Friday, October 2, 2009

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Ravi, Raghav Mahajan, Hotcat and other Friends continue your discussions here. Awaiting Ravi' article .


  1. Sir Am I hit the headlines :)..... Sir I got selected in Tech Interview conducted by my inst. only. I'm waiting a call from my inst. manager. Your prediction 1st phrase will be true in 2 days :). Hope I will be in job on monday.


    Description: Why saints like Shirdi Sai Baba, Tajudin Baba, Upasani Maharaj, Shankaracharya etc etc. manifest themselves on earth? Do they come on a mission given to them by God?

  3. TO RAVI
    ----------Congrats.Tell me as soon as you received the call. I shall open a "came true column" for October'09. Post there your experince with astrolog, what you asked and when, what I replied and when and then how it came true and when. That is for creating proof for nonbelivers and instilling confidence in minds of believers.Also to prove the scientific basis of astriology.Best wishes

  4. To Raghav Mahajan!
    Seems the answer is yes.All puranas and the life history of saints say so.

    our tamil language and culture and the shiva aagamaas were creaed by the great saint agasthya.the purana is, all the population of earth and heaven assembled at mount kailash to make dharshan of shiv parvathi and the balance of the earth was lost and the world tilted too much towards north. to offset the balance,our holy shivji asked agasthya maharishi to go to south and balance the that way the saints come with a purpose to the world.

    "parithraanaya saadhunaam vinaashayacha dushkruthaam,dharma sam sthaabanaarthaya sambavami yuge yuge"----Bhagavath Geeta

  5. In Upanishads thr is a concept of "Aham Brahmasmi" which means I am Brahma the Creator. Everyone of us is a Brahma and have been consciously or unconsciously doing what a Brahma is supposed to do - CREATE.

    We create our realities all the time and the tools given to the Brahma are emotions, the Bhava. The limitations in creating that anyone of these infinite number of Brahmas may experience are due to the sanchit karmas which act as obstacles/roadblocks in manifestation of a desired object or reality.

    Then how could astrology predict one's future?

  6. To Uma
    --------- Thank you for posting. Why don't you say more about Karmas-like Sanchit, Prarabdha karma etc.,?
    If Karmas alone decide our next birth, then what is the role of Brahma?

  7. I opened one topic last month. There was no response so far. Most of the people who visit here are using this only as an astrology forum.
    They do not read or comment on topics of common interest,I presume.okay!

    The question I posed was "Was Mahabhrta war

    There are many Islamic websites who give different interpretations for 'Jihad'. The general meaning is "To Strive".

    To strive for what? In the present context it has assumed the meaning of striving hard to protect Islamic religion (and practices) in its pristine purity as it was propounded by the Holy Quoran and Hadith literature 1400 years ago with out any change commensurate with the changing world.If some one from within and without is doubted as hindering the above cause of puritanical protection of Islam and its tenets, that person/group will be declared as enemy of Islam and jihad will come in to force to annihilate him/them. A Fatwa(Islamic ruling by their top clergy) issued will be faithfully followed by an ordinary God fearing youngster ,truly beleiving that he will go to Heaven if this religious cause of Jihad is practiced. So he would strive hard to do away with the person/s to uphold the Islamic superiority.In short Jihad is a religious war to uphold Islamic religion.

    What was Mahabharata war?It was a war between two royal families, brothers-cousins at that.
    The war became inevitable when the "Kuaravas'" rejected and closed all channels of compromise including Sri Krishna's ambassadorship.

    In the battle field Arjuna lost the interest to fight for his rightful land holdings. The reasons attributed was 'what is the use of getting my land and country, if I am not going to have my own kith and kin with me after the war?' His despondency has to be removed. So Sri.Krishna counselled him and the Bhagavat Geeta came into existence.

    Yes. Sri Krishna time and again asks Arjuna to fight. But is it for the reason that Kauravas are following a different religion and brought
    danger to Krishna's religion? No! Not at all.
    Sri Krishana remind's Arjuna of his duty as a soldier.Because Arjuna was a soldier, and there was a war on hand , Sri Krishna asked him to do his duty of fighting.Suppose Arjuna was not a soldier,but a farmer, then Sri Krishna would have adviced him to do his duty of tilling the land for the general good of the society.if that farmer says 'what is he use of my tilling the land when my own people are not going to get the benfit?' then Sri Krishna would have reminded him of his social commitment and responibility.The Bhagavat Geeta would have been the same even if there were not any Mahabharata war.

    Since Mahabharta war is not for establishing religiuos rights, it can not be considered as Jihad in the Islamic sense of the term.

    What do you think of this? Write your comments in a gentle way.No insult or criticism of Islam is intented. So further commentators have to take care in their words and expression.

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