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Please post your questions for AUGUST 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only if there is very confidential matters to disclose.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.

Many are in the habit of removing their questions after getting answers from me.
I do not appreciate that.

Do not mention the opinion of other astrologers here.Every one has a set aproach to astrology.Sometimes contradictory views confuse people.

The professiinal astrologers get their livelihood by matching horoscope for marriage and fixing muhurthams. Better you consult a professional for such services.


  1. Namaskaram and thanks for your help. I forgot to mention that the prediction which you sent on Aug 22nd for the birthdate of 11.03.1990 is my first son doing 2nd year university in US.Becas of our frequent location changes he got affected academically but he is an excellent sensible boy. He has been doing very well in classes but exams are affected due to his anxiety towards exams. So we were thinking of giving him 2 years break in Singapore as he had to do national service in Singapore. Your prediction for the second son ( under DPK on aug 24th) indicates he will go for studies in 2013 which indicates he might also do 2 years of service then go for studies. The time line also fits well.we were very confused and atlast decided to bring back our first son and maybe that 2 years break might bring changes for him.We thought of doing the same for secondone and your prediction support our decison. So we are really relieved and sure it will work well for my firstson. I have been chanting sashtikavasam morning and evening also lighting lemonlamps on Tuesdays. I am doing my best and hope things will work. Thats why i sent our details to know if there is change of place for my husband that will spoil all our plans. Thanks and i will send details for annadhanam very soon.

  2. Respected Sir, I am Sankar - Born 20th August 1967 Time 14 Hours - Place Tirunelveli. I am out of employment for the last two years. During my entire career, i have had abrubt ends though once again i was able rise to higher levels. Why is it sir. I am now trying overseas assignment which now stands at fifty fifty chance. Does the stars indicate any overseas assignment.I am also submitting my son's Details- Manoj -Born 27th July 2002- Time 15.45 Hours and Place Chennai. Thanks for your guidance.

  3. Dear sir,
    Vanakkam and seek your blessings!!!

    Name - Naveen
    My date of birth - 03-01-1981
    Time - 08:10 AM
    Place - Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    Gender - Male

    1. Marriage is delayed till 29 years of age - I have kethu and Kuja in Lagna and Raghu in 7th place. What kind of steps / parikarams i should take to make my marriage life happy and good? What kind of horoscope girl i should see for a better married life? When do i get guru palan?

    2. What are the prospects in my job in 2011. I feel there is a change going on for my job. Please guide me on which kind of job will be very beneficial for me?

    Please help me as these are the two major things which is currently running in my mind?

    Please provide link for your annadanam request so that we can work on that sir?

  4. Dear Mama,
    I am currently facing problems on almost all fronts - career , health & family
    1. I lost my job a year ago (in software) Not able to get any interviews - so loosing confidence and becoming negative minded. Any possibility of getting it in near future . Should i try in the same field or some new field of job ?. If I take some certification examinations which are quite costly , would i be successful ?.

    2. My biggest problem - my family(parents). We never get along well each other (especially past 3 years the ill-feeling increased ).
    There is so much discord between us that even my marriage has not happened due to this (i am 35 yr old). How much ever i try am not
    not succeeding in this.
    This stresses me out completely and is also a cause for my failure in other aspects - like career and my health.
    Any astrological pointer to say why this ? If not solvable atleast when will i be able to live independently (peacfully )?.
    In the remaining one and half ashtama sani What kind of problems should i be prepared to face ?. I have visited Thirunallar , and i do visit Sani and hanuman on Saturdays.

    Details : DOB 16/10/1975 TOB: around 5.30 A.M POB: Kuthalam village (Mayavaram) Female.
    Balance dasa : 11 yrs 10 months 14 days (Vakya panchanga ).

    Thank you very much in advance for you valuable guidance .

  5. S.Rajeshkumar said...

    Hello sir,
    This is S.Rajeshkumar,
    My DOB: 10/10/1982
    POB: Pollachi
    TOB: 13.56 hrs
    Gender: MALE
    now iam wearing moon stone(in silver ring)and maragada pachai stone(mercury stone in silver ring). but in a tv programme a astrologer told for magara lagnam green stone should not wear because it is owning 6th and 9th place, so it will activate 6th place. so don't wear
    it. And also that astrologer said those are suffering from raagu and kethu dosam they should wear komedagam and vaidorium ring in left hand to deactivate raagu and kethu. now i want to know is it true or not? but now am in confusion that i should wear green stone or not? because my rasi is also "gemini", and also dasa mercury is running. And also shall i use that komedagam and vaidorium ring in left hand to deactivate raagu and kethu. Expecting favourable answer from you as soon as possible.
    Thanking You,
    Your's Sincerely,

  6. To DPK
    --------Thank you for sharing details. It is God's wish that you took out the horosopes only now for the first time. Your religious chants will definitely bear fruit. Best of luck.

  7. Name:chintamani
    Date of birth:19-11-1969
    Time of birth:2.18am
    Place of birth:Pune,MAHARASHTRA

    Pranam,I am working with well known automobile group.I am also investing some money in stock market.Now days i am facing some financial problems?
    Can share market is good or bad for me for short term or long term pls advice
    Thaking you

  8. Dear Krishnan Sir, Namaskaram !!!!!

    My details are as below,

    DOB: 28/09/1977
    Time: 5.55 AM
    Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar

    Sir, Since last 3-4 months I am suffering from pain around chest, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Fear, Fatigueness, Headache, etc. Do you see any chances to come out from these in near future as my personal/professional life is very disturbed. When I will be fully fit???
    Also, can you pls guide/suggest any cure to come out from these.

    Thanks for valuable time & guidance.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Sujeet Kumar

  9. To Sankar
    --------- You are nearing the victtory post.
    My expectation is you may get good news before 15th Sep 2010.At any cost by 7th Nov 2011 you will get concrete results.Foreign assignment is also indicated.New year 2011 will see you employed in a foreign land.

    Why chequered history in profession? In raasi and navamsa lagnathipathi got hidden in 12th. In Navamsa lagnathipathi is affected by maanthi. These are the negatives that gave problems.
    Best of luck.

  10. Respected Sir, Many Many Thanks for Your Divine Saying.

    ----------IN YOUR RASI CHART all including lagna and rasi are arrested betwen raagu and kethu. Upto 30years it is called kalasarpadosha.Then it will turn into sarpa yoga and do all good.It is better such sarpa dosha subjects get married after 30 years. As you are nearing that, let us hope you get married in 2011.
    Further you are running kethu dasa upto 1st Sep 2011.It is kethu dasa bhuda bhukthi from
    4th Sep 2010 to 1st Sep 2011. If you want to do any course , you will pass out easily.
    New acquaintances will come. hange of profession may come.
    From 1st Sep 2011 good period for marriage and purchase of realestates etc., That is for another 4 years. During that period you will get well settled.
    You may be a computer technocrat with artistic work like graphics.In that you will be in a managerial position.You can give job to many. you will hold such position.
    You will enjoy an excellent later life, than
    younger year life.You will get many lucky turns after marriage.
    No need to worry about mars in lagna as he is in makara in exaltation. So no mars dosha. For kethu worship Vinayaka daily by chanting sthothrams.For raghu visit Durgama temple on Sundays between 4-30pm and 6pm and worship remaining there for the full 1.5 hrs.
    Lf poosible come to Thirunageswarm near Kumbakaonam and join the milk abishekam done for raghu during raghu kalam every day.At that time you can also visit Thirumanancheri near Kuttalam, Mayiladuthurai.Learn the worship methods before hand and visit these temples for early marriage.
    In my blog I have posted a separate thread for Annadhanam. Go to side bar and preess for Annadhanam.Read the article and come to my mail ID which you can find there.
    Best of luck.

  12. Respected Sir, Please bear with me. In the event I go overseas will my family join me and is there any indication of me staying there for some years. I am 20th Aug 1967 born time 14 hours place- tirunelveli -- My Wife - 14th March 1972 Time - 19.15 Hours - Place Chennai and My Son 27th July 2002- Time 15.45 Hours and Place - Chennai. I thank you very much for your guidance.

  13. Sir,
    I have a general question. If the whole family of 4 has Rahu dasha, is it beneficial or harmful?
    Thank you.

  14. Sir,
    My son is having a minor surgery on his leg. His birth time is 5.57am at Trichy,Tamilnadu. His DOB is October 8th 1997. Please advice any pariharams to be done.How will he study? He's a bright boy but is playful. Thank you.

  15. To Venus
    ---------I see all possibilities of your getting a job from 19th Oct 2010 to 28th Nov 2010. Even after that, period is good upto 7th jan 2011.Do not worry you will get a new offer
    and the new year 2011 would see you happily employed.This is good time for education.You can try certification courses if you feel so.
    You may get get in IT sector as bhudha is your lagna and 10th lord.As bhudha is in retrogation and very near to sun and maanthi is lagna itself,you have troubles.Also the 8th lord chevvai is in 10th(profession). That also makes you loose jobs. As chevvai is in 10th, you may shine well in medical related field also.As the 10th lord in 10th and 3rd and 8th lord in 10th, you can shine in your own business too.The profit place has 40 parals in ashtavarga and the profit place lord chandra has 6 out of 8 in suya varga;that would help to start 'suya thozil'. One visit to Thirupathi may bring many changes.Also visit Murugan temple on Tuesdays.

    Regarding parents:the 9th place represents father. The 9th place lord hidden in 12th. The 12th lord surya as also father karaka-significator is in lagnawith maanthi. Both you and father are "munkobi". Now transit sani over rasi chaart surya.That means, according to nadi gochara,"Natal Sun : Ill health to father, dispute between father and son, trouble by Govt"(read son as daughter too).
    To clear this position you have to wait for another 1.5 years ,till sani moves to thulam.
    Chandra is the karaka for mother. In your chart chandra in 6th to lagna hidden and chandra is in 6x8 to his own house kataka.That has brought dispute with mother.
    On 21st Nov 2010 guru will loose his retrogation and gain positive rotation in his own house meenam . At that time sani getting guru's aspect and the problems due to ashtama sani will be much reduced.
    From 1st Sep 2010 to 31st Dec'10 sukra will be in his house thulam.that time may be good for marriage or getting engaged.
    As sukra is in your chart in 12th, you have to exercise extra caution before moving freely with opposite sex, that is men.Good luck.

    ---------------- FIRST of all I say I am not a gemmologist. I never suggest to people to wear
    any stone for the very same reason that there are many differing opinions. Even astrology has many differing opinions,and disputing books.

    In my opinion , if at all we have to wear a stone, better to wear the stones of friendly planets so that theIr power will strengthen us physically. If the inimical planet stones are worn, will they not get more strength by directly coming to our fingers? Ridiculous!

    Some times astrologers and the temple priests make a coterie. Sometimes jwellery shop people join hands with astrologers to extract money from the gullibles.

    I am not the right person for your question. Put it to a gemmologist.

  17. TO bapuji chinchwadkar
    NOW you are under going kethu dasa which would end on 5th Aug 2015.As kethu is in 12th house in your chart, he will give only divine contemplation and not financial calculations.

    The 12th house is viraya -money squandering house.It must have lesser points so that no squandering is allowed. Better if the point is limited to 16. In your ashtavarga chart you have 37 points in 12th viraya house. So you are prone to squander money with out any control.

    Better to avoid speculation business. If at all you want to do it, you may review in 2015 when sukra dasa arrives.

    Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  18. Dear Sir,

    Boy's details-
    DOB: 23 June 1983
    TOB: 11:18AM
    POB: Chennai

    Girl-1's details-
    DOB: 17 July 1987
    TOB: 5:04AM
    POB: Chennai

    Girl-2's details-
    DOB: 15 June 1986
    TOB: 11:40PM (23:40)
    POB: Chennai

    We are considering the above alliances, and these are arranged marriages. We are consulting professional astrologers too, but since we follow your forum, we would like your comments on the horoscope matches for the boy?

    The boy did his higher studies in the US and is working there. However, he is traditional at heart, religious, caring and home loving.

    Both the girls' parents seem to be fairly traditional, but we wish to know if the girls are also home-loving, family girls and one who would value our culture and keep our son happy.

    Based on this, which would you say is a better match?

    Thank you very much for your help sir.

  19. To Sujeet kumar
    -------------- I find the reasons for ill health in nadi gochara.(present planetary position)
    Now the transit kethu in mithuna where your rasi chart guru and mangal are placed.

    KETU’s transit over the following natal
    Natal Mars(mangal) : Worries to brothers, blood pressure, nerves debility
    Natal Jup(guru) : Divine contemplation, nerves debility, ill health

    Next is, guru transitting meenam where your rasi chart chandra and kethu are located.

    JUPITER(guru)’s transit over the following natal

    Natal Moon(CHANDRA) : Change of residence, ill health due to cold
    Natal Kethu: Gives divine knowledge to the native, ill health to native

    Next raghu-kethu transit is aruond April 2011
    Till such time you will have some health problem In your chart saturn, sani is in 12th house. That give you sickly look or some handicap.

    The 12th lord in lagna also makes you not to present a brighter countenanace.

    By the fag end of 2011, you will be totally normal. Even beforethat you will have intermitant relief.Best of luck.
    Worship surya in the dawn.Chant aathithya hrudaya sthothram daily.Make 9 namaskars-saashtanga-to surya in the dawn.
    Chant dhanvanthri manthra as many times as possible.
    "Om namo Bhagavathe Dhanvantharaye
    amrutha kalasa hasthaaya
    sarvamaya vinaashaya thrilokya naathaaya
    sri Maha Vishnave swaha"

    Pl.read my article on annadanam.

    ----------- Please read in my previous post
    'Nov 2011' as 'Nov 2010' Sorry for the typing error.
    All chances of your family accompany you if you go foreign best of luck.

    -------------IT ALL DEPENDS how raghu is placed in each one's horoscope.however same dasa will give same type of result. Suppose bad time for all means, it would be four fold. Similarly good time also four fold.Raghu is not a bad planet as many think.When raghu is in hidden places, he will give good result.

    ---------- AS HE IS IN janma raghu, he is facing a surgery.He may be passing over that with out any difficulty.

    Sukra dasa raghu bhukthi upto 4th August 2013.
    As raghu is in 12th to his kanni lagna, he may
    be diverted to pleasures when his public exam comes. So from now on he should be watched to avoid bad company. During plus two he has sukra dasa guru bhukthi. He will come out with flying cplours.Generally sukra dasa in younger years turn the attension of the young ones from studies and make them enjoy TV, and other pleasures. "kuutti sukran kutiyai kedukkum"
    12th lord surya in lagana also make him fall sick more often.

    i have given dhanvanthri manthram below. chant as many times as possible.

    ""Om namo Bhagavathe Dhanvantharaye
    amrutha kalasa hasthaaya
    sarvamaya vinaashaya thrilokya naathaaya
    sri Maha Vishnave swaha"

    chant aathithya hrudayam daily.Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  23. Thank you so much Krishnan Sir. Can you pls tell me where I can get the aathithya hrudaya sthothram as on internet I am getting aathithya hrudaya sthothram. Is it the same??
    I would like to know one more thing I trying to change my job so many days but did not get success, can you pls do let me know by when I will get my good change. I am mentioning my details again,

    DOB: 28/09/1977
    Time: 5.55 AM
    Place of Birth: Patna, Bihar

    Thanks & Best Regards

  24. Dear Mama,
    Namaskarams. And thank your v.much for your predictions. I pray almighty to give you good
    health and also pray that all you positive predictions to all the people should come true.

  25. Dear mama,

    Here are my details:

    DOB: Nov 11,1974
    POB: Chennai
    TOB: 1:06 pm

    I have been searching for a job the last 3 months. I am wondering how long my search would last, and whether I will be happy with the opportunity I get.


  26. To hobbit
    ---------- Both the girls chart do match. First girl dasa vitha poruththam 8 out of 11
    For the second girl 6 out of 11.For the second girl rasi poruththam is not present. But rasi athipathi poruththam is there.

    For the first girl, both boy and girl will be running same dasa with the girl preceding the boy by 4years. So we can not say dasa santhippu. But same dasa will give same type of results.So double effect in the family.During good times doube effect is okay. When bad times come double effect can not be tolerated.

    For the second girl 7.5 nattu sani clashes with the boy for 2.5 years. Both will be running 7.5 nattu sani for 2.5 years together.

    Both the girls have guru parvai for 7th(spouse) place. The second girl has guru in lagna itself. First girls has sukra bhuda in lagna itself.

    Of the two second girl will be more homely.Religious and traditional.
    Plus and minus are equal in both the cases.

    Sukra dasa sukra bhukthi comes for the boy on
    16th Oct 2011.Marriage may come at that time Best of luck. Read my article on annadanam.

  27. To Sujeet
    ---------- You will get a change of profession
    in sukradasa sanibhukthi bhudhan antharam from
    9th Nov 2011 to 21 April 2012.YOU MAY ALSO GO ABROAD. Best of luck

  28. To Deepa-anonymous
    All indications are that you will get a new posting befor the end of 2010;by the 3rd week of Nov 2010 you will have all positive notes for getting the job.
    As you are in the grip of 7.5 nattu sani-janma sani- visit Hanuman temple on Saturdays for deep meditation and worship.If possible circumbulate the Navagrahas daily.Chant all Navagraha Ggayathris while circumbulating.

    Chant Hanuman Chlisa daily atleast once.
    Keep a handful of rice to crows with some 'ellu' hidden inside the rice ball.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  29. Sir,
    Thank you very much for your prediction.My son just had his surgery in California. He is doing good. Will the possibility of coming back to India in 2012 work out? Or according to his jathakam, will he reside here itself? Please reply.
    Thank you. Sincerely,

  30. to shanthivenkat
    ------------------ hope yu are the same who made entry as 'shavenks' I took the birth details from that post.yes he migration may take place in 2012. he may not stick on there.
    He may settle down in India.

  31. Thank you very much Sir for your reply. Shanthivenkat & shavenks are my names only.
    My daughter has kaala sarpa yogam . She has Rahu in seventh house & Rahu dasha is going -on. She has to put a lot of efforts to get good grades. please tell me whether she will have a good future? I'm very concerned because of her kalasarpa yogam. Her DOB is December 25 1995 at 12.26 p.m ,Trichy.
    Thank you.

  32. To Shanthivenkat
    ---------------- What is the point in worrying about any yogam or dosham. Yes she has kalasarpa dosham/ or yogam. Many have that Superstar Rajnikanth is one such.The kalasarpa will be doing good after age 31. Till that age she may have to put extra effort.Better to get married after age 28.
    Raghu dasa kethu bhukthi from 10th Jan 2013 to 28th Jan 2014.You have to take care during that period. All sorts of teen age problems will crop up.
    Having known the bad times are coming, you have to be cautious. By worrying nothing can be solved.
    Chant navagraha gayathris daily. Sundarakanda parayanam may be taken up. Get Lifco book and follow instructions.
    Chant Vishnu sahasranamams on Saturdays and Lalitha sahasranamams on ridays. Atleast play the record.
    Prayer and charity can solve all problems.
    Read my article on annadanam.God is with you always. ;eave a;; problems at the feet of God.

  33. gud morning sir

    with lots of hope i want to ask you a question regarding my job. sir iam presently working with a bank but iam not happy with my work also iam away from my home . so i would be thankful to you if you could please answer when i will get job in my home place nearer to my home which i can manage by travelling and in which field. iam thinking of quiting from my current job and looking for some alternative but iam not finding any. plz sir guide me .

    DOB 13/11/1982
    TIME 10.30 AM

    waiting for your reply
    thank you in advance

  34. my sister has finished B.E(IT). She is not at all willing to do higher studies . she is trying hard to get a job.pls tell when she will get a job. Is there is any chance of govt job for her.Is there is any chance for get through bank exams and get job in bank.please tell sir...
    NAME: M.Varalakshmi
    DOB: 06/08/1988
    TOB: 10.30 PM
    SEX: Female.

  35. TO ABOLI
    ----------YOU ARE NOW running guru dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 10th feb 2012. That is lagnathipathi(ascendent lord) dasa and 10th lord(bhudha's)(profession lord) bhukthi. From 1st Sep 2010 to 31st Dec 2010 sukra-venus will transit his own place Thulam. ccording to nadi rules,if
    VENUS’s transit over the following natal planets
    Natal Sun : Financial gain to father
    Natal Mar : Gain to brother , residence to native , wife may become pregnant,
    Natal Mer : Treasure, gain of landed property
    Natal Jup : Financial gain, misunderstanding in the family, acquiring luxurious goods,
    happiness and celebrations at home
    Natal Ven : Fortune
    So that period is very good.
    Now guru is in vakram(retrogation). he would transit in straight path from 21st Nov 2010.
    That time also very good.
    As you are runnng sadesathi, janma sani, some problem now.From 21st Nov there would be great relief.
    You can shine in computer field, as a teacher
    Chant Hanuman chalsa daily. Best of luck.
    Read my article on Annadanam.

  36. to anonymous-m.varalakshmi
    ---------------------------please post again with place of birth/

  37. Namaskar sir,
    Sir can u plz help us ...sir we have been luking for a gud match for our daughter but nothing is turning out...sir it has happened twice that we were about to finalize everything but at the last moment everything got cancelled this has made our daughter think negative..sir plz can u tell us when is the time of her marriage and how will be her married life...SIR PLZ HELP...
    DOB-3 JUNE 1985

  38. Hi sir, how are you ? After a long struggle I got the job, I always think about religious activities and much more concentrate on them as you aware of it earlier. I cann't do justice to my job. I submitted my resignation one week back itself. But yet to be approved. Still they are convincing me. I dont know whether I may rejoin or getting one in new one in future. But I want to follow my heart. In worst case If I fail...But I'm faith in GOD. please predict in career / religious side for this year. I hope u understand my mental state.

    Thaks & Regards

  39. Details :

    DOB : 08/08/1984
    POB : Near eluru city, A.P.
    Centroid : latitude, longitude 17.083611, 81.196602
    Bounding Box: southwest, northeast 17.07452, 81.187088 17.092699, 81.206108 (Taken from net)
    TOB : 04:57AM

  40. my sister has finished B.E(IT). She is not at all willing to do higher studies . she is trying hard to get a job.pls tell when she will get a job. Is there is any chance of govt job for her.Is there is any chance for get through bank exams and get job in bank.please tell sir...
    NAME: M.Varalakshmi
    DOB: 06/08/1988
    TOB: 10.30 PM
    SEX: Female.
    POB: village near arcot(vellore district)

  41. To Shivanii
    ----------- I think you have come to this blog earlier also. If you had given the previous reference it would have been better.

    Yes. The horoscope indicates such procrastination in marriage.
    1. As her 7th lord sukra(spouse house lord) is in 6th with raghu.Though this combination
    may give wealth,marriage gets delayed. As the 7th lod in 6th, she may be having her own opinion about marriage. She may marry already known person. Take her solid views before finalizing an alliance.
    2. The lagnathipathi and rasi athipathi mars-mangal in 8th. That has to be taken as mangal dosha. Some people say for vrichika lagna/rasi people have no mangal dosha. But in practice
    I find that also affects marriage prospects.
    3. Guru is the spouse karaka for females. This guru in 3rd in neech(debilitation )position makes delay in marriage.
    4. Kethu in 12th makes her more philosopical.
    Though it makes her a nice spiritualist, her interest in wordly matters may be less.
    In rasi chart guru aspects 7th house is very good.

    There is great relief in navamsa.The 7th place
    is having uchcha (exalted) guru. Sukra is in
    5th in his own place. The 7th lord chandra is in 2nd.So there is full hope.
    The dasa now is sukra dasa and guru bhukthi
    that is favourable for marriage.
    From 21st Nov 2010 good turn in marriage front will come. She will have marriage in the new year 2011 by Jan-Feb 2011.

    Worship Karthikeaya.If possible make a visit to Thirupathi and worship Balaji.
    Best of luck. Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  42. TO RAVI
    ---------I REQUEST YOU to kindly defer your decision to quit job till the end of Nov 2010.
    Now guru your 10th lord to rasi is in vakram(retrogation).Also sani in 10th house to rasi. Guru will transit in positive way after 21st Nov 2010.Then you will have peace of mind.

    I have a concrete case of dhanusu rasi gentleman resigned his job and struggling to get a new job for the past 6 months. So do not
    resign now. You may not get a job immediately.

    Spirituality should give us strength of mind. If it gives fickle mindedness, it is better to keep off spirituality.

    Haste makes waste. I pray for your welfare and change of heart.

  43. Oke. Thank you sir. I will follow your instructions.

  44. Namaskaram sir,
    I am Kannan
    Date of Birth :31.05.1962
    Place of birth: srivilliputtur
    Time of birth : morning 9.22
    Nakshatram :Barani

    presently i am trying for a job in foreign country. but there are some interferences in that and i am coming across many hurdles in my profession.will i get that job. do i have chance for going abroad.i have BP sir will my health be alright throughout.i have 2 daughters . my second daughter is harini her date of birth is 29.09.1990
    place of birth is srivilliputtur and
    time of birth is night 2.42 .
    she has some troubles with studies sir .. i am very much concerned about her studies. will she have a good career.she is having some troubles related to stomach.how is her health.my first daughter is Janani.
    her date of birth is 20.10.1988
    place of birth is srivilliputtur.
    time of birth is night 12.45
    her star is avittam.
    she is currently doing good in studies.will she have a good career.how is her health.has time come for her marriage.

  45. Dear Mr.Ravi,

    What Krishnan sir is saying is 100% correct.My rasi is also Dhanusus. I resigned my job in May and i am still struggling to get a new job. So, pls withdraw your resignation letter immediately.


  46. Thank you very much for your reply.As you say , having faith in god will solve all problems.As humans we are bound to suffer. So Only god can give us strength to face it.
    Shanthi. V.

  47. dear sir i am kannan
    i ve posted yesterday small change in the detail of time of birth of my second daughter.its not night2.42 sir its early morning 2.42 .sorry for the inconvenience

  48. Hello Sir,
    My husbands dob Jan 9 1970, 12.20 pm. Bangalore India. Do you forsee any job change for him in the near future? In general how is his career prospects in the time to come?

  49. Hello Sir,
    Greetings for the day.
    Myself, Sandeep,hailing from Bangalore. I have been going through this questionnaire section & was overwhelmed with joy by the way in which responses were meted out by you.
    Though my interest in astrology is immense, my knowledge is very very limited (confined to just basics) in equivalence to those who dont have a Guru to teach the same.
    Sir, I would be delighted if you could share some insights on my career prospects.
    An MBA graduate in Marketing, was working as a HR executive in a small firm with a meagre salary for 11 months,but have quit from last 3 weeks due to salary not paid properly.
    I tried in 3 top MNC's in last 3 months for HR positions, but nothing favoured me.
    Kindly let me know my career prospects, as my recent attempts have dissapointed me because I dont know what is erring.
    DOB : 24-11-1985
    TOB : 13:10 PM
    Place : Bangalore.
    Kumbha lagnam, Mesha rasi & Aswathi nakshatram.
    In my horoscope,am equally worried about presence of presence of Ravi, Sani & Budh in Karma sthanam, while Sukran is with ketu.
    Curently running fag end of Sukra Dasa, Ketu bhukti.
    I would be thankful if you could share your views on my career prospects, as to when I would get a good permanent job (any chances in Govt sector, abroad..etc).
    Awaiting your reply.
    Thank you...

  50. To Anonymous-sister M.Varalakshmi
    ---------------------------------- She has maanthi in lagna and the lgnathipathi is hidden in 12th. That makes her to look like a rude person and sometimes quarrelsome. She may not heed anyone's advice.Maanthi has made her to reject the idea of higher education. Kethu in 5th place also contributes for that.
    Bhudha the education indicator is so close to sun that he lost his power.

    Her 10th(profession) lord is sani. Sani is also the profession significator.10th lord sani in 9th is very good. The 10th place makara has the aspect of guru the 9th lord.
    So her getting the job is certain. In navamsa, and dasamsa her lagna is mesha again. That make her lagna strong.Also in navamsa, sani in his own place and in dasamsa sani is in 9th. All this go to show she will get a good employment.She may be suitable for bank and other financial institution as her maths knowledge is very good. I am not sure whether she will get into govt. job.
    As raghu is in 11th, his dasa wiill not harm her.Raghu dasa bhudha bhukthi upto 20th August 2012.All the antharams which are following are favourable to her.I expect her get a job before 21st Nov 2010. Best of luck. Pl.read my article on Annadanam.

  51. Hi,

    TOB:11:12 PM

    Question: I am getting lots of pain in chest bones and checked with manu doctors. All are telling your alright but still this is there.
    Can you pleas help to find what is the problem?

  52. To Kannan
    -----------You have all chances of going to foregin country.Raghu dasa sani bhukthi ,though not good generally,the antharams coming after 15 Sep 2010 are good.
    Guru in 12th rasi in normal rotation from 21st Nov 2010 would also help.Your BP will remain normal after April 2011.Best of luck.

    Your second daughter Harini is having exalted guru in lagna itself.That itself give her strength to face any problem.Ofcourse kethu and maanthi in lagna give some problem. the fourth lord(education) in 3rd in neecham position and affected by surya gives trouble in education. Chevvai is yogakaraka for her. His dasa and surya chandra bhukthis upto 12th june 2011.That is good period.Her ailment will be cured when raghu kethu peyarchi takes place in April 2011.

    Your first daughter Janani will be getting good job. her 10th lord is in 9th. Also raghu dasa sukrabhukthi will bring marriage.I think has may get married in the middle of 2011. Before that she will have good job.

    Have you not read the header about my health? Do not pack so many questions in one post.
    Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  53. Sir,
    Please tell me whether the problems with my in-laws will be solved. I was having a good job last year. But we all moved to california. So I have to search for another job.I was working as a teacher.Please tell me whether I will get a new job here.
    Thank you. My DOB is April 26 1973 ,12.26 A.M(midight), at Trichy.

  54. To Jay
    --------- Your hubby is running guru dasa sukrabhukthi now upto 27th June 2011.As both these planets are captains of opposing teams, he may be having an urge to pick up quarrel at work spot. He may be more concious about his rights than duties. He may act like a trade union leader which may result in sudden termination.
    Currently in gochara, raghu is in 12th to rasi.As per nadi rules, when raghu is transitting over the rasi chart sukraa, sudden break in income is indicated.

    All these to caution, not to take a hasty decision to quit the job. As the times are not good, better to exercise restraint in workspot. If a decision to quit is taken now,that may result into stay with out job for longer period.
    His career prospect is mediocre. Not very bright. He will get recognition for good work in April 2012.

    Prayer and chanting of the holy names would give much relief.

    Vishnu sahasranama parayanam on Saturadays.
    Dakshinamurthy worship on Thursdays are recommended.
    Pl. read my article on Annadanam.

  55. To San
    ------Thank you for your compliments to this blog.
    The problem with temporary job is your 10th lord mars is hidden in 8th.

    But your 10th place has 1 & 12th lord saturn As 12th lord is in 10th you are likely to get foreign assignment.Surya your 7th lord in 10th
    makes you stay away from home due to job needs. 5th lord in 10th gives raja yogam.The 10th house has 30 ashtavarga points which is quite sufficient. And mars has 6 out of 8 in suya varga.So you will get good permanent job.

    Sukra dasa kethu bhukthi will be over on 26th Dec 2010.Surya dasa starts on that date So job front would see good and positive changes.

    Best of luck

  56. Sir,
    Just breathed a sigh of relief after going through your revert on my query.
    Sincere appreciation for putting aside your quality time to have a look at my chart.
    Annadanam initiative is an awe-inspiring & a humane gesture.
    Its heartening to know that the "corridor's of power" is squandering crores of rupees on un-necessary activities, while precious food grains keep rotting in the rain, depriving the needy..
    Thank You Sir...

    -------------Nothing to fear. Your 6th(disease) lord is sukra. One of the problemS given by sukra is phelm and wind.In your ashtavarga the 6th place has 30 points and the 6th lord is having 7 out of 8.So no big problem can come to you.. Some wind related problem. Avoid wind creating food like potato, onion for some time. As raghu is in your rasi dhanusu you are likely to get body pain. Till April 2011 some minor problems will be there.At that time will move out of your raasi and go to vrichika.Also in navamsa kethu in 6th place.In rasi chart 8th lord in lagna itself also gives the feeling of sick.

    Do 9 sashtanga namaskarams to Sun every morning at dawn. Chant surya gayathri as many times as possible. Chant aathithya hrudaya sthothram once daily.
    Drink fluid including water atleast 3 litres a day. Have a 40 mins brisk walk daily.Do simple exercise moving the affected parts. Good luck. You wull be alright.Search for dhanvanthri manthra given elsewhere here in this blog in previous answers. You may chant that too.

    ------------------ GURU DASA SHANI BHUKTHI UPTO 14th March 2011.then from 14th March 2011 to 19 June 2013 guru dasa bhudha bhukthi. You will get the teacher's job at that time.Or any other computer related job.As your 5th lord and 10th lord (profession) sukra got burnt by sun, you discontinued your profession.
    Sukra is going to tranit thulam his own place from 1st Sep 2010 to 31st Dec 2010.You will start receiving interviews form now on.

    As per horoscope there is no big problem with mother in law.As said earlier dasa bhukthi change will solve many problems.GOOD LUCK. Go through my article on annadanam.

  59. closed CLOSED closed CLOSED CLOSED closed



  60. hello sir my date birth is 14-09-1980,time is between 08-45am-9-00am.I want to about my career.Can u please tell me if anything wrong and mention any precautions to be done. I already completed pooja in srikalahasthi.

  61. to krishna
    ----------please post in sep 2010 q&a -1 column. this august thread is closed.