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Please post your questions for MARCH 2010 here.Every time you ask a question do not forget to give DOB,POB,TOB(DATE,PLACE,TIME OF BIRTH)&GENDER;even for second and subsequent questions.
I AM 60 YEARS OF AGE.NOT ABLE TO SIT FOR LONG TIME BEFORE THE COMPUTER.After a road accident on 13-01-2010, I have borrowed disc prolapse problem also.If I sit with difficulty for 30 mins, I am forced to stretch for 45 mins.
Come to this blog only if you have some problem. Do not ask for "future". Future is a hidden secret from all of us. That is the beauty of life. If all the truths about future are revealed there will not be any charm in life.A 17 year old boy asking about his future wife or when will he meet his lover! What can I answer to such questions?
Some people come to my mail ID with trivial matters. Mail to be used only there is very confidential matters to disclose.GOOD LUCK.

Thereis no response to my ANNADANAM appeal.I shall request bloggers to consider that.


  1. Murali said...

    My husband's DOB is March 13 1965,
    Time 1:45:00 AM
    Place : Mayavaram, TamilNadu, Chennai.

    I believe he is currently running Ket Dasa. It's been only about 6 months and he is not happy at his work place. His Career growth has been pretty stagnant. When will he see his career progress? Also, he wants to return back to India for taking care of his old parents, but not able to find a suitable job in India.
    We are in US for the last 13+ years.

    When will we be able to come back to India?

    I think his Ketu is in 12 th house in his natal chart (and from what I have read, that is the best place for Ketu).


    Sunday, February 28, 2010
    ram said...
    Dear Sir,
    I am writing for my sister
    Dob: Jan-3-1976
    TOB : 7:30 PM
    Place : Virudhuangar

    Can you advice how her carrer would be ? She recently started a small school and want to develop will she succeed?

    She tried for IAS/Civili service but she did not get it..

    Please adivce if she will do good in her school business.

    Sunday, February 28, 2010
    krisguru said...
    Dear Shri Kmr. Krishnan,

    Namaskar!!! I was born on March 13th, 1976, Time of Birth: 00:45 AM, Place of Birth: Chennai.

    By Gods Grace, I have a Good Professional life and career path so far. However I have problems in my family front. I had my engagement with a girl in Dec 2006 and this engagement broke in Jan 2007.

    I had my second engagement with a girl in June 2007 and Married this girl in Nov 2007. Later it broke in Feb 2008. Though I make sincere efforts, it breaks everytime I am trying to have a family life.

    Are there any remedies to correct this present situation? I have been consulting many astrologers but it seems to me like a temporary solution to life. I'm not going to ask about my future here. But please help me to correct my present situation and form a decent family life. Thank you!!!
    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    -------------------------MAANTHI in lagna,the 10th house lord(profession) bhuda is in 4th in neecham(debilitation) position.these are also reason for stagnation in profession. Luckily the lagna has guru's aspect.that has kept him in a job.Sani the karma karaka-signifactor of profession is combusted by sun(asthangatham)
    the 6th , 11th(profit) lord sukra is also combusted.
    Kethu in 12th is good for spirituality.Also
    the subject is of wavering mind.Not peaceful.
    Living in foregn lands away from family.Friendly with people of lower rungs of society.
    He may return to India in kethu dasa surya bhukthi from 15th March 2011 to 21-July-2011.
    as keth is friendly to lagana and he is in exaltation, not mch trouble in his dasa.
    AS the 10th lord bhuda has 7 out of 8 in suya varga. So the profession will not continue to be stagnant.PRAY TO VINAYAKA REGULARLY. my write up on annadanam

  3. To ram-to his sister
    --------------------- For ladies the bagyasthana has to be strong. The 9th lord guru is in his own place. That will give her success. The 10th profession lord chevvai is in 11th profit place. So she will be in a business which will give employment to many.

    ------------SORRY TO HEAR WHATEVER YOU HAVE POSTED.I have no big knowledge of pariharas. I do not have any magical solution.Deep meditation and prayer, one vist to Tirupathy may bring the result.

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  6. Dear shri kmr.krishnan,

    My DOB : 14-06-1967
    Place : Aruppukkottai
    Time : 2.52PM

    Dear Sir, I am currently looking new job,past few months i am trying for that.
    Can you advice when will i get a job and
    how my carrer would be?
    I am living abroad.any remedies need for this worse time?
    Thank you!

  7. This query is for my husband. DOB 2nd jun, 1968, 5.50 am, Kumbakonam. Now he changed his job. Will this change be good for him? There are some confusions, that's why I am asking. Also, please let me know about the present dasa and coming dasas, how good they will be? Thanks in advance.

  8. I am born on 15 January 1975 at 04:30 in Skopje-Macedonia-Eastern Europe-female.

    He is born on 12 March 1973 at 19:00 in Skopje-Macedonia-male.

    Will we get married and when? Is he the One?

  9. To adithya
    ----------- I remember to have replied you already. The 7th(marriage-wife) lord saturn got combusted by surya.In seventh place mars is occupying. In seventh guru is also sitting.Though that is nice for other aspects, 7th place guru can delay marriage. In 2nd(family) kethu is sitting. That delays forming a family. So better to have perfect matching of horoscope. Better to go for arranged marriage. You may have love affair. That culminating in happy married life may be elucive.
    All chances of getting job in USA and continuing is there.You may get job immediately.

  10. TO RajPK
    -----------When I do not find a positive answer in traditional chart,I turn to simple nadi jothitam rules. Nadi gochara(present transit) says when the moving planets glide over the birth chart planets ,certain results are produced.I give below the result which you yourself can interpret.
    Your native chart sani(signifactor of profession)is in meenam.
    Sun transits over meenam from 15 Mar to 13 April2010. Result:"Lack of confidence, financial difficulties, unnecessary blame"

    Sukran transit over meenam -sani from 3-Mar to 28th Mar 2010 result:"Celebration at home, financial gain"

    Bhudan transit over meenam-sani from 8th Mar to 28th Mar 2010. Result:"Gain in business, gain of lands, cooperation from friends"

    Guru transit over meenam -sani from 3-May 2010 -next 1.5 yrs result:"Gets job, promotion , smooth going period in carrier"

    Sani the prfession signifactor is now in kanni, which is 3rd to your 10th place kataka.This is good for employment. You will take bold steps.Sani will have guru's aspect from 3-5-2010.Your 10th lord and rasi athipathi surya will be in exaltation from 14-Apr-2010 to 13-May 2010. so all possibilities of new job in the first week of May 2010.RAGHU DASA GURU BHUKTHI FROM 17TH APRIL TO 10 SEP 2012. GOOD PERIOD.

    Write in the prediction came true thread when you get the positive result.
    Read my article on annadanam.

  11. TO UMA
    ------ PRESENT DASA IS SURYA DASA UPTO 3-10 2011.Surya dasa bhuda bhukthi upto 27-May 2010.
    Surya is 4th lord. And bhuda is 2nd and 5th lord. 6,8,12 lords not involved.So good only.
    Surya dasa kethu bhukthi upto 2-10-2010.To be cautious.Surya dasa sukra bhukthi upto 3-10-2011.Good period.As surya is having 4 out of 8 in suya varga and next dasa chandra dasa
    will also be good as chandra is having 7 out of 8 in suya varga. Do not worry.He can manage and come out succeesful.The change is good only.Read "athithya hrudatyam" daily.Best of luck.

  12. Sir

    Namashkaram again

    I am carrying this over from the previous post since it was closed.

    My sons birth details

    TOB: 9:08 am
    DOB: DECEMBER 26 2005

    Sir I am glad his life in entirity is good . Thanks for that and your valuable inputs inspite of your health.

    I will pray to the almighty for you .

    Reading your reply I think since everything around his life is good he should do well in our attempts for enrolling gifted school.

    Meanwhile regarding health you have mentioned periods to be cautious. Is it something we need to watch out (major)or it will just be minor issues.

    Thanks for your great service.


    I have emailed you regarding annadhanam. Can you please reply to the email when you get a chance.

  13. sir

    I just checked my email and got the details. I will initiate the transfer for annadhanam soon and let you know through phone.


  14. TO mrcko
    ---------We belong to a differnt culture.I do not know how far our method of matching horoscopes may suit yours. I was able to get from Google the longitutude and lattitude of your birth place. But I am doubtful about the conversion of time. So I am doubtful of the chart I could make from myoftware.Anyway,from what ever chart I generated, I conclude, if the boy and girl are of Indian origin , I would not suggest uniting them as the horoscopes do not match.
    The ascendant lord Mercury in the male horoscope is debilitated.The seventh(marriage,spouse) house lord Jupiter got debilitated, also in male chart. Venus the love lord got combusted by Sun, that too in male chart.The second(family) house has a malefic.So, I do not recommend marriage. However , being Westerners, you are free to reject my recommendations as you have a culture of dating and observing the fiance before marriage.In India,dating and moving closely with the 'would be'bfore marriage is almost not encouraged by the Eastern society. So in our social set up we go for horoscope matching for arranged marriages. Further the marriages are supposed to last a lifetime and a girl aspiring divorce is looked down by her immediate community. Remarriage will be an uphill task.So girls try to suppress their emotions and feelings and make up with a male to run the family for the sake of children and family reputation.

    I had been insisting that there is no need for horoscope mathching for love marriages for I feel the personal matching is more suitable than planetary matching. Best of luck.

    -----------DO not worry.The health problems will not be anything serious.Ordinary fever,cold etc., only.Small accidents may be there.

  16. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your kind response. May God bless you. I have read your post about Annadanam and I would like to contribute in whatever way I can. Please let me know how I can help.

    Regarding your response to my question, you have mentioned that Guru bhukti will be better period for me to revisit the topic of re-marriage. But I have heard that Guru is a malefic for my Lagna (Thula). Is that true?

    You have also mentioned that Chevvai in 12th is causing these problems (divorce). Is there hope for things to be better in future? If not, I really don't wish to get married again.

    My 5th lord, Saturn is combust in Leo. Does this mean I will not have children?

    My details are:
    DOB - 03 September 1978
    POB - Chennai
    TOB - 9:10AM
    GENDER - Female

  17. thanks a lot for your response sir. Since you said that the saturn(7th lord) is combust, will i be successful in love if i wear a blue sapphire or recite shani mantra daily? Is there a way(remedy/solution) for success in love? Thank you, Sir..

  18. Dear Shri Kmr.Krishnan,

    Namarkar! Thanks for your time and response Sir. Some astrologers say I have a strong position of Mars in 7th place. Could you please advice me If I have Mangala dosha? If so, is this cancelled because of my first marriage broke? If I'm marrying for second time, Do I really need to match horoscope and match it with a girl who has Mangala Dosah. Is there anytime frame the second marriage is expected to happen in my life?
    Dob: March-13-1976
    TOB : 00:45 AM
    Place : Chennai, Tamilnadu.

    Thanks, KrisGuru

  19. Sir
    My DOB is 2nd Feb 1969 - time 6.40 AM
    place of birth - near Bangalore

    I am unhappy in my current job. There is a possibility of transfer to another location.

    Should i look for change of employment at this stage. Will it also result in change of location.

    Understand that i am running Sukra dasa / Sani bhukthi and Mercury antharam.

  20. To Vaidehi
    GURU is your 3,6th lord.hence they say he is a malefic. when he gets into a kendra or trikona
    he becomes a benefic. Guru in 10th along with 9th lord bhuda in 10th, the best kendra to thula In exaltation in 10th kataka. the 10th lord is in is a natural benefic. so guru bhukthi is good. there are more friendly antharams during ragu dasa guru every thing will go nicely.sani bhukthi will lso be good a s sani is yogakaraka for thulambut you may have to wait till july give you hope, i did not want a date 4 yrs from now.Hence a period
    nearer is taken.morefriendly antharams will help.any dosha will act only no need to be despondent about remarriage. fifth place has near normal points in asta varga. guru has 6 out of 8. bagayasthana has high points in astavarga. so your future marriage will be nice. kindly contact me over my cell phone number 90475 16699 for annadanam details.
    best of luck.

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  22. To Adithya
    ----------This is the reason that I was refusing to match/or tell anything about love
    matters.Love is spontaneous.If you love some one you may have to accept them with their plus and minus.Where horoscope comes in the picture if you adjust with a fiance through thick and thin.When I see the horoscope, when people insist,I am rendered helpless.I am
    in a fix whenI get response like that I have got from you.Blue saphire and all that I do not believe.The way to make the love and after married life a succeess is in your hands.Simply have the strongwill that you will
    live with your lover what ever may be the problems you may face either by the effect of planets or the unobserved qualities of your fiance.That is the only way to love succeess. TherE is no other short cut.We can not bribe God or planets as we do with the govt., officials.Best of luck.

    ------------ IT IS AN USUAL BELEIF that the dosha acts only upto a time when the actual
    event happens.So in your case mangal dosha should not act here after. if possible you may match and remarry a girl who has mangal dosha.
    if that was not possible fid out her blood grouping.If it is rare gruop with negative sign, need not marry that girl.

    I hope you may have new proposals from 3rd May 2010. Best of luck

  24. TO SATYA
    --------From 3 May 2010 Guru transits to meenam and aspects raasi.In your native chart sani is in meenam.While transit guru glides over the native sani 'gets job, promotion'as per nadi rules gochara. So you are likely to get a change of job in May2010.You amy also have a change of place best of luck.

  25. To Varalakshmi:
    ----------------You may have to wait for 3 May 2010.Please worship "anjaneya swami"

  26. Thank You for your inspiring words, Sir.

  27. Dear Sir,

    the query is for my younger brother

    his details are :
    POB : Madurai
    TOb: 10:20 am

    Please let us know when his marriage will be? Is there any significance(bad) for the placement of sani and rahu together in navamsa? . If so what is the remedy for it? Also we have done pitru dosha parihaarams in rameswaram,
    been to tirumanancheri, did sarpa dosha parihara in kodumudi eswaran temple. and also swayamwara parvathi homa....Please let us know ...

    Thanking you very much,

    With namaskarams,


  28. To Santhalakshmi
    -------------------If you take steps, all chances of marriage in the month of May 2010.
    No further pariharams necessary. You have done the maximum.Sani raghu has the aspect of guru in navamsa. So no problem in marriage life.This is really a tough horoscope.Mrriage is delayed not denied.Read my annadanam article and act.I pray for early marriage.

  29. Sir,
    In one of your postings i read that guru will be transiting to Meena on may 3rd.In my husband's horoscope guru is in kanni.So during this transit, gocharam guru will aspect the guru in the native's chart and gocharam sani.Also, he is kadaga lagna and transit guru will aspect his lagnam too. Is it good or bad?His DOB- 6th July, 1969 at 08.13 am at vellore.

  30. Bro's DOB 23/11/1980 9:55 PM ,chennai,TamilNadu
    Ver sharp,ill-tempered ,has a very stubborn attitude to parents,
    when will his attitude to parents and life change?
    Every single chance he gets to verbally hurt parents ,he does it ..
    Even after his marriage ,he is still the same ..
    Will his attitude to parents ,change to soft and caring one ?
    Even his wife is very afraid of his behaviour ..
    Any remedies that my parents can do .?

  31. To Prathna
    -----------RASI BEING MEENAM guru in athisaaram
    (fast forward) to meenam from kumbham.Janmaguru
    is not considered good;but in this case meenam
    being guru's own house his transit to raasi is good.5th,7th,9th houses from raasi getting guru'saspect is good.Transit sani getting guru's aspect will be beneficial.In traditional astrology lagna does not play a role while seeing gocharam.furher native guru
    aspecting transitting guru is not for traditional astrology.Sometimes I speak of nadi rules for gocharam.In nadi jothitam the transit planet gliding over native chart planet
    has some effect.That is a different story.

  32. Sir,
    Thank u verymuch for your quick response. Hope your health is better.You are there always in our prayers.Take care .

  33. To Sowmya
    1.Chandra,though in exaltation in rishaba,is standing alone with out any planets on either side.Luckily surya is occupying the opposite house to moon.That some what nullifies the avayoga created by lonely chandra.Still it makes him an nervously emotional,mentally instable,having inner fears,phobias,loss of happiness.2.Rahu in lagna and kethu in 7th.That makes him not enjoying the company of wife.3.Maanthi in lagna.That makes him quarrelsome.4.6th lord in 3rd makes him not a
    person who can keep good relationship with relatives.5.4th lord sukra though in his ownplace(kenthraathipathya) with 12th and 3rd lord bhuda makes him not gentle with mother.
    9th lord in 3 with sani makes him not compatible with father.6.In suya varga surya(Pithru karaka) has only 1 out of 8.
    worship all navagrahas regularly. perform kulatheiva pooja. on wednesdays,visit krishana temple or ramatemple for wishes.

  34. Dear sir,

    Nice to hear good words from elders like you. My namaskarams with thanks to you again

    I read your article regarding the annadanam in the front page. Please let me know your contact details.

    Also you have mentioned that my brother's horoscope is a tough one. Will you please explain a bit in terms of the planet aspects?. Please do not take me wrong. I am bit curious. Also, I remember somebody told my mother that in his horoscope, many are in vakra. how does it effect/affect his life?

    POB : Madurai
    TOb: 10:20 am


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  36. Namaskar sir!

    I need your advice and guidence if possible!

    If you may remember, I am right now at low job position in my company. And on 6th of march 2010 ( morning 8Am -1Pm)at Guelph, Canada there is a JOB FAIR with positions in which I am intrested and have been striving from long time without any favorable outcome.

    1) Should I go ahead for the fair or wait for some time being. According to the response from my current employer I am in haste! but actually its not about haste, I am looking this oppurtunity as may be solution to my current financial plight and moral duties for my closed ones.
    2) Would this oppurtunity bring good results? or something I can do at my level?
    Please guide me sir! I dont want to make any wrong impressions to my current employer ( I am on short term contract with this employer right now but allowed to apply for jobs), I wish they understand I am just trying to help myself at current condition

    D.O.B :4 July 1983
    P.O.B : Kutra( nearest town ROURKELA, orissa)
    T.O.B : 7:35 PM ( approximately)


  37. To Alok Kumar Jaipuriya
    ------------------------All chances of succeeding if you attend the job fair.Your yogakaraka sukra is now in exaltation and aspecting sani your lagnathipathi and profession signifactor. This is upto 28-03-2010. Best of luck

  38. To Santhanalakshmi:
    1. LAGNA lord sani is in 7th.Both lagna and 7th place has average parals in astavarga.But sani has 0nly 2 out of 8(25%) in suyavarga. That is why marriage gets delayed.2 Second house(family)has kethu.Second lord guru in 5th
    in thiruvathirai star which is raghu's star and in odd number from lagna.That delays forming of family.Guru the second lord has only 3 out of 8(37.5%) in suya varga.Further guru in vakram -retrogation.If guru was in neecham or if in hidden place like 6,8,12 retrogation would have been beneficial.But guru is in a good place 5th; so retrogation has spoiled guru's power.That is the reason
    for delay in forming a family.
    3. 3rd and 10th lord is chevvai. he is hidden in 6th; he is neecham;in retrogation-vakram;as chevvai become neecha banga and retrogation has helped him.Infact with very high parals in 3 he is a bold person. "anja nenjan"; 3 has 41 parals where 29 is sufficient. 10th house has 30,just 2 above average.Still chevvai has only 3 out of 8 in suya varga(37.5%) He will be bold and sticking on to his profession with problems.
    4. 4th and 9th lord sukra is in 11th. 4th&9th and 9th place has good strength in ashtavarga. The 11th place has below average paralas. Sukra is having 4 out of 8(50%) in suyavarga. So mother will be a good support for him. And he will have mother's property to enjoy.He has 50% luck in any endeavour.But here again there is a hitch. Surya has combusted sukra asthangatham.So what ever I have said positively has to be reserved.
    5. 5th and 8th lord bhuda is in 11th.Again bhuda is combuste by sun.Bhuda has only 3 out of 8in suya varga(37.5%). So his education would hve been stunted.He must have faced many humiliations in life.Might have been in poverty stage in young age.Agian bhuda is in vakram-retrogation.Doubtful effects.
    6. The 6th lord chandra is in 5th with 6 out of 8parals in suya varga.75%. This is the only solace we have in this horoscope.He will not have good relationship with family members.
    He may be enjoying the patronage of one maternal uncle. 7.The 7th lord surya is in 11th is good. But he has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga25%. The seventh bhava -marriage -wife is between chevvai and raghu. So delay in marrige.However guru's aspect is on 7th lord surya and lagna. That will solve many problems.Sani dasa chevvai bhukthi, and sani dasa raghu bhukthi may not help. Sani dasa gurubhukthi will help;that is from 19-02-2013.

    However, guru is in kumba now. He will transit to meenam 0n 3 may 2010.That is 2nd to lagna and 10th to raasi. From there guru aspects 2nd to raasi. So all chances of marriage in next tamil year after 14th april 2010 So try with worshipping god.

    Contact me over phone for getting the details of Annadhanam to my phone number 90475 16699.

  39. To Krithika-To your daughter
    The 4th(education) lord is surya in your daughter's horoscope.He is in 12th(hidden) with
    raghu.But raghu and surya are in difeerent stars and 4 quarters away.So we may take surya
    is not affected. Surya is in exaltation uchcham.The 4th place has 34 parals in ashtavarga,whera 24 is the average required. Even though surya has 2 out of 8 in suya varga
    (25%), and hidden in 12th, I think she can shine in her higher studies.Sukra dasa gurubhukthi from 28-11-2010 to 29-07-2013. That period will be her higher education period.
    All the three planets who are to be analysed for love marriaage chandra, bhuda, and sukra are jointly sitting in 11th(profit) place.That too sukra the love lord is in exaltation.All the three are having very good suya varga strnghth 67.5% and 75%.Sukra in uchcham but vakram has made him negative.Guru in neechamm is also not helpful. So she will fall in love. However maanthi in lagna, chevvai in lagna and sani in 7th place shows she will be hasty and may take wrong step and suffer later.
    She has to be careful. Now the lagnathipathi sukra's dasa is runnng. So the thoughts of love and marriage will take her time. She has to exercise caution.All revathi star, or meenam rasi people have late marriage.Guru's transit to meenam over the native sukra from 3-May 2010 may bring her marriage closer.

    Pl. contact me over phone 90475 16699 for Annadhanam

  40. Sir


    DOB - July 17 1999
    TOB - 6.15 am (daylight saving time)
    POB - Cleveland, OH

    I would like to know the general prospects of my daughter. She is very smart and doing well at school . Will she continue to stay focussed . How is her emotional life as well.


  41. Sir


    DOB - SEPTEMBER 11 1972
    TOB- 12:45 PM

    DEAR Sir

    Can you let me know about my career and general health for the next few years. I seem to be going through lot of mental turmoils.
    Is this going to continue ? Finance is tight will that change for the better? I see myself doing a lot of social work but I am not trained I was thinking of obtaining a masters or PHD in social work . Will this happen ? Currently I hold a PHD in chemistry. Please advice.


  42. Respected Sir,
    I am Sushma,You have given good prediction in the month of October for me.By God's blessings i have passed few challenges,you gave so much accurate prediction for me.I am so thankful to you.
    I appreciate your help sir.
    I have one more query,please help me.
    I have given one small test recently and waiting for my results next month(april).Would like to know how my coming months are going to be.
    Please look in to my chart.
    Place of birth:Madanapalle.
    Time of birth:3.40PM.
    Thank you sir.
    May Lord always bless you and your family.

  43. To Swathi--To daughter
    I COULD LOCATE THE lattitude and longitude by google search. The time frame I am not sure. Is she pooram 4th pada star? Is she of rishaba lagna?PL.CONFIRM THIS.

  44. Namaskar Sir
    I went to JOB fair today at Guelph,Canada at around 10:30 AM , my resume was taken by official who I knew previously ( due to heavy rush I was not interviewd though) and said would be contacted if needed.

    So situation was something unclear today.I dont have clear picture . Would be happy to reply you if something good outcome of this meeting shows up next week.

    D.O.B : 4 th july 1983
    T.O.B : 7:35 pm ( Apprximately)
    P.O.B : Kutra ( nearest Rourkela, Orissa)


    ROUND AFTER FIRST THIRTY YEARS.STILL 7 YEARS TO GO.There will be many good things happening,some obstacles and hurdles will be there.On 3-May 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects sani in kanya for nearly 1.5 years.
    So,from 3-May 2010 sani's negative effects will be controlled.

    Your 10th lord bhuda(profession) is in 9th(bagya-fortune).Your 5th lord(chevvai)-purvapunya lord-is also in 9th. The 9th lord
    surya is also in 9th. So you have a tendency to give lessons to others like a religious preacher.The thoughts of doing social work comes because of this planetary posting.
    Now the sani dasa bhuda bhukthi is very good upto 29-09-2012.So you can do a Phd in social work. Before this dasa bhukthi you will shift job,& place of residence.

    As your 6th lord is in 8th you should never ignore any ailment. Even at the first symptoms you have to go to doctor.You have to be careful about debts, diseasea nd adversaries.
    Especially for the sade saathi period.Have you gone through my article on Annadanam.
    Best of luck.

    ----------THANK YOU!I have copy pasted your earlier question and my answer in the prediction came true column.

    Presently your rasi has guru's aspect upto 3-05-2010. also guru is aspecting 11th(profit) and 3rd (victory).So you will have succees in your exam.Best of luck.

    ----------------------AS mentioned earlier, upto 28-03-2010, chances are there. So pray your family deity.

  48. Sir

    Here are the details of my daughter

    latitude - 41 (degrees) 28' (North)
    longitude - 81 (degrees) 40 ' west

    Nakshatram - POORAM
    Rasi - simha rasi

    lagnam - karkataka lagnam

  49. Respected Sir,
    Thanks a lot.
    Your blessings and prayers worked wonders for me and others here.
    I thank you with whole heart for taking time and effort.
    May lord always bless you and your family sir.

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  52. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your views on my marriage status but you have not mentioned about my job. Since Sep 2008, I am doing some consultancy which is not fetching steady income. I know I am highly talented but inspite of this I am like this. When will I get permanent employment without a break? I am loosing interest in life. When will kalsarpa yoga bring yogam?

    S.Chandrasekar, DOB: 23.6.1968, POB: Karur Tamilnadu), Time: 1.20 PM (afternoon


  53. To Swathi-Your daughter
    I have taken 10-30 am as time to arrive at the kataka lagna and pooram star.As said earler the problem was the conversion of time and not longitude and latitude.Ii think the chart I have created is 99% correct.

    As lagna is kataka and the lagna lord chandra is in 2nd surya's place and surya in chandra's place -parivarthna! That is very good. If in horoscope surya and chandra are well placed, that person's life will be good.
    The 6,9th lord guru in 10th place is very nice.Guru aspecting the lagnathipathi and the 4th lord(education)and 11th(profit)lord sukra and the yogakaraka chevvai.All these positive points will make her suceessful in education, getting employment and wealth, property, vehicle etc.,

    The minus points are raghu ,maanthi in lagna itself. That makes her little bit of a rude person,and a fighting cock.Seventh lord sani in mesham in neecham(debilitation) position.That makes her husband keep away from home on employment pretxt and he will be a
    person not much concentrating on family, wife and children.That way she must be prepared
    to take full responsibilty of the family admin.7th place kethu also confirms what I said earlier reg married life.

    She will fall in love easily. to make the love culminate into marriage is in her hands. she must change her angry attitude and practice soft speaking.

    Raghu dsaa from 31 08 2022.Usually kataka raghu is not much troublesome.Still she has to be cautious about every thing.Especially choosing her life partner.Best of luck.

  54. Hello Sir,
    My name is Vishal. I would like to inquire about my career, had shown my horoscope to an astrologer few years back and he did inform me that i would do good overseas. Currently i am searching for jobs abroad and would like to know when would i fly abroad and how my career looks in future.
    Name: Vishal
    DOB : 20-05-1980
    TOB : 10:45AM
    POB: Kannur, Kerala

    Thanks and Regards.

  55. To Kiranmai
    -----------our 10th lord(profession) is guru who is coming to lagna and raasi meenam and aspect sani in kanya from 3rd May 2010. SO GO ON TRYInG. You are sure to win.
    Now your husband's dasa bhukthi upto 25-12 2010
    sukra dasa chandra bhukthi.That is good.The business will pick up from May 2010.

    THE 4TH LORD(MOTHER) surya got hidden in 12th.his suya varga strength is 2 out of 8. 25% only.The 9th lord(father) sani in 7th with only 37.5% So she may not hear parents' words.
    As sani and chevvai are aspecting each other
    she will be too emotional. She will be a fighter as maanthi is in lagna.She is unlkely to return to India before 2013.Marrige/or the fruits of marriage will take place in 2010.

    Pray your Kuladeivam. Visit Thirupathi once and tell your prayers to Ezumalaiyan.

  57. Dear Sir,

    Thanks very much again for a detailed,systematic analysis for the scope fo my brother's marriage. I will be in touch with you soon for annadanam.

    As you correctly said, he is lucky in terms of my mother and her support. Also one of my maternal uncles helped him a lot. you also said right that he is bold. Sometimes we observe an unpredictable amount of courage with anger in him.

    I would like to ask one more question regarding his job. When will he get a permanent job? he wants to live with our mother . will that be possible or is there any trouble visible in horoscope? I hope I will not trouble you with more questions

    With Namaskarams,

    His details:
    (POB : Madurai
    TOb: 10:20 am

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. To handru
    ----------The guru dasa kethubhukthi is from
    7-july 2010 to 13-06 2011.During that period
    you may have change of job, you may go to foreign lands.
    Even now guru in kumbam and aspecting 10th to lagna.The 10th to raasi is kumbam itself. Usually when guru comes to 10th(profession) place in gochara people get changes in employment, transfer etc.,so even now the time is good.From 3 may 2010 guru will aspect sani the profession signifactor from meenam your 11th place to raasi and 7th to lagna.
    So keep the powder dry.You are bound to succeed.Pray Dakshinamoorthi

  60. To Vththiya-Vishal
    --------------------Yes the astrologer may be correct. As your lagna and raasi are chara raasis,you are likely to go foreign.Your lagna lord sukra is in 9th with 6 out 0f 8= 75% strength.The 9th house has also sufficient strength.So your foreign employment is certain.

    From 3may 2010 guru aspcts yor kataka raasi and 10th to lagna.From then on your good time starts for employment.Lagnathipathi's dasa sukradasa gurubhukthi upto 30 dec 2011.Good period only.

    As the profession signifactor sani is having only 2 out of 8=25%, worship Anjaneya swami.
    Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.
    Best of luck.

    --------- IT IS not pronounced in his horoscope
    about permanent employment.He will be a rolling stone.As 10th(profession)lord chevvai in 6th hidden shows he will be often shifting his position.The 10th lord chevvai is having 37% strength and sani the profession karaka has only 25% strength.The 10th place has just average parals. He will not be unemployed. But will not be satisfeid with his employment.
    He has yoga about mother.The 4th lord and the mother signifactor aspect each other.And the 4th lord in 11th Chandra has 75% strength. So he can live happily with mother. Only some efforts on his part is necessary.

  62. To Kiran
    ----------Your laganathipathi, rasiathipathi and the 10th(profession) house lord is Guru. For guru he professions are:
    "GURU: Judge, Priest, Lawyer, Education Minister, Bank Manager. Teacher, Finance Department, Temple worker, Yogasana Teacher, Religious teacher, LIC department."
    So training and HR will be your field.
    YOU MAY GET EMPLOYMENT HERE ONLY.Foreign chance is very much doubtful.

  63. Dear Sir,

    This is regarding my paternal cousin in Mumbai. He is now 36 years old (turning 37 next month). We have been looking for a bride for him since quite some years, but unfortunately, nothing has clicked so far. He is a very good boy with clean habits, and also highly qualified and in a good job.

    Time is running out, and age is also against him. Please check his horoscope, and let us know why this delay is happening, By when he will get married, and also Regarding the bride's background as well, if possible.

    His parents have consulted many astrologers, who keep giving different time periods, but nothing positive has worked out so far. We have also been performing many Poojais and also offering worship at many temples since a long time. I sincerely request your help in this. Please look into it and let us know.

    Here are his details:-

    Date of Birth: 11th April 1973
    Time of Birth: 06.45 AM
    Place of Birth: Irinjalakuda, Kerala
    Gender: Male

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks!

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. To MM to your cousin
    -----WHENEVER the traditional method had not
    given results ,I turn to nadi rules.

    The nadi rules say the follwing for the time of marriage:
    "When the transit Guru or transit Sani is aspected by natal Sukra, the person will get married.
    When the transit Guru is aspect by natal Kuja, the person will get married."

    Sukra in this horoscope is in meenam. From
    sep 2009 sani is in kanni.So the transit sani is getting the aspect of natal sukra.On 3 may 2010 guru transits to meenam when again guru also gets sukra's aspect.

    The dasa bhukthi is sukra dasa sukra bhukthi and raghu anthram upto 8 june 2010.Then guru antharam upto 17-nov 2010. I hope he will get married in Sep 2010.Sukra is his 7th(wife)
    lord and guru his 9th(bagya)lord

    The girl will be of mixed qualities,as sukra is aspected by all the other 6 planets, except raghu and kethu.She will be from an affluent, decent family.She will manage the household very well. Best of luck.

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  69. To xxx-Sysnamala
    ----------------On 3rd May 2010 guru transits to meenam in retrogation-fast forward and aspects 10th(profession)to raasi.Sukra,bhuda, guru transits meenam where surya and bhuda are in the birth chart.That gives very many positive results.When guru transits over surya,
    from 3rd may 2010,promotion ,new knowledge are indicated.So you will continue in foreign, get your desired job.Best of luck.

  70. to xxx-syanamala
    To first sister: Her lagna kumba has only 22 parals in ashta varga.the lagnathipathi sani is 4 out of 8 in suya varga, that is 50%.The 10th lord(profession) mars has only 3 out of 8, that is 37.5%.The 10th place has only just average parals in ashtavarga.The 12th place has maanthi which keeps her always in wants with out giving her opportunities to earn better.From 30 oct 2010 sukra dasa bhuda bhukthi is a good period. If she works hard and pray , she may get a good job at the end of 2010.Good luck.

    To second sister: In this horoscope the lagna and rasi both makara.The 10th(profession)place is thulam so the 10h lord is sukra.Sukra got combusted by sun. Sukra lost his power.The lagna lord sani is vakaram-retrogade.The 4th(comforts),11th(profit)lord mars also got combusted.The 10th house has only 27 below average points in ashtavarga.It is very difficult to get a good permanent job.Upto 3rd May 2010 guru is in kumba and aspect 10th place.So may succeed if make strenuous effort with prayer.Guru dasa bhuda bhukthi from 1 May 2010. That is a good period. Best of luck.


  72. TO KIRAN
    --------The correct time is very important.
    My mail id is

  73. Krishnan garu,

    Thanks a lot.


  74. Hello Sir...
    Here are my details. I am a woman.
    Date of birth: Aug 5, 1967
    Place: Udupi, Managalore, Karnataka
    Time: 9.47 am
    I have been under a lot of stress in the past few years, I lost my job. Will I find a job any time soon, will I be happy at this job. Also do I need to study more do something to get a good job. Also want to know about my health and family life.

  75. Sir

    Name: Archana
    DOB: 11th May, 1980
    TOB : 08:50 AM
    Place : Mumbai, India

    I got divorced few years back. I'm 29 years now and I will be 30 soon. I am worried about my marriage and future life. I am looking to get remarried again. Will I get remarried again? Is this going to be love or arranged marriage? I don't know how my first marriage failed. When do you think I'll be getting married? Thanks.

  76. How are you sir?

    Name : Senthil Nathan.
    DOB : 29/06/1975.
    TOB : 04:07 AM.
    POB : KARUR, Tamil Nadu.

    Sir, Is there any bad Dosham in my horroscope? If yes please tell me the parigaram. If I will do that parigaram then can I get a permanent job?
    Can I do bussiness. If yes then what type of bussiness?

    Rergards & Thanks,
    Senthil Nathan

  77. Dear Sir,

    I hope that you must be keeping good.

    By the grace of god and yours blessing I had son recently on 18th Jan. 2010 at 13.33 pm. Sir, I am working in singapore in hotel industry and planning to apply for my permanent residency. how you see the success rate. Sir and also in am looking for a change in job with better offer as i am working with company Since 3rd Oct. 2006.

    My details
    DOB 4TH MAY, 1978
    TOB 23:32 PM
    PLACE GODDA(Bihar)

    Thanks sir, pranam

  78. sir here are the details---
    my details- dob-13-09-74
    place- gauribidanur karnataka time-0810 hrs am
    my wife details-
    place- puttur karnataka time-2005 hrs--pm
    please let me know---
    when the divorce will happen- she has filed the case this year jan
    if we are getting reunited when so?
    if remarriage is written when will happen in my horoscope

  79. Namaskaram Krishna Garu,

    We have remitted funds into your account for Annadanam. We are happy that we are rendering our services through you to serve the deserved .

    We thank you for giving us this opportunity .


  80. Sir , my daughter DEEPTI SINGH has completed her education and trying for job . we are also looking for a suitable match for her marriage .
    please let us know the predictions about her future regarding this .
    her details :
    DATE OF BIRTH :31 AUGUST 1986 .
    TIME OF BIRTH :6:03 PM
    PARENTS :)

  81. To HR
    -----IN YOUR HOROSCOPE THE PROFESSION SIGNIFACTOR SANI has only 25% strength.the 10th
    lord bhuda has only 37.5%. The tenth place has average strength. so your job front is not very productive.
    Now on 3rd May 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects your kataka raasi, and kanni lagna
    that may bring good things to you.In your birth chart sani is in meenam. in present transit when guru transit over birth chart sani, getting job, promtion or smooth sailing in job front.As the 4th lord guru and the education signifactor bhuda are in katakam jointly.That indicates you can study if needed and you will be will not be of much trouble as your 6th lord is in 7th.And getting the aspect of the second place has chevvai and kethu family lfe will have hic-cups.

  82. To Varun-Archana
    ----------------Kethu dasa guru bhukthi starts on 16-03-2010 to 20-02-2011.As guru is the 7th lord, his bhukthi has to do good only.Yes you
    have chances of remarriage.After 3 May 2010 marriage will take a shape.As sukra, bhuda , and chandran are having good strength, you may have love marriage. best of luck.

    ------------------------- YES. YOU HAVE raghu
    in 7th and kethu in lagna itself.That is a kalathra dosha.Luckily guru aspects the 7th place.So the dosham is some what nullified.Guru's aspect is a pariharam. Similar horoscope to be matched for marriage.

  84. TO ALOK
    -------FROM 3 MAY 2010, BOTH RASI AND LAGNA'S 9TH PLACE will have guru's efforts
    will bear fruit for permanent residency,change of job will be achieved.

  85. to santhosh
    ------------what i can say for this type of questions. now sukra dasa raghu bhukthi upto
    6-3-2012. this period is not so good for creating relationship.quarrelsome attitude during thi speriod.things will ease out after
    3 may 2010.

  86. Dear Sir,

    Thank You once again, for that reading for my cousin.

    There were a couple of clarifications I wanted to ask though.

    You said that in his horoscope, Transit Sani is getting aspect of Natal Sukra from Sep 2009 onwards (which is the present,isn't it??)

    And you also said that on 3rd May 2010, Transit Guru is getting aspect of Natal Sukra.
    I would appreciate if you could enlighten me, on how you arrived at Sep 2010 marriage date (as none of the above two factors you mentioned, point at Sep 2010).

    Here are his details once again -

    Date of Birth: 11th April 1973
    Time of Birth: 06.45 AM
    Place of Birth: Irinjalakuda, Kerala (Thrisshur dist.)
    Gender: Male

    Thank you, in advance!

  87. To Kiran
    ---------Thank you very much for evincing interest in annadanam.The hungry stomchs will send the blessings to you.Such 'Dharmic' acts alone will come to us in our holy journey.May God bless you and family.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. To happy-deepti singh
    The most good point in this horoscope is guru is in lagna itself .Guru is aspecting 5th(child)7th(husband)and 9th(luck).This balances other negatives.From 3rd may 2010 guru will be in meenam and it will be 2nd(family) house for lagna.From there guru will aspect 2nd to raasi, 4th and 6th to rasi.That is also 10th(profession) to lagna.The lagnathipathi sani is in 8th to lagna now.From 3 may sani gets guru's aspect. That will be beneficial.Now from 13-april-2010 to 6th sep 2010 bhuda
    dasa,bhuda bhukthi,sukran antharam.sukra being yogakaraka for kumba lagna, her marriage may get settled before sep 2010.Marriage may take place in surya(7th lord,marriage)antharam which is from 6th sep to 20th oct2010.

    While matching horoscope for marriage two things to be considered.One is the girl is having raghu in 2nd and kethu in 8h house.
    That is called kalathra dosha-mangalya dosha. The boy should also have such a kalathra dosha.

    The mangal is in 7th to raasi. So this is a mangal dosha jataka. Similar mangal dosha jataka has to be matched.

    Moon is sitting alone in mithunam without any planets near it. This is not good. uckily just opposite to it mangal is sitting. That has
    given some relief.Still her life will be some what a struggle.
    Lagnathi pathi is in 10th itself.Sani is the profession signifactor. Sani is being aspected by guru from 3rd May '10.So her job hunt, marriage proposals will come from 3rd May 2010
    she will be lucky.Best of luck.

  90. i know its hard to answer. to my question about divorce...
    but i didnot get the positive/negative answer...
    weather it happens/or not.. if so timing for the second marriage is in my destiny which can bring happynesss...
    my DOB- 13-09-74
    place- gauribidanur karnataka
    time-0810 hrs/AM
    my wife-details
    place- puttur karnataka
    time-2005 hrs.
    my wife is running shukra dasha chndra bhukthi

  91. TO MM
    -------YES.sani is now in kanni from sep 2009 to 2.5 years. the natal sukra (birth chart sukra) is in meenam. so for another 2 years this position that way marriage is round the corner.on 3 may 2010 guru joins natal sukra in meenam where sukra is in exaltation and guru in ruling. both jointly aspect transit sani who is in meenam. nadi rules conditions maarriage is round the corner.
    raghu antharam is upto 8th june. then guru antharam is upto 1711 2010. so i have taken the month miiddle of guru antharam tamil month aavani when muhurthams are fixed.try. you will succeed.

  92. Thank You so much for the detailed explanation! We are very much sincerely trying. I am sincerely hoping that your words come true, and some good alliance clicks for him soon enough! It would surely mean some big relief for his parents and everyone in the family, as the wait has been pretty long enough. As I told you, his parents are old, and he too is turning 37 this April.

    Shall surely keep you updated on the progress! Thanks, once again!

  93. To Kiran
    ---------In your sister's marriage is delayed and not denied.We can ry at the right time and leave other matters to God.From 1-May-2010 to
    6-Aug-2012 guru dasa bhuda bhukthi. Bhuda being 9th lord, that period will be good.On 3rd May 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects kataka 7th(married life) house. That continues for over 1 year.The strength of lagna lord sani is 5 out of 8, the seventh lord moon has 5 out of 8,sukra is 4 out of 8,
    guru has 5 out of 8,bhudan has 5 out of 8. so planets' strengths are good. She will get Married between 13 oct 2010 to 28 feb 2011.I pray. Pray your family deity and try sincerely.

    -----------THE FEMALE HOROSCOPE IS HAVING CHANDRA ALONE WITH OUT ANY planet on either side.Just opposite to chandra maanthi is sitting. though the debilated, Moon has guru's aspect it has no effect;as the exalted guru is combusted by surya.moon alone is an avayoga,called kemaduruma is working is a severe yoga.bhuda,sukra bhudan are surrounded by chevvai, raghu and no good can come to her.
    The divorce will be legalllyy given in sukra dasa chevvai bhukthi from 8 jan 2011 to
    9 mar-2012.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Thank you sir.. i hope everythig will be alright... by 2012...

  97. Namaskaram Krishnan Garu
    How is the future of my son and daughter the general health, emotional life and fame.

    DOB: 16th Nov 2001
    TOB:12:36 pm

    DOB: 16th June 2008
    TOB: 10:32AM
    POB: Bangalore

    Both my kids and husband are Anuradha Nakshatram. We have done nakshatram dosha pooja also. How will be the relation between the siblings.

    Thank you

  98. To Kiran
    Regarding son: Sixth place(disease) is occupied
    by raghu.Such natural malefics going into hidden place is good.He will have sound health and will be wealthy.Guru a natural benefic, in this case guru being 3,12 house lord, hidden in 6th will be beneficial 50%.His enemies will simply runaway as he will be feared for his mental,religiuos powers.

    7th lord moon in 11th shows he will have profit in his ventures.Will have many friends.
    Moon being in debilitation, he will use his brain only. No emotions for him. The fifth place is occupied by sani shows he can be satisfied easily;some times act in a unpredictable way. General life will be good.He will have many talents including an artist,writer poet etc.,
    Best of luck.
    We should not see the horoscope of children till they are 12 years.So your daughter's horoscope can wait atleast for another 7years.

  99. Hello Sir,
    Name: Ram,
    DOB: June 1, 1968
    POB: Udamalpet, TN, India
    Had an eventful 2 years including an accident(June 2009), 2 layoffs and bad health. What are the chances of getting a job in the near future?
    Thanks for your response.

  100. Dear Sir ,

    Thank you so much for reading my sons horoscope for us.

    I pray god that he should bless u with good health , wealth , peace and love for this New Year Ugadi.

    Thank you so much sir.


  101. To Nararam
    ------------Please post again with the exact time of birth, please

  102. Hello Sir,
    Name: Ram,
    DOB: June 1, 1968
    TOB: 21:25 hrs
    POB: Udamalpet, TN, India
    Had an eventful 2 years including an accident(June 2009), 2 layoffs and bad health. What are the chances of getting a job in the near future?
    Apologize for not providing TOB previously. Thanks for your response.

  103. DOB : July 2nd 1984
    Time : 8:45 AM
    Place : Vijayawada , AP
    Gender : M

    - When will i able to get a job ?

    - Will i have a better career ?

    - I have an elder brother , he is in europe and I'm in USA , I havent seen him for 7 years ? In future , will we stay in the same country ?

    - When i will get married ? (Year)

    - Is it an arranged marriage

  104. To Nararam
    -----------The time of accident was at the fag end of 7.5 nattu sani.From sep 2009 7.5 nattu sani left you.However sani in kanni 10th place to lagna may have to give you job.

    On 3 may 2010 guru transits to meenam .In your birth chartsani is in meenam.So transit guru glides over natal sani.For that position
    nadi rules say:
    " Gets job, promotion , smooth going period in carreer"

    So,from May 2010 things will lookup in job front.Sukra dasa kethu bhukthi from 19 mar 2010 to 19 may 2011.So Vinayaka, Anjaneya, Dakshinamurthy are to be worshipped.Good luck.

  105. TO RAYADU
    YOUR 10TH LORD(profession) mangal FOR BOTH LAGNA AND RAASI iS IN KATAKA ITSELF till May 2010. There he is in debilitation.End of May 2010 he will move to friend's house Simmah. So your job efforts will bear fruits in May 2010. As your 10 th place has more than enough astavarga strengh, you will shine in your job well.Sukra dasa sani bhukthi upto 6th nov 2011.
    Sukra being 4t ,11th lord and sani 7th,8th lord
    you will be enjoying yor foreign stay with good employment.In sukra dasa bhuda bhukthi from 6th nov 2011 will be an ideal time.

    s your 7th lord in 4th in exaltation you will
    have a nice married life.Usually all kataka lagna people will have some grivences with their wife.So better to choose the partner carefully. Arranged marriage is better for you.

    Bhudan, sukran in your case indicate brother and elder brother. They are hidden in 12th combusted by surya. It may not be possible to live with your brother permanently.

    Good luck

  106. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for spending your valuable time on my details. Really appreciate it, will keep you posted :-)

    Best Regards

  107. Dear Sir,
    Kindly help to let know if my relative will get married or not and if she will get married, when will it happen. will the groom be in india or abroad? she is not findg anybdy at all. when somethng comes close and we are about to fix,all of a sudden it vanishes and doesn't work out. our family is very frustrated.There is so much confusion around. also,when we decide we'll go for somethng, some people say the groom's chart is not good and not to proceed. Everytime something or other happens. why is it happening like this everytime...
    born sep 18,74,madras,23.20 p.m

  108. This is regarding my friend. He's originally from Delhi, but currently working in Mumbai since the last couple of years.

    He has been looking for better job prospects since a while. He has even changed a job within Mumbai, but not too happy there. He would like to know regarding his career path, are there changes coming up, whether he'll be going abroad, or if in India, where in India will he be settling.

    He also is looking to buy property in Mumbai. He wants to know when that will happen, and also regarding his marriage.

    His details:

    Date of Birth: 10th February 1986
    Time of Birth: 14:15 pm (2.15 PM)
    Place of Birth: Mulund, Mumbai
    Gender: Male

  109. Thank you sir for the predictions. I eagerly pray for your words to come true. When I sit in the next permanent job, I will certainly contribute my best to your annadhanam scheme. Namaskaram. Take care. Regards: Chandru

  110. To Vv
    ----The 7th (marriage,husband)house lord chevvai got combusted(asthangatha) by surya
    and lost his powers.In his suya varga chevvai has only 2 0ut of 8, that is, only 25% strength.
    If 7th is not good, we take ninth place for ladies. If the ninth(bagya ) house has atleast
    29 parals for average luck. She has only 27.
    The 9th and 10th house lord yogakaraka sani has 5 out of 8 67.5% in suya varga.That is some relief. Also 2nd (family)and 5th(children)
    house lord bhuda is in exaltation and has a strength of 5 out of 8; 67.5%. That is alo a relief.The 7th house has the average 25 parals for marriage.So marriage is not dnied in my
    But nadi rules say:
    "If Ketu aspects Kuja then there will be an obstacles in the marriage in case of females. Even if she gets married she will have misunderstandings/disputes with husband."

    "If Sukra in case of males, Kuja in case of females is aspected by more than one slow moving planets (i.e., Sani, Rahu & Ketu) then marriage is denied"

    Both these conditions prevail in her horoscope.

    On 3rd may 2010 guru transits to meenam and aspects 10th, 12th and 2nd to raasi.2nd to raasi is 7th to lagna. So marriage may be possible in May 2010.Sani dasa sanibhukthi upto 17 09 2010 and then sani dasa bhudha bhukthi from 17 sep 2010 to 28 may 2013.Sani being 9,10th lord and bhuda being 2,5 th lord their dasa bhukthi period will be the best. The betrothal in may 2010 and marriage in sep 2010.

    To make my prediction come true worship Muruga sincerely as chevvai 7h lord is weak.
    Best of luck. Read my article on Annadanam.

  111. To Atahn-To his friend
    This is one of the best horoscopes that I have come across.1st(general life personality)
    5th(intelligence and manas)
    6th(disease,debts and enemies)8th(fame,longivity)11th(profit);these houses lords sukra, bhuda,guru and chandra are in 10th place.The 4th lord surya in 9th is a good placement.The 7th,12th lord mangal and 9,10th lord sani in 7th. That is also good.
    The entire planets are arrested between raghu and kethu.So his luck will start after 30 years of age.Further bhudan,sukran,guru are very close to surya and got combusted(asthangatha)and lost power.

    He will definitely shine and do independent business and fly throughout the world. But all that will start after 30yeras.

    He can definitely buy a proprty in Mumbai.The 4th place property will have aspect of guru from 3rd may 2010.He will succeed in acquiring property.
    Sani dasa sani bhukthi upto 26-10 2012.Not so good. Next will be sani dasa bhudabhukthi from 26th oct 2012 to 6 july 2015. In that period all your aspirations will be fulfilled.

    Marriage: better to marry after horoscope matching.
    Worship sani, anjaney for dasa.Worship surya for making 3 planets powerless.
    Good luck. Read my article on annadanam

  112. dear sir Kumbha lagna born with Saturn Moon Mercury in Leo and Mars Venus Rahu in Virgo and Sun Jupiter in Cancer.dob 06 08 1978 pob Bhubaneswar tob 19 45 hrs(PM).Is there any possibility of marriage? If yes when? With regards.from

  113. To rk
    -----The 8th lord bhuda in 7th.The 7th lord suriya in 6th.2nd lord guru in 6th.The kalathrakaraka sukra is in 8th.The 7th place has just 18 points in ashtavarga.The lagna lord sani has only 3 0ut of 8 in suya varga.
    In navamsa same kumba lagna.The 7th lord surya is hidden in 12th in navamsa.Now mars dasa is running. Mars has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga. So Mars dasa is of no use. Next raghu dasa from 2013 may not be benefcial to full extent.

    If God's grace is there the person may get married.I pray God.

  114. Namaskaram kmrkrishnan sir I r.ranjan(Male) DOB:11:09:1974 POB:PURI(orissa) TOB:05:25 AM till date unemployed.When I will get a Job/Employment/Service/Profession/Career?

  115. Dear krishnan sir,

    Born abroad:
    Jan 11, 1984 at 6:50PM

    Indian time conversion is:
    Jan 12, 1984 at 6:20AM
    according to indian time mesha rashi, ashwini second padam.

    My husband DOB:
    Aug 2nd, 1977
    7:50 AM
    ap, India

    I have a question regarding children and job stability. Will I be having a good professional life and when can we expect to have kids.

    ---------------IT IS very difficult to know why you are unemployed even at the age of 35.
    Planets and their strenghs are quite sufficient.

    As your tenth (profession) lord sukra is in
    your simmah lagna itself,such planetary position indicates self employment.As the lagna lord sun is in lagna itself, you are likly to do father's profession, or some contract connected with government.As bhuda is very strong, you are likely to have brothers as your business partners.Or some partnership firm will do good for you.As sukra is the 10th lord, you can be succeessful in finance, luxury items, perfumes, cosmetics, beverages,
    fancy stores etc.,
    As sani dasa chandra bhukthi is going on till
    oct 2011, you may plan now and slowly start your own business.Let it be on small scale and slowly expand it.

    This horoscope seems to be an enigma for me. You may consult a professional, famous astrologer.If you have already consulted such people,will you please post what is their reading?

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  119. To Sunandhi
    -----------You have all chances of succeeding in self employment.You may shine in teaching, or any lecturing type of work. Personality development,counselling, career guidance, social service etc. may suit you well.From
    8 oct 2010 to 27-july-2011 good period.Try for employment at that time.

    Child birth is delayed but not denied.I will not be surprised if you have the good news of conceiving during the same period mentioned above.Best of luck.

  120. Krishnan sir,
    Time:1:31 am
    Place of birth:Chennai
    Krishnan sir,
    I had Posted a Question in Nov/Dec of 2009. I am in the US and have been looking out for a job for the past 15 months, I still havent found a job. Getting rejected everywhere I apply for a job. Can you look into my chart to see when approximately I will get a job.

    If possible do give me a hint as to when (rage of dates) I will get my job.
    I had asked you the same question previously and this time around its the same question again.

    Can you also check my chart to see if there is any migration indicated any time soon.Will I move out of the Country(US)to get a job or will it be here. I apologize for having to ask you so many allied question related to my job but this is the only thing that is lingering in my mind for too long.
    Also will it be a good job which will bring satisfaction to me in in in terms of pay and career development?
    I also attended an interview on feb 26th and am still waiting for the result.Do you see a chance that I will get that job or will it be something else in the near future?

    ----------YOU HAVE BEEN RUNNING RAGHUDASA RAGHU BHUKTHI FROM 28-july-2007 TO 9-april-2010.From 9 april 2010 to 2-sep 2012 raghu dasa,guru bhukthi.In yor horoscope raghu in 11th place rishaba and in neecham position. Both the placement and powerlessness of raghu is good only.So raghu dasa is good for you.
    Guru being your 6,9th lord, he is a neutral and will not harm your interest.Also guru is in his ownplace with the 10th lord mars.Guru has 7 out of 8 in suya varga.So his bhukthi period from Apr 2010 to Sep 2012 will be a lucky period for you.

    The problem is the 10th(profession) lord mars has only 2 out of 8 in suya varga.The 10th place mesham has only 26 points where the minimum expected is 36.The bhagya sthana has also below average points. Mars also is the 5th lord which is poorvapunya sthna lord. His having lesser strength shows you don't have any punya left to come to your rescue now.

    On 3rd may 2010 guru transit to 9th to lagna and 12th to raasi.Now the 10th lord to raasi and profession signifactor sani is in kanni.
    Guru will aspect sani form 3rd may 2010.So your job hunt will come to an end from 3rd may 2010.Guru is the 9th lord both to lagna and raasi.His transit to 12th to raasi, shows you have foreign travel.Further in 9th to raasi and fifth to lagna raghu is now sitting.that may be the reason for delay.
    The 26th feb interview may not be fruitful as
    the date was on your janma lagna.

    Astrology apart, your prayer alone can help. Astrologers are here to indicate the the good and bad have to change the bad times into good times by prayer.

    in your horoscope mars the profesion house lord is very weak.They have rightly named you after Muruga.So worship Muruga daily.
    Pray to him sincerely. Best of luck.




  123. I am Baskar C Pooradam danush raasi DOB 09/mar/1983.I have been jobless for the past 10 months and actively searching for my next role putting all my effort, although i get opportunities for jobs I eventually go unnoticed in the interviews. I am currently based in London. my financial situation also is getting worse. Could you please advice me when is the possibility my planetery position would favour me getting a job ?

  124. to basker
    ---------please post in astrology march 2010(2)



  126. Dear Sir,

    below are my details

    sathya vani
    date of birth : 7/11/1981
    time : 11.10am
    kumbam rasi , sadhyam nachatiram.

    my partners details
    date of birth : 30/03/1982
    time : 8.37am
    rishibam rasi, rohini nachatiram

    i'.m now in love with a guy, my parents and his mother are against for our love as they check in few places that my partner will die if i get married to him, i was totally upset and went to a temple to see porutam for both of us, there the iyer refuse to say what really went wrong, he just told me to put vilaku for durgai amman n pray to her and surely she will give me a good answer, when i question him what went wrong, he said that i have mangalyam dosham. i'm very upset. pls help me. is there any ways that i can get married to the one i love? i heard from one of my fren that i can do parigaram in india temple ( kalashti ) pls help me......

  127. Hello sir,

    This is Valliammai.
    My D.O.B : 13.10.88
    Star : swathi(nangam pagam)
    Birth PLace: palani,Tamilnadu

    I am undergoing tough time in my life for the past few months. I have a doubt whether i'm undergoing 7.5 nattu sani, I just want to know when this 7.5 nattu sani gets over and some overall details about my future.

    Hope you will reply me.