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Please post your questions for APRIL 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?

Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.GOOD LUCK.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.


  1. visu said...
    Hi Sir,

    Thanks a lot to the reply for my mail sir regarding studies.You suggested that after sevvai(9th lord) transit to simmah on may 28, it will be good. Thanks Sir!! I will work hard as u suggested.

    Name : Visu DOB : 17/5/1986 TOB:11:30PM POB: Mayiladuthurai

    Just out of curiosity, Is there any interesting planetary combinations in my horoscope? As far I have analysed

    1.Gajakesari yogam (but moon is at 8th position)
    2.1st and 2nd (sani) at 11th and aspecting his own house (but sani is at his enemy house vrichikam)
    3. Parvatha yogam (lagnathipathi and viraiyathipathi are in kenthram)

    Is there any other positions? Also please comment on the above combinations that I have quoted,sir.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010
    shtl said...
    hi krishnan ji

    Thank u very much for the reply .. but one doubt my 7th house is aries and not gemini Even i am confused why did the person told me to do wednesday fasting....still i am doing it cause he mercury is with sun and venus in 4th house capricorn

    my 7th house is aries with moon in it......

    DOB:1st feb 1982

    please suggest remedies for removing the obsticals in meeting the prospective may 2010.....


    Sunday, April 25, 2010
    kmr.krishnan said...
    to visu
    --------- answered in the mail.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010
    kmr.krishnan said...
    to shtl
    ----------------it appears the horoscope casting has some problem becuase of foreign birth and tob exactly at 0000 hrs.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010
    shtl said...
    hi krishnan ji

    as the birth is in foreign country ... can u take indian time 1:30 am then i think the horoscope will be ok...cause oo:oo hrs in uae is 1:30 am in india

    DOB:1st feb 1982
    time:1:30 am

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

  2. Hi Sir, Got the mail. Thanks sir :)

  3. TO SHTL
    -------THIS TIME CHANGE,and just giving place of birth as 'India' will not give the correct horoscope.even for children born in India in different towns at the same town,there will be changes in the charts as we go by sunrise and lattitude and longititude.

    if you can give the correct horoscope, let us see.
    further i think you are not familiar with raasi and ascendent(lagna) you may be an aeries raasi subject. but general prediction may go by lagna

  4. hi krishnan ji

    i am having libra ascendant....with jupiter and pluto
    i am sending u the accurate horoscope of mine...

    Balance Of Dasha : KETU 2 Y 9 M 0 D

    rasi chart:
    Planets Rashi Longitude Nakshatra Pada Ret/Dir
    ASC Libra 008-42-53 SWATI 1
    SUN Capricorn 018-01-58 SRAVANA 3 Direct
    MOON Aries 008-05-29 ASHVINI 3 Direct
    MARS Virgo 023-21-10 CHITRA 1 Direct
    MERC Capricorn 018-45-35 SRAVANA 3 Retrograde
    JUPT Libra 015-53-07 SWATI 3 Direct
    VENU Capricorn 001-49-41 UTTARASHADHA 2 Retrograde
    SATN Virgo 028-38-46 CHITRA 2 Retrograde
    RAHU Gemini 027-56-46 PUNARVASU 3 Retrograde
    KETU Sagittarius 027-56-46 UTTARASHADHA 1 Retrograde
    URAN Scorpion 010-27-00 ANURADHA 3 Direct
    NEPT Sagittarius 002-33-17 MULA 1 Direct
    PLUT Libra 003-18-54 CHITRA 3 Retrograde

    navamsa chart
    ascendant - saggitarius with ketu
    capricorn- venus
    aquarius- jupiter
    gemini- rahu,sun,moon,mercury
    leo- mars
    virgo - saturn.

    vimoshottari dasha
    Starting at 1977-11-01 ~ 03:35
    Ending at 1984-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Ketu 1978-03-30 ~ 07:02
    Shukra 1979-05-30 ~ 10:02
    Surya 1979-10-05 ~ 06:08
    Chandra 1980-05-05 ~ 07:38
    Mangal 1980-10-01 ~ 11:05
    Rahu 1981-10-19 ~ 23:23
    Guru 1982-09-25 ~ 20:59
    Sani 1983-11-04 ~ 16:38
    Budh 1984-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Starting at 1984-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Ending at 2004-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Shukra 1988-03-02 ~ 09:35
    Surya 1989-03-02 ~ 15:35
    Chandra 1990-11-01 ~ 09:35
    Mangal 1992-01-01 ~ 12:35
    Rahu 1995-01-01 ~ 06:35
    Guru 1997-09-01 ~ 06:35
    Sani 2000-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Budh 2003-09-01 ~ 18:35
    Ketu 2004-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Starting at 2004-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Ending at 2010-11-01 ~ 09:35
    Surya 2005-02-18 ~ 11:23
    Chandra 2005-08-20 ~ 02:23
    Mangal 2005-12-25 ~ 22:29
    Rahu 2006-11-19 ~ 15:53
    Guru 2007-09-07 ~ 20:41
    Sani 2008-08-19 ~ 20:23
    Budh 2009-06-26 ~ 07:29
    Ketu 2009-11-01 ~ 03:35
    Shukra 2010-11-01 ~ 09:35

    Starting at 2010-11-01 ~ 09:35
    Ending at 2020-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Chandra 2011-09-01 ~ 18:35
    Mangal 2012-04-01 ~ 20:05
    Rahu 2013-10-01 ~ 17:05
    Guru 2015-01-31 ~ 17:05
    Sani 2016-09-01 ~ 00:35
    Budh 2018-01-31 ~ 11:05
    Ketu 2018-09-01 ~ 12:35
    Shukra 2020-05-02 ~ 06:35
    Surya 2020-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Starting at 2020-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Ending at 2027-11-01 ~ 15:35
    Mangal 2021-03-30 ~ 01:02
    Rahu 2022-04-17 ~ 13:20
    Guru 2023-03-24 ~ 10:56
    Sani 2024-05-02 ~ 06:35
    Budh 2025-04-29 ~ 11:32
    Ketu 2025-09-25 ~ 14:59
    Shukra 2026-11-25 ~ 17:59
    Surya 2027-04-02 ~ 14:05
    Chandra 2027-11-01 ~ 15:35
    Starting at 2027-11-01 ~ 15:35
    Ending at 2045-11-01 ~ 03:35
    Rahu 2030-07-14 ~ 19:47
    Guru 2032-12-07 ~ 10:11
    Sani 2035-10-14 ~ 09:17
    Budh 2038-05-02 ~ 18:35
    Ketu 2039-05-21 ~ 06:53
    Shukra 2042-05-21 ~ 00:53
    Surya 2043-04-14 ~ 18:17
    Chandra 2044-10-13 ~ 15:17
    Mangal 2045-11-01 ~ 03:35

    i am sorry for such a lengthy one.........


  5. Hello Sir:
    I hope you are keeping well and taking necc. precautions with your prolapsed disc.
    Sir would like to ask you few questions.
    My birth detials are:
    Name :
    D.O.B:- 9th April,1975
    1)I would like to start my software/bpo firm and have got the necc. infrastructure ready will it be successfull? and when should i start it?will i get good projects whose payment will be timely?
    2)when will my good period come?everything i do currently turns out negative i have suffered a lot sir till date.
    Awaiting you reply .
    Take care of your health.

  6. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I am Selva from UK. Cureently I struggling lot in my personal and prefossinal life. But I am doing small job to help me and family to survey.

    My DOB:20-09-74

    Could You Please clarify me sir, when I wll get good in my both professional and personal life. Shall I stay UK or Come back to India?

    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Vanakam sir,
    thanks again sir for the suggestions... last time I really had the whole week things going wrong so I could not take it.......Right now I started working in a store so I would like to
    contribute some amount to ur annadhanam like in few months...

    This time also I want to ask three questions that been bothering in my mind......

    Sir, I sutdied accounting which I realized later on is not the right field for me because I think I am not a business type person....but I don't mind working in a bank or revenue agency doing taxes, will I get a suitable job for my studies because I really want to help my parents and settle in life?

    second question is about my marriage sir? Will I get a good husband because some astrologers said my life will be better after marriage but I don't want to look at it financially but in good life?

    Third sir, I have ketu in 9th place bhagya stanam so a lot of people say it's not good but is there any way I can lower his effect. I always pray to hanuman! I really want to enjoy my life in a positive way instead of feeling empty I think it could becaouse of ketu ucham in 9th house....when you have the time can you please tell me sir...

    For me saturn is in 8th house thulam its not 9th place according to vakya panchangam...if it was also in 9th I don't think it would be good for me.....

    date of birth january 7 1985
    jaffna sirlanka
    12:04 pm

    Thanks again sir

    ------------------THE reason for your unproductiveness so far was due to the fact
    that in the 10th (profession)place maanthi (gulik)is occupying along with sani. Sani being your 5th and 6th lord as also profession signifactor in 10th is good. As 5th he will do good only. As 6th he may or may not do good. Sani is having only 3 out of 8 points in its suya varga.Also the lagna lord and 10th lord bhuda is in meenam debilitated.(neech).Luckily the neech was made into neech banga.(Debilitation cancelled) 10th lord bhudha has 4 out of 8 in suya varga.The 10th place has only 24 parals-points less than the average of 28.These are the main reasons for your having the feeling of not succeessful.

    These ashta varga points will not change.So
    you have to be very cautious while investing heavily.
    The profit place (11th) ashta varga has just 28 points-average only . if some more points are present, we can say you can have profit. It is just average.

    The 12 th place has 30 poits. That is viraya house. Viraya is squndering of money in useless way. That house must have only lesser parals-points. But that has more points than average. That shows your wastage level will be heavy.

    My suggeestion is to play safe. Unless you have the confidence of earning more, better to go slow.
    You may also consult a professional astrologer, Please.

  9. To selva
    Now kethu dasa is running.Kethu is in your rishaba lagna itself. Though kethu is neecahm, debilitated, his placement in lagna itself has
    made life miserable.The seventh place uchha raghu with neecha chandra aspected by kethu,
    problem with spouse.As the seventh house lord chevvai is asthangatha burnt by surya, family, wife not happy with you. Till kethu dasa is over problems may continue, that is upto 16th feb 2016.On 2nd May 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects 9th 11th and 1st to raasi. as guru aspects 9th to raasi you may continue in UK. PRAY PRAY PRAY,AS kethudasa is running, worship Vinayaka daily.PRAY to your kuladeivam.

  10. To Thanuja
    ----------As your 4th house lord(education) is bhuda you will shine in any subject.The 4th 7th lord bhuda is in 10th house(profession.)That shows,bhuda being a numerical/maths related planet you will get such type of work.

    Your 7th(husband house) has 30 parals and the 7th lord bhuda in 10th with bhuda having 5 out of 8 parals.Bhuda being a soft planet, your husband will be a gentle person.You will have quality married life as 7th lord is with guru

    The 9th lord getting into 12 th is not a good placement. But then the 12th lord sani is in 9th. Though this type of parivardana is not
    appreciated, still the ill effects of 9th lord hiding in 12th is nullified.Sani kethu in 9th shows you will be remaining separated from family for longer duration for the sake of job.
    married life will be good.You will take care of parents.

  11. Thanks a lot sir, I really appreciate this such quick and straight forward answer....can I have your mail sir or can you please email me the info about the anndhanam to so I can save and send some amount for you in few months....


  12. Sir:
    Thanks so much for your straight forward comments.
    As you have said "These ashta varga points will not change..." , does that mean that there wont be good period at all in my life?
    is there no remedy for this or is it fated to be so?
    request a reply from you sir.
    awaiting earnestly.
    thanks again

  13. Pasting from Previous thread


    I have been trying to reach this number "90475 16699 " atleast 5 times today. But it keeps ringing and nobody is picking this up. This is in regards with the annandhanam.

    Please email me your contact number and best time to reach you. My email address is

  14. Thanks a lot Mr. Krishna Ji!

    I have read your article on ANANDAHM , i want to do this service once in a month .please guide further.

    with warm regards!


  15. Dear Sir,

    Hope your doing well sir, my friend birth details are DOB 15/08/1974 TOB 5.54 pm POB Chennai and his wife birth details DOB 10/11/1979 TOB 5.55 pm POB Chennai and they got married one year back. Sir please tell me when would she get conceive and the problem for not conceiving.

  16. to shtl
    -------i have physically written your horoscope with the help of details given by you. after that if i read your entry, again many confusions. you say gajakesari yogam,but chandra in 8th(!). 1 st and 2 sani in 11th(!)
    I request you to kindly post a direct question of your present problem. STILL I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THE PREPARED CHART.

    ----------Thank you for responding to annadanam appeal. When you are prepared for donating, pl. visit this blog.Then I shall send the details. Thanks once again.

    -------------------IT IS NOT LIKE THAT. EVERY BODY WILL HAVE GOOD AND BAD TIMES.BUT GENERAL STUDY OF HOROSCOPE IS DIFFEERENT FROM PRESENT TRANSITS. we can only depend on present transit to a limited extent As the viraya place has more parals-points, I suspect more wastage. Better to play safe.

  19. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    I am Senthil from UK selva's friend. Currently I am studying MBA in UK. Family and relatives saying come back to India and they are asking me discontinue my study. They forcing me for marriage. If I go there, I need to do my family textiles and finance business.

    Now, I am confused sir. Could you please calrify me sir, which is good staying in UK to continuing study or coming back to india for marriage and business?

    My DOB:11-05-1985
    TOB:08:47 AM
    POB:Bhavani Komarapalayam(Namakkal District)

    Thanks in Advance,

  20. To Nanda
    --------- 1 year is too early a period to decide about not conceiving.More over, I am not answering this as I am not sure about the permission given to you for consulting astrology. As this is a sensitive area I am not answering your question on behalf of some one else. It is too private a matter that better they themselves make the quiery after atleast 3 full years of married life.I pray to Sri Krishna to give them a baby very soon.

  21. hi krishnan ji

    Thank u very much for the reply sir...

    acutally my question was as per ur analysis u had told me that i will meet my would be husband in may 2010....

    what i had asked was what remedy should i do so that there wont be any hurdle in my meeting for eg.. fasting for any particular day.....

    someone had told me to fast for wednesday which i am doing it.. but i dont y he had told me to fast on wednesday cause as per my kundli mercury planet is ok.....

    my acutal rasi chart is:

    ascendant - libra sign - jupiter ,pluto
    scorpio - uranus
    saggitarius - neptune,ketu
    capricorn - sun,venus,mercury
    aries - moon
    gemini- rahu
    virgo - saturn , mars

    this is my navamsa chart
    ascendant - saggitarius with ketu
    capricorn- venus
    aquarius- jupiter
    gemini- rahu,sun,moon,mercury
    leo- mars
    virgo - saturn.

    vimshottari dashas are:

    Surya dasha vimshotarri:
    Starting at 2004-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Ending at 2010-11-01 ~ 09:35
    Surya 2005-02-18 ~ 11:23
    Chandra 2005-08-20 ~ 02:23
    Mangal 2005-12-25 ~ 22:29
    Rahu 2006-11-19 ~ 15:53
    Guru 2007-09-07 ~ 20:41
    Sani 2008-08-19 ~ 20:23
    Budh 2009-06-26 ~ 07:29
    Ketu 2009-11-01 ~ 03:35
    Shukra 2010-11-01 ~ 09:35

    Chandra dasha vimshottari:
    Starting at 2010-11-01 ~ 09:35
    Ending at 2020-10-31 ~ 21:35
    Chandra 2011-09-01 ~ 18:35
    Mangal 2012-04-01 ~ 20:05
    Rahu 2013-10-01 ~ 17:05
    Guru 2015-01-31 ~ 17:05
    Sani 2016-09-01 ~ 00:35
    Budh 2018-01-31 ~ 11:05
    Ketu 2018-09-01 ~ 12:35
    Shukra 2020-05-02 ~ 06:35
    Surya 2020-10-31 ~ 21:35

    my question is wht remedy should i do to remove the delay in my marriage....

    but since i am born in uae there has been confusion in the chart...i am giving my details again

    DOB:1st feb 1982

    Thank u

  22. To Senthilkumar
    9th is the primary house to see foreign travel.Your 9th lord is in 6th.That shows your 9th lord is hidden in 6th. That is the reason you are getting obstacles for foreign stay.You will not get the cooperation from friends and family for foreign stay. Father will be seriously ill.You will also get unknown health problems.

    Your 10th lord is in 8th shows you will not have a continuous profession. If you go to job you will be leaving it very often and switching over every now and then. You will be a rolling stone.

    Your 3rd lord in 11th shows you will do business well. 3rd lord surya is in exaltation -uchcham.But with raghu. Though you will have support of brothers in business, you will have love hate relationship with them.

    You have a strong mind and learn business well and conduct it nicely. Sukra uchchm means you have all chances of falling into the trap of jolly makers.Better to get married and settle early. As the 12th place has more parals wastage on pleasures expected.

    As your star is Thiruvonam, and makararasi you had a trip to UK. Permanent residency there may not be possible.
    Better to take up family business and settle down inIndia.

    Both of you please read my article Annadanam.

  23. To Shtl
    --------My software generated planetary poitions are matching with the positions you povide. Only the ascendent has changed.

    Okay. On 2 May 2010 guru transits to meenam-pisces. From there he aspects 4th 6th and 8th to raasi aries.8th to raasi means 2nd to ascendant libra.2nd is family house. So you will form a family. Surya dasa sukra bhukthi upto 1st Nov 2010. So marrige proposals will start coming in may 2010.From 16th may 2010 to 10 th june 2010 hectic activity about marriage will be there.On Fridays pray Goddess Durga.

  24. TO GIMAN
    --------PLEASE SEND A MAIL TO ME to

  25. Sir,


    My DOB is 4-Sept-1974
    Time of birth : 12.20 am
    Place of Birth : Trichur Kerala
    Sir,I had written to you earlier about my job prospects which you said could improve after march. I have currently an audit going on where I am afraid some mistakes may come out, am I in danger of losing my job/any -ve repurcussion?


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  27. hi krishnan ji

    Thank u very much for the reply and remedy....
    i will definately let u know if something happens...

    Please pray and give me ur blessings that my marriage gets fixed.

    Thank u

  28. Good Morning Krishnan Sir,

    one of my friends named Mohan has been suffering from career / financial problems a lot ... his father and brother's health also not gud. His is a driver. He recently purchased and sold a car due to financial problems... could you please tell about his caeer/financial predictions. when will he be settled down in his life.

    DOB : 14.12.1984
    TOB : 05.35 PM
    POB : Fhatimapuram (60KM from Eluru 40KM from Chintalapudi , W.G. Dist.)
    Nakshatram : Pubba

  29. TO GIMAN
    --------PLEASE SEND A MAIL TO ME to

    Dear Sir ,

    I have already sent mail. Please check

  30. To de indulgence
    ----------------I do not know what DOB you gave earlier.I am working aginst odds like 3 hours daily powercut,frequent server failures and paining back and neck etc., If every one comes with changed DOB etc., what happens to my time spent earler with wrong data? I think
    I am abused(rather misused) because of my too obliging attitude.

    In your new cast raasi chart your 10th lord(profession) and yogakaraka sani is in 2 place
    and has the aspect of guru who is in 10th.
    Guru being 8th and 11th lord and not a friend of lagnathipathi sukra. So 8th lord in 10th makes the trouble in job front. As 11th lord and raasi athipathi and always a benefic, guru will not damage your interest.

    Now sukra dasa sukra bhukthi upto 31 Mar 2012.
    Sukra though lagna lord he is also 6th(foes)
    house. May be the power of 6th lord sukra is working now. That is why you are having some fear complex.
    Your 10th place has sufficient average paral
    to sustain employment.The 10th lord sani has 5
    out of 8 in suya varga.That will stand you in good stead. Guru is transitting to your raasi and aspecting the transit sani from 3rd may 2010.
    You may escape this odd situation with small punishment.May not loose job.But then you have to change your indulgent attitudes and be honest. Visit Devi temple on Fridays and sincerely pray.
    Go through my article on annadanam.

  31. To ani
    ------Your lagnathipathi saturn is in meenam.
    Guru is going to meenam on 2 may 2010.As per nadi rules if the transit guru glides over natal chart sani the result is"Gets job, promotion , smooth going period in carrier"
    So you would get good news in job front in May 2010.
    Your raghu in 3rd and kethu in 9th.The third house has more than sufficient parals in ashta varga.the 9th place has average parals in ahtavarga.So kethu dasa will be average. Nothing to fear.
    Bhuda dasa sani bhukthi will be good as sani is lagnathipathi and bhuda is 5th lord. Both are friends.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  32. Hello Sir

    Good Evening!!

    what is the effect of transit guru in 4th house(meenam) where mars and venus are placed in natal chart ?
    Also what is the effect of transit guru in the 4th house meenam which aspects(ezham parvai) transit sani in kanni(10th house) ?

    Does the effect depends on the astavarga parals
    on the houses ?

    --------------THE PROBLEM you have mentioned is due to sadesaathi(7.5 years sani.) Still 2 years to go. Luckily from 2 May 2010 guru is transitting to meenam and aspecting sani. That will mitigate many problems.

    The lagnathipathi bhuda got combusted -burnt by surya and also in retrogation.That is also a reason for the problems. Luckily in ashtavarga bhuda has 7 out of 8 in suya varga and the lagna has more than average points. So problems will come;but he will face it courageously.

    From 2 May 2010 guru aspects 2nd house both to lagna and raasi. So dhana will come to him. Do not worry. Pray Anjaneyaa and Sri Venkateswara.
    PL. read my article on annadanam

  34. To Bhasker Chandran
    --------------------Have you not read my header? I have stated, "I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
    Come to this blog only if you have some problem."

    I am not running a class. I am trying to give some solace to persons who are worried due to problems they face.There are many websites who teach astology.Read them,sir.You are putting/ creating questons after reading my answers for others. Each horoscope is different. Do not read strology piecemeal.We have to see in totality.

  35. I am extremely sorry about this sir, Please do apologise me..


  36. Thanq very much for answering query sir, After getting the job I'm planning to contribute my share to Annadanam thread sir.

  37. Dear Sir,

    How are you doing and how is your health?. Hope you remember me. I asked a couple of questions in July 2009 and as you said the land deal took place exactly in the middle of the time window that you gave.

    We would like to start building our house in India in the farm land that is in my wife's name in May 2010. Please have a look at our horoscopes and guide us whether this is the right time for building the house and regarding that aspect.

    Myself: 24/10/1970 TOB: 7.00am, Place: Erode
    Wife: DOB: 8/5/1974 TOB: 7:04pm, place: ERODE

    Thank you,

  38. hello muthuramakrishnan !
    how r u ?
    happy that u have started a blog on astrology.
    and also have a lot of visitors.
    good time passing indeed.
    As regards annadhanam, where exactly it is held everyday?
    (presently at Doha, qatar)

  39. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I feel very relieved.
    I read about Anandam and it is a very great social work you have undertaken to do. I would love to contribute some money after I get a job. Please email me as to how you want the money to be contributed.I will email you my email address.
    I sincerely pray that you have a speedy recovery. Regards, Ani

    Your lagna is thulam. For that 4th lord and 5th lord is sani.That 4th,5th lord is in 7th mesham.That is chevvai's place who is bhumikaraka.Sani is yogakaraka for your lgna.
    Though he is in neecham in mesham that has become neecha banga yogam. He is also in retrogation. Which is also favourable. So you will have your own house. Usually kataka lagna/raasi people have property early in life.
    Now chandra dasa sani bhukthi, from 26 Oct 2010 to 26 Mar 2012.Sani is being 4th lord(real estate)his bhukthi is good for building house.Sani is also yogakaraka with neechbnaga yogam.

    For wife sukra dasa sukra bhukthi. That is also good for building house. From 2 May 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects sani who is in kanni.You can start the initial work after 2 MAY of luck. spread the message of annadanam after reading my article.

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  42. To Sury
    ------- Namaste Suriyanaraynanji! It is a pleasant surprise you made a comment in my blog. This is the first time that I get an entry from an already known friend/relative. How are you and Mrs.Meenakshiji? How are Mr.Karthik? Mrs Gowri and Mrs.Subha? Where are they put up now? How you happen to go to Doha/Quotar? Who is put up there?

    You may be sporting a smirking smile when you see my role as an "astrologer"!I know how much knowledge you posses on astrology. Before you I am a novice.

    As every other eccentrities I had from my childhood,this astrology has caught me like a big monster. This is an accident.However, I simply submit to God's will and run as much distance as poosible according to His will.

    My mail id is come to my inbox. Let us exchange pleasantries.
    Annadanam is given to street loitering mentally challenged vagabonds.They can not be assembled. They are searched and served one meal daily at their usaul operating area. Mostly I do this every day. One or two volunteers also help me in the process. No organisational set up. Purely individualistic effort..
    Expecting your mail, With pranams,

  43. TO ANI
    --------PL.SEND A MAIL TO ME TO

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  46. Respected sir,

    I am jobless for long please tell me when is the likely time to get one.

    09/jan/1972 22:10 CBE.

    Thanks in advance,