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ASTROLOGY Q&A Oct'2010--ONE--1

Please post your questions for OCT'2010-(1)here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 61 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

There is no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.

Do not mention the opinion of other astrologers here.Every one has a set approach to astrology.Sometimes contradictory views confuse people.

The professiinal astrologers get their livelihood by matching horoscope for marriage and fixing muhurthams. Better you consult a professional for such services.

Do not pack many questions in the same post. Ask only one priority question. You may repost the next question after a weeK or ten days.


    --------------- I AM ALSO NOW hired as a guest faculty for training agents of LIC of India.

    I have to visit Mannargudi, Pattukkottai,Trichy and Tiruvarur from 4th Oct 2010 to 20th Oct 2010.120 kms travel every day
    up and down. So I would like to inform you my answers will be delayed. Do not send reminders and do not mail me. Remenber this is only a free service.I can work only when I have sparee time.Restrict your post for just one breif question.

  2. Respected Sir,

    Thank you for your continous support & guidence.

    I am manohar from Karnataka.
    I am working in a mnc company.
    but my worklife has become too much hectic and my peers & serniors are nor good to me and this has caused my life to be miserable.

    So I have decided to change the company.

    I have a job interview in Chennai on 5 th october 2010 at 11.30 am.

    I request you to kindly predict my success in this interview.

    My details are:

    DOB 30 March 1985,POB: Madikeri , Karnataka State, India.,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH): 8.55 PM & GENDER: male.

    Please reply to my questions & help me find peace of mind.

  3. To Anonymous-DOB: 30 Mar 1985.
    The succeess rate is morethan 85%
    on that day the yogam is good. the moon is transitting in 3rd succeess plays.Guru is aspecting 10th place. Navamsa guru is in exaltation.Many more things point to your success in the interview. Best of luck.

  4. Respected Sir,
    First of all thanks for such a noble cause. My details are mentioned below:
    Place of Birth: New Delhi
    Time of Birth: 3:17 PM
    Date of Birth: 18/03/1983
    1) My health doesn't remain sound, since my childhood it has been one of the deterrent to my carrer goals. How is my health going to shape up in the coming future.
    2) I am currently working in a reputed IT company but unsatisfied with the JOB and want to either join IAS or IES. I want to leave the current job and prepare for IAS/IES-2011.
    However, I am not able to take a decision considering the highly unreliable nature of the exam. I would really appreaciate if you can show me the correct path to choose for..
    With Regards,

  5. To Anonymous-Prakash
    As the 7,8th lord Saturn is in 4th, you have a sickly look.The lagnathipathi in 10th along with maanthi also contributes for ill health.2nd lord surya in 9th also is a reason
    You may have cold related and /or nervous debility problem.BUT you have good longivity due to sasa maha yogamm that is sani is in exltation in a kendra.chant aathiya hrudaya sthothram daily and make 9 sashtanga namaskarams to surya in the dawn.

    If sani is strong, that too in thulam you can shine in police, military and judicial departments.Your 10th profession lord mars in 9th guru's place and guru in 5th mars place. This is called parivarthana. That is very good.Guru as 6th lord shifts to 5th, shows you are strong willed.I think you can give a trail to IAS/IES ETC. As lagna lord is in 10th you can shine in more than one profession and self employment too.
    Best of luck. Read my article on annadanam.

  6. Thank you very much sir, I was in confusion for the last two years, wasn't able risk a good job in hand, health also never led me take any decision.

    Now I feel encouraged after your words. Your blessings are essential for success.

  7. Hello Sir, my details are mentioned below:
    D.O.B: 26/07/1976
    P.O.B: Patna
    T.O.B: 1:30 PM

    I have been a hard worker, unfortunately I couldn't succeed in my dreams related to my career despite coming very close. I was among the toppers in the college. I tried with full dedication for the administrative services exam, however couldn't qualify and feel very disappointed.

    Now I am left with two options either to go for state administrative exams or for the teaching line(Lecturer). Sir, can you please suggest me to choose the correct one out of these. I am already married and can't take more risks now.

  8. Sir,
    I'm a woman doing network marketing.DOB-3/4/1962,TOB-3.42pm,Born in chennai.I make a meagre income.I am not able to improve my sales level and build a strong network of people under me, who can work in unison with me.I have no one to help and guide me.I want to be successful and reach great heights and contribute a sizable income
    to my family.I am working for a cosmetic firm.
    I want to go to the next level in the coming month.Kindly tell me if it is possible this month.

  9. Dear Sir

    15th dec 1972

    Sir,wILL I have a change in location because of JOB.

    Kindly let me know.


  10. Respected Sir,

    My husband is trying to settle abroad and his visa is being processed . But he had to face a lot of hassles in each step . Can you please look at his horoscope and tell if he has chances of settling abroad ?Would it be more prosperous for him in his birth country ?
    Is the time right now for going abroad ?
    His DOB : 7th October 1976
    Place : Hyderabad
    Time : 4:10 AM

    My details
    DOB : 2/2/1980
    Time 1:05 PM

    Thanks in Advance

  11. Dear sir,

    Thanks for the support you have shown towards the people.

    I have a fellow worker, who is in need of support from you. He has been working in singapore since 2007. But he is very tensed and facing lot of problems.
    He is very religous, do prayers daily.
    plz advice about his marriage life and his problem regarding job.

    Thanks sir.

    His detail is
    Name Pradeep
    dob 23/05/1980
    tob 11:10 am
    Place Vadodara


  12. Dear Sir,

    How are you? My Details are below.

    Name : M. Senthil Nathan.
    DOB : 29/06/1975.
    TOB : 04:07 AM.
    POB : Karur, Tamil Nadu.
    Gender: MALE.

    My Question is.

    I have applied for Technical Officer / Asst. Technical Officer at University of Madras.
    They have called Me for the Interview on Thusday, 14th of October 2010 at 10.00 AM.
    I want to know that can I get the job or not?
    Grahas are favorable for me or not?

    Senthil Nathan.

  13. Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 19/05/1982
    TOB : 03:45 AM
    POB : Andhra Pradesh , Secunderabad
    Gender: Male

    Can you please tell , when will my marriage happens,what type of gal will come into my life , will she be supportive

    and what precaution should i take b4 marraige


  14. அன்புடையீர் வணக்கம்,
    எனது ஜாதகத்தின்படி கன்னிகாதானம் செய்யும் பாக்கியம் விரைவில் வருமா என்பதை அறியத் தரவும். விபரம் கீழேயுள்ளது.
    DOB 24/12/1947
    TOB 7/15AM
    POB 9N40; 80E00


  15. Dear Sir,

    I had been following your site for the past year or so just to try to understand the astrological concepts in real time as i had an interest in it. However its time for me just like others that am in a turmoil and would like to seek your advice. am strongly inclined towards entrepreneurship and for the past 2 years am trying to evaluate a businesses that would suit me and and could not reach a concrete solution. Am current ly employed in IT industry, please let me know when when can an i venture out on my own and what kind of business is a better match for me. kidnly take this post in your convenient time and answer as i see lots of posts with more problems in life and need an immediate helping hand.
    my details are as follows:
    time: 8.14 PM(20.14)
    Place: Coimbatore

    Arun R

  16. To Anonymous-dob 26 July 1976-I
    YOU MAY CHOOSE ADMINISTRATIVE EXAMS.From 4 Nov 2010 to 9th Feb 2013 bhuda dasa guru bhukthi.
    That is a good period. From 21st Nov 2010 Guru will aspect your rasi and 10th to lagna. So 2011 will be a lucky year So try well.

    Worship Surya every morning

  17. Hello Sir,
    Please find the details below:
    DOB - 29 SEP 1983
    POB - Kovilpatti
    TOB - 5.02 PM Thursday
    Gender - Female
    and my husband's details
    DOB - 13 Feb 1983
    POB - Chennai
    TOB - 10.50 AM Sunday
    Gender - Male
    We both got married on Nov 1st 2009 and living in London. Though I faced difficulties during my initial stage of my career I managed to progress in my career.
    We both have same problem as far as professional life is concerned. My husband is searching for a good shift in his career for past 8 months which is still not happening. And myself I had to quit my job(which i like the most) since I got to move to London. After coming here I am very confused about my career coz I am facing difficulties in getting a job here which I like. I managed to get a job here and worked during the period of May – July 2010 and I quit coz of the pressure and travel. I have the plan of starting a new business when I come back to India.
    I request you to assist me:
    1. When my husband will get his next progress in his career?
    2. Will I be getting a job here in London which I Like? If Yes when? If Not What should I do?
    Many Thanks

  18. To Anonymous-dob 3 April 1962
    -------------------------------From 7th Nov 2011. Good period. So try for 1 year from 7th Nov 2011

  19. To Anonymous-dob 3 April 1962
    -----------------------------Read in the above reply "from nov 2010" (and not 2011)

  20. TO KIRAN
    ----------Yes may be changing your place of residence after 30th Oct 2010 due to job

  21. TO INDRA
    ---------AS KETHU DASA is running he is facing troubles in getting foreign assignmen,visa etc.,Worship Vinayaga to get the hurdles removed.2013 may be the year he may be permanently settling in foreign. Till that time confusion will prevail.

  22. Respected Sir,

    I thank you for answering my previous question which i have quoted below. my present question is:-

    I had attended the interview on 5th oct 2010 in Chennai. As you had said my interview was great.

    they have said that they will let me know about offering the job after they have discussed it with their superiors.

    they said that they will tell me about the interview result within 3 days of time.

    I request you to kindly predict if i will get the job in this company.

    I request you to kindly predict my success in this interview and help me find peace of mind as i am very frustrated because of hectic work & because of my superiors & collegues in my present company much.

    I thank you for your continous support.

    My details are:

    DOB 30 March 1985,POB: Madikeri , Karnataka State, India.,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH): 8.55 PM & GENDER: male.

    Thank You

    --------- Quoted Previous Q & A-----------

    Friday, October 01, 2010
    Anonymous said...
    Respected Sir,

    Thank you for your continous support & guidence.

    I am manohar from Karnataka.
    I am working in a mnc company.
    but my worklife has become too much hectic and my peers & serniors are nor good to me and this has caused my life to be miserable.

    So I have decided to change the company.

    I have a job interview in Chennai on 5 th october 2010 at 11.30 am.

    My details are:

    DOB 30 March 1985,POB: Madikeri , Karnataka State, India.,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH): 8.55 PM & GENDER: male.

    Please reply to my questions & help me find peace of mind.

    Friday, October 01, 2010
    kmr.krishnan said...
    To Anonymous-DOB: 30 Mar 1985.
    The succeess rate is morethan 85%
    on that day the yogam is good. the moon is transitting in 3rd succeess plays.Guru is aspecting 10th place. Navamsa guru is in exaltation.Many more things point to your success in the interview. Best of luck.

    Friday, October 01, 2010

  23. Dear Sir,
    Thank you.


  24. To Alok
    -------- Both his problem will be solved after
    March 2011.If he is unmarried he will get marriage settled immediately after Mar 2011.If he is married and facing some problem with wife,that will also have a solution in March2011.
    Job will also be smooth from March 2011. Good luck.

  25. To Senthilnathan
    ----------------- Yes! The planets are favourable. Gochara (present transit) chandra in 11th(profit house) to raasi.The palan(result) is "ishtasiddhi"(fulfilment of what you desire).The 3rd(succeess)and 10th(profession) lord to rasi chevvai is in 9th(bagyam-fortune)house with sukra(yogakaraka for rasi).9,10th lord combination is the best combination."Dharma karmathipathi yogam!
    so you will be successful in the interview in 14th Oct 2010. Best of luck. Read my article on annadhanam.

    ---------------IF PROPER STEPS ARE TAKEN YOU MAY get married before 13th March 2011.You will so much take care of wife ,you will run a smooth family life.She will be a knowledgeble intelligent person. She may come from south side.She will be supportive in your profession.

    --------------Yes before 13th april
    may get a chance to celebrata marriage.Try sincerely.

  28. KMR Sir,
    Request you to please provide feedback for my friends marriage.
    Date of birth 15th June 1985
    Time - 20.13 PM
    Place - Chennai - Tamilnadu

    Please let me know how will her married life will be, how will her husband be and her married life with her husband and what about childrens? She is not interested in marriage as of now. what parikarams she should do.

  29. Hi Sir ,

    Thank you very much for you response
    could you please tell what is the proper steps i should take.Please tell what should i do.
    Should i do any pujas.

    My DOB 19/5/1982
    3:45 AM
    Secunderabad Andhra Pradesh

    Below is u r previous response.

    Thanks Sir

    kmr.krishnan said...
    ---------------IF PROPER STEPS ARE TAKEN YOU MAY get married before 13th March 2011.You will so much take care of wife ,you will run a smooth family life.She will be a knowledgeble intelligent person. She may come from south side.She will be supportive in your profession.


  30. Hello Sir....I am vineel.....

    DOB - 13July1982
    TOB - 9:20AM
    POB - Hyderabad
    GENDER - Male

    I have been desperately searching for life partner since one year but not even a single match was succesfull. I would like to know when will I get married exactly and how will be my married life i.e vivaham and santanam? Also please let me know if my marriage will be an arranged marriage or Love marriage?
    One more simple question I want to ask you regarding my career, currently I am working in Chennai. I want to know if I should go abroad or settle in India only.

    I will be very eagerly waiting for you answers sir!!!

    Thankyou in advance!

  31. Dear Sir

    I am posting this with a help of my friend.

    My DOB is 28.09.1960 - wednesday
    My POB is Tiruppur
    My TOB is 05.55 AM

    My regular business is not doing well. Last Oct i have changed my business with the help of a friend without any investment.
    I have a bank loan. I would like to convert it as a Home loan by buying a new house.
    i have a regular income rather than business income.

    That is I own a house now. Can I sell this house and buy another house for the same amount and convert the bank loan as home loan.

    Old house Rs. XX
    loan Rs. YY (-)
    Balance Rs. ZZ
    Home Loan Rs. YY (+)
    New House Rs. XX

    Can i do like this to avoid interest burden and bankers burden. If so, can i repay the home loan in schedule.

    Also let me know about my financial status in the forth coming years.

    Thank you in advance.

  32. Dear Sri Krishnan
    Thank you very much.
    Your predictions have come true.
    Please see july 1st 2010 where you have reassured me that there is a silver lining in the cloud and thinsg will get better after that slowly.
    I have been chanting sivastotra as you advised.
    Now I had my name back in the list which is a very good thing,
    I have a job offer though not started yet due to some delay.
    I just got the staring date next month.
    Things are getting better slowly.
    However the whole situation is still stressful finacially on going enquiry wise.
    I really do not know what will be the end of this problem Iam in.
    When will it all this legal issues settle down and I will go back to my normal life/
    MOney wise iam spending what little left of my savings.

    My wife is also affected in this period
    I thank you very much for your predictions so far,
    Can you plese high lighten how will my enquiry situation will go-whether I can come out without any punishments
    and whether I wil be able to settle down with a good job in the next year to come and also over come the present finacial problems.
    MY DOB 15 10 1957 TOB 12.03
    midnight Mithuna rasi
    Punar poosam
    place Palayamkottai
    Thanks for your kind attention -
    Now that my Birtday is coming I want to know things will be betetr after this
    It is really nice of you to do this service
    Thanks again
    Tuesday, October 08, 2010

    Post a Comment

    Careers by house (if the 10th lord is placed
    in the following houses)
    6.Sixth:lawyers, military, police, labour, health related professions, food,

    Careers by planet (10th Lord)
    6. Venus
    pleasures, luxuries, beauty, art, music, entertainment industry, hotels.

    planets sitting in 10th house.

    பத்தாம் வீட்டில் செவ்வாய் இருந்தால், ஜாதகருக்கு ஆளும் திறமை இருக்கும்.
    பெரிய பதவிகள் கிடைக்கும். இதே செவ்வாய், சனி அல்லது ராகுவுடன்
    கூட்டணி போட்டிருந்தால் கடுமையான ஆட்சியாளராக இருப்பார். துணிச்சலாக
    ஆட்சி நடத்தும் திறமை இருக்கும். பாராட்டுகளுக்கு மயங்குபவராக இருப்பார்.
    எதிலும் எடுத்தேன், கவிழ்த்தேன் என்று வேகம் உடையவர்களாக இருப்பார்.பத்தில் செவ்வாயுடன் சனி சேர்ந்திருந்தால்ஜாதகன் அதிரடியாக வேலைகளைச் செய்யும் திறமை பெற்றிருப்பான்.

    planets sitting in 10th house.

    ஜாதகன் ஆட்சியாளனாகவோ அல்லது அமைச்சராகவோ அல்லது அதற்குச்
    சமமான பதவியிலோ சென்று அமர்வான். சிலர் ஜாதகத்தில் உள்ள வேறு
    அமைப்புக்களின் கூட்டணியால், விவசாயியாக அல்லது விவசாயத்தொழிலில்
    சிறந்து விளங்குவார்கள். துணிச்சல் மிக்கவனாக இருப்பான். செல்வம், புகழ்
    இரண்டும் தேடிவருபவனாக இருப்பான். அடித்தட்டு மக்களுக்குப் பாடுபடுபனாக
    இருப்பான். கோவில், குளம் என்று அடிக்கடி பயணம் செல்பவனாக இருப்பான்
    ஒரு கட்டத்தில் மிகுந்த பக்திமானாக மாறிவிடுவான்.

    பத்தில் சனி இருப்பவர்களுக்கு, வேலை அல்லது தொழிலில் பல ஏற்றங்களும்
    இறக்கங்களும் இருக்கும். உச்சிக்கும் போவான். பள்ளத்திலும் விழுவான்

    IF HE CONTINUE TO TRY for change of profession, he can get a good break before 1st March 2011.

    YOU HAVE a good time careerwise from 20th jan 2011.You will get a job with out much travelling.You may not permanently stick on to one job as in your dasamsa chart 10th lord is in 8th.
    Best of luck. Read my article on annadanam.

  35. To Anonymous-DOB: 30 Mar 1985.
    Astroloy cannot be used on day-to- day basis. all likelihood of getting into this company. You will get good news shortly.

  36. To Naveen-for a friend
    IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF some of her elderly relations had takenup her horoscope than a friend like you.

    As for as marriage is concerned all possibilities of getting delayed is there.

    Better to consult a professional astrologer. Horoscope matching is a must.No hasty decision to be taken on marriage front. Nothing to panic. I do not want to discuss here as youngsters will get unnecessry mental conflict-disturbance.Please request the elders in the family to consult a professional astrologer. Anjaneya worship every Saturdays may be done.

    -----------------PUJA=you can do your daily prayers to your 'Ishta devata'. You may do a puja to your kula devata as per family tradition.

    By proper steps I mean searching for good bride. By whatever means you can get the details of eligible bride you have to do. Leave that to your elders.

    ------------ NO use in getting anxious over anything.To wait for an astrological prediction anxiously is unwanted. Too many queiry ons in the same post to be avoided.
    Your priority question is when is the marriage and the search for 1 year has not been fruitful.That is indicated in both rasi and navamsa. You may have to put extra effort to get a bride.
    If you continue your search, you may stumble upon your suitable bride. Try upto 24th August 2011.Best of luck. read my article on Annaadanam

    IT IS BETTER to wait till April 2011-till raghu kethu peyarchi. Be bold. Strengthen prayers. If some other important changes come in the family, your property dealings may go awry.Wait till the middle of 2011.Lie low now. Enemies may be active.Best of luck.

  40. TO Subramaniambalu
    ------------------- HAPPY THAT you have some
    good news after a long period of worst experience.Leave that bad period as bad karma and do not ponder about the past.
    From 21st Nov 2010(guru peyarchi)you will see more positive results.From Jan 2011(Tamil month Thai) you will have more progress and concrete result and end of the problem. From April 2011(Raghu-Kethu peyarchi)you will have
    renewed energy. By Sep 2011 the normalcy will return. Strengthen prayers. Go to Shiva temple on Pradosham days and do the Somasutra pradakshinam. GOOD LUCK.

  41. Dear Sir,

    I am referred by one of my friend to this website. I have been going through it and found many interesting activities happenning. Thankyou very much sir for doing this noble service.

    My details are here:

    Name: Krishna Mohan
    DOB - 20 OCT 1977
    TOB - 1:20PM
    POB - Hyderabad
    GENDER - Male

    My problem is with regard to my marital life. I got married on 14 March 2008, but quarrels started within 2 months and we got seperated and now divorce is under process. My wife with the help of her family & relatives has put unnecessary and baseless cases againt us due to which our family has been suffering depression since 2 years. But, actually truth is on our side and we have been waiting for right justice.
    Please let me know sir, when will my court problems be solved and do I have a second marriage in my life and will it be successful this time!

    Also, should I perform any pujas to get rid of my present marital problems.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Krishna Mohan

  42. Ok Sir Thank you very much..


  43. Greetings Sir,

    Pls provide me your account number so that I can transfer my small contribution towards the annadanam. Extremely sorry, I actually lost the email that you sent a few months ago with your account number and I forgot to request you the account number as i was lost in my daily work.

    my email id:

  44. Name: Arun Kumar
    DOB - 23/12/1987
    TOB - 12:31 Am
    POB - Chennai
    GENDER - Male

    Dear Sir,
    I am goin through a very tough period now,i met with a accident 3months back,so iam not in a position to rejoin the i recovered and searching for a good job,but im not getting it.Going through lots of tensions, pls let me know when this situation changes and when ill get a good job and settle in life.

    Thanks and Regards
    Arun Kumar

  45. Respected Sir,

    I thank you for your assistance & guidance regarding question relating to my job.

    Thank you


    DOB: 30 March 1985


  46. Hello Sir,

    Hope you are keeping well!!

    I am going through a very tough phase. My parents are looking for a suitable boy for me to marry, where as I want settle my career first. I am looking for a job in abroad, even I want to settle there only. My question is:
    Is there any chance according to my planets that I will go abroad and serve there for a long period?? And, also if possible give me an idea that when my marriage will take place??

    My details are as following:-
    Name –Payal Mahajan
    POB: Una(Himachal Pradesh)

    Your kindly response will be highly appreciable.

    Thanks & Regards,

  47. Hello Sir,

    My DOB is 30-Apr-1983.
    TOB: 8:45AM
    Place: Bangalore

    My Husband's DOB: 31-Aug-1978
    ToB: 7:40PM
    Place: Nellore

    I got married and came to USA in March 2009. I would like to know when I will be getting a job?
    Also I would like to know when our financial status will improve?

  48. Hi Sir,

    Im chitra, My family is full of confusion and myself and my hubby are not together for quite few years. Im worried if we could join back again or not.When will the issues get resolved?
    Plz help me to come out of this problem.

    Name:Chitra kala
    DOB: 01.05.76
    POB: Virudhunagar,Madhurai
    Time:9.27 am

  49. Hello Sir,

    Name: Emagulate Mary

    Im suffering heavy financial crisis.Running day to day life has become more difficult.My husband also jobless and no good oppurtunities for him. Now i dont have satisfaction in the job im doing and planning to quit the job.
    is this my fate to struggle a lot or will i come out from this crisis? waiting for your words sir.

  50. Sir,

    Im a great fan of yours.Sir now im disturbed in my work place like unnecessary pressures and stress.Looking out for some good oppurtunities for last few months but nothing suits my exact profile. will i get a new job soon or should i not take any move now.
    How is time for me now.

    Name: Sadeesh Kumar
    DOB: 7.10.10
    TOB: 9.10am

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. To Krishna Mohan
    Sorry to read what you write about your marital life.The KalathraKaraka Sukra is surrounde by malefics.As also Raghu is in 9th. That had made your partner dominant.Many more positions had contributed for your loss of conjugal bliss. By 21st Nov 2010 Guru moves to meenam and will be in clockwise direction.That Guru will aspect kataka 7th(spouse), 9th bagaya(fortune) and 11th(profit)
    Gurudasa guru bhukthi is running. As guru is occupying 6th place, your problems may end in the middle of 2011. You will have remarriage thereafter.
    As maanthi in 11th, raghu with neech sukra,and lagnathipathi sani in 8th, all these would make you loose your disciplne and make you indulge in wrong type of enjoyments. Try to control yourself.Worship durga devi on Fridays or Sundays in raghu of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  53. To Subu
    --------Please verify your Inbox. Thank you.

  54. To Arun
    SORRY TO HEAR THAT YOU MET WITH AN ACCIDENT.In your chart the 4h lord guru is affeected by raghu. That has resulted in accident. Ok now that you are alright, forget the past.

    On 21st Nov 2010 guru will transit to meenam
    and start the positive movements. Also sukra will transit to dhanusu by 30th Jan 2011. These movements will bring you good fortunes.
    Do not loose hope.Be prayerful. By 1st Dec things will start showing good results.
    Best wishes. Worship Shiva on Pradosham days.

  55. To Palu-Payal
    YOUR CHANCES OF getting foreign assignment may be fruitful after concerted , continuous effort. It may not be an easy matter. you have to put all your energies to get all the formalities fulfilled.Give a fair trail to your aspiration and be prepared to face all hurdles.

    Raghu dasa bhuda bhukthi sukra antharam, surya antharam, chandra antharam and chebvvai antharam upto the end of Sep 2011. Your marriage may take place during that period.
    Good luck

  56. TO AJ
    ----- I REMEMBER to have answered you earlier also.
    Sukra dasa raghu bhukthi sani antharaam from
    25 Jan 2011 to 17 July 2011.You will get settled in a decent employment during that period.By that youR will financial problems will be over good luck.

  57. dear Sir,
    Im from chennai. My daughters marriage is almost finalized. but there are small small problems araising in fixing the date and all other loudhigam and vaidheegam matters. and hence her marriage date is getting postponed due to many reasons. pala thadaigal varuvadhal, my husband is little worried. when will she get married? will both families be happy and will the relationship ll be smooth till the end? how will her marrige life be?

    my daughter's dob is 11th sep 1985
    POB- chennai
    TOB- 10.03 am

    Boy's DOB - Feb 3rd 1982
    POB- salem
    TOB-16:40 IST

    Thanks in Advance ...

  58. Hi sir, I am S.Margabandu.
    I am working as an technician in southern railway.Eventhough i am working in a govt sector,I am facing some problems in my job sir.(i.e)recently our higher officials announced that there is no work in the unit which i has been working for 26, they are planning to shift us to whichever unit they want.
    So i am so much confused and worried.sir pls tell when will this issue comes to an end. whether it will be favourable to me.And How will be my rest of the career path.please tell sir. Thanks in advance .

    My Birth details:
    TOB-04.30 am
    Gender: Male:

  59. Hello Sir,
    Name: Satish Ganesh
    dob:08.05 am
    tob:12 Nov 1984.

    Will it be love marriage or arranged marriage and when? Will the girl be in our caste ot other caste?

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Namaste Sir

    Please help me in predicting my future financial life. I was had several business for the past 20 yrs but I ended up in failure. we had a spinning mill factory and it is closed for the past 10 yrs , I want to sell the factory but I cannot do it till my Father who is 80 yrs - he is against in selling the mill. I started a mineral water factory in 2005 , it was running good but from March 2010 it is closed again since I started to do trading business ( involves lot of travel within India ). I never invested in trading business instead I am like a broker for both the parties. I have several dealings in my hand , if it finalized my commission pay will in like 10 to 30 lakhs ( i am quoting this as example ). So far i have finalized one dealing and I am still waiting for the commission pay. Can I know when I will get my money soon ? How is my financial life and how will I prosper in this trading/brokerage business?
    I have family , my wife and 2 children and right now I am struggling to make both the ends meet.
    Please I beg anyone to analyze my chart , If i get some guidelines , I will plan accordingly. My details
    Name : Satish,
    Time : 4:40AM
    Date : 9th november 1965
    Place: Adoni, Andhra Pradesh,India.
    Lagna-Kanya, Rasi-Mesha.

    Awaiting reply

  61. Vanakkam Sir,

    I am seriously hunting job for the last 1 yr. I am married have 2 kids settled in USA. After a long gap I started my career life by going to college here , currently I am doing my associate degree in health informatics , also I am looking for job in IT field since I have volunteer experience for 2 yrs.
    Can i know when I will get job and earn some money. I need to support my family in india .
    how is my financial life for me .
    Arthi, 8th april 1977, 6:10AM, pondicherry, india.

  62. Dear Sir,

    Name: Divya
    ToB:5.12 PM

    This is for my sister who got married on May 17 2009 in Chennai. But her married life has been turbulent from the beginning and they do not have a good relationship. She was staying with her in laws for3/4 months and now she is staying with us due to the various harassments faced there.Should we proceed legally against his family and look out for a second proposal for my sister or is there any chance of them living together in future.

  63. hi Sir,

    Which business would be better for me , when should i leave the regular job that is Software Engineer, and go to full fledge business.

    Since i am not seeing any improvement in my present job since last 3 yrs..

    03:45 AM
    Secunderanbad (Andhra Pradesh)

  64. To One and all
    ---------------- As already informed, I am now engaged as a guest lecturer for training LIC of India agents. I am free only after 20th Oct 2010. So my response is delayed. Please tolerate.As my mail inbox is over flowing, I am not answering in mail as every one want only special treatment. If quick answers are desired pl.choose to enter in blog.Thank you.

  65. To Chitra
    -----------As per dasa bhukthi now it is raghu dasa chandra bhukthi guru antharam from 4th Nov 2011 to 16th Jan 2011.I hope your problem with hubby can get resolved during those 2.5 months.
    I am happy you wnat to resolve the problem and join your hubby. That irself is highly positive note.Half the problem is resolved because of your positive attitude.

    In your original chart the 7th lord(spouse) guru is in 11th along with 4 other planets of whom surya is in uchcham. Surya has burnt guru. That is why you have problems with hubby.

    Get up in dawn and make 9 namaskarams to surya
    daily with prayer to change hubby's mind.Chant surya gayathri both in mornigng and evening 54 times each.On Thursdays make darshan of Dakshinamoorthy in the evening and pray and chant guru gayathri 32 times daily.I wish you all the best! When your issues get resolved do not forget to post in prediction came true column.Good luck.Read my article on annadanam.

  66. To Chitra-Emagulate mary
    ------------------------YOU MAY GET A CHANGE OF JOB BETWEEN 23rd Jan 2011 to 13th March 2011.From 21st nov 2010 itself you may be attending interviews.
    Do not loose hope. Though there are some negatives in your chart,many positives do compensate. You are not that much bad lucked person.You will win. Do not worry. Be bold.

    Pray to your God according to your religion and family tradition. I also pray for you.

    ------------ THANK YOU for your compliments.
    Repost the question as you have given the date of birth wrong.Good luck.

  68. To Ani
    -------- I think we have discussed the same matter earlier too.Any way I am not sure of getting the correect horoscope of persons born out side india as the time zone and the longititue etc are not supported by my software.If you can attach his horoscope copy, I think I can make a fair study.Thank you!

  69. Respected Sir,
    Re Conjunction(CON)of planets, it is said CON is only effective in a same Sign.When Sun and Venus placed in Aries with the Gap of 25 Degree(Deg)( Sun at 3 Deg and Venus at 28 Deg)it is said there is CON.
    When Sun at 25Deg in Aries and Venus at 40Deg in Tarus there is only 15Deg Gap.So For CON 15Deg is better than 25Deg.
    Please clear this doubt.

  70. To Anonymous-daughter's marriage
    --------------------------------- This is not the time to probe the horoscope futher for matching. You have crossed that stage. Is it good to look at the negatives now?

    The horoscope matchung is definitely there. The dasa vitha poruththam except mahenthiram and vasiyam, all the 9 are matching. Child birth may be delayed for some time.Dosha saamyam(equal doshas) are there. No dasa santhippu. Matching is okay.

    The girl is now running bhuda dasa raghu bhukthi upto 18th Oct 2010. That is the reason for obstacles. Then guru bhukthi from 19th Oct 2010.Worship north facing Durga in raghu kalam on Sundays.The boy is also running Raghu dasa.
    So worship of Durga is a must continuously through out life. Let the girl attend Durga pooja every Sunday in shiva temple.Let her make it a habit as both have raghu's inflence in lagna and 7th place.

    Do not worry marriage will take place as sheduled.Small skirmishes like any other couple will be there. If the girl adjusts that can be overcome. Be prayerful. Do sumangali prarthana. Do worship Kuladeiavam.Read my article on Annadanam.

    both have marriage time now.,

    ---------------------------It is really a ticklish problem in your middle age.As your 10th lord(profession) guru is asthangatha(burnt) by surya in your birth chart, you must have had many problems in your career. In suya varga guru is having 7 out of 8. So all problems were getting solved then and there. Why don't we expect the same now also?

    You are running sani dasa bhudha bhukthi suryan ,chndran and chevvai antharam upto 10 april 2011. There will not be any disturbance upto that date. Then raghu antharam may bring the change in location.

    Worship Aanjaneeyaa and pray to him and plead for his mercy. Sincere prayer will give you what you desire.Read my article on Annadanam.

  72. Sir,

    Sorry for entering my date of birth wrongly & have corrected and given below...

    Sir now im disturbed in my work place like unnecessary pressures and stress.Looking out for some good oppurtunities for last few months but nothing suits my exact profile. will i get a new job soon or should i not take any move now.
    How is time for me now.

    Name: Sadeesh Kumar
    DOB: 7.10.78
    TOB: 9.10am

  73. Hello sir,

    Thank you so much. I read your annadhanam article. I am coming to chennai for diwali. I will mail you once i reach chennai. Please let me know the details how i have to spare the money for annadhanam.

    IF HE CONTINUE TO TRY for change of profession, he can get a good break before 1st March 2011.

    YOU HAVE a good time careerwise from 20th jan 2011.You will get a job with out much travelling.You may not permanently stick on to one job as in your dasamsa chart 10th lord is in 8th.
    Best of luck. Read my article on annadanam.

  74. name Deepa.t.u female
    dob jan 7 1985
    time 1.16 pm
    palce ernakulam(tripunithura)
    sir i want change my job because salary is very less. i have one interview oct 2010
    will i sucess that interview? give advice

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. Hello Sir,

    How are you? As I already informed you,your predictions came true in my case.And I am very happy to know that you blessed my son and accepted my annadanam contribution.
    Now I have one more question.My elder brother got married on 24th Aug 2007. but still no luck.When will they get santhana bhagyam?Is my sis-in-law's rasi Mesham or vrishabam?
    My brother's
    DOB:07th sep 1978
    My sis-in-law's
    DOB:09th Dec 1981
    TOB:09:30 pm

    Mrs. SVChand.

  78. To Satish Ganesh
    AS KETHU IN YOUR LAGNA ITSELF AND RAGHU IN 7TH(SPOUSE) HOUSE YOU HAVE TO TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTION IN MARRIAGE. BETTER NOT TO GO FOR LOVE MARRIAGE.Better to match the horoscope and then marry a girl who has the similar kalathra dosha. Better to marry a girl who has 'puthra bagya' well pronounced in the horoscope. Raghu in 7th may make you to focus your attension on other caste girls;better to avoid that.If already in love, do not see horoscope and proceed placing faith and prayer to God.Now guru dasa kethu bhukthi upto Sep 2011. Better to marry after that date.Better if you take up marriage issue after you complete 30 years of age. Best of luck.Please
    read my article on Annadanam.

  79. To Satish-Adoni born
    --------------------First I will let you know why you are left with the feeling that you are a"failure"! Your lagnathipathi and 10th(profession) lord bhuda got associated with kethu in 3rd house vrichika, an enemy's house.
    Your 10th house is occuied by guru and maanthi(gulika).Your 12th lord(surya) in 2nd (dhana house)made you to spend more and make lossees.
    your 2nd lord and 9th lord(bagaya) sukra got associated with enemy mangal(mars).Your 11th lord (profit) got hidden in 8th house.Many more moot points are there. Why tell all these
    is to show how astrology is a good guidance. Your given details and the chart do match. What is the use in simply listing the negatives?And the past? What will be the future?

    From 7th Nov 2010 you will start seeing some light in the dark tunnel.From 26th Jan 2011 you will see good results;you will get the money you are expecting.From April 2011 many improvements may be seen.

    Now raghu is in 9th place to chandra rasi.That tells ill healthto father.In the Tamil month
    of iyppasi,(from 18th oct to 16th nov 2010), father's health will pose anxiety. The native will also have some health related issues like skin problems. Wife may also have minor health problems.

    Now raghu dasa sukra bhukthi upto 21 Dec 2012.
    Mixed results will happen.Pray at Kalahasthi and Tirupathi. All problems will be solved.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ---------------------------I presume you are a female-inference by name.Be rest assured you are a lucky person. You have Malaviya yogam and Gajakesari yogam . Chandra is Neecha Banga. The 5th lord chandra in 9th getting the aspect of lagna lord guru. Guru and sukra two natural benefics are under parivarthana. All these will make you prsperous.

    You are now running sukra dasa guru bhukthi upto 6th sep 2012. This is good period for good progress. This is very good period for education.So your course will be completed with creditble pass.You will also get job according to your wish and you will be helpful to all. Born as a noble person. And a lucky one at that. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    The charts do not indicate smooth marital life.I do not want to elaborate. Consult a professional astrologer. Now bhuda dasa kethu bhukthi upto 30th July 2011.I thinK you may maintain the status quo for now.Do not precipitate the matter at present. Give a long rope. Think after 10 months.Good luck.

  82. Sir,

    Sorry for entering my date of birth wrongly & have corrected and given below...

    Sir now im disturbed in my work place like unnecessary pressures and stress.Looking out for some good oppurtunities for last few months but nothing suits my exact profile. will i get a new job soon or should i not take any move now.
    How is time for me now.

    Name: Sadeesh Kumar
    DOB: 7.10.78
    TOB: 9.10am

  83. Hi Sir,
    My DOB is 03/march/1987
    TOB is 19:40
    Place of Birth is Kovilpatti.
    Working in reputed IT company but my satisfaction on job is not up to the mark.
    I have couple of things to get clarify from you sir.

    1) I am not getting what I am expecting in job front. I have been working in the same company for more than 4 years and I look forward to change the company. Shall I go ahead now? Or Shall I wait for some more time? Please suggest me on this.
    2) My parents are much interested to set a marriage for me very soon but I think that I can go for marriage after 3 or 4 years and Guru Chandala yoga is in 7th place in my chart. So can you suggest me what will be the right time for me to think about my marriage?
    Do I need to do any parihara as Guru chandala yoga is in 7th place?
    Look forward to hear something from you sir.

  84. Dear Sir,My DOB 01/05/1962,TOB 5.45pm,POB Manjeshwara,Kasargod.Sir,Iam facing family problem at home ie I and my two children stay with my Mom ,brother and his family.But for some reason my brother sometimes just hates me for no that time I feel it is better to shift to some other house,but as my Mom is 70 years old and not keeping well Iam unable to leave her ,and also she insists us to stay together.Sir I will be highly grateful if you let me know wether his hatred towards me will come to an end anytime and what does my future predict.Iwould also like to know which gemstone can i wear.
    Thanking you,

    If you choose your own venture, you must be prepared for losses. As the viraya sthana has more parals,you may be spending more than the income. The profession signifactor and the profit and viraya(money squandering) lord saturn is having only 1 out 8 in suyavarga.
    The 10th profession house lord and lagnathipathi guru is hidden in 8th.10th house has kethu.
    My suggestion is, you may have to be satisfied with whatever you get. Your next dasa is bhuda dasa sani bhukthi from 13 March 2011 to 20th Nov 2013. During that period you will be inclined to work less and aspire to get more income.You will be over ambitious.

    Next kethu dasa will start on 21st Nov 2013. that will be upto 20th Nov 2020.You will have much of spiritual inclination than business.

    As 10th lord is hidden in 8th you have a tendency to shift jobs often. Having known that, cultivate the habit of satisfaction.Good luck. Read my aticle on annadanam.
    in suya varga.

    -----------------I THINK YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CAUTIOUS TILL 2013.LET US review the horoscope in 2012 for any change. show some patience.

  87. To Naresh.
    ---------- I remember to have seen your chart earlier.You may wait till 2011. Sukradasa kethu bhukthi upto 31st Dec 2011.You have to exercise caution in making friends;especially opposite sex.

    you may make slow and steady movements for a change. from 13th feb 2011 some opportunities for change of job may come on your way. if the practical situation suits that, you may grab the chance. Anyway extra precaution is advised.

    When sukra crosses meenam in June 2011 talks of marriage may be there.By chance you may get married. Yes For raghu guru combination in 7th, you may worship Dakshinamurthi on Thursdays and Durga on Sundays.Chant guru and raghu gayathri atleast 54 times each daily.
    Help one poor from Muslim community.BEST OF LUCK. READ My article on Annadanam.

  88. to anonymous-chandra
    ------------------------ after the guru transit on 21st nov 2010, change of residence is indicated.your 3rd lord in second with kethu is the cause of brother's ill will. same position is repeated in threkaanam chart(D3) with out any skirmishes ,separate decently parting as a mutual acceptance. make room for his further contact and leave him. if possible take mother wih you. othewise leave her with brother.good luck. read my article on annadanam.

  89. name Deepa.t.u female
    dob jan 7 1985
    time 1.16 pm
    palce ernakulam(tripunithura)
    sir i want change my job because salary is very less. i have one interview oct 2010
    will i sucess that interview? give advice

  90. Sir,

    Name: Sadeesh
    ToB: 9.10am
    POB: Chennai

    Im bit confused by your answer. Im actually looking for some job change.But you asked me to be cautious till 2013. was that answer for me or someone else? is the time not favourable for job change?

    Please dont mistake me if im repeating my question.thanks sir

  91. Sir,

    Im chitra,this is regarding my son's horoscope.
    can you please tell me in which profession he would shine if he opts for in future?
    He keeps on saying that he wants to get in to aviation and he is very much interested in that. Please suggest if this is in cards.

    Name: S.Giridharan
    Place: Virudhunagar


  92. Sir,

    Name: MD.Nesun
    DOB: 26.11.76
    TOB: 12.30pm
    POB: Chennai

    Im actually into catering business and for last few months i dint get any orders and im jobless.Now im shifting my house. will this bring me a change in time and my present position? when will i recover from this financial crisis? plz help ....

  93. To Anonymous-Deepa.t.u
    -----------------------You are running sani dasa(10th profession lord)guru bhukthi(9th and 12th lord-bagya and viraya lord to lagna and 10th profession lord to rasi) and bhudan antharam (3rd(success) and 6th(debts disease, and enemies lord)as also rasi athipathi, upto 26th Feb 2011.Your dasa bhukthi is okay.Bhuda has to help you to get through the interviw.
    Worship Lord Krishna on Wednesday in the local Krishna temple and attend the interview confidently. You will suceed. I pray for your success.Good luck.

  94. To Sadeesh
    ------------ The answer was for you only.In your chart lagnathipathi and rasi athipathi mars is hidden in 12th. Mars gets only 1 out of 8 in suya varga.Now sukra dasa sani bhukthi upto 23 sep 2013.Sani gets 4 out of 8 in suya varga and sukra gets only 3 out of 8 in suyavarga.Sukra also is hidden in 12th along with maanthi.All these observations gave me the intution to tell you to be cautious till 2013. You may try for a change of job. But you have to take extra precaution to know the details of the new company.

  95. To chithra-Son S.Giridharan
    ----------------------------As his 10th place is Vrichikam, he will shine in mechanical engineering or a surgeon.Who knows he may become a doctor in airforce?!.It is too early to decide. Astrology is only a mild guidance. Take practical decision in such matters according to the trend previling at that time good luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

  96. To Chithra-N.D Nesun
    --------------------- Yes change of house is in the cards. After the guru peyarchi on 20th Nov 2010 things will show a positive trend. After May 2011 you will be experincing many changes. Till 2013 you may have to put up hard work.

  97. Hello sir,
    Thank You for the wonderful service you are doing. My husband's birth day : 16.09. 1974 10.36 a.m 6 sec Monday viruchika lagnam at Tiruchirappalli, India and my birthday is 26.11.1977 7.38 a.m. at Sivaganga and we got married on June 18,2007at Trichy. However I am unable to conceive a child and I am taking medical treatments too for the same. Please let me know when I will be able to conceive.

  98. Dear Sir,

    Wish you a very Happy DUSSERA!

    my details are as below:

    Name: Vinil Kumar
    DOB - 13July1982
    TOB - 9:20AM
    POB - Hyderabad
    GENDER - Male

    My problem is regarding my Job Location. I am unmarried & currently working in chennai in a reputed eletrical company since 2.5 years. I was actually born and brought up in Hyderabad and since my family is in Hyderabad I am searching for a job in Hyderabad. Simultaneously I am also searching for a job in abroad also since 1 year, but no result yet. I am in a confused state of what option to choose i.e. whether to settle in Chennai with my current job OR keep searching for a job in Hyderabad OR should I go Abroad.
    Sir, Please tell me for what option shall I fix to as per my astro?

    Thanks & Regards,

  99. Dear Sir,Wish you a very very happy Dassera.
    Sir earlier also I posted a comment,now once again I seek your guidance for my daughters future.I want to know whether she will have an arranged or a love marriage and whether she will have a happy married life. I any marital problem is indicated I am ready to perform the pooja which you say.You had mentioned that she should wear an emerald ,can she wear it along with the ruby ring or she should avoid wearing the ruby ring,Please help.

  100. Dear SIr ,sorry I have not mentioned her dob .Her dob 24/05/1988,tob 4.13 pm,pob is mumbai

  101. To Suba
    ---------The most difficult part of astrology is to tell both the beginning and the end.

    I do hope in your case child birth is delayed and not denied.As per your horoscope you ahve a female child.
    Now guru dasa guru bhukthi upto 14th May 2012.
    In that sani, bhutha, kethu antharams upto 13th April 2011. Then sukran antharam starts and prevails upto 21st August 2011.So those 4 months may be your conceiving months.

    For husband also raghu dasa surya bhukthi upto 19th April 2011. Then starts raghu dasa chandran bhukthi upto 18th Oct 2012.So 2011 may be the year of child for both of you.

    As raghu is placed (for your husband) in the lagna itself and kethu in 5th for yourself
    the two sarpa planets are to be worshipped.
    On every Sunday both of you visit a Shiva temple between 4-30 pm to 6pm when Durga may be worshipped with abhishekam in raghu kalam. Join that pooja. Worship vinayaka for kethu.

    Vratham on sashti days may observed.Feed the poor children with milk payasam.

    Chant Bala Mukunthaashtakam daily. Best of luck.Read my article on Anndanam.

  102. To Vinil Kumar
    --------------Wait till 21st Nov 2010. You will have surprising turning points. Guru will
    transit and meet your rasi where chandra is placed.Change of residence is indicated. From meenam guru aspects the 9th bagaya place. So your desire will be fulfilled. You will shift to Hyderabad soon thereafter getting a job nearer to your native place.

    Keep on trying for foriegn chance.You will get it.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  103. To Anonymous-DOB 24th May 1988-MARRIAGE
    All chances of her getting to know earlier to marriage the person who is her future husband. Though I may not call it love matter, I would say she wll have some unrevealed opinion about marriage.As sukra the lagna lord and lord of marriages in 9th with bhuda the lord of love and bagaya athipathi jointly sit in 9th bagya house. So she has to be asked in camera whether she has any proposal in her mind.If so, you may have to give weightage to her opinion too.

    As guru is in 7th there may not be any big problem in married life. As the 7th lord chevvai is in 5th with raghu. So, better to match a person with strong puthra bagya.

    Both stones can be used.from 21st Nov 2010 marriage proposals wlll start.May end up in marriage afetr May 2011.Best of luck. No big worship is necessary. Usual prayers and temple visit may be done.Read my article on Annadanam.

  104. Thank You for your suggestion regarding conceiving. I will pray to Goddess Durga every Sunday at home, Since I am living in USA at a place where I have to drive 2 hrs to reach a temple. My husband's birth day : 16.09. 1974 10.36 a.m 6 sec Monday viruchika lagnam at Tiruchirappalli, India and my birthday is 26.11.1977 7.38 a.m. at Sivaganga. I am looking for a job change. Is it possible now and can I try for the same.
    I thank you for your service.


  106. Hello Sir,

    Thank you very much for answering my question. Hopefully I find a job asap.
    My husband is getting frustrated with his current job as the salary is less and no promotions given. And I'm asking him to stick to the same company as I feel it is stable.

    Can you kindly suggest if changing job is good for him now?

    His DoB is 31-Aug-1978
    Place Nellore
    Time 7:40PM.

    Also, can you please suggest with respect to children prospects? We are a little worried as our finances are not so good now to plan for a kid. But our age is advancing and this worries us.

    My DOB is 30-Apr-1983
    Time: 8:45AM
    Place Bangalore

    Thanks & Regards

  107. name vedaraj m n
    Star: Chithira
    Date of Birth: 26-Feb-1978 Time: 7:30:0 PM
    palce ernakulam,mulavukkadu
    i am LLB holder. i have not get a good job. please tell about my carrer

  108. Dear Krishnan Sir
    My name is B.Ashwin
    MY DOB is 08.03.1992
    TOB 8.12 AM
    Place Of Birth Madurai Tamilnadu
    I am trying for medicine course-I have good grades in all subjects -more than the requirement, good sports music extracurricular leadership activities and other required qualifications.
    Unfortunately I did not get medicine last year and I have to waste one year in waiting .
    I Have applied this year and I want to know whether I will be able to get Medical MBBS course this year atleast.
    Iam genuinely interested done all my hard work and have all the requirements
    I just want to know whether things will go right for this year atleast as I have put in lot of hard efforts expected of me
    I thank you in anticipation for your kind help
    MR B Ashwin

  109. Dear Sir,

    Namaskaram. My query is Guru Peyarchi next month. How is the effect to me ?

    Thanks in advance.

  110. Hello Krishnan Sir,

    I'm Sairam from vellore.
    There are few confusions going on in the alliance search for my daughter.
    When will she get married? how will her marriage life be?

    dob- 23/7/1987
    tob- 5.50 am
    pob- tirupattur vellore district.

    Thanks in advance...

  111. Hello Sir,

    I have given me and my husband's details below.

    My self

    DOB: 15-Mar-1981
    Time : 00:36 AM (as per astrology, it is 14 th night and for computer it is 15th morning)
    Place : udumalpet(udumalaipettai),coimbatore district
    Star - Punarpoosam,Mithunam

    My Husband's
    DOB : 17-Mar-1975
    Time : 10:01 AM
    Place : Coimbatore
    Star : Ashwini,Mesham
    My Questions are,

    1. We got married almost 2 years now and we don't have a child yet.when we will have our first child?
    2. My husband is having some litigations about his properties. when this litigations will get over and will it be favourable for my husband?
    3. we have lot of arguments and misunderstandings between us for unreasonable things. I need your suggestions.

    Thanks for your service.

  112. Namaskaram sir, My son DOB 30.1.87 TOB 4.16pm POB Tiruchy Srirangam. He is working in a software concern. He is very pious and doing exercises regularly. Last month he had fever and while going to doctor , it was found out that he is having high BP. Even after a month his BP has not reduced. We have taken all cardiac tests as per doctor’s advice and everything was found to be very normal. Now he is having no symptoms and doing his regular works as scheduled. But his BP is not reduced. We are very much worried. He is not having any problem in his office. Please tell us whether he has been having it for many years . When Is it going to be cured? Tell us some pariharams . As my son is god fearing he will do the pariharams as told by you.

  113. Dear Sir
    My details are as under
    DOB 23 June 1954
    TOB 01.00 PM
    POB Salem
    I had to quit my job last Oct for no reasons after serving about 3 years. Prior to this I had worked in Dubai for 8 years. Now I have 2 options either to go for a new job or do share business.
    1.Pl advise which one would be more suitable?
    As a member of a Regional stock Exch I have paid Rs.14 lakhs and I am expecting the amount back. The matter is under litigation for technical reasons.
    2.When can I expect this amount?
    3.I would like to know about my life after retirement.
    Thanks in advance.

  114. To one and all
    ----------------As already informed, the training classes for insurance agents are going on. I am continuously on the move to different parts of Thanjavur, Trichy, Pudukkottai and Nagai distritcts.Daily 120 kms of bus,train travel.This now upto 27th of Oct 2010 So my answers are delayed. Do not send any reminders. I shall reply one by one as and I find time.Be patient.
    Thank you.

  115. TO SUBA
    --------ALL CHANCES ARE bright or a change of job after 17th nov of luck.

  116. To Karthi
    ------------He has 50-50 chances only in education. He may have to put up extra effort
    to get a creditable pass.If he is interested in arts like music or instruments he may be given training in that.Do not force him into courses he may not show interest.Film technology, story writing, editing may also be tried.The burn injury had taken place in bhuda bhukthi, who was also 8th(longivity)house lord.As per nadi astrology, when the prsent transit raghu glides over the bith chart mars chevvai, accident do take place.That condition prevails till April 2011.So be caareful and treat him softly.Also presently surya dasa kethu bhukthi upto 26th Nov 2010.Let us hope after that period things will take a shape. Chant and also make your son chant Aditya hrudaya sthothram.good luck. read my article on annadanam.

  117. To Karthi
    -----------Okay You are now in Raghu dasa up to 12th Feb 2013.During the same perios raghu is in 8th to rasi in gochara. Sani who is transitting in kanya rasi, is gliding over raghu. So raghu is now troubling you. So worship north faciing Durga on every Snuday between 4-30 to 6pm raghu kalam.

  118. To AJ-to husband
    ------Times are not good. As the saturn karma karaka is burnt by sun, his career prospects are some what subdued. Better to be cautious in matters of change of employment, or shifting in some other company. Let us hope things will move positively after 21st nov 2010.

  119. TO AJ
    -----All chances of becoming a mother in 2011.
    Good luck.

  120. To Vedaraj M.N
    -----------------You are under the grip of sadesaathi(7.5 nattu sani).Gurudasa sukrabhukthi is also not very much cogenial. Sukra the 10th lord got burnt by sun.These are some points for the dissatisfaction in job front.
    A change may come after guru peyarchi.That is after 21st Nov 2010.Worship Anjaneya daily.

  121. Hi Sir,

    Could you please tell how many houses can i buy, I am asking since i don't want my children to suffer as i suffer in my early stages.

    Will i have good enough more.. upper family.

    Date : 19/05/1982
    Time : 3:45 AM
    Place : Secunderabad - Andhra Pradesh

    Thank you very much

  122. to subramaniambalu-B.aswin
    ----------------------------All chances of your getting seat in medical collge this year is there.Sukra dasa sanibhukthiis makes you to do extra work.Ultimately you will win. Be confident and worship Vinayaka as kethu in 4th lord's (education lord's place). Also make one visit to Koothanur if possible and pray Saraswathi devi.

  123. Dear Sir,

    My birth details:
    14/06/1982, 18:05 pm, Amla (MP, India)

    How would be my married life? I'm separated from my husband for 16 months and do i have the possibility for a reunion?

  124. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    My elder brothers birth details:
    dob: 9th feb 1980
    time: 7:42 AM
    place: hyderabad, AP

    For the past one month he has not been feeling very well and took leave from his job.

    We are very concerned about him.

    Can you please let us know when can his health problems be solved and he will get better.


  125. Sir, Namaskarams.
    I am Vishalakshi & my details are as below:
    DOB : 18/19 NOV 1954
    TOB 12.06 MIDNIGHT
    I am a working woman.In Mar 2009 I was offered a posting in Kuwait by my company & I accepted. But the visa process got delayed & I got it only in July 09. I was to leave on 19Jul09- but on 18 Jul I was told to stall my departure due to some changes in the rules of the management. I did not go. Now last week I was again asked whether I will be interested in going to Frankfurt. I have said yes.
    I want to know- 1) whether this time I will go
    2)I am also due for a promotion - will I get it.
    3) My general health condition-will it be good.

    I have two years left for my retirement.


  126. Hello Sir,

    How are you? As I already informed you,your predictions came true in my case.And I am very happy to know that you blessed my son and accepted my annadanam contribution (Nagari SBI DD).
    Now I have one more question.My elder brother got married on 24th Aug 2007. but still no luck.When will they get santhana bhagyam?Is my sis-in-law's rasi Mesham or vrishabam?
    My brother's
    DOB:07th sep 1978
    My sis-in-law's
    DOB:09th Dec 1981
    TOB:09:30 pm

    Mrs. SVChand.

    DOB IS 31/08/1965,TOB IS 12.25 AM,POB IS MUMBAI.

  128. DEAR SIR
    MY DOB 23-3-1969, TIME 1.05 A.M, PLACE CHENNAI

  129. Dear Sir,I would first like to thank you for clesring my doubts.Sir I need your help regarding my mothers health.Often now and then she falls sick and she has lost her confidence.
    She had a light paralytic stroke due to diabetis
    Sir I want to know when she will get completely cured,unfortunately she doesnt have her correct TOB,DOB but her place of birth is Manjeshwara,
    Kasaragod,Kerala.Whether her health conditions can be predicted from my dob.Sir Iwant to know regarding my health also.Sir I
    also want to do Annadanam in the name of my mother (Parameshwari) and Iwill contribute it thru neft.My DOB 01051962,TOB 5.45pm,POB is

  130. hello sir,
    i am nagama from dindugal i lost my daughter astology recently so missed her birth timing i know only details
    i need to know my daughter birth chart please help me i cant able to see matching for marriage now without chart.please send me birth chart in

  131. hello sir,
    i am nataraj my son details
    i need know will he do degree in wat course he can do in ug now he writing 12th exam.

  132. hello sir,
    i am arun my dauther details

    my daughter doing pg when will she get good job and how about her health.i need her rasi nachathiram and padam

  133. TO ONE AND ALL.
    -----------------BEAR WITH ME FOR THE DELAY.
    I AM LAID DOWN WIH RUNNING TEPERATURE AFTER HECTIC TOUR FOR 18 DAYS NON-STOP!So I shall resume only after I am able to manage the traffic. I am not attending mails now a days as that has trebbled.

  134. hello krishnan sir,
    please take care of yourself since you have fever. and these days there are so many cases of dengue,malaria and what not.
    i am putting down my query,but i will wait for your reply till you have completely recovered.

    my cousin had 1 marriage and it ended because the male was actually a cheat(eunuch). she got married for the 2nd time and now it is also at the verge of a divorce. a court case is on.the 2nd husband does not want to continue with the relation. my cousin is afraid about a 3rd marriage. there was too much of domestic violence in this relation. what wil be her fate? she is very upset with the way her life has turned out. also she is just 10th pass even after being very intelligent.

    her details-
    tob-10.43 pm

  135. To Jasmineooo
    ---------------As guru will be aspecting 7,9,11th to rasi and 9,11th and lagna to lagna;in both the case 9th and 11th houses are involved you will have many bagyas, and profits.
    raghu dasa and mars bhukthi from jan 2011 is a period when you have to handle many foes. Your health has to be taken care of.Attend to health problems with out postponement.There will be mixed results due to other planetary positions. We can not just see guru transit alone in isolation. Good luck.

  136. Dear sir,
    I am Sriram of thiruvaiyaru and neighbour of EKS thanjavur. I give below my sons detail

    Name: S Shyam Sundar
    Date of Birth: 11 August 1982 Wednesday
    Time of Birth: 8:27 am
    Place of Birth: Madras

    As i told you he is studying MBA. I want to know whether he would get good campus placement which will come up in December or January.

    Will he go abroad for work?

    Kind Regards


    More than marriage , her health problems if any are to be atteended first.She may hae some stomach related problems.


  138. To anonymous-female Udumalpet born
    ---------------------------------- As per your horoscope child birth is delayed. However from 4th Feb 2011 sani dasa guru bhukthi may bring concepton. You have to worship Dakshinamurthy and Anjaneya.Your husband has strong planetary position for early child birth. So I pray you become a mother in 2011.

    By 15th April 2011 your husband may have some relief in litigation front.But he may have to spend lots of money and time for that.As raghu dasa raghubhukthi is going on better he worships Durga Devi during raghu kalam.Chant raghu Gayathri.

    By April 2011 after raghu kethu peyarchi, your quarrels in the family will be over. Best of luck.
    Please read my article on Annadanam.

  139. To Poorna
    ---------Sorry to hear that at the age 23 your son had BP. As per Nadi astrology when transit guru glides over the birth chart raghu such ill health is indicated.That will be there till June 2011. Guru dasa guru bhukthi will also be over by that time. Guru dasa sani bhukthi will start from June 2011.As the points for 6th(disease), 8th (longivty)houses and the suya varga parals for sani and mars are sufficient, he will get sure cure.

    Daily chanting of Aathithyahrudayam, worship of Muruga on sashti days, darshan of Durga devi on Fridays will cure him fast.Chant all navagraha gayathris 3 times daily.Try yogas like Isha/Ravi shankar/ Ramdeva baba. Read my article on annadanam.

    ------------------------ SUKRA dasa guru bhukthi bhudan abtharam upto 1st March 2011. You may try for new job. you will settle down early.
    I hope before the closing of the year 2010 you will have the dispute ,litigation over and you will get back your money.
    Your retired life will be moderately good.
    Please read my article on annadanam.

    ---------------PEOPLE TEND to ignore my instructions. This is not the question giving you any trouble right now. If you desire to buy houses for yourself and children, you can definitely plan for that and aim to achieve that goal. No prediction is required for that.

    As raghu is in 4th place(real estate) and mars(bhumikaraka) is affected by saturn, you have to exercise caution in dealing with the purchase/sale of properties.As guru is aspecting your 4th place , you can definitely have morethan one property.Best of luck.

  142. TO SEETHA
    ---------- THIS is a real problem. Your positive attitude of willingness to join your husband itself will solve many problems. Half the result already achieved by your good nature.
    Starting from 21st Nov 2010 many positive indications of reunion will be seen. Before June 2011 you will again make a home. All this require your efforts. Efforts will be fruitful from 21st Nov 2010.
    Worship a picture of Shiva-Parvathi with Karthikeya and Ganshji looking like a family.
    Chant Hanuman chalisa daily as saturn is in 8th place (mangalaya sthan) to both lagna and rasi. Best of luck. read my article on Annadan.

    ------------ YOUR brother is now under the rip of sadesaathi 7.5 years of transit sani.So some problem or other will be there for the next 6.5 years.Do not panic. He will have intermitant relief due to other planets moving about.The next guru transit is in 21st Nov 2010. From that date he will have relief in health front. Chant hanuman chalisa daily.Best of luck.

  144. namaste krishnan sir,

    i have a personal query and since i could not write it here,i have sent a mail(from nakshatraislife) on your gmail account on 23rd october.i hope that you will reply back whenever you have the time.

    thanking you in advance.

  145. To Visalakshi
    -------------All chances of foreign travel now is there. From 21st Nov 2010 you may have the process for going to Frankfurt may get a push.

    You are sure of getting promotion probably in the month of Karthigai,after 15th Nov 2010. Your general health will be very good.

    As you are in the end period of 7.5 nattu sani
    you are having some hurdles. So pray Anjaneya read my article on Annadanam.

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

    -------------------------YOUR BROTHER HAS TO TAKE TREATMENT to improve the counts. Sister in law also has to pray for a child.I hope it is delayed and not delayed. Worship Dakshinamurthy Shiva. Prayer can solve many problems.
    Thanks for your contribution for Annadanam.

  148. sir,
    details about my son are-24-10-1977;12.06 p.m.madras
    when will he get married?

  149. To Anonymous DOB 31 AUGUST 1965-BOMBAY BORN
    IT is not easy to change mother's decision. As the mother karaka moon getting hidden in 6th and the lagna lord in neecha psition,I am not sure about success in your aspiration. Sani dasa chevvai bhukthi and next raghu bhukthi upto 2014 are not good periods. Better you act independently and not expect any cooperation from sister and mother.

  150. Vanakkam Sir,

    Can you please tell me about my career life Sir, I am working in IT field for the last 5 yrs , few months I am having some eye problems which prevent me from my work due to strain and stress. How is my career and finance life ? How long I will have eye problems Sir,Currently I am settled in USA - is there any chances returning back to my home country.
    Suji, 23rd July 1977, 13:30 PM, Chennai,India.

  151. Hello Sir,
    I have reposted my son's Ashwin's horoscope with his correct coordinates.It is in the same blog which was posted on October 13th from Florida.
    Could you please analyse. Thanks Anitha

  152. To Anonymous Janardhanam
    ------------------------To loose a job in middle age when commitments have doubled is really a bad thing. Okay do not panic.Prayer can solve any problem.You have sufficient ashtavarga points for 10th(profession) house and the profession house lord bhuda has full strength in suya varga. So you are not so unlucky in job front.

    Now guru dasa sani bhukthi chandran antharam upto 2nd Feb 2011. After that things will take a shape.In the meantime on 21st Nov 2010 guru will move to meenam in positive clockwise rotation. From then on signs of getting new job will brighten.At the maximum this suffering will lost only till Mar 2011.

    As sani bhukthi is going on, better you worship Anjaneya. Sundarakanda Parayanam may also help. Best of luck.

  153. To Chandra-Kasarakode
    ----------------------The problem of mother's health will be there upto April 2011. Then she will recover well.Your health though looks sickly outside,no big problem will come to you. As the 6th lord is in 5th you tend to have imaginary diseases. More of working of mind.chant Hanuman chalisa daily.Thanks for showing interest in Annadanam.

  154. To Nagama
    ----------With out the correct time, horoscope can not be cast.As you are the mother you may be knowing the birth time of your daughter to the exat minutes if not seconds. Try to recollect the time. Another way is approach a good Nadi jothitar who may be able to give the chart-rasi only- which may be 90% correct.
    To know the exact nakashthra padam we require correct timing.

  155. TO Nataraj-for son
    ------------------ He is destined become an administrator with some government connection. His ultimate aim has to get an MBA degree or IAS/IPS. AS BHUDA is in debilitation-neecham and in vakram, he has to study very well putting up lots of work.Maths and computer may be elucive to him. With out computer nothing can be done in future.So let him work hard to get computer education with Mba.Best of luck.

    --------------------Your daughter may be getting good job offers starting from 15th March 2011. She nay be having some speech problem, tooth problem and eye deffeects. Nothing serous. All can be corrected.

    She is Punarpoosam 4th padam Kataka raasi.Makara lagna.Best of luck.

  157. TO ANONYMOUS-For cousin-dob 13 April 2011.
    Sorry to hear what all you write. i do not find much reason for her set backs in marriage.Her horoscope is not that bad.So some poorvapunya is working which none can pin point.

    Sukra dasa kethu bhukthi to the end of 2011. So we can not move either way till that date. Let her get relief from the case. Let us make a fresh look at her chart in 2012.
    Attend Sankatahara chathurthi abishekam in Pillaayr temple regularly. Make Somasutra pradakshinam on pradosham days in Shiva temple.Good luck

    -----------------------HE HAS NOW SUKRA in thulam in sukra's own place.Which is 7th to rasi and 2nd to lagana.This position upto 31st Dec 2010.Also surya dasa sukra bhukthi upto Sep 2011. Though there will be difficulties and procastinations, he will ultimately win. He would get campus selection in Dec 2010.

    As 10th lord is hidden in 12th, his foreign assignment will be some what challenging. He may have to pass through anxious moments for visa and govt., rules of the foreign land.

    He is a lucky person. His astavarga points for profession house is quite sufficient parals.He will overcome any difficult situation.He has to regularly worship both Anjaneya and Surya narayana swami. No need for anxiey.GOOD LUCK

    -------------------AS KALATHRA KARAKA SUKRA IS AFFECTED BY more than one slow moving planets both in rasi and navamsam, he has to get married only by the grace of God. Worship all grahas and particularly Kamakshi amman. I pray for your son.

  160. TO ANONYMOUS -DOB 23 JULY 1977.
    -------------------------------AS YOUR PROFESSION PLACE IS AFFEECTED BY MAANTHI and surya sani and bhuda are in the same place,you have some problem in job front. However from 21st Nov 2010 10th place has the aspect of guru. So all problems will get solved soon.
    Your eye problem will be over in Jan 2011. You may have a tendency to come back to mother land in 2013.Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  161. Name: Subramanyam
    DOB: 17th Sep 1793
    Time: 19:22 pm
    Place of Birth: sengottai

    Would like to know the current dicey situation wherein I end up in a position at work wherein I had to be away from my family all the time inspite of my best efforts. My family is in chennai and my work requires me to work from bangalore. Could you please look into my horo and advice when this situation will improve and will there be a situation wherein I can change the job and favorable period? I am trying my best to change the job, however its becoming a challenge there too, everything goes right and the last minute things go wrong.

    Also currently I dont have issues (kids), can you also look into this and advice please.

    Last time you have checked my horo and adviced that my change of job will happen during Sept 1st week. though there is a change in my role in my current company, however no luck in moving out to another company.

    Pls advice.


  162. Hi Krishnan sir, How are you ? Hope you are doing well. Hope God will permit me to meet you personally soon :).

    My friend Mohan is going to take laser treatment for his eye sight as he is in transport field necessary and this is for a govt. job i.e. Road Transport Corp.

    I'm herewith include your earlier post for your ready reference. Plz look into the matter kindly advise him.

    --------------THE PROBLEM you have mentioned is due to sadesaathi(7.5 years sani.) Still 2 years to go. Luckily from 2 May 2010 guru is transitting to meenam and aspecting sani. That will mitigate many problems.

    The lagnathipathi bhuda got combusted -burnt by surya and also in retrogation.That is also a reason for the problems. Luckily in ashtavarga bhuda has 7 out of 8 in suya varga and the lagna has more than average points. So problems will come;but he will face it courageously.

    From 2 May 2010 guru aspects 2nd house both to lagna and raasi. So dhana will come to him. Do not worry. Pray Anjaneyaa and Sri Venkateswara.
    PL. read my article on annadanam

    Thanks & Regards

  163. Sir

    My Date of Birth is 04 Sept 1974
    Place of Birth : Trichur, Kerala
    Time of Birth 12.20 a.m
    Gender Male

    I am currently based in Mumbai, and since my paents are based in Delhi, I was trying a job in Delhi. Now I am getting an offer from a company in Pune. Would you suggest that I wait for a better offer or take up this job in Pune.
    Also are ther any health impairments as per my horoscope?
    Thanks and regards

  164. thank you sir for your reply about my cousin
    dob-13th april 1981
    i had a you mean to say sir that she should let go this relationship and wait? she does not want to let go this marriage as such,her husband wants to end. are there any chances of her 2nd marriage not ending up in a divorce? or are there any indications in her kundli for a 3rd marriage?

  165. hello sir,
    when will my daughter marriage will happen ? what type of marriage will happen to her and how will be her future husband?her birth details:
    PLACE:colachal,kaniyakumari district.

  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. Dear Sir,

    You said i will be making a home before June 2011 but things are very worse in my case.

    My husband has applied for Divorce and it comes for first hearing this November first week and every word of the petition is false. I was shocked to read all those false allegations.

    I love him so much but he compares his own wife as a ...I have a real bad in-laws as well who motivate him to do all this.

    My husband is very egoistic, stubborn, very possessive, suspicious of nature that he compares each guy's relationship with me.

    If i get back i would be back into the same tortured, violent and domestic life. Still I love him and thats the worst part.

    His birth details:
    26/11/1980, 21:00pm, Karaikkudi
    My birth details:
    14/06/1982, 18:05pm, Amla(MP)

    His lagnam is Kadagam but astrologers in net say it to be Midhunam. Pls. clarify and let me know if what you predicted would happen?

  168. Cont of the previous post:

    Tommorrow is my second wedding anniversary and we weren't together for the first itself. He isnt bothered about me or the separation or the marital life. Is he interested in any other second relationship?

    I feel bad that i wasnt there with him for both the anniversaries. Would God let me to live with him and allw me to celebrate third anniversary or the relationship would end before that?

  169. Hi Sir,

    Its high time as my girl is going tell about her love to her parents very soon. I just need some clarifications in some issues alone sir. Please help me out because i have no one else to go..

    1.Is there any problem to her life because of me like death to her because of me
    2. I know there is a problem in match. Please give me some suggestions which can nullify those problems for a happy marriage. I really dont have anyone to answer me regarding this.Please answer for this.

    My details:
    August 3,1987 7 26 AM Chennai
    Her details:
    July 12,1988 2 05 PM Chennai.

    I really need ur help because i have to face her parents very soon with a lot of questions. But if i dont know the answers for these,i will not be able to even face them.

    Please give your view about horo if we marry and live together...

  170. To Subu
    ---------repost the question after I open the thread for Nov 2010 as you have made a mistake
    IN THE YEAR BIRTH! 1793?!

  171. To Raviprkash
    -------------PLEASE repost the question again tomorrow after I open the thread for NOV 2010. with DOB, POB, TOB, GENDER as you have not provided that now. Thank you for your pleasentries. If you want to meet me in person, please find out my availability well in advance as I am on the move nowadays to varrious places in Thanjavur,Trichy,Pudukkottai,Nagappattinam
    Karakkal dist., as a trainer to LIC agents.

  172. TO d-indulgence
    THERE is all chances of some mobility in job front.Guru is now in rasi in retrogation.He will move to kumbam on 7th Nov 2010 and remain there for 14 days upto 21st Nov 2010.As that happens to be 10th profession place to lagna
    some change n job is contemplated.Sukra dasa sukra bhukthi and sani antharam from Jan 2011 will see you well settled in a new job and new place.As the family house lord bhuda in rasi&navamsa heavily
    affected, your trying for family reunion is elucive. That too the mathrukaraka is affected by maanthi,your living with mother is always hindered. If the Pune offer is good for your further progress, better you accept it.It is better to choose on first come first choice basis.Read my article on Annadanam. Best of luck.

  173. TO ANONYMOUS-DOB 13 APRIL 2011.
    -------------------------------If you are willing to save the marriage that is well and good.If a compromise can be tried please try that.As per nadi rules she has chevvai aspected by all the three slow moving planets
    sani, raghu and kethu. The result is her married life is denied.However guru is aspecting chevvai, possibility of compromise is always there. So you may try for compromise.

    Sukra dasa kethu bhukthi throughout 2011 will be giving hurdles. Pray Vinayaka and try to compromise.
    Astrology,to my knowledge, can not say whether she will have 2,3,4th marriages.At the mximum horoscope canNindicateNtroubles in married life. As the dosha works only once, the compromise formula canbe tried.Read my article on Annadanam.

  174. TO PUSHPA
    ---------YOU MAY have to be prepared for some delay in her mrriage as there is sani in 7th house to lagana and sani dasa sani bhukthi upto 12th oct 2013.atleast that period has to move.

    As the 7th lord is in 12th she will be a social type and move with both the genders with out "vikalpa".That may bring her some bad name and some troubles by opposite sex.

    As raghu is in 9th, she may not evince interest in traditional religion. She may be interested in Islam and make friendship with
    other religious people.

    Even after marriage if she is not controllrd, she will end up in quarrel.Read my article on annadanam

  175. TO SUNNY
    ----------I have not matched the horoscopes as it is not necessary for love marriages.
    Mana poruththam is sufficient.

    By Jan 2011 betrothal and by May-June 2011 marriage may take place.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ----------------------------------- YOUR HUSBAND is running kethu dasa sukra bhukthi upto 5th Nov 2010. Then kethu dasa suriya bhukthi upto 13th March 2011..That is also not a good period.

    As chandra and raghu are together in family place ,his family life is affected.More over the 5th house lord is affected by maanthi, his attitude is bordering to insanity.

    The 7th lord is affected by sani and in 4th.That shows the tendency to doubt wife.

    Astrology is indian way of psychology. In your first post you indicated that you positively
    wanted to make a family with this man.So I struck a positive note. From your repost I find you are also not willing to fall into the same old pattern of family life.

    Better accept the reality and cooperate to get a divorce.
    Read my artiicle ANNADANAM

  177. Thanks Krishnanji for replying to my post.

    I want to get back to him as i said in my first post. What efforts and remedies am I required to take to join him soon?

  178. Wheni saw your first reply to my post that i would make a home before June 2011, i was so happy. Is it not possible now?

  179. Sir,

    I am sorry, it was my error - It should read as 1973 instead of 1793.

    Warm Regards,

  180. hello sir,
    I am abinaya,I need to know when will my marriage will happen and when i will get job in which field?
    My birth details:

    thanks sir

  181. hello sir,
    thanks for ur reply about my daughter .I need to know specific about her marriage will she have own wish or decision about her marriage or she will come with parents decision?
    when she will get job in which field?
    my daughter birth details :

  182. Am crying everyday....please!!

  183. thank you sir for your reply

  184. hello sir,
    thanks for ur reply about my daughter health its true.I need to know when her marriage and she will live atleast with wealth after marriage.will her husband will be supportive to her?

  185. To Pushpa
    ----------ASTROLOGY is not that specifc to answer in a point blank manner.That too when negatives are revealed, we choose words that camoflouge the matter.You may have to undrestand by reading between lines and be cautious and not to get panic.

    Your daughter is not a traditional type of person.She is adventurous. She may choose her own path.Particularly she will move either with irreligious people or fall in line with Islamic friends.
    When I look at a horoscope 2nd time I loose my intution and that second study becomes a mere maths.Okay I pray for her change of heart.Best wishes

  186. TO ARUN
    Pl.send a reply to my mail ID regarding the specific nature of handicap.If you try, marriige may take place in chithirai month, that is between middle of April and May 2011.

    ----------It is better to get married little bit late. Proposals may come.You will be very much choosy. You have your own idealistic expectations and will reject many hands.You will marry a person after long dating.You will get disappointed when you find the practical man does not match with your ideal hero.
    So do not make big ideals on the 'would be'. Be practical.As per horoscope also marriage will be getting delayed.

    From Jan 2011 good period for job starts.Try from now on. You will succeed in jan-feb 2011.
    Good luck.

  188. TO ANANTH
    -------------USUALLY I DO NOT recommend match making for love marriages.If we look into the horoscopes for love marriages,in 90% cases matching is not to be found. Still they live happily after marriage.So forget match making. Go ahead meeting her parents.If necessary go with an experienced person who can make effetive communication.Best of luck.No more correspondence on this please.Good luck.

  189. 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

    1ST NOV 2010


  190. I understand sir but if there is a problem to her life because of me,how can i risk her life....I am really worried for her case...Please understand my situation and answer this question atleast...Any problem to her life because of this marriage or is there any problem to her life which can be rectified

  191. Hello sir,
    DOB: 29.11.1988
    POB: Karungal,Kanyakumari,Tamil Nadu
    TOB: 11.20AM
    GENDER: female.

    The above mentioned details are that of my daughter's. I wanted to know, when will she start working? what kind of job will she go? when will she get married? what kind of man will she get?

    waiting for your reply.
    thank you.

  192. Respected sir,

    I have consulted you in past regarding my wife's visa problems. However, yesterday she lost her job in mass lay offs in our company. Shortly expiring visa might have been the precipitating cause. Please see below our birth details and let us know that when will she find another job. You mentioned before that our visa problem will start getting solved from January or February next year. Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,


    My details:

    5:04 AM
    31 December 1968
    Bareilly (UP)

    My wife's details

    1:55 AM
    1 September 1969
    Vijayawada (AP)

  193. Vanakkam Sir,
    I have been hunting job for the last 1 yr with no success. After a long struggle and stress, I was offered a job in a hospital ( mental health clinic ) IT department as SQL Server Reports Developer and pay is moderately good for entry level. I thank you for replying my query, when I asked about my career. I hope for a better career future from now onwards and I wish all my other problems settle smoothly. I will donate for the Anandhanam once I receive my first month salary.
    -------Anonymous said...
    Vanakkam Sir,
    I am seriously hunting job for the last 1 yr. I am married have 2 kids settled in USA. After a long gap I started my career life by going to college here , currently I am doing my associate degree in health informatics , also I am looking for job in IT field since I have volunteer experience for 2 yrs.
    Can i know when I will get job and earn some money. I need to support my family in india .
    how is my financial life for me .
    Arthi, 8th april 1977, 6:10AM, pondicherry, india.
    ---------------------------I presume you are a female-inference by name.Be rest assured you are a lucky person. You have Malaviya yogam and Gajakesari yogam . Chandra is Neecha Banga. The 5th lord chandra in 9th getting the aspect of lagna lord guru. Guru and sukra two natural benefics are under parivarthana. All these will make you prsperous.

    You are now running sukra dasa guru bhukthi upto 6th sep 2012. This is good period for good progress. This is very good period for education.So your course will be completed with creditble pass.You will also get job according to your wish and you will be helpful to all. Born as a noble person. And a lucky one at that. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  194. Sir,
    I have completed M.Sc biochemistry and searching for a job.In the mean while my parents are searching for a life partner for me.5 months ago I did not get any job nor I got good match.....Please tell me whether I will get job or not and also when will I get married.....

  195. Sir,
    I have completed M.Sc biochemistry and searching for a job.In the mean while my parents are searching for a life partner for me.5 months ago I did not get any job nor I got good match.....Please tell me whether I will get job or not and also when will I get married.....
    My Details
    D.O.B 6-12-1986
    T.O.B 5am(early hrs of 6th)
    P.O.B Kharagpur (west bengal)

  196. Hi,
    My Details
    D.O.B 5-5-83
    T.O.B-5 pm evening
    sani is in lagnam. Guru is in 2nd house.kethu-3rd house, sandhiran-4th house, sooriyan, chevvai-7th house, budhan-8th house, sukiran,ragu-9th house. guru is in which parvai now? when will my marriage get settled?

  197. All those who posted aftre ist Nov has to go to Nov 2010 Two(2) column