your earlier prediction that I will be going abroad and now I am leaving abroad.

    ----------Thank you for reporting prediction came true.Thank God.He is the one who makes the predictions coming true.Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  8. Mail received
    I had posted a question in your blog on Feb 14th2010 with the user name as nandini I am glad that almost everything is happening to me as you said in the blog. I really appreciate your blog.
    To Nandini
    ==========Thank you for reporting prediction coming true.Thank God.

  9. Dear Sir,

    My dob/pob/tob is 24.11.1956/madras/5.00 hrs (morning)/ashlesha 3/thula lagna.

    I have faced many ups and downs in life. Each time the Goddess has saved me.But this time she seems to be giving assurances but nothing has materlialized so far...

    Can I get rid of my debts and have gains in business again?

    My company does marketing for emerging technologies and is facing financial crunch since 2010.(Earlier bad period was from mid 2005 to begining of 2008).

    Personal wealth is also invested for the company, hence, I cannot wind up. I need to recover my investements before I think of retiring.

    thanks & regards