Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am a socially conscious person.I was doing some social activities from my boyhood. As an adult I was given the opportunity to cooperate with like minded elders in building a higher secondary school in my residential area for the poor and lower middle class pupils.The school is going to celebrate silver jubilee in June 2010.I was also instrumental in running a dispensary
for the village poor for over 8 years.Though I named the hospital as" Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Vaidyasala" , the poor village folk preferred to call it 'one rupee hospital'! Those were the days when I was imbued with the noble thoughts of service as a path to spirituality.As God wished, I could not continue the dipensary;as the school has been well founded, my services there is no more reqired. My other services also were discontinued due to many reasons.

Annadanam is my favourrite service which I have been doing regularly.

I was at Thanjavur for over 38 years.Now migrated to Lalgudi.At
Thanjavur I was giving lunch to 20 mentally challenged street
loitering persons for over 4 years.

Now I have started giving daily 3 times food to a
ex-cobler aged 70 who stopped working due to loss of fingers because of
leprosy afliction. He is sitting near railway station here; never begs.
Whatever comes his way he takes it as gift of God.

Morning I give him one temple prasadam pongal(Rs.2/-),two idlis with
sambar and chutney(Rs8/=); full lunch from hotel(Rs.40/=) ;evening
temple prasadam puliyotharai(Rs.3/-) thayirsatham(2/-) and one chips
pocket(5/-). So today his food expenses per day is Rs60/- His cleaning
materials like soap, tooth powder, some medicines, oil,
etc., may cost 40/-perday. So his maintenace at street is 3000/-per month.

The problem is he will not be allowed to enter a hotel.Even the money
touched by him will not be accepted.So I personally feed him.

Please Contribute your might.Tell your friends and relatives too.

When you help someone, the help is returned in Two folds!!

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  1. Hello sir,
    As I promised you earlier I would like to provide my support for annadhanam. Please send me your account number to my mail id :
    I shall transfer the amount . Thanks:)

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  3. April 10 ,1983 , Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic. (MALE )

    First thanks Sir for your time , I will like to know if my acting career will take off into film , or if I will be kept on the path of sicence! thanks you sir.

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  5. I want to contribute.Pl send acc details to my email ID.Regards.

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