Sunday, August 1, 2010

Philosophical,Religious,Traditional Discussions AUGUST 2010

You are free to post here your views, what ever good subject you have studied and matters of interest.Any thing not conforming to the decorum of this column will be removed by the blog administrator.Be a self editor.Do not hurt any ones feelings. Genuine and gentle matters are the ones I want.


  1. Dear Krishnan Sir,
    I just wanted to share this wonderful link about a yogi from your town of Thanjavur!
    Best Regards, Raj

  2. To Aninymous
    ------------Thank you for posting it here.I watched the four parts patiently.

    I am eager to register here one episode from Sri Ramakrishna paramahamsa's life.
    Once a yogi came to SriRamakrishna and said he has the power to walk on water.Sri Parammhamsa
    asked the yogi,"how many years it took to get the power?" The yogi replied."more than two decades?"Sri Paramahamsa said," you have wasted your life.Your yogic feat's value is only half anna as the boat man can ferry you across the ganges for just half anna.What is the use of training your body for such a feat? Will it anyway take you nearer to God? Doubtful"

    I have seen trained beggers swallow ten or more live frogs, speak with us for 20 mins and vommit the frogs alive! It is by filling up the stomach with water before the swallow.

    Untrained country folk fire walk on the Druapathi Amman festivls in the villages.

    Cinema stunt artists show burning body and walk hither and thither.

    I know Rambhau swamigal. Not much impressed by this kind of awe inspiring feats. I love my God. That is enough for me.

    Anyway Rambhau Swamigal is a worshipper of Uchchishta Maha Ganapathi! He is running a temple in Srinivasapuram here.That is a rare variation of Vinayaka which I admire.His fire proofness does not impree me.
    Thank you!

  3. Dear Krishnan Guruji, your down-to-earth response inspires me to be more practical and balanced with my emotions. Thank you Sir! Regards -- Raj