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Tuesday, 07 July 2009
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Karkitaka Vavu Pithru Tharpanam On 21st July 2009 - Mantra and Meaning (by IISH Communication Team, published Tuesday, 30 June 2009 14:19)
Dear Family Member,
We request you all, (whether you are Hindu, Christian , Muslim or atheist ) to chant this mantra and offer little flower, water and a sincere devoted prayer on 21st July for your forefathers who gave you your body and life. They gave you the opportunity to come to this world and enjoy. Wherever you are, which ever part of the world you are chant this mantra and silently pray for a minimum five minutes..
Manthra and its meaning for the pithru tharpana to be held on 21st July, during Karkitaka vavu/new moon day (karkitaka amaavasy)
Aabrahmano ye pitru vamsa jaathaa maathu thaththaa vamsa bhavaa madeeyaa: Vamsa dwayesmin mama daasa bhootha bruthyaa thathiva aasritha sevakaascha Mithraani sakhya pasavascha vruskshaa drushttaascha adrushtaascha kruthopakaara Janmaanthare ye mama sangathaascha thebhya swayam pinda balim dadaami Maathru vamsey mruthaaayescha pithruvamse thathaiva cha Guru swasura bandhoonaam ye chaanye baandhvaa mruthaa Ye may kule luptha pindaa putra daara vivarjitha Kriyaa lopa hathaaschaiva jaathyanthaa pankavasthathaa Viroopaa aamagarbhaascha jnaathaa ajnaathaa kule mama Bhoomou datthena balinaa thrupthaayaanthu paraam gathim Atheetha kula koteenaam saptha dweepa nivaaseenaam Praaneenaam udakam dattham akshayyam upthishtathu Avasaaneeyarghyamidam
Meaning of the above manthra
In this world those who were born in the clan of my father and mother And all those who are related to me directly or indirectly Those who were my servants for the last two janmas All those who served and helped me and depended on me All those who were my friends and associates All those plants and animals whom I depended for my life All those who supported me directly or indirectly All those who associated with me for the past many janmas For all of them I myself offer this pinda, flower and water and prayer For all those who passed away from the kula of my mother And also from the kula of my father, gurus, relatives and in laws For all those who were not fortunate to receive the pinda in the past For all those who suffered without the support of wife/husband and children For all those who could not do good to others due to many reasons For all those who were borne, lived and died in poverty For all those who were ugly and also who died prematurely For all those who died in the womb of mother without seeing the world For all known and unknown relatives of mine lived and died For them too I offer this prayer , pinda , water and gingely with tulasi I offer all these on this earth for making them immortal and happy in their own world For all those who were living and for all the living creatures and living beings Existed /lived on the seven continents for many million years I offer this pinda and water for the happiness of their soul to rest in peace Let them be happy in their own world blessing the world Let me offer once again a drop of water to you Oh ! my forefathers !

Inform your friends , relatives and all those who are connected with you to come and experience doing the pithru smarana in the spiritual research centre of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, Mazhuvanchery Mahadeva Temple, at Mazhuvanchery, near Kechery, in the Highway side to Trissur- Guruvayoor/Kunnamkulam on 21st July from 6.00 am to 11.30 am ( each batch 35 minutes)
Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan,Scientist & Hon.Director,IISH, will be leading this pithru karma by explaining the meaning and messages of each part of the aachara. If not possible to come to this place, we shall send you the brochure which explains the ritual. Perform the ritual wherever you are with your family , friends and devotees or yourself.
Pre registration or pre information is not needed, you can come to the temple after taking bath from your home..


  1. 21-7-09 is Aadi Amavasya day. In Tamilnadu people throng the seashore in Rameswaram,Vedaranyam, Tiruchendur to offer prayer to ancestors.Those who are not able to go to a theertha place, try to chant the above mantra if you are able to make the trasliteration,otherwise read the english meaning and translate it into your mother toungue and offer a handful of cooked rice with few gingily seeds and some thulasi leaves and place it for crows to eat. you can do that whereever you are now.So simple . Is it not? After doing this post here or post that you are going to do that on 21-7-09

  2. I will try to do it this year!

  3. hi i just happened to be on your blog while searching the tamil meaning of tarpana mantras.
    can u help me please?