Thursday, July 23, 2009


To days news papers bring the news that Rahul(ji) Gandhi made a surprise visit to an eating room near parliament house called Andhra Bhavan accompanied by one of his friend from Rajasthan.He quitely ordered fish,mutton,bread accompanied by coke and finally 4 jardha beedas!

Okay! Rahulji must have been bitten by the eating bug, like travel bug!It is purely a personal choice for him what to eat and what not to eat.However this trivial act of Rahulji gets the front page coverage in papers means,we can not ignore this as his personal matter.

First I want to tell him about the choice of the restaurant he chose to visit. It was Andhra Bhavan.That means spices, spices and spices all the way. The chilly hotness, Rahulji,you wanted to enjoy? Everything is harmful to your intestine Rahulji! May be you liked it in toungue, but did injustice to your digestive system.

Secondly, the non-veg food! Do you know how much it is harmful! How can you build a new building from the bricks and mortar of a pulled down old building?Likewise the dead animal can not give you any fresh energy or advantage. The cruelty to animals, before they cometo the table can not be described by words.The pathetic helpless animals undergo untold miseries.Have some sympathy. You have the name of Mahathmaji in your name as an appendage. practice non-violence atleast in food.Turn a vegan. It will be good to your health.

Thirdly coke! An iron nail will be dissolved by coke in 24 hours time if kept immersed in it.That much acidity! What it will make of your stomach if taken regularly, god only knows!

Fourth Jardha Beeda! They keep all sorts of spices including stimulents like abin!You like it Rahulji!?

Rahulji, I am concerned about your health and mental make up! India wants you. You are the muscot of youngIndia as your father was once.Would you not like to be a role model?

If you publically show off your obsessions , the charlatans will surround you and divert your attention to sensuous pleasures.

During the election campaign you went to the poor villagers and shared their humble, simple diet. I was touched. Your image was boosted by your going near the poor. Now, the election is over and no need for votes of the poor, you thought it is better to act like an aristocrat?

Sheer opportunism , Rahulji!.
I am pained.

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