Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Philosophical,Religious,Traditional Discussions APRIL 2010

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  1. Recently I read a 1000 page book written by a Gandhian, named Kovai Ayyamuthu. This author was a Gandhian constructive worker and a freedom fighter. He had written his memoirs.

    Mahathma Gandhiji's followers are of 3 generations. The first generation was the persons who came into contact with Mahathamaji in 1920s when Gandhiji was a novice in Indian politics.The second generation was those who jumped into the band wagon when the Salt Satyagraha was launched in 1930s by the Mahathmaji. The third generation was the ones who entered the public life in 1940s when the Quit India movement was in its peak.Kovai Ayyamuthu belongs to the first generation who supported Mahathmaji in 1920s.Mahathmaji knew Kovai Ayyamuthu very well.They had coreesponded and Ayyamuthu had succeessfully completed many tasks assigned to him by the Mahathmaji.

    After the independence, in the Avadi Congress,
    when Nehru,the first PM of India visited Avadi,
    Ayyamuthu was assigned the task of conducting an exhibition of Khadhi and Village Industries.The government sanctioned rupees 3 lakhs for the conduct of the exhibition.Ayyamuthu was given liberty to handle the money as he wished.Ayyamuthu was so able a manager, he completed the task with half the amount of the sanction.When all the works were succeessfully finished Ayyamuthu stuck to the exhibition ground and disposed the used articles by auction and credited the money into the Government treasury.

    As you know the beurocracy has its own red tapism and queer way of dealing with the financial matters. Ayyamuthu while settling
    the final bills to the various agencies and individuals,requested for remissions and deductions in the bills. Many contractors obliged. Some gave 10% and some others 5% deductions.When the government appointed auditor checked the bills, he made a queiry as to what is the "basis" adopted to get the deductons?

    sri ayyamuthu replied:" mahathmaji has taught
    us to beg for a good cause. so the basis is only the mood, and financial soundness of the persons who voluntarily come forward to donate.
    The corrupt Government officials may fix a "basis" for their black income for
    allotting a government contract.The Gandhiyan worker can not fix any "basis" to get a deduction in the bills.

    My point is, would India get such gems like Ayyamuthu in he future? Every youngster who reads this must take a vow to be honest in the public affairs.

  2. Namaskarams mama,

    Writing to you with lots of doubts about life itself. My husband, a very dutyful son and brother, suffered a job loss suddenly last march 2009. He even gave up his foreign prospects only to take care of his family. He is now trying everywhere pathetically. Please help me. His horoscope details : 1/12/1965 time: 9 hours, at mayiladuthurai (lagnam is dhanusu and rasi is kumbha). Will he go abroad? thanks.