Friday, October 1, 2010


Post here your general doubts in astrology.No particular horoscope to be taken for discussion.This column is meant for those who know some basics and want to study more. My predictions in the Q&A itself are like lessons only.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Which one hold more prominence. Is it the placement of a Lord on a particular house (or) The houses which a planet aspects.

    For eg: Guru in 5th house. Is it good/bad for the 5th house or the houses like 9,11,1 which it aspects.

    Srinath G

  2. To Srinath
    Aspecting is more good and powerful.
    In your example if guru occupies 5th house there will be trouble in child birth as the karaka in his own bhava spoils that bhava.

    Hope ypu are not asking questions based on any ones horoscope.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the rep;y.
    "Aspecting is more good and powerful."

    Does the same apply to Malefics?

    Srinath G

  4. To srinath.G.
    -------------Yes. I think so. But in the case of malefics if they are in dark hidden places like 6,8,12th houses they become good.Some say raghu, kethu have no aspects. Some attribute to them only 7th aspect.There are varying opinions regarding aspecting of raghu kethu.

    Please ensure that you are not asking questions based on any individual horoscopes

  5. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the explanation.

    "malefics if they are in dark hidden places like 6,8,12th houses they become good"

    Rahu / Kethu don't have a house of their own. I have read that they give the effects of the house they occupy. In such case, when they occupy 12th house, how do they behave?

    1) Do they actually lose power because of being in a hidden place (OR)
    2) Do they given Virayam, Travel etc because of being in 12th house

    Srinath G

  6. Dear sir,
    In horoscope matching, if rajju is not matching, marriage is not proposed by astrologers.
    1. Is there any cancellation rules for that, suppose if they are lovers?
    2. Is rajju match is applicable for second marriage also?
    3. Any remedy which is available to fight against rajju match.?

  7. Sir,

    Dharma Bhava (Bhagyasthanam = 9th) is considered to be the most auspicious house in a jatakam & planet/planet's placed in this house certainly guide the "acts" of an individual.

    I presume we also need to understand whether the planet placed in this house is a benefic / malefic for the lagnam, thus resulting in respective results.

    a) How will malefics, who inturn become benefics for the lagnam, behave in this auspicious house?

    b) To what extent Karak Bhavo Nashto will apply for Guru & Surya?

    c) How does Shukra behave in this house being a foe for karaka's Guru & Surya?

    (please correct me if I am wrong).

    Awaiting your reply..

    Thank You.

  8. Respected Sir,
    Re Conjunction(CON)of planets, it is said CON is only effective in a same Sign.When Sun and Venus placed in Aries with the Gap of 25 Degree(Deg)( Sun at 3 Deg and Venus at 28 Deg)it is said there is CON.
    When Sun at 25Deg in Aries and Venus at 40Deg in Tarus there is only 15Deg Gap.So For CON 15Deg is better than 25Deg.
    Please clear this doubt.

  9. When Sun and Budhan are placed together in 7th house then does that indicate separation by any means between the couples?

  10. Dear Sir
    If Guru happens to be lagnathipathi and occupies 5th house ..will there be trouble in child birth?