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Please post your questions for Sep'2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.

Do not mention the opinion of other astrologers here.Every one has a set aproach to astrology.Sometimes contradictory views confuse people.

The professiinal astrologers get their livelihood by matching horoscope for marriage and fixing muhurthams. Better you consult a professional for such services.


  1. Greetings sir

    Last year i had asked you about my problems and you had said "Thai porandha vazhi porakkum"....My daughter is 5-1/2 yrs old now and I was eagerly wanting to have a second baby and this happened after you had said this...Im in the ninth month of my pregnancy and my doctor has advised us to choose a date between 15th Sep to 20th Sep....I would like to know what date will be ideal...My rasi is Rishaba and Star husband's rasi is virichigam daughter's is Magham simham....I will be very thankful again if you could guide me through this period.

  2. From Thirumamagal,
    Thank you very much for your earlier reply for my question about my health. I have followed your guidelines and chanting Dhanvantri mantra.
    With that & sincere prayer I have to recover myself with God's grace only.
    Now I am working in BSNL at Chennai for past 15 years. Now I had a chance of getting transfer to other office in Chennai itself. Is it favourable for me &my health.? Shall I accept that? Kindly give guidance sir?
    My details are:
    D.O.B :11.07.1969
    T.O.B: 8:29PM

    Wednesday, September 01, 2010

  3. TO C.UMAA
    ------CONGRATULATIONS.Happy to note prediction came true. if you had not earlier informed this please post the same in Prediction came true column.
    15th sep kettai upto 8.23 pm
    16th sep moolam upto 9.15pm
    17th sep pooraadam upto 10.37 pm
    18th sep uthradam upto 0.26 am(19th)
    19th sep thiruvonam upto 2.37 am (20th)
    20th sep avittam upto 5.04 am(21st)
    18th sep thiruvonam upto

    I THINK YOU MAY CHOOSE THIRUVINAM star 19th sep. Best of luck.

  4. Dear sir

    We are so thankful for your guidance and i am happy to tell you that i had posted my happiness in Prediction came true Feb 2010 immediately after confirming it with my Doctor...No words to explain our gratitude....Thank you so much sir.

  5. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    My sons DOb:Aug 3rd 1994
    POB:Boynton Beach
    TOB: 12:23 am
    I am quite worried about his Rahu mahadasa and ketu antardasha, how is this dasha going to be. I know he is teenager, so far he has been excellent with his studies, just his overdoing on other things makes me worried. Please help me and tell me should I do any poojas for him.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Dear Krishnan Sir, clarification to my above post, Boynton Beach in Florida, and daylight savings time. My son is having Mesha lagna (12 degree 44 min), Vrishaba rashi (26 degree 57 min)
    Thank you

  7. To Thirumamagal
    ----------------As per nadi gochara when sani transits over native rasi chart gur and kethu
    the following matters take place.
    SATURN’s transit over to the following natal planets
    Natal Jupiter(guru) : Change of profession, gets job or promotion, gastric trouble
    Natal Ketu : Litigation, dispute, aimlessness, visiting holy places, financial loss

    JUPITER’s transit over the following natal planets
    Natal Rah : Operation, discontinuation of studies, , abortion.

    So both are indicated.You may accept the change of place. However the health problems will also be there. As earlier informed by you, you have BP, Diabetes etc.,Take proper treatment.

    Prayer to God would solve all problems.Read my article on Annadanam.

  8. To Anonymous-son- DOB: 3rd of August 1994
    I am not sure about his chart given by my software.I think guru is in thulam along with raghu and apsecting kethu who is in mesham.
    To some extent guru will contain ill effects of
    During raghu dasa kethu bhukthi mysterious fever may come. Accident prone. Bad company.

    Prayer to Vinayaka and Durga can solve all problems.No point in worrying. Strengthen prayer.Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  9. Thank you for your kind reply regarding my son. Hopefully after this period, he will get better and focus more on his career path.

  10. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Unfortunately I had given you wrong time of my birth earlier. Below is the correct details,

    DOB: 28/09/1977
    TOB: 5.55 PM
    Place: Patna, Bihar

    Sir, I am not getting sleep since 3-4 days throught out the night. Beside this since 3-4 months I suffering from high blood pressure, headache, pain aroun chest, restlessness, uneasiness, anxiety. Because of these my personal & professional life got disturbed. Pls do let me by when I will come from these thing & by when I will be fully fit. Sir, pls suggest some cure as I want to fit asap.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  11. My details
    Neha Pradhan
    29 oct 1984
    9:45 PM
    Sir i have done BE in IT but doing job which is not related to IT.Will i able to make it in IT field??When my good time in career starts.
    Thanks and Regards

  12. hello sir,

    As u predicted my daughter rajapriya got operation i posted in sep prediction came true.

    Now my question doctors saying its big operation and we cant able to remove some tumors which affect her voice and left hand.I want to know my daughter will recover from all this diseases and get cure.we r hoping only god to save her and give to us back please reply in mail

    I know u wont discuss about longitivity in public forum please mail me and help us and pray for my daughter should live long life.

  13. Sir,
    Why is Moola first pada always dreaded for the father of the child? Is it dangerous always?
    Thank you.

  14. Namaskaram sir,
    Iam vimala mother of saipriya,she has already posted a query regarding job in 19th may 2010. she has finished sundaraganda parayana and daily chanting slogam as you say, my question now is she didn’t get job for past one and half years ,she s having a big gap, this gap is now making hindarance in her job search . im very much worried please can u tell me whether she has a chance of getting a job ? now currently she is under the grip of 7.5 sani. Or is it a right time to see alliance?
    Thank you for your noble service.
    Her details:
    Date of birth:24 .05.1988
    Place of birth: Chennai
    Time of birth: 8.10 AM.

  15. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    First of all thank you very much for having a lots of patience for answering everybody's questions.

    I hope you reply for my question too.

    My DOB is 24-March-1987
    Time of Birth : 10.25 PM.
    Place of Birth: Hyderabad, India
    Rashi : Makara

    Since past one year, I am seeing a girl. She also likes me.
    But, I dont know why? We are not getting together. Due to this, I am facing severe mental agony.
    Will my love affair become fruitful?
    Can you tell me whether I will have a love marriage with that girl?

    I am a computer science graduate but working in different profession.
    Will I get a software job and will I ever go to abroad?

    Thank you.

  16. to sujeet
    ---------- you must have exercised caution while giving the details earlier. not only i anlyse wrong planetary position,but also the time consumed to analyse a correct horoscope is wasted. i request bloggers to spare my health, by taking care to give correct details , so that second reading is avoided.

    your mangal-mars, and guru-jupiter is in mithuna in your rasi chart. over that kethu is transitting now.the result :
    KETU’s transit over the following natal planets:
    Natal Mars : Worries to brothers, blood pressure, nerves debility
    Natal Jup : Divine contemplation, nerves debility, ill health
    JUPITER’s transit over the following natal planets

    Natal Moon : Change of residence, ill health due to cold
    Natal Ket : Gives divine knowledge to the native, ill health to native

    SATURN’s transit over to the following natal planets

    Natal Sun : Ill health to father, dispute between father and son, trouble by Govt.
    Natal Rah : Death in the house

    as suggested earlier chant dhanvanthri manthra and aathithya hrudayam which may be available in the net.
    do 9 sashtaanga namaskars to sun good early in the morning. i pray for you. you will have great relief in april wishes.

  17. to neha
    ---------- you have already asked the same question earler , is it not?
    okay you will be hearing good news around
    21st nov will be entering the job of your choice.mangal dasa guru bhukthi from 24th dec 2010. that will be a very good period for all matters. new year 2011 will bring you many positive changes.

  18. TO PRIYA
    ---------- sent a mail.check up mail.

  19. To ShanthiVenkat
    ----------------- Horoscopes are to be seen in totality. Not piecemeal.Such belives as you have mentioned are baseless.

    ------------she may hear about job aruond 21st nov 2010. marriage alliances will come around june 2011. best of luck.

  21. to anonymous-dob:24 mar '87
    ----------------it is my opinion that for love marriages, horoscopes should be discarded.

    you have sani in lagna and sani views 7th(spouse)house navamsa sani the 7th lord is hidden in navamsa chandra in 7th.all these do not help love to succeed.

    bhuda the signifactor of maths and computer is with full strength in kendra,that is 8 out of 8
    so you will get IT job.

    foreign chances are sparingly indicated. foregn stay is temporary only.
    best wishes.

  22. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your noble service.

    I have a question for my sister. My parents are looking for an alliance for her since 2 years but haven't been getting one. Kindly look into her horoscope and let us know whether she would get married soon and if so when.

    Date: 22/11/1985 Time:9:22 am Place:Vellore,Tamilnadu

    Thanks a lot.


  24. From
    Namaskaram Sir,
    My details are : D.O.B. : 30.03.1966
    T.O.B : 10:30 PM
    Now I am working in a private company Sir. Basically I am a Chartered Accountant. But with a lot of struggle after 10 years only I have completed my C.A. From the beginning I have struggled for a job.
    After finishing my CA also I am not able to settle in a permanent & good job. I got married in 1995 & I have blessed with one daughter who is 13 years old. But financially I am not able to come up sir.
    In the present company in which I have joined recently also the financial position is not fare. For the past two years I have done some private project work. But the ultimate remuneration is NIL. I have been financially cheated. That also affected me much.
    When I will get a good & permanent job? When I will be settled financially in my life Sir?
    Any parigaram has to be done? Please guide me sir.

  25. Thank you very much for answering my questions.
    from 24-03-1987.

  26. To Alagar-A.R.Raman
    -------------------- The first point that strikes in your chart is in your vrichika lagna itself kethu is placed in exalted position. Kethu to some extent helped you to get higher qualification. As also guru bhuda parivarthana(mutual exchange of houses) also made you to paass out in the tough exam of ACA.
    BUT lagnathipathi chevvai is burnt by surya
    (asthangatha)and chevvai has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga(strength of only 25%).Basically lagnathipathi should be strong for a better life. In your case,in my opinion lagnathipathi is weak.However in navamsa chevvai had become very strong by occupying makaram and in uchcham -exaltation. Again the same vrichika lagna in navamsa also makes the lagna gain some strength.But surya the 10th lord in lagna itself makes you to shine in self employment than working under someone. The second(money) lord guru in navamsa is hidden in 12th.The 9th bagaya lord moon is hidden in 8th along with sani; maanthi in 5th, poorvapunya sthaanam -all these hinder your progress.In dasamsa chart also the 10th(profession) lord bhuda is hidden in 12th along with sani. Whereever sani is involved ,the progress will be slow.
    That is what is happenning in your case.In rasi chart the profession signicator sani is
    with maanthi. That also makes the progress slow.

    Now kethu dasa is running upto 19th oct 2016.
    The progress will be some what restricted only.

    No use in finding out why and what. What is the parihara?

    As lagnathipathi is chevvai and his strength is low, better worship Murugan daily with chanting kantha sashti kavacham and subramaniya karavalamba sthothram.Visit a temple on Saturdays, where you have navagraha sannithi, and make 9 pradakshinas to navagrahams chanting navagraha gayahris.
    Do the ancestral worship and kuladeiva vazhipatu.Best of luck.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. To Ani
    -------As you know some astrology, you may derive in your own way. There is no point in worrying about future, for that matter,any dasa is approaching.Astrology can indicate the good and bad tidings,timings only. Astrology itself can not solve problems. We have to solve ourselves by the help of God. Prayer can solve all problems. For Kethu Vinayaka is the deity,, for Raghu Durga is the deity. Best of luck.

  29. saipriya
    thank you verymuch sir for your reply

  30. From –A.R. Raman,
    Namaskaram Sir,
    Thank you very much for your reply sir. I have one doubt regarding my jadaka .
    In the Jadaka copy I am having, in rasi chart-- Lagna is marked as Dhanus and in Navamsa chart Lagna is marked as Mithuna. And my details are:
    D.O.B :30.03.1966
    T.O.B : 10:30 PM [or] 43 Nalizha from suryodya
    But in your reply you have mentioned as Rasi lagna as well as Navamsa Lagna ---as Vrichika .
    Kindly clarify which is the correct one Sir.

  31. From
    M.P. Rajan,
    Thank you very much for your earlier reply in August Sir. After that I have attended my visa interview on30.08.10. But I have not selected. In your reply you have mentioned that I would have a chance of going abroad. When will I get a Foreign chance Sir? For which country it may be sir?
    My details are: D.O.B : 12.06.1984
    T.O.B : 11:55 PM

  32. To Alagar
    ----------There are two types of panchangas.What I use is Trikanitha panchanga. In my opinion this is more scientific.This takes 365.25 days for an year.In vakya panchanga 360 days are taken for one year. As per trikanitha panchanga your lagna is vrichika both in rasi and navamsa chart.If you want the prediction to go by vakya panchanga
    better consult an astrologer who has belief in that system. In my opinion , trikanitha panchanga suits what you say about your life.
    Best wishes.

  33. to pakshi
    --------- your lagna lord and 12th lord sani is in 9th. your 10th lord chevvai in 9th.the 9th lord sukra is in 4th.these factors give you foreign chance.
    according to nadi rules if guru, chandra and raghu are in 1,5 ,and 9 the foreign travel is certain. in your navamsa chart this condition is i am double sure you will have foreign chance.

    as sukra, 9th lord and yogakaraka got burnt by sun, that is the reason for your hurdles in getting visa.

    now sukra dasa suriya bhukthi upto 25 may 2011.
    ater guru starts his clockwise rotation from 21st nov 2010, you will have many foreign offers. between march and may 2011 you may fly to overseas. may be you will go to japan, australia or singapore ,malaysia.
    best of luck. pl. read my article on annadanam.

  34. Sir,
    My daughter has completed her education and working in small company from last three months.
    now we are looking for her marriage.
    her details are as follows :
    DATE OF BIRTH :31 AUGUST 1986 .
    TIME OF BIRTH :5:45 PM
    secondly, the details of proposed boy are as under :

    Kindly look into the above details and guide us whether the above match is suitable ?

  35. To rn
    --------As per south Indian system the hooscopes do match. How ever I would suugest that you cinsult a Haryana/UP based professionl. This I tell you because,there are many regional of luck.

  36. Dear Sir,

    My initial query was in Jan 2010 - part I

    DOB: 26.06.1973
    POB: Virudhunagar
    TOB: 18.05 Hrs
    I still continue to be in the same job. Is their a possibility of a promotion or elevation in status here or can I leave this job and search for something more suitable. This is a contract position & I joined it hoping that I will be made permanent in a short time but 2.5 years have elapsed & nothing has happened. This is also affecting the domestic harmony. Sorry for troubling you repeatedly but I am not able to offset the frustration creeping in.


  37. Vamsi Krishna -- hello sir my date birth is 14-09-1980,time is between 08-45am-9-00am. Tula rasi as per chandramanam. I want to about my career. Can u please tell me if anything wrong and mention any precautions to be done. I already completed pooja in srikalahasthi.

  38. To anonymous-S.Subramaniam
    What to do? There are many negatives in your chart as for as job is concerned.In rasi chart the 10th lord(job) bhuda in 8th makes you quit jobs easily and make only temporary jobs.The 6th lord in 8th also affects job and brings many foes in the work spot.The 8th lord in 5th makes you to earn money;but many times uncertain about how much you may get.The profession significator sani, karma karaka, is asthangatha(burnt) by sun and in combination with kethu.
    The lagnathipathi guru is in neecham position and also in vakram condition.
    In navamsa chart the 10th lord (profession),
    and karmakaraka sani is in 6th hidden and in combination with manthi.And in 10th house kethu is positioned.
    In dasamsa chart 10th place has been occupied by kethu and maanthi.the 10th lord sukra though in exaltation,is arreested between raghu and chevvai and hidden in third house.

    Great relief is your 10th house has 32 parals in ashtavarga. The 10th lord bhuda and the karmakaraka sani has 5 out of 8. So thre may be delay and some procrastination. But you will ultimately get good result only.

    Now guru is in retrogressuon till 7th Nov 2011. Then guru will be in kumbam for 13 days. From 21st Nov guru will be rotating in clockwise direction. That time you will have clarity of mind. New opportunities my come. Or you will get promotion here itself. No change of company is indicated now. But 2011 will be a happy period for job.In April 2011 raghu kethu peyarchi will make you more active. I think you can exercise patience till April 2011 in the present company itself.From August 2011, in sevvai dasa surya bhukthi you will be happy with your job.
    If possible go to Thirupathi once and pray.
    Make navagraha pradakshinam daily or atleast on my article on annadanam.

  39. To Anonymous-Vamsikrishna
    You have not given the place of birth. The time also should be exact.

  40. Dear Sir,

    My details are
    Date of Birth: 12-Jan-1977
    Place of Birth: Hyderabad
    Time of Birht: 5:40 am

    I am in search of a good job since 2 years (23 months), there were nearly 10 job interviews in these 2 years which I did very well but due to some or other reason I was rejected in the last round. I have more than 5 years of experience in BPO industry and I am MBA graduate.
    Please suggest me when I will get a good job and also suggest some remedies.

    Thanks & Regards,

  41. hello sir,

    My Details:

    Date Of Birth: 16/05/1989
    Place Of Birth: chenagalpet
    Time Of Birth : 9 pm

    Im doing final year BE. I like to go for job but my parents are telling to do higher studies. so please suggest me what i can do and tell about my future life sir.


  42. Respected Sir,Pranamas to the divinity in you.
    I have a question about myson.
    DOB 31 march 1983 Thursday
    TOB 15.45 (3.45pm)
    POB Hyderabad, AP, India
    He is good looking, well educated, having a good job and from a simple god loving family.
    Though we are trying hard for the past 2.5 yrs nothing materialising. very stressed out.Please kindly guide us. If his jataka has some problem please suggest remedies.

  43. To Sri
    --------Presently you are running guru dasa sani bhukthi upto 17th Jan 2011. Also you are under the middle stage of sadesaathi(7.5 yrs of sani).That is why you are not gettig results in job front.
    Guru dasa bhuda bhukthi from 17th Jan 2011.That is lagnathi pathi dasa and 10th lord's bhukthi. Also rasi athipath's bhukthi and 10th to rasi athipathi's bhukthi.From 21st Nov 2010 guru will be in clockwise direction and aspect kanya rasi, where sani is occupying in the present transit.Guru aspecting the rasi and the 10th to lagna will bring many positive changes.

    Chant Hanuman chalisa daily.Visit Hanumanji temple on Saturdays.Give some donation to handicapped.Read my article on Annadanam.

    ---------You are now under the grip of 7.5 nattu sani.For another 4 years you will have some small problems.

    Now raghu dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 22 Feb 2012.
    Then kethu bhukthi starts for 1 year.So if you avoid job now for studies, it may result in procrastination in getting job. So better you try for job after finishing the course.
    As sani is in lagna itself and chevvai in 7th, marriage may also get delayed. So settle down in job soon. Best of luck.

    ------------- YOU HAVE not indicated what you are looking for. As you say he has good job,I presume you are loking for alliance for marriges.
    On 21st Nov 2011 guru will be in clockwise direction,and aspect both 2nd place to lagna and rasi. So the subject will form a family.
    Sukra will be in thulam ,that is rasi upto 31st Dec 2010. So that period may also bring marriage.Sani dasa chandra bhukthi upto 7 Sep 2011. So I pray he gets married in the best half of my article on Annadanam.

  46. Dear Sir, i wrote this question in Doubts sections, but couldn't get a answer, just to confirm following scenario of a horoscope, Rahu position in 8th House and related question
    In rasi - Rishaba Lagnam, Sat& Ket in 2nd, Rav & Bud in 3rd house, Suk in 4th house, Rahu in 8th, Guru in 9th house, kuj in 11th

    1. Rah in 8th House, does this scenario bring short life?
    2. 8th house having, 2nd house ஆயுள் காரகன் பார்வை, does signifies Logivity?
    3. What are consequences of Rahu seated in such a rasi position ?

  47. Please check your mail once sir, its urgent

    Thank you

  48. To Anonymous
    ------------Better we don't discuss longivity related planetary positions.

    As Sani is 9th and 10th lord for Rishabam and
    sani is Ayul karaka, and placed in friend's house, his aspecting 8th house and raghu will not be doing any harm to longivity.

  49. To Raviprakash
    ---------------Though I wanted to meet you in person, I have already fixed an engagement for today's evening. I am also engaged as a guest faculty for a training programme for agents of LIC OF INDIA.I am slated to attend a meeting with other faculties. Sorry. let us meet again.

  50. Srinivas Hosur: Namaskarams Sir. My relative Ranganathan born at Namakkal on 11th November,1975 by 0644 hours, birth star: Avittam, Star:makara. though he is in good job he is not married. Any dosha in his horoscope? Kindly intimate the pariharas to be done. When will he have gududasa? Any chance of further promotion in his career?

    In the rasi chart first we find lagnathipatthi got hidden in 8th in a foe's house;the 7th(spouse)house lord sukra is in neecham position in kanni;note sukra is also kalathrakaraka;hs becoming weak in neecham has delayed the conjugal bliss.Sani is in 7th place to chandra.That also is a major cause for delay in marriage.
    In rasi positive is guru is aspecting sukra from his own place;bhuda and sukra are in parivarthana and sani and chandra are in parivarthana.Parivarthana means one planet occupying the other planets house and vice versa. That gives more strength to the respective planets.So these parivarthana planets and guru are strong.

    There is great relief in navamsa. Sukra has become uchcham in navamsa;guru is aspecting sani and chandra;

    So there is no denial of marriage;but only delay.

    Guru dasa is from 1st Aug 1998 to 1st Aug 2014.
    Now gurudasa chandra bhukthi from 1st Dec 2009 to 2nd April 2011.This is a good period for marriage.Marriage may take place in sukran antharam from 17th Dec 2010 to 8th Mar 2011.

    ACCORDING TO NADI GOCHARA when the transit sani is gliding over chart sukra marriage will take placee.Now sani is in kanni where sukra is placed in rasi chart. This condition will prevail for another 2 years.
    When transit sukra glides over chart raghu marrige will takes place.From 1st Sep 2010 to 31st Dec 210 sukra is in thulam where raghu is placed in original chart.

    So if you try marriage will be in the Tamil month of Thai.

    Visit Srirengam and/or Thirupathi and pray. That is sukra prithi.
    Do the worship in Thirumanamcheri.
    Worship lord Muruga on Tuesdays.

    Read my article on Annadanam and act.

  52. Hello Sir,

    This is further to my query posted on August 29th, 2010.

    DOB: 24-11-1985
    TOB: 13:10 pm
    Place: Bangalore

    The intention behind this repost is to know my possible area of profession, as to which sector or department I would see myself, because I have had totally no luck either in Government related or Private Companies.

    I had taken 3 different clerical exams in the Southern railways right after my Bachelor's degree, though I did really well in all three, my number didnot appear in any pass sheet. I immdediatly took an MBA entance exam (few days difference to railways exam),availed good rank & was enrolled in a good college. Sadly towards the end of course, due to recession, campus placement was almost Nil. I wrote two more Govt exams,(for higher posts) yet again both were failures.

    Finally, I got into a small partnership firm with a meagre salary for a HR profile, where in later on it was difficult to get salary itself, almost cheated me. I quit after 11 months there. Again, series of setbacks in interviews in 3 MNC's in last 3 months, without a Job.

    Hence, I request you to provide insight on the possible area of profession, as to which sector or department I would see myself.

    Thank You...

    Awaiting your reply...

  53. Vamsi Krishna -- hello sir my date birth is 14-09-1980,eluru, west godavari. time is 08-48 am. Tula rasi as per chandramanam. I want to know about my career. Can u please tell me if anything wrong and mention any precautions to be done. I already completed pooja in srikalahasthi.

  54. Respected sir,

    Please see below birth details of one of my friends, who is going through a very bad patch of time.

    Time of birth: 2:30 AM
    Date of birth: 19th May, 1964
    Place of birth: Laksar (29.77°N 78.05°E ), District Haridwar, Uttrakhand

    He worked in US for about 7 years and shifted back to India in June 2006 for a job. He later established his business. However, in 2009 he was diagnosed with liver failure and had to go through a liver transplant in March 2010. He was under medical condition for 4 months and lost his job and has sustained quite a bit of loss in his business. Now he is trying to find a job but is not successful. His whole family is feeling very depressed due to these unfortunate events. Would you please let him know that when will he get out of these problems and happiness will return to there life? Would you also please suggest a remedy? Thanks!!!

    Best regards,


  55. Time of birth: 7:40 PM
    Date of birth: 03/March/1987
    Place of birth: Kovilpatti
    State: TamilNadu

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask you these particular questions.

    Q1) I am planning to pursue higher degree on Marketing management. Shall I go ahead and choose this division? or Shall I go ahead and choose any Management related studies like finance/health care other than marketing?

    Q2) Is there any chance for me to go abroad for profession?

    Q3) How will be my health and my parents health as surya dasa is going to be my next dasa?

    Kindly answer these whenever you get time. Thank you!

  56. Namaskarams Sir. Thank you very much for your service. I am Srinivas from Hosur. These are all the particulars of my thick relative. Name: Ranganathan. Date of birth: 11.11.1975, Star: Avittam Rasi:Makara.Place Of birth:namakkal. He is in good job. However, his marriage is getting delayed despite repeated remedies. Any dosha in his horoscope? Kindly intimate the pariharas to be done. Thanking you Sir, Srinivas

  57. Thanks a lot sir.
    I will follow your advice.


  58. Hello Sir, Hope you are doing good.

    My Details:
    Name: Raghav Mahajan
    DOB: June 20, 1983
    POB: Kangra, Himachal
    TOB: 7:14 AM

    I am facing some issues in the job front. Not getting job stability. I am in great tension as my marriage is also approaching. Inspite of all poojas things are not in place for me. What should I do?

    Last time you told that I am under going Shani's Sade Sati. Also, undergoing Jupiter Dasha and Ketu bhukti. Please help!

    Raghav Mahajan

  59. Hello sir,
    My name is sunil, n my DOB is 21/06/1982 time-08.52AM, place Belgaum(Karnataka). Im not able to get a job where i can work happily. now since last six months im searching job but missing them because of minor mistakes. please tell me about my carrier and marriage life(love or arrange).
    yesterday one astrologer told me about my carrier, he said there is not much problem in my jobs but i should not get gandharva vivaha as ketu is in 7th house in rashi chakra. This made me restless since yesterday. So today found this interesting blog...
    Please help me.
    Thank You.(

  60. Namaskarams Sir.

    DOB. 7-Sep-1975 @ 10.05 am, Sunday
    Place: Palghat, Kerala

    I would like to know the following

    1) When I will be blessed with a child?

    2) When I will be able to make own house?

    3) Currently I am settled in middle east, Is there any chance for change in job/job location. If yes, to which country it would be?
    Can I do business?

    4) Facing some tensions in life, when it will be over?

    5) Do I need to do any pariharams to overcome the hurdles?

    Pleae reply. Thank you.

  61. Hi Krishnan,

    I would be glad to get some advice or direction on my problem. My details are as follows:

    Name: Abhishek
    DOB : 22/05/1982
    Time of Birth: 8.05 AM
    Place of birth : Bangalore, Karnataka

    My situation is as follows:

    For the last few years I have been trying to change my job and settle down in a country outside India, however I have been unable to do the same, this year I was very close to finally getting a desired job however in the last moment due to various reasons this did not happen. I travel a lot outside India however my desire is to settle outside India now and have a stable life.

    For the last 6 months since Feb - March 2010 ( approx ) I have been facing a diffuclt time in my career ( many missed opportunities job wise) , I am not sure which direction to go , I have been trying for new positions in my current company and also for a new job in a new company but have been unsucessfull .... I have been trying to get some stability in my life by getting a job in a country outside India but it just does not happen and I am unable to understand why, how or when my career aspirations will get fulfilled . I never give up but now I am a little tired as most of my efforts seem to go no where.

    It would be great if you could throw some light on why these tough times over the last 6 months and when finally I will be sucessfull in getting the desired job outside India and when I be able to change my job role from the current one I have.

    I appreciate your time and efforts a lot .

    Thank You ,


  62. Hello Sir

    I would like to get some advice.

    My details are :

    TOB:8:55 am

    Sir im having kalasarpa yoga.Marriage is also getting delayed , unable to take decisions on profession.Is there any possibility of going abroad any chances if I try things may work?

    Seekong your advice

    Thanks in advance for the service


  63. Dear Sir,

    My name is Earnie. I am a 31 year old woman from Malaysia. My details are as below:

    DOB: 17/3/1979
    TOB: 11.30am
    POB: Kuala Lumpur
    State: Malaysia

    I have Mangal Dosha and also Naaga Dosha. Sani Mahadasha and Sani Bhukti are running since June 2008. I face a lot of difficulties in life now. I can't get proper job though i have Law Degree. My marriage is delayed. No man seems serious to come for a marriage. I am not in a good term with my mother and siblings due to a major incident happened to me 2 years back. My questions are:-

    (a) Will i get married next year 2011? Is it going to happen?

    (b) I have practiced as a lawyer years back but i quit and now doing corporate management job. Is this kind of job suits me? Will i or can i practice Law again in future?

    (c) What do i do when i have 2 dosha in my Chart and now Sani Mahadasha is running?

    Please advice me Sir. I am so frustrated and seems giving up with life now. As i have seen no improvement as life goes bad day by day. All i am doing now is just pray hard for better life.

    Thank you sir for your advice.

  64. Respected Sir, Thank you very much for your reply for my query on my sister’s daughter posted on june 14th. As predicted by you she got alliance from a very known family miraculously and betrothal took place and her marriage date fixed. I thank you very much for the same. Now the question is regarding my friend’s son whose DOB : 22.4.75 TOB : 12.53 pm POB : Chennai. This boy is legally separated from his wife, his first marriage being a love marriage which took place with the consent of his parents. Now that he is separated, his parents are very much worried about his future. Kindly advise, whether he will get a second marriage. Will that be prosperous to him and his family? When will it happen? Is there any pariharams to be done? Will the boy pursue higher studies? Kindly reply. Regarding your annadanam scheme I will contact you through email.


  66. To san
    Your tenth place is Vrichika.So you can be succeessful in chemicals,drugs, liquids, insurance,nursing, doctors, police

    Careers by house (if the 10th lord is placed in the 8th house):
    Insurance, research, death-related, metaphysics (e.g. astrology)

    Careers by planet :(10th Lord is mangal,mars:

    Fire, energy, metals, initiative, weapons, construction, soldiers, police, surgeons, engineers

    Surya is occupying 10th place; that may give government job.As surya ia comined with bhuda research work may be undertaken; As sani is with surya in 10th, many problems in job front.

    Bhuda is occupying 10h house;that may bring
    mathematics related work,as sani is with bhuda hard working condition, proof reading or press related work

    Sani is occuupying 10th place means a public worker, connection with the government, etc.,

    In conclsion I may tell you can be a good insurance salesman. try for a field officer post in insurance companies. Or you may try with hospitals like Appollo.Do not discontinue writing government exams.

    You may have good news after 26th Dec 2010.
    Best of luck.

    ---------------- You might have given more details. Are you now employed? Are you not satisfied with the present job? You want to change your career option?

    As sukra the lagna lord in 10th you can be more succeessful in family business or self employment.Art and art related work may be suitable as sukra and raghu are jointlyy in 10th.The 10th lord chandra also in lagna itself indicates art related work.

    You can be a good real estate broker.You can employ many girls or work in places where many girls are working.You may need many work related travels.Upto 2014 some problem will be there. As sadesaathi is running, worship Hanumanji on saturdays. Hanuman chalisa may be chanted.

    -------------He was under the grip of sadesaathi(7.5 years os saturn) during the periods you had mentioned. That had made him suffer. Still 1.5 years period to go to get completely out of saade saathi.

    From 21-11-2010 new turns will come. He would recover from illness.And there will be hectic activity in job front.

    ---------- AS YOUR 10th lord bhuda is in 6th,
    you are suitable for law related job, like lawyer,judge, legal consultancy.As bhuda is hidden in 6th along with sun and burnt by sun,
    you will have some problem or other in job front. Though communication is your forte, surya diminishes that. It is better you may do MBA IN HEALTH CARE.Next best is finance.

    Not very sure of foreign assignment. There may be a chance as the 9th lord is in 5th in good place. For a short visit you may go. I think you can't make a permanrent stay.

    As surya is your 12th lord, his placement in 6th is good only. Surya aspects simmah his own place. so therewill not be any big health problem in surya dasa for both yourself and parents.

  70. Thank you for all the inputs Sir..

    Best Regards...

  71. Namaskar sir,
    SIr i wanted to ask u about my daughters marriage .sir we have been luking for a gud match for her from a long tm but have not been able to find one.sir we have adopted her from my brother sir will this affect in finding a match.As she is our adopted daugther people have started saying things that we dnt want to get her married but this is not so.Sir plz help us as to when is the time for her marriage.If possible the correct year.Sir plz help us.Sir if possible can u also tell us how shuld we proceed so that we get a result as we have tried a lot like registered on matrimony sites,advertised in newspaper etc but not been able to succeed.
    Her Details
    DOB-3rd June 1985
    Thanku in advance.

  72. to raghave mahajan
    -------------------- astrology is not for creating scare. it is like a guide only. If you start fearing about coming days there is no end to it.You can sit and worry for years, a whole life time.

    On 21st Nov 2010 guru will transit to meenam,after sheding his vakram state. As jupiter dasa khtu bhukthi would end in 16th april 2011.So now on make preparations for a job change.

    Why fear marriage?Take that in the stride.

  73. To Anonymous-Sunil
    --------------------From 30 Sep 2010 to 4 June 2011 good period. You will start getting job chances in october-november 2010. Try sincerely.
    Have you not read the header where I have said, not to mention the opinion of other astrologers. Probably in vakya panchanga cast horoscope raghu in lagna and kethu in 7th. So that astrologer had cautioned you.It is better to marry a suitable dosha girl after horoscope matching. It may not be possible in love marriage.However, I you insist on love marriage ther is no bar. As the kalathrakaraka sukra is in 11th his own place with bhuda, you will get introduced to many girls. You can enjoy love life. But marriage is different from love life days. Think practically while marrying after a jolly period of talking sweet nothing with girls over cell phone. Do not get emotional when it comes to marriage.

    I pity myself for answering this type of questions.

  74. To ram
    --------- Some how I have a feeling that I have answered the same set of questions earlier. Please read the header and avoid too many questions.Post again with only one priority question.

  75. Dear Sir,

    Kindly request to let me know regarding my family life as we both are not in good terms and under different roof.
    1) Do we rejoin and start living together for rest of life.
    2) How would be my professional life is there any change in near future.
    TOB:11:30 PM
    Day before Ganesh chaturthi.

  76. Dear Sir,

    My name is Uma Maghesvari. At present, I am facing very unpleasant and hard situation in my profression. My income is the main source for my family. The situation is forcing me to resign the job, but I am afraid that whether I could get another job at this time. As there is no other go, I have finally decided to quit my job. This upsets me very much. So, I request you to tell me whether I will get a new job within a month or I have to continue in the same tough situation. But really, the situation in the present office is very bad now. Kindly guide me. Expecting your early reply.

    With thanks and regards,

    P. Uma Maghesvari
    DOB: 10/08/1966
    Place of birth: Cuddalore.
    Time of birth: 11:50 p.m.

  77. To anonymous-Abishek
    You have many yogams like kajakesari and malaviya. So your life wold be nice.Raghu kethu transit will be around April 2011.As on to day kethu in mithuna, your lagna, transitting over birth chart raghu. So also raghu is transitting over birth chart kethu.
    That is the reason for troubles. Also saturn is transitting over birth chart sani and mars-mangal. That also gives trouble.
    In april 2011 raghu kethu will transit to next rasis in anticlockwise direction. Saturn will get good aspect of guru from 21st Nov 2010.

    From 13th April 2011 to 19th August 2011, mars dasa venus bhukthi and saturn and mercury antharam. So all chances of getting a change of job and foreign stay may be friutful from April 2011.
    If you are not married marriage proposals may start from 21st Nov 2010. If already married ,you will have a child in 2011.Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.Act on that.

    -------------------- I PRSUME YOU ARE A FEMALE.

    As sukra is in poosam and raghu in ayilyam, sukra is outside the sarpa net. So can not be termed as sarpa yoga/dosha chart. If tried marriage may taake place or betrothal performed before Dec 2010.
    Lagnathipathi sukra also is 8th lord. As 8th lord his sitting in 10th gives troubles in job front. But 10th lord in 11th gives luck.

    You may get foreign chance if you try. But will be getting many hurdles. You can tide over all that.

    The main problem in the chart is surya is very close to guru,sani, chandra and bhuda.

    Worship surya every morning by 9 namaskarams. Chant aathithya hrudayam. Read my article on annadanam and act.

  79. To anonymous- Earnie
    ---------------------- AS PER MY SOFTWARE YOU ARE a Rishaba lagna subject. In that case mangal in kumba 10th with kethu does not make you mangal dosha subject.Also raghu in simmah and kethu in kumba and atleast 3 planets are out side the net, no sarpa dosha. As sani is yogakaraka for rishaba lagnam his dasa bhukthi will not do much harm.

    As th 7th house has jupiter's aspect you will not have any problem in getting married.Also 8th house is clear.Lagnathi pathi is aspecting guru and vice versa.But the 7th lord mars is very close to sun.So chant aathithya hrudaya sthothram daily.

    Both in job front and marriage you will have many positive results from 21st Nov 2010.
    Before july 2011, you will be a married woman.

    Managerial position is okay for you.
    Read my article on Annadanam and act.

  80. To AP
    ------Thank you for reporting prediction came true.Will you please give me the date of your question and my answer? I have already copy pasted in the prediction came true column.

    In your friend's son's case, sadee saathi peak now.That has given some trouble.

    The 7th lord in 12th, maanthi in lagna and mars in 8th, sukra affected by kethu had annulled the first marriage. Doshas affect only once.

    Now raghu dasa raghu bhukthi upto 17th June 2011.THEN GURU BHUKTHI UPO 10TH NOV 2013.
    So if tried marriage can take place after 21st Nov 2010.

    As raghu dasa is running, north facing durga to be worshipped on Sundays between 4.30 pm to 6pm.
    One visit to Tirunageswaram near Kumbakonam and participate in milk abishekam .
    Also visit Thirumanancher and pray according to the practice there. Combine both the trips. You may find details in websites.
    Raghu and sani gayathris to be chanted reluntlessly.
    Let your friend too read annadanam.

  81. Dear Sir

    Thanks a lot for your predictions.Will do the same.

  82. Sir,
    I am trying to get Government job by writing exams, will i get good government job. Kindly tell.

    K.Udaya chandran
    DOB: 8/4/1981
    Place of birth: Triplicane (Chennai).
    Time of birth: 05:30 a.m.

  83. Thanks for providing the answers for my questions in the mid of your busy schedule.

  84. Abhishek ... Thanks for answering my questions inspite of being busy ... I am sending you a seperate email with regard to Annadanam.

  85. Dear Krishnan,

    I would like your advice on the following issue:

    My details are as follows :

    Name : Thais
    DOB : April 21,1986
    Time : 09:00:00 AM
    Place : Sao Paulo, Brazil

    1. I have been trying to get a job change for the last 2 years and despite a lot of attempts I have not been sucessfull , when will I be able to change my job ?

    2. I am in a relationship with a person for the last 2 years since July 11th 2008, is this good for me , we both are interested in getting married and settle down by next year.

    Thank you for your wonderfull service.



  86. Hello Sir,

    I am sorry...But I am unable to understand what you said above. Are you asking me to look for a job change now itself? Please elaborate. When will I have stability - So that I can sit in a single company happily for long time...I understand you are busy with some training assignment these days. I really appreciate your time and efforts....

    DOB: June 20, 1983
    TOB: 7:14 am
    POB: Kangra, Himachal

    Regards, Raghav

  87. To all
    ------ As informed earler I am out of station in day time upto 25th Sep 2010. So my replies are slowed down.Do not send reminders. Pl. condone delay.

  88. Dear Sir
    I have given my daughter's details hereunder.
    DOB :10 JULY 1989
    TOB :09.20 AM
    Gender: Female
    My daughter is doing M.Sc (regenerative medicine) and wants to pursue higher studies abroad.
    I would like to know
    1.whether she will be able to go abroad and if so which side/country?
    2. What will be the correct time for her marriage?
    3.Her future life?

  89. Dear Sir,

    I am A. Devi Priya.
    My D.O.B is 23-03-1983 & T.O.B - 8.15 am.
    My P.O.B is Kallakurichi, Villupuram District.

    My husband's name is V.Arvin.
    D.O.B - 26.06.1976.
    P.O.B - Lucknow

    My son's name is A.C.Pradeep
    D.O.B - 01.09.2006
    T.O.B - 7.12 am
    P.O.B - Pondicherry.

    I am a M.Tech Graduate, residing in Delhi since 3 years(1.09.2007). Working as a lecturer since one year(2.09.2009).

    Two years back(july 2008), I have undergone an open surgery in which my right ovary was removed because of Chocolate cyst (endometriotic cyst). Again the problem started last year(september 2009) in my right ovary. The size of the cyst is 7cm*6cm and I am under medication right now. Doctors are advising me to undergo surgery to remove the cyst.

    Can you please let me know -
    1. Is surgery necessary to cure the problem?
    2. Is it possible to have one more baby(girl baby).
    3. Is doing Ph.D possible? If so, When?
    4. Where'll I settle in the future (I dont have any asset now)?

  90. To anonymous-DOB 3-June 1985- daughter's marriage.
    From 30th sep 2010 to 11th july 2011 good dasa bhukthi antharam. So now it is good period . Try reletlessly.
    Adoption is not going to affect her marriage.
    As mangal is in 8th, you may have to get a horoscope of groom with similar mangal dosha.
    Worship Karthikeya every Tuesday. Donate food to atleast one poor sumangali(married woman)
    on Tuesdays. Best of luck.PL. read my article
    on annadanam.

  91. To Anonymous-DOB- 23 August 1971
    --------------------------------- As your 7th lord mars,mangal is in 9th, as also in exaltation ,you will definitely make a compromise and live together. As Sukra the lagna lord and kalathrakaraka and bhuda 2nd(family) and 5th(child) lord bhuda had gone very near to surya and lost their power.Also the 7th(spouse) lord is affeected by raghu.
    As raghu is with the spouse house lord mangal, wife may be a dominnat type. As you have luck out of that marriage, it is better to make adjustments with her.
    Gurudasa sani bhukthi sukran antharam from 19 Nov 2010 to 23 April 2011. That period will be good for compromise.
    You will have change of job and foreign chance in 2014. Best of luck. Please read my article on Annadanam.

  92. Hi Sir,

    my DOB is 19/05/1982 ,
    3:45 AM ,
    Secunderabad , Andhra Pradesh

    i have simple doubts

    presently i am working as Software Engineer.
    Is this field correct or which is good for me?
    When i settle in Foreign country.

    what is the ring i have to wear ?

    Thanks & Regards

  93. Name: Srinivasan V
    DOB : 25-May-1977
    POB : Chennai
    TOB : 11.10 AM

    I am not yet married and my mother is worried about the same. We have been consulting
    some astrolgers and have been waiting with hope. Some of the points I understood by
    reading some books on astrology and internet is that

    a) Guru in 11th place becomes asthanga because of Surya
    b) Even though Sukra is exhalted in Meena it is pathakaathipati as 11th place is pathaka
    sthaana for sara rasi (Katakam)
    c) Moon/Sani conjunction in lagna is likely to cause cause mental depression
    d) Kalasarpa dosha exists all the planets hemmed between ketu and rahu.

    Will I get married ? If yes when ? If not will I be successful if I take up a spirtual
    pursuit? Where is my success in life indicated spiritual or material ? Kindly provide
    your expert opinion.


    ------------------I AM RATHER PAINED TO READ WHAT YOU WRITE.At middle age if you get problems in job front, what can you do? As the 10th lord and karmakaraka saturn in 12th hidden, you get problems in job front. More over guru dasa sukra bhukthi is running upto
    9th oct 2012.This dasa bhukthi gives you a tendency to quarrel with office people like a trade union leader.Even if you change job now, you have to control that quarrelsomness.

    As the 10th lord sani is in 9th to his own house, you may get a job soon even if you resign the present job.

    As per nadi jothidam rule,if the transit guru is transitting over birth chart sani the subject will get job, promotion , smooth sailing in job.Your birth chart sani is in meenam.Though guru is in meenam now, he is in vakram state till 21st Nov 2010. If that
    vakragathi is over, your problems will be over. If you can continue till 21st Nov 2010 in the present job, you can smoothly make a change after that. If you can not tolerate the prsent situation, you may quit and wait for guru peyarchi in November 2010. Read my article on annadanam and act

  95. To DEVIPriya
    ---------As your lagna lord chevvai is hidden in 12th and the 6th(disease) house lord bhuda is also in 12th with neecham state and gone very close to sun, you have become sick.

    Now sani dasa chevvai bhukthi upto 17th Jan 2011.This also had made a victim of health problem.

    Further as per nadi rules if the transit raghu is transitting over birth chart kethu and vice versa, abdominal health problem is indicated.Raghu kethu peyarchi is in April 2011.

    You have jaya yogam.if the 6th lord is neecham and the 10th lord in uchcham jaya yogam is formed. As you do have that position you have good longivity.
    So if the operation is urgent and necessary you may get it done.

    You can get a second baby. Female / male to be decided by God.

    I do not recommend further studies. As the education signifactor bhuda is hidden and very close to surya and the 4th house(education) lord chandra is afflicted by raghu and maanthi,
    you may have to strugle very hard to get Phd. Will your health permit now? You may review after 2013 for further studies.

    You have to be very careful in proprty deal as the bhumikaraka chevvai is hidden in 12th. Possibility of getting cheated is indicted.
    Also the 4th lord(real estate) chandra is affected heavily, property may be elucive for you.

    read my article on annadanam and act

    -------------------AS YOUR 10TH LORD IS HIDDEN IN 8TH,and 10th place is affected by kethu, you are not the chooser of your profession.What ever comes your way you have to pick up.As 10th lord is guru,and 10th place is occupied by kethu, if you you swich over now, you will hava problems in future.As karmakaraka sani has minimum strength,do not be in haste in shifting. At the maximum you can be a teacher in the same softwear line.

    As the 9th place is affected by maanthi,and 12th lord sani is weak with afflicton by mars, foreign chance is elucive.As kethu dasa is approaching exercise caution in searching job outside.
    Coral may give you luck. Please read my article on Annadanam and act.

    ------------- ALL the 4 points mentioned by you is prevalent in your chart.Those are the reason for marriage delay.
    Sarpa dosha will be over by 30 years of age. So now that problem is not there.But maannthi in 2nd house had obstruted forming a family.

    The 7th(spouse) lord sani in lagana itself with a paral of 2 out of 8 is also a cause for delay in marriage.The lagna and rasi house kataka is having only 23 parals.Averge is 28. Very much below average. That had diminished the chances.
    As per nadi rules if sukra is 9th to sani and affected by kethu and aspected by raghu, marriage is Denied.
    "If Sukra in case of males, Kuja in case of females is aspected by more than one slow moving planets (i.e., Sani, Rahu & Ketu) then marriage is denied "(nadi grantha) In nadi sani has 9th aspect.

    Swami vivekananda's horoscpe is like this.

    Do not be disheartened. If you desire marriage
    try for that continuously. Choose one who will not be a hindrance to your spiritual growth.

    Chant Balamukunthaashtagam daily.Donate paalpayasam to poor children once a week after
    offering to Bala Krishna.

    Visit Thirumanacheri and worship according to the practice there.

    read my article on annadanam and act.

  98. Hi Sir

    Thank you very much for the suggestion you made
    I will not try any thing now.

    coral means RED CORAL , rite sir.

    ok i will wear it.

    and sir KETU dasha.. , so you are suggesting me not go onsite and check for job rite sir.

    after ketu i have sukra.. , hope this dasha will bring me good fortune....

    i am planning 4 doing MBA and do some thing in else..

    Thanks & Regards

  99. Hi Sir ,

    Don't mind asking you again you said that i will be teaching , is there any chances i can become Manager level in my life.

    Thanks & Regards

  100. To Anonymous-female -DOB 10-JULY 1989-Udumalpet
    As her 9th lord chevvai and 10th lord sukra are jointly occupying 12th. Foreign chance may be certain.As raghudasa sani bhukthi is now running up to 3rd Nov 2010 chances may come now. Raghu dasa bhuda bhukthi from 4th Nov 2010 to 23 May 2013.In May 2011 she may go to a foreign country.But the processing will be tougher for her. Though I am unable to say which direction country she may go, on a guess I say she may go to any south eastern country.

    If proper steps are taken marriage will be in 2011.As sadesaathi is running , that too janma sani, also kethu in lagna itself delay in marriage.Pray ganeshji; Chant kethu gayathri for 45 days 108 times daily

    As she has Gajakesari yogam her fuutue is secured. Please read my article on Annadanam and act.

  101. TO HAPPY
    ---------YOU have 60% chances of getting government job.Surya is the planet for govt., related matters. Surya in lagna itself.He has 4 out of 8 in suya varga. The 10th lord guru with 67.5% strength is aspecting lagna and surya. So do not stop trying for govt., jobs.You may enter jail or judicial dept.,
    Still you may not concentrate only on that.Try others also. You can be successful in self employment also.Best wishes.

  102. Deara sir,

    we are going through a worst patch of our life. I recently survived a deadly health condition and have lost a very good job. Please tell me when will I have good job. Thanks!!

    My detail:

    Time of birth: 3:30 AM
    Date of birth: 27th May, 1964
    Place of birth: Laksar District Haridwar, Uttrakhand

    My wife's detail:

    DOB: 09-03-1966
    day: Wednesday
    place: Udaipur
    Time:4;45 AM

  103. DEAR SIR,


  104. To Anonymous-Thais
    ------------------I am not sure of the chart cast by my software in your case due to the change of time zone.Anyway from whatever I could get, I see you were not succeeful in job hunt as the 7.5 years of Saturn is running. Now that is the final leg and further 20 months to go. However after 21st Nov 2010 you will see many changes and the fruits of your search will be obtained.
    There is no need to see horoscope for love marriages. You may go ahead with out any doubts about future.However I find from your chart some weak planetary positions in family life. So proceed only if you have deep love and understanding

    ----------------- FROM 21ST NOV 2010 guru will be in normal rotation in meenam your 10th house. From meenam he will aspect 10th to rasi.So after 21st nov many changes will come.
    Start applying from now itself if you want a change.Even from 18th Oct 2010 you will get many contacts and good offers.
    AS YOUR 10th lord(profeession0 is hidden in 6th
    the dream of settling down in one job may be elucive. You will have many shifts only. But those shifts will be advantageous. Guru dasa kethu bhukthi will bring many changes
    including foreign travel. So if you want a change try from right now.

    ASTROLOGY is 40% calculation and 60% intution. If we probe a horoscope too much by calculation the intution part will disappear. Then it will be a skeleton with out blood and flesh.
    Red coral is okay. Whatever you could understand from my prvious reply take it or leave it.

    Have you not read the header? Every time you ask a question, you have to give,DOB POB TOB.

  108. To alecshermon
    ---------------You will have good news on job front after 7th Nov 2010. Health will also improve after the transit of guru in nov 2010.
    Pray Hanumanji

  109. Dear Sir,

    This is P. Uma Magheshvari. Thanks for your guidance. I am working in a private concern in BPO field. My husband has no steady income as he is working as an insurance advisor. As per your previous predictions, I have to work for 7 more years, working in BPO industry how well it will be possible, I do not know,and this worries me very much. Can I be successful in any business, if so what business can I do, and what time will be best to start. Is thery any chance for me to have a own house in the future.

    MY DOB: 10/08/1966
    Time of birth: 11:50 p.m.
    Place of birth: Cuddalore.

    Anticipating Your reply.

    Thanks and regards,

    P. Uma Maghesvari

  110. Dear Sir,

    I have given my son Vishnu Raj’s details hereunder He is going to write his 12th (Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Stream) Board exams. Which line will be suitable for his career. I will be grateful for this help.
    Name: VISHNU RAJ
    DOB: 09/November/1992.
    Place of birth: Haripad (Kerala).
    Time of birth: 14.30 hrs. (2.30 pm).

  111. Respected Sir, This question is for my cousin. My cousin has 2 daughters.
    a)Question about first daughter:Girl: DOB 6.6.79 POB: Kumbakonam, TOB: 7.31 pm.
    Her husband: DOB: 28.9.70 POB: Villupuram TOB: 3.43 pm.The said couple were married for the past 10 years. Till now they are not having a child. Is there any chance of their getting a child? Any pariharams to be done? If at all they get a child when it will happen? What are the prospects of going for an adoption? Please advise.
    b} Question about second daughter: DOB: 8.2.81 POB: Kumbakonam TOB: 3.30 am. The said girl is having both legs polio attacked. She used to move about in wheel chair. She is working in a MNC bank and earns a decent salary. Will she be getting a still better job front? Is there any chance of her getting married? If at all it happens, when it will happen? Her mother is very much worried and anxious. Kindly advise.

  112. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    My sons DOb:Aug 3rd 1994
    POB:Boynton Beach Florida
    TOB: 12:23 am
    Daylight savings time. My son is having Mesha lagna (12 degree 44 min), Vrishaba rashi (26 degree 57 min)
    What profession would be good for him? right now he is leaning towards science major, but then he tells me he wants to major in business as well.Please let me know as to what his profession would be.Thank you

  113. To Anonymous-DOB 24 May 1988-female
    She will definitely get job. May be after her marriage.But she may have to put extra effort to get a job. That will not be a cake walk. Ultimately she will win.
    She will get married when venus-sukra crossess
    kumba raasi.Every year that will come. This time around sukra comes to kumba raasi on 23rd March 2011. So if you try now you can get a good bridegroom for her and betrothel in Jan-Feb 2011 and marriage in March -April 2011.

    She can wear green maragatham stone.Please read my article on Annadanam and act.

    IT IS BETTER TO take up employment after graduation. If at all he wants to pursue studies, better to take up MBA.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

    ---------------------AS YOUR 11TH LORD sani is hidden in 12th with a suya varga strength of 3 out of 8, and the 12th viraya house had become very strong, you will end up in loss if you go
    for own business. You may not be able to plug the drain and check pilferage.

    Better to start house construction in July 2013.Guru dasa chandra bhukthi will be a better option. Please read my article on Annadanam and act.

  116. To Anonymous-Vishnuraj
    The 4th(education) lord surya is neecha;but
    he is also neechabanga.So he will be succeessful in he has taken up maths stream, let him pursue computer.Ultimately he may end up in govt, administration as an IAS officer or class-I officer in Govt. or quasigovt institution. Let him pursue MBA/IAS/IPS.PLEASE READ MY ARTICLE ON ANNADANAM AND ACT.

  117. Respected Sir, Regarding Vishnu Raj - as per his horoscope his 4th Lord is Venus. (DOB 9th Nov 1992 ToB 1430 hrs. PoB Haripad(Kerala) kumba lagna.

    rgds USHA KUMARI

  118. hello sir,

    this is regarding mydaughter,s marital life. she was maried on dec 2nd 2007 9:04pm and went to usa and lived happily for 1.5 years there after problem started and she came back to india and lived with us. now her inlaws compel her to divorce. i am very much worried about this.we dont want this divorce to happen. canher husband change his attitude or is divorce really happen? and i want to know whether she get agood job in abroad in near future and settle down in life

    her details are
    2 nd march 1983 3:37pm guntur
    her husband details
    30 aug 1979 2 am guntur

    FOR her the 5th house lord chevvai is in 5th house itself. Mannthi also in 5th. 9th lord hidden in 6th.Lagnathipathi hidden in 8th.These are the reasons for delay in child birth.In her husbands chart raghu in lagna bhava itself.Sani is aspecting the 5th place and and sukra.
    Prayer alone can solve the problem.
    Chant Balamukunthaashtakam daily. Donate paal payasam to poor children on Tuesdays after offering to Balamurugan. Worship Durga on fridays. visit guruvayur or thottamalur Krishna temple. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  120. Namaskaram!
    my dob:23/3/1969
    time :1.05 a.m
    place chennai
    i am facing uncetainity in job. shall get a good job and promotion
    thanks a lot

  121. namaskaram!
    my dob :20/7/1974
    place :srivilliputtur
    time 1:36 A.m
    i am having health problems for a long time. i am not getting a good job or promotion. when will get good health and job.
    in my horoscope sukran is in 3rd house with sani and budha. with moon combust in 4th house. what will be the effect of sukra dasa in my life
    thanks for your answer

  122. TO AP-cousin's second daughter- job
    Yes she can try for further improvement in her job. In her chart in kanni guru and sani are placed. Now sani is in kanni on transit. As per nadi rules if the transit sani glides over chart guru," Change of profession, gets job or promotion, gastric trouble".As sani is going to be there in kanni for another 20 months, she can try for a change after 21st Nov 2010. That may not be a cake walk. She may have to surmount many hurdles.Ultimately she will win.Bhudadasa guru bhukthi upto 30 July 2012.That is a good period for everyting. Try for marriage. By God's grace she may get an alliance.PL.READ MY ARTICLE ON ANNADANAM.

    -------------------------------- As his 10th lord is saturn, management courses may be useful for hum. Best of luck.


  125. TO ROSE
    ---------AS SADESAATHI IS RUNNING SHE IS FACING SOME TROUBLE. Wait till 21st Nov 2010. Things will slowly improve. She may join her husband.Do not precipitate now. Procastination may be necessary.Foreign employment may be an uphill task. I pray for her.

  126. To Anonymous-dob 23 march 1969
    you will have a good period in job front in guru dasa bhutha bhukthi from 15th Dec 2011 to
    22 Mar 2014. Even now from 22 Nov 2010 you may get good offers for a change of job.Best of luck.

  127. TO ANONYMOUS-DOB 20 JULY 1974

  128. hi sir,
    thanks for ur reply. but we are waiting from one and half year and all of my family elders and well whishers telling that get divorce from him and do the second marriage for her. is second marrige is there in her horoscope. is her marital life is happy and peaceful.we are very much worried about her sir please help us in this regard really we are having many sleepless nights. many people are telling us that ur prediction are really good.
    thanks in advance.

    her details
    02 march 1983 3:37pm guntur
    her husband details
    30 aug 1979 2 am guntur

  129. Chirag said...
    Pranam GUruji,
    My name is Chirag, DOB 24-02-1985, POB- Ahmedabad, Gujarat ; BT- 6.15 AM
    From last 3 months my time is not going good socially, job, job shift etc... I have started looking for a Gal also for marriage, but not getting finalised.When i will get married? Also let me know will i get a good wife or not?When will my time improve?

  130. To rose
    -------- All kataka lagna people have complaints in marriage.She is highly emotional. I do not want her to take an emotional hasty decision.Any way her horoscope indicates more than one spouse.

  131. To Chirag
    ---------- Your name is familiar. You have come to this blog earliier!(?)

    As your horoscope chart shows your 7 planets are arrested between raghu and kethu.That is termed as sarpa dosha. The effect is marriage will be delayed.
    As guru is aspecting 7h place, you will definitely get married and your family life will be good.Even the sarpa dosha my be annuled because guru's aspect is on 7th.As guru is in neecham state his effct may be limited.
    Better if you marry atleast after the age 28.
    You are having manglik dosha too.So choice of the girl must be with mangalik dosha only. Do not be in haste in marriiage.Horosope matching is a must.
    Sukra dasa bhuthabhukthi upto 25 sep 2012.this is a good period my article on annadanam and act.



  133. Dear sir
    I am manimegalai . my details are
    DOB : 06.09.1983
    TOB : 6.28 pm
    POB : Thanjore

    Sir, I need ur help pls..
    I facing many problems at all the time on searching my job. i can't make a simple move for my job, what i have to choose relating my carrier and felt that i might be loosing my fruitfull days. The situations are not favouring me. kalasarph dosa is also there in mine. is those things get more worse?
    i am having "guru" in 10th place, eventhen i didn't. pls give remedies.

    very thankfull

  134. my name - sudha natarajan. dob- 18-01-1981 time 2.58 am mithuna rasi star miruga seerisham will i get married iam residing with my mom in hyderabad, what stars are favourable to me