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Post here your general doubts in astrology.No particular horoscope to be taken for discussion.This column is meant for those who know some basics and want to study more. My preditions in the Q&A itself is like a lesson only.


  1. Dear Sir,

    My Doubt is about papakartari yogam.
    If one of the planet causing the yogam is in debliation, and other is in enimeys house, will the planets still can cause the yoga? or irrespective of the strengths the planets causing the yoga, concerned house will suffer papakartari yogam?
    (eg. Sani in meshem, sukran in Rishabam, Sevaai in meethunam. Sani is neecham in meshem, and sevaai is in pagai veedu plus sani 3rd parvai.)
    One more doubt if the karagan of the house(suffering papakartari yogam) has more than 5 points suyaparal what will be the effect. will that house factors will work?

    please clarify sir,

    -----------YOUR question is incomplete.Complete planetary position has to be taken into account.Even if the natural malefics are in weak houses, papakarthari will affect the planet which is hemmed between them.
    Sukra's suya varga paral may help to reduce the effect to some extent.But not fully. When you have mentioned about the suya varga paral for sukra, should you not take into consideration the suya varga paral of sani and chevvai?

  3. Thanks a lot for your kind reply& clarification sir,

    As you said considering Sani's suyavargam is 5, chevvai 2 sukran is 4.

    Here sani is in subhakartari yogam, which is 9th house, Hemmed by guru and sukran.

    Out of this 2 yoga which yoga will be effective. guru 7 parls,sani 5, sukran 4 parals.

    My doubt since the 10th house is affected by papakartari yogam, will the jathagar will be devoid of job. as students now their studies are good. Thozhil karagan sani is with 5 parls but 10th house is having only 24 parls.

    For your convinence to judge i have given below the birth details of the jathagar,
    DOB: 06.07.1998, POB; SALEM,TN, TOB: 9.50 AM.
    (this jadagam is twins,one male & one female. female TOB: 9.51 am)

    Sir ashtagavargam should been seen only for rasi ? or can apply for all charts.?
    please clarify sir,

  4. To Marutham
    -------------This forum is called "generl doubts column". The questons are to be asked like this: Example:"what is paapakarthari yogam?" "what is vargothamam?" "how to find when marriage will be settled?"
    You have asked in connection with a particular real horoscope.That too small kids of 11 years.Probably they are your own children.See, if I go on answering with out knowing your intension of getting the "future" of these
    children and you try to gather all the negative points and start worrying and in the process influence the children.

    The jathagar has Maalaviya yogam.This yogam is involving sukra only.This is one of the pancha maha yogams.There is a belief even one yoga out of 5 mahayogas will check the avayogas like papakarthari and kemadruna yogas.

    Let us pray and hope the boy and girl succeed
    in education and then get into nice jobs. Why we have to be afraid of future events. Any negative thoughts will bring negative results.
    Let us cross the bridge when we rach it.

  5. no im p manoj dob 26-05-1983 04:18am when i get job n marriage guruji

  6. To Manoj
    ---------Post this question in q&a for Jan2010

  7. im manoj dob 26-05-1983 time 04:18am when i get job and marriage from hyderabad and andhra pradesh guruji

  8. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know why timing of prediction is important in astrology.

    How can predictions made about a horoscope differ from time to time as the chart is fixed and everything related to it like the dashas you will go through etc. are fixed.

    Thank You

  9. ///Let us pray and hope the boy and girl succeed
    in education and then get into nice jobs. Why we have to be afraid of future events. Any negative thoughts will bring negative results.
    Let us cross the bridge when we reach it.///

    Thanks a lot sir for your encouraging advice and reply, to confess they are my kids only, i was little bit worried about their negative points, but your reply gives me courage and positive thinking, as you well said let us cross the bridge when we encounter. also your opinion about 5 mahayogas also is encouraging.
    Let the kids finish their studies with colours first,
    Sir if you dont mistake me one more advice from you sir, shall i ask here? which branch of study will be better for the kids as per their charts,bks we can plan education accordingly
    Once again heartily thanks for your kind advice.

  10. Dear Sir,

    What is Kalathara dosham? How to identify Kalathara dosham in a horoscope? What are its implications?

    Thank You

  11. to preethi
    -----------Time is required to fix the lagna and balance dasa.This month is January.From 14th jan to 13-feb 2010 sun will be transitting makara. So for the children born during this period surya will be in makara.
    In this month starting of the day will be in makara,after 2 hours kumba and then meena etc in that order. Next month surya will be in kumba. next will be meenam inthat order.
    If a child is born in the middle of a raasi the balance remaining will reflect balance dasa.

  12. to preethi
    Kalatra Dosha (malefic combinations for marriage) are detrimental to happy marriage. If similar combinations are present in the charges or husband and wife, they neutralize each other. Few standard combinations are :
    1) Lord of 5th in 7th 2) Lord of 7th in 5th 3) Lord of 8th in 7th 4) Mars in the 7th house 5) 7th Lord combust and hemmed between malefics 6) 7th Lord in enemy’s house and hemmed between malefics 7) Malefics in the 2nd and 7th, one of which is aspected by another malefic 8) Malefics in the 7th and 8th, one of which is aspected by another malefic 9) Moon with Saturn in the 7th house 10) 7th Lord in 8th with 12th Lord in 7th 11) 2nd Lord in 8th Ascendant debilitated 12) Sun or Moon, under an eclipse, in the 7th aspected by Mars 13) Sun, Mars and Ketu together in the 7th house 14) Sun with Venus in 5th, 7th or 9th 15) Waning Moon in the 5th with malefics in the 7th and 12th 16) Moon with Venus aspecting another pair namely, Mars with Saturn 17) Venus in the 7th, combust or conjunct malefics or aspeced by malefics 18) Venus with malefic(s) or hemmed between malefics 19) Malefics in both the 4th and 8th from Venus (Chaturasra Dosha). Afflictions to Venus are considered as Dosha only in male charts 20) Debilitated or combust planet or plants in enemey’s house simultaneously occupying the 2nd, 7th and 8th 21) 8th Lord in Aquarius or Capricorn with Venus in the 8th house (These conditions are not applicable to Libra and Pisces Ascendants) 22) For Taurus Ascendant, Mercury in the 7th in Scorpio 23) For Cancer Ascendant, Jupiter in Capricorn 24) For Virgo Ascendant, Saturn in the 7th in Pisces 25) For Virgo Ascendant, Sun in the 1st and Saturn in the 7th in Pisces.
    The following planetary combinations will adversely result of loss of spouse, in addition to Kusa Dosha
    1) The 7th Lord and the 7th house caught between malefics who are neither aspected nor associated with benefics
    2) Saturn in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th
    3) Rahu in the 7th and 7th Lord with the Sun or aspected by Sun
    4) The 7th and 8th lords together in the 8th aspected by malefics
    5) Mars in the 8th with the 8th Lord and a malefic sign rising in Navamsa
    6) The 7th Lord in Navamsa deilitated, eclipsed, combust or between evil planets and unfavourable Shadvargas
    7) A malefic 7th Lord and Mars and Saturn in the 7th or 8th
    8) Rahu with Mars and Saturn in the 7th or 8th
    Depending upon the above, the placement of Jupiter in the 7th house has to be analysed.


  13. Dear Sir, is Guru's transit restricted this time to less than 6 months that he is transiting to Meena Rasi on 3rd May. Kindly clarify.

  14. dear guruji, im manoj i completed my MCA in 2008, dob 26-05-1983 tob 04:18 am hyderabad, andhrapradesh india. when i get good job and marriage guruji, my financial condition in my life, if you help me im fortunate person thanx guruji

  15. To Manoj
    ----------You hvae been answerd in the q&a colmn jan 2010.

    ---------ON 3-05-2010 GUR TRANSITS TO MEENAM

  17. Thanks sir for showering the knowledge about jupter transit on us.I request you to continue the same by giving prediction for each rasi when guru transits to meenam( give briefly).

  18. Namaskaram Mama,
    This is a General Question prompted by the concerns of most people in the Q & A section.
    Most people are generally worried about their future life-partners , married life.
    My question is if there are positive aspects in a person's horoscope which make him eligible for some form of Yogam like either wealth or vaganam or owning lands or a career during his life span..
    Will these get negated or reduced in case we marry a non-compatible person OR the other person has some avayogas ?.)
    So is it possible specific Dasas and bhuktis don't bestow the required palangal on the concerned individual ?
    E.G If PersonA has strong labhathipathi and is running that dasa but the spouse is having bad horoscope or running a bad time (Total Viraya dasa). Will PersonA have his/her luck and fortune mitigated ?.
    So Is marriage something like the intertwining of horoscopes forever ?

    But contradictorily i have heard people say that the planets are to perform their duties without any favour. If they have to bestow something they have to do it.They cannot withhold anything. They cannot give more or give less.

    So could you please throw more light on this?
    Hope my questions are clear and valid.

    Thanking you in advance for your replies and for your time Mama,

  19. To Shan
    -------For the children born in barani, pooram pooradam stars the sukra dasa starts on birth itself and ends at the maximum before the age of 20 yrs. How the child can get money and the resultant comforts when he/she is not yet prepared for earning? The answer is the parents get the required money to maitain the child in a luxurious manner. This is to show how the horoscope of the other members in the family affect us.While matching the horoscope ,a good astrologer will see that there will not be the same dasas running at a particular time for both the bride and groom. They will avoid dasa santhippu. That means even if there is problem for one due to bad dasa the other may have good dasa, so that the problems will be reduced.

    Yes. Planets will do there duty. If money has to come for wife that will come. But if in the husband's horoscope the time is for viraya, that money will be squandered by the husband.
    The good and bad in the family affects all.

  20. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    I know well that planets do 27 avasthas in a day like sleeping, bathing, walking and so on, how it can be calculated ?
    just let me know this then it would be great.

    I know it is calculated something like that agasu but i don't know correctly.

  21. can tell more about " Dhana Lagna"?

  22. Sir,

    Im in training profession. as you have said i got a job after dec 16th. I would like to know is there any impact on wearing an GEM according to my horoscope to enhance my professional & financial status? Do it really work? if so please suggest me a GEM,

    Name : Sadeesh kumar.M
    DOB: 7.10.78
    TOB: 9.10am
    POB: Chennai.

  23. In South-Indian system, how do we check for Sarpa Dosham? And if alongwith Rahu or Ketu, another planet is sharing the spot with either of them, does the horoscope still qualify to have Sarpa Dosham? How does Kulik Kaal Sarpa Yogam affect a person's life? Till which age of a person's life is the effect present? How will it affect the marriage and general future of the person, and are there any remedial measures that can be taken to overcome the bad effects of the Yogam?

    Another thing I wanted to ask was, which of the charts we check regarding Dosham, as well as for marriage (Rasi chart, Navamsa Chart and Bhava chart), and what is the difference between each of the charts?

    -----------------THE very fact you talk about avasthas means that you are a master of other subjects of astrology. From whatever source you have read about avasthas, they would not have left it by just mentionng the names.They would have explained it in a detailed or abridged way. If you share your knowledge instead of trying to test our knowledge, every one will be benefitted.

    This source may help you.Please read that and tell us also.Sharing of knowledge is welcome. Show of "one up than you" may please be avoided.
    "I know I don't want you to tell you"attitude of yesteryears has to be eschewed.Good luck.
    ps:I have read your same question in classroomm 2007, and

  25. To sas
    -------You may refer the following link and tell us:

  26. Dhana Lagna article is very interesting, thanks for sharing krishnan sir.

  27. Dear Krishna Sir
    I try to read about kemathruma yoga.
    I could not get full info.
    .acc to your mail before what is the full effect of this kemathruma yoga on mylong term future .
    as well can you please explain about the power of sani which you mention as 2/8 How much power is reasonably good -is this 2/8 is bad /
    can you please explain about Mandhi(iam extreme begiiner in learning this info)
    also can you please tell me the name of the sloka I will serach on line
    /many thanks for your kind words
    DOB 15 10 1957 TOB 12 30 pm place palayamkottai Mithuna rasi punar poosam nakshatram

  28. to subramaniyam balu
    ----------------------pl.refer the following link for details about kemadruma yoga and remedies.
    view siva sthothra here in you tube:
    Daridrya dukha dahana shivastotram Slokam

    Whoever repeats this prayer on Lord Shiva composed by Rishi Vashishta attains that supreme abode of His and enjoys the eternal bliss. Whoever recites the nine stanzas of this powerful prayer will be relieved of all his sins, poverty and malady. Whoever recites this prayer will be bestowed with prosperity and happiness. dharithriya = poverty (or) misfortune; thahana = burn to ashes. The misfortunes of the devotee who repeats the prayer, will be burnt to ashes.
    Vishveshvaraya narakarnavataranaya
    karnamrutaya shashishekharadharanaya
    Karpura kantidhavalaya jatadharaya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 1 ||

    Gauripriyaya rajanishakaladharaya
    kalantakaya bhujagadhipa kankanaya
    Gangadharaya gajarajavimardanaya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 2 ||

    Bhaktipriyaya bhavarogabhayapahaya
    ugraya durga bhavasagarataranaya
    Jyotirmayaya gunanamasunrityakaya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 3 ||

    Charmambaraya shavabhasmavilepanaya
    bhalekshanaya manikundalamanditaya
    Manjirapadayugalaya jatadharaya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 4 ||

    Panchananaya phanirajavibhushanaya
    hemamshukaya bhuvanatrayamanditaya
    Anandabhumivaradaya tamomayaya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 5 ||

    Bhanupriyaya bhavasagarataranaya
    kalantakaya kamalasanapujitaya
    Netratrayaya shubhalaxanalakshitaya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 6 ||

    Ramapriyaya raghunatha varapradaya
    nagapriyaya narakarnavataranaya
    Punyeshu punyabharitaya surarchitaya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 7 ||

    Mukteshvaraya phaladaya ganeshvaraya
    gitapriyaya vrushabheshvaravahanaya
    Matangacharmavasanaya maheshvaraya
    daridryaduhkha dahanaya namah shivaya || 8 ||

    Vasishtena kritam stotram sarvaroganivaranam.h
    Sarvasampatkaram shighram putra pautrabhivardhanam.h
    Trisandhyam yah patennityam sa hi svargamavapnuyat.h |
    iti vasishtavirachitam daridryadahanashivastotram sampurnam.h

    Thirucherai - the shrine of debt-relief

  29. to MM
    1.From lagna to seventh house the planets are (Ravi,Chandra,Kuja,Budha,Guru,Sukra and Sani) are placed between Rahu and Ketu is know Ananta Kala Sarpa Dosham.
    EFFECTS: Troubles in family life, and chronic health problems.
    2.From Second house to seventh house if these planets are placed it is known as GULIKA KALASARPA DOSHAM
    EFFECTS: Financial and domestic troubles.
    3. From third house to ninth house, it is known as VASUKI KALA SARPA DOSHAM.
    EFFECTS: Problems with brothers and sisters
    4.From Forth house to tenth house, it is known as SANKAPALA KALA SARPA DOSHAM. EFFECTS; Problems with mother, vehicles and at residence.
    5. From Fifth house to eleventh house, it is known as PADMAKALA SARPA YOGAM.
    EFFECTS: Problems with spouse/husband and with children.
    6.From Sixth house to twelfth house it is known as MAHA PADMA KALA SARPA DOSHAM.
    EFFECTS: Health problems, debts, problems with enemies.
    7. From seventh house to lagna, it is known as TAKSHAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.
    EFFECTS: Loss in business and problems in matrimonial life.
    8. From eight house to second house, it is known as KARKOTAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.
    EFFECTS: Problems with wife and accidents.
    9. From ninth house to third house, it is known as SANKACHOODA KALA SARPA YOGAM.
    EFFECTS: Problems with father, heavy bad luck etc.,
    10. From tenth house to fourth house, it is known as GHATAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM. EFFECTS: Problem in business and job fonts.
    11. From eleventh house to fifth house, it it known as VISHADHARA KALA SARPA YOGAM.
    EFFECTS:: Problems in financial business terms.
    12. From twenth house to sixth house, it is known as SESHANAGA KALA SARPA YOGAM.
    EFFECTS: Mounting expenditure and severe problems with enemies.
    1. Japam has to be performed separately for Kuja, Rahu and Ketu.
    2. Visit Rahu Temple situated In Tamilnadu Tirunageswram and perform milk abishekam in Rahukalam after performing this, visit Vaideeswaran koyal (Kuja Temple) and then Ketu temple in Peroambare and perform pooja.
    3. It is advisable to visit Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh and perform pooja for Kalasarpa Dosha Nivarana and perform Pooja to Goddess GyanaPrasunamba with kumkum.
    4. Those who are not financially sound may at least 7 Tuesdays and perform pooja to Lord Subramaneswara Swami temple.
    5. A ring made of silver in the form of Sarpa and wear the same to the point finger or contact the purohits in Triambkeswar near Nasik for remedies.
    6. Wear Gomedika or Vaiduryam (cats eye) made of silver and wear the same in Middle finger.
    7. Naga padaga made of silver and donate it to a Brahmin in Lord Siva Temple after performing Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam to reduce negative effects.
    Srikalahastheeswara Swamy Temple :
    Srikalahastheeswara Swamy Temple is reputed as the Rahu–Kethu Kshetra.If the people who have Rahu Kethu Doshas, Graha Doshas and Serpa Doshas the unmarried and People who don't have Children and those who are facing various problems for a long period perform the most effective Rahu -Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja in this temple all the Doshas get removed and desired results occur.
    Thousands of devotees from the country and abroad perform this poojas and fulfill their vows again after receiving good results.
    Rahu-Kethu Serpa Dosha Nivarana Puja can be performed daily between 6.30 am. And 9.00 p.m. on payment of As. 250/-, 500/-, 1000/(The Davasthanam will arrange all Pooja materials)
    SriKalahasti temple is located 36 km away from Tirupathi in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradhesh, India. The inner temple is constructed around 5th century and the outer temple was constructed in the 12th Century.
    You can also see these links……
    Sri Kalahastiswaraswamy vari Devastanam
    Chittoor District. Andhra Pradhesh
    PIN: 517644

    ----------WHEN DID YOU FIRST ASKED AND WHAT WAS MY REPLY? If the prediction came true , post it in the column prediction came true column Jan 2007.
    I do not suggest any costly pariharas. If you want to wear a gem, diamond may be worn as sukradasa is going on till sep 2017

  31. Dear Sir,
    Marriage life is not good for the Person who belongs to ubaya lagnam, is it ture? Please clarify my doubt.
    செந்தில் நாதன்

  32. To Mr.Krishnan.
    Thank u very much sir for posting shiva sthothiram.As Shivarathri is nearing, we will chant it and try to make the day more spiritual.


  34. need to know abt married life

    mercury is debiliation state 7th lord
    how will be married life??
    march 5th 1985 at 7:45a.m in guntur

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