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Please post your questions for MAY 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?

Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.
Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me. News item from Dinamalar

சிவகங்கை : வறுமையின் கோரத்தால், மூன்று பெண் குழந்தைகளை தவிக்க விட்டு, தாய் தற்கொலை செய்து கொண்டார். தந்தையில்லாமல் ஆதரவின்றி மூன்று பெண் குழந்தைகள் தத்தளிக்கின்றனர்.ராமநாதபுரம் மாவட்டம் தொண்டியை சேர்ந்தவர் நாகராஜ். இவரது மனைவி ராமாயி (30). காயத்ரி (9), கவுசல்யா (8), ரதி (3), கவுரி (1) என, நான்கு குழந்தைகள். ராமாயி, கடைசி குழந்தையை வயிற்றில் சுமந்திருந்த நிலையில், நாகராஜன் குடும்பத்தை விட்டு பிரிந்து சென்றார்.

இதுவரை அவரை பற்றி தகவல் இல்லை.கையில் மூன்று குழந்தைகள், கர்ப்பத்தில் ஒன்று என, சுமைகளுடன், வறுமையின் கொடூரத்தையும் சுமந்தார் ராமாயி. கூலி வேலையில் கிடைக்கும் சொற்ப தொகையில், இவர்களின் இருட்டு வாழ்க்கை தொடர்ந்தது. வறுமையின் கோரப்பிடி இறுகியதால், கடைசி குழந்தையை, அவரது தங்கைக்கு தத்து கொடுத்தார்.சிவகங்கை, கூட்டுறவுபட்டி அருகே செவல்பட்டியை சேர்ந்த விஜயா என்பவர், இவருக்கு அவ்வப்போது உதவிகள் செய்தார். 'இனி வாழ வழி இல்லை' என முடிவு செய்த ராமாயி, கடந்த 11 ம் தேதி, விஜயா வீட்டிற்கு குழந்தைகளுடன் வந்தார். விஜயா வெளியில் சென்ற போது, ராமாயி தூக்கிட்டு இறந்தார்.

தந்தையின் முகம் மறந்து, தாயின் அரவணைப்பில் இருந்த குழந்தைகள், தற்போது நாதியின்றி தத்தளிக்கின்றன. உறவினர்களும் கைகொடுக்காத நிலையில், குழந்தைகளின் எதிர்காலம் கேள்விக்குறியாகியுள்ளது. தற்கொலை வழக்கை விசாரித்த சிவகங்கை உதவி எஸ்.பி., சந்திரா சோனல், குழந்தைகளை, தேனி மாவட்டம் ஜி.கல்லுப் பட்டி ஆதரவற்றோர் இல்லத்தில் சேர்க்க முயற்சி எடுத்துள்ளார்.இக்குழந்தைகளின் வாழ்வில் ஒளியேற்ற விரும்புவோர், தொடர்பு கொள்ளலாம்.


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    --------- IN YOUR RAASI CHART 10th lord bhuda in 12th shows you are likely to stay away from home for a long time. Now you are running raghudasa sukrabhukthi. Usually during raghu's influence over the subject poeple go foreign.
    9th lord surya ia in exaltation in mesham on the day of visa interview.There are 75% of getting the visa.Pray to Surya Narayanaswami daily.Pray to your family deity.

    --------------------HE MAY GET MARRIED BETWEEN 9 JULY 2011 AND 14 JUNE 2012.ON 2MAY 2010 guru transits to menam and aspects 2nd to raasi, and 7th to lagna. so good period starts from tomorrow. best of luck

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  5. To Biswajit
    ------------I am not sure of the correctness of the chart prepared by my software for Bangaladesh timings.Okay. If your ascendent is cancer(kataka), your 10th lord mars hidden in
    12th has made you to change jobs. That also shows you can not be succeessful in govt., job.
    Also surya with raghu does not give the chance
    for govt.,job.However your 10th house has very high ashtavarga points.So you can try for big company.You can be succeessful.

  6. namaskarams mama

    Sorry, i have posted my query in your next column. Terribly sorry about it. My question is regarding my husband's job prospects. He is a very dutyful son and brother, who has always been for his family first. He suffered a job loss last march 2009 and is yet to find a job. He also is trying to go abroad now, which he denied before due to his family. His birth details: 1/12/1965 at mayiladuthurai at 9 hours (kumbha rasi, dhanusu lagna). Please help us.

  7. Thank you for reply. I will keep you posted after I get my Visa.

  8. Mama, I also want to add a little more to my query. He was offered a job last march but at the 11th hour, it did not come through. With a family that includes his sister to take care of, I am worried. His mom died of heart-break this january. Will his condition improve?

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    THE problem in job front is due to the 10th lord(profession) bhuda is hidden in 12th house and asthangatha(burnt) by surya as also bhuda is in retrogation.Luckily the 10th place has 38
    parals, 11th has 31 parals,the lagna has 31 parals and the 12th whare 10th lord is placed has 26 parals in ashtavarga.these are quite sufficient for a person to get decent job.The lagna lord guru has 7 parals, bhuda the 10th lord has 5 parals,chevvai has also 5 parals in suya varga.All these prove that he is not horoscopically weak in job front.
    From yesterday guru has transitted to meenam 4th to lagna and 2nd to raasi.From meenam guru aspects kanni 10th to lagna(profession) and vrichika(10th to raasi).So from now on he would get offers from now on. Foreign chance also not ruled out.Make navagraha pradakshina on saturdays.Best wishes

  12. TO CH
    ------YOUR HOROSCOPE IS A LUCKY ONE.Do not worry.The 4th place(education) has bhuda. That means you will have higher education in science.The 10th(profession) lord sukra is in
    5th in his own place with 4 out of 8 in suya varga and the 10th place has 33 parals. The lagna has 28 parals and 11th house has again 28 parals in ashta varga.All these show you have nice future in job front.

    Present problem is due to raghu dasa sani bhukthi. Even that has to be helpful as both raghu and sani are good only as you are a makara lagna subject.

    This type of depression for researchers is not unusual. Be bold and face the situation. Do your best and leave the rest to God.Guru has come to 11th to your raasi and aspects 3,5 ,7th to raasi. That is 3rd is victory place.So you will see changed atmosphere from now on. Do not worry. Be prpared for any change. Too much wory about future is not good. Be hopeful and worshipful.Best of luck.

  13. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your prediction. Please remove word verification for comment posting.

  14. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I will let you know of any outcome.

  15. Sastanga namaskarams mama- i was blinded by arrogance & did not respond propoerly earlier- do accept my most humble apologies.
    I was born on 21 feb 69 in madras at 11.48PM.
    & my wife was born on 25th april 1975 at 7.16 PM in Madras. We were living in the US for over 5 years & had to comeback due to the economic situation last June.
    Looks like the markets there have revived & a few opportunities are coming my way.
    In the meanwhile, I am gainfully employed in Chennai & seems to be on a good path for the future.
    We are torn between commitments to elders in India Vs. an american life & hence unable to really decide - this is causing a lot of indecisions & postponement of all non essential commitments.
    The impact of lord Guru on both our stars (Mesham & Kettai) last year was the reason for the move, but was to be temporary- as we are very confused looking to your help.
    Once again my sastanga namskarams & apologies

  16. Dear Krishnan sir,

    DOB: 23 June 1983
    Time: 11:18AM
    POB: Chennai
    Gender: Male

    Sir, namaskaram. I have posted on your blog earlier under a different name. Had to change blog accounts.
    This is regarding my career. I work in the finance industry in the US. I have been trying hard to change jobs, but haven't been successful in the last 5-6months. I got two job offers, but declined them because they were not up to my expectations. I'm getting quite impatient and worried now. Can I expect something good in the near future? Is my career in general, expected to be good and trending upwards, or is my horoscope weak in that regard? Will I be satisfied with my career growth and income? Also, is there further studies (MBA) indicated in my horoscope in order to relaunch my career?

    Thank you and Kind Regards,

  17. Thank you mama. I will surely do the navagraha pradikshana. U surely have brought hope in my life. Thanks and namaskarams.

  18. I am writing to find out if my sis-in-law, whose first marriage was very brief for 3 months, will get married again. It's about 15 years now from that marriage and the divorce took place about 10 years ago. All our efforts to get her married has gone in vain. We are now again trying and we seek your help. Is there a second marriage? if so, when? Also, could you please check if she would get a government job (teacher, state govt., which she is expecting). Thanks for your time and the great service. The details are : born: 2nd december 1962, 7.00 pm at mayavaram.

  19. To Ramkrishnamurthi
    ---------------------No need to apologise.In your raasi chart chevvai and maanthi invrichika lagna itself. That shows you are a stiff person , always want to win, never accept defeat, and want your words to be final in everything.You are youngr to me by 20 years.In my life I have seen so many people and i have never cursed anyone.I have no malice twards any one. If this incident brings in you a small chnge of heart, to be more sober and understanding others from their point of view, i would feel happy. May God bless you.

    I depend more on ashta varga. In Tamilnadu many astrologers do not touch that subject.
    Both your wife and yourself have low parals for sani who is the karma karaka -profesison signifactor. Many who have scuh weak sanibagwan
    do not have job at all. Luckily you have 31 parals for your 10th house and the 10th lord surya is strong with 6 parals out of 8. That is the reason you are able to get a decent job.

    In your chart 9th lord(FOREIGN) chandra is in 6th. That is not at all a good placement.Both 9th and 6th houses are having below average parals. As both your rasi and 9th place are sara raasis, you had foreign stay for some years. As 9th house is not strong , you had to return.

    In your chart 5th place is not strong.If you have children you will have troubles by them. In a foreign country will you be able to manage them? I think that may be difficult
    as you are now crossing middle age.

    As per nadi gochara when guru transits over raghu, some serious health problem in the
    family is expected.From yesterday that has started.

    You have chevvai dasa kethu bhukthi upto 5- july 2010.Better to observe the situation upto that date. Then take stock of the situation.

    Your wife's chart also not congenial for foreign stay now as she is having sani dasa sani bhukthi upto 28th oct 2010.

    So status quo to be maintained till Oct 2010.
    Best of luck.
    PL. read my article on annadanam and spread to friends.

  20. Sir Namaskar I have posted earliar also regarding my daughters marriage...Sir recently we showed her kundli to an astrologer in our city he told us that our daughter has possiblities of having 2 marriages..sir is this true we our very worried sir We went to the astrologer to ask when will our daughter get married and he told us this..plz help us out sir..we would be highly obliged..
    Her details-
    DOB-3rd June 1985
    Time -7:28PM

  21. to hobbit
    ----------in your raasi chart maanthi in lagna itself.that makes the whole chart whenever you want a change you have to analyse
    several times before taking a decision.

    the big positive point in your chart is no planet is having lessthan 4 parals that is less than 50%. in fact guru is having 7 out of 8 which is quite encouraging.

    your 10th lord is in 12th. that shows you will be in foreign.but the tenth house rishaba is having 27 parals just one point lesser than average. that is the reason your not having easy walk over. you can succeed only after concerted efforts.

    from yesterday guru has transitted to meenam 5th to your raasi and aspects 9th(luck) 11th (profit) and raasi itself. so your efforts to change now will be fruitful.
    kethu dasa sani bhukthi upto 18th oct 2010.
    you may do the preliminaries for the change . and if everything goes well you will settledown in a job of your dream in the next kethudasa bhuda bhukthi.
    your 4th(education) lord is in 11th. so you can pursue higher studies.
    best of luck. read the thread annadanam and act ,spread to friends and relatives.

  22. To Chitra
    ---------Your sister is having sani dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 3 july 2012.This is a good period. The problem is sani the 8th and 9th (bagya) lord is having very low suyavarga strength.But bhuda being the lagna lord placed in 6th, hidden.however bhuda has 5 out of 8 parals. This bhukthi is good for everything.

    As guru is now in meenam and aspecting 7th to raasi and 2nd to lagna, marriage may be possible. If you try again marriage can take place in june -july 2010.

    As her 10th place is strong she may also get govt., job. Best of luck.

    --------------I DO NOT FIND ANY SUCH THING IN THE HOROSCOPE. the 7th and 8th houses are to be discussed for husband.. The 7th house is kataka whose lord is chandra .The astrologer might have noticed this moon is in debilitation in vrichika. That might have made him to say that, but this moon has 6 out of 8 in suya varga and the the 7th place has 25 points which is sufficient for getting a good husband.
    The 8th place is simmah whose lord is surya who is in 5th having guru's aspect. guru in lagna itself is very good. her life will be veru nice. do not get panicky.

    Read my article on annadanam and and act.

  24. Dear Krishnan sir,

    DOB: 23 June 1983
    Time: 11:18AM
    POB: Chennai
    Gender: Male

    Thank you for your analysis sir. You are right that things don't come very easy for me. Over time, I have realized that and have developed the courage and strength to keep working until good happens. But after every long wait, things have mostly changed for the better for me, by god's grace. I hope it happens this time too.

    One more question sir. Next mahadasa is that of shukran, 10th lord. Is that expected to be good for my career, or just average? Also, will I succeed if I start something on my own at some point in my career?

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

  25. Thanks a lot mama,
    should we do some pariharam? to maintain our current status?
    saniswaran or gur or both? pl advice

  26. To Hobbit
    ----------Sukra happens to be your 3rd and 10th lord.His hiding in 12th brings down his strength.The place he occupies 12th has 24 parals.That is viraya-squandering money-so you will be wasting money than getting profit.It is better to have some job than individual effort.If you want to do your own business you have to be satisfied with lesser profit.
    Sukra dasa will be average only.It is always adviced to Simmah lagna people to maintain discipline, and be vary of women, wine, and other sensual pleasures as their 3rd place is Sukra's.So you are also warned to be careful in sukradasa.As the 12th place has more parals
    and sukra in it, unless you are stingy in your attitude some one else will enjoy at your expense.
    Sorry I am open to you.But do not loose heart.Worship will solve all problems.

  27. TO Ram. Krishnamurthi
    -----------------------For you chevvai dasa kethu bhukthi. So Muruga,Vinayaka worship on Tuesdays.For wife sani dasa sani bhukthi So worship Anjaneya on Saturdays. Both of you may do navagraha pradakshinam on Saturdays. Offer handful of cooked rice to crows daily with some gingily-ellu.worship your family deity.kkolaru thirupathikam may be chanted daily.vishnu sahasranama chanting or hearing daily.

    May God bless you.

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  29. Dear Krishnan sir,

    Thank you once again for your frank opinion sir. I only hope my career/shukra dasa do not turn out to be as bad you said they would be.

    Kind Regards,

  30. To g
    ------Usually meena raasi people get late marriage.Also those who have sani in 7th place get late marriage.Both the conditions prevail in your daughter's chart.However from 3 May 2010 guru her raai athipathi and 8,11 th to lagna guru has transitted to meenam. From there guru aspects katakam,5th(child) to raasi, kanni,7th to raasi(husband) and 9th to raasi(bagayam). 7th to raasi beconmes 5th to lagna and 9th to raasi becomes 7th to lagna. So the child birth, and husband houses of both raasi and lagna are getting guru's aspect, her marriage is certain shortly. For love affairs we consider the planets sukra, chandra ,bhuda.All the three of them in 11th to lagna.All the three are very strong. Also the 7th lord is in lagna itself. That also shows she will choose her husband and marry only a person with whom she has moved earlier as a friend or relative.
    As per nadi rules when transit guru glides over native chart moon, venus and mercury marriage will take place.
    JUPITER’s transit over the following natal planets
    Natal Moon(CHANDRA) : Change of residence, ill health due to cold
    Natal Mercury(bhuda) : Houses, gain of land, new knowledge
    Natal Venus(sukra) : Marriage, wealth, birth of daughter
    Now sukradasa raghu bhukthi is going on till 17-12 2010 . This will definitely bring gandharva type of marriage.

    I request you to make up your mind and find out the credibility of the proposed boy.If otherwise alright, let not caste come on the way.Let her atleast have the saisfaction that she has achieved her ambition.Tell her all the problems involved in the love/intrcaste marriage. If she is still adament give up and aarrange the marriage.She will be adament only as chevvai is in lagna itself with maanthi.
    Do not force your views.Days have changed. people are aping the west. It is better she marries after matching the horoscopes. But if she has the same wave length with her chosen boy, no need for matching . Good luck.

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  32. To g
    ----The professional astrologers make some quick money only when such questions come from the affected party. Is it possible to bribe God?I am not encouraging costly pariharams.

    When girls have become financially independent,
    and get good education and many exposures, it is not possible to maintain old traditions.So there is no alternative to accept the reality.

    What you can do is, give her all the facts, practical difficulties, problems involved in
    the intercaste marriage etc., If you can gather any negatives about the boy you can high light that to her. For that to observe him services of the private detective agencies may be used.A psychological counseller may be consulted.In foreign countries for matching the attitudes of the proposed couple, they use lengthy questionair.

    For your mental peace you can pray to your ishtadevata,and do some japam and meditation.
    If we use some negative manthras to make either to change the heart of your daughter,
    or some harmful effect on the boy all will rebound on you.
    Chevvai& maanthi in lagna itself, and 7th place sani and a strong 11th place shows married life for her will be very eventful.Some times in a negative way too. Read my article on annadanam.

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  36. TO ASTRO
    5TH HOUSE INDICATEs poorvapunyam, child and inner mind. It is very difficult to analyse this house. Your wife has very strong 5th house. Guru is strong in your chart. So the child birth is delayed and not denied. Let us pray your wife delivers in 2011.Sukradasa bhuda bhukthi sukra antharam from 10 jan 2011 to 2 july 2011. I hope that period may be the delivery time. Best of luck

  37. TO ANI

  38. Namaskar Sir!
    Hope you are doing good sir! Your predictions have come true in past and I realy respect your knowledge. But sir,I am having some problem and I seek your guidence please.

    Last time you said I will be doing fine in Job and my career would start off in april- may. Unfortunately I started well by getting job in November 2009 but due to some uncontrolled situations and events my job contract is coming to end this May 14. As you already know , how much harsh time i have been through and still looking for jobs now without any succes.

    I will be thankfull for your guaidence. I want to keep hope high, but drastic changes of events forces me to think --when I will get settled in life and career.


    T.O.B :7 35 PM
    D.O.B : July 4 1983
    P.O.B : Rourkela , Orissa

  39. To Aloke Kumar Jaipuria
    I had discussed your horoscope several times. It is not in the predictions that you will get the result.You should face reality boldly.

    To list the problems in the chart again:
    Your 10th lord(profession) sukra has occupied 8th-hidden. So you will have many shiftings in job. Many jobs will be of temporary in nature.
    Chandra is alone with out any planets in either of its side. That is called kemadruma yoga. That also makes you unstable income wise. Luckily opposite to chandra sani your lagna lord is positioned.That solves many porblems created by lonely chandra.
    Lagna has maanthi in the first housee. That also gives problem in financial front.

    Sani has only 3 out of 8 in suyavarga.So lagnathipathi and profession signifactor is weak.But the 10th lord has 7 out of 8 in suya varga.So you will not be with out job for long.

    Now surya dasa which is 8th lord 's dasa. But
    chandra bhukthi, and chevvai bhukthi are upto
    16th feb 2011. Chandra 7th lord and chevvai 2 and 11th lord.So these bhukthis will help you.

    AS transit guru is aspecting transit sani all your problems will be solved.
    Without minding about astrology, take bold steps and act according to the need of the hour.

  40. hello sir,
    as u predicted earlier i got a job.
    thank you sir.
    sir i want to know can i able to carry on this job successfully?

    dob: 02/02/1985
    tob: 06:30 PM
    pob: Mumbai

    thank you sir

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  42. Hello Sir,

    Hi I am Prabhu ganesan
    My DOB is 12 th Nov 1984
    My TOB and POB is 08.05 AM at Mumbai.

    My question now is that the changes hapenning in my job is true the profile has been changed and I want To know when will I get a stable Job or when will I get the opportunity to go job abroad

    ---------GURU DASA CHANDRA BHUKTHI NOW AND NEXT IS Guru dasa chevvai bhukthi upto 10 dec 2011. This job will be nice upto that period. Then in guru dasa raghu bhukthi period from
    10-dec-2011 to 4-may-2014 you will have tendency to shift jobs. You will have a feeling that no one is recognising your talents.Having said that, I would suggest that you have to develop a mind set that you should not be over ambitious.Best of luck

    congrats for getting the job as predicted . thank read my article on annadanam.

  44. TO ANI
    -------THE 10th(profession) place has 35 parals (points) in ashtavarga.The average is 28. So your profession house is a strong house. The 10TH house lord chevvai is placed in 8th. That makes your job front jittery.Also the profession signifactor sani has only 2 out of 8 in suyavarga. But the 2nd(dhana-money)place where sani is placed has 31 points against 28 average.So there are positive and negative points in your chart. So if you take sincere steps to retain your job, you can continue even in kethu dasa. Be sincere in job. As sani in second place(vakku-words) you have to be silent as much as posible. Your toungue is your first enemy.
    Pray to your Ishtadevata. Everything will be nice. Don't start a thing with some negative thoughts and doubt.

    -----------YOU WILL GO FOREIGN IN GURU DASA KETHUBHUKTHI. THAT is from 12 oct 2010 to 18 sep 2011.your 9,10,11 th houses are strong enough. you will get stable job in gurudasa surya bhukthi from 19 May 2014 to 7 Mar 2015
    best of luck

  46. namasthe sir,

    Dob 1st dec 1986
    tob 12:30 am
    place: hyderabad

    I consulted a professional astrologer and he suggested me to wear a blue sapphire on my right hand middle finger. But I have seen in general( in internet) that simha lagna people are not supposed to wear blue sapphire as it is the lord of 6th and 7th houses. Does it depend on particular horoscope? Is it good for me to wear blue sapphire. Do you suggest anything after seeing my horoscope.?

    Thank You

  47. To Aditya
    ---------- I do not suggest costly pariharas. I simply request people to pray. That is all.

    In your chart sani is in 4th with surya and chandra. Sani got combusted by surya. Also in suyavarga sani has only 3 out of 8.So considering sani is the weakest in your chart, The professional has suggested blue stone.
    In my opinion sani mahadasa is over in sep 2007. The planets show their power more only in mahadsas. Sani dasa having already paassed, no need to worry about a weak sani.The 8th house and the 8th lord are strong ,so that there need not be any doubt about longivity.
    As the suggestion has ocme from a professional.I am not competent to say any negative opinion against his prediction.So you yourself can come to a conclusion about the wearing of blue stone.If you decide to wear, keep in the pooja room for 48 days, then
    after satisfying that no bad things happened, you may wear.Best of luck.

  48. Dear Sir,

    At the first very first output, I congratulate you for your excellent services in astrology.

    TOB: 06:15 pm
    PLACE: Coimbatore, tamilnadu.

    Sir, when I will own a house and can i start my own business?

  49. Vanakam sir,

    I have a question, I am meena lagna and for 3rd house rahu is neecham with mandi, will rahu being neecham create low self-confidence?
    Plus rahu being 12th to moon, will this affect stability in thinking because many times I get panic or get confused?

    Presently guru is in 10th house to raasi, for me it is mithuna raasi? Can you please tell me sir will this affect me badly because i heard it is not good?


  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. sorry sir i forgot to post my date of birth

    dob january 7,1985
    Jaffna srilanka

  52. 以簡單的行為愉悅他人的心靈,勝過千人低頭禱告........................................

  53. to silent thunder
    ------------------ you will be getting your own house in bhudadasa gurubhukthi from 7-jan 2013 to 15 april 2015.
    i am of the opinion that own business may not suit you as virayasthana has more points.6,8 10 houses are having lesser parals.bhudan, sani have only 3 out of 8 only. beteer to do job than of luck.

  54. to thanuja
    ----------i have answered your question in general doubts column. you are too young to probe your own horoscope too early. if you do not have any problem now forget about the horoscope.what question you have asked, may throw you into depression if answered. you have to read my header and spare my health. more over this is a free forum. so you have to restrict yourself so that some one else will get a chance. do not learn astrology by looking at your own horoscope.25 is too early to take up astrological consultation. usually people take to astrology only afetr 45 after getting some experience in life. please read some joke, literature channels and be happy. don't worry.

  55. sir
    sorry to ask too many questions especially if troubling your health sir...take care, I pray to hanuman all the time and if something bothers me I always pray to him...i just learn astrology so i know how to react to situations or know the reason behind it, instead of worrying too much.....i do read jokes you suggested i will wait until my rahu bukthi finishes things will get better i hope....thanks and take care


  56. Dear Krishnan sir ,
    Details –
    D.O.B- 30th August 1985 (30-31st midnight at 12:13 am)
    sir ,
    I am working in a government organization from sept 2007 .
    I am planning to prepare for IAS ,which I believe is difficult for me along with
    The Job .I want to quit the job this july 2010 and devote 1 full year for IAS 2011.
    I am very good at planning butWhen it comes to execution it becomes
    very much degraded compared to the Plan.I feel I have never given 100 %
    to anything which I wanted and I am not Sure with how much commitment
    I will take up this preparation. Although I remain very much optimistic at the
    Start of any job.

    Plz guide me
    a) Whether it will be fruitful to leave job and go for preparation .
    b)What can be done to imrove will-power.


  57. To Saketha Krishna
    ------------------- I remember to have seen your name earlier. I do not remember what you asked and what I replied.

    For education we examine 4th house and 4th house lord and bhuda.In your case 4th house is kanya and its lord is bhuda. Lagna lord is also bhuda.This bhuda is in 2nd moon's place.
    The 4th place has only 24 points which is just scrapping the minimum. Also 4th place is surrounded by natural malefics surya, kethu and sani. So though you are quite intelligent as bhuda has 7 out of 8 , due to the facts mentioned above , I am not able to say confidently that you will have final succeess in IAS.Also maanthi in lagna itself shows hard efforts for succeess,particularly obstacles for education.

    Your 10 th lord (profession) guru is hidden in 8th and became neech(debilitation.)Guru is also an indicator of knowledge. His becoming neech is not congenial for education.

    The 5th(ancestral blessings, special intutive intelligence) and 9th(luck) houses have very low points in ashtavarga.

    So if you resign the job for the sake of education, you may consider that a wrong decision in future. Try to strengthen what ever is with you now. Act cautiously.

    If you have confidence and energy to do very hard ,continuous preparation you may try IAS
    at your own risk. Best wishes.

  58. Dear Sir,
    My DOB is 27-03-1983 Place of Birth : Coimbatore TOB : 01:33 PM
    Wife DOB 29-01-1986 Place of Birth : Ottapalam (Kerala) TOB : 04:29 AM

    We are facing problems within us due to some reason or other within few hours of getting married. We got married on Nov 22, 2009 between 11:00 am & 11:20am. I would like to now about our Future and Kids. Althought its appears toe early enquire about kids, I still felt like asking this question to you Sir.

    Please advice if some parihara needs to be done.

    Srinath G

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Namaskaram Anna
    Good day to you
    My question is about my husband, who often looses clarity of thinking, but before he was not like this till 2007 May. His DOB 14.1.1961 at 5.20 am in Chennai. Currently he is undergoing chandra dasa. Does he have to suffer all through chandra dasa or do we see a light. He was working in ship. But right now he is here doing business. Can he go back to ship or do business here itself.
    Thanks in advance

  61. Sir, if it is possible .. juzz create MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE topic... you have very good knowledge in Astrology.. analizes so many persons life... gets every day more than 300 post interesting astrological matters or your personal experiences before n after started this blog.

    Ravi Ch.

    ----------I HAVE SENT A MAIL.

  63. TO racheldesilva72
    --------------------I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL.
    This is free forum. You may consult a profesional astrologer if my predictions are not coming true. Due to my age I am not able to comprehend your question. Sorry.

    --------------5TH LORD MARS IS IN 7TH ASPECTED by sani.In navamsa chandra and sani are together in 6th.Lagna lord in 6th with sani has given such a state of mind.Moreover chevvai is now in kataka in neecham position till 26 may 2010.That is also a cause.Chandra dasa raghu bhukthi upto 26th may 2010.
    Next bhukthi is guru bhukthi.That will be nice.As raghu is in lagana and second to raasi.If it is possible retain him here.Planetary position itself create opportunity to separate him from home.You need not take any step.Best wishes.

  65. TO RAVI

  66. Sir, I've mailed the details you have requested to your email.

  67. hello sir,
    i got one problem at my new job. they are putting me in a different field in which i dont want to go.
    i had a long conversation with them regarding this and try to persuade them but i dont think that i will get a positive response them.
    (i want to go software programming and they are giving me software testing)
    so please sir do tell me what shall i do?
    i had a chat with my friends who are in the same profession. many of them refuse me to do the testing job
    sir i want to know what should i do?

    dob: 02/02/1985
    tob: 06:30 PM
    pob: Mumbai
    thank you sir.

  68. Namaskaram Anna
    Have a good day
    Thanks a lot for your immediate reply anna. I did not understand the term that he will be separated from home. Does it mean he will be away from home on job front or he will be leaving the family once for all. I have a daughter who is of marriageable age. I am confused. Please advise if there are any pariharams.
    Thanking you in advance

  69. Sorry anna
    I forgot to give his DOB
    14.1.61 at 5.20 am in Chennai

  70. Pranams Mama
    My name is Rama. I have 1 son and 2 daughters. My son is 21 years and he says he is in deeply love with a girl who is only 20 years. He studies well. Will he marry this girl of his choice or a girl of my choice? Will he go abroad for further studies. He is in final year BE. A local astrologer said that he will have a divorced life. Is it true? I am confused. Please adivce me. His DOB 19.6.1988 at 19.00 pm at Chennai
    Thanks Rama

  71. To Sudhir
    ----------Guru has come to 10th to raasi. Usually in this position people have many changes in job. Favourable /unfavourable transfer, promotion or depromotion, likethis many job related changes are experienced.In your chart raghu is in 10th. Small obstacle are expected.Better accept the testing job now and try for change later.
    In ashtavarga your 10th lord(profession) gets 3 out of 8 only. So strength of mars 10th lord is nor at all satisfactory.In 10th place raghu is occupying. The 9th place bagya sthana(luck) is having less than averrage points. Better to enjoy what we get readily. One bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

    AS CHANDRA IN 12TH she is a foreign bird. As chandra dasa is running, he may get a chance to go to distant places. But it is better he remains here as his presence may be reqired due to ill health of elders in the family. So better not to take any initiative to go to ship now.Nothing to worry.

  73. To Raviprakash-Rama
    ------------------- I usually do not answer love affairs as no horoscope reading is necessary for love matters.His 7th lord bhuda is in 6th with the 6th lord and kalathrakaraka sukra.So falling in love is not ruled out. As 8th lord chandra in 9th with kethu shows he may have to face obstacles to culminate the love affair into marriage. Luckily chandra has guru's aspect. So things may settle down after some hiccups. As raghu is in 3rd he will be very strong and bold.So he may not heed your advices.He will definitely marry a girl of his choice and that girl will be already known to him. He will definitely go foreign.As the 10th lord (profession) bhudan is in 6th , he will be a rolling stone.
    As the 7th lord(spouse) is having only 3 out of 8 in suya varga, he has to be careful in dealing with his wife. Harsh words to be avoided. As 7th place is occupied by surya aspected by sani from lagna the astrologer might have told you about divorce. I do not think things will move that far. Take it as a caution and let him try to be sober in his temporament. Best of luck.

  74. Dear Sir, I got my Visa as per your predictions. Thanks a lot Nalini

  75. Hello uncle,
    My name is Prabha. I am pursuing my IAS exams. I want to know when I will become IAS. My DOB 23.2.1988 at Dindugal at 4.45 a.m.
    Thanks and regards

  76. Pranams Mama
    Thanks for the reply mama
    I am only worried about my son, who is friendly with a girl, (Yesterday I had written). My main worry is he is very friendly with the girl's mother. I have asked him not to talk to her. Now my doubt is whether this same girl will be his wife? which I am unable to accept. My second doubt is whether he will be friendly with his two sisters, one elder and one younger.
    Thanks mama
    His DOB 19.6.1988 at 19.00 p.m. at Chennai

  77. Dear Sir,

    I am writing for my friend.
    My friend's Details.

    Name : S. Selvam.

    Place of Birth : Dindigul.

    Date of Birth : 19/01/1974.

    Time of Birth : 2:25 AM.

    His father and Mother are no more.
    When He will get married?
    Can he get sutable (compatible) bride,
    Who will satisfy the groom's expectations?
    (He is not Expecting like money or materials from bride and he is expecting only understandable bride.)
    How about his marriage life?

    Can he start new Pharmaceutical business now?

    Thangs and Regards,
    Senthil Nathan.

  78. To Nalini
    ---------Thank you for reporting predictions came true. Happy to learn you got the visa as predicted. It is all God's grace only. So thank God. Read my article on Annadanam.

  79. Isha Adithi
    ------------surya is the indicator of goverment navamsa surya is in 10th profession place. bhuda is the indicator of education.Bhuda is in lagna itself in your raasi chart with 7 out of 8 in suya varga Very strong. So good education.The 4th place is the place of education. In the raasi chart chandra and guru are occupying 4th house.
    So you will have education in the field of psychology, man management.The chandra dasa
    sukra bhukthi upto 17 sep 2011.Chandra is seventh lord and sukra is 10th(profession)
    house lord. So you have all chances of passing
    IAS.(Also marrigae proposal)
    Caution: As chevvai(4th education )house lord
    is hidden in 12th and professin signifactor and lagnathipathi sani is also in 12th hidden hard work alone will bring you sucess. Should be not be complascent because of astrology prediction. Best of luck.

  80. TO RAMA
    --------IT IS NOT possible to say whether he will marry only a particular girl.In the absence of the details of the girl, and a match
    making it is difficult to answer your question.He is prone to love making. He may face problems to culminate the love into marriage.

    As his third place is occupied by raghu and sukra hidden in 6th, chandra affected by kethu, he may not be keeping good relationship with sisters. Only working relationship.

  81. To Senthilnathan-S.Selvam
    ---------------------------His 8th lord bhuda
    in 3rd. So he will not give importance to money in selection of the spouse. The seventh lord sukra is in 3rd asthangatha(burnt) by surya. So marriage is delayed. Sukradasa guru bhukthi upto 8th Oct 2012.The transit guru is aspecting 9th(bagaya) 11th profit, and lagna and raasi. So marrige can take place now. He can also start the business. His lagna is very strong. He will be in a high ranking position in life. Best of luck.

  82. Dear Sir, I've sent you the details to your email which you have told to confirm. Could you check and let me know
    Regards,Srinath G

  83. To Srinath
    ---------- Better you consult local people.
    I am hesitant to write.Forget about astrology and lead a happy life. Consult psychological counsellers.

  84. NAME: pravitha
    sex: female
    DOB: 21-9-1987
    TOB: Thanjavur
    time: 7.30 P.M
    want to know abt yogas in my chart,will i have chance for higher studies abroad( MBA), how abt my financial deeds.. and atlast abt marriage at wat age i would be knotted ( spouse- relation or outsider) Pls help me out sir

  85. To Diva
    ----------You have bhadra yogam, sasimangala yogam, sunaba yogam, satha sanchara yogam.

    Your 4th house and 4house lord have good strength in ashta varga and suyavarga. 4th lord and the knowedge indicator are same,bhuda.So you will shine in any education. You can choose MBA.

    REGARDING FOREIGN, THE 9TH LORD chevvai has gone into 6th and 5th lord in 6th do not favour foreign travel.The 9th house below average parals in ashtavarga. The 9th lord has only 50% strength.With much difficulty only you may go foreign. There also you will have problems.

    In your dhana sthana guru and maanthi. Maanthi in second will give obstacles in bringing income. Guru has to off set maanthi. 2nd lord mars in 6th. So you may have to fight with many foes to bring income.But with the support of lagnathipathi guru you will make money in many ways, some times dubious ways too. As 2,9th lord chevvai is asthangatha-burnt- by surya, you will have to struggle to make money.

    The 3,8th lord sukra got asthangatha -burnt-by surya. Though he is not a friend of lagnathipathi guru, his being a natural benefic his weakening not augurs well.
    No big support by brothers.
    Guru also in vakram retrogation.Marriage, you will have a tendency to be too choosy. You will reject many bachelors for even minor reasons. As raghu in lagna and kethu in 7th
    house, marriage will be delayed. The groom will be from outside only. He will be your own choice.

    Caution: To practice silence and be vary of male-boy-friends.

  86. Namaskaram Anna
    Thanks once again for giving me patient reply for my questions regarding my husband. Now its about my daughter. My questions are:
    1. Regarding her marriage, I want to get her married next year (2011) will it be possible? It seems the rahu is in Jenmam. Is the spouse relative or an out sider? I know it is going to be her choice. How will his family and profession be? An astrologer told me he will be a vegetarian and he will be younger than her. Is is true?
    2. Regarding her studies, will she complete her BE? she is in final year BE (EEE).
    Thanks in advance anna
    Her DOB 11.9.1989 at 9.53 AM at Chennai

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. hello sir,
    i got transfered in development field from testing.thanks sir for guiding me
    i am happy to work here and also capable to do hard studies as the work is very tough.and totally
    new topics are there in the project.sir please tell me can i able to succeed in this field?
    thank you once again.

    dob: 02/02/1985
    tob: 06:30 PM
    pob: Mumbai

  89. To Shiv
    ---------Your mentioning "raghu in janmam" is not present when her horoscope is cast by me in astro vision.Thula lagnam, raghu in kumbam, 5th to lagna.Dhanusu raasi sani in dhanusu with chandra,uththiratam 1st padam.Confirm this please.

    _----------NOW raghu dasa sukra bhukthi upto dec 2010. Then from 21 11 2011 to 22 05 2013 raghu dasa chandra bhukthi. Both these periods are good for marriage.
    As moon in exaltation, sukra in ruling all possibilities of love marriage. As 7th lord bhuda in 12th hidden and asthangatha ,combusted by sun, sukra affected by kethu,the marriage and child birth may be delayed or will face obstacles. Regular worship of Sri Venkateswara will help to bring nice husband. my article on annadanam.

    As knowledge signifactor bhuda is asthangatha burnt by sun and in your 4th place kethu, you have to put extra effort to passout in exams. Best of luck.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Respected Sir,

    Iam a 29 year old female married in Jan 2010 (after posting in your website and your prediction said will be around last qtr 2009 - 2010 Feb which has come true)
    Now my husband is having some health problems. He has TB node in his neck and stomach and have weight loss (which i was aware now and not before wedding) Iam worried as to how his health will be and also our future as he is often getting sick. Please advise about his health and also our future.

    Husband details :
    Name : T.Sangeeth Kumar
    TOB:12.35noon Friday
    POB:Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    My details :
    Name : A.Gaayatthri
    TOB:2.02 pm
    POB:Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  94. Respected Sir,

    I am a 27 year old male working in a bpo , Till now am struggling to settle in a job. Just couple of months ago I joined a good company but still as a fresher and so earnings are not much. I am concerned about my carrier as am still not settled and also about my life at present and after marriage.
    I am planning to work abroad and when is the right time to apply.
    I am planning to get married next year, I will provide you the details of my fiancée, wanted to know how our married life will be.

    My details :
    Name : G.A.Vikramm
    DOB: 09 July 1982
    TOB: 6.02 am (Friday)
    POB: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    Fiancee’s Details:
    Name: J.R. Madhumathi
    DOB: 04 June 1987
    TOB: 8.45 am (Thursday)
    POB: Bangalore, Karnataka

  95. TO ANI
    ---------WHAT YOU WANT IS total study of horoscope. First I want to tell you this is a free forum. I am not healthy enough to sit before the computer for long , first to study the horoscope and then cogently type.Further,
    there is no use in knowing the entire future. All horoscopes are designed in such a way that ups and downs come alternatively. For a boy of 16 if I start telling the negatives both of you will get mentally dejected. So I have to tell only the positives and hide the negatives.

    Astrology has to be used only when you are in some trouble. If your son is not getting good marks now, that is a problem. We can see his planets and make some correction in our life style. Future is hidden from us. That is why we are living happily.If every one knows his end, all will go mad. Use this free forum sparinglyand and judisiously. spare my health too.

    -------------FOR YOUR HUSBAND CHANDRA DASA BHUDA BHUKTHI IS GOING ON TILL 13 MAR 2011 . BHUDA BEING 8TH LORD AND REPRESENTING LUNGS, PROBLEM relating to tb has been found. Do not worry the 6th and 8th disease and longivity houses are very strong. So he will be cured and from Mar 2011 , lead a happy healthy life.
    As sani is in 11th house,longivity is not affected. As 8th lord bhuda is in 10th and asthangatha,burnt by surya some problem of health relating to lungs had cropped up but he will definitely get cured.Do not worry.

    Aathiya hrudayam and vishnu sahasranama parayanam daily is suggested. He will respond to treatment very well. With prayer consult good doctor. There are good medicines nowadays for TB. DO NOT WORRY.

    In your chart also surya the 8th lord (health of husband) has become neecham-debilitation.
    So Aathithya hrudayam chanting and hearing is a must for both of you.Navagraha pradakshinam on saaturdays. One visit to suryanarkoil will do many goods.Also to vaitheeswaran koil I pray for you. Pl. read my annadanam article.

    The 10th lord guru has come to his place meenam. From there he is aspecting 9th to raasi and sani who is in kanni. So you will have good news in job front. Foreign chance also not ruled out as guru aspects 9th house. For love marriages no need to look into the horoscpoes.Best of luck.

  98. thank you sir,
    i will keep in mind that as i am still to give one exam.

  99. Hi Sir
    TOB...10.40 Am

    Till now i am not able to save money.
    When will i able to buy a house .Please advice
    Thanks sunil

  100. Sir, Namaskarams. This is N.Jayaraman (Anu's husband ). As we were out of station, I am unable to reply immediately. Mr.Rajaram are all quite ok. I am doing Export Import Consultancy as well as LIC agency. Would like to know the future of my business. DOB 20.05.1969 Gender: Male POB: Tambaram, Chennai Nakshthram: Punarvasu Rasi: Mithunam III padam. Thanks.

  101. To Natarajan
    ------------- Best wishes to mappilai Jayaramji.Please give time of birth in am/pm.

  102. TO SUNIL
    -------- YOU ARE RUNNING sukra dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 2 Jan 2011. Budha is your lagna and 4th house(real estate) lord.So this is opportune time. With some concerted effort you may get the property.the 4th house has 33 points and lagna has 28 points which are quite satisfactory. But the bhumikaraka chevvai is hidden in 12 and has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga. So worship karthikeya and try. You will be in your own house in the new year 2011.
    Best of luck

  103. Namaste Krishnan Sir,

    You have answered my job related question and your prediction came true.
    Thanks for your prediction.

    Sir, I've another question.Presently I am working as a software consultant in USA.I have applied for my Green card.
    Is there any chance that I will get my Green card in the near future?

    My Details:

    DOB:27th April,1978
    POB:Giddalur,Prakasam(Dt),Andhra Pradesh

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Please help me.

  104. Namaskaram Anna
    You are correct anna. I was told by a local astrolger that she has to get married by next year end. or it is difficult for her to get married as the rahu comes to her rasi at that time (not at the time of birth anna). I once again repeat my questions.
    My questions are:
    1. Regarding her marriage, I want to get her married next year (2011) will it be possible? It seems the rahu is in Jenmam. Is the spouse relative or an out sider? I know it is going to be her choice. How will his family and profession be? An astrologer told me he will be a vegetarian and he will be younger than her. Is is true?
    2. Regarding her studies, will she complete her BE? she is in final year BE (EEE).
    Thanks in advance anna
    Her DOB 11.9.1989 at 9.53 AM at Chennai

  105. Sorry anna
    As I copied and pasted the terms are repeated again. Please ignore the terms It seems the rahu is in Jenmam.

  106. Pranams Mama
    Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my late reply.
    My son is not telling me that girl's DOB. But is it possible to predict what type of girl he will get as his wife? and also when he will get married?
    Thanks Mama

  107. Sorry mama
    I forgot to give his DOB
    his DOB 19.6.1988 at 19.00 p,m. at Chennai

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. DOB: 28/09/1977
    Time: 5.55 AM
    Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar

    Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Namaskaram !!! This is Sujeet again. Actually I got a problem, that's why came to you again. On 10/05/2010 there is a pain started in my chest with the uneasiness feelings. I went thru all the test in leading hospital & reports says everthing is fine & nothing is related to Heart. But still I have a inconsistent paid with the same uneasiness in my chest. Can you pls suggest what's going wrong with me & what is the solution for that.
    Also, I am trying to change my Job since long but nothing is happinening. Pls tell me by when my good time is going to be start.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Sujeet Kumar

  110. To Srini
    -----------Thank you for reporting prediction came true.Please copy paste your question and my answer in the prediction came true column.

    Regarding green card, I do not know when you have applied.Anyway your 9th place is rishaba and its lord is sukra. This 9th place has 32 points well above the average of 28 and sukra has 6 out of 8 in suya varga. Also your 10th lord is in 7th also shows foreign employment.
    Your green card will be got in sukra bhukthi or antharam or raghu antharam
    Now chandra dasa sani bhukthi raghu antharam
    from 12 aug 2010 to 7th nov 2010
    You may get green card during that period. If it is missed then next sukran/raghu antharam are to be checked.
    Many report green card issueing is slowed down after the coming of the new government in USA.
    I Pray you get it without much difficulty.Read my article on Annadanam and spread it.

  111. To Shiv
    --------YOUR DAUGHTER'S marriage will be in
    2011-after April 2011.Yes as on today raghu is in dhanusu raasi. So it is janma raghu. Usually people avoid marriage in janma raghu. Even some times if they get married in jenma raghu or jenma sani ,or jenma kethu the couple may be separated for some reason like not getting a visa or employment of both in different places etc., 7th lord's dasa and lagna lord bhukthi-chevvai dasa sukra bhukthi from 24 Mar 2010 to 24 May 2011.SO MARRIAGE MAY TAKE PLACE IN May 2011.The groom will be
    outsider only. He will be well employed as a manager or team leader. He may be an obstinate and strong willed person.May be an angry type.
    His family will be a traditional and values oriented family.I do not know how your astrologer come to a conclusion he will be a vegetarian.Probably guru aspecting sukra the lagna lord might have made him to think like that.Now a days even the traditional vegetarian family boys going to USA have switched over to any available food.Even parents have started to train the boys to
    adjust to any atmosphere as employment opportunity outside India seems lucrative to them.So vegetarianism is felt as a burden on the shoulders;non vegetarian is looked upon as progressive and vegetarian as a retrogade person.Similarly I do not know how he comes to the conclusion the groom will be younger.I am not that knowledgable in astrology.
    She may have to put extra effort to complete her studies. As maanthi in 4th place and the 4th lord is in 3rd.Bhuda though in uchcham hidden in 12th. Luckily guru is aspecting the 4th lord sani so she will complete with extra efforts. PL. read my article on annadanam and spread to friends.

  112. To Rama
    -------- As his 7th lord bhuda is in 6th with sukra, he will marry a girl of his choice only.
    He will be having some concept peculiar to himself regarding marriage and spouse which he will not reveal to others. He will get disappointed if she is not to his expectations.
    As sani is in lagna and aspecting 7th ,he will procrastinate the marriage pointing some reason or other.he girl will be a knowledgeble, beautiful, dutiful wife. She will adjust with him and in laws.But our hero will find fault with her if she falls short of his peculiar expectations.
    His 7th house lord is bhuda. So wife will be an adjutable type.

    ---------------------- YOU ARE BHARANI 4TH PADA as per drikkanith -astrovision -computer software. May be in vakya panchanga you may be 2 pada.


  114. TO SUJEET
    ----------YOUR LAGNA BEING KANYA, your 3rd and 8th lord is chevvai(mars).Mars is the planet
    related to blood, blood pressure and heart ailments. In your chart mars is in 10th along wih guru(jupiter). As jupter is aspecting the 6th place disease place as also 6th house lord sani along with sukra and bhuda aspect 6th place, you may not have any serious health problem.As guru has come to your raasi
    house on 2 may 2010, it is called janma guru.Janmaguru gives more responsiblity and tiresome work. That way health will be some what upset. But there is no big problem.Do regular pranayama.Make 40 mins brisk walk. Drink plenty of fluids.Avoid gatric food like potatao and oily substances. Eat atleast one fruit and one vegetable salad daily. Sukra dasa is running now. Sukra is your 2, 9th lord.So this time is good only for change of job. Try for change now.You may get a desired change after July 2010.
    Best wishes.

  115. Good Evening sir,


    This is Jayaram from Chennai. My time of birth is 12.10p.m.(Thursday Night) at Chennai, Tambaram.

  116. Thanks for your predictions, Sir.
    Shall I expect a job change now? What are your suggestions or predictions?
    When is the most appropriate time to get married, because I am going to be 28yrs this July.

  117. Dear Sir
    Thank you for your time.

    My details are given below:
    DOB - 5 February 1972
    TOB - 11.33 PM
    POB - Sri Lanka
    Gender - Female

    Can you please tell me when my Sani dasa began and when it is going to end?
    Did I have Rahu dasa just before Sani dasa began?

    Again thank you for your time and effort

  118. To Natarajan
    ------------Again there is some confusion in timing, date of birth, nakshathra, DAY etc.,
    I have taken DOB as 20 May 1969; you have now given the time as 12-10 pm (thyrsday night).If it is pm it should be noon and not night.
    If I take it as 0.10 am on 20 May 1969, it is thiruvaathirai-2 padam tuesday and mithunaraasi, makara laganam.
    So your data does not match.Will you pl. verify and give the correct details again?Sorry for the inconvenience.

  119. To Vikramm
    ------------ Yes.You can expect change in job and foreign chance from now onwards.Time for marriage is also good.If you take steps you can get married between 31July 2010 to 9 Dec 2010,that is,in guru dasa, sani bhukthi, bhudan antharam.Best of luck. Pl. read my article on Annadanam( Always give DOB.TOB. POB
    every time you ask a question. if you do not give that again and again, I have to go back searching. Chances of taking wrong data by me
    is there as similar names appear time and again.)

    ------------------- Place of birth simply as Srilanka is not enough.You have to mention where exactly in Srilanka.IF I TAKE IT AS COLOMBO(ON GUESSING) you enterd sani dasa on
    12th July 2007 to 11th July 2026.
    YOU HAD RAGHU DASA from 11th July 1973 to 12th July 1991.

    In between raghu and sani dasas you had guru dasa from 12 July 1991 to 12 July 2007
    You may again post giving corrct place of birth. If it is a remote village give the nearest famous town/city.

  121. Thanks a lot anna
    Sure Anna. I want to contribute atleast 2 days annadhanam. I shall check the details in annadhanam colum and I shall contribute.
    Thanks and regards

  122. Pranams Mama
    Thanks a lot for your reply. I have one more question regarding his higher studies. He wants to choose between UK and Germany, which one of the countries can he select?
    His DOB 19.6.1988 at 19.00 PM in Chennai

  123. To Rama
    --------This is not by his chart I am telling;by the general knoeledge and commonsense I am telling.UK is better as English language used by us is somewhat akin to
    Britishers as we learnt it from them.In Germany number of people knowing English is limited. 85% population talk only German. No one will reply in English. My daughter was in Germany for 10 months, her exprience I am reflecting.
    Racialism in England comparitivly lesser than Germany. 'Son of the soil' theory is more in Germany. Better he goes to UK. My daughter is there for the past 4 years.She has not complained any thing about London.

  124. Thank you
    Colombo is correct
    Thank you again

  125. Dear Sir
    My details again
    DOB - 5 February 1972
    TOB - 11.33 PM
    POB - Colombo
    Gender - Female
    My Sani dasa sani bukthi period you said would end in 14th July and then it would be Sani dasa Budha bukthi. Could you please tell me when did the Sani dasa Sani bukthi period start??? Was it in 12 July 2007?

    I read somewhere that Sani takes 2.5 years to pass through each moonsign. Does that mean I would have Sani dasa budha bukthi for 2.5 years? and after that Sani dasa ketu bukthi and so on......

    Thankyou again for your time

  126. Namaste sir,

    Please tell me when I will get a job.The appartment we bought will we have it.when will the financial worries end.

    DOB?: 15-12-1972
    TOB: 11am
    POB: hyderabad.


  127. TO racheldsilva72
    This is the first time that I get such queries about horoscope positions. Some people get confused regarding their chart. If I say some thing, hope you will not raise some other point in your chart.

    sani dasa sani bhukthi 12-7-2007 to 14-7-2010
    sani dasa bhudabhukthi 14-7-2010 to 24-3-2013
    sani dasa kethubhukthi 24-3-2013 to 02-5-2014
    sani dasa sukrabhukthi 02-5-2014 to 02-7-2017
    sani dasa suryabhukthi 02-7-2017 to 14-6-2018
    sani dasachandrabukthi 14-6-2018 to 13-1-2020
    sani dasachevvaibukthi 13-1-2020 to 21-2-2021
    sani dasa raghubhukthi 21-2-2021 to29-12-2023
    sani dasa guru bhukthi 29-12-2023to 11-7-2026

    Yes sani takes 2.5 years to cross one rasi. It takes 30 years to go round all the 12 rasis.
    That is different. Dasa bhukthi is different.
    Sani dasa is of 19 years.In that all other planets have their sub periods called bhukthi.

    You are a thula lagna thula rasi subject.For thulam sani is yoga karaka.Good lucky planet.
    So sani will not do any harm to you.As he has
    no suyavarga strength, you have to worship Anjaneya regularly.
    Best of luck.

  128. TO Kiran
    ----------Sukra dasa bhuda bhukthi from 30 Oct 2010 to 30 August 2013.All your problems will be solved during that period.You will hear positively on job front from now. Best of luck.

  129. Dear Sir
    I am VERY SORRY if my last comment was troublesome. It is simply that all astrologers who have looked at my horoscope have said that I have nothing to worry about with Sani. That even if I lose a job I will always get another one.
    Because i still have not got a job my mother got my horoscope read and he said the same thing - i will never be without a job for long. He said that i have saturn Erashtaka from September 2009 but even this is nothing to worry about.

    LAST question concerning my chart.
    Is Saturn Erashtaka the same as 7.5 years Sani?
    Thank you again for your time and effort.

  130. To racheldesilva72
    Erashtaka is a term used by astrologers of srilanka only. If you google search erashtaka
    all URLs which open are only of Srilankan site. No indian talks about erashtaka.
    As this was a new terminology, I read and found it, I suppose, that they take the lagna croosing of saturn also as 7.5 sani. I am not clear/sure about it.

    In your case you are both thula lagna and thula raasi subject. For thulam, sani is 4,5th lord . As he is the lord of both a trikona and a kendra, he becomes an yogakaraka.So he has to do good only to thulam whereever he is.
    In your chart he is in 8th rihaba which is again the house of sukra as thulam is.A natural malefic going into 8th is good. But in your case he is a yogakaraka hiding in 8th , how for it is good? So I think he has been weakened.
    As this is 2nd round of 7.5 sani and and (erashtaka too?) you are likely to have good results only.The raasi where he is now housed in tansit kanya is a friendly place to him. Thulam is where he is in exaltation.So being thula raasi/lagna subject,you have to reap the good benefit from yogakaraka.

    Your 10th place is kataka whose lord is in lagana itself with 5 out of 8 in suyavarga which is good.The 10th place kataka is having 30 points , well above the average of 28 in ashtavarga.So employment house and lord is not at all affectded.But sani is the profession signifactor.He is having only 1 out of 8in astavrga.So he has become very weak. As profession signaifactor his hiding in 8th has not helped you. So his dasa is also not helping you. His bhukthi upto july 2010. Only after that some results will be known. Now in
    meenam guru has transitted and aspect kataka 10th place to raasi and also sani the yogakaraka and profession signifactor.So after july 2010, you will get interviews.
    If only you have simply stated your problem without asking details about dasa bhukthi etc., my time would have been saved.I request all who read this to spare me my health and
    time. Read my problem of health in the header.

  131. 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    This is closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go to astrology may 2010 -two(2)!!!!!


  132. Namaskaram Mama,

    My name is Yogesh.

    I have a query on my marriage. I have been interested in a girl for 2 years now but not same from his side. I don't know about her dicision about me.

    whether she will enter in my life or not?

    When will our marriage happen and will my parents give in ?

    Please give me some ray of hope.

    Please give me your result for my marraige life.

    My details :
    Date of Birth : 28/07/1985
    Place of Birth : Mumbai
    Time of birth : 12:25 PM

  133. To Zilu
    -------Astrology is only for arranged marriages.In your horoscope we may be able to say whether you have the chance of marrying a known girl or a relative(whom you migtht have loved) It may not be possible to say whether some one will enter your life or heart with out knowing her details. You yourself is not sure about her liking. How you expect astrology can come to your help? Are you settled in your life? Why go after a girl when you have to cocentrate on your career development? This column is closed go to Astrology Q&A MAY 2010-TWO(2)




  134. Hi Sir,
    My date of birth : 09-07-1985
    My place of birth : parbhani
    Time of birth : 03:45 am appr.
    My lagna is taurus and venus is in taurus.

    sir from 3 and 1/2 years i am away from home.
    Although my place of birth is parbhani my native place is hyderabad and i am staying there from 20 years with my parents.
    i got a job in march 2007 in a software company in chennai.i resigned the job in march 26 and joined BSNL a government enterprise company.Sir i am always away from home, will there be any change in job to my native place .i am very depressed of thinking that i have to stay away from home throughout my career.Sir please look into my birth chart and suggest me any remedies.I am eagerly waiting for your reply. plz....................