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Please post your questions for MAY 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?

Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.
Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me
I do not appreciate that.


  1. Namaskar kmr.krishnan Uncle

    Good morning to You

    Sir When will i get married, and if possible i wanted to know about my wife whether she will be in job, her looks. As my 7th house has only 19 points what is the effect of it on my married life or it will only affect the business if i do in partnership.

    My details

    Date- 26-12-1982 (male)
    Time - 00.04 A.M ( night of 25th dec ) ( 4 minutes past midnight)
    Place- Pune ( State- maharashtra country- India)
    18.32 N
    73.52 E

    virgo ascendent ( I use Jagannatha hora)
    mesh rashi

  2. Hello sir,
    This is saipriya, how are you sir? I have already posted in this blog sir , a query regarding my job in the month of febuary 9th 2010 . you replied me that ill get job within may 3th sir, but unfortunately I didn’t get job sir, iam striving hard for it but no use iam not getting selected sir, please
    Can you tel me ,when ill get job ? sir, iam running surya dasa sani bhukthi from tomorrow sir, my parents are very much worried regarding my job , please help me sir
    Thanking you for ur reply in advance sir,
    My details
    Date of birth>24-05-1988
    Time of birth- 8 :10AM
    Place of birth:chennai

  3. Namaskaram Mama,

    I have a query on my marriage. But before I post my question let me pray lord Narayana for your better health.

    I have been interested in a boy for 5 years now and same form his side also. His parents have accepted in us getting married but my parents have been against. They were initially blaming it on our horoscopes mismatch that I have kalathra dosham where if i married this boy he would die. But we consulted a few people and they tell us that our horoscopes are well matched and nothing would happen. We now feel it has become too long and we should get married.
    When will our marriage happen and will my parents give in ?

    We have done lots of pariharams and poojai's on this front in all these years and still my parents are stubborn. Both of us are iyengars. Please give us some ray of hope.

    My details :
    Date of Birth : 21/05/1984
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    Time of birth : 5:09 AM

    Details of the boy:
    Date of Birth : 09/05/1982
    PLace of Birth : Chennai
    Time of Birth : 07:10 PM

  4. To Chetan
    ----------- Even now, when transit sukra glides over natal(birth chart) raghu, marriage can take place as per nadi rules.In your birth chart raghu is in mithuna. Now transit venus has come to mithuna.So marriage can take place between 16th May 2010 to 10th June 2010.

    19 points is quite sufficient to lead a average married life. For marriage it is enough. As you said for partnership more points in 7th will help.

    As per dasa bhukthi best time for marriage is chandra dasa chandra bhukthi.That is going to be from 29 Aug 2012 to 29 June 2013.

    AS 11th lord chandra in 8th,your wife will bring wealth. As the 7th lord is guru and the 7th lord aspects his own place, she will be dharmic, religious and a preceptor type. She will have brahminical type-traditional.May be a strict vegetarian.

    Let surya dasa sani bhukthi cross over on 17 June 2010.Some good changes we can expect after that in bhuda bhukthi as bhuda is the lagna lord. Best of luck.

  5. Namaskarams Mama.

    This is regarding my brother. After having a marital discord, he now has reconciled and is living with his wife with not so good relationship. The wife wants a child somehow and has done all pariharams (including rameshwaram visit recently). The details are:

    Brother: 25th May 1974 at Bangalore, 11.40 night.
    Wife: 15/02/1980 at Erode, 3.45 afternoon.

    Thanks for your help, Chitra.

  6. To SaiPriya
    -------------To make the prediction come true,
    God has to help. Also we may tell a time frame, not exact date of an event. Astrology has its own limitations.Astrologers have their own short comings.

    What is the use of fearing a dasa bhukthi?Daily surya comes on the east. Can we fear him?
    Every week saturday comes. Can we fear that day week after week? Instead of fearing strengthen prayers.Pray surya with aathithya hrudayam. Worship Anjaneya for sani bhukthi.

    In ashtavarga your 10th house has 36 parals which is quite high.the 10th lord guru has 6 out of 8 in suya varga.This alone will see you to join a good job do not worry.Sani the profession signifactor is having only 2 out of 8. but sani is your 9th lord too.Sani has the aspect of the 10th lord guru who is strong.So job will definitely come to you.
    But when? I am able to grasp the question flashing your mind.Next antharam is bhuda antharam which is lagnathipathi antharam
    that is from 13 July 2010 to 31 Aug 2010.
    Let us hope and pray you will get the job during that period.
    If you see the Sunddarakanda parayana book
    you can see the sargams to be chanted for getting job. Chant them with devotion as directed.Best of luck.

  7. sir,
    thank you for your valuable reply sir, iam already chanting adithya hrudayam ill follow
    as per your words sir,
    thank you once again sir,

    ------------ FOR YOU RAGHU DASA SUKRA BHUKTHI UPTO 13 sep 2010.sukra raghu combination brings marriage.Now guru is in meenam and aspecting 7th kataka.That also one factor which brings marriage.The lagnathipathi mars
    is in kataka upto 26 th may 2010 aftr that date mars goes to 5th to lagna and 8th to raasi and to its friend's place.Mixed results.

    For your would-be too transit guru is meeting
    chart sukra in meenam from 2 may 2010.That will bring marriage.Transit guru aspects 9th(bagaya),11th(profit), rasi and lagana.That also brings marriage.kethu dasa guru bhukthi is not that bad.That is upto 13th oct 2010. Guru bhukthi can give him child.For that marriage has to take place.
    From now on any muhurtham is good.Your wedding day has come near.
    Your father will not agree till the end.His mother may not be happy though she may not show it openly.
    I am not matching horoscopes for love marriages for that is not necessary.
    Best of luck.

    ---------------I pray to my family deity Thenkarai Maharajah to make my reading and prediction false and bless your brother have a child.
    According to nadi rules if to raghu is 5th or 7th,9th surya or sukra is housed, the subject may not have child. In your brother's chart
    raghu in 5th(child) and to its 5th is sukra and 7th surya. But in ashta varga 5th place has 31 parals. That is a hope. but 5th lord mars is hidden in 12th with a suya varga paral of low 2 out of 8. So we are left to say child is denied to him.As I said God has to give him proving me wrong. That is my wish.
    In his wife's chart also 5th house has only
    22 parals. Also in navamsa lagna raghu and the 5th lord bhuda in neecham.
    May God help them to get a child. When I get to say negatives, I feel like quitting this predictions.

  10. dear sir namaskaar, im born on 18 october 1981 at 13.50 at ludhiana. currently im a govt school teacher from last 9 years.im preparing for CIVIL SERVICE EXAM but i havent succeeded yet. is there any yoga in my janam kundali for high post.

  11. Hello Mama,

    Thank you so much for your prediction. Just to know how can you tell me with which planetary placement as reference were you able to tell that my father would not agree till the end ? I have some knowledge of astrology and this could be a learning for me if you could let me know. Would there be any influences of my mother on my marriage? And how would our married life be post marriage?
    I just hope there is nothing ill seen to my would-be's longevity under the influence of my horoscope because that is the reason my parents have been giving and recently i got to know that their actual hidden reason is status. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    My details :
    Date of Birth : 21/05/1984
    Place of Birth : Chennai
    Time of birth : 5:09 AM

    Details of the boy:
    Date of Birth : 09/05/1982
    PLace of Birth : Chennai
    Time of Birth : 07:10 PM

  12. to ajay
    ------- I have to give you "yes and no" answer.
    You may judge yourself.
    Your lagna is makara.The 4th place education is mesha. Mesha has 33 points in ashtavarga and the mesha lord has gone to simmah which place has also 33 points in ashta varga.The mesha lord mangal(mars-kuja)has 5 out of 8 in suya varga.So 4th house, 4th lord and the house 4th lord has gone all are powerful.As your lagna is sani you have managerial work.
    But sani has only low suyavarga paral of 2 out of 8.Again bhuda is the significator for education, knowledge.He has only 3 out of 8 in suyavarga.Further bhuda,guru and sani had been asthangatha(burnt) by sun.Sun though in neecham got neechabanga status.Bhudhikaraka bhuda is in retrogation also.Under these circumstances your success in exams may be ELUCIVE.
    Sutya is the indicator for govt., jobs.He is in profession place. That shows you get salary from govt., Sani the lagna, second house lord is in bhagya house 9th with guru. Sani being the karaka -signifactor for profession as also indicates leadership qualities, you may also succeed in IAS.
    You have gajakesari yoga, amala yoga and parvatha yoga.Parvatha yoga gives leadership for a limited area like a town or city.Gajakesari yogam gives all sorts of luck
    and annuls the bad effects of other bad yoga.
    Your chart is such that you suffer in early life and lead a good life in later life.

    So do not stop trying IAS. BUT IT WILL NOT BE AN EASY CAKE WALK FOR YOU. You have to work hard to pass out. Best of luck.

    ----------- THE 9TH LORD GURU IS WITH MAANTHI IN DHANUSU IN HIS OWN PLACE.The ninth house has only 26 parals in ashtavarga which is below average of 28.Surya, pithru karaka is in
    2nd to lagna with raghu. The place he is occupying is rishaba which has an ashtavarga parals of 24- below average. 9th maanthi shows you are not a person who will heed the advices of others let alone elders.(do not misstake me, that is what the books say-"பெரியோர்களை மதிக்காதவர். விவாதம் செய்யும் நாத்திகவாதி")
    Surya has only 4 out of 8.You have only working relationship with father.
    Your 4th lord is chandra who is in 10th and aspecting 4th itself.Both 4th place and 10th place where chandra is sitting, has above avrage parals in ashtavarga.So your mother will yield to you.In dwadasamsa both chandra, surya,are together in 6th.Also with chevvai and guru,So your entire family is in pagai Veedu 6th.What am I to say? Am I clear?
    Your would be's 8th lord has 5 out of 8 in suyavarga.So husband has more than 'maththima ayul'.Hope you will not discuss all these to your father. He may become angry with me for
    giving you additional points for convincing him and encouraging(?) your marriage which he is opposed to!
    Please read my article on 'annadhanam' and act and spread to friends.

  14. Pranams Mama
    Thanks a lot for your reply mama.
    This is same concern about my son. I want to when he will get married?
    and also how is his relationship with his mother (Myself) and his father (my husband)?
    His DOB 19.6.1988 at 19.00 pm in Chennai
    Thanks mama

  15. To Ajay
    -------- I typed a very lengthy reply to you. When posted, server failed.So I am typing again.The same spirit and insight is absent this time.
    Your lagna being makara 4th house(education) is mesha whose lord is mangal-mars. Now the 4th house has 33 points as also the 8th place simmah where the 4th lord entered 33 points. These are the best positive points.Also mangal though hidden in 8th has 5 out of 8 in suya varga.So higher education is not ruled out.
    but the bhudhikaraka, knowledge signifactor bhuda has only 3 out of 8. Also bhuda, guru and
    sani are asthngatha burnt by surya.Also bhuda in retrogation. All these are the negative points.
    As you hav gajakesari yogam amala yogam and parvatha yogam. Gajakesari makes you lucky, parvatha makes a ruler of atleast a small area. So that wway you can be succeessful in IAS.
    10TH PLACE HAS SURYA,in neecha banga position.
    Surya is the indicator of govt., jobs.So you have plus and negatives eqully balanced. Give a hard trial.Upto 13 oct 2011 dasa bhukthi is good.So try, try, try.
    Read my article on annadanam and act;spread to friends.

  16. TO RAMA
    --------DON'T you feel it is too much? If the same persons occupy the space and time, how the first timers will get a quick reply.I think you will be haviing direct experience of your son's relationship with both of you? Where is the need for horoscope study? And what is the use of knowing it now when he is not even settled in life? If I mention some negatives will you not form prejudice,that too when he is going ahead with a girl of his choice? So I am not interested to reply. Sorry.

  17. TO AJAY

  18. Hello Mama,

    We have waited for 5 years now in the hope that my parents would understand and now we feel it getting too long and we have decided to go ahead if after one last round of talks they dont give in. How is the future looking for us if we proceed this way and get married? I see a guru desai form me and a sukra desai for my would-be coming up in another couple of years which I feel is a good sign of progress in life.
    Please let me know. I have posted for information on annadhanam under that label.

    Thanks in advance for your predictions and looking forward for your blessings.

  19. Pranams Mama
    Sorry Mama
    I think I troubled you a lot out of my anxiety. I perfectly understand your situation. It is okay. I hope one day I will get reply
    Thanks for your reply on other questions. Sorry once again.

  20. Sir,

    DOB:27-03-1983 TOB:13:33 POB:Coimbatore
    The 7th & 8th Lord is in Exaltation / Retrgograde. What does it signify?


  21. Dear Sir,

    My DOB 7/11/1978, TOB : 0855, Place : Singapore

    I currently in job & getting praise as you predicted. There are some up & downs also.My main worry is income - is it possible for me get better pay job ?

    Sorry Sir I really have very heavy commitment that is why I am asking.

    I also concerned about marriage.

    -------------YES THE NATURAL benefics guru and sukra dasa will definitely help in future.
    I have given my mail ID in the annadhanam thread. Pl send a mail.

  23. Namaskara Sir,
    How are you sir? Hope everything is good and well.
    Sometime back I discussed my family matters with you and got good guidance from you.
    My details:
    DOB: 11 January 1979
    Gender: Male
    TOB: 08:50 AM
    POB: Nagpur, Maharashtra

    Sir, I like to know from my birth chart about my
    1) Atmakaraka and Ishta deva
    2) Kendra and Trikona lord

  24. To Srinath
    -----------You being a kataka lagna subject, your 7,8th places are makara and kumba. All katakalagna people complain about wife because
    7th lord is sani. Wife takes dominant role which kataka lagna male does not like.In your case 7,8 th lord sani has becomme uchcham;that is exaltation;that again means powerful.So wife is powerful and dominates the scene.In your chart sani in thulam is in uchcham but also in retrogation that is he is moving in opposite direction-anticlockwise direction.
    In vrichikam guru is placed.Sani is moving away
    from guru that means she is not heeding to wiser counsel and stuck up with separation motive.

  25. To jasmine000
    --------------Your 2nd(dhana-wealth) and 5th(poorvapunya-child) lord is guru.He is in your 9th(bhagya-luck)place.The 9th lord in 3rd and getting the aspect of guru.So you will get high paying jobs.
    A powerful chandra and powerful guru aspect each other and gajakesari yogam is formed.So all ill effects of the horoscope is wiped out.Further ruchaga yogam, aganda saamrajaya yogam, neecha banga yogam, amala yogam are present. One or the other will come to your help.
    Raghu dasa ends on 16 Feb 2012.Till then your
    progress will be probably slow.After that guru dasa starts.Guru dasa will take you to heights.Be patient till the beginning of 2012.
    Now raghu dasa chandran bhukthi.This is good time for marriage.As guru is aspecting 7th to rasi,also 9th and 11th to rasi which is also lagna for you,and aspects 9th,11th and lagna itself, marriage is nearing you.Raghu dasa chandra bhukthi will be over on 28th Jan 2011.
    I think you will get married in raghu dasa chandra bhukthi sukran antharam from 1 Oct 2010 to 1 Jan 2011.
    Best of lucck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ----------YOUR FIRST question athmakaraka and
    ishta devata.Ishtadevata is the deity which you choose for worship according to your taste.
    That will not be in the horoscope.You have to choose a deity according to your moods and temparament. Those who are lacking in self confidence and fearing in nature, may choose ferocious deity with weapons which may give them some boldness.Those who are soft but with self confidence may choose a gentle deity like Sri Krishna.Those who like children may choose Baby Krishna. THAT IS ISHTA, Your own liking.
    Athma karaka, in astrology we take surya as the ultimate Paramatma.So you may take surya as your athmakaraka or the deity of the place where surya is sitting.In your case surya is sitting in Guru's place. So you can worship
    Dakshina murthy Shiva.
    Or your 5th lord is sukra. So you can worship Tirupathi Balaji.

    Second question kendra, trikona
    1,4 ,7 10 houses are kendras(in your case makara, mesha,kataka and thula are kendras)

    1,5,9 houses are trikona.(in your case makara, rishaba and kanya are trikona houses)

    Post only problems. Astrology lessons you get elseware.Spare my time and health.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  27. Sir, Thank you very much for the analysis.

    Just of curiosity, is there some remedy that can be done for 7th and 8th lord.

    Also, i would like to know what is the effect of the 8th house in this case?

    Srinath G

  28. Dear Sir
    I have provided below details of what you have said so that you don't have to work on it again. I was told that a blue sapphire (neelam) would help in the good effects of Sani and I have been wearing a blue sapphire ring for the past two years but it is very small (less than one carat and looks almost black -if i hold it to the light i can see that it is dark blue). Can you please tell me if there is a minimum size , colour type that should be worn?
    Also I saw on a Indian astrological site that "The benefic effects of the Sapphire will be increased if it is worn along with Diamond, which is the gem stone of Venus, the lord of this Ascendant and also Emerald gem stone of Mercury, the lord of the ninth house". Will it be ok if i do this?

    Below is what you have said concerning my problems.............
    In your case you are both thula lagna and thula raasi subject. For thulam, sani is 4,5th lord . As he is the lord of both a trikona and a kendra, he becomes an yogakaraka.So he has to do good only to thulam whereever he is.
    In your chart he is in 8th rihaba which is again the house of sukra as thulam is.A natural malefic going into 8th is good. But in your case he is a yogakaraka hiding in 8th , how for it is good? So I think he has been weakened.
    As this is 2nd round of 7.5 sani and and (erashtaka too?) you are likely to have good results only.The raasi where he is now housed in tansit kanya is a friendly place to him. Thulam is where he is in exaltation.So being thula raasi/lagna subject,you have to reap the good benefit from yogakaraka.

    Your 10th place is kataka whose lord is in lagana itself with 5 out of 8 in suyavarga which is good.The 10th place kataka is having 30 points , well above the average of 28 in ashtavarga.So employment house and lord is not at all affectded.But sani is the profession signifactor.He is having only 1 out of 8in astavrga.So he has become very weak. As profession signaifactor his hiding in 8th has not helped you. So his dasa is also not helping you. His bhukthi upto july 2010. Only after that some results will be known. Now in
    meenam guru has transitted and aspect kataka 10th place to raasi and also sani the yogakaraka and profession signifactor.So after july 2010, you will get interviews.

    Again thank you for your time, kindness and patience

  29. To Srinath
    -----------EFFECT OF 8th house is getting defamed.8th lord in 4th means you might have been brought up away from mother in younger years.So devoid of mother's care, you might have become an introvert and unable to judge people from their speech and appearence.So you will believe the wrong people and move away from good ones.You will be a restless person.
    May have to take care of parents who might have fallen sick.

    If you want propiciate Saneeswara, visit Thirunaalaru once,make navagraha prdakshinam on Saturdays,light a lamp in Anjaneya sannithi on Saturdays,place a handful of cooked rice to crows daily with some ellu-gingily seeds,recite 'kolaru thirupathigam' daily. Best of luck.

  30. To racheldesilva72
    -------------------- I am not a gemmologist. I do not know much except what stone for which planet/rasi. Blue sapphire for Sani bagwan is okay. The size and all please consult the specialists in that field. Nowadays jwellery shops make lucrative business based on this beleif with the help of astrologers. I do not colloborate with them.

    Both blue sapphire and diamond are to be kept at Poojaa room for 3 months, observe any bad effect, negatives happening, and if found okay only to be worn. There are many cheats in the field. So appoach the correct jwellereven if he is costly.
    Sri Lanka being a stone producing country, this beleief is strong there.

  31. Dear Sir,
    Sure, i will take care of not troubling you asking astrology question.

    My details:
    DOB: 11 January 1979
    Gender: Male
    TOB: 08:50 AM
    POB: Nagpur, Maharashtra

    I want to do freelancing or my won business. Will i get successes in this.

    ----------In a hidden way you people going on asking too many questions and try to make me read your full horoscope. Astrology is to be touched only when you have some problem.Too much probing the future is of no use.Success or failure are not permanent.If you do our own business you will not have continuous success. Your mind set has to be such that you are ready to face sometimes failure also.
    This forum is not for chatting.I have no time or health for that.Drop the tendency to go on asking questions one after the other.Read about my health condition in the header.
    Remember this is a free forum. People turn a blind eye to my annadanam appeal even if I draw their attention. But they are liberal in asking questions. Thank you.

  33. Hello sir,
    I am sending you my friend daughter's birth details.Will you kindly suggest me, when she will get married?
    Thank you!

  34. To pbalagourou
    ---------------IF ATTEMPTS ARE MADE , SHE WILL GET MARRIED between 12 August 2010 to 13 Jan 2011.Even after that some months are marriage time only.Best of luck.

  35. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for all guidance. Yes I feel my progress is slow and up,down. My education level and job position is not match.

    I wish to make a Annadanam contribution. Kindly give me some time to get back to you on this.

    I sincerely hope to find a good partner. Will keep in touch with you.

  36. Hello sir,
    How are you? I hope you are fine and well.
    My name is prashant. I am working as an accountant with a private co. since last 2.5 years. I want to know when i will get a better job than this as i have joined this job for more work experience. I am elder son of my family. the responsibilities of my family is now on me.
    I also given exam of m.com-1 during 24 to 30 april 2010 and pdgfm during 03 to 13 may 2010. Will i secure better marks?
    My personal details:
    Date of Birth : 7th may 1985
    Time of Birth : 10.55 am
    Placeof Birth : Bhayandar, Dist-thane, maharashtra.

    Pls. reply me

    Have a good day sir.

  37. Dear Sir,
    DOB:29-01-1986 TOB:04:29AM POB:Ottapalam
    Could you let know about the prospects of child?

    Now sukradasa bhuda bhukthi from 13th August 2009 to 13th June 2012.Sukra is a friendly planet for your kanya lagna being 2nd, and 9th lord.Bhuda is your lagna lord and 10th(profession) lord.Though he is in debilitated position, his occupation of 7th and a suyavarga paral of 4 out of 8,will definitely come to your help.
    you have malaviya yogam, neech bhanga yogam and saraswathi yogam. So you will have a nice future. Ss bhuda is the knowledge and education signifactor,as also the 4th lord guru is now aspecting both lagana and raasi,
    you will surly pass the exams in flying colours.Best of luck.

  39. To Indu
    --------As raghu is in 5th and the 5th lord mars hidden in 12 th and in combination with sani,child birth may be delayed.
    The 5th lord's dasa starts on 17th August 2010.That is a good period.
    Chevvai dasa gurubhukthi from 1st Feb 2012 to
    7th Jan 2013.I expect you will have a child at that time. Chant Bala Mukunthaashtakam daily atleast once. Worship Subramaniya, and Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays.Best of luck.

  40. Dear Sir,

    How are your sir, i given my wife birth details and we are expecting our second child by end of may. my question is whether it could normal delivery or caesarean delivery.

    DOB: 02/06/1981
    TOB: 8.40 am
    POB: Chennai

  41. Dear Sir, i am marrying this girl- she is a divorceee with 11 year old daughter.. my divorce is getting finalised. please tell me this will be good combination.. i dont want to again get into trouble.

    my details-
    place- gauribidanur karnataka
    time-0810 hrs

    my future wife details
    date- 09-03-1976
    place- sagar-shimoga dist karnataka
    time-00-22 hrs

  42. To Nanda
    ---------- 5th(child) place to rasi is occupied by sani in transit. But in 11th place guru is now in athisara and aspecting sani. Sani is yogakaraka for rasi and a friend to lagnathipathi bhuda. So sani though in 5th will not make any hindrance.The transit of sukra and bhdha are good. Surya in rasi till 14th june'10 is the only distubing factor.As so many other planets are helping, it will be a normal delivery only.Please chant aathithya hrudaya sthothram daily 3 times as a prayer to surya. Best of luck.

  43. name: pravita
    DOB: 21 - SEP - 1987
    TOB: 7.30 P.M
    PLACE: Thanjavur

    my parents looking alliance for me. sir pls can u say when i will get married. what would be spouse profession and where would he come from.

  44. To Santhosh
    ------------From your posting I feel you have already come to a decision to go ahead with the marriage. So if we discuss the plantary position and all,it is not going to help. What ever dosha was there had been wiped out in the first marriage failure of both. The horoscopes match 70%. You have to make thourough enquiry about the would be.if satisfied , I think you may go ahead. As per your horoscope you have high expectations about wife.You may have to water down your expectations.Best of luck.

  45. TO DIVA

    Husband will be a computer engineer or maths professor as 7th lord bhuda is very strong.
    He may come from south side. He will look handsome and beautiful.

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  47. respected sir,
    greetings.first of all i thank you for doing this wonderful service through this site.like others I have also approached you with my difficulties.
    i have been married for 1 year and am yet to conceive.i humbly request you to perdict the time for conceiveing a child.

    my details


    11.50 PM



    my husband's


    12.17 PM



    i will be immensely greatful to you.i am feeling really depressed because of this.please help me.

    beat regards

  48. to krits- krithika
    --------------------one year is too early a period to get anxious about child birth.you are a makara lagna subject.your 5th house(child) lord and yogakaraka is sukra.5th lord had occupied 6th. that is why you are anxious about child too early.the 6th,9th lord bhuda is in 5th. that way bhuda and sukra 5th and 6th lords have exchanged places(parivarthana)
    that is very good.the 5th lord sukra gets guru's aspect.guru is strong in 2nd and aspects a sukra who is having 50%strength.you must have a female child between 4 aug'11 to
    4 april '14. guru dasa sukra bhukthi sukran antharam may help you between 4 augu'11 to 13th jan 2012.
    in your husband's chart guru dasa chandra bhukthi from 20 mar '12 to 20 july 2013.

    2012 or 2014 may be the year of child.
    chant bala mukunthaashtakam daily.

  49. thank you sir i will inform you once i am get married. please tel me how i can send some money for your charity.
    right now i am travelling in 15 days time i will send across some money.


  50. respected sir...
    thanks a lot for your prompt reply.i am very much relieved.your words have given me immense confidence esp when i am away from my family in this distant country..i thank you once again.


    Please send a mail to my mail ID:


  52. sir..
    sorry to trouble you again.can i know the prospects of higher studies and career as i am appearing for a competitive exam next month..
    and 1 more doubt..now guru bagawan is in a favorable position bcos i have heard that when guru is in 5th place thee are chances of child birth.please correct me if i am wrong.i am just asking this out of curiosity and not to question your previous reply..

  53. To Krits-krthika
    Your 4th lord (EDUCATION) CHEVVAI is in katkam
    which is 10th place to raasi. He is released from his debilitated position in kataka and moves to simmah , afriend's place which is 11th to rasi from 28th may '10. Bhuda is also in good position in coming monthe upto Sep'10.So you will win in your exam. Good luck.
    Guru is now in your 6th place to raasi and aspecting 10th, 12th and 2nd to raasi. Again guru is now in 3rd to lagna and aspects 7th 9th and 11th to lagna. So on both the counts Guru is not connected with 5th(child)house.
    We have to take so many other factors also beyond guru's movements. For makara lagna guru is 3,12th lord. For thula raasi guru is 3rd and 6th lord.So not a good one to both.
    I'll be the most happy person if you get the child even before the time I mentioned in my previous answer. Good luck.

  54. Hi sir,
    How ru ???? sir ur predictions came true... I got n mm getting surprizing results. I will post the matter in predictions came true secction.

    Thanx n Regards
    Ravi Prakkash

  55. To Ravi
    ---------I am most happy to hear the prdiction coming true. An asrologer is like a surgeon. The surgeon does the surgery and it is in God's hand to heal the patient. Likewise an astrologer anlyses the planetary positions and gives the predictions. It is in the hand's of God to make the prediction to come true.

    Happy you are relocating to chennai. But I live in a moffusil town 315 km away from chennai. you are welcome to our historical temple town,Thanjavur.

  56. Thanq for ur invitation sir... na .. na.. ... guruzi :)

  57. hello sir, hope u r doing well...
    sorry to trouble u again but i'm still not able to get a job. I have been attending so many interviews but everytime i get nervous and i fail to clear it. Why is this happening. Iam trying a lot to be confident but still somewhere iam not able to . Kindly advice.
    Will I ever get a job??


  58. To Roopa
    ----------- Be assured yours is a lucky horoscope.Your 7rh lord in 10th along with the 10th lord himself will definitely give you a good job very soon.The 3rd lord has to give you fearlessness. In your chart guru is the 3rd lord and guru is in 7th aspecting the lagna and 11th profit house and 3rd the house for dhairya,so you will muster enough strength to face the interview.You are running sukra dasa sukran bhukthi from 4 Dec 2009 to 5th April 2013.In that Chandran antharam from 25 August to 4th Dec 2010.I hope you will clear interviws during that period.Even before that Surya's transit in mithuna your 9th house will give many positive results.That is between 15th June 2010 to 16th july 2010. Best wishes.

  59. Dear Sir,
    Namaskarams,With god's blessings hope you are doing great.My DOB:15/08/73, TOB:1:45am, POB:MADRAS EGMORE. I would like to start a business. If I want to start, what kind of business will do best for me [in which line]as per my horoscope. It should be owned by myself or it can be a partnership one. When can I start? kindly advise me Sir.
    Thanking you,
    Warm regards

  60. Respected Sir,

    I had asked few questions in May 2010 session and got your reply. Thank you very much. I would like to contribute some amount for the Annadhanam scheme...Sorry i searched in the blog but could not find the details like the address etc., Kindly advise me the details like address etc., and also i would be sending demand draft so let me know the details so that i can send them.

  61. To Ms

    Diary business, medical shop, Hotel, Milk booth, shipping, Agriculture, Food Products, Animal feeds, Water Board Sewage department, wine shop, astrology, story writer, priest, pearl merchant, salt merchant, dry cleaning, selling water and fruit juices, vegetable shop, grocery shop, edible oil merchant.

    Psychology, Astrology, Philosophy, Religion, Teaching, Research and Development, Consultancy, Administration, Oil and Natural Gas Companies, Air Service, Space Dept., Defence service, Fire Service, Jail Dept., Bomb manufacturing, tourist guide, central excise dept, butcher shop, CBI Dept.


    BETTER you do it individually. Your partner may be a vrichika lagna subject. He may over power you. Bettar to be independent. Best of luck.

  62. TO Ms
    --------Now sani dasa bhuda bhukthi from 28 Feb '10 to 7th Nov 2012.Now guru is aspecting
    7th to lagna,and 10th to raasi. Next 1 year is good. What ever business you choose, get trained till the end of 2010.In 2011 you can start the business.Sani dasa, bhuda bhukthi sukran antharam from 13th Sep'10 to
    23 Feb 2011.So in the uththarayana that is after 14th Jan 2011 and before 23 Feb 2011 you can start the business. Best of luck.

  63. TO gaayatthri
    -------------AS I Was not receiving any response, I closed the annadanam thread.

    Thank you for your enquiries. Pl. send a mail to my mail ID:
    kmrk1949@gmail.com to know more details.

  64. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will definitely follow as per your advise Sir.
    Thanking you once again
    Warm regards

  65. hi sir..
    myself n.jayakrishna(female)
    date of birth : 6-12-1986
    place of birth : chennai
    time of birth : 1.35 pm

    when i ll get job..
    when i ll get married..

  66. To Jayakrishna
    ---------------Raghu dasa will be over on 25th Feb 2011.Both marriage and job will be fullfilled after that in guru dasa. As guru is your meena lagna lord and in present transit he has come to meenam, you are likely to get benefit in guru dasa.
    As all planets are in between raghu and kethu you have to chant some sthothrams of Durga and Vinayaka. On Saturdays make pradakshina of Nava grahams.

  67. hello sir,

    my mom's DOB is sep19,1956.POB is dharmapuri,TOB is 6.50Am.Always she is having some health problem.when she will recover.

  68. Hello sir,
    Prabhu ganesan
    DOB is 12 november 1984.POB is Mumbai,TOB is 8.00 Am. my problem is that I need a change in Job when am I going to get the expected change in Job

  69. To Manju
    --------- Your mom has the 8th lord in 6th. 6th is the place of disease. 8th lord is chevvai and his placement in 6th shows she may be having blood related problems.,like BP.Chevvai with chandra shows she may imagine so many diseases and most of them are psychological. The 6th lord sani is in 3rd with raghu. That also is causing again blood related problems.

    Kethu dasa is upto 3rd april 2015.These problems will persist upto that .Worship Vinayaka.


  71. thank u for ur reply.my father's dob is may 13th,1947.pob is krishnagiri,tob is 4.30 pm.How si health will be,will there be any property or financial prob. to him.thanks a lot.

  72. hi my dob is june5th,1981.pob -dharmapuri.tob:2.55pm.i also have some health prob.Iam planning to work from home like share market or something,i dontno which career is for me.or will i get job.

  73. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your reply. I hope i will get new job soon and also hope you enjoy better and healthy life day by day.

    Sir, now i am asking about my sister.
    her details are:-
    date of birth : 01st dec 1982
    place of birth : Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Time of birth : 03.00 pm

    My father and mother both are worried about her marriage. please tell me when she will get married and life after marriage.

  74. Hi sir,

    I have tension after my marriage life for past four years.whether i will get job.

    my dob:22-apr-1983
    time:10.15 pm
    day :friday
    thanks sir.

  75. Hi sir,

    I have tension after my marriagelife for past four years and whether i will get a job.IN BEFORE COMMENT MENTIONED TIME 10.15 PM IT IS 10.17 PM

    my DOB:22/4/1983

  76. Dear Sir,

    Sir thanks for the reply you gave me in the first week of May.

    my cousin's
    DOB: 27 nov 1968
    TOB: 2.40Am
    When will he get a good job.? His married life?Childrens future ? Financial ,Health, peace of mind.Please give his overall future. What he can do to improve in all aspects of his life.

    Pl Advice.


    ===============================================DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO

    GO TO Q&A JUNE (1)


  78. hi sir...
    i am selvarasu..

    i saw ur blogspot..really its super...
    can u see the astro fot me???

    name :R.Selvarasu
    time of birth : 5.45 am
    place of birth : avinashi
    date of birth : 15-9-1981

    my query is..

    i got married before 13 days..
    when child ll born...???
    when my business ll develop??

    waiting for ur reply sir...

  79. hi sir..

    h r u??

    can u see the astro for me??

    i have many problems in my business..not yet the amount is received to me ....

    when my amount ll be received????

    hope u reply sir...

    waiting for ur reply....

  80. UyarThiru KMR avargalukku,
    Your knowledge and Service to otherS at thiS age iS very amazing, that too with Sincerity, my herat felt -ThankS to you Sir for that !!!!
    My Son'S DOB iS 12-03-1996- Chennai - 7.25 am.
    He iS meena lagnam -vrichika raSi, there are lot problemS , miSfortuneS, he iS very Short tempered and loSt part of hiS middle finger in an accident, kindly let me know hiS future aS he will be running Shukra daSa in future -will he have good health, wealth and longevity
    Mikka nandri Sir , pleaSe bleSS him.
    Im worried aS my huSband iS alSo facing Severe problem in job and inSpite of being helpful , otherS take advantage of him.
    HuSband'S dob : 18-06-1969 Secunderabad- 5.22 pm.
    - ThankS and lotS of pranam.
    MrS Shanvi

  81. UyarThiru KMR avargalukku,
    Your knowledge and Service to otherS at thiS age iS very amazing, that too with Sincerity, my herat felt -ThankS to you Sir for that !!!!
    My Son'S DOB iS 12-03-1996- Chennai - 7.25 am.
    He iS meena lagnam -vrichika raSi, there are lot problemS , miSfortuneS, he iS very Short tempered and loSt part of hiS middle finger in an accident, kindly let me know hiS future aS he will be running Shukra daSa in future -will he have good health, wealth and longevity
    Mikka nandri Sir , pleaSe bleSS him.
    Im worried aS my huSband iS alSo facing Severe problem in job and inSpite of being helpful , otherS take advantage of him.
    HuSband'S dob : 18-06-1969 Secunderabad- 5.22 pm.
    - ThankS and lotS of pranam

  82. Hi Guruji,

    I am from Hyderabad, Please let me know the good date and time for Cesarean delivery. Due date given is 2nd Sep 2010. Please let me know the good time from 1 sep 2010 5 sep 2010


  83. Hello Sir,

    TIME OF BIRTH :- 1.38 PM
    DATE OF BIRTH :- 30-SEP-1978


    My husband is working in a company for more than 5 yrs now. he is now not very comfortable with the existing job and he was very desperate to move to new one.he tried and just got the offer letter from the new company.But as far as the salary is concerned its the same (salary) and designation wise its a little lower in the new company. Currently raghu desai and raghu bukti is going on .Dnt know whether to shift job now. We are confused . Please Advise whether
    1 . the movement to new company wil be gud in terms of environment and satisfaction and growth.
    OR is it better to stay in the old company until we find something gud. Please go thro his chart and let us know .