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ASTROLOGY Q&A SEP'2010--Two--2

Please post your questions for Sep'2010-(2)here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 61 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

There is no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.

Do not mention the opinion of other astrologers here.Every one has a set approach to astrology.Sometimes contradictory views confuse people.

The professiinal astrologers get their livelihood by matching horoscope for marriage and fixing muhurthams. Better you consult a professional for such services.

Do not pack many questions in the same post. Ask only one priority question. You may repost the next question after a weeK or ten days.


  1. Greetings Sir,

    You have previously answered my queries twice for which I am very thankful ( Aug 29th 2010 & Sep 13th 2010)

    This query is regarding my sis, whose health has been a matter of concern over the past 3 months. She was diagonised for Dengue(initial stage)in July, hospitalised, was cured perfectly in 3 days & discharged.
    Yet again, her health is not good & hospitalised, while doc's doubt it to be Malaria, which will be confirmed tomorrow after the blood test report is out.

    DOB : 22-06-1988
    TOB: 15:10 pm
    Place : Bangalore
    Tula lagnam, Uttiraphalguni star.
    She has 3 planets in the 8th (Guru, Shukran & Budha) in Vrishaba..Is it a boon or a bane?

    Humble request for you to let me know whether her health concerns would continue.
    She got offered a HR-associate job, which she was supposed to join tomorrow (27th), which is unlikely to happen either.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanking you.

  2. Hi sir , i am naresh kumar once again dob: 21.01.1990. Tob:06.40 a.m pob:vellore (TN) gender:male pls tell me is there is any chance for me to get a govt job or bank job. I am eager to get a job in 2011 . Please tell whether i wil get a job in next year. Thank you for all of your kind responses.

  3. To San
    -------- As your sister's birth chart shows the 6th house(debbts,diseases) lord guru is hidden in 8th.for both lagana and rasi guru is not a friendly planet.So his hiding in 8th is not bad.However, frequent health problem may be there. Also if she does not control expenses,falling into debt trap cannot be
    avoided. However the 6th lord in 8th and lagna lord also in 8th gives her good longivity.the 4th house lord sani in 3rd also makes her sickly often.That too she is now under the grip of sade sathi(7.5 years of sani)
    Guru, sukra and bhudha in 8th are not with in one degree or same degree. So no graha conflict. 8th bhuda gives good education.8th sukra gives money.(but makes her miserly).8th guru strengthens longivity.
    Read my article on Annadanam

  4. To Anonymous-Naresh Kumar
    You are under the grip of 7.5 naattu sani. In your chart 12th house lord surya is in lagnabhava. That makes delay for you in all matters as also unwanted wastage of money.
    The lagnathipathi bhuda is in 12th that will make you live far away from home for the sake of job. However the parivarthana of surya and bhuda will give only minimum disturbance.

    The 2nd(dhanam) and 9th(luck)lord sukra in 12 th also makes procrastination in everything.
    So your desire to get into banks by passing out exam may also see many hurdles. If you try sincerely you will get a pass.There is no substitute for hard work.
    From 21 nov 2010 your lagna and rasi gets guru's aspect. Upto july 2011 you have good guru palan.So try. You will get it by hard work.

  5. Namaskaram sir,

    my name is vamsi krishna, my date of birth is 14-09-1980, time: 08-48 am, place :ELURU,West godavari district,andhra pradesh,india.

    I am not employed, I am trying for job in software, every trail i am missing at the last step. I want to know any precautions to be taken to make my job trail succeed.

    Can i wear Rudhraksha, If yes which rudhraksha will you suggest me.

    Thanking you sir waiting for your reply.

  6. From
    Thank you sir for your reply dated 9th September 2010. I have read your article on Annadanam and would like to contribute towards that noble cause. Kindly send me the details for sending cheque.
    Sir, I am extremely sorry to disturb you once again. I did a mistake while mentioning the time of birth in my earlier mail. The mistake took place due to wrong conversion of Naligai into time.
    The Correct time of my birth is as follows:
    Date of Birth : 30.03.1966
    Time of Birth : 11.22 P.M (43 naligai)
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    Tamil Month : Pankuni 17th Wednesday
    Visvavasu year
    My questions are:
    1) When I will get good job to settle financially in life.
    2) Whether Private Practice will work out for me? If so, should I do the Private practice independently or with partnership with any other person?
    3) Which is favorable dasa in my life and when it starts?

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

  7. Respected Sir, Thank you very much for answering my previous queries.Now i seek your advice for my sister's son.DOB :19.3.1983. POB: Srirangam TOB: 9.37 pm.My sister's son was working in a multinational software company and he lost his job during recession. At present he is working in a BPO in night shifts. Please advise when he will get a better job ? When will he get married? He is not keeping good health also. Kindly tell us pariharams for his betterment in job, health and marriage. Thanking you once again.

  8. Greetings Sir,

    Thank you for the reply.

    As you elucidated, her expenses are exceedingly high !:-)

    Infact, the report quotes negative for any major health concern & looks to be a minor infection pointing at lower immunity levels.

    Thanking you again




    DOB 25TH APRIL 1992

    TIME 615AM




    THANK YOU...

  10. To Anonymous- Vamsikrishna
    -------------------------- From 21st Nov 2010 guru will be aspecting 10th house.After that you will get positive results in job front. Full benefit will be known from april 2011.I am not familiar with gems and rudrakshas.As sade-sathi has started,you have to worship Hanumanji daily.Best of luck.

  11. Dear Mama ,
    I had posted in Aug - part-2 - Q&A regarding my job. I landed a job bit last week around Sep 20. (much sooner than u predicted )
    My career is now only at the point where I was 4 years earlier.. But still OK..Some job for me.. Since conveyance to office and work pressure are now taking toll , could not post this earlier.
    I now hope that God gives me the physical strength & stamina to perform my karma.
    I am also getting one or two other interview calls. I am planning to keep trying till the good period you suggested.
    I thank you for your blessings. Don't know , Whether its astrology or your "ThiruVai muhurtham" working out. Thank you so much. Similarly please bless me regarding my marriage.
    Thanks a lot mama.

  12. Hi sir , i am naresh kumar once again

    thank you for your reply yesterday. But,I am sorry to ask you again. my lagna is magaram but you have mentioned as kanni lagna.please clarify my confusion sir.
    MY Birth Details:
    DOB: 21.01.1990.
    TOB:06.40 a.m
    pls tell me is there is any chance for me to get a govt job or bank job. I am eager to get a job in 2011 . Please tell whether i wil get a job in next year. Thank you sir.

  13. To Alagar-A.R Raman
    Thank you for evincing interest in Annadhanam. please send a mail to

    2011 will be the year of your settling down in a job. As per nadi rules when transit guru glides over chart surya, promotion, change of job is indicated. On 21st Nov 2010 guru will transit to meenam where surya is placed in birth chart.So even from 21st Nov 2010 indications of job change is indicated.

    As 10th lord is in 5th you will shine in private initiative. But as 7th is affected by raaghu, it is better to have independent practice than parnership.

    Now kethudasa is running upto 10th March 2016.
    As kethuis in lagna bhava itself in uchcham state,and the lagna is having 33 points against an average of 28, kethudasa will not unfavourable.But the lagnathipathi ,though in 5th,has only 2 out of 8 in suyavarga. So kethu dasa will be moderarely good upto 2016.
    At the age of 50 sukra dasa enters and remains upto 70th year of age.As that is 7th lord's dasa and sukra in kendra 4th along with sani
    in sani's place kumba, and sukra is having 6 out of 8 in suyavarga, you sukra dasa will be good for you.

  14. TO AP
    ------HOPE you may slowly backout in this over enthusiasm.If all the relatives' horoscopes are brought out here I shall have the time to spend only to you. You may introduce the web site to friends and relatives.Let them post independently.When free services are used in excess, the administrator will become tired.

    As the 6th disease lord guru is in 2nd he may have eye sight problem, teeth problem and stammering.As the 6th place is affected by health indicator surya and lagna by sani,
    he ill have sickly look. As sani becomes yogakarakaa and in exaltation and in lagna bhava, no problem in longivity.
    Chant aathithya hrudaya sthothram daily. Visit Anjaneya temple on Saturdays.Read my article on Annadanam.
    Your sister's son is having 10th lord in 8th hidden. That makes him shift jobs often.
    From 9th nov 2010 raghu dasa bhuda bhukthi starts.From 21st Nov 2010 guru will transit in meenam and move in clockwise direction-normality restored after several months of retrogation.In his chart suurya in meenam. When transit guru is gliding over birth chart surya,change of job, promotion and getting job are indicated.So wait for November 2010 with prayers.

    As sani is in lagna bhava itself and the lagna lord&kalathra karaka sukra in 7th (karaka in the same bhava spoils the bhava) marrige may be delayed.However in 2012 when guru transits in mesham,over native chart sukra marriage may take place. If that does not come true then raghudasa chandra bhukthi in 2018 will see him married. So try vigourously from the middle of 2011 so that he can get married in 2012.

  15. To Prashanth
    ------------- Yes your star is Thiruvonam first paadam.

    As your lagna lord is in 11th and both lagna lord chevvai and mesha lagna are having guru's aspet your future will be nice and good. Best of luck.

  16. TO VENUS
    ----------THANK YOU FOR POSTINGthe prediction came true. I have copy pasted your august question and my answer in the prediction came true column in sep 2010-two-2.
    Thank God,the Merciful! It is His grace that has been showered on you.We the astrologers are only God's loud speakers.He is the real predictor.I sincerely pray for your marriage also. Please read my article on Annadanam.

    -------------------------- YES YOURS IS MAKARA LAGNA ,VRICHIKA RASI. Sorry the DOB got mixed up.Thanks for pointing out the mistake,a grave one at that.Never it has happened earlier.

    You are only 20 years of age. Don't you feel it is too early o take up astrology.?

    Sani dasa gurubhukthi upto 12th June 2012.So now itself good period.
    As the 10th lord and yogakaraka in lagna bhavai tself is good.But the fact he got combusted by sun is a negative factor.The karmakaraka sani also got burnt by sun.
    So worship surya daily in the dawn. Chant aathithyahrudayam daily.On saturdays worship Anjaneya and Navagraha pradakshinam.On Fridays worship Ambal in the evening.

  18. I am naresh kumar .Thank you may be too earlier to ask about my future. But, i am going to turn 21 soon that made me anxious about trying for job so only i asked sir. . .once again thank you for your responses.

  19. dear sir,
    thanks a lot for your answer for my prvious query
    this is for my son.
    dob: 30-11-98
    place srivilliputtur
    time 8.32 a.m

    he is having stomach problem. doctor suggets he may need a surgery.
    1.will he get cured without surgery?
    he is very average in studies
    2. will he improve and study well? will be the sukra dasa period for him? 12th sukran with surian denotes problem in married life?

    thanks and regards.

  20. Sir,

    My brother-in-law has resigned his job one year back due to transfer to north india during recession period in the IT field. After that he couldn't get a job in the same line in which he got experience of more than 10 years. Now he is in a temporary job only. he blessed with a baby boy 3 months before. when will he get a better job and tell about his future life. Any pariharam has to be done.kindly advice.

    Thank you. Andal

    His Date of Birth: 24.06.1971
    Time : 3.30 PM (Evening)
    Place: Madurai.

  21. my daughter dob 12.03.1986 time of birth 15.25
    place of birth chennai. we , the parents are anxious to arrange for her marriage . when will be the right time for marriage.


  22. Hello sir, my son birth details : dob- 21.11.1990, tob- 7.35 a.m. , place - madurai, gender - male . 1) my son having arrears in diploma will he successfully complete this course and do degree or get job . Wen he will get settled . Note: he discontinued and doing back the course after 1 year . Why this happening did he have any dosha in his astrology say remedies sir,

  23. To Anonymous-DOB 30-11-98- Son's health
    He is now going to run kethu dasa sani bhukthi from 19th-Oct-2010 to 28th-Nov 2011.That period will give all health related problems.
    Sukran his 6th lord(disease) is hidden in 12th and got combusted-burnt- by surya. So health problems will be there. Better you go by doctor's advice on operation.

    The 4th lord(education) guru in 3rd associated with kethu. The education karaka bhuda is again very close to surya and hisdden in 12th.
    That makes him not very studious. He may be avarage student.

    Sukra is 6th and 11th lord. Sukra lost his power by hiding in 12th.Sukra also got combusted by surya. So sukra dasa will be moderarete only. Father will be benefitted.

    Why worry about marriage now? Let us see when we reach that stage. Read my article on Annadanam and spread the news to friends.

  24. TO Santhanakothai
    ----------------------FROM 21ST NOV 2010 SOME GOOD PERIOD STARTS.He is likely to get job after that. Best of luck.

  25. TO BALAN
    ---------Hectic activity on marriage front will start from third week of Nov 2010. She may likely to get married by middle of 2011.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam and act.

    ---------SUKRA DASA upto age 17 had made him divert his attension from studies.
    Do not worry. Guru peyarchi on 21st Nov 2011 bring many changes in him before August 2011 He will clear arrears papers. He will be employed soon there after.
    Make 9 namaskarams to Suryan in dawn daily. Read Surya gayathri 52 times daily.Best of luck.

  27. Dear Sir,


    15th dec 1972

    Will I get a job this month.I am also going around the police for a lost property in train it will be a year by this NOV.Will I be successful in getting atleast some property.

    Pl advice if i need to leave hopes on the lost property.


  28. To anonymous-Kiran
    Sukra dasa raghu bhukthi from 30th Oct 2010 to
    30th August 2013.As sukra is your yoga karaka and bhuda is your 5th lord, you will get good offers affer 30th Oct 2010. Guru though now in your rasi, he is in anticlock wise movement till 7th Nov 2010. Then he wll again come to meenam on 21st Nov 2010 from where he will aspect 9th to raasi and 10th to lagana. So job matters will be settled before Nov 2010.

    Though you may be gruelling situation with police regarding lost property,be patient. Do not stop pursuing. Before 31st dec 2010 you will get good news from police.
    Best of luck.

  29. thanks again for your reply.
    irefernce to my previous mail:dob-30-11-1998,
    place srivilliputtur and time 8.32 a.m
    sir, you have mentioned budha is in 12 house. but in the horoscope what i have (vakya jathagam) , budha is in 11th house.If our horoscope is wrong, is it possible to send me the correct one.
    thanks a lot

  30. To Anonymous-dob30 nov 1998
    ---------------------------- I use 'Trikanitha' software. It is good for me. Nothing wrong in following 'Vakya Panchanga'.Decide yourself what do you want to follw.If you want Trikanitha, you can get from any computer centre in your place.

  31. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for the advice.Shall definitely do the same.

    Its a relief to hear good days are ahead.
    Thanks a ton.


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  33. Respected sir,

    My native is thanjavur, current living in delhi for job purpose from June 2007.
    I was born in Lucknow (UttarPradesh)on June 26, 1976 at 2:12 AM.

    Right now iam working in a company in noida with descent salary. Iam married with one kid.

    I want to study MBA or Phd in a foreign country.

    1.Is there possible to study further?

    2.If chance is there, is it possible to study in a foreign country?

    3. please advice - which course I can try for admission - MBA or Phd?


  34. To Lekshmi
    ----------As you belong to Kerala/Nagerkoil the matching may be done in a different way at your place.There is no thumb rule in astrology.
    There are many regional variations.

    As per our practice, we may choose some other horoscope.

    You may consult a local astrologer,please.

  35. TO ARVIN
    ---------YES. AS YOUR 4TH LORD CHANDRA in exaltation ,you can have further higher studies.
    Yes you can go to foreign country. That too now Gurudasa(9th,12th lord-indicating foreign travel) Kethu bhukthi upto 14th August 2011.
    So before that you may fly away.

    Both Mba and Phd you can shine. Better you choose MBA.This is not astrology now. My practical suggestion.
    Read my article on annadanam

  36. Hi Krishnan,

    Thanks once again for answering my question before on Sep 19th, I had a few queries and would be glad if you could answer my questions, my details again are as follows :

    Name: Abhishek
    DOB : 22/05/1982
    Time of Birth: 8.05 AM
    Place of birth : Bangalore, Karnataka

    1. Is there something I can do in terms of prayers to lessen the current tense period in my career as I am currently confused and not sure which way to go and your words were comforting to me at some levels thank you. While you did mention the yogams in my chart , can you tell me how those benefit me as a person and when in my career/job is there a good time period for me professionally.

    2. Also in terms of settling outside India could you tell me the place or direction which is good for me to settle down or where possibly I will settle down and for how long ?

    Just to add here you had correctly (to my surprise) spoken about marriage (something I had not asked) as I am looking at getting married next year if things work out in terms of my career and profession goals which will greatly help me to make some decisions on my personal side.

    Any advice based on my chart would be greatly appreciated.

    I do hope the Annadanam helped a needy person. I will also talk to some other people to also participate. Thanks once again Krishnan for your time and advice. Take care - Abhishek M

    -----------As kuja -(mangal,chevvai,mars)-
    dasa is running you may worship Karthikeyaa. Chant Subramania Bhujangam daily atleast once a day.Gajakesari yogam will make you prosperous and popular. That will work in guru and chandra bhukthis.Whenever you encounter a crisis Gajakesari will come to your help.At the age of 42 you will have the effect of Gajakesari well pronounced.

    You may be going west only. It may be for atleast 18 years till raghu dasa is over in 2030
    As sukra ,the kalathrakaraka is in exaltation you have to be careful in dealing with opposite sex and control temptations.

    It is great you mentioned about Annadanam. Only 1% of people respond to my appeal. You are one among the caring few.

    Best wishes.