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Please post your questions for MARCH 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only there is very confidential matters to disclose.GOOD LUCK.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.


  1. Namaskar Sir!
    I am on contract job now from november 2009,but despite of trying hard I havent been able to secure the kind of Job which will meet my monetary and career goals. On your advice I even tried the JOb fair on 20 Feb 2010 but no help! . Infact unfortunately , my boss see this as my hasty nature and it back fired on me. I am worried for my job now.

    I have got enquiery for a new job( on 10 March) fo which I am quite intrested as it will help me meet my monetary and long term career goals. But this new oppurtunity is at early stage and I am still waiting for Interview call from Employer.

    1) whenI will get proper job( in terms of money and career)and get free of this confused state .

    2) Will this new job enguiry I recieved , land me the JOB ( if yes,by what date?)
    I am worried because of this negative turn of events , I have lots of things at stake.

    D.O.B :4 July 1983
    P.O.B : Kutra( nearest city ROURKELA, Orissa)
    T.O.B : 7:35 PM ( Approx)



  2. Alok kumar jaipuria
    --------------------Astrology is not like a running comentry. Upto 28th march 2010, sukra, your 10th lord to lagna is in exaltation in meenam and aspect sani,lagnathipathi and 10th lord to raasi.From11 april 2010,Surya dasa chandra bhukthi starts.That is upto Oct 2010. Then on 3rd May 2010 guru enters menam and aspects sani.So stage by stage good time comes.
    Mere looking at horoscope is of no avail.You have to sincerely pray.Best of luck.Better
    consult a pofessional astrologer.I have applied all my knowledge.If it is not working out,consult a professional.

  3. Hello ,
    Namaskaram .
    I am querying second time,but only due to much restlessness ,frustation.
    In my current IT field ,i am not finding my satisfaction or able to
    cope up with family,kid due to working hours ,demands at work.
    Much pressure ,no satisfacation.

    If i quit job now,will i be able to find one later?
    Can i change line ?What profession is better suited for me ?
    DOB-08/08/1983 9:25 AM ,chennai,TN

  4. To Sowmya
    ---------Basically you are a poosam star subject for whom moon is the house lord. You know moon is the fastest moving graha among the 9 planets.Chandra stays in a raasi for 2.5 days only. So by nature all poosam star people
    are quick changers.They want everything to change drastically. They get easily bored. The
    "change bug" had bitten you.

    Your 10th lord is bhuda so also lagna lord.Bhuda has no separate strength for himself. He gets the strength of the planet with whom he is associated.In your case bhuda is associated with sukra who is your 2nd(family, dhana)and 9th(father, bhagya)lord.So bhuda has to act like sukra for you.Being 9th and 10th lord sukra and bhuda ,there combination makes you a person interested in charity work. Dharma karmathipathi yoga.

    As both bhuda 10th(profession) and lagna lord
    and sukra jointly got hidden in 12th, a dark place. So the job front will be with many bumps.As 10th lord is in 12th, you will be going to far off place for job sake leaving the family.

    The 10th place being mithunam your main profession will be "communication". That can be done by the modern computer ECE OR you can be a teacher,lecturer etc., As bhuda is sitting in 12th surya's place you can be connected with some Govt., deparment.
    Given below is the profession for bhuda :
    "BUDHA: News paper vendor, teacher, novelist, writer, author, painter, landlord, compositer, postman, broker, draftsman, inspector, examiner, publisher, printer, editor, book binder, book sellers, merchant, journalist, clerk, accountant, mathematicians, public speaker, ambassador, imports and exports, air and land transports"

    The above is the list of professions thought over before the advent of computers. So you have to interpret in your own way for the present situation.

    My suggestion is you can become a trainer's trainer in computers.
    Now kethu bhukthi is going on upto 13-11-2013.If you leave the job now, difficult to settle down till 2013.Then in sukra dasa you will again go for job.

    Take a decision carefully consulting every one in the family.Do not blindly follow horoscope alone. You have to take the real life situation also.Prediction is only a general guidance. GOOD LUCK!

  5. Thanks a lot sir for your suggestions.
    Since i know of this website ,i couldn't stop myself making this query.
    Anyway my next action/inaction is undecided ,i am very very confused.

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  7. Sir,

    My Dad Raasi is Rishabham and Star is Rohini, his date of Birth is 28-06-1954, place of birth is Chennai and TOB is 06.30PM.
    He lost his job in November 2009 and till now he is not able to get a job and is in financial stress. Can you please let me know if he will be able to get a job.


  8. Hello Sir

    My son details:
    DOB: 22/09/1982
    POB: Kumbakonam,TN,India

    Can you please tell me whether he will get a better job soon and is there chances for studying furthur? When will his marriage be? Already he is around 28years and likes a girl out of my caste, and we are not agreeing, so what will happen will he marry her or will he listen to us?

  9. To Arun
    ---------Pl.post with place of birth once again.
    It is not necessary to see the horoscope for love matters.

  10. Hello sir,
    Name:Arun kumar
    TIME:12:31 AM
    I had completed my BE in 2009.Now iam going for a small job,But not at all satisfied with my current situation and i am very frustrated.will i get a good job soon??

  11. To Shobana
    ---------- In raasi chart the 10th house(profession)lord is bhuda.This bhuda is in 7th house.That is good.But bhuda got combusted by surya.Also bhuda is in retrogation.In ashta varga the 10th place has only 25 parals and the 10th lord bhuda has 4 out of 8 only.In navamsa the 10th lord got hidden in 12th associated with maanthi. In dasamsaa also the 10th lord got into 8th place and hidden.These were the reasons for his problems in job front.
    Now sani dasa sukra bhukthi upto 27 june 2010.
    Some what good period only.
    On 3rd may 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects sani who is now in kanni.Guru will be in 11th(profit) place to rishabaraasi and aspect 10th to lagna.So all possibility of his reemployment after 3rd May 2010. After 27th june 2010, sani dasa suriya bhukthi starts. That is not so good.So try and succeed before June 2010.
    Anjaneya worship and Surya worship will help.Also Dakshinamuthy worship is recommended. Good luck.

  12. To Anand
    -------- On 3rd may 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects kataka which is 10th place(profession) to thula raasi.Kataka is the lagna too.So expect change of job in May 2010.

    This is a kalasarpa dosha jataka. Raghu in 12th shows he will be abnormal in seeking his partner.It is better the 'would be'also is of such dosha jataki. It is also better to conduct the marriage after he is 30. As the 7th lord is sani, all kataka lagna people have some complaints to make about wife. Better to match the horoscopes before marriage even if it is love affair. If the horoscopes are not matching, love has to be dropped.

  13. Hello Sir,
    OM SAI RAM!!

    Hope you are doing good.

    Sir as I told your earlier also that I was looking for a job. Finally I got the one. But I m not feeling satisfied with it. There are so many other problems and tensions around me personal as well as professional. I am not in a situation to decide anything. As you told me last time that 2009 was not a good year for me. But there are good opportunities for me in the coming year. I am feeling dissatisfied on every aspect of life. Sir please advises me for this. Is there any chance for going abroad. My details:

    Name : Payal Mahajan
    DOB: 27/11/1984
    POB : Amb ( Una Himachal Pradesh

    Thanks & Regds,

  14. Sry forgot to mention TOB. Its 4:28 pm

  15. To Arun
    GENERALLY your horoscope is a lucky one.The lagna & 10th lord(profession) bhuda and the 5,6th lord sani(profession significator)are in 4th and got combusted by surya.So both have lost their strength.The 10th lord bhuda has only 3 out of 8 in suya varga,and the 10th house has 29 parals. It would have been nice if we had 36 there.Also maanthi is in mithunam your 10th place. These are the reason for your dissatisfaction in job front.
    Now raghu dasa has stArted .In your case raghu is in 7th along with guru.As guru has 50% strength, raghu may not harm your interest.
    Now raghu dasa guru bhukthi is going on upto
    25-May-2012.FROM 12th sep 2010 to 14 jan 2011
    bhuda antharam will be running.At that time you will have nice offer.You have to be on the alert and go on trying.

    Worship Anjaneya and Perumal is recommended.

    -------------------------THE RAGHU DASA BHUDA BHUKTHI IS FROMM 27-April-2010 to 14-Nov 2012.
    As bhuda has the influence of guru and sukra
    that bhukthi has to give some relief.
    Lagnathipathi Mars in 10th(profession) in exaltation in the raasi chart has to give you job to your satisfaction.ALSO THE 10TH LORD SANI IN EXALTATION IN 7TH PLACE. Do not get dejected. calm your mind and work towards betterment steadily. You are bound to win. Best of luck.

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  18. hi hello guruji,my frnd name is anil reddy dob 2-11-1981 time of birth 1:05am in karimnagar, andhra pradesh, when he will get marriage? family member are seeing matches but no use? i want to ask when he will get marriage and finacial condition? thanx guruji

  19. Sir, I am a female ,ashlesha nakshatra, kataka rasi, born 12.42 pm on 3. 4. 1974. Place of birth is Chennai. I have recently got a job offer, after a long period of 7 i/2 sani. Can I take this up and will I be able to perform well in it?

  20. To Manoj and Kalyani
    ----------------------Pl.wait. I will be back in Thanjavur on 26th March Friday. I need the software to cast the horoscope.I have not carried it here to Madras.

  21. Dear Sir,

    Iam facing so many troubles in my life for many years now financially and mentally.Please let me know when will the good times come for me.On the job front there are many hindrances now,please let me know whether this is the best time to shift job to another company or shall i wait?.Will i get onsite offer to be fruitful to clear my debts?.

    My D.O.B:18-dec-1983
    Time:10.35 a.m

    Please sir help me.

  22. Hello Sir,

    My name is Gayathri. Am Married in 2009.
    DOB: 08th Jan 1980 TOB: 0625 POB: New Delhi.

    Am having lots of pressure, tension and politics at my office [well paying quasi-govt job! for last 4 yrs]. Just unable to bear..leave alone tolerate!..NO PEACE OF MIND.
    only solace is my husband!!

    Q1. Will I ever have peace of mind in life, with this job in hand
    Q2. Am considering to take break from job by way of higher studies, how is 2010 and 2011 for me to succeed/join a full time regular degree from some/top institute-university in India.

  23. Dear Sir,

    I have lost my great job a year ago [April'09 layoff]. I seriously want to go to Gulf [by getting a job in Dubai from here] to settle all my debts!

    Are my planets favorable from Apr 2010? Would I be able to achieve and go abroad?

    My Details are:
    Date of Birth: 19th July 1981
    Time: 2115 Hrs
    Place: Chennai

    Thanks, in advance.

  24. Namaskaram,

    Sincere thanks for doing the reading for my friend. But he requires bit more clarity on your comments regarding his career. He is currently looking to change his job as he is not too happy at his current workplace.

    He is looking at all options for change of job - Mumbai, Delhi and even out of India. Please check and let us know by when he will be changing from his current job, and where he will be settling. Here are his details again for you:

    Date of Birth: 10th February 1986
    Time of Birth: 14:15 pm (2:15 pm)
    Place of Birth: Mulund, Bombay
    Gender: Male

    We will write a seperate mail to you, to get details to contribute to your Annadanam soon. Thanks!

  25. Dear Sir,

    I have a couple of queries. You had predicted that my career will be into music, that too that 2010 will be the defining year in change of career for me.

    I'm presently facing problems in my current job, and am hoping to get a big break in music, to shift into it full-time. Please check and let me know if this is happening, and by when shall the shift happen.

    You had also predicted an early marriage for me. It would be nice if you could throw more light on when its slated for, and also on the bride's background if possible.

    Details again for you:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 am
    Place of Birth: Bombay
    Gender: Male

  26. guruji i seen some websites they offer but we have to pay for it . ur r best not expect any thing for us ,ur helping us , i want to say 1 thing ur great guruji , i have respect for u , i hope god bless u with good health and wealth guruji

  27. Dear Sir,

    I have a few questions. Here are my birth details:

    DOB: March 20,1969
    Time of Birth: 13:40 (1:40 pm)
    Place of Birth: Chembur, Bombay

    My husband's birth details are:

    DOB: August 16, 1967
    Time of Birth: Either 12:30 PM or 2:30 PM
    Place of Birth: Delhi

    I want to know if we will ever have a son. Also how will our marriage and life be? The reasons I ask are that I am having doubts.

    Thanks and koti pranams,

  28. Vanakkam, Sir. Ungal sevaikku en manamarntha paarattukal. Sir, I have a query and hope that you can help me. I got married in 2005 to my husband and it was a love marriage. Although a happy marriage, we still have no children. Will you pls take a look and say if we will have children and when.

    My DOB is 26-12-1979
    TOB is 8.30 am
    POB is Singapore

    My Husband's DOB is 31-05-1979
    TOB is 5.30 am
    POB is Jaffna, Sri Lanka

    Awaiting your reply


  29. Sir- I am R.Sriram - DOB 20TH aug 1967- I had posted Three times on January 11th 2010. And your goodselves has answered twice. Can I request you to kindly delete those posts for personal reasons. Even this request too. I had also made this request by oversight in January page. I will be much thankful if thy shall help me in deleting the posts

  30. Sir,Please accept my pranams. MY D.OB.20th Aug 1967 TOB 14.00 Hours and POB -Palayamkottai- I have computerised horoscopes with Lahari and Raman Ayanamsa. In both The lagna is placed in Vrichikam. Earlier once you had said that lagna is placed in Dhanus.Could you please kindly clarify which to take and corresponding forecasts.

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  32. Hello Sir

    First of All Thank you very much for your service. This is one of the best blog spot for the people staying in abroad seeking astrological predictions and help.
    I am Baskar C Pooradam danush raasi
    DOB:09/mar/1983. Time Of Birth : 14:55(apprx) but pooradam is my star.Place of Birth : chennai.

    I am currently based in UK and this is my third year in this country.

    I have been jobless for the past 10 months and actively searching for my next role putting all my effort, although i get opportunities for jobs I eventually go unnoticed in the interviews. My financial situation also is getting worse. Could you please advice me when is the possibility, my planetery position would favour me getting a job ?


  33. Sir, Would you mind to provide me with your e-mail ID since I want to share some confidential things related to my life and dont want to make it public over here? I am also interested to know more details regarding the Annadhanam offer. Thank you so much. My e-mail id is majorjack123@gmail.com


    ONE.Usually such dosha people get married late, only after 30 years. He is now running chandra dasa chandra bhukthi upto 19th July 2010.This period is good for marriage.

    Guru is transitting to meenam, fourth to raasi and 8th to lagna. From there guru aspects 8th, 10th,12th to raasi and 12th, 2nd and 4th to lagna. As guru's aspect falls on 2nd to lagna, he will form a family.As in both rasi and lagna 12th place is aspected by guru, he will have conjugal, bed time happiness.
    So try from now onwards. He may get married between 10th june 2010 to 6th july 2010.

    If this chance is left his marriage will take place after 3 years only. I pray for his early marriage.

  35. To Kalyani
    ----------Congratulations for getting the job offer.Guru is now in kumba ,your 7th place to simma raasi. So the gajakesari yoga has worked and got the job for you. On 2 May 2010 guru transits to meenam his own place. That becomes 8th to rasi and 10th to lagna. In meenam surya is placed in the native birth chart.Now the transit guru is gliding over natal surya. The nadi rules say the result for transit guru meeting the natal surya as follws:"promotion, cooperartion"So for the next 1.5 years you will have nice time in this job.As guru is in 8th to rasi, you have to be careful in dealing with people.Work hard and get good name. Best of luck.

    -------------- I WANT TO SOUND A NOTE OF CAUTION FOR YOU IN JOB FRONT. As your 10th lord mars is hidden in 8th in an enemies place does not augur well. So you have a tendency to change jobs very often. You will become a rolling stone.So be cautious. Now in the present transit guru is already in 10th place kumba. He will transit to meenam 11th house on 2 May 2010.Whenever guru comes to 10th, there will be some change in job front.It may be positive or it may be negative.So if you want to change job, do it with caution..

    Raghudasa bhudabhukthi upto 4th June 2012 is good only.As sani is 5th to rasi, change may be good only. Again I caution you to be very cautious in getting the change.Good luck.

  37. sir i sambit dob:17 06 1976 pob:bhubaneswar(orissa)tob:5 o5 am how is marriage prospects?can i have foreign tour in near future? with regards rkrath

  38. TO Gayathri
    -----------IN YOUR RASI CHART ALL PLANETS IS BETWEEN RAGHU AND KETHU.THAT is one thing gives you some stress.Now you are in the 3rd and final 2.5 years of 7.5 nattu sani(SADESAATHI). that is for another 2 years. Raghu and chandra are together in simmah.That gives you mental stress.The mano karaka chandra is having only
    2 out of 8(25%) in suya varga.These are the reason for your mental stress.So by constant
    meditation and prayer you can definitely overcome the mental pressure.

    Raghu dasa Sani bhukthi upto 8th dec 2010.You can take a decision to switch over for studies can be taken in Jan 2011.
    I pray for you.

    You are both kumba lagna and kumba rasi subject.Your 10th (profession) place is vrichika and 10th lord is chevvai. Presently chevvai is in kataka in neecham (debilitation)
    powerless position. This position gets released in the last weak of may 2010.Guru transits to meenam on 2 may 2010. From there guru aspects the 10th place. 10th lord also gets guru's aspect from 2 may to 28th may 2010.I think you may get the job in may 2010.The 9th lord sukra is transitting in this period in his own place.That will help foreign placement.Guru dasa sukra bhukthi upto 29 Feb 2012.THOUGH GENERALLY THIS DASA BHUKTHI IS NOT GOOD, in your case sukra s your yogakaraka.So his bhukthi will do good.
    Best of luck.

  40. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot sir! I feel more confident in pursuing my goal. Eager to post under "Predictions came true" in a month or two...

    Thank you.

  41. Hello sir can you please tell me how the horoscope for my brother........

    Name: Dasari Shanmuka Ravindra
    DOB: 17/06/1975
    TOB: Between 6 to 7
    POB: Tenali

    Can you please tell how would his career life will be? His career is on rocks. He doeant know when his job will be gone. When doeas he lead a peaceful life in career and personal fronts?

    Thanks in advance

  42. Thank you Sir for your reply!

    You have have mentioned that I should be careful in dealing with people....does this mean people at work, or in general? Will this affect my relationship with close ones in my family or people I am professionally involved with?

    Also will I be able to maintain the same tempo in my profeesion even after the 1.5 yr. period you have mentioned?

    Sorry for the repeatedly posing questions...the fact is that I've had to work very hard and struggle for whatever I have achieved in life till now, and I'm a little wary because of that!

    Thank you again,



  43. Hello Sir, I am Pooram star/Simha Rasi. Born on 9 April 1960 at 9.20 am at Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Can I expect a job promotion this year which has been eluding me for the past few years?

  44. Sir, for one of my friend
    dob 29 aug 78
    tob 09 15 AM
    pob simoga(karnataga)india/male
    pls let us know timing of marriage and nature of spouse

  45. To Athan
    -------- AS I TELL THE prediction on line, with out any personal knowledge of the person and also give that in writing, I exercise caution while telling the negatives.Some may get mentally upset if I reveal the negative.

    In the horoscope in question, the 10th lord and the proffession signifactor sani has only 2 out of 8(25%) in suyavarga.The 10th place has only 26 points in ashtavarga which is
    below average.The 10th lord sani is joining
    mars which is not a good combination.That gives many problems for employment as well as
    other matters of life.
    Now sani dasa sani bhukthi upto 26th oct 2012.Same dasa and bhukthi does not give quick results.In the present transit the 10th lord has gone into 8th to raasi which does not give hopes about good atmosphere in job front.

    All the planets are between raghu and kethu. That is called kalasarpa dosha.Such people get settled late in life.So his lucky period will start only after 30 years.

    Because you insisted, I have come out openly.
    Prayer can change anything.So let hm pray!

  46. dear sir,sorry for my question on28/3/2010 above not replied by you.Sambit is my son .please reply openly even if any problem on it.with warm regards,rk.

  47. To MM
    ----- YOU ARE RUNNING SANIDASA SUKRABHUKTHI UPTO 23 FEB 2013. as it is lagnathipathi sani's dasa and 10th lord sukra's bhukthi,it is good only.as your 10th lord sukra is in exaltation you are likely to be succeessful in art line. you are break may come in sep 1010.

    you can expect positive results from 2 may 2010
    on job and marriage front.

  48. to meera
    --------as your husband's time of birth is not availabe, i could not cast the horoscope.

    from your prsentation i presume you have girl child.as for boy progeny,as surya is with raghu
    and aspected by a retrogade guru, it is difficult to get a male child.

    as your 7th lord guru is affected by kethu and
    aspected by raghu and surya,and the 7th lord guru is in retrogation, you may be doubting your husband.as your 7,8th places are not affected, you will pull on well with family and friends.

  49. Dear sir,

    Please see my and my wife's details below. Both me and my wife got married in 1997 and came to USA in August 2001 and March 2002, respectively. Life was going fine for last three years. However, recently one of our green card petition got rejected. Another petition is half way through and if nothing progresses in the other petition, my wife will have to stop working by the year end. Would you please do a detail reading and let us know if green card petition will progress in a positive direction and will my wife be able to keep her job? Would you please suggest any remedy? Thanks for your time.

    My details:

    TOB: 5:05 AM
    DOB: 31 December 1968
    POB: Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh)

    My wife's details:

    TOB: 12:45 PM
    DOB: 1 September 1969
    POB: Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh)

    Best regards,


  50. Dear Mama,

    Thanks for the reply. Well, you said that positive results on the job & marriage front can be expected from 2nd May 2010 onwards. So you mean that I will still be into a job till then? Because, I'm currently facing lots of problems in my work, and was planning to quit it as soon as possible, and get into music full-time, if things are going to click in that line. Just check and let me know, whether I will continue in this current job, or change my job, or shift full-time into music, and when the shift is happening.

    And since you specified the date 2nd May 2010, when is marriage being seen? Would also appreciate some details regarding the bride & her background.

    My details again:

    Date of Birth: 17th April 1984
    Time of Birth: 02:02 AM
    Place of Birth: Bombay
    Gender: Male

    Shall also email you, as I need details regarding the Annadanam. Thanks!

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  52. Dearest Sir
    I am goin through a testing time right now .Nothin seems to be good.I am stayin away from my husband with my inlwas and kids (since past 2 years).I want to live with my husband again but the only chance is if i migrate to Canada .I have applied for PR in 2004 but still no news.I have a few queries:

    1.When will I get a job?Should I change my field from teaching to some other field.
    2.Should I continue to trade in shares?
    3.How can I stop the frequent quarrels with my husband ?
    4.I am wearing emerald,white opal,horseshoe ring,should I continue to wear them?
    5.Any remedies for a peaceful,happy life,should I chant any mantras
    6.when will we move to Canada and will it be beneficial to us

    My date of birth:19.02.1978
    Time of Birth:00.02a.m(18th midnight)
    Place of Birth:New Delhi

    My date of birth:07.06.1970
    Time of Birth:19 ghata 15 pala
    Place of Birth:Mumbai

    Thanks and Regards

  53. To Shreemathi
    -------------Horoscopically no denial of children in both of your charts.The one point in your husband's horoscope, all planets are between raghu and kethu.That dosha effect will be only upto 30 years. So now you may blessed with a child soon.As per nadi rules while sukra transits over mars of the birth chart,
    "wife may become pregnanat"! Now that condition prevail upto 21st april 2010. So I will not be surprised if you report back to me in May or June that you have conceived.

    Pray to Bala Murugan to bless you with a child.
    May god bless you.

  54. TO Aittreya
    The lagna is vrichikam only if the data now given is the correct one.

  55. Please accept my Pranams. Thanks very much sir.Could you please place a comment on my tenth bhava. Whenever I have been in service I have held only senior management position. Since Oct 2008 there has been a break . May I request you to kindly comment on the Possible reverting to service Do u see signals for overseas assignment.My Date of Birth 20th August 1967 Time of Birth 2.00 PM ( 14.00 Hrs) POB - Palayamkottai. Once again my namaskarams for your yeoman service.

  56. Mikka nandri, Sir. Unga vaai muhurtam palikkattum.


  57. Hello Sir,

    I have this strange habit of referring to astrology whenever in trouble and stranger than that from the past 6 months i have this habit of disturbing you every now and then, i don't know you but i know that i trust you a lot. I am right now not in my hometown and away from all my family and friends i hold dear , and the way you answer to all my queries is very comforting. i am deeply thankful for that and i sincerely respect your effort to help others so selflessly.
    Here i must comment that this is my 6th query and i have asked so much of your time in the past and now just for one reason....lidfe's not going smooth.
    I know you might not be remembering that first it was health than academics and than personal stuff. perhaps i am being run down by fate in all the spheres of life.... Is there going to be an end to all this ?? Will i ever have a tension free struggle free life again???Please enlighten me sir...i am very depressed this time.. :*(.I m worried about both personal and academics...as well as health.
    Health - suffering from multiple sclerosis a terminal neurological disorder with no cure.
    academics - Btech computer science already lost a year due to bad health and i have lost my sheen - was a topper in school...a failure here.
    personal - never felt so lonely.....never..

    DOB - 3/11/1987
    TIME - 11:07 am
    Place chandigarh india

    Thank you once again

    bharat bharija

  58. Dear Sir,

    I was born in 24th of March 1967 at 2:04 am (four minutes past two in the morning) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Since leaving school in 1987 I have been doing small jobs but no employer wanted to keep me. My higher education was broken down because I started going for psychiatric treatment for depression and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies or my jobs. I have no stable income and now I have started earning by bidding for jobs through the internet through a web site called http://www.elance.com/. But so far no employer has awarded me a bidding. What I want to know is according to my planets would I be able get established at home with a computer, earning at least US$ 1000.00 a month from the internet (E-Money).

    I also want to know if I would get a winning in my savings certificate lottery draw coming on May 3rd. It is consistent draw that is drawn every three months that goes on for ever until your saving certificate expires. I want to win the first prize and my savings certificate no. is 103 47Q 0501 - 1000. Will there be a fist prize win for the 500 ticket numbers from 0501 to 1000.

    I would prefer if you don’t publish this in your web page because it has a lot of personal details. If you don’t mind please send a reply to my personnel e-mail address mihinduep@gmail.com. Or if you cannot do this, I don't mind you publishing in you web page.

    Thank you.
    Yours gratefully,

  59. Respected Sir,
    Am going through a mental turmoil after death of father in Feb.
    I request your advise on how will my career (transfer and promotion) and house construction (on loan in progress) and overall mental peace and happiness.
    Name: Bala
    DOB: 27 April 1973 (0057 hrs-early morning)
    Place: Mumbai
    Yours sincerely

  60. Name: Arpit mandliya
    BirthDate: 23/10/1989
    Birthtime: 03:28 AM
    Place: Garoth, Near Bhanpura(MP)

    Respected Sir,
    i have a question
    whether i must go for job or mba?i m confused
    when will my marriage take place? whehter it will be arrange or love?

    thank u in advance...

  61. hi krishnan ji

    Sir i know what i am asking is not related to any problems.. i just wanted to know about this.
    i came across someone's details which is DOB:05 feb 1982,time:00:05, place:rajkot,india....This native is happily married in jan 2007.when he got married he was running jupiter mahadasa and mercury antardasa....

    when i saw my horoscope i saw that i have same planets and sign.... expect the moon ... my details are DOB:01 feb 1982,time:00:00,place:sharjah,uae

    my and the previous kundli all planets and signs are same except the moon which in his case is in gemini and for me it is in aries....

    my question is i am still not married as you already know about it... does dasha have so much of effect..... for me as u can see sun mahadasa and venus antardasa is going on.....

    has sun mahadasa hindered the marriage for me...does dasha have so much effect for marriage....if u see our both horoscopes are almost same.......

    plz do reply

    thanks and blessed

  62. i am born in 7-10-1961,time-1.30 pm
    please tell me about my guru dasha,can i have neecha banga rajayogam,and about my proffession,and also about my wife and children.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Namaskaram

    "Amme Narayana"

    My name is Rajan Venkateswaran, presently in Kuwait. Born 29th February 1964, in Bombay, TOB 7.29 pm (19.29 hours), Male. I am in the Management Field. I know a bit of Astrology. I am currently going through Guru Dasa, Chandra Bhukthi. Though Guru is in its house and has vargottama, I have not got the full benefit of Guru during its dasa. Generally career has been stop and start. I am currently without a job since November 09 and am planning a move to another gulf country which is getting delayed. I would appreciate your telling me when I will get a job again and what the career/financial prospects are

    Appreciating your time and effort

    With Warm Regards

    Rajan Venkateswaran

    I TYPED a long reply yesterday and when posted,
    server failed!
    I shall first tell you the reasons for your present problem in job front.
    you being a kataka lagna subject, mars(chevvai)is your 10th(profession)house lord.this chevvai though placed in 9th in guru's place meenam with 4,11th lord sukra, has only 1 out of 8 in suya varga.That mars' strength is only 12.5% which is very low.The bagya place 9th is also having only 20 points which is much below the average. So that has made you some what luckless.
    The dhana house lord surya has hidden in 8th.And the viraya, and victory house lord bhuda also in 8th. That has also resulted into
    your efforts to earn money has seen obstacles

    The lagna lord moon is in 6th hidden.He is with kethu. That has also made you to suffer in life.

    Now raghudasa raghubhukthi upto 29th july 2010. This also has made the unwanted changes.

    We can go on listing the negatives. That is enough. Now coming to positives,
    the lagnathi pathi moon has 7 out 8 in suya varga.That is 87.5%That will help you in difficulties.The 10th lord chevvai and the 9th lord guru are in parivarthana(exchange of houses).That will help you.Guru is aspecting his own place and 10th lord and 4,11th lord.That will ensure good employment,worldly pleasures,vehicle,realestate and profit.
    Raghudasa gurubhukthi starts from 29 July 2010 to 22 Dec 2012.That period will be good for you as guru is in 5th with suyavarga power of 5 out of 8(67.5%).On 2 May 2010 guru transits to his own place meenam which is 9th to lagna,and 4th to raasi and aspects lagna and 10th to raasi where now sani is sitting.

    So from 2 May 2010 good period starts. By 28th May 2010 you will have concrete result. Then in July 2010 you will settledown very well. As chevvai is very weak, worhip Murugan daily. Best of luck.

  66. To Major
    --------I have sent a mail to you. You may state your problem in brief.

    Very few make enquiries about Annadanam,still few come out with some contribution.But I treat all alike. Annadanam and predictions are two different matters.I do not discriminate.

  67. Hello Mr. Krishnan,
    I am writing to you after a long time. I am very sorry for the delay in contributions to your cause but my dad switched jobs and now he has settled in the new place , he will call you again to check the details again.

    On that note, he might also ask you a couple of questions about my future. In the last few months a couple of developments took place and the two marriage proposals I had both didnt materialize for some reason or the other. This saddened both me and my parents. Why did this happen ? and is there marriage on my cards in the future.

    Date: 22nd December 1979
    Time: 18:36
    Place: Bhopal

  68. TO RK ----SAMBIT
    I WISH in this case my prediction should go wrong.
    As per nadi rules:"If Surya aspects Sukra (Surya and Sukra must be in the same nakshatra pada), then the person will not have children, because the semen will get burned".
    Surya and Sukra are in lagna mithuna itself. Both are in Mrigaseersha 3rd pada.Sukra is combusted by sun.So it is very difficult to get a child of his own.

    How ever the 5th place(child) has 26 parals where raghu is sitting. And 5th place has guru's aspect.Sukra has 50% strength and guru has 67.5% strength in suyavarga. So it is possible to get a child if properly treated by medicines to increase the counts.

    Chant Bala Mukunthashtagam daily.Worship SriRanganatha, Lord Venkateswara, And Badri Narayana. Donate milk payas to poor children
    after offering to SriKrishna.

    Read my article on annadanam and act.

    Regarding foreign travel, it is better to avoid it. Moon is alone.Tthat is not good. That is called kemathruma yoga(Bad yoga).That will suddenly throw the subject into poverty.SO better not to take risky ventures. Consolidate what you have here.
    I pray for SAMBIT

  69. To Rithika -Dasari shanmuka ravindra

    Now raghu dasa is running upto 11 sep 2011. That has to pass. Then gurudasa starts and continue for 16 years. That is the 10th lord's dasa.And guru has a suya varga strength of 87.5% and the 10th place has 34 parals in ashta varga.

    in the present transit on 2 May 2010 guru is transitting to meenam , 10th place to lagna and 7th to raasi. So from may 2010 signs of improvement can be seen.

    As chandra is alone, please worship Sshivji on ondays .Best of luck.

    ----------8TH PLACE GURU WILL bring defame. So you have to be cautious in your talk with all.

    If you establish with your sincere work during this 1.5 years, you will permanently shine in job.

  71. TO JJ
    ------ As per nadi gochara rules when transit guru glides over native surya "Promotion, cooperation"

    in your chart surya is in meenam. uru who is in kumbam now transit to meenam on 2 May 2010.
    He will be in meenam for nearly 1.5 years. (with a short break of 13 days)So all chances of your promotion this year.

    Guru dasa guru bhukthi upto 28 oct 2010.Some what good.Guru dasa Sani bhukthi, sani being your 10th lord(PROFESSION) and yogakaraka to your rishaba lagna, that will be good from 28 oct 2010 to 10 may 2013.
    Best of luck

  72. Dear Sir,


    I am in Kuwait. Please let me know how I may send money for annadanam. My E mail id is rajanvenkateswaran@gmail.com



    IT IS DIFFICULT to beleive that the subject is still not married! For both lagna and raasi 7th(wife) lord is guru. This guru is in exaltation in 11th to lagna and 2nd to raasi.The 7th lord guru has 7 out of 8 in suya varga and the 7th place has 26 points in astavarga which is quite sufficient. So why he has not got married?

    Probably kethu in 7th is the reason.

    Now sani dasa guru bhukthi is going on till 1st Feb 2011. As guru is the 7th lord, marriage can take place during this period.
    from 2 May 2010 guru transits to meenam from where it aspects lagna and 2nd to rasi. So try sincerely from now on worshipping Vinayaka daily.Best of luck.

  74. Sir My Pranams.Regarding Annadanam Scheme- I can take charge for one day in a month commencing April 2010 as a beginning for the next 12 months. Towards this May I request you kindly hold 20th of every month. As I have the banking details I shall remit the required sum into your account atleast a week in advance every month for your goodselves to take forward.

  75. Respected Krishna ji, Many thanks for your response. Sincerely appreciate your helping & selfless nature(very rare to see such people during these times). Also please more details regarding annadanam scheme, would contribute my mite.

  76. Thank you sir for your reply....I will be cautious and work hard!

    I just saw the annadaanam thread...could you let me know the details please so that I could contribute?


  77. Hello Sir

    First of all I felt sorry for you regarding the server failure. I know its irritating when you type something big on the computer and at the end of it if you a 'server failure', Funny Computers.

    And Thanks a lot for spending time on reading my chart, hope your words come true. I am eagerly waiting to make an entry in to the 'Prediction come true' section.

    I never thought there is so much complexity in my birth chart. As you said there is so much of change in my self in the last 10 months and I certainly feel that these changes are taking me to a better life both personally and professionally.

    Thanks once again.

  78. To Adisharma
    ------------THE 9TH PLACE IN A RAASI CHART IS TO BE CONSIDERED for foreign travel/stay.In your chart 9th house is kataka and its lord is chandra. This chandra is in rishaba your seventh place in exaltation. In addition to it
    guru is aspecting chandra.Your 9th house has 35 points in ashtavarga. Moon has 4 out of 8 in suyavarga.So your 9th place and 9th lord are not weak. So your foreign stay will be continued and your green card will be cleared
    Now guru dasa sani bhukthi upto 7 Jan 2011.
    That is some what good. From May 2010 things will take shape as guru will aspect kataka.
    I shall write about your wife in next post.

  79. Dear Sir,

    I am sorry to hear of your accident- hope you remember me, by God Will I managed to get a job, somehow people working there have been asking me to try for better job. I am also trying... at times I feel sad about it.

    Can you advise me if there is a possibility of job change or will my present boss give me better chance ?

    DOB: 07/11/1978
    TOB : 0855hrs
    Place : S'pore

    Thank you for this.


  80. to adi sharma--to his wife
    -------------The correct time of birth will
    be useful in arriving at the balance mahadasa at the time of birth. It is important. If you can tell me that correct time, it will be nice.
    It will be again only an approximation if we arrive at the time by connecting it to some important event.So pl. enquire with the elders and let me know the correct time.

  81. To MM
    ------Decision to resign a job for want of adjustment problems in workplace, has to be taken on practical experience.Horoscope is a general guidance only. We can not totally depend on predictions.

    In nadi rules when the transit guru glides over native chart sukra "marriage,wealth, birth of daughter".Your sukra is in meenam. Guru comes to meenam on 2 may 2010. So we can expect marriage after 2 may 2010. For your thula rasi kataka is the 10th(profession) place. For that guru's aspect is from 2may 2010. So job gets strengthened. Your lagnathipathi gets guru's aspect from 2 may 2010. So many good things will happen.

    Wife will be a religious person. For job sake you may be staying away from wife often.That will create some skirmishes. You have to make your presence a joyful experience whenever you are at home.She may be also an employed person.

  82. Sir!

    My question this time is on behalf of my parents.
    Father: D.O.B 14.1. 1930, Time of birth-10 am P.O.B- Chennai
    Mother: D.O.B: 12.11.1936, Time 5.30 a.m, P.O.B: Kallidaikurichi

    How are the next few years for them regarding health?

    We, their children, want them to relocate to our city so that we can take care of them better..when is the right time for them to shift from their present city?

    Thank you,


  83. TO mee
    ------Yes you are in a testing time. Presently kethu is sitting in raasi and raghu in 7th to rassi. That shows no good relations with life partner.Next raghu kethu transit will be in may 2011 I suppose. Till such time I think problems continue.
    In job front guru is coming to 10th place to raasi on 2 may 2010. That indicate change in job, change in work place, transfer etc.,

    Now sani dasa raghu bhukthi upto 26 oct 2011.
    Not encouraging.Next will be sani dasa guru bhukthi.That will be nice.

    Share dealing is not in your cards. Profit place is occupied by raghu and that lord bhuda and sukra are combusted by surya.

    Mars ,guru,sani are in retrogation. Not helpful.

    Pray to the lord, your Ishta devata,family deity! Chant all the navagraha gayathris daily.You may get them if you search google.

    Usually in south india the stones are suggested for suggested running dasa bhukthi
    now sani dasa is running better to wear blue sapphire.

    ------------YOUR LAGNA IS VRICHIKA.So your tenth place is simmah. 10th house lord is surya.for every one sani is the karmakaraka-
    profession signifactor.

    In your case in tenth house, surya 10th lord is in his own place simmah.7th and 12 th house
    sukra is also in 10th. 12th is virayasthana. so virayathipathi in 10th is not doing good for employment.

    Going to ashtavarga, your 10th house parals are 25.Highest expected is 36.Average is 28. Your chart has not touched even the average.
    The 10th house lord surya has 3 out of 8 in suya varga.That is just 37.5%. Sukra who is in 10th has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga. That is
    just 25%. Sani the profession signifactor. Sani is having 3 out of 8 only. So you have some what bad luck in job front only.

    You may know that I fall back on nadi rules for gochara palan.
    Your sani is in meenam. On 2 may 2010 guru transits to meenam in gocharam.As per nadi rules when transit guru glides over native chart sani the subject, "gets job, promotion, smooth going period in carrier"

    Now sani dasa sukra bhukthi upto 10 nov 2011. that may alsohelp you.
    Worship your kuladaivam. nd pray to anjaneya.

    WHAT you need is not predictions. You need good treatment for health, counselling, and good support by relatives and friends.

    I might have told you earlier also. You are now running kethu dasa raghu bhukthi upto
    22 june 2010. Then things will brighten up.

    Do not loose hope. Pray to your family diety.

  86. Sir , My Namaskarams and Thanks .

  87. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

  88. hello sir,
    hope u r doing well.
    sir, i had posted a question few days back,but i don't know if i posted it elsewhere by mistake.sir,is it possible for u to mail me your mail id.sorry to ask this, but i have only one question to ask u personally.

    my mail id: rk0000@rocketmail.com

  89. To Mihindu pulukkody
    -------------------- You being a makara lagna subject ,your 5th place is rishaba and that lord is in 4th. That shows you are very emotional.

    Your lagna lord is sani. He is placed in 3rd with surya. Sani got combusted by surya.Sani is also the profession signifactor. His getting burnt by surya has affected your carreer.Now mars dasa bhuda bhukthi and next kethu bhukthi upto 1-july 2011 is not so good.

    Regarding lottery I do not know much of numerology.
    Pray to your Ishta devata. May god bless you.

  90. Dear sir,

    I will send you correct time of birth of my wife, soon. Thanks!!!


  91. To Shyam
    ----------Yesternight I typed a lengthy reply
    and when posted, server failed and all got deleted.I am struggling against odds in replying. In our town 3 hours of electricty load shedding-power cut.If power is available ,server failure! What to do? Life is like that!

    Do not worry about father's death.Death is long sleep only.He will live with you in your thoughts.If he had noble qualities, if you had inherited his good qualities, and follow that in life, that is a great homage to him.No use in getting depression. Think scientifically. Suppose all the lives born here will never perish!What will happen?Space, food and water will be a big problem.Man will eat man!So death is also a cyclic process to keep the balance in the universe. So drop the feeling of missing father.
    Your 10th place(profession) is thulam whose lord is sukra.Thulam has 30 parals in astavarga.The ideal points for 10th place is 36.You have 30, which is above average.The 10th lord has 3 out of 8 in suya varga. And the profession signifactor sani also has 3 out of 8. So carreer is not a satisfying experience in life for you. You may have to adjust with whatever you get.You may not the chooser in career.When the lagnathipati's sani dasa comes in June 2013, you will have nice time in job.

    Now gurudasa mars-chevvai bhukthi upto 16 Jan 2011. During this period house construction will be over.Best of luck.

  92. To Arpit
    In your chart bhuda the signifactor of education is in kanya,where he is in ruling, exaltation,and mooltrikona.So education is frst priority for you.As the 4th house is vrichika whose lord is mars,and he is in combination with bhuda in kanya, MBA will be ideal study. Go ahead and join MBA. Best of luck.

  93. TO SHTL
    --------If I tell you my experience you will be surprised.My wife and my sister-in-law are
    twins. My wife was born first. My sisterinlaw was born 5 mins later.She got married at the age of 16. My wife was married to me after 4 years when she was 20+. My wife completed Bsc.,Med.,after marriage and got govt post as a teacher.my sisterinlaw stopped with school final and continued as a house wife.Their raasi kundalis are the same.But the 5 mins difference has brought about so many other changes. Ofcourse I can point to many similariies in their lives. So every horoscope is different.

    ----------------Place of birth is not given. Post again after I open April 2010 columns.
    Also be specific about what do you want to know about wife, children etc.,Astrology is a tool to know the time at which a particular problem will be solved.So stating the problem will make the astrologer to calculate the time of its possible solution.Your query is like testing my knowledge. When an astrologer is doubted, the predictions are not materialsing for the questioner.That is generally happening.
    Astrology in India is a divine science.Belief plays a major role. Doubts will not bear fruit.

    -----------------MY ASTROVISION SOFTWARE does not have provision for "29th feb" leap year. Even if I give 29th, it converts to 28th!
    If you can mail me your horoscope it will be nice.
    Your lagna is simmah? uththiram star 1st pada?
    chandra in simmah? maanthi in vrichika?kethu in dhanusu?surya,bhuda,sani and chavvai in kumba?sukra and guru in meena?raghu in mithuna? dasa balance surya dasa 5y 1m 12d ?

    As per this software you are now in gurudasa bhuda bhukthi upto 17 mar 2011.

  96. Dear Sir,

    The perils of being born on a leap year day :)

    Since I do not know your e-mail id (and couldnt get from this blog), I would propose two solutions if it is not too inconvenient for you.

    First, I am giving you the planetary position.

    My lagna is simham, rasi kanni. I was born in hastam nakshatram. Chandran is is kanni, ketu in dhanus, suryan, kujan, budhan, sani - all the four in kumbham, guru and sukran in meenam and rahu in midhunam. Mandhi is in vrichikam.

    My navamsakam is as follows, lagnam in dhanus, kujan and rahu - in kumbham, suryan, guru & sukran - all the three in Meenam, Chandran in medam, ketu in simham, budhan & sani in vrichikam. Mandhi navamsakam is in Thulam.

    My shishta dasa was chandra dasa 8years, 9 months and 8 days (though another software showed it as 8 years, 9 months and 17 days). Currently I am in Guru dasa , chandra bhukthi which ends on 18.8.2010. The guru dasa itself ends on 17.12.2013.

    Alternatively, I am a registered user of www.astrogyan.com. If you can log into the site using the user name- sreemanu and the password - manu , you will be able to see my whole horoscope including the dasa calculator.

    I hope I am not taking too much liberty with you and inconveniencing you.


    Rajan Venkateswaran

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. Thanks a lot Sir For the help provided .I will do the needful
    Thanks again!!!

  99. To Rashmi
    ----------Do not worry. You will be getting a good alliance shortly. When guru transit to meenam on 2nd may 2010, from there he will aspect katakam. That is 2nd to lagna(amily)and 7th to raasi(husband). So you will get good alliance very soon. Best of luck

  100. To Aittreya
    -----------Thank you very much for your noble offer to donate for annadanam regularly every month. I now have a ray of hope that this service will have a longer life.May your tribe grow.May god bless you.

    ----------YOU MAY come to my mail kmrk1949@gmail.com for details on annadanam.thank you so much. may god bless you.

  102. TO Kalyani

  103. To Jasmine
    -----------In the present job itself you will get good recognition in May 2010.Be cautious if you want to make a change.

  104. to kalyani
    your question need not be answered.i am able to understand the underlying meaning. bhava 8 is a prohibited area.

    mother is already in 7.5 sani 3rd round. now she may be suffeering from stomach disorder.

    father will be entering 7.5 sani in 2 years time. that will be also 3rd round. 2012 will be the year of anxious moments in health for both

    if they have to be shifted to another city, after may 2010 you may do it.

  105. To roopa
    --------My mail id is : kmrk1949@gmail.com

  106. TO SREE
    --------YOUR QUESTION IS TOO LENGTHY.Make it into parts and post again in April 2010 column which i will open shortly.

    I am happy my prediction has come true in your exam results. That also can be posted in "prediction came true column" in April 2010.
    you may have to try the archives copy paste your question and my answer and the time/date on which the predition came true are to be posted.wait till I open the new April 2010 thread.

    ---------------ALREADY ANSWERED IN MAIL.

  108. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your good advise. I am in education line as you predicted - but low pay. Its okay, with hard work & God Willing things improve.

    Sir I am 31 now - and am not married. I have very heavy commitment. Please advise - if there will be good chances. 2 years time is okay also.




  110. Sir, I want my parents to shift to my city of residence. My parents have been resisting the shift because they want their independence and not be as the term it - 'a burden' ...typical of people of their age...how can any child think of their parents as a burden!!!

    Thank you for your words...I will try to convince them after April about the shift.

  111. closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed closed

    Post your questions in April-2010 thread


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  113. to dhives
    ----------- please post i april 2010 one thread.

    closed closed closed closed closed closed