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Please post your questions for AUGUST 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.

Do not mention the opinion of other astrologers here.Every one has a set aproach to astrology.Sometimes contradictory views confuse people.

The professiinal astrologers get their livelihood by matching horoscope for marriage and fixing muhurthams. Better you consult a professional for such services.


  1. This s ananth

    Dob: Aug 3,1987

    time of birth: 7 26 AM

    place of birth:chennai

    This is regarding my career. I am working in TCS for the past 7 months. I am not in what i am interested and sometimes i feel like quitting this job instead of doing this kind of job. But the problem is i cant quit this job as experience seems to be the swan-song outside. I am really confused as i cannot risk going abroad at this instant for studies as i have started working and need to get substantial experience and then only think of anything like that.
    My first question is whether i have any yogam of going abroad for higher studies and get a job there and settled even after marriage

    My second question is whether i have any yogam to start off a business in future

    My third question is because of my mother as once she told that some dragon is coming at 32 years probably to harm me and i have to handle that alone in my lyf. Can you please elaborate on it a bit

    My last question would be whether am born to do something in India or abroad. Abroad means what u predict and India means what you predict.Career-wise when i will be settled according to you.

    Waiting for your answer!!!

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  3. Namaskaram sir this is nevah again

    I am a christian girl born on 26th Dec-1982 at 2.00 pm in kottayam (vakkad) district of kerala.i am in a big confusion and worry regarding the happenings in my life for the several years.My parents are looking for a suitable alliance for me for the last 3-4 years but couldn't find some one .So i want to know when will my marriage get settled and wht kind of a family life i will get.
    Second important thing is that i was trying to go abroad for the last 1 year.That also resulted in a failure.So i am planning to start the effort for the 4th time from day after tomorrow.expected time for the next chance is on feb 2011.Can i able to go abroad on feb 2011.Is there any possibility to get married or gt engaged before that.As i am a christian i am not very familier with hindu customs and prarthanas.Is it possible to do any social service or our prayers as pariharas if needed

    sorry i posted this to "prediction come true also".I couldn't find this link when i posted that there.
    Thank you again..waiting for your reply.


  4. To ananth
    ---------I would appreciate if the questions are brief and precise.Ask only one question at a tme.
    You have all chances of going abroad. As your 9,10th lord chevvai and sukra are in 12th, you may go foreign.As you are likely to get troubles due to visa,etc, yor permanent stay at foreign will be doubtful.Even after marriage you may go foreign.

    You may be able to do own business. As your 2nd lord is in 11th, you may have multi source income.But the 11th(profit) place has only 24 points against the average of 28,you may have to work hard to make profits.Better to take a good partner or wife as an associate.
    I do not know what is the dragon your mother talked about.Probably she mentioned sani dasa raghu bhukthi from 2 may 2017 to 8th march 2020.Raghu in your case is hidden in 8th. So no harm by raghu.
    Mostly you will be in India only.Foreign you may go. Settling their is not in the cards as you are liely to get migration, visa problems from foreign govt.,You will get settled before 2013.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

    RAGHU TAKES the role of the house he occupies. That way he may have to act as guru. But guru has lost some power due to kendra lord occupying his own house.Other planetary positions are also to be considered to judge raghu in this case.
    You have to ask for any specifc current problem.If you do not have any problem on hand, do not touch horoscope.If you are asking for learning astrology,do not do it by harping on imagenary evils from raghu.

  6. To Anonymous-NEVAH
    ------------------- ALL CHANCES OF GETTING THE BETROTHAL in Nov-Dec-2010 and marriage in Feb-Mar 2011.
    As saturn-sani- is in spouse house 7th, your parents efforts to find a match is not so far fruitful.From 1st Sep 2010 the scene will change to your advantage.
    As your 9th house(foreign chance) is weak with
    only 19 out of 28 average, your efforts are not getting fulfileed to go foreign. As your bhukthi is guru bhukthi,9th lord's bhukthi , you may succeed thhis time.You may get a foreign groom also.
    In our tradition, when saturn is hindering the progress, we seek the aid of Hanuman.If you are not willing to go to a Hindu temple personally, get archana done in your name in
    any nearest Hanuman tempple by any one of your hindu friends on every saturday.

    donate gingily(ellu) oil to 3 poor families.
    Keep a handful of cooked rice to crows with small quantity of ellu daily.
    Light a lamp in the western corner of the home with gingily oil daily both in the morning and evening.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

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  8. Hello sir!
    my Dob:11/06/1981 tob:00:58am pob:mathurai ,Tn gender:male
    My queries are
    1)When 'll I get married and about my marriage life and children?
    2)'ll I settle in foriegn land and get good job?
    3)parikaras for my severe doshas
    Thanks in advance

  9. Dear Sir
    My son's details.
    DOB 30 AUG 1989
    TOB 10.20 AM.
    He is doing 4th yr B.E.having some arrears. I would like to know about his 1.Studies 2.Future about job & Marriage. Pl advise if any pariharams to be done.

  10. Namaskaram Sir,

    My sisters
    TOB:03:50 pm
    DOB: 23rd March 1976

    she is currently in US.She is currently working (temporary job ) wherein her last day is 24th Aug2010.She has some problem regarding her VISA too.Will she get a permanent job in USA ? Will her visa problem get solved.Does she need to return to UK.

    Pl advice.


  11. Sir
    I feel so much rilieved hearing this.As i already started my effort to go abroad ,still i feel difficulty about certain matters.According to your answer i should wait till sep.But unfortunately i have to start it now.I am really struggling to arrange my educational loan now.i tried around ten banks but their response were also i went one bank but they also not ready to support.But some i have to arrange it this month itself.which is the good day for it .
    Thank you so much sir.Hope u r in good health and definitely i will remember you in my prayers.

    Born on 26-12-1982 time 2.00 noon. kottayam ,kerala


  12. To Rajesh
    ------------Your response is straight from the pen of Raghu.
    I QUOTE FROM MY HEADER:"Come to this blog only if you have some problem"
    I do not know what is your age. Whatever that may be, your response in a public forum is not in good taste.May God give you maturity.

  13. Sir,

    I have a question about my birth chart. My birth date is 27th january, 1970. Time of birth is 3:15 am. Place of birth is Surat, gujarat, india. My life has been nothing but struggle both financially and personally. I want to know what is happening.

  14. Sir!

    Name: S. jayakumar
    DOB: 24/01/1979
    POB: Pollachi
    TOB: 20:45 hrs
    Gender: Male

    i would like to know about my career sir. i was taking up catering contracts. for the past 2 yrs i am helping my father's business (Mess). now my problem is i would like to start a business by my own. i do not have money to invest either i can go for a job as i do not have experience in working as from the beginning i was into business. kindly help me. if business what kind of business will suit me. if job what kind of job is possible.
    kindly reply me sir.
    thanking you

  15. Hello sir, I am indra my son details below . Dob- 7-3-1986. Tob- 1.30 a.m. Pob- madurai. He is working as house keeping in catering management now.I need to know will he get govt job or job in abroad or he can do own business. When he will settle in good job. Thank u sir.

  16. Mr.rajesh first of all mind ur words then u can say or judge mr. Krishnan sir has eligiblity to preach others or not. Suppose If Ur father said those words which krishnan sir said means will u ask ur father like this even though mr. Krishnan sir not ur or my father atleast give respect for his age. I am not devotee or known to mr. Krishnan sir but i respect his social service.i spoked anything wrongly means krishnan sir and others forgive me.

  17. Hello Sir,
    This is Sudhakar. I am giving my birth details.
    DOB: 18-08-1948
    Time: 2 AM
    Place: BERHAMPUR (District Ganjam) Orissa India
    Please predict my future.Will I get a job in IT field? How many years will I work in US? Will I stay in US or return to India? Hope this will find you in sound health and cheerful moods.

  18. TO VIJAY
    ---------You will get married between June 2011 to Nov 2011.yOUR MARRIED LIFE WILL HAVE SOME small HICCUPS AS SANI IS IN 7TH. HOWEVER GURU AND CHANDRA ARE IN 7TH TOO. So the problems if any will be quickly solved.Your wife will be a sober , nice and beautiful girl. She will be intelligent and can be an active partner in your profession.As there is raghu in 5th, astrologers may say you will have troubles from children OR no hildren. The 5th lord chandra in 7th and has a suya varga strength of 5 out of 8, and the 5th place has 32 parals against the average of 28, you will have nice children.
    Your going foreign is only 50% as your 2,9th lord sevvai is asthangatha by surya. It will be an uphill task to get visa etc.,
    Daily worship Of Durga devi for good children.
    Daily 9 namaskarams to sun in dawn
    Daily worship of muruga by chanting Kantha Sashti kavasam.
    Read my article on annadanam.

    ---------------------- AS the 4th place makaram is arrested between raghu and sani, the problem has arisen in studies.But the planet for education bhuda in uchcham and in moolatrikona, along with lagnathipathi sukra and guru in mithuna bhuda's house and aspecting lagna, he will clear his arrears and pass out creditably.As 4th lord is sani and his placement in 3rd guru's place and getting guru's aspect will definitely make him a professional graduate with good marks.Do not worry.Sukra dasa sani bhukthi upto 23 dec 2011.
    It is lagnathi pathi dasa and 4,th lord's bhukthi. Sani is also yogakaraka. So he may get an appointment in foreign country.He will soon be elevated as a team leader.

    As sukra the lagna lord in 12th hidden,and in debilitation,, the 10thlord profession(chandra) is burnt by sun, also 7th(spouse0 lord chevvai is burnt by sun, 7th lord has
    kethu's combination married life will see some hiccups. Good matching horoscope has to be chosen at that time.

    Daily 9 namaskarams to surya in the dawn.Aathithya hruthaya sthothram chanting daily. Muruga darsanam on sashti days.Navagraha pradakshinam on saturdays.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  20. TO KIRAN
    -------- Your sister's job matter will be settled in Sep -Oct 2010. She will get a new job.Her visa trouble will be settled in Nov 2010. Pray karthikeya for removing obstacles.

  21. TO NEVAH
    -------- YOUR DHANA STHANATHI PATHI sukra has come to 6th debt's place yesterday and will be there till 31st August 2010. Your lagna and rasi athipathi is also in in 6th.Dasa bhukthi is also good. So you will get loan at targetted time. Do not worry. Read my article on Annadanam.

  22. Dear Sir,

    I've sent my post on June 2010.My issue is that my wife and I are going thru terrible financial crisis since 2008. I've been always a temple goer and have I done many pooja and rituals to God every day, since young. Right now I'm very lost not able to find a way to rectify my current crisis. My entire family is affected to some extend. I've 2 kids , and lately my daugther is not doing very well in her studies and i'm feeling guilty that I could be the cause, It was happy family once upon a time but right now , I can't any ways to keep them happy. My wife and I are working very hard to rectify the situation but to no avail. My business is nothing now , i'm currently working elsewhere for very low salary. I'm to work out some small business and trying to look for some monetary help and it keeps delaying . My question is will I be earning like before and keep my family happy.

    MY DATE OF BIRTH : 01/09/1971
    TIME : 04:55 AM

    MY WIFE DATE OF BIRTH : 23/07/1971
    TIME : 06 : 19 AM

    MY DAUGTHER DATE OF BIRTH : 25/08/2000
    TIME : 08:17 AM

    MY SON DATE OF BIRTH : 30/01/2004

  23. Namasakaram Sir,

    I am Banumathi aged 57, I have two daughters both are married and settled in different places. My younger daughter has a boy baby and well settled. My elder daughter has no child yet since 2005. Can you please look at her horoscope and see the chances for her to become a mother.

    DOB : 08-Apr-1979
    TOB : 10.10AM

    Thanks in advance

  24. Dear Sir ,

    Thank you so much for the advice.

  25. Sir


    This is for my friend and her younger brother
    For the last several years she is struggling to get a permenant job.Presently she is working as a teacher on a leave vacancy.Is there any chance to get a permenant job soon.Another problem is regarding her marriage .That also getting delayed because of unknown reasons.When she will get married?Is there any chance of love marriage?

    Her details -BD-14 july 1983 time-11.30 am plce Arpookkara kottayam kerala

    She is having a younger brother.He is in an affair.As his elder sister (my friend) is not married ,he is not in a position to marry his lover now and the family members of that girl is not ready to approve this affair.Is there any chance for him to get that girl.

    His details
    Born on dec 14-1985 10.30 am kottayam Kerala
    Thank you sir

  26. Dear Sir
    DOB 14 Apr 1957
    TOB 01.25.52 PM
    POB Coimbatore

    I am working as Asst.Head Mistress in an aided school and another 5 yrs for my retirement. I would like to know
    1.if I can accept promotion at this age?
    2.Is there any life threat in my jathagam?
    3.Pariharams if any may pl advised.
    Thanks in advance

  27. Hello Sir,

    This is Pratibha. Date of Birth january 27, 1970. Time of birth 3:15 am. Place of birth is Surat, Gujarat. Gender: Female.

    My question is if there is something in my birthchart that is stopping my happiness and success in life. I am considered an intelligent, hardworking, and beautiful person, both inside and outside. Yet everytime I am close to find happiness or success, something goes wrong terribly.

  28. To Anonumous dob 27 Jan 1970 surat
    You are under the grip of 'sadesaathi' for the past 3 years.Another 4.5 years to go.Be patient.From Dec 2010 guru will be aspecting
    sani for 1 year.Some relief you will experience. 2011 will be a better year. Worship Hanumanji daily. Chant Hanuman chalisa regularly.

  29. Namaskar sir,
    I am Harish here
    Sir I wanted to ask you about my daughter...sir when will she get married as we have been searching for a good match for her from a long time but not getting results sir plz help....sir plz help as we are very worried...sir plz tell us the exact year if possible and how will be her married life..
    DOB-3rd June 1985

  30. to jayakumar
    ------------as your profit place lord bhuda is in 6th with surya. though many say bhuda has no asthangatha dosham by nearing surya, in my
    experience bhuda also has also combustion by surya. your 10th lord sukra in 4th with the 12 th lord moon who is in the sixth place has chevvai you will be a wealthy person.
    the dasa now running is 10th lord sukra's dasa and 5th/8th lord guru's bhukthi upto 8th sep 2011.this is good sukra has 100% strength in suya varga, this will be a lucky better work for some time say 6 months uder some one who deals with any one of the following professions. then yu may think of starting on your will definitely get bank loan.
    professions you may take up: "SUKRA: Beauty Parlor, Saloon, Cloth Merchant, Luxury Goods, Scented materials, Handicrafts, Five-star hotels, gold ornaments, musician, dancer, drama, story writing, poetry, acting, furniture shop, musical instruments, tourism department, Bar and restaurants, vehicle factory, wine shop, painting, sculpture, makeup job, beauty context, fruit selling, fruit juice parlor, money lending, financial organizations, bank commission agent, LIC department, Finance Minister, Accountant, Auditor, selling gift articles, showcase items, flower merchants, marriage hall, cinema theatre,

  31. To anonymous--Indira's son.
    AS this is a Sarpadosha Jataka, the setttling down in life will be late. Later life will be good. Your son will get settled after age 35.
    AS HIS BUSINESS INDICATOR and t0th lord job BHUDA IN NEECHAM, it is better he works under some one for a longer period. As his profit place has only 23 points, own business is not suitable for him right now.Raghu dasa sani bhukthi upto 30 march 2013.Atleast upto that date he has to work in job only.He has no big scope in govt., job.Foreign chance are not in the cards for next 3 years. Pray Durga devi and Vinayaka.Read my article on annadanam.

  32. To Lakshmi
    ----------Do not get upset by Rajesh's words. I expected such people also will come here in my forum. So I am not hurt. can single handedly tackle him. Do not form any group of supportters or opponents.Okay! This is the effect of lagna Raghu!

    ------------- ARE YOU ONE YEAR elder to me? I was born in 1949.You r 1948? Still want to get a job in IT field? That too in America? Some how I have a feeling, some thing wrong with the data. Kindly confirm.Give details once again

  34. Dear Krishnan,
    I am Sudhakar of US. I am giving the details of my birth.
    DOB: 19-08-1948
    TOB: 02-20 AM
    Place: Berhampur, Orissa
    Latitude: 019:19:N / Longitude: 084:47:E
    Gender:Male Star:Sravana Rasi: Makara
    My daughter who is a US citizen sponsored green card for me.I am here in US since 3 years.As I got my green card,I want to work in the IT field.Please tell me whether I will get a good job in IT field or not. How long will I stay in US? When can I receive amount from the government of India towards land compensation payment?
    Regarding annadanam, I heartily appreciate for the great work you are doing at this age.Soon after getting a good job, I will arrange some amount for annandanam.
    Thanking you in advance.

  35. Dear Sir
    DOB 14 Apr 1957
    TOB 01.25.52 PM
    POB Coimbatore

    I am working as Asst.Head Mistress in an aided school and another 5 yrs for my retirement. I would like to know
    1.if I can accept promotion at this age?
    2.Is there any life threat in my jathagam?
    3.Pariharams if any may pl advised.
    Thanks in advance

  36. To heyramba
    -------------You are running raghu dasa raghu bhukthi upto 8th nov 2011.For kataka lagna people raghu will do good only in his dasa. But his own suya bhukthi period has to go. You are having the yoga karaka mars in exaltation In 7th along with raghu.Guru is your 6th(debts)house lord and 9th(fortune) lord. Probably guru is acting as 6th lord now. A time will come when he will act as 9th lord. Guru is in meenam 9th house but in retrogation. Probably you may get over this problem when guru's retrogation is over in 7th Nov 2010 and re enter 9th house meenam on 21 nov 2010.The new year 2011 will bring you many positive signs.

    For your wife sukra dasa raghu bhukthi upto
    5 th nov 2011.On 1st Jan 2011, sukra will transit in vrichika where guru is in native chart. So in the beginning of 2011 itself some relief can be felt.

    For your daughter raghu dasa kethu bhukthi from 10 jan 2010 to 29 jan 2011.So for her also the changes will come in the beginning of 2011 only.
    For son you have not given time of birth.

    Be prayerful and worship Durga devi. You will see many positive changes in 2011.

    -------------YOUR first daugter has maanthi in 5th place.More over sukra is getting the aspect of sani, raghu and kethu.As the 5th lord is in neecha banga and getting guru's aspect and surya also getting guru's aspect she will be getting a male child in 2012 when she will have chadra dasa guru bhukthi.
    Best of luck. Worship Dakshinamoorthy on Thursdays.Read my article on Annadanam.

  38. To Anonymous-friend's dob 14 july 1983.
    In her horoscope all the planets except guru are arrested between raghu and kethu.That is the reason for delay.The 7.5 nattu sani is now running, still 2 years to go.Chevvai dasa and raghu bhukthi will be over on 4th Dec 201o.
    So the beginning of 2011 will see positive changes in job and marriage fronts.Love marriage not ruled out.

    Friend's brother is running raghu dasa raghu bhukthi upto 14th Nov 2010.After that he may have marriage. No one can say whether he will get married to a particular girl.Love marriage is indicated. As the 7th lord is in 12th, he is a jolly type as for as women are concerned.
    He will have many offers from girls. He may choose any one. Not able to predict whether the girl is the same whom he is now after.

    Do not pack too many questions. Let the people themselves ask. Do not ask on their behalf.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  39. ANANYMOUS- 14 -04 1957-ASST. HM
    --------------------------------SANI DASA RAGHU BHUKTHI UPTO 15 Jan 2012.Usually this is not a good period. But for kataka lagna people raghu bhukthi will do good.From the end dates of Nov 2010 guru from meenam will aspect rasi, kanni. So, that will give you some relief from opposition in school.Your 10th lord chevvai is in 11th with the aspect of guru. So you will not face any problem in job front.

    According to nadi rules when transit sani
    meets rasi chart chandra and guru the follwing results are obtained.In your casa chart has guru and chandra in kanni. Sani is transitting kanni now for the next 2 years.
    SATURN’s transit over the following natal planets

    Natal Moon : Astrology, unnecessary blame to the native, ill health to mother,
    unnecessary expenditure, mental unrest
    Natal Jup : Change of profession, gets job or promotion, gastric trouble

    So you can accept promotion with the expectaton of more responsibilities bring more mental unrest.As you 8th lord is in 5th you have good longivity. But you are a worrying type.You will not take things easy.

    As your 6th lord in 3rd shows you will have strained relationship with relatives and friends.Guru being the 6th lord,you amy not have life threatenning foes. But still there will be quarrelsome people in your life

    If you do not have the self confidence to take up more responsibilty as HM , you may be quite contended with AHM post. If you develop a lighter heart and enjoy life as a play,you may accept promotion. You have to decide. As per astrology gochara, this is promotion period for you.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  40. Hi Sir ,

    DOB 21.01.1990
    TOB 06.40 AM
    POB Vellore,TN
    I am studying B.E(CSE) final yr. Sir pls tell me whether i will go abroad and is there is any chance to work in abroad.

    ------------ I APPRECIATE YOUR SPIRIT AT THIS COMPARITIVELY ADVANCED AGE OF 62.In our times computers for all purpose was unknown. It was there in reearch institutes and commoners had no knowledge of it.So your spirit of wanting to enter computer, IT job is astounding, for most of the people in India of your age is not even able to operate ATM.
    As your 10th lord guru is in sixth, you are suitable for justice dept., or jail dept., etc., as your 6th lord is in 4th you can be a good writer or speaker.But IT FIELD?! BHUDA IS CONSIDERED AS THE LORD OF EDUCATION, PARTICULARLY MATHS AND NOW COMPUTERS. HE IS YOUR 4TH LORD. So you can expertise in IT. But the same bhuda is surrounded by malefics like sani, mars, gulik, surya. Your 5th lord in lagna itself is good for education. But the 5th place occupied by kethu shows lack of insight necessary for IT field.You can be a good end user of computers. May not be suitable for insightful programming.

    Sorry to say all this. I do not want to give you false hope. Taking into consideration of your age,resultant diminision of mental faculty, I advice you not venture on computer prograamiing etc., Better to limit with end usage.This high spirit will be there till bhuda dasa bhuda bhukthi till 20th Feb 2011.
    You are sure of continuing in USA till 2025. In kethu dasa you may return to Inda.
    Compensation you may get in 2014.
    Best of luck.

  42. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much. I would like know about son's future too.

    DATE OF BIRTH : 30/01/2004
    TIME : 12:45 PM

  43. Namaste sir!
    My DOB: 29/08/1979
    POB: Hydrabad
    TOB: 20:11 hrs
    Gender: Female

    i would like to restart my career . i have 1 3/4 yrs old son. before marriage i was working. now i would like to know whether i can go for a job or do business. i want to take care of my son also. is there any chance of getting a job with high pay scale. if business which profession will suit me to shine. either job or business it should not affect my son. but i am in a position that i have to earn money. can i take up projects and do?(outsourcing)work from home type.. if i invest in that will i be paid without loss. kindly help me and guide me.

    ---------------------------- Sukra dasa(7th spouse lord's)guru bhukthi(2nd house-family)
    5th house(child) sub period. This is upto 11 July 2011.She may get married between 25th Feb 2011 to 23rd March 2011. She has chevvai -mangal- in 8th. So she has to get a match with similar mangal dosha.

    ----------- YOU are under the grip of saade saasthi. That is saturn's transit over your previous raasi and your raasi and your next raasi. In each raasi 2.5 years.Presently sani is in your own rasi.That is very hectic period.
    You will have ups and downs for the next 4.5 years. When ever guru aspects transit sani,
    you will experience relief. Out of the next 4.5 years guru will be aspecting sani who is in kanni for atleast 2 years. So blow hot blow cold.
    Worship Anjaneya on Saturdays.Read my article on Annadanam.

    --------------- AS YOUR 9,10TH LORD sukra and bhuda are in 12th you will go foreign. You will be employed in foreign lands. But you have to face some problems from the foreign government regading migration. Visa and connected problems will raise up; but you will definitely cross over.
    Best of luck.

    ------------ YOUR SON IS running surya dasa sukra bhukthi upto 20 feb 2011. Then chandra dasa starts. As that is 4th lord's dasa, for him, his education will be good. Mother will gain.His 5th lord surya in 10th and the 9th lord guru in 5th are good points. The 9,12 th lord guru is aspecting 9th his own place, profit place, and lagna&rasi . Guru is strong with 6 out of 8 in suya varga.I think all your problems will be soon solved by your son's lucky horoscope. Best 0f luck.

    --------------- AS YOUR PROFIT PLACE lord sani is in 6th, it is better you work under some one. No big investment must be made. Work only for salary.As your 4th place is bhuda's house, you can do any computer connected job.
    As sani the profit lord and profession indicator is burnt by surya, no independent venture please.As CHANDRA the 5th lord is with out any planet on either side and opposit side you will be suddenly thrown into loss. So be very careful in investing money.As the 5th lord is in 8th your cocern about your child will be ever continuing. My prediction can go only this much. You have to take your own decision depending upon your real life situation.Best of luck. Read my article on Anannadanam.

  49. Thank you Sir. I would also like to know if there is any issues in my son-in-laws horoscope and if it requires any parigarams. His details are:

    DOB : 30/5/1977
    TOB : 3.02PM

    Thank you,


  50. Dear (Sriman)Mr.Krishnan

    6th Kethu
    7th Guru
    8th Chandran
    9th Sani
    10th Suriyan Bhudan and Sukkiran
    11th Sevvai and Mandhi
    12 th Ragu

    This rasi chart from Kallidaikurichi(near Ambasamudram- This is Vakkiyapanchagam)Joshier Mr.Ramanatha Iyer.

    But if i use Vakkiyapanchaga through computer
    11th place Bhudan and Sevvai with Mandhi

    Could you please explain from this chart kalasarbha dosa or yoga. I have gone through lot of website.. Still I didnt get concrete idea.

    2) In Sani Dasa(9th place-Kadaga Sani - Pusham 3il), How is Sani dasa.

    Please reply sir.

    In Navamsa -- > Simma Lagna, 2il Sukkiran,3il Sani(Uchham) and Chandran, 5il Bhudan, 6il Sevvai(uchham) and Ragu, 7il Guru(both the place - rasi and Navamsam), 10il Suriyan, 12 il kethu.

    Please reply sir.

    Thank you

    Loving Student
    Arulkumar Rajaraman

  51. to arulkumar rajaraman
    -----------------------you have not mentioned rasi chart lagna.i think in classroom 2007 you have asked the same question and vaathiyaar has sanswered it as sarpadosha jatakam only.usually sarpa dosham continues upto age 30.then it turns as a yoga.for your second question not able to answer without lagna.probably it is vrichika lagna mithuna is better you give the DOB, POB AND TOB INSTEAD OF PLANETARY POSITIONS.ALSO ONLY ASK WHEN THER IS PROBLEM. GENERAL STUDY, DO WITH VAATHIYAAR.

  52. To Banumathi
    -------------Lagna raghu with maanthi shows delay in child birth.But guru's aspect of lagna and 5th place copensates the lagna raghu's ill effect. Chandran and sukran mutually aspect each other. That means needs medical treatment for improving the counts.
    As per nadi rules if surya and guru aspect each other there will be male child. In this casa guru got asthangatha(BURNT) by surya.So worship Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays. Make 9 sashtana namaskarams to surya in dawn daily. Read my article on annadanam.

  53. Hello sir,

    i was married 3 years back. we were happily lived for one and half year and after that my parents came and troubles were started b/w my wife and parents and now it lead to divorce. i want to weather this divorce really happen in my horoscope. one astrologer said she is my luck but now we are going to depart. is this really happen. if it is happen how is my life without my wife? and weather i will get another marriage?
    i am male and my dob is:30-aug_1979 in guntur at 2 am
    and my wife details:dob :2-march-1983 in guntur at 3:37pm
    i dont want my divorce really dont happen
    i want to know wheather my wife has divorce in her horoscope and second marriage in her life and she has happy life ever?

  54. Dear Krishnan Sir,

    Hope you are doing fine and your health is good…

    My Husband’s Details:
    Name : N.Vijayabaskar
    Place of Birth: Madurai
    Date & Time of Birth: 15.03.1978/5.15 PM

    My Details:
    Name : S.Soundaram
    Place of Birth: Chennai
    Date & Time of Birth: 18.06.1983/Nazhigai 27 Vinaadi 15

    My Son’s Details:
    Name : V.Ajay
    Place of Birth: Karaikudi
    Date & Time of Birth: 18.11.2009/9.21 AM

    1. My husband is currently working in Bhubaneshwar (Orissa). We want to move base to Mumbai. Pl. let me know when he will get a better job in Mumbai.
    2. Am a Chartered Accountant. I was working till mid Jan 09 and not employed now. I want to re-start working. When will I get a good job?
    3. Will we both get jobs in Mumbai and stay together?
    4. We got married on 26.5.2008 after properly matching the horoscopes. However, ever since we got married, we have been facing severe problems either with employment or at home. Most importantly… my parent-in-laws have maximum influence on my husband and they completely control/decide everything that we do, right from what we eat…solely through cell phone…(they live 2000 Kms away from us). When will we live a happy life?

    Thank you very much…


  55. To narean123
    -------------YES THE HOROSCOPE of your ex-wife is a lucky one.The positive points are:1.the 4th(sukam) and 11th(profit) lord sukra in 9th(bagya)house in exaltation). The 5th(poorvapunya) and 10th(profession) lord mangal in 9th(bagaya) house.
    3.The 7th lord (spouse) in 4th in exalted state.
    4.The 6th and 9th lord guru in 5th. The 5th lord mangal in 9th. This is parivarthana yogam.Both guru and mangal have become very strong.
    5.Guru aspects 9th 11th nad lagna. That gives all type of luck to her.
    6.She has sasa mahayogam which gives her the talent to rule over others.She can manage a big institution, particularly a philonthripic institution.
    Why she opted to give divorce? Her 2nd house(family) lord surya is hidden in 8th.So family got spoiled.Further the 4th lord along with 10th lord in powerful position gives her gahala yogam. That makes her an obstinate woman; she will take quick, wrong decisions in a haste. That will embarass husband. Divorce
    decision by her is such a hasty decision.She is very emotional; to be handled like glass jar with care.

    In your horscope the second lord(family)
    chandra hidden in 6th in neecham position without any planet in the sides and in opposite house.This is the main reason for your family life got spoiled. The kalathrakaraka sukra got combusted-burnt- by
    surya. So you suddenly lost the conjugal bliss. Your 9th (bagya) lord sani also got combusted by surya and in retrogation. That has brought illuck in family front.

    If possible get the divorce cancelled. She may get easily remarried. I can not say the same to you.
    Do ancestral worship. Worship your family deity. Visit Tirupathi.Read my article on Annadanam.

    --------; HE CAN GET A CHANGE OF JOB BEFORE THE END OF NOV 2010. Change of place also indicated.
    soundaram:you must have born around 5pm. pleasese send your horoscope by mail to
    kmrk1949@gmail .com

  57. hello sir,

    thank u for ur suggestion. she is not my ex-wife. she is my wife and she is very good and i love her a lot and also she also loves me we both dont like to take divorce but my parents are trying to influence me at this point of time i dont loose her. i wnat to know in both of our horoscope there is any scope for divorce.
    my dob is 30-aug-1979 at 2 am guntur and i am male
    my wife dob :02-mar-1983 at 3:37pm guntur
    some one said the time of marriage is not good? is it true. i am feared about this what can we do for living happily for ever
    my marriage time is dec 2nd 2007 9:04 pm sunday

  58. To narean123
    n your previous posting you clearly mentioned that the divorce had happened.I quote:" my parents came and troubles were started b/w my wife and parents and now it lead to divorce".

    I am happy that you have not yet got the divorce. You stop all proceedings in court if you had gone to court. Compromise and live with her.The obstacles in family life is more pronounced in your chart than hers. If you want you can adjust and live with her.
    She can be a good partner if you are in your own business. she is a good manager.
    to live hhappily, mutual understanding and adjustment is the parihara.

  59. To Naresh kumar
    ----------------How come you use the photo of
    thiru Sp.Vr.Subbiah? He hmself is using it.If you also use it that will create problems.

    Probably yours is vakya panchanga cast horoscope, You can follow that as Thiru, Subbaiah Vaathiyaar supports vakya panchanga.

  60. hi sir

    when will i get married? will there be any problem in my marriage ?

    DOB : may 7th 1986
    POB : vellore
    TOB : 8:25 am

    Thanks in advance

  61. Krishnan sir,

    My mother is having back pain and neck pain .. she is not able to sleep properly at night as there is no peace of mind..
    im her second daughter. first one is married and she has some problem in her marriage life. im yet to be married. when will her health condition improve and when will she get peace of mind? im totally scared of seeing her health condition. please reply

    DOB : 14th dec 1949
    TOB : 5:40 am
    POB : Panangudi,Tanjore Dt.


  62. Hi sir,
    I am extremely sorry for the mistake, Actually i had removed his photo but i think some error in that process. Now I am sure i had changed my profile photo. sir pls delete all those three comments with his(subaih sir) photos pls sir. thank you.

  63. Sir,

    Thank you so much for your response. I apologize for not being specific earlier. I had lost my job last year and ended up buying a grocery business in new york. The business is not doing well. I want to add fastfood to the business because I am good at it. Is it a good thing for me?
    Name: Pratibha
    DOB: january 27, 1970
    Place: Surat, Gujarat
    Gender: female

  64. To Anonymous DOB 7th may 1986
    I PRESUME YOU ARE A FEMALE. I expect your marriage may take place before nov 2010. Worship Muruga daily. Only similar chevvai dosha horoscope to be matched.

    ---------------AS YOUR 9TH LORD is in 12 your foreign aspiration will be fullfilled with many obstacles. As your lagna is makara your chances of going foreign is more than 65%
    10th lord in lagna shows you can do your own chosen business or family business.
    The 3 entries with vaathiyaar photo removed

  66. to anonymous-DOB 14-12 1949-mother.
    ----------------------------------- She is under the grip of 7.5 naattu sani.Another 4.5 years to go. But do not worry. For inetrmittent 2 years guru
    will aspect sani. Those periods will be good.As this is the 3rd round, seems problem is more. Worship Anjaneya on Saturdays. Chant Aathithya Hrudayam daily. I pray for her speedy recovery.

    -----------THIS TIME YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN TO GIVE THE TIME OF BIRTH.I think you haD come to this forum with incomplete data many times. Have mercy on me. I am an old man with poor health. Have you not read the header?

  68. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for replying to my last question. In that you have written that I will find a job by May 2010. I got job on 24 April 2010 (but not in my profession). This job is a relief from "no job".
    You also written that I am in Guru Dasha Rahu Bukthi till 11th Nov 2011. This time my question is how remaining part of Guru dasha going to be,like, are there any job changes, financial gains/losses and any remedies to reduce the bad effects in this dasha.

    Once again, I thank you for helping me with your correct predictions.

    BOD 2nd NOV 1975
    TOB 1948hrs
    Karimnagar AP


  69. Sir,
    I apologize for not being clear. I am using this medium for the first time. Here is the information.

    Name: Pratibha
    DOB: January 27, 1970
    Time: 3:15 am
    Place: Surat, Gujarat
    Gender: Female

    I know I am going through a terrible time due to sade sati. I lost my teaching job last year after 10 yrs. I bought a grocery business in New York after that. The business is doing bad. I am converting it into a conveniece store with fastfood section. Cooking is something I know well and am interested in. Could you please tell me if it is a right thing for me?

    Thank you for your patience

  70. hello sir ,
    I am elangovan ,my daughter got married before 6 years till she didnt had baby.we dont know right time our daughter i give my son in law details :dob: nov 21 1973, tob: 12.10 a.m (midnight), pob : dindugal,gender : male . my daughter undergoing laperscopic now already once got failure now again going to do now.

    1) when she will give birth to baby ?she have chance of baby or not ? if yes means when and what child will born for them ?

  71. Hi Sir,
    Thank you so much sir...

  72. Dear Sir
    This is Rajeswari. Thank You so much for your guidance and the details of my Jathagam.

  73. female
    dob: 21 sep 1987
    place: thanjavur
    time: 7:28 p.M

    sir iam an BE graduate.earnestly saying i am actually dangling between my parents and my career. they don let me do anything on my own. i want to pursue my PG in foreign(preparing for that) but they said that in my jadagam , wealth will be diminished , blockage in higher education. i want to lead my own enterprise(small or big) all i want is my own deed . but my parents are forcing me to get married to my relative(not earning,illetrate,simply wandering person! i feel sorry to say tis)..... this is because i don look good , i have some physical probs.. so they just want to finish their duty.
    they say that any i am not going to be wealthy. Y do U waste in studying.. what the hell i can say to them.
    but i want to know what would suit me better, ie. higher education, fincancial deeds like stock market, real estate , engineering related gadgets,anything else. what yoga i have to progress in my life. i want to break the nose of persons said am cursed by god. sir i hope u understand my feelings... certainly want to know abt jupiter retrograde in my chart(astrologer said that) also tat person said i wont have happy married life, prosperous life.. he simply said that u are sinful and cursed by almighty and thats y am not looking good and i attire lot of humiliations...

    sir all i want to have the truth in front of me.. dont need encouraging or polishing words....
    unmaya potu udachidunga sir..
    which one would suit me, wat abt my higher education(foreign), my spouse, my wealth accumulation...

    hoping a genuine ans from u sir ....

    --------- 2011 WILL BE A GOOD YEAR. in your rasi chart raghu in thulam in 6th place. it is better to have such a hidden raghu. So you may not have much of problem.All malefics will do good when they leave.That way you may get landed property,child birth in the family etc,

    Please provide the date of privious posting. Happy you got a job as predicted.

  75. Dear Sir

    About Me :

    DOB : 22 Mar 1970
    POB : Thanjavur
    Time : 4:52pm

    I lost my job , I would like when I will take another one ? Will I be staying family ?

    With regards

  76. Dear Sir,

    Could you please let me know when I might get married ?

    Also I have kalathara dosha . How does it affect my married life ? Can I come back home and live with my parents after marriage ?

    Birth :29/09/1982 23:25 coimbatore ,india

    Many thanks and best wishes,

  77. dear Sir ,

    Thank you very much for your reply.I'm currently working on starting a shipyard business such building tag boats and ship maintenence. I've just registered a new company in a near island which is a different place from where i'm staying , I've to travel by ferry everyday and return by ferry too. I've not started any project yet at the moment I've setting up a company thru a consultation agency.I'm confident that i'll make it, however sometimes i feel very shaken if i think about my current financial status where i'm badly indebt and I've sold my flat and we are currently staying in a rental flat.I know thru hardwork i'll gain whatever i've lost, I'm right now starting this business in very small scale.
    Please predict whether thru my son's and my astrology will we buy our own flat by this year and will i make in this business.

    MY DOB : 01/09/1971
    TIME : 04:55 AM

    MY SON'S DOB : 30/01/2004
    TIME : 12:45PM

  78. Vanakkam Iyah,
    When will my Daughter get married?
    DOB is 27/03/1981
    TOB is 22.35
    POB Jaffna, latt- 9N40; Long- 80E00


  79. To Pratibha
    YOUR 10th lord surya and the planet in 10th kethu and the 10th lord surya occupying 3rd place does not point to food processing.

    However your 9th lord(fortune) chandra is in profit house 11th with lagna lord's(mars)
    aspect permits the starting of fast sood shop.
    Chandra is indicator of liquids, bewerages,and hotel business. You can give a try. Let the new yewr 2011 dawn . Till such time plan the project fastfood. Best of luck.

  80. DOB:29.06.1989
    Hi sir, I am studying B.E(CSE) final year,
    sir please tell me whether i will get a job after my degree or \or else continue higher studies?And please tell me about my career? thanks in advance..


    THE ONLY hope is the 5th lord guru though in neecham and hidden in 6th, has 7 out of 8 in
    suya varga and the 5th place has 25 out of 28 average.I think the child birth is delayed and not denied.Guru dasa sukra bhukthi upto 25th April 2013.I pray your daughter gets prgnent in the month of May, June, July 2011. Chant Balamukunthaashtagam. Donate milk payasam to
    poor children. Read my article on Annadanam.

  82. to dary
    -------- astrology should not be used to scare people or dicourage them.

    your most plus point is bhuda is uchcham &muulathirukonam and in vargoththamam.that makes bhuda most powerful planet of the horoscope. that is why you could study professional course inspite of many hidden your 4,7th lord is bhuda and the 10 lord(profession) guru is in 2nd dhanasthaana. though he is in vakram, he has a suyavarga strength of 67.5%

    as sani(profession indicator) has nil power in astavarga, it is better to work under some one than private efforts. education line is super for you. you may seek a lecturer post anywhere in tamilnadu.

    as your horoscope is having raghu in lagna and kethu in 7th, married life should be some what not good, and marriage will be delayed.better marriage is postponed till june 2011.
    best of luck.

  83. To basker
    ------------ You will get your new placement by Dec 2010. You will get the signal from Sep 2010.Yes you may stay with family.BEST OF LUCK.

  84. To anonymous-K- DOB:29 09 1982
    ------------------------------ AS YOUR LAGNA HAS 30 PARALS, YOUR kalathra dosha will end when you complete 30 years of age.It is better you get married in the year 2012. Then your kalathra dosham will change into yogam.
    As guru is aspecting chandra and lagna your married life will be very good. You will have a homely, intelligent wife from affluent family
    As kalathrakaraka sukra is in neecham and in association with surya, it is in your hands to keep the happiness of the family going.No fault finding please.
    Guru dasa sukra bhukthi bhudan antharam from
    22 Aug 2012 to 7 7an 2013. Better you get married during those months. I pray you get a chance even earler by God's grace.Worship Durga Devi and Vinayaka on Fridays. As chandra is alone in yoour horoscope, pradosham days twice a month go to Shiva temple in the evening and worship Nandi and Rishabaruda Shiva Parvathi. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ------------ Astrology can not be seen on day to day basis. what ever you are doing now do it with self confidence and with prayer to God. you have made so many entries in recent times.any astrologer will be making statements not matching the earlier staements if astrology is taken up frequently. Every one has good and bad times. I pray God to give you the old status.

  86. TO ANONYMOUS-DOB:27 MAR 1981

  87. TO PRINCE-
    ---------- THE scope for both education and employment exist. Employment is more pronounced.Best of luck.

  88. Sir,

    Thank you so much for your guidance and help.


  89. Hi Sir,
    Tob:06:40 AM
    Pob: Vellore,TN
    As i am running sani(lagna lord) dasa and guru(12th lord) bukthi and it ends two yrs later.My doubt is whether i will be able to get job in this period or not.
    thank you for your kind response.

  90. Hello Sir

    How are you ?

    DOB 09/03/1983
    POB:Chennai TOB : 14:55 pm Male

    How will be my life partner ? My parents have started looking for Alliance, but none of the jadhagam has good matching. When is the good time for me to get married ?


  91. To Nareshkumar
    ---------------Guru will do good only. In your chart, he is in 6th . As lagna lord is sani, guru in 6th is good only. From 6th he aspects your 10th place(profession), 12th his own place. So there is no obstacles by guru for your getting job.
    Take up horoscope only when you actually face problems. if there is no problem go happily and enjoy life. it is too early in life to take up to astrology. astrology can guide only. astrology can not solve problems. only prayer to god and matching action to do our present duty without attachment can only solve problems. Let not you syudies get a back seat. Let astrology wait now.

    -------------------------------- FROM Dec 2010 time for marriage starts.By May 2011 you will be a married person

    As your 7th lord in 4th in exaltation, you will progress well after marrige.Your wife will be a nice person. As your second lord is in 8th , you have to put extra effort to keep the family life going. No harsh words with wife.All kataka lagna people make complaints about wife to others.Try to see the positives of your wife.Best of luck. ead my article on Annadanam.

  93. Dear Sir,

    My name is Prabhu. Please find my birth details below.
    DOB: 01-Jun-1982
    POB: Coimbatore
    TOB: 05:10 AM
    Gender: Male

    I'm currently in US and am in a contracting job now. I have been trying seriously for a permanent job (in selected good companies) for a long time. Kindly let me know when will I get a good permanent job. Thanks in advance for your services to all of us.


  94. Dear Sir
    An astrologer has told my mother that after the 31st August (this month) things will be even better for me. Could you please tell me what planetary changes are happening end of this month and their effects?
    DOB - 5th February 1972
    TOB - 11.33 PM
    PLACE - Colombo, Sri Lanka
    GENDER - Female
    Thank you very much

  95. Hi sir, how r u ? I deposited some money in ur account for any service run by you.. its an internet transaction... plz. check it day after tomor ...n reply me sir

  96. Dear Sir
    DOB 06 MAY 1955
    TOB 08.30 AM
    My husband passed away in 2005 due to heart problems. I have been in central govt employment and having tough time in job and life.My two sons got married and settled in foreign countries.
    I would like to know about my life after retirement. Will I stay in India or stay in foreign countries with my sons? Pl advise about my future.

  97. Dear sir,

    Both me and my wife are PhD and work in US. One of my green card petition was filed in September 2008, however there is huge backlog in that category so my company applied in outstanding researcher category in which wait time is only 3 to 4 months. That petition was denied and now my company may again file for me in that category. Would you please let me know if our petition will be successful and we will be able to have our green card in next 5 to 6 months? If this petition is not filed or if the petition is again denied, my wife will lose her job and will have to stay at home. We are going through a period of lots of worries for last 6 months. Do you think we will get mental peace? I fast on Tuesday and go to temple. Do you have any advise? I am very thankful to you to help us with this issue.

    My details

    5:04 AM
    31 December 1968
    Bareilly (UP)

    My wife's details

    1:55 AM
    1 September 1969
    Vijayawada (AP)

  98. Dear Mr.Krishnan

    My Son Date of Birth: 26 Feb 2009
    Place of Birth: Tirunelveli
    Time: 4:37 p.m.

    What about his education. As per Vakiyapanchangam --

    Kadaga Lagna (Kethu is in Lagna),2il Sani Vakkiram, 7il (Magarathil) - Ragu, Guru(Neecham), Sevvai (Uchham) and 8il Suriyan, Bhudan and 9th Place Lagna Lord Chandran and Sukkiran(Uchham).

    Could you please tell me next dasa -sani dasa 2il(4th and 11th Lord - Pooram Kalil). What about his education.

    Please reply Sir.

    Thank you

    Loving Student
    Arulkumar Rajaraman

  99. Respected Sir - My Name is Sankar- Date of Birth 20th August 1967 - Time : 14.00 Hours and Place - Tirunelveli. Never had any good employment and mostly in debts. I want to be of help to others but find myself as a burden financially to others. Is there any scope for me to gain any work. Is there any merit in my horoscope. Feel very distressed

  100. Dear Sir,

    I am not happy in my career,
    My details are as follows

    Name: - Guruprasad Ganeshan
    Born on 12 nov 1984 at 8:05 AM in Mulund (Mumbai). I am now working in an MNC but still not happy with the current job. I am now looking for a job in Abroad. PLEASE SUGGEST WETHER TO TRY THE NEW JOB IN INDIA OR OVERSEAS.

  101. To All
    -------- I am otherwise engaed as a guest faculty for LIC of India agent's trainiing programme.I have to travel to nearby small towns and take training classes. So throughout the day time I am engaged. I shall work in the night to answer you.So be patient. Do not send reminders.I may be able to answer all of you ;but in my own speed-slowly.So do not be impatient.

  102. Dear Sir,

    Vannakam, I like my job now & want to improve there. Somebody misunderstood me and caused problem. I am not at fault. I am sad & tired about this.

    Is my job post be affected- will my boss support me ? my family need me.

    please advise parigaram.

    TOB: 0855hrs
    DOB: 07/11/1978

    Much thanks to you. God Bless

  103. to Prabhu
    --------- You are under the grip of 7.5 nattu sani.Also raghu dasa sukra bhukthi upto 2 an 2012.As sukra is your lagna lord, sukra bhukthi may do you only good, let us expect.
    From 20 Nov 2010 guru will be in his clockwise positive path and occupy his own house meenam and aspect your 10th lord sani who is also the signifactor of profession. So from Dec 2010 you can expect good results in job front. Best of luck .Read my article on Annadanam.

  104. To racheldesilva72
    -------------------Venus ,that is sukra , is transitting to thulam your own rasi and lagna
    on 31st August 2010 and sits there for 4 months ,that is till 31st Dec 2010. As the lagna and rasi lord crosses his own house, your astrologer has predicted like that. Considering maanthi also in thulam itself in your rasi chart,the effect of sukra will be
    limited. GOOD LUCK.

  105. TO RAVI
    -------- thank you sri.ravi. as the bank simply mention as 'NEFT TRANSFER', NOT ABLE TO FIND WHO HAD SENT pl. send mail to me
    to pl. give details of the exact amount, date on which transferred, full name of the person who had sent the amount. etc.,MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

    AS PER NADI RULES A PERSON WILL HAVE FOREIGN TRAVEL IF, "Sani, Chandra and Rahu are in the same sign or in the same direction" in your rasi chart that condition is present with a change.sani and chandra in thulam and in the 9th place kethu.Another nadi rule says'In the above combinations, in the place of Rahu if Ketu is located then the travel will
    Be only for a brief period'.So you will visit children; but you will come back to India to live here.No prmanent resident of foreign land.

    Your oldage will b every nice. You will do many charitable work and money will flow for that incessantly. You will be getting famous by your charitable disposition.
    Read my article on Annadhanam.

  107. to adisharma
    -------------as per nadi rules long stay or permanent stay in foreign country will be for a person who has saturn raghu an dmoon are in the same sign or in the same your navamsa char tthis condition prevails. so your permanent stay there will be guru dasa sani bhukthi upto 8th jan 2011. next is guru dasa bhuda bhukthi. so by jan 2011 your green card will have a positive shape. the other planets and venus in particular are transmitting favourably. so you will get green card aftre clearing all formalities succeessfully.
    In your wife's chart also foreign permanent stay indications are there. As guru is aspecting 10th place she will not have any problem for her employment.

    In your chart maanthi(gulik) in 9th place and in wife's chart raghu in 9th. So worship durga maa an hanumanji daily. Prayer will definitely solve all your problems
    Read my article on Annadanam

  108. Dear Sir,

    How are you? My Details are below.

    Name: Senthil Nathan.
    DOB: 29/06/1975.
    TOB: 04:07 AM.

    My Questions are below:

    I am not in the permanent job. I am interested in cinematography and in Direction. So I want to enter in the Cinema field as a Director. Is there any possibility?
    If yes can I reach to a good position in this field?

    Can I go abroad? because I have a thirst to visit many countries and know about the culture of the people all over the world.

    Why I have an unstable mind?

    some times my vaakku palikirathu.
    Can I have this (Vaakku Palithal) capacity?

    ----------------------- IT is not our tradition to look into the horoscope of very small children. That will unnecessarily create problem and prejudice. Family happiness will be lost.
    As fourth lord in 9th with exaltation and with suya varga paral of 6 out of 8, and the 4th place has 32 parals, he would study well.Best of luck.

  110. To Sankar
    ---------I am surprised to read what you are writing.I do not find big negatives in your horoscope.Probably chandra is arrested between sani and maanthi may be the reason for your unlucky life. I suggest you may do somasuthra pradakshinam at Shiva temple on pradosham days twice a month and make darshanam of Nandi abishekam and rishabaruda Shiva Parvathi. After 9 pradoshams you will see a change.Good luck .

  111. Sir- Thank you very much. I shall do as adviced by you. My principal worry now is a job. For the last two years i am out of employment. Do u see readings of continous employment in my horoscope. Once again thanks for your effort.

  112. To Guruprasad Ganeshan
    ----------------------- As your 10th lord surya is in 12th along with sani, signifactor of profession,you will go foreign for employment. You may face many hurdles in getting visa and other papers.But you will tide over all difficulties.Worship Ganeshji daily.
    You may try from now onwards for a change.You will start receiving positive signals from 1st Sep 2010. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  113. TO jasmine000
    ------------- RAGHU DASA IS SHOWING SOME negatives. Do not worry. By 18th october 2010 things will be looking up to your favour. By the new year 2011 you will be absolved of all charges. YOu will happily continue in job. Worship north facing Durga on Fridays or Saturdays in raghu kalam.Best of luck.

    ----------------As your 10th lord is sani you have the managerial capacity. So you can direct and manage people to get work done by them.As your 3rd lord is chandra and he is in 10th, you have the tendency to do artistic work. Added to that your lagna lord is sukra.So that also contributes for your interest in fine arts.Lagna lord sukra in 3rd, and 3rd lord chandra in 10th make you adventurous, deviate from the traditinal path. As the family house lord bhuda in lagana with kethu makes you to keep away from family to the extent of cutting their relationship atleast temporarily.
    Bhuda kethu combination makes you love lorn according to nadi rules. As the cinema field is prone to moving with all sorts of people, you may not be able to resist the temptation. As raghu is in 7th, you will act in such a way that family reputation is lost.I suggest that you may leave this aspiration for cinema field as it may completely spoil your family name and reputation.Loose your happy family life.

    As you have 'satha sanchara yogam' you may travel a lot, even to foreign countries. You may also consult a professional astrologer before venturing in cinema field.
    Good luck.

  115. Hello sir,
    This is S.Rajeshkumar,
    My DOB: 10/10/1982
    POB: Pollachi
    TOB: 13.56 hrs
    Gender: MALE
    i have appeared lot of government exams(TNPSC GROUP I,II,IV). but still now i didn't get any government job. Some astrologers saying i will get government job but some astrologers saying you won't get government job. But still am in confusion. And also i didnt get any decent job. At present am with my father's business(Hotel)already my brother is also in that business. now i am again applied for village administrative officer(Tnpsc). and also am ready to apply for other exams like railway, banks,ssc. now i would to know whether i will get any government job or not if yes what kind of govt.job? when will i get? is it possible in "Mercury Dasa, in kethu or sukra Bukti" and also i would like to know shall i continue with my father's business? if private job means what kind of job can i choose(textile, mechandiser, documentation, collection executive, data entry operator, sales...)
    Sir please kindly i request you to guide me for my career. still am in lot of confusion. Expecting favourable answer from you as soon as possible.

  116. Smt. M. Thirumamagal
    We are seeking for alliance for my younger sister for about 3 years and the details are:
    Date of Birth : 29.09.1981
    Time of Birth :04.05 AM
    Place of Birth:Madurai district
    When she will get marry? any parigaram has to be done? Please guide us sir.

    M.Thirumamagal, Chennai
    Friday, August 13, 2010

  117. Respected Sir, Forgot to give details. DOB- 20th aug 1967 time 14.00 hrs place tirunelveli - Many thanks for your guidance. I am out of employment for the last two years. Moreover all my past employments have abrubtly ended making me to start my career again. Is there scope for me to be continuously employed. If it is not too much to think- do i stand a chance to be employed abroad as i have also tried which stands fifty fifty chance now. Please help me

  118. To S.Rajeshkumar
    Tenth lord in the 9th House
    ஒன்பதாம் வீட்டில் இருந்தால்:
    துறவு மனப்பான்மை, ஏகாந்த உணர்வு கொண்டவராக ஜாதகர் இருப்பார்.
    பரம்பரைத் தொழிலில் நாட்டம் உடையவராக இருப்பார். போதகர். ஆசிரியர்
    என்பதுபோன்றவேலைகளை விரும்பிச் செய்வார்.ஆன்மீக வாழ்வில் ஈடுபடுபவர்
    களுக்கு வழிகாட்டியாக இருப்பார். அதிர்ஷ்டமுடையவராகவும். வசதி உடைய
    வராகவும் இருப்பார். இவர்களுக்கு இவர்களது தந்தையின் உதவியும் வழிகாட்டு
    தலும் நிறைந்திருக்கும். தர்மசிந்தனை உடையவர்களாக இருப்பார்கள். மனவள
    மேம்பாட்டுத்துறையில் (psychological counseling) நுழைந்தால் சிறப்பானதொரு
    இடத்தைப் பிடித்து மேன்மை பெறுவார்கள். தங்களுடைய திறமையால் பலரது
    போற்றுதலுக்கும் உரியவர்களாகத் திகழ்வார்கள்
    Law, university teaching, travel, religious professions, work in foreign countries.

    If your 10th house is thulam
    நீதிபதிகள்,வழக்கறிஞர்கள், கலைஞர்கள்,விளம்பரத்துறை,
    அலங்காரப்பொருட்கள்,ஆடை, அணிகலன்கள், வரவேற்பாளர்கள்
    உள் அலங்கார வேலைகள் (interior decorators)

    Careers by planet (10th Lord)
    sukra:pleasures, luxuries, beauty, art, music, entertainment industry, hotels

    planets occupying 10th place:
    ஜாதகன் அரசாங்கத்தில் உயர்ந்த நிலையில் உள்ள அதிகாரியாக விளங்குவான்.
    செலவந்தானாக, தர்ம சிந்தனை உடையவனாக, இறை நம்பிக்கையாளனாக,
    மத விஷயங்களில் ஈடுபாடு உடையவனாக, புத்திசாலித்தனம் மிக்கவனாக,
    மகிழ்ச்சி உடையவனாக ஜாதகன் விளங்குவான். உயர்ந்த கொள்கைகள்
    அவனுடைய வாழ்க்கைக்கு வழிகாட்டியாக விளங்கும்

    ஜாதகன் ஆட்சியாளனாகவோ அல்லது அமைச்சராகவோ அல்லது அதற்குச்
    சமமான பதவியிலோ சென்று அமர்வான். சிலர் ஜாதகத்தில் உள்ள வேறு
    அமைப்புக்களின் கூட்டணியால், விவசாயியாக அல்லது விவசாயத்தொழிலில்
    சிறந்து விளங்குவார்கள். துணிச்சல் மிக்கவனாக இருப்பான். செல்வம், புகழ்
    இரண்டும் தேடிவருபவனாக இருப்பான். அடித்தட்டு மக்களுக்குப் பாடுபடுபனாக
    இருப்பான். கோவில், குளம் என்று அடிக்கடி பயணம் செல்பவனாக இருப்பான்
    ஒரு கட்டத்தில் மிகுந்த பக்திமானாக மாறிவிடுவான்.

    பத்தில் சனி இருப்பவர்களுக்கு, வேலை அல்லது தொழிலில் பல ஏற்றங்களும்
    இறக்கங்களும் இருக்கும். உச்சிக்கும் போவான். பள்ளத்திலும் விழுவான்
    From the above you can see that you have a fair chance in govt., job.Guru has 6 out of 8 in suya varga. So try all govt jobs. You will be succeessful after bhuda dasa kethu bhukthi, that is, after july can make the prepration from now on.
    if you choose lawyer's profession, police or military, you can be more succeessful.You have sasa mahayogam, parvatha yogam. You will be a born leader.Best of luck.Read my article on Annadanam.

    ---------------- GOOD GURU PALAN has started from today 16th august 2010. Before 3rd May 2011 she will get married. Concrete decision will be made from 18th Oct 2010 to 16th Nov 2010. Even marriage may be in that period.
    As 7.5 nattu sani is going on worship Anjaneya and Vinayaka on saturdays gong to the respective temple.As this is a sarpa dosha jataka marriage is delayed. It is better to get married after 28 years. As she will be completing 29 years by Sep 2010, the dosham will be diminished. However worship durga on fridays in raghu kaalam. By age 31 the dosham will change into yogam. Guru dasa guru bhukthi upto
    7th sep 2010. Guru dasa sani bhukthi from 7th sep. As sani is the 7th lord his bhukthi may not be hindrance to marriage.
    As the 7th place has 30 parals in 7th house, she will not face any big problem in married life.Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  120. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much - I will surely follow advise. Somebody told me, my horoscope has zero luck. This caused me more misery.
    God Bless you.

  121. Dear Sir,
    DOB: June 1, 1968, TOB: 9:25PM, POB:Udamelpet, Tamilnadu. I am searching for a job for the past 7 months, nothing happens. Is there a possibility in the near future?
    Thanks you.

  122. To Sankar
    ---------Now sani dasa sukra bhukthi upto 10th nov 2011. This is a good period.In that sani antharam between 22 Sep 2010 to 24th Mar 2011.
    In gocharam guru leaves the retogation movement and transits to meenam on 21st Nov 2010.So from Nov 2010 good period. In Jan 2011 you will be in good employment. Worship Anjaneya daily.

    -----------YOU WILL GET GOOD JOB AFTER 10TH NOV 2010

  124. Namaskaram sir,
    this is mrs.Karan and my son birthday is 11.03.1990 simha rasi and he has been going through very difficult time since 2 years ago the 7 and half year sani started. I try my best to support him but he is going thru challenging time at his studies and putting him in a situation that he cannot continue studying. We try to give hi some break for two years then to continue stuides but we really dont know what we are doing is correct and is there any way he can reach his goals as he is sincere and committed but ended up in lots of frustration.We are endlessly praying god to give us strength to go thru this phase with out much trouble.

  125. Sir,
    I am working in a IT Company at Chennai. My details are:
    Date of Birth:12.06.1984
    Time of Birth:11:55 PM
    Place of Birth:MADURAI
    Whether I have a chance of going abroad professionally? How is my furture in all respects?
    M.P. Rajan

  126. Namaskaram Sir,
    I am 41 years old Sir, I am having only one daughter at the age of 13. For the past 10 years I have suffered like anything due to my health. I am having B.P for the past 10 years & Diabetic for the past 3 years and also suffering from a severe cervical spontylosis & of late with Mensus problems also. I have consulted so many allopathic doctors, Homeopathic & ayurvedic treatment also. No improvement. Day by day the pain is increasing. I can’t do my day to day works. Is there any chance for me to become a normal person? Any parigaram has to be done? Please tell me the way to recover myself from my illness sir.
    M. Thriumamagal

  127. my daughter is in 12th std. In school she was the topper always but now I find her lagging behind a bit.Her marks are not upto the mark-very less. I am worried for her. Pl advise. Her DOB is 25-8-1993

  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. Namaskarams Mama.
    Reaching you once again.Find below my details followed by my wife's.
    DOB:21/2/69,POB:Chennai,TOB:23.40 GENDER:Male
    DOB:28/4/75,POB:Chennai,TOB:19.30 GENDER:Female
    In your last response, you had mentioned that location change may happen post OCT 2010. In reality it seems to be the case. Can you tell me if this will be a lasting move.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  130. To anonymous-Mrs.Karan For her son
    ------------------------You have to provide time of birth and place of birth also to cast the horoscope. Please post once again with full details . I am out of station for 3 days. You can expect reply after 22nd August'10.

  131. TO PAKSHI
    ----------YOU HAVE FOREIGN CHANCE. BUT IT WILL NOT BE easy walkover. You may have to cross many obstacles. Genrally your horoscope is good. The lagna lord in ninth and in NAVAamsam the ninth lord in lagna makes you a righteous person. That would give you all benefits and comforts.BEST OF LUCK . READ MY ARTICLE ON ANNADANAM.

    ---------------- YOU have not provided the DOB, TOB AND POB. DATE , TIME AND PLACE OF BIRTH. REPOST WITH FULL DETAILS PLEASE. I am out of station for 3 days. You may expect reply after 22nd august'10.

    --------------------------------- SAME AS SABOVE . TO PROVIDE FULL DETAILS. DATE, TIME AND PLACE OF BIRTH.

  134. to ani
    The dasa bhukthi- bhuda dasa sani bhukthi- indicates change in residence or many other changes. That is upto 3 July 2012.

    According to nadi gochara when sani transits over native chart mangal-mars, landed property is acquired. That is happening in your chart till March 2012.
    Yyes! You can go for construction. As sani and mangal are opposites, it may not be an easy task. For any one house construction is a tough task. Especially you will have to expect many hurdles due to your planetary postions. you can tide over and emerge succeessful.
    Best of luck. Spread my message of Annadanam.

    -----------------------OF THE TWO, THE FEMALE HOROSCOPE HAS THE chances of location change, even crossing the oceans. As raghu is involved
    the stay will be for a longer period.It is better if you can move out before 21st Nov 2010. Even after that nothing wrong. May face minor hurdles which you may tide over.
    PLEASE make a master check up,both of you, and get the opinion of doctors as some health problem is indicated.

    When you experience the prediction coming true please post it in that column.

    Spread my message on Annadanam. Thank you best of luck.


  137. Namaskaram Sir,
    My details are :
    Date of Birth: 11.07.1969
    Place of Birth: Srivilliputtur
    Time of Birth : 08:29PM
    I am 41 years old Sir, I am having only one daughter at the age of 13. For the past 10 years I have suffered like anything due to my health. I am having B.P for the past 10 years & Diabetic for the past 3 years and also suffering from a severe cervical spontylosis & of late with Mensus problems also. I have consulted so many allopathic doctors, Homeopathic & ayurvedic treatment also. No improvement. Day by day the pain is increasing. I can’t do my day to day works. Is there any chance for me to become a normal person? Any parigaram has to be done? Please tell me the way to recover myself from my illness sir.


  138. Hello Sir,

    My marriage is getting delayed. May I know when It will be happen. What is affecting for this delay.

    DOB: 23/DEC/1976
    TOB: 4.55 AM
    POB: Aruppukottai


  139. Sir,
    My DOB 01-09-1951
    TOB 18HRS 51MINS
    Mechanical Engineer doing own business
    business almost closed since april2009
    can I sell my business
    will I find a buyer
    I am incurring heavy monthly expenses to maintain staff rental etc
    please give your valuable views

  140. Sir
    myson birthday is 11.03.1990 and born in kumbakonam , sunday 4.25PM. Uthiram star. I am really concerned about his future as he is going thru so many obstacles always.It would be nice if you give us some clear picture as if he needs to change any path. Let us know some pariharam also. He is doing his college and never know if he is able to finish his studies. thanks a lot.

  141. Dear Sir

    Dob:20 Aug 1976, Time: 12:27 p.m. Place: Ambasamudram

    My Dasa is Guru. next Antharam(Sub Period will start soon) sevvai. Is this time to buy a house(loan)?. shall i get good house.

    Already you know my Lagnadhibadhi (Viruchiga) is situated in 11th Place(Kanni) from Lagna. 1 st and 6th Lord is situated in 11th Place. and Guru is sitting in 7th Place. 5m parvayaga 11th place. Saturn is placed in 9th house(kadaga).Saturn also parvai.

    Is this right time to buy a house(Loan)?

    Sevvai Antharam is 11 month within this period shall i buy a house?. I have doubt - GURU Parvai(5th) and SaniParvai(3rd).

    could you please explain sir.

    Thank you

    Loving Student
    Arulkumar Rajaraman

  142. தாங்கள் முழு நேர ஜோதிடராகி விட்டீர்கள் போலிருக்கிறது. பல முறை வர நினைத்து இப்போதுதான் நேரம் கிடைத்தது (அல்லது அமைந்தது). வந்ததற்காக நானும் ஒரு கேள்வி கேட்டு வைக்கட்டுமா (தமாஷ்). நேரம் கிடைக்கும் போது மீண்டும் வருகிறேன்

  143. எது எதுவோ முடிகிற போது கர்ம வினைகளில் இருந்து தப்பிக்க மட்டும் முடிவதில்லை. முடிந்தால் எந்த பிரச்சினையும் நம்மை தேடி வராது. பரிகாரத்தைப் பற்றியும் யோசிக்க வேண்டியதில்லை.

  144. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your support and co-operation.

    I have received your answer of my previous question and I am agree with it becuase, I am belived in astrology and god.
    Sir, please give me the answer of two question which are always in my mind.

    1)Nowdays i am suffering from hectic days. I was working in IT company and suddenly my project is over and I had to quit the job.
    But, now I am jobless and searching new job. I want to do the career in software
    engineer please tell me that whether I got new job in .net developer(IT field) or not and till when i got it?

    2)Another thing is If i will invest the money in share market than it is good for me or not?
    I can't save my money upto more day. pls tell me How much money in my life?

    Date of Birth:28/07/1985
    Time of birth:12.25PM (Afternoon)

  145. Good Day to you Sir,

    Hope you are well, I am S.Chandramouli from Chennai. You have guided in last Jan 10 for change of my employment which has come true and as predicted i changed my job in June 10.

    Now my request is for my son's education.

    My son C Ackshay Rajagopal DOB 02.07.1992
    TOB 1707 hrs (0507pm) POB Chennai.

    He was doing very well up to last year had scored very good marks in +2 and currently in 2nd Year engg-ece. He has not scored good marks in his First year Engg.

    Please guide me about his education.
    Will he do well and study PG awaiting your advise.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  146. Dear Sir,
    my Dob:23 July 1983 Time:18:40 hrs
    Place: Chennai ,Tn Gender:Male
    My question is
    1)I completed my B.E(Computer Science) in 2005, but till now i am not able to get job in Informarion Technology sector, Please tell me when i will get the job.
    2)Also tell me whether the IT line is suitable for me?
    Thank & regards,

  147. Hi Sir,

    Sushma B
    DOB : 29-07-10
    Time : 12.30 AM
    POB : Mysore (Karnataka)

    From July i am facing lot of problem in my work. i am into sales . Kindly suggest me can i look for a change in job, is this the right time. will i be able to settle if i start a HR consulting firm in a partnership.

    suggest me please


  148. Hello sir,
    This is NANDHINI
    DOB; 06.04.1985
    POB; Pollachi,coimbatore.
    TOB; 2000hrs
    Gender; female
    My Fiancee-RAJESH KUMAR(Both are distant relatives) details,
    DOB ;10.10.1982
    TOB ;13.56hrs
    POB ;Pollachi,coimbatore dt.
    GENDER ;Male
    This is to your kind information that we are in love for the past 10 yrs,both family also agreed for our marriage,but he is not in any job right now,this is the problem for us,i just want to know,
    1.whether our marriage will get succeed or not?because depends upon his job,i would like to know will he settle next year?
    2.what about our familylife,understanding&kids

    In my horoscope venus is strong,jupiter and mercury are weak,but his one is venus weak,jupiter and mercury are strong,i would like to know both horoscope will balance those problems or not?and also please clarify that my fiancee will succeed in his carrier(Past 5 years he is in normal job),please give me some explanation.kindly clarify my doubts as soon as possible,because both are in confused state.thank u very much...

  149. Sir,

    I am G S Vishnu Kiran
    Gender : Male
    Dob:- 1st April 1980
    Tob:- 2:15 A.M
    Pob: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,India

    I was working as a Test Engineer in a Private Company due to some health problem i had to get out of my job. Now when iam trying to get into some good job nothing seems to be working out I have done my B.Com & MBA- HR. I would like to know why am i facing this hurdles in my career & which Job Profile would suit me better as per my astrology :- 1.Management Job as a HR or 2. Software Test Engineer. When will i settle down & do i have a chance in getting a job in a good MNC.

    ---------------As your 8th lord and health indicator Surya in 6th, you will worry more about your health; will be afraid of symptoms. As sukra and chandra are together and in pwerful position, diabetes is indicated.As the lagnathipathi sani and ayul karaka sani in neecham and with maanthi. had given you the feeling sick mood. But your longivity is good as sani is neecha banga.
    As per nadi rules raghu and chevvai if in 1x9 position, BP is indicated.
    Chant this Dhanvanthri manthra as many times as possible.
    /ஓம் நமோ பகவதே தன்வன்தரயே
    அமிர்த கலச ஹஸ்தாய
    சர்வாமய வினாசாய த்ரைலோக்ய நாதாய
    ஸ்ரீ மஹாவிஷ்ணவே ஸ்வாஹா //

    Search in google for 'infinity walk'. You have to walk in '8' shape for 40 mins a day; you can split it in to two or 3 times of 20 mins each or so. The walk has to be made in 10x10' room or terrace or garden.Start first facing north and continue north south.Clockwise and anticlockwise both equally.

    Avoid sugar and oil.f possible leave milk and coconut till you get cured.One salad a day will cure you quickly.Worship and make namaskarams to surya in the dawn.Read my article on annadanam.

  151. To Ramesh
    1. All planets are hemmed between raghu and kethu except sani.2, Sukra in 3rd. 3. Lagnathipathi mars in lagna itself and asthangatha(burnt) by surya.4. Sani in retrogation 5. Guru in retrogation.6 Sukra is affected by malefics.7. Mmanthi in lagna.
    In nvamsa also similar negatives.

    Raghu dasa chandra bhukthi from 17 June 2012. That may be the time for marriage.

    Prayer can bring quick marriage. isit nearest temple and make 9 pradakshinam of navagrahas daily. Pray to Goddess Rajarajeswari for removing the hurdles on every Friday.Go to Tirupathi once and spend a full day praying after darshan. Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

    ----------------GURUDASA GURU BHUKTHI UPTO6TH OCT 2011. SANI IS TRANSITTING IN KANNI OVER THE NATAL CHART SANI till March 2012.Both these conditions are not good. So better sell the institution.You will definitely get a buyer.Read my arrticle on annadanam

  153. To anonymous-for son DOB:11 mar 1990
    -------------------------------------He is now In chevai dasa kethu bhukthi upto 4 jan 2011.Chevvai being yogakaraka for kataka lagnam, has to do good. But kethu bhukthi may make him to take interest in yoga, meditation etc.He my be practicing kundaliniyoga/sahaja yoga.After 4th jan 2011 sukra bhukthi starts. That period he may chanage. As sukra is the lord of 4th house(education) he may try to scrap through his exams.As sukra is having only 3 0ut of 8 in suya varga he will make a border line pass.Sukra is associated with raghu and chevvai, his education performance can not be good.

    Usually people say bhuda the signifactor of education has no asthangatha(burning) by sun.
    From your statement we find that this jatakar is poor in education. Bhuda has been burnt by sun.So it is a proof that surya affects bhuda also.

    The 8th lord sani in 6th is a raja yoga. He will be a succeessful man in life. Though he has to struggle to establish himself, he will prove that after age 30. As guru is aspecting sani,the profession indicator,he will shine in any job. In he initial stage he will face problems.

    He has mokasha yogam. He will be deeply spiritual. May be not like to lead a family life.He may look very attractive. He may have enjoyed pleasures of life very early and got vexed with the world.

    As lagna is occupied by kethu and 7th by raghu
    that is kalathra dosham. Marriage has to be done only to a girl with similar dosham.

    One visit to koothanur may bring some improvement in education.Now 7.5 nattu sani till march 2012.If possible a visit to Thirunallar will get sani's influence subdued.

    Daily worship Muruga and Vinayaka by chanting sthothrams or hearing songs on them. Read my article on Annadanam.

  154. To Arulkumar Rajaraman
    in chathurthamsa guru aspects lagnathipathi and bhoomikarak chevvai. and guru also aspects sani the 3,4th lord. so you will have landed properties early in life.

    in nadi gochara when the transit sani glides over natal chart chevvai and bhuda following results are obtained.

    "SATURN’s transit over to the following natal planets

    Natal Mars : Trouble by enemies, unrest, gain of landed property
    Natal Mer : Gain of land, good time for education."
    As sani is in kanni now, where your chevvai and bhuda are located in rasi chart,I recommend trying for realestates.Best of luck.

  155. hello Sir,

    I was born on sept 30th 1974 14.32 pm @ chennai TamilNadu (female). I am a software engineer by profession. Nothing really great about it except that I still have a job. There is not much recognition for my job. Not much of growth. Not sure this is what I really want or should I switch any job or pursue any education. Can you please tell me what you forsee for me regards my career. Also do you see any relocation of my place of living in the near future.

  156. to arulkumar rajaraman
    when ever i see not encouraging results in traditional method gochara ,i verify nadi gochara. many times it has proved correct.

    in your original rasi chart chevvai and bhuda in sani is transitting kanni. as per
    nadi rules,

    SATURN’s transit over to the following natal
    planets till March 2012
    Natal Mars : Trouble by enemies, unrest, gain of landed property

    Natal Mer : Gain of land, good time for education

    VENUS’s transit over the following natal
    planets till 31st august 2010
    Natal Mar : Gain to brother , residence to native , wife may become pregnant,
    hindrance to the native’s financial propsects
    Natal Mer : Treasure, gain of landed property

    MERCURY’s transit over the following natal
    planets- from 27th sep to 13th oct 2010
    Natal Mer : Strengthen all matters at birth

    I think you can make a sincere try now for housing loan. Pray God and go ahead.

  157. Hello sir,
    Its nice to know about your service. I was born on August 23rd 1983 morning 5:07 AM in Gudiyattam, Tamilnadu. I'm expecting baby in December 1st week. I'm going to have a scheduled delivery. It would be nice if you can predict me a good date and time for child birth between Nov 23 to Dec 12. I want to know all possible dates and times.

    Actually I'm trying to find a job for last 3 years but I have not succeeded in it. Can you please tell me when I will be able to get a job.

    One last question sir. I have only 2 parals for sani, but its uccham. I would like to know how sani dasa will be for me. Uccha sani will give only good results or is it based on number of parals? please clarify.

    Thanks in advance for your response sir.

  158. Hi,

    I was born on October 19,1978 6:29PM in sompeta,Andhra Pradesh. I want to know when I will be able to buy a land. I'm trying for a long time.

    Thank you!!

  159. hi sir

    I'm interested in learning astrology and I read many articles. I have few general doubts.

    For kumbha lagna , lagna lord sani in 8th house is good or bad with Jupiter placed in lagna.

    For viruchika lagna, mars and sun are in lagna. How it will be to have mars and sun in lagna ? Which is yogakaraka for each lagna?

  160. Om sai ram

    Hope you are doing well!!

    I came to know about you from one of my close friend. I have a little query.

    I am preparing for entrance exams of study as well as of job, already dropped my one year. My concern is either I will be able to crack the entrance exam this time. My Details are mentioned below:

    NAME:- Sukanya Jagga.

    DOB:- 27-june-1989

    POB:- dabwali., (District – Sirsa), Haryana.

    TOB:- 11:45pm

    Sex : Female

    Your help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

  161. Namaskaram mama,

    I give details of my husband and we have been trying to buy a house since three years but it didnt materialize.we finalized two times but the deal didnt go thru. Sometime we think we may move out of this place thats why the destiny stop us from buying. pls let us know whats the situation and his future career will be?

    My husband was born in Tanjavur, DOB is 23.12.57 at 8.38PM and my birth place is Kumbakonam, DOB 17.05.68 at 10.36PM. Is there any thing in my horoscope affecting his plans ? We are in Singapore now and lived in Tokyo earlier. So we have moved to different places and we rae confused whether we will continue at singapore or move to some other location. We dont know why something is stopping us from buying house at singapore? thanks in advance and i read about your Annadhanam and let us know the details for sending money for that too.

  162. mama I am DPK once again.... my son born at Kumbakonam DOB is 14.11.1992 and TOB is 00.45 AM and he is studying 12th and he wants to pursue higher studies in USA. If that going to happen we might plan to go with him. I have already sent the details of my husband and mine. We are confused a lot and pls tell us if we will go thru any change of location and will he succeed in his education in USA? thanks once again.

  163. to ananth
    முதலில் என் மனம் கனிந்த நன்றி--தங்கள் வருகைக்கு! என் பிளாக் உங்கள் வருகையால் பெருமை பெற்ற்து.பகுதி நேர, இலவச சேவையாகவே செய்து வருகிறேன்.எல்லா மாதங்களிலும் Prediction came true column பார்க்கவும் நன்றி மீண்டும் வருக!

  164. To Yogesh
    ---------You will definitely get IT related job as budha the lagnathipathi and 10th(profession) place planet is strong and also in profit house.By Nov 2010 you will be settling down in new job.

    Speculation is not in your cards. Do not trade in shares heavily. Play safe.s

    ------------------- BHUDHA DASA SANI BHUKTHI UPTO 17TH JULY 2012.I think bhudha as 8th lord now working and sani bhukthi has given him"mantha" budhi.How ever guru is aspecting 4th place; which will make him complete his studies atleast with average marks.

    As 10th lord(profession) surya is in 8th, he will have many changes in job.

    Take him once to Thirupathi.

  166. To Pughazhenthy Babu
    ----------------------Sorry to hear what you say.As your 10th lord sukra is hidden in 8th, you are having difficulties in geting job.Chevvai dasa sani bhukthi from 27 Aug 2010 to 5 oct that is your lagnathipathi dasa let us hope some change comes to you. as your lagnathipathi sni is in thulam in exaltation you will shine more in your own ventures. As 3rd lord guru is in 11th you can do own business. As the karma karaka and lagnathipathi sani is in thulam you can shine in law profession, police etc.,also.
    Worship Muruga on Tuesdays and Anjaneya on Saturdays. Best of luck.

  167. To Sushma
    --------- Your date of birth given is not correct. Repost again with correct all details


    I do not match horoscopes for love marriages as there is no need for that. I request you not to pursue that hear again. If you are so particular consult a professional astrologer.

    Wish you early marriage.May God bless you.

    ----------------AS your now in the grip of 7.5 saturn(sade saathi) that too janma saturn, you are facing problems of health job etc., By the end of nov 2010 you will see changes.You can be succeessful in finanacial sector as also computer testing.Worship hanumanji by chanting hanuman chalisa. Visit his temple on Saturdays.
    Best of luck.

  170. Hello Sir

    DOB : 19/05/1982
    POB : Secunderabad
    TOB : 03:45 AM

    I am Ananth Sudhakar, i am working as Software engineer,we are ordinary middle class family

    my questions.

    1. Will i be able to buy sufficient big house or not in my life time, if yes when.
    2. Which field is good for me , is Software side good or management side is good.
    3. Will i go to Foreign countries.
    4. Will i will be having sufficient money or i will be like scarcity of money in my life time.
    5.Can I do business if yes , can you please tell which type of business is good for me and what is best time i have to start it.
    6. Can i buy house or land on my name or not , I am asking coz if we bought new home or land it should be legally clear again i should not get court and all problems in my life , simillarly if i gave any body home as rent they should leave the home without any issues.
    7. last when will be my marriage, will she be supportive or not.


  171. Hi Sir,

    Sorry for the wronge updation.

    Name : Sushma B
    DOB : 29-07-1983
    POB : Mysore
    From July i am facing lot of problem in my work. i am into sales . Kindly suggest me can i look for a change in job, is this the right time. will i be able to settle if i start a HR consulting firm in a partnership.


  172. Gopal Chinnasamy said...
    Dear Sir,

    Sorry sir, In my last post, I did typo in my DOB, So again I am posting here.

    This is Gopal from United Kingdom

    past one year I am trying, but still I didn't get any job in UK.

    Could you please tell me when I will get job?.
    Still I am not getting job, is it because of astama shani?

    When can I expect positive results?
    Below I have included my details
    3.DOB and Time:06-08-1982 and time 18:12
    4.Place of Birth:Erode

    Thanks in Advance,

  173. Thanks for your valuable reply sir. My family also expecting that shani bhukti will do some favour for me...

    I am from a middle class family so i am not having much strength to start a bussiness at this time. I have to go to job to fullfill my basic needs.My main question is i)Will I get a job in IT field?

  174. To Jay-- Niranjana
    FROM 31ST AUGUST TO 31ST DEC 2010,SUKRA YOUR 10TH LORD IS GOING TO transit in thulam ,your profession house.
    In dasa bhukthi, bhuda dasa sani bhukthi from
    10th Sep 2010 to 20th May 2013.
    Both these positions are most favourable to you.
    You have a good chance of acquring a property like house or land. Your job may have a positive turn. By March-April 2011 you will have recognition and status in job.
    Best of luck. Please read my article on Annadaanm.

  175. TO RAMYA
    --------- I SUGGEST 26TH NOV NIGHT 10PM for scheduled delivery. How ever I am not a votary for such unnatural intervention. So please consult a professional astrologer.
    I think you may get job between 22nd August to
    10th Oct 2011.
    Sani dasa wll be of mixed result only. As 7th lord he is good. As 8th lord he is not.You can take the uchcham state as good.That gives Sasa maha yogam. So you will have mostly good results.

  176. TO ARUN
    --------BE rest assured you will be getting landed property between 31st August 2010 to
    31st Dec 2010. Best of luck. Please read my article on Annadanam.

    ----------- I AM NOT RUNNING astrology lessons here.however, for kumbalagna sani in 8th may not do any harm.Lagnathipathi whereever placed has to do good only. As he is in kanni in friend's house, no big problem. The native will be awealthy person.

    For Vrichika lagna 10th lord surya and friend of lagna lord in lagna itself is good only. Mars in lagna is also good. We have to see whether mars got asthangatha by surya.

    Such off hand doubts will lead us no where. We have to see the horoscope in totality.

  178. to sukanya
    ---------- as your dasa bhukthi is sukra dasa , saturn bhukthi upto 5 mar 2012, you will have karaka dasa lagnathipathi bhukthi 7th lord antharam from 2 sep 2010 to 30th oct 2010. you will have succeess during that period.

  179. To DPK
    His lagnathipathi is in a sara rasi.That makes him to live like a vagabond due to job location

    He has strong property owning luck.From 1st Sep 2010 to Feb 2011 he has all luck to acquire property.
    Both sani dasa sani bhukthi upto 3rd july 2013.This shows shifting to another country. Next bhuda bhukthi is also indicating a shift.

    In your horoscope the 4th lord chevvai is burnt by sun.That ha s weakened the real estate
    acquisition. That is why obstacles. Worship Muruga on tuesdays.After May 2011 you may get a chance for property deal.

    In your son's horoscope 9th lord in 12th indicates he will remain away from home for a long time . He may go to USA alone.He may be going to foreign only in 2013.His scientific mind bring many laurels to him.

    Pleaae send a mail to my ID for details on Annadanam.

    I ANSWER YOUR FIRST QUESTION ONLY. If you ask too many question in the same post, imagine the time it takes for study. Remember this is a free forum.So ask only for the immediate problems.Have you not read the header?

    You have all chances of getting realestate before March 2012. As raghu is in 4th place, the task of acquiring prperty will not be easy for you. You may have to face many hurdles. As guru is aspecting 4th and raghu, you will cross all hurdles.Best of luck.

  181. TO SUSHMA
    -----------This time you have not provided the time of birth. I took it as 12-30 AM from your previous posting.
    Yes, this is the right tome for change in job.
    You will have concrete result in Nov 2010,if you start trying for a change form now on.

    Yes. you can shine in HR consultancy firm very well.As saturn 10th lord in 11th shows you can give employment to many. You can have partnership also you may have to take more responsibilty in the partnerhip as the partner may not be interested in consultancy. He may be a sleeping partner.
    Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

    ----------------------As the 10th lord sukra(profession house lord) is going to transit thulam his own place from 31 August to 31st Dec 2010, you will have good news in job front. It will culminate at the end of Nov 2010.Best of luck.

  183. TO Pughazhenthy Babu
    AS YUR 4TH LORD IN 6TH, YOU CAN SHINE IN ANY will take extra interest in job.
    you will get job IN IT FIELD. You may have to work hard.


    GO TO Q & A FOR AUGUST 2010--2


  185. Hello Sir....I am vineel.....

    DOB - 13July1982
    TOB - 9:20AM
    POB - Hyderabad
    GENDER - Male

    I have been desperately searching for life partner since one year but not even a single match was succesfull. I would like to know when will I get married exactly and how will be my married life i.e vivaham and santanam? Also please let me know if my marriage will be an arranged marriage or Love marriage?
    One more simple question I want to ask you regarding my career, currently I am working in Chennai. I want to know if I should go abroad or settle in India only.

    I will be very eagerly waiting for you answers sir!!!

    Thankyou in advance!

  186. From Thirumamagal,
    Thank you very much for your earlier reply for my question about my health. I have followed your guidelines and chanting Dhanvantri mantra.
    With that & sincere prayer I have to recover myself with God's grace only.
    Now I am working in BSNL at Chennai for past 15 years. Now I had a chance of getting transfer to other office in Chennai itself. Is it favourable for me &my health.? Shall I accept that? Kindly give guidance sir?
    My details are:
    D.O.B :11.07.1969
    T.O.B: 8:29PM

  187. This is closed. From 24th August opened August-TWO-2 thread. From 1st Sep new Q&A COLUMN OPENED.


  188. Hello Sir....I am vineel.....

    DOB - 13July1982
    TOB - 9:20AM
    POB - Hyderabad
    GENDER - Male

    I have been desperately searching for life partner since one year but not even a single match was succesfull. I would like to know when will I get married exactly and how will be my married life i.e vivaham and santanam? Also please let me know if my marriage will be an arranged marriage or Love marriage?
    One more simple question I want to ask you regarding my career, currently I am working in Chennai. I want to know if I should go abroad or settle in India only.

    I will be very eagerly waiting for you answers sir!!!

    Thankyou in advance!

  189. Hi sir,

    These are my birth details:

    Place: Paramakudi
    Time of Birth: 1:18 PM

    I have also kalathara dosham. Please let me know about my marriage aspects.

    Thanks in Advance.


  190. Sir,
    My details are:
    D.O.B :15.07.1978
    T.O.B: 1:10PM