Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prediction Came True SEP'2010

POST here whenever you experience the predictions coming true. This is to increase the faith of the readers and instill hopes in them.


  1. hello sir,

    In june part 1 i have asked about my daughter health as u predicted we came to know she had again brain tumor so we did 3rd operation for her 3/9/10 last friday still she in ICU.thanks for making us alert by ur prediction becoz of ur prediction we checked her health and came to know this.thanks a lot .sir i have to ask a question about her i will post it in seperate.
    Priya said...

    Vanakkam aiyya, my daughter raja priya undergone operation in brain for tumor 2000 still she taking treatment. I need to know for her marriage life is god given or not? If given means wen it will happen? Wen her health will get cure and i need to know her longivity ? Important note: my first child have kalathra dosha after 28 years so we plan to do late marriage so to my 2nd child raja priya in wat ages we can do marriage in wat ages. Wat kind of bride come for her .details : DOB-29.06.1987. TOB-3 P.M. POB- CHENGALPET. GENDER- FEMALE.
    Monday, June 14, 2010
    kmr.krishnan said...

    To priya
    --------- Longivity is not a subject to be discussed. That too in a public forum like this, we should not talk about longivity.

    As per nadi rules when gochara guru transits over birth chart raghu operation is indicated. Also serious health problems are predicted. Now guru is in meenam and in the native chart raghu is in meenam. So the native chart raghu and transit guru are meeting in 6th(disease) place to lagna. Now the transit raghu is in dhanusu which is 6th to raasi. Again the dhanusu rasi is guru's house which is 3rd to lagna. So, for atleast one year from now health condition of Rajapriya will have further set backs, again hospitalisation, operation may be necessary.In navamsa also raghu in 6th. Raghu represents head in the body.So his presence in 6th gives problem in head. Do not panic.Post pone thoughts of marriage employment education for the next one year and attend to health. let us review after completion of 1 year.
    Worship Thirupathi Venkatachalapathy.
    Monday, June 14, 2010

  2. To Priya
    --------- Astrology is only a very small guidance to take a decision at crucial moments.I wuould have felt happy if my prediction had gone wrong in your daughter's case. Anyway take it only as a caution.I am not enomoured of successful prediction in her case.I sincerely pray Almughty God to give her quick relief.May she recover early.

  3. Copied from mail
    ------------------Hello Maama ,
    This was my query made on Feb ,18,2010 –
    I can’t paste any comment from browser .so thanking you and requesting you to do so in the “PREDICTON CAME TRUE” column -

    From sowmya -

    Bro's DOB 23/11/1980 9:55 PM ,chennai,tamilnadu
    Sis-in-law's DOB 31/08/1982 9:05 PM ,chennai ,tamilndau
    Its close to 3.5 years since their marriage.
    They have been trying for a kid ,but in vain.
    She was diagnosed for a medical problem,for which she was treated.
    Do you see some dosha in their charts?

    Sis-in-law was diagnosed for a problem ,which she got treated ,may months back.

    please suggest.


    Your reply -
    to sowmya
    1. Effect of Saturn and Mars on 5th house either by occupation or aspect afflicts the house of children.
    2. Lord of 5th house in barren signs, i.e. those signs belonging to Saturn and Mercury.
    3. Affliction of 7th house indicates inability to procreate.
    4. Association of lord of lagna with Mercury may also indicate inability to procreate.

    In brother' horoscope saturn from kanni aspects vrichka the 5th place(child birth).In 7th house kethu is there. the seventh lord sani is in kannibhuda's lagna itself raghu and maanthi.The 5th house and the 5th lord chevvai has vey low points in ashtavarga,suya varga,not encouraging. The 5th lord got hidden in 6th all these and many more make him to compromise with realty.Pray God for a progeny.
    In sister in law's horoscope the seventh lord sukra is arrested between raghu and surya.The bagya sthana is having very low points in ashta varga.Of the two sisterinlaw has more chances of getting her own child.

    Sister in law was running raghu dasa kethu bhukthi from15-01-2009 to 2-2-2010. HENCE DELAY From 2-2-2010 to 2-2-2013 raghu dasa sukra bhukthi. That is a good period. 11th maanthi also indicate a child.So they can be hopeful.

    Chant daily bala mukunthashtakam.Visit once Thirupathi or Guruvayur.Thottamaalur Krishna temple in Bngalore may also be viited for prayer. On Thursday give paal payasam to poor children.May god bless them.

    Please read my article on annadanam and act.

    You had said things would be positive between 2-2-2010 to 2-2-2013 ,
    My mother did the pariharams that you have mentioned , now my sister in law is expecting ,due is in March end /April 1st week .
    I can’t post anything from my browser here , so mailing you to thank you .


  4. To Lakshmi-Sowmya
    ------------------Thanks for reporting prediction came true.It is difficult to predict birth of a child. If the prdiction has come true it is only God's grace.Thank God. Best wishes to your sister-in-law. I pray Almighty to bless her a healthy and lucky child.

  5. AP said...
    Respected Sir, Thank you very much for your reply for my query on my sister’s daughter posted on june 14th. As predicted by you she got alliance from a very known family miraculously and betrothal took place and her marriage date fixed. I thank you very much for the same.

  6. TO AP-
    --------If only you had given the details of month when you asked for sister's daughter , it would have been an authentic proof.My best wishes to sister's daughter for a happy married life.

  7. Respected Sir, As sought by you ,i have given my earlier question and your answer. As given by you in your reply, a very known family approached my sister's family on august 3rd and betrothal took place on september first week and marriage date fixed during last week of jan 2011. We are very thankful for the same, sir.
    Here goes my earlier question and your answer.Sir, This is regarding my relative girl. DOB: .......POB: Srirangam TOB: 5.42 am.
    We belong to a very orthodox Brahmin family wherein we dread to think about divorce. The said girl is a very pious, good natured girl who got married in 2008. She underwent a lot of hardships which cannot be discussed in public. The marriage broke within three months and her parents have proceeded legally. Shortly she is going to get her separation orders. On behalf of her mother I request you to kindly advise us as how to proceed. Will she be getting a second marriage? Will that marriage be prosperous to her? When can we seek the new alliance? What are all the aspects to be seen in the groom’s horoscope? Kindly tell us some pariharams.

    MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2010
    To AP
    ------Sorry to hear what you say. Now-a-days divorce cses had incresed. The govt., is bringing legislation soon to make divorce easy.
    Okay. No point in discussing all that.

    She is having positive planetary positions for begetting children.The lagna being rishaba,the 2nd (family,) and 5th(child) lord bhuda is in the lagna itself. Bhuda is strong with 8 parals
    (100%) in suya varga, lagna has 28 parals,the average, and 5th place has 31 parals, more than the average in ashtavarga. So her forming a family and begetting children are very much pronounced in the chart.

    While seleting a groom, the dosha saamya has to be analysed.As her second place is affected by raghu and the 8th by kethu,similar dosha jatakam has to be matched.However her dosham of 2,8th houses had been over as she had completed 28yrs. Those doshams affect only upto age 28 yrs. Further by annuling the first marriage, the dosham has vanished. So she is now ready for remarriage with out any dosham.
    I give below the Nadi gochara(present transit)
    rules for marriage time. You can judge your self.
    VENUS’s(SUKRA) transit over the following natal
    (BIRTH CHART) planets:
    Natal MarS(CHEVVAI) : Gain to brother , residence to native ,marriage if the native is a female, she will get cooperation from husband,financial gain to husband.

    Natal Jup(GURU) : Financial gain, acquiring luxurious goods,happiness and celebrations at home
    Natal Sat(SANI) : Celebration at home, financial gain

    In the rasi chart,chevvai and sani are in kanni. Sukra transits kanni from 2 august to 30 august 2010.So during that period marriage alliance talk will be strong and betrothal may take place.
    Sukra will be in thulam, his own place from 31st August to 31st December.In the chart guru is in thulam. So transit sukra is meeting native guru. The resullt is given above. So in the month of (tamil month) "thai"-- Jan -Feb 2011 she may get remarried. Best of luck.
    MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2010

  8. To AP
    --------- Thank you for posting the details.Best wishes. Thank god. Read my article on Annadanam.

    venus said...
    Dear Mama,
    I am currently facing problems on almost all fronts - career , health & family
    1. I lost my job a year ago (in software) Not able to get any interviews - so loosing confidence and becoming negative minded. Any possibility of getting it in near future . Should i try in the same field or some new field of job ?. If I take some certification examinations which are quite costly , would i be successful ?.

    Details : DOB 16/10/1975 TOB: around 5.30 A.M POB: Kuthalam village (Mayavaram) Female.
    Balance dasa : 11 yrs 10 months 14 days (Vakya panchanga ).

    Thank you very much in advance for you valuable guidance .
    kmr.krishnan said...
    To Venus
    ---------I see all possibilities of your getting a job from 19th Oct 2010 to 28th Nov 2010. Even after that, period is good upto 7th jan 2011.Do not worry you will get a new offer
    and the new year 2011 would see you happily employed.This is good time for education.You can try certification courses if you feel so.
    You may get in IT sector as bhudha is your lagna and 10th lord.As bhudha is in retrogation and very near to sun and maanthi is lagna itself,you have troubles.Also the 8th lord chevvai is in 10th(profession). That also makes you loose jobs. As chevvai is in 10th, you may shine well in medical related field also.As the 10th lord in 10th and 3rd and 8th lord in 10th, you can shine in your own business too.The profit place has 40 parals in ashtavarga and the profit place lord chandra has 6 out of 8 in suya varga;that would help to start 'suya thozil'. One visit to Thirupathi may bring many changes.Also visit Murugan temple on Tuesdays.
    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    venus said...
    Dear Mama ,
    I had posted in Aug - part-2 - Q&A regarding my job. I landed a job bit last week around Sep 20. (much sooner than u predicted )
    My career is now only at the point where I was 4 years earlier.. But still OK..Some job for me.. Since conveyance to office and work pressure are now taking toll , could not post this earlier.
    I now hope that God gives me the physical strength & stamina to perform my karma.
    I am also getting one or two other interview calls. I am planning to keep trying till the good period you suggested.
    I thank you for your blessings. Don't know , Whether its astrology or your "ThiruVai muhurtham" working out. Thank you so much. Similarly please bless me regarding my marriage.
    Thanks a lot mama.

    Monday, September 27, 2010
    ----------It is God's mercy that made you get
    a new job.we the sooth sayers are only loud speakers to God.SO THANK GOD.