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Post here your general doubts in astrology.No particular horoscope to be taken for discussion.This column is meant for those who know some basics and want to study more. My predictions in the Q&A itself is like a lesson only.


  1. Dear Sir,
    Hope you are doing better now.

    I have just started trying to learn this amazing science. Using my horoscope, I was intrigued by presence of Mandhi, did not find much information that is useful anywhere. Can you throw some light on this. In my horoscope, he is in 3rd house from lagna. Is this something associated with past lives/Karma?
    My DOB - June 1, 1968, 9:25PM, Udamelpet, TN, India. I am out of job, as per your prediction, things should start happening from this month.

    Thanks & Regards

    dha dha type, quarrelsome,lesser education,longivity doubtful,steaking attitude

    maanthi in 2 house:no immovable property,change of residence frquently,irresponsible, trouble maker

    maanthi in 3 house: short tempered, likes to hoard wealth,divisionist,not good with younger brother

    maanthi in 4th house:devoid of friends and relatives,devoid of own house and vehicles.

    maanthi in 5th house:WAVERING MIND,lesser children, lesser longivity
    maanthi in 6th:vengeful, interested in maanthrikam,worshipping durdevata

    maanthi in 7th house:contact with many women,frienship with low people,badname from public,acting without thoughtfulness;

    maanthi in 8th house:disease of eyes, teeth and mouth

    maanthi in 9th:will not give respect to elders, nasthika-atheist-argumentative

    maanthi in 10th: bad acting,negative arguments,will create obstacles for common good public work

    maanthi in 11th house:talented,good children,
    truthful person,fond of worldly peasures

    maanthi in 12th house: poverty, even if property is available, it will be lost and he will become poor.

  3. Thank you sir,
    One observation is that, I have not seen mention of maanthi in other horoscope's that I have seen of near and dear. Is this something that is ignored most of the time ? I have heard that this is of interest from astrologers hailing from Kerala, is this true ?


    -----------YES MAANTHI IS USED IN KERALA AND TIRUNELVELI DISTRICT.other district do not take maanthi.

  5. Vanakam sir,

    Sir, I have few general questions...

    1) what is the effect of rahu neecham? (in 3rd place)

    2) is it a problem if rahu sits in 12th to moon?

    3) sir also in navamsa, for kumba lagna if saturn sits in 5th place it bad sir but if guru and sukran directly aspects the satrun will there be some releif?

    4) somebody told me that if ketu is in 6th place not good? is this true sir?


  6. Radha says,
    Namaskaram Sir,
    If Kethu (neecham) is in 5th place from lagna with chandran in rishaba rasi and aspected by Guru from Kanya, is there any possibility for spiritual enlightnment? Is there a rebirth?

  7. sir, I heard that lord Shiva gave curse (half of the subject should be true only)... to all SASTRAS which were told by him to Godess Parvathi...Astrology is one among them.... but u predict the future very accuratly .... nnn Astrology predictions will be based on "vaakku (25%, subject 25%, etc ...) all these true ? please answer sir.

  8. To Thanuja
    ----------General question should be in the manner of "what is kalasarpa dosha?" etc., The planetary position given from your own horoscope/ or some one else horoscope will not fall under this category.Planetary positions are to be seen in totality. Piece meal viewing will not help.
    What I say is general now.Do not take it for you or the horoscope you have in mind.

    If raghu is in rishaba and it is 3rd place then the lagna must be meenam. For meenam raghu kethu are friendly. Raghu getting into
    third and becoming neecham is not good for lagna. Not good for younger brother; Not for maternal uncle;may not have self confidence.
    Victory will be delayed in anything.

    Raghu 12th to Chandra depends on where chandra and raghu are positioned.Generally that may be indicating foreign travel; intercaste marriage;loose morals;bad habits like drinking etc.,

    lagnathipathi sani sitting in 5th in friend's house aspected by yogakaraka sukra and 2,11th lord guru will give many good benefits.From what you write sukra and guru are hidden in 12th to kumbalagana. By that they loose their power.So direct aspecting may not be useful.

    If kethu is in 6th there won't be any enemies. This also depends on which house kethu is placed.

    do not waste my time with such hidden questions. ask directly stating you problem. i do not appreciate your question put as a general doubt;but individual horoscope's readings only.

    -----------THIS IS also a horoscopical real position question only.

    from what you say the lagna is kataka.kethu in vrichika and chandra in rishaba in exalatation and aspected by guru from kanni.raghu in neecham position in rishaba with chandra.

    worrying type. but spiritually well tuned.yes this is a lucky horoscope.righteous .an d helpful.i do not know about mokasha to all

  10. Vanakam sir,

    Sorry sir this is some questions I wanted to know about my of my brother passed away already when he was young so that is why I wanted to know about rahu in 3rd house rahu is in 12th to my moon, moon is in fourth place for meena lagna. Really was not sure if rahu would affect the moon that is the reason i asked..sir
    sorry again, for sure I will ask my questions in the Q&A blog next time..


  11. Dear sir,
    I would like to know
    a)How does planetary position influences human life .
    b)Does it influences only human life or life of all the living beings.
    c)there are lot of planets which exists in the universe then why only the planets of solar systems influences human life .
    d)How does wearing a gem stone or doing some rituals reduces the effect of bad planetary position.



  12. TO RAVI
    -------THANKS FOR TELLING MY PREDICTIONS ARE COMING TRUE.not all ,i suppose. what ever has come true it is only god's grace.for the predictions to come true many factors are involved like the time of the question posed to the astrologer, astrologer's dhyana power,
    astrologer's intension as also the questioner's intension,how much dharmic both are,whther the question asked is genuine and really needs a solution, whethe in the astrologer's horoscope it is mentioned that he can say predictions etc., etc., etc.,

  13. To Saketha rishna
    1.On a full moon day the sea which is on earth
    shows ferocity and the waves rise. Scientists say it is due to moon's magnetic power.The sun flower plant faces the eaast in the morning facing the sun, in the evening turns to the west.On eclipse days scientits also opine that pregnanat ladies should avoid sun rays during the eclipse.In natural calamities, the animals react first.The cows, horses act peculiarly before a natural calamity.Dogs are able to smell the evil spirits roaming in the atmosphere.The mad people and people with convulsion-fits- disease are becoming unmanageble on the pournima days.I think this
    answers you first 2 questions
    2.Though all the planets affect us, human knowledge is limited to solar syestem only.
    In future astrologers may say the reasons for unknown happenings.Neptune is now a days considered for predictions.Many more may be added in future. Who knows?
    3.Wearing gems and doing pariharams give a psychological satisfaction to the people in distress. It is like the placibo effect of medical doctors. To give a mental satisfaction to the patient who is not having any health problem, but psychologically feel he/she is having some serious health problem, doctor injects distilled water. The patient goes away with the feeling that he has been treated.
    Sincere prayer to god will do. No costly pariharams are necessry.I do not suggest that.

  14. Hello sir,

    While horoscope matching, what is causing the "DISAI SANTHIPPU" problem?.

    Is there any duration of Disai santhippu problem in horoscope matching?

  15. Good evening Sir,
    thankyou so much for your kind reply

    I am having few more doubts -

    a)whether planetary position influences human action (KARMA)or does it influences the outcome (without affecting my action ), whether my action is totally mine .

    b)Do we know the mechanism or clear understanding via which planetary position effect our life or Astrological predictions are based on the Data which we have collected over the years.

    c) if there is no mechanism then whether astrologers are working in that area.

    d)if there is a crystal clear mechanism to understand the influence , then can i play with one's fate.

    e) Is human birth a absolute phenomena,as you said sir life is 10% how u make it and 90% how u take it. so a persons birth under particular place , location ,time and in a
    family is also influenced by some factors.



  16. Dear sir,
    How are you sir? If Bhuthan and Keth in Rishaba Lagnam, Then any chance to get Mental illness?

    Please tell me the Positives and Negatives of combination of Kethu with Bhuthan

    Thanks and Regards,

    Senthil Nathan.

    -------------IF THE SAME DASA AND BHUKTHI ARE for both husband and wife, same type of life experience happen.So better not to have same dasa for both.Even if it is the same dasa , bhukthi difference should be more than 3 years.

    In Tirunelveli district dasa santhippu is seen from a different angle. Even if it is different dasas, the dasa changes for both should not happen in the same Tamil year.

    ----------------HOPE YOU ARE A BELIEVER IN GOD.
    IF YOU ARE a nonbeliever I would like to quit
    as it is not possible to convince a person who has a preconceived notion.

    A)Your actions are definitely your own. Astrology is the mechanism to caution you. For example if sukradasa is coming ,one is likely to have more interest in senuous pleasures. That is the influence of the planet. But God has given us the will power to control our passion. If we control we shall benefit. Otherwise we have to enjoy the consequences of our indulgence. It is cause and effect theory only. That is called Karma theory.
    In tamil we have a proverb"vithiyai mathiyaal vellallam" That means, you can win fate by your intelligence.

    B)This question is like egg came first or hen came first? The books like brahath jatakam are based on the past experiences. But astrology is vedaanga.That is a body part of holy vedas. If you believe Holy Vedas are the first knowledge given by God, then astrology conclusions are drwan with out observations of humans' life experiences.

    C)Yes many books are written by astrologers with more or less the Title reading"how i predicted". that way a mechanism may come out in future. There is a new system called Krishnamurthy Paththathi. That system totally negate the traditional system.That means KP syatem negates the authority of vedas itself.Many more will come like that when the ideas of west and east make a fusion.

    D)Astrology is a pseudo science based on intutions and mind power. No crystal clear mechanism.People play black magics by psychic
    poewers; not astrology. They may use astrology to know the bad time of a person and do the negative black magic. But if we worship God, black magic is of no avail. Black magic are done mostly in Kerala and by some fakirs of

    e)The question again like the one hen or egg first. The nature and nurture are great subjects.Psychology is still discussing that. No conclusion yet.

    ----------------- THIS IS NOT AGENERAL QUESTION.Ido not know what made you to think rishaba kethu and bhuda will give mental illness.Bhuda gives knowledge, particularly
    maths, nowadays computer. Rishaba is a friend's place for bhuda.Kethu is spiritual knowledge, deep insight etc.,. In rishaba kethu is powerless.Neecham. For bhuda it is 12 th house to his own house mithunam, So we may say the intelligence and intuitive power may be less but not mental sickness.

    Many other factors like aspeecting of benefics , placement from lagna all other factors play a role. With out seeing the horoscope in totality we can't say anything. Do not ask in this column for individual horoscope.

  20. Hello sir,

    1.)What are the effects of sade sati for a person with saturn and moon in same house in natal chart. Does it mean that he is already bearing the effect of sadi sate throught out his life ( as saturn and moon are already together).
    In my opinion , he should be in a depressed mood most of the time.

    2.)I know a person with Sun saturn and moon in the same house( 4th house of happiness). Sun, saturn and moon being enemies to each other, will they give him minimal happiness?

    Is my interpretation right? Or still other factors need to be considered in the horoscope?

    Thank You


    CHANDRA SANI COMBINATION INDICATES SOME MENTAL DISTURBANCE. But we have to also analyse 5th house.Also if there is aspecting by Guru, Sukra, benefics will not affect mental balance.

  22. Greetings to all!

    Sir , I hope you are fine and getting well.

    I hav a doubts regarding the divisional charts.Could you please giv the exact purpose of each divisional chart(hora,drekkana,chaturtamsa,....and so on) for prediction.

    Also how would the disposition of 10th lord (of rasi) in ones navamsa and dasamsa alter his profession.(ie)which divisional chart can be given more weightage to predict ones 'karma'.

  23. ஐயா ,

    லக்னத்திற்கு பகை கிரகம் தன் சொந்த சாரத்தில் நின்றால் ஜாதகனுக்கு நல்லது செய்யுமா ?


  24. TOrajeshopenhou
    drekkkana=sibligs=brothers and sisters
    navamsa=married life

    shodasamsa= general happiness

    For profession take dasamsa

  25. to kumar.s
    ------------சொந்த சாரத்தில் நின்றால் வலிமை கூடிவிடும்.எனவே நன்மை செய்யும் என்று எதிர் பார்க்க முடியாது.பகை கிரஹம் 6,8 12 மறைவிடங்களில்
    நின்றால் நன்மை செய்ய வாய்ப்புண்டு. அஷ்டவர்கத்தில் பகை கிரஹத்திற்கு சுயவர்க பரல் 4க்கும் குறைவாக இருந்தாலும் வலிமையிழந்து
    நட்பு கிரஹங்களை தடை செய்வதில் தோற்கலாம்.தங்களுக்கு சோதிட அறிவு நன்கு உள்ளது என்று எனக்குத் தோன்றுகிறது.எனக்கு தேர்வு
    வைக்கவில்லையே?!என்னைத்தான் கேள்வி கேட்க வேண்டும் என்பது இல்லை! உங்களுக்குத் தெரிந்ததை இங்கே எழுதலாம். என் பதிலில் தவறு
    இருந்தால் சுட்டிக்காட்டலாம். நான் தொழில்முறை சோதிடன் அல்ல.சோதிடத்தில் எல்லாம் அறிந்தவர் எவரும் இலர்.நானும் தினசரி புதிதாகக் கற்றுக்
    கொண்டுதான் இருக்கிறேன்.

  26. ஐயா ,
    உங்கள் பதிலுக்கு மிக நன்றி . உங்களை கேள்வி கேட்கும் அளவிற்கு ஜோதிடத்தில் அறிவு என்னிடம் இல்லை. நேரம் கிடைக்கும் போதெல்லாம் சில ஜோதிட நூல்களை மற்றும் நீங்கள் மற்றவர்களுக்கு கூறும் பதில்கள் மூலமாக கற்கும் மாணவன். ஏதேனும் தவறு இருந்தால் மன்னிக்கவும் . நான் படித்ததை இனிமேல் எழுதுகிறேன் :).


  27. Dear Sir,

    My DOB 7/11/1978, TOB : 0855, Place : Singapore
    I currently in job & getting praise as you predicted. There are some up & downs also.My main worry is income - is it possible for me get better pay job ?

    Thanks for this.

  28. Sorry Sir I really have very heavy commitment that is why I am asking.

  29. Namaskara Sir,
    How are you sir? Hope everything is good and well.
    Sometime back I discussed my family matters with you and got good guidance from you.
    My details:
    DOB: 11 January 1979
    Gender: Male
    TOB: 08:50 AM
    POB: Nagpur, Maharashtra

    Sir, I like to know from my birth chart about my
    1) Atmakaraka and Ishta deva
    2) Kendra and Trikona lord

  30. To jasmine000 and Prafull
    ------------------------ Have you not noticed there are different topics in this blog. This
    column is for general doubts in astrology. For individual horoscopes you have to post in astrology Q&A FOR May 2010 two-2.Repost it there, please.

  31. Dear Sir,

    Very sorry I will post on Q&A FOR May 2010 two-2.

  32. Sorry for all the troubles, I will post the same in Q&A For May 2010 two-2.

  33. vanakam sir,
    I have a very general doubt sir, What can you do to keep your mind steady... for example keeping it fixed in your goal instead of wavering? Because I read before in your comments if mars house is the fifth house they will be disciplined, but for moon is the fifth house... it is a changing planet constantly so any special remedies you can suggest for that...thanks..


  34. To Thanuja
    Yes. Chandra being a quick moving planet and mano karaka(signifactor of "manas"), constant changes in the attitude,moods and temparament
    of people who are connected with Chandra. 5th place represents insight.So it will be easier for people who have kataka as 5th place to get meditation.They can easily get mesmarised.
    They will stick to a principle , or men with emotions.

    If you have wavering mind try meditation.
    Shiva worship on pradosham days will help. On those days, twice a month,Nandi will have grand abhishekam. here is a method called somasutra pradakshina specially to be done during pradosham. You may get it if you google search. do that on pradosham days. Finally shiva-parvathy will be appearing on rishaba.
    Good luck.

  35. What is the feature if saturn and mercury combined in scorpio at 4th place

  36. Sir, please help me by predicting my marriage time & type of gal that i will get.

    DOB : 12th Mar 1983 , 3:59 am ,Chennai

  37. Please help to understand on this issue

    I am Avittam natchatram (1st padam) & Gals Natchatram is Visahakam...They say our horoscopes will not match or can not be considered good as i have younger brother...