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Post here your general doubts in astrology.No particular horoscope to be taken for discussion.This column is meant for those who know some basics and want to study more. My predictions in the Q&A itself is like a lesson only.


  1. Hello Mr.Krsihanan sir,
    For few weeks I have been reading ur blog and I have a question regarding my chart....it is about I have hard time making decisions about life I don't why plus will I get married soon and if the person would be educated and from family or he will come from a far away?
    My date of birth is January 7,1985 at 12:04pm
    srilanka, jaffna


  2. to thnuja
    --------- post this in predictions april 2010 one column

  3. Sir, what is Gajakesari yogam,,, I heard it it is very powerful. what are the results when one horoscope have it ? nnnn Do I have it in my horoscope sir ?

    DOB: 08.08.1984
    POB: Eluru, W.G. Dist,
    TOB: 04:57AM

  4. kmrk sir, how to say which one is the correct lagna(Ascendant) if local astrologer with the help of local almanac prepared horoscope with (Gemini) Mithuna lagna whereas computer horoscope says it to be (Taurus)Vrishabh lagna?DOB17 06 1976 TOB 4 55 am (as per computer at 5 01 it changes to Mithuna lagna).what are the tests for this type of boarder line ascendants? tob is as per hospital records. with regards,ramakrishna

  5. To Ravi
    -------Gajakesari yogam is Guru occupying a kendra(1,4,7,10)from Chandra raasi.Gajakesari yogam gives the subject, property, progreesiveness in life, wealth and all comforts. That makes him/her to take an uncompromising stand on any matter;with the result he/she becomes a leader in any situation. Succeess is given on a silver plate.
    If there is any negatives in the horoscope that will be made inactive by Kajakesari yogam.

    In your case Chandra and Guru are in Dhanusu.As it is the 1st house for Chandra raasi, we can say you have Gajakesari yogam. One thing is Chandra is your lagna lord;his placement in 6th is not appreciated.6th lord Guru in 6th itself getting strength is also not apprecited. Both the 6th place , moon and guru has high power in ashta vargaa nd suya varga.You will not have any loan;or you can get easy loans and you will pay back easily. You will not have any big disease.Also you will be able to send the enemies rolling.
    To make the yoga work, you have to work. Idling and thinking yoga itself will take care
    of you will not do any good. Best of luck.

  6. To rk
    ------ The computer horoscopes are cast on the principle that an years has 365.25 days.CHITHRAPAKSHA-VIMSOTHTHARI. That is called Trikanitha alanac. Scientifically this is correct.The traditional method takes only 365 days for one year.So better you go by Trikanitha almanac, computer cast.

    You may also relate some important events to each horoscope and find your correct cholce of the lagna.

  7. 1-Its relating to birth time...generally when a baby borns,the people check the time of nearby watch...But the time may vary some 1min-5mins like that depending upon their houses,hospitals...and it may not the exact Indian Standard Time...What happens if the time varies like this?astrology prediction may vary...can u tel abt this?..my 2nd query is what happens if the 5th lord sani is in lagna itself

  8. Hi Girija,

    I think I should be able to answer your question. Krishnan sir please correct me if I'm wrong.

    A day is divided into 24 hours. We have 12 houses in astrology. So, 24 hrs is divided into 12 equal parts/rashis. So, each part's duration is 2 hrs.

    In other words, we can say each lagna is for 2 hours.

    During the child birth position of planets is seen with respect to sun from that part of earth where is child is born (degrees/longitude-latitude). So, a single house may have many planets or may not have even a single.

    So, since the lagna is for 2 hrs - error of 5-10 minutes will not make any difference.

    Example: Child A born at place A at 5 am will have same horoscope as Child B born at place A at 5:30 am. It is just an example.

    Yes, the border cases we need to see where the one lagna completes and other starts (overlapping).

    Raghav Mahajan

  9. hello,
    iam a mesha raasi tula lagnam born 21 feb 69 in madras.
    wanted to know if the incoming sukra dasa will impact my location of work as I see a good amount of signs for the same- there seems to be a lot of views on this- pl provide yours

    ------------------ YOU MAY APPEAR TO BE CORRCET IF we see periferally. In reality, the balance mahadasa will change.Also the navamsa and other charts will change. Also the nakshthra-star pada-quarter will change. My wife and her sister are twins. 5 minutes difeerence in time of birth. There are many differences in their lives. Ofcuorse there are many similarities too. Half hour diffeerence
    will make all the difference.

  11. To Ram Krishnamurthi
    First yours is not a general doubt. So this column is not the appropriate place. You have to post in astrological prediction q& a April 2010.Next the way in which you have addressed -the tone and tenure of your posting , I do not appreciate. The casualness with which you put the queiry is not at all in good taste. There may be hundreds of astrologers giving you their opinion. I am not one among them. As this is a free forum, people like you do not give due respect. If I charge Rs. 250/- per question you will definitely give the due importance.Sorry Sir. You have made me to loose my balance.

  12. There was certainly no casualness at my front- may be you were looking for a more humility based choice of words & I was trying to cut the chase & optimise to get the message across-loosing once balance is to be expected if your pedestal is unstable- if you did not want to respond - you could have ignored the request.

  13. Namaste sir...what is the difference between lagna and raasi?....kindly can u tel the places of each planet for each lagna...

  14. to Ram.Krishnamurthi

    This answer s intended to cover 2 issues :
    1.“All the astrologers have been wrong in my case.. everything .”
    A.The back ground :
    Astology predictions r akin to results of a pooja.
    If poojas /mantras are done “as prescribed, then there is nothing in this world that can that cannot be attained ( vidhi-vath mantraaha patitha bhavanti sarva-arta-sadake loke: prasna marga: 1;1;27) ”
    Poojas / mantras are from the Karma Kandha of the Vedas. Hora sastra ( Astrology ) is also from the Vedas . It is said to be the eyes (chaksushu) of the Vedas... a branch of the vedas that has been dealt by great Rishis like Parasara, Brugu, Vasishta etc.In fact Parasara Hora is written by Parasara maharshi , father of Vyasa Maharshi who divided the Vedas into four, wrote the Vyasa Ramayana, mahabhabarata, Bhagvad Purana and many others too . A these are intimately connected . Astolgy is not something to be fooled with . It is something like a Pooja. . . . .
    Bhavan in the Gita has said :
    9:26: “If it is with great devotion and a clean mind that (even ) a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water , is offered, I receive that devotee’s offerings with much happiness”
    This is a very conditional clause. For Bhagvan to even receive what is offered there has to be a clean mind and great devotion .
    The Bhagvad Gita is said to be the milk of the Upanishad cow . Upanishad is from the Jnaana Khanda of the Vedas . So everything is interconnected.
    B. For astrologers to be able to be able to analyse and say correctly what is in a chart there has to be a two sided effort:
    a)One of course is the astrologer himself who has to be 1) well learnt 2) good at heart 3) honest 4) humble 5)must be true beliver in God etc. . etc. . ( Prasna marga: 1: 1: 15) and he must be someone who practices astrology as prescribed (Prasna marga: 1: 1: 27)
    b).The other is what comes from the person who seeks to know:
    i. There are a lot of way s prescribed for asking an astrological question . . .the time, the date , proper Dhakshina, "bhakti-poorvakam..... ",. .. If these are not followed it is not possible to get the correct prediction. Not only that , it will be making fun of astrology and also it will be “adharma” (NA prushtaha kasychit brooya-anyaeyana. . . " Prasna Marga 2: 2: 4)
    ii. "An astologer should never tell a prediction if the person who asks does not do it as prescribed....never say a prediction if the person is asking TO TEST THE KNOWLEDGE of the astrologer. . or CHALLENGING . .. the reason is ,that in such circumstances the astrologer will not be able to get the correct prediciton. . ." “ also, he will appear like a fool before the world ("Jalavath-lokam-acharyeth)”
    iii. So if some one feels “ I ll first ask this astrologer a few questions and test whether he knows things. . and then I will ask him what i want to know ". . I> forget it . . He wont get the correct answer. It will only mean that this person doesn’t deserve this Astologer’s service.
    iv. All this is about the “Honest Astrologer” .As in every field, there would be the “pseudo”
    v. Also there is the principle "Satyam vada, priyam vada" . . .Means: only speak the truth, speak what only is good to hear. . . One cannot say everything that one sees in a chart. . in fact one has to highlight the good things as much as possible… for the sake of the person asking, unless the questions are very specific and one cannot side track.

    So lots of reason why what they said went wrong .

  15. to mysura
    ----------raasi is based on your star and its pada. in the chart raasi can be identified by locating the moon's place. for example for pushya star people the moon will be in kataka.

    lagna is based on time of birth and the time of sunrise in a place.in a day there are 24 hours.lagnas are 12. so for one lagna the average is 2 hours. in the month of chithrai
    (april-may)the first hour starts in mesha. so the first lagna for that month will be mesha. the last lagna will be meenam. so if a child is born at 11am, and sun rise is 5-45 am, thechild is in 3rd 2 hours. so the lagna is
    mithuna.for the month vaikasi,the first lagna will start with rishaba. for the month aani
    the first lagna is mithunam.
    mesha=mars-mangal -chevvai
    kataka=chandra moon
    simmaha=sun surya
    thulam=venus sukra

  16. Hello Sir

    I have a doubt regarding the 9th house of a chart.
    Is the 9th house in a chart signifies Father, Gains, Foreign stay ?
    what is the importance of sukran and mars combination in 9th house of kataka lagna subject with guru in 5th house?


  17. Baskar Chandran
    ---------------Yes 9th house represents father, foreign, Bagyam. also religious belief,
    dharmic nature.

    6th lord guru in 5th and aspecting 9th ,11th and lagna! That is very nice! The subject is like a spiritual teacher. Sukra is sukasthanathipathi and profit lord. Chevvai is yogakaraka and 5th and 10th lord. Both getting guru's aspect. Guru and chevvai in parivarthana. The horoscope is a very lucky one. The subject will be a great dharmic person.
    I think this is your combination. In this column no individual policy should be discussed.

  18. Hello Sir

    I have started learning Astrology a month back.
    Sir I think Starting it with my chart would be more advantage as it would be a good starting point.
    You are absolutely true sir, the above planetary positions are in my chart. Although this question should have been in the Q&A section this was more of a doubt regarding the 9th house and the planet combinations in the 9th house so I posted it in this section.

    A general question sir what is the most important thing in deciding foreign stay. Is it the astavarga points of 9th house or the suyavarga points of the planet sitting in the 9th house or the suyavarga point of the 9th house lord or the planetary combination in 9th house. Which is more significant in this ?


  19. Baskerchandran
    --------------YOUR question makes the head reel. All the 4 factors are to be considered. Most important is the ashtavarga points of 9th place. If chandra in 12th to lagna that also indicates foreign stay.10th lord in 7th also indicates foreign stay.
    By the way why are you so much clmouring for foreign?

  20. Greetings to all,
    The question"Why astrologers go wrong?" This had been a question which i hav pondered and got some answers from old texts.
    In general watever astrologers do today r to get the birth time,place and thereby generate the perfect birthcharts;Based on which predictions r made;In my viewpoint these r all excellent and correct,provided the astrologer is well-learned.

    But then too sometimes this goes wrong and blame falls on either astrologer's repute or to the study of astrology.

    Now,almost all the predictions we giv depends on exact birth time.
    But there exists a lot of controversy on this birth time! In old texts some say only when the whole body of the newborn comes out"Poornodhayam" that instant shud be taken as birth time;whereas some say as soon as the head comes out of the womb"Sirasodhayam" that instant is the birth-time.

    Now almost evryone (even a perfect astrologer himself) can tell only a birth time with correctness upto 3-4 minutes.(He wud say "I was born at 10:38 pm" , but then too he wud hav realy born at 10:35 to 10:38 pm to say precisely)

    Now to giv exact predictions of one's whole life (apart from rasi chart which greatly does not vary for 1 or 2minutes)go to the Sashtiyamsa(D-60).
    Here experimentally vary a test-chart birthtime every 2minutes and D-60 lagna itself changes!!!
    Is it not a day to day happening "DEVARAHASYAM"?
    Not a single being can exactly tell wat will happen with the help of astrology.

    But rough prediction of an awaiting good or bad can alone be told,similar to a villager who tells the rough time of the day seeing the sun.
    No human being can evolve to tell the exact happenings which wud occur without the wish of GOD.

  21. TO rajeshopenhou