Tuesday, May 19, 2009

பார்ப்பு என்பதுதான் இந்த தளத்தின் பெயர் !


  1. Please see JaiGanesha thread for explanation about 'Paarppu!'

  2. In Tamilnadu Brhmins are derogatorily called as "parppan"! This trend was predominant when the nonbrahmin's movement did not take poliitics seriously and remained as a social service organisation. Once they took to politics,they had the need to get the share of votes from all communities.So the trend of calling brahmins as 'parppan'slowly died down. Still whenever a political party gets defeated in elections,the first reaction will be to blame Brahmins!Parppina( brahmana )sathi! ha! ha! ha!

  3. "Tholkappiyam marabiyal
    2. ­Ç¨Áô ¦ÀÂ÷¸û Ilamaip PeyarkaL

    ( Geneology of Names: the Names of the Young)


    À¡÷ôÒõ À¢û¨ÇÔõ ÀÈôÀÅüÚ ­Ç¨Á

    paarppum piLLaiyum paRappavaRu iLamai

    Among these (names of the young)
    paarppu and piLLai are names of the young
    of the flying (creatures)"

    ----- TAKEN FROM http://arutkural.tripod.com/tolcampus/marabu-1.htm

  4. in my daughter's horoscope sn is in 7th to lagna ie simmam aspected by Guru form thulam.
    sat and chevvai is in 2nd to lagna ie in kanni.
    is it kalathra Dosham.

  5. In my daughter's horoscope sun is in kumbam as 7th to simma lagna aspected by jupiter from thulam.
    Sani and chevvai is in 2nd to simma lagna.
    is it kalathra dosham.
    What is the remedy for her?

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